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My name is Foxxy. I'm a multitalent; I like to write and draw too! You can find my art of DeviantArt: http://twilightflopple.deviantart.com


Carrot Top has baked the most scrumptious carrot cake in Ponyville. She had to. There's just no way she can lose to Applejack this year in Fillydelphia - this year she's taking home the crown, no thanks to her friend Derpy. And yet things do not go as planned.....

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I knew I had read this before.:coolphoto: I welcome this story to Fimfiction.

Okay, that ending made me mad. I won't name names, because spoilers, but how could she do such a thing?

Overall I rather liked it. A fun and humorous tale, and quite entertaining.

Out of curiosity, why Derpy talk in Hulk Speak?

:rainbowlaugh: Oh WOW... Tia... how goofy you are sometimes. I loved it; the ending made me actually LOL. XD I loved how many different layers of story there were; so many things flashing past in the background, little references here and there, then all of the events tied to one simple fact. I really liked it, Foxxy- it was lighthearted and fun, and it made me smile all the way through. :3

Oh yes! I loved this story back when I read it the first time, and I'm glad to see it here on FiMFiction! :yay:

Damn it, Trollestia!:ajbemused: Nice story, I love all the details.

Thanks to Chris pointing this out to me in his quest to get me to read every Carrot Top fic ever, I have a review of this, even if I am the first commenter here for four and a half years! In brief: you have to know about the ancient "I emptied your fridge" meme for this to make any sense at all, but it's mildly amusing and the adventure-ish stuff later on is interesting if now totally AU. The ending is ridiculous, though.

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