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Based on Starscribe's Ponies After People series.

When the Earth's humans were changed into ponies and other magic-tolerant species, most people were tossed into the maelstrom of time to be returned to their home planet changed at a future date. Three thousand years after the Event, a van of archaeology students en route to the University of Hawaii reappears in the middle of a now-overgrown Honolulu. Now they must come to terms of their new bodies and their new world.

Step 1: Figure out how to survive as ponies, a griffon, and a diamond dog on an otherwise uninhabited island.

Step 2: Unravel the mystery of how we got here, and why we're the only ones in a place normally crawling with tourists.

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Make contact with the outside world and (if we're really lucky) go home to our families back on the mainland.

Simple, right? Oh and there is the matter of a dangerous artifact we have to keep out of the wrong hands. No pressure.

NaPoWriMo 2017 Winner!
Dedicated to my alpha reader and roommate, Gwelwyth.

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This should be interesting.

An excellent start! Griffins are very underused :)

What's a parrothead?

Griffins can apparently have different birds as their front half, along with lion on the back. The protagonist has a parrot head.

Reading that was a great way to start my morning. I think you have the talent to become a professional writer, if you choose to do so.

Thank you. I'm still learning, so there's still lots of room for improvement.

I'm not going to lie; I based the conversation between Trish and Zoe on one my best friend and I had about a week before I started writing this story. Sometimes the best way to write emotional scenes is by basing them on real ones. It has certainly helped my dialogue writing.

Mark Fenske wrote in his commentary article, published in CMYK Magazine issue 8, “Drink from your own well. Start with yourself every time. What do think of the product? How would you use it?” Fenske’s ideas got me thinking that if I was in this group of returnees, what would I suggest that the group do?

I would love to get an idea of the lands south of the H1 highway before I walk there. Thus, I would suggest to my group an overnight camping trip to the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. That well-known cemetery is build upon the Punchbowl Crater, an extinct volcanic tuff cone located in Honolulu, Hawaii. That location is north of the H1 highway, yet overlooks downtown Honolulu. That volcanic cone is tall enough to see over most rooftops, as that location is built on solid rock there is no need to fear of a partial collapse as a tall building could, and has structures for shelter without leaving the top of the cone. At night, some of my group would sleep, while others would watch the ground south of the H1 for lights of other returnees and the air for any aircraft coming to or going from the airport.

According to Hawaii-Vacation-Fun.com, “Punchbowl crater overlooks most of Oahu’s south side. From the vantage of the south rim scenic lookout, you’ll discover breathtaking views of Diamond Head crater, Honolulu International Airport, the Hawaii Capitol district, and the Honolulu commercial/business center!” Those overlooks appear to be great places to see potential objectives or places to avoid before walking south of the H1.

Discover the Punchbowl Crater National Cemetery of the Pacific.

NaPoWriMo 2017 Winner!

But... This was made in 2018.

This is last year's work. I finally got around to editing it to be (somewhat) more presentable. This year's is still in progress (20,000 words as of now).

Patience. Yeah, yeah, yeah how long will that take?
Boot to the Head!
If you get that Congratulations!:pinkiehappy:

I’m surprised that nobody in that group started humming the Indiana Jones theme music.

What gets me is the lack of any sign of prolonged inhabitation in any of the places that our protagonists have visited so far. We have the names of fifty individuals written on the walls. So, where did those earlier returnees live, grow crops, and have a school for the younger returnees? While that small group of friends can’t check every building, they can look for a returnee settlement’s garbage dump and compost heap that would be a short walk from, but not next to their settlement. Yet, a garbage dump and a compost heap being in a settlement’s back yard most likely would not be visible from the streets or highways. That’s why their group needs to get their winged members into the air to search for those artifacts and ecofacts associated with post-Event occupation.

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