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:D X3 =^-^= <3 :P ô_ō -_- Ó_Ò ...enough said, I think...okay, maybe not, but, Eh, oh well.


After the events of "Magship is Friendic!" Twilight and Luna get some serious time to just eachother, but nothing really steamy happens, of course. I mean, Luna does always tease the poor unicorn about her lack of "experience,"but it's all in good fun!...right?

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that was AWESOME:rainbowkiss:

will this fic still make sense if i dont read "Magship is Friendic!" first? i just cant stand gilda....

nvm, i read it it anyway, while it was slightly confusing at points it was pretty good anyway

You didn't have to read magship (especially since it's not done and I'll probably never finish it...)

my edit was actually refering to this story, i didnt read magship

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