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Rainbow Dash. The coolest, toughest mare around. At first glance, you'd think this pony truly has it all.

But looks can be deceiving. Sadness, pain, negativity. Dash had been putting up with crippling depressing for months now. Not even the love of her friends, or most beloved special somepony has been able to help. One night, in the darkness. She cries. She breaks. She snaps. What could push Dash far enough to make an attempt on her own life?

(warning: contains scenes of minor blood, depictions of major depression, as well as attempted suicide.)

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Comments ( 18 )

DOn't worry I liked the Pinkie Dash.

It was pretty good. I like PinkieDash. Is it bad I didn't cry on this but I cried my eyes out like no tomorrow on Forever Young and Why Pinkie Pie Smiles? :rainbowhuh:

This is a really emotional story... it's really deep and has a good concept of what depression is...

Thank you for the really well written story, you're a fantastic writer.:heart:


Awe thank you. I'm really glad I got the emotions across, this was kinda a vent story for me, so it makes me happy to know that others enjoyed reading it. :heart:


Nah its fine :twilightsmile:

Sometimes I'll cry like a bitch about one thing, then something else won't get to me at all. I get you ;)

7294786 Dashie is my fav pony and her letter made my eyes water especially when she was writing that part to Scoots

Good job in the concept of depression, how you manage to pass the feeling of that is hard, sorry I didn't cry, I didn't get in to fic as I would like, but need to motivated to finish fixing the house XD

Yeah, that was pretty good.

Okay, 1) Pinkiedash is best ship, 2) I recognized myself so much in Dash's struggles that it hurt, dammit! Have a fave! You deserved it!


Mhm, PinkieDash is my otp, but since this wasn't really a ship fic for the two, I was afraid for somebody who wasn't really looking for PinkieDash that'd it detract from the story. I'm glad you enjoyed the story, it was a way for me to vent sorta. Thanks for reading :heart:

7297344 I don't really think any ship detracts from a story if the meaning of it comes across. Even I read fics (and faved, mind you) of ships I didn't like but they deserved my time nonetheless. Keep up the good work.

I don't really have any fanatical obsession with any ship, and that includes PinkieDash, but this was nice. Recovering from attempted suicide is never easy for anyone involved. I'm following you to see what more you have to offer.

Yargh!! Ye just earned a favorite matey.

But seriously though, this was a great story, and knowing somebody going through depression, this one hit me like a bus.

As for PinkieDash, I'm a FlutterDash shipper, but PinkieDash is up there.

Gr8 story m8 I r8 8/8


Thanks dude. :twilightsmile:

I'm glad you enjoyed the story, I don't usually write sad fics, so I'm thrilled this one has been getting so much positive feed back.
(And while PinkieDash may be my bread and butter, I'll admit FlutterDash is pretty damn cute. :raritywink:)

Welp I was expecting to cry or at least tear up due to the title.... but I didn't:ajbemused: That was a let down:rainbowlaugh:but still non the less I still enjoyed it 8/10 see not that bad:ajsmug: maybe I'm just to tough to cry over a story...
YOU SON OF A FEMALE DOG!!! :rainbowlaugh:
I'm not a dog...*breaks the forth wall and ask Anonimus* Ptsss.what's a dog?

Been trying so hard to find a story that can trigger an emotional response but nothing works anymore. still a good story though

I think it should be rated mature if you use the F word

Depression sucks. I once had my suicide planned out. Even went out and bought what I'd need. Turns out that simply admitting my weakness to my family was all it took to remove a large portion of the burden, and I've been coping ever since. It never truly goes away; there are good times, and bad times, but trying to hold the burden yourself only crushes you under its weight. I refuse to take medication because I don't like having anything that changes my personality (same reason I mostly avoid alchohol), so I've had to learn to read the early warning signs of an episode, and take steps before it gets too bad (usually getting someone to keep an eye on me in case I try something stupid).

A story like this that truly examines the emotions of someone who's dealing with depression really hits me hard, and I appreciate the effort put into this. Author, have a like and favourite.

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