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As a result of trying to stop a Super Genesis Wave through the usage of Chaos Control by Super Sonic near the world of where the Rainbooms unleashed their magic to stop the Dazzlings, causes the two worlds to come together. It ends up with Sonic, Shadow, Manic and others are now at Canterlot High along with the Rainbooms. But with Sonic there, things aren't ever going to be normal and 'chaotic' things tend to happen.

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Awesome! The story is great! MOAR pls!

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So... Why didn't his speedy memory kick in?

Aw, snap! 8/10, needs more Shao Khan.

6888069 I don't know what that symbol means.

6888070 :derpytongue2: means silly for the sake of being silly. Kind of my life in a shell nut.

6888072 Hmm okay then. What did you like/dislike about this chapter?

6888074 Everything was good. Needs more ShadowxPinkie.

6888140 In all seriousness, this is a great story, despite the occasional grammatical errors. I can look past those.

6888146 Yeah, I realized this is something I need to work on. Will do.

Oh, snap. We got Cupcakes Pinkie, guys!

thank god it's an ursa i thought they were gonna hunt down carebears.

Hahaha. Oh btw how do you find the story overall/

YESYESYES!!! ShadowxPinkie!

lol, she probably doesn't have a chance.

6938374 I'm rooting for you, Pinkie!

Why the dislikes? I don't understand.

6980133 Everyone's a critic

6980133 But how was this chapter?

Yay! Gravity Falls reference! BTW, if you want an editor, I'd be happy to help.

7002252 Yes that would be a great idea!

7002613 Sonic's brother.

Hm, can't say I expected Silver in this story, but I'm alright with it. Also, it was pretty funny to see Silver's constant attempts to kill Sonic be ruined.

There are a lot of areas where commas and other punctuation is needed. Other than that, everything's fine. P.S: I still hate Trixie.

7024279 Why do you hate Trixie?

7024322 I don't know, something about her just bugs me.

Hmm. Well, I feel like the grammar has gotten a lot better. However, there is one gaping plot hole. Tails said the car was indestructible.

7162807 Well he said impervious to most damage

Scourge got what was coming to him, therefore I must LAWL!

This was... An interesting start, but it needs a lot of work. There was almost nothing but speech and by the end, I kind of felt like I was longing for some simple description. Still, I can see some potential in this fic and the character of Manic was well written—although I kind of feel he was being stupid in constantly pushing to steal stuff and playing innocent. Mind you, I don't know much about Sonic so I'll let it slide.

Overall, nice start (though it needs a lot of work grammar and punctuation wise, I'm sorry to say—it felt very amateurish in places).

Yeah, this was one of my earlier chapters, so I can see that. Btw, if you are going to review another chapter, for you it would be better to look at the one titled new infiltration as it features more familiar characters towards you and you could more comfortable in it.

7174381 Thank you for the review. And on the grammar, I see how a lot of my earlier chapters tend to have these mistakes. It does improve with my later chapters.

Oh, boy. Eggman's going to get a Chao.

7002613 Manic is Sonic's brother. Well, as far as the Sonic Underground canon goes, not sure about the mainstream canon as he has never been in an official SEGA released game.

I have watched every Sonic TV show but Underground actually. Might give it a watch.

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