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Desc- Well...obviously the Gala wasn't so great for everypony...but I always wondered why they didn't include a certain Moon Goddess in at least the last episode of the season, ya know? Well, if I had it my way (and it wasn't supposed to be a kid's show, primarily, hehe...) our favorite and little-known-of Alicorn would have come to at least bring the spirits up of miss Sparkle!...but I can't have it my way, so I resort to entertaining you with this story of mine. Enjoy.
NOTE, Written BEFORE "Luna Eclipsed" episode was released, so...yeah. Keep that in mind.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 10 )

This ending was awesome. That is the exact kind of reaction Celestia should have when she finds out her sister and student have gotten together. Most have her not being surprised even in the slightest or completely happy for them. This is the first time I think she has been shocked because of it and that makes this stand out.

The epilogue made it better.. Also, :rainbowkiss:.

fluttercry that chapter was so twilightblush


Glad you enjoyed this! :pinkiehappy: Possible sequel-typething soon-ish. Maybe.

Cute, but way to short. Plus I've never really liked stories where they get together in a chapter or two. I like the on going romance better, especially with same gender romance with the issues of self doubt and going against other peoples opinions. But none the less it was a enjoyable small story (could have used a chapter more, maybe with some comedy aspects from the poor solar princess).

I know what you mean...but it was for a contest, and it didn't have to be a big complicated thing...and I was running late on time...but! I AM doing a sequel, with a bit more substance to it. Glad you enjoyed! Also, if you liked this, try my story "Magship is Friendic!" and "Game of Thrones." they're not done, and on a REALLY short hiatus, but they contain more of the cute, yet comedic stuff you're looking for!

DANG IT!! NEED MOAR!!!!:flutterrage:

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