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My name is Foxxy. I'm a multitalent; I like to write and draw too! You can find my art of DeviantArt: http://twilightflopple.deviantart.com


Butterscotch Sundae, lately of Ponyville, takes the next pegasus coach to Canterlot to catch up with a good friend of hers. Her latest stories have been a success, but is everything as great as it seems?

A short prose piece about art and artists set in the snow-blanketed streets of Canterlot. Includes frank discussion of sexual themes, but no indiscreet acts.

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I remember this story from DA, it's just as heartwarming now as ti was back then, thanks for uploading this Foxxy.

So much meaning... I can't handle all of... this. Not right now, no.

I'm probably a bad brony for saying this, but I really want to read Fun in Clydesdale Laundry now. :ajsleepy:

I read this way back on dA and it still makes me think. It is a sweet and thinking fic and I love it. It is indeed good to see this here, thank you very much Foxxy! :ajsmug:

elide me and probably always will. I think you mean elude, elide doesn't seem to fit there.
and t smelled like flowers Missing the 'i' in it.

Actual comments coming soon.

your mother mighnt. Lose the 'n'.
And the waning blue. The 'and' is both unneeded and incorrect grammar.
terrible liar., but Extraneous period.
Rotuna?". Missing a 'd'.
too far afeild. Afield, you mean?

Nice enough story, not much else I can think to say.

how could you spend your time reading clop when you could be reading this instead?

There is so much beautiful texture and descriptive prose in here. I don't possess half the romance that would be needed to write something this amazing. It's really wonderful, and I'm glad Buttersctoch recommended you to us. Hope it doesn't reflect badly on me that my favorite part was everything that happened with Derpy. :derpytongue2:


Awe, thanks so much! ^_^ I'm glad it was worth your time. :raritywink:
And yes, Derpy is a beautiful mare. It was fun writing her in a different light. :derpytongue2:

A well written story but, sadly, I've read far too many meta stories recently. :rainbowlaugh:
So, Butterscotch is a score-and-dump type of pony (Rarity, Rainbow, Derpy...)? :twilightblush:

*claps* Absolutely beautiful.
Btw, epic romance stories are better then porn stories.

Why does your description of Butters make me think that she is a butterscotch/chocolate candy bar?

989764 Well, that's how she looks, isn't it? :ajsmug:

I remember reading this on DeviantArt a few months ago when Butterscotch linked it to all her followers and I really liked it then. It's held up just as well on a re-read, because it's actually a very unique story. It's clearly a romance tale but it's not technically romantic as it's not a flight of fantasy, despite being set in a fantasy world. The two OC's (who were both very well realised, by the way) don't go out on some sort of traditional dinner date and end up between the sheets come nightfall, they instead just wander the cultured city streets of Canterlot and have heartfelt conversations between one another. Heck, they don't even need to tell each other that they love each other. They both plainly know it, and the reader can therefore tell as well.

However, the best part of this was the vivid descriptions that you gave to the scenery. I'm quite aware that you're an artist on DA, and you seem to 'paint' the scenery with the well chosen words here just as effectively as you draw those cute little ponies.There's not much point in talking about the plot, since it is very much 'slice of life' and nought else. The only bad point I can make out is that there is the occasional spelling error and missing word every here and there.

Anyway, I very much enjoyed this story. Keep up the art you make, it is very nice. And if you ever write another story, I'll sure be wanting to read it. Rambling review over! :raritywink:


Hi there, thanks for the very nice little capsule review. :) It's always encouraging when my stories seem to actually be having their intended effects! I actually neglected to upload this to FiM-Fic for a while because I didn't really know how to summarize it - it's a romance with no overt romantic angle, "nothing" really happens in the story, but it's so personal and, I hope, effective.

Off to write more rambling stories..... :derpytongue2:

1115606 It's funny how 'nothing' really happens, but it feels like it's almost like a setup to something bigger. Not that I'm expecting it to be, of course. I'd say the style to this is 'atmospheric', which is great since I love something that can wrap me up in all-round good vibe. And you're welcome for the little review. I like writing those. :pinkiesmile:

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