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:D X3 =^-^= <3 :P ô_ō -_- Ó_Ò ...enough said, I think...okay, maybe not, but, Eh, oh well.


Wait, so what you're telling me is that this great and loving princess actually does nothing but force her every demand upon everypony and everything she can? She's just disguising it as love!? NO WAY!

A story of identity. Or rather, a lack thereof.
A story of conspiracy. Of one so ancient only Nightmare Moon knows what it is.
A story of family. Or perhaps the illusion of one.
A story of...parallel structure? Okay, no, just the description.

But it has Celestia losing her mind, though, so there's that!

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Taking a stab at tyrantsia I see?

Very interesting. Hmm...and making Discord a sort of Twisted therapist, very interesting.

The way I see it, the only truly evil "Villain" in the whole show was Nightmare Moon, because she was the embodiment of Contempt. Discord just literally wanted fun and freedom, and Chrys just wanted to feed her subjects...though she did start to bite off more than she could chew...

But yes, Discord is best Therapist.

I love this story to little bite-size pieces, but the odd thing about this it is that it lacks... climax. And wrapping up after it.

I mean, the discovery of Chrysalis' state can be considered a climax, but not a very strong one, and much Celestia's character and nature as a leader remains unexplored. The fact that we only get grand total of one line of her schizophrenia doesn't help either.:fluttershysad:

But the story gets its message across: In comparison to her competition, Celestia is unintentionally the most suppressive ruler of Equestria. (With the debatable exception of Nightmare Moon.) This could be further analyzed by how original leaders [Commander Hurricane, (representing military dictatorship) Princess Platinum (representing monarchy) and Chancellor Puddinghead (democracy)] lost their power and had their respective methods of government completely forgotten due to anarchy (Discord) and afterward replaced by Celestia & Luna. (which contrary to popular belief, is NOT a form of monarchy, but matter of self-proclaimed divine right.)

Furthermore, Celestia's universal positive response could be a result of history being written by the victor, with grade-A proof of that being Nightmare Night. (Honestly Celestia, you initiated a holiday in celebration of your sister going insane? What's WRONG with you?):rainbowderp:

Interesting beginning. Looks promising. :raritywink:

I guess it DOES lack some kind of actual closure, hmm...? Yes...I kind of did that on purpose-ish, as I wasn't entirely sure if I wanted to go on after this. I left a kinda un-official ending out there in case I did want to come back, but a decent enough ending to at least call it as such...but I DO intend on having Chrysalis give her Two Cents next, so hopefully I won't disappoint there. :twilightsmile:

Maybe even Luna, too, now that I think about it...

I'm not entirely sure I agree with this interpretation. A 'tyrant', in the common sense, is someone who abuses their power for personal gain, yes? And whilst clearly minor pranks are not beneath her, I doubt they would be carried out to the extent that they detract from her duties towards her people. So, really, the closest you can claim is that she amuses herself by ensuring the happiness of her subjects - and whilst it is, perhaps, not an entirely selfless trait, I can not think of a characteristic more desirable in a ruler.
As for Discord, I should point out that the Platonic views hold that a 'tyrant' is one who rules 'without law', and 'looks to his own advantage, rather than that of his subjects'. By this standard, both NM and Discord fit the bill perfectly.
With regards to Chrysalis - quite frankly, as a defeated enemy not under her care, it should matter not what became of her after her defeat - she is not Celestia's responsibility. Obviously, I recognise that this runs counter to the very core principles of the show, and that, the offer should at least be made to provide some form of aid (Although, as Discord implies, if she turns it down, she is no longer Celestia's problem).
However, despite all these things, there is an element I can find no fault with. Celestia's impending mental break. This is the plot that hooked me. Because, as much as she is the immortal deity of the Sun, she is also just a pony - and I don't think I have seen that side of her explored as of yet (at least, not without invoking Twilestia, at any rate).
And, of course, this all ignores the fact that it is simply written _well_, which of itself makes this story worth reading. And also continuing apace.

Congrats, you've given me my longest comment...ever. :rainbowderp:...THANK YOU! :pinkiehappy:
Anyway, I see your points and arguments...and RAISE YOU A PLOT LINE. I'm glad you think I write decent enough to be proud of it...about four years of Internet anonimyty and authoring, mixed with a high-school, semi-college level passing English Class grade have both some use (who woulda thunk it?)

I simply love the idea of Celestia going insane...Luna already did and is in the recovery process, so she still has a long time before her next "outburst", methinks...so when Clesestia's only Therapist turns out to be someone who's JOB (basically) is to cause anything but relief and calm...well, the math isn't too hard there.

As for your arguments...I don't want to say too much, but I will say this: Is it better live prosperously as a slave, or poorly in freedom?

525657 How can I contact him?
I'm also pretty sure he's Artemis' therapist too.

Artemis- Fuck therapists. :ajbemused:


I'm sorry, when I saw this, it couldn't go unanswered. You argue that Celestia and Luna do not rule as a Diarchy/Monarchy (whichever interpretation best suits you), but as a matter of divine right. Forgive me for saying this, but _divine right_ is an explanation (if you can call it such) of someone's right to rule. I believe what you may be attempting to claim is that they rule as a theocracy - that is, they are the deities of the state, and those deities are the absolute rulers. Even then, I see no evidence for 'divine right' justifications. After deposing Discord, they would have ruled simply by dint of 'force majeure'. The continuance of their rule is also easy to explain - they are the established order, and so far nopony has discovered any irredeemable flaws within the established order (I feel that may change over the course of this fic).

