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Lucians, Tomas, Janus, and Ekaterinas. Not to include the secret Madrigals.

Five branches from four siblings who compete to each other and a fifth who wanted to reunite them all.

From Cahill Island, Ponylandia, to different parts of the world.

Will the Mane Six's family heritage ruin their friendship? Or will it take their shy friend/distant relative stop that from ever happening? However, as Fluttershy thought of her plans, she never thought about her Cahill cover and it gets blown only to be recovered by Rainbow Dash who seem to have knowledge she was never supposed to have. As time ticks by, she needs to reunite the whole family before anything happens.

Intervention Update - Story edited a bit. Read Letter 1.
Poniferan Update - Story description edited.
Void Update - Chapter 3 added and more edits to previous chapters.

Book 11 of 19
Humanity Revolts Arc

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 7 )

I liked it, definitely following this.

the story however could use a bit more detail, everything feels a tad rushed.

good job:moustache:

So am I supposed to be feeling confused right now or...

And again, I am so confused :applejackconfused:

6443071 What part are you confused about?

If the whole thing, then you must wait for more documents, letters, and chapters!

no comments yet?
oh well,
other than a few minor mistakes this story is pretty good:yay:


Big Sexy Black Dick?
Boring Sinister Bad Dude?
Bucking Stupid Boso Doof?
Barely Secret Barnacle Devil?

only time will tell...

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