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Twilight struggles to cope with the pain of being all alone.


My assignment in English class was to write a creative short-story (3 pages maximum) that somehow incorporated the item my group was given (which, in my groups case, was a block of petrified wood). This was the result. After receiving 100% on it, I decided I'd upload it here. I have never written fanfiction before, and I don't plan to continue. Still, I enjoyed writing this and I hope you enjoy reading it.

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This started playing in my head when I read this story. You have a gift of writing and I hope to someday read one of your happier stories.

Curse you! Now I have to go and watch through THE WHOLE DAMN MLP:FIM to get happy again. :pinkiesad2:

Yep, I'm crying....

Good work on this one. I loock forwards to see more from you.

.........*thumbs up*

Not bad! Not bad at all.

This broke my heart... all of the emotion of a forever with no one to love was too much for me to cope with. The thoughts that it creates are sobering, and as I consider the frailty of life, suddenly I understand. Death is not a curse, nor something to suffer, but the only true escape from an eternity alone...

This is one of those short, sad stories that makes me thankful I'm not immortal. Death isn't something to fear. It's just the beginning of a new journey.

I would have given this 100% myself, were I grading it.

On another note, why is Twilight the sole ruler? What happened to Celestia and Luna?

Wow, thanks for all the encouraging words, my friends! This is the first time I've ever showed one of my stories to a large audience. So I'm really glad you guys seem to like it!

I had an explanation for that, but because I was limited to 3 pages, I scrapped it. I decided it was unneccesarry since my intended audience (my teacher, my classmates) wouldn't know about them anyway.

Jeez, man. That's some powerful stuff!

716692 Still, you could add it to this site, since everypony here knows what the heck you're talking about. Just because your teacher and classmates wouldn't get it doesn't mean we wouldn't.

And yes, page limits suck.

Your work was both impressive and thought provoking. I'll be thinking about it as I write my next few chapters. Thank you!

Thus is immortality. I love this little story, even if it's made me tear up.


curse you now i have to watch the show again to be happies :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:

truly, the worst curse is immortality....
a great read, good work.

:fluttercry: Well are you happy now? I'm crying big time! Anyway great story your very talented. :twilightsmile:

I'm with Leo Archon on this one, that little bit of back story you wrote might go a long way for a short story like this.

All in all, nice little story, maybe just a tad short for my liking (But maybe not if you added your explanation that you had, hint hint) but well written and nicely executed.

Sure you can't make a full on story in this setting ? :) I kinda like Alicorn Twilight fics, and ( for some odd reason) the sadder the better :3

All da feels.

kind of odd that we know that twilight won't outlive her friends. sorry i cant remember the exact reference.

Good short story no the less

2907093 It was a twitter post by one of the writers. I don't count it as canon.

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