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A side story of The Last Pony on Earth.

Act I
The Philippines' is one of the countries that is diversely populated by what had replaced humans. The culture around the world also influences it, yet having some traits of its own.

Follow Little Sun, one of the children that were born to be the next Queen of the Pearl Tribe, and Moro Surigao, a seapony who serve as one of those who connects the Philippines' colonies together as they visit and see what has changed. That said, they're also nosy, hospitable, and would trade hearts for money. Please be aware that there are a few gestures that are unique only for them...

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 5 )

Just by it being a side story of my first reading on here, I'm already gonna start reading it.
This is also gonna remind me to actually continue reading it :twilightblush:
Alva: Have fun with that...


I should've finished Last Pony on Earth. Damn....

You do know we pinoys can also speak in english without too much issue right? :U also hardly seen any stories of pinoy ponies which is awesome ^^

8034135 I know, but, English has been long faded from these group of ponies unfortunately.

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