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Pinkie Pie. She can't be kept down by anyone. She's like a helium balloon. Until the pony she trusts most breaks her heart. She is inconsolable, and moves without telling anyone where she's going. Rainbow Dash decides she has to fix things somehow.
Story told as a letter from Dash to Pinkie, apologizing.

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The Element of Loyalty cheating on her romantic partner not once, but three times? I really can't see that happening. It's not terribly written or anything, it's just that I can't bring myself to accept the premise.

D-D-D'awwww. Now I need a sequel ten years later after Rainbow Dash commits suicide and Pinkie finds the letter.

but what happened???
that is a very sad ending,
well done

I find it slightly funny that, not even 24 hours ago, I published a story just like this, but it's LyraBon, not Rainbow Pie.

im crying:fluttercry::fluttershbad::applecry::raritycry::raritydespair::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::raritycry::raritycry:
737452i would love that story

This was quite sweet, although I do have to agree with FreezingShock in that I doubt the Element of Loyalty would betray someone once, let alone three times.

However, I do like the idea that Rainbow writes the letter with no intention of it ever being seen, though that might be because I did something similar, except with Pinkie being the writer instead.

I would LOVE a story leading up to this or, like Golden Delicious said in the future. This is so sad!!! But i love it!

Wow, just wow:pinkiesad2:
Awsome work

need sequel now
though I wish for a happy ending

Part of me likes it, part of me dislikes it (for reasons already given in other people's comments)

The former part wins. :scootangel:

Edit: Only now do I realize that this is your first story. Work on your formatting, and there's still a few grammatical errors in there (not sure if you had an editor for this story, but if you did, get a different one).

This being your first story, however, changes my opinion from a simple upvote to a fav (perhaps even a follow, to be decided when I finish writing this).

Here's hoping to see more from you.

So sad! :fluttercry: But great story! Awesome job! :pinkiehappy:

:fluttercry: Please do a sequel.

I loved this. Just to make a pont: Just because she is the element of loyalty doesn't mean she wouldn't cheat. I mean look at her personality and the fact that she LOVES the wonderbolts. I could see her doing that, but not meaning too. I really hope you do a sequel to this because you did something that needs one or it is left incomplete.

Great job with this letter. It definately get me emotionally engaged, pulled at my heart and even got me a bit teary. I feel for both Pinkie and Dash. That is pretty amazing for a first story.


If the emotes aren't obvious, I'm crying now.

So, y'all want a sequel, hmm? :pinkiecrazy: Would you prefer a) prequel, b) sequel, or c) same-time Rarijack?

Sequel. It could be sad during its chapters... But with good ending, please! :pinkiesad2: That would be interesting to read. :pinkiesmile:

And prequel would be OK. Prequel and sequel would make this story more amazing and complete. :twilightsmile:

And of course, "same-time Rarijack" would be awesome as well. :raritywink:

Rainbowpie is not so familiar with me, but I did enjoy the read and give you a thumbs up! This made me sad and about 80% on the brink of tears, which is above what most other sad fics can do to me. I seriously just had my girlfriend break up with me and this was just too sad:fluttercry:, but also got all the thoughts out of my head that I might be thinking if I were ever to see my ex-girlfriend who is now traveling across America for the summer.

Bravo my friend! :fluttershysad:


i love it great story does this make you feel warm and fuzzy?:rainbowkiss:

:fluttercry: This is so sad... I like it but dont actually see the Element of Loyalty doing this..

Hey, I was just reading through the other comments and saw that somepony suggested a story leading up to this. I think that would be awesome and is something you should maybe consider doing:)

CMON, MAN! Second sad story in a row that nearly made me cry. Well, bravo, my good sir. To make the Flimbe creature nearly cry; you made a good story.:pinkiesad2:

>>flimbe I'm not a sir. :ajsmug:
Thanks to everypony for the comments. I have a little joyfit inside every time I read onen

I did a reading of your story! :raritystarry:
Youtube Reading

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