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:D X3 =^-^= <3 :P ô_ō -_- Ó_Ò ...enough said, I think...okay, maybe not, but, Eh, oh well.


Battle Hardened and Stone Cold, these four individuals have fought through hell and back multiple times all in the name of Earth, and, more recently, the late Equestria. Of course, one would think that this has prepared them for any obstacle, especially as a team, but there are just some things that one cannot prepare for...such as evil clones, malfunctioning androids, surprise missions, accidental murder (also known as manslaughter (or ponyslaughter)), and-worst of all-relationships.

A set of (normally) stand-alone stories featuring Artemis, Ghost, Widow, Squirt, Luna, and a whole slew of Marinemarksman's Haylo Universe Versions of Characters and OCs!

Chapters (2)
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I'm not that much of an asshole...

Okay, maybe I am.

Please, I give all the wood. To all the everything.


1585869 Ship Artemis with everyone.

Backdraft, Pip, Luna, herself, etc.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Round of applause for Back Draft. The representative OC of all that is this guy above this post. :pinkiesmile:


1585886 I love being a self-insert with a red and black mane that people actually accept.

Ari- So DO I. Or AM I a self insert? *wiggly eyebrows*

...eh. We'll do a crack-fic sometime in this story.

Ari- If I fuck a clone of my self, is it sex, or masturbation? :ajsmug:


1585944 I believe at one point you mentioned something about Artemis being based off a ghost in your dream.

Her...origin is of many wierd things. But the Artemis in my stories is not the one that chats in these texts. Complicated story, I'll explain sometime...but as far as anyone should really be concerned, Artemis is Artemis is Artemis is Artemis.


1585989 In chat, it's your girlfriend, if I remember correctly.

Essentially, yes. But trust me, there's a lot more than that behind this. (go to PM Box...)

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