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Long story short, there was this human, and Princess Celestia, and some races, and a plague...

That was in the past. In the present, a young kid listened to this story. Well, sort of. This filly was half-human too. Another long story too.

This is a randomly-spewed TCB prequel of Stasys. Reading is sort of necessary, but it's okay if you don't! I predict a lot of dislikes, y'know...

Chapters (1)

Humans are legends. Humans killed themselves. Yet, they also saved themselves, and one of them is adopted by Twilight Sparkle. When a young 7-year old girl who can do magic falls ill after being shortly discovered, Twilight Sparkle decides to adopt her. If only she knew...

May contain references to various Porter Robinson songs. And probably Vocaloids as well. And Inception? a lot of things.

Cover created by a friend. It's temporary, considering that the girl in cover is just an older version of the little girl Twilight adopted.

Humanity Revolts Arc
Book 8 of 19

Chapters (2)

A seventeen-year-old filly is living alone within a simulated world where everything is controlled by her through a tablet. However, something causes her to remember why she was here.

Through this that she ventures on until she reaches her end. That is, where other ponies are. If there are any, because she was technically the first space pony...

Based, or rather inspired and a crossover of Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter Official Music Video made by A-1 Pictures and Crunchyroll
May contains various references to other Porter Robinson's songs, such as Sad Machine, Easy, and probably even the song itself.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Dream Realm Destroia: Equestria

An anthro fox got into an accident and got turned to a horned pegasus colt. That was years ago. Now, Twilight Sparkle, newly crowned, meets this same stallion who had cut off his wings to avoid getting killed. Love ensues. Or so everypony thought.

It seems like this colt had brought in something that may or may not solve what happened to Twilight's friends and herself before the night of the ascension, and Twilight might never see the world the same way again.

Book 2 of 19
The Journal of Fredrick Arc

Chapters (2)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


It was a time of despair. The
STAR EMPIRE has won the
searing war against one of the
last remaining groups of
resistance, the JEDI ORDER
through many ways.

Forcing to retreat, the JEDI
vanished into the shadows of the
galaxy causing the rest of the
galaxy to fall into the Empire’s

One JEDI KNIGHT has hid in the
desolate but known planet of
TATOOINE, which was his own
homeworld, to think of a way to
restart a revolution which he
thought will be facing alone....

Star Wars Crossover with My Little Pony G4.

Chapters (4)

This is me when I watch or see a new thing. Instant fanfiction with MLP. Here's the story:

The Twelfth Doctor was waiting for his future pony reincarnation, the Eighteenth. Stuff happens before he could finally do what he actually want to do in the first place.

Chapters (1)

An side story to Five Score, Divided by Four by TwistedSpectrum

Equestria is back to normal, and everypony was having a good time until Big Mac notices an unread email and an intruder breach on the portal.

Who was this intruder who was described as an old woman?

Sunset Shimmer.

Wait. How is she alive?

Coming soon: A Different Kind of Equality

Chapters (1)

A side story of The Last Pony on Earth.

Act I
The Philippines' is one of the countries that is diversely populated by what had replaced humans. The culture around the world also influences it, yet having some traits of its own.

Follow Little Sun, one of the children that were born to be the next Queen of the Pearl Tribe, and Moro Surigao, a seapony who serve as one of those who connects the Philippines' colonies together as they visit and see what has changed. That said, they're also nosy, hospitable, and would trade hearts for money. Please be aware that there are a few gestures that are unique only for them...

Chapters (1)

One-Shot Description:
Helena was just fine being a human until she learns something and takes an action.

Helena Tess Ryder is just an seventeen year old and is enjoying her summer break. When her 18th birthday came, things change as her favorite show was actually real and she was... Twilight Sparkle. With a voice from her former self and a bunch of government officials bent on finding alien life, not to mention her father who is one of them, how can she come back home safe and sound? Not to mention signs of non-pony influence to her own family...


Chapters (2)

Poniferan Era Short:

In a futuristic Equestria where one radio channel unique from the other that exists, an earth pony technician/DJ fires up an old pedestal which was the cause of all things happening in Poniferan Era.

Things get odd however as Quantum felt something terribly wrong.

"You knew what would happen, right?"

The Survivors of Rowan's Yeltor Equestria

Chapters (1)
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