As for Nightmare Night - since when does the ruling class get control over what becomes a national holiday? Look at Halloween - it's a celebration of all things recognisably dark and evil, on a night when supposedly the dead can most easily walk the earth, the very night before possibly the third holiest day in the calendar.

It sounds as though you plan on exploring those ideas later on. Very well, I'll shelve it for now - as fun as a debate is , it isn't worth spoiling a story.

-so you could come here to yell me-

Little miss Chrysalis totally won that one. Her little near death experience simply proved her point.

Celestia: " I find your lack of love and tolerance disturbing."

I have to say...While the Changeling Queen did take a few very low blows, she did infact win. She is a very twisted queen, but did in fact do what she set out to do to instill a mix of anger and realization in Celestia. I can't wait to see the sparks fly, and to see what kind of Relation Luna and Chrysalis will have.

Oh my god! Fourth wall no! Speak to me!

Fourth wall...what are you talking about? :ajsmug:

812080 I thought when Chrysalis was regenerating with love it was coming from her fans.

Sorry if this whole chapter just seems...odd...but, it IS Discord and Celestia is a little loopy at the moment, BUT...still. Probably in the chapter after the next, I'll stop planting more questions into your head and give some good answers.

But no promised. :trollestia:

So Celestia is Caboose when he had O'Mally in him? Why the hell not? You also misspelled throne. (Unless it's supposed to be spelled the way you did.) Anyway, twas a good read.

Thank you for that! Will be fixed soon.

Well...not really like Caboose and O'Mally...you'll see what I mean eventually.

Indeed, what did just shatter?

Anyway, here's a little craziness for you, didn't take long to make actually, just...did what came right out of my head! Haha...wait...should I be worried, or exceed about that...? Errrrr mm...anyway, this should be easy to tell who is "speaking" here, and if not, it'll be revealed next chapter.

Oh dear...

I wonder what Twilight Sparkle would think if she read this chapter...

Twilight::twilightoops::twilightoops::twilightoops: ...You know, I think I'll give up sleeping. Sleeping is overrated! Gets in the way of my studies. In fact, I like studying SO much, I think I'llboardupmydoorsandwindowsandnevereversleepagainandOHMYGOSHCELESTIA'SINSANEHELPMEHELPMEHELPME!!!

Celestia, you should take some cyanide. It'll make you feel better trust me.

Probably something along the lines of that, actually...
Sounds like a delicious punch juice!

885918 Get back I the kitchen :rainbowlaugh:

I like this so far, an interesting concept, and this chapter was particularly enjoyable to read.
There's more to read,so, I'll give my full thoughts on the next chapter.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Luna_apple.png
Keep it up.

An interesting premise, one that is indeed plausible. It is fairly well written throughout and has enough going on to keep a reader invested in waiting for the updates. I love the characterization that you have given to Celestia/Tia and her interactions with Discord and herself are fantastic. It can sometimes be difficult to follow her schizophrenic bouts, but I don't consider that a negative, seeing as it fits with the subject matter. I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

Short one, this is, and so will the next.

I'm getting the climax soon, I swear! One Celestia peice left, then two for Chryssy, and I think I'll start doing branching/alternate Endings...

Interesting. Can't wait to see more. Also, good job pulling off in Luna's point of view.

Alternate endings? Presumably with varying amounts of insane Celestia.
I quite like the prospect of this.

I have...around five or six planned...
And yes, each with varying amounts of insane.

I'm the best at guessing. :rainbowdetermined2:

This is really shaping up! Keep up the good work.

And there goes the fourth wall! Discord you magnificent bastard, you've blown it to pieces! And don't think the 'Q' injoke got past me either...

I have no idea what you're talking about in regards to the Q shape.
I just thought it'd be something weird he would do. :ajsmug:

Kind of hard to follow, well, very hard to follow. But it adds to the story in its own weird little way.
as for how to do a rave? Like thise.deviantart.net/emoticons/t/trollface.png .

Best. Night. Ever!dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Rainbow_Dash_lolface.png

I don't have money, so I couldn't go...
But I went to Otakon last year, so I think I know how to do a rave!

Chryssy- But I do not! *clicks video*

I saved up for about 6 months, then could still only afford it because it was my graduation gift, me and buddy drove 11 hours to get there and split the hotel, gas, and everything else just so we could afford it. That is how to party!
And I haven't just been sitting in this comment section watching this video again.:applejacklying: (we need that emoticon)

Why yes. I, too, have heard that the sun is nice this time of year!
Also, if you ARE getting lost, then...either accept it and move on, or try to reread and understand. Either way, doesn't really matter to me.


Gentlecolts club. Plenty of 'love' and 'affection' there.

Hah, be careful what you say, she might just hear you!

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