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Broken Heart - Tale Weaver

Spike finds a spell that can age him one hundred and fifty years, but when he tries it, he finds himself in a future where the ponies are at war with the dragons.

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Captain Sure Hoof’s report was devastating. If the scouts’ reports were accurate, there were more dragons than they had ever imagined. Manehatten had already been overrun. They were attacking on both the North and South borders of Equestria. Even with the civilian militia, they could not protect both borders.

Princess Luna shifted on her hooves nervously, very aware of all the troops awaiting her command. She turned to view the horizon. The thundering sound of giant lizards moving towards them could already be heard. She called out to Twilight, “Princess Twilight Sparkle, We request your counsel.”

Twilight stepped up close to Luna. She took in the once peaceful land that was now to be overrun. Their homes would be destroyed and many lives would be lost. And she could think of nothing that would stop it.

Luna whispered so that the others wouldn’t hear. “Twilight, please, I need your help!”

Twilight took a step back. Head up and standing at attention, she faced her friend and only superior in full, formal stance. “My Princess, I regret to say that I believe we have underestimated our enemy. It is now my belief that the dragon attack ten years ago was not meant to defeat us. Their intention was to dwindle our fighting numbers and destroy our farm lands. And while we were rebuilding, something they don’t have to do, they built their numbers up for a final attack.”

Captain Sure Hoof looked to Morning Star. Now it all made sense. While too small in numbers, the dragons didn’t plan to defeat Equestria a decade ago. They had only planned to weaken them, and they did that successfully. A glance to Luna told him that the Princess now understood the same.

But what Twilight did next shocked the Captain. She bowed her head and knelt down. Not on one knee, but both. The Captain had seen his leader confer many times on the battlefield. But this was not a soldier conferring, this was a Princess begging.

“My Princess,” Twilight continued. “Our situation is dire. We do not have the military force to stave off this attack. If Equestria is to survive, then it is my belief that you must consider the course of action I laid out to you in private. The one concerning Spike.”

Princess Luna staggered back in shock and bellowed out in her royal voice, “DOST THOU KNOWEST WHAT THOU ASKS?”

Twilight lowered her head further, “My Princess, if you have another strategy then command me and I will obey your orders to my death. But I see no other recourse. That is my counsel.”

Luna stared at Twilight in disbelief. Did she really believe that was the only way? She saw her troops were confused. They had no idea what Twilight was proposing. And confusion among the troops was very bad at this stage of battle. She turned away to look at the horizon again. Clouds of dust were already billowing towards them. If there was only more time to think, but there wasn’t. Twilight’s plan was desperate at best and most assuredly dangerous. Nothing of that magnitude had ever been attempted in the history of magic. But the decision of whether or not to attempt it was not what really bothered Luna. What Princess Twilight was really asking Princess Luna to do was to admit defeat. What was worse, her General already had.

Captain Sure Hoof stood nervously by his troops. He, too, could hear the thundering of the dragons approaching. Soon, they would be flying into sight. He urged his commander, “Princess Luna…”

“Silence!” she yelled back in anger, not bothering to turn around. How she wished there was someone else to make this decision. But there had been no one else in a very long and painful time. She snorted her displeasure and turned to make what she was sure would be her last command decision. She took a deep breath to calm herself, then stood straight in her most regal stance. She glanced over her shoulder. Twilight was still on her knees. “Princess Twilight Sparkle,” there was still anger in her royal voice. “Arise! We will not speak to thee as anything but the Princess you are!”

Twilight rose and stood at attention, wings tucked, head up and looking forward. Luna approached her and circled her once before speaking. Twilight felt like a cadet on review.

Princess Luna stood in front of Twilight and lowered her head to Twilight’s level. “After the battle of Appleoosa, as our sister lay dying in the desert, we vowed to her that we would do everything in our power to preserve Equestria. Later that evening, thou vowed the same to us and we made thee our general.”

Twilight’s heart sank. As desperate as her plan was, she saw no other way to save her beloved land.
But the ruler of Equestria wasn’t finished. “Our sister trusted thee implicitly, and we do no less. Go. Make thy preparations. Take all those thou needs with thee. And may Celestia be merciful on us for what we are about to do.”

Twilight turned to her Princess. Had she just heard what she thought she heard? Luna nodded. “Thank you,” she whispered, and ran up to Sure Hoof. She rattled off the names of the unicorn captains she would need and commanded Sure Hoof to bring them to the palace.

Sure Hoof protested, “My Princesses, those Captains are on the front lines! If we remove them, those lines will be virtually defenseless!”

“The fate of Equestria is now on her shoulders. You will obey her as you would obey us,” commanded Luna.

Sure Hoof bowed. “Yes, my Princess.”

“I’m sorry, there’s no time,” said Twilight. “I will explain as much as I can at the palace. Now, go!”

With a nod, Captain Sure Hoof and Morning Star teleported away.

Twilight turned back to Luna, “I will need you as well.”

“I understand,” Luna spoke in her normal voice. “I will say a few final words to the remaining soldiers and join you.” She quickly hugged Twilight and teleported away as well.

* * *

Twilight appeared in front of the main entrance to the palace. The few royal guards that were there accompanied the palace militia and Spike in his full armor.

With a few long steps he reached her side. “Twilight, what’s going on out there?”

She motioned for him to bend down to her level, “It’s bad out there, Spike. Really bad. But I’ve got a plan, one I haven’t told you about. It’s dangerous, Spike. A lot could go wrong. But I need you to make it work, if you’re willing.”

Spike planted his sword in the ground and bowed his head. “My sword is yours, my Princess.”

He had learned well from the captains who had trained him. He was a sparkling example of the Royal Guard he now served. But Twilight was more proud of the young adult dragon he had grown to be – even if that growth had taken an instant. She encircled his neck with both arms. “I hope we aren’t both making a big mistake.” He looked at her questioningly, but she just turned and led him up to awaiting crowd.

The amassed ponies bowed to her as she walked by them. But she began to notice something that bothered her. These were not just the militia members she had seen training, but ponies of all ages, many obliviously too young to fight. She said nothing, but waited until she got up to the militia captain. What she saw when she got up to Apple Tree angered her. Apple Seed was standing by her father, hooves shivering, but planted firmly in the ground. Twilight looked to her royal captains, surly they had seen these children in the crowd, but said nothing. In fact, Twilight recognized some of the guards’ own offspring among them.

She came nose to nose with Apple Tree. “Why are these children here? Why is your own daughter here?” She did nothing to hide her displeasure.

Apple Tree bowed, “My princess, word of the fronts have reached us. If we are to defend Equestria then we need every able-bodied…”

Twilight interrupted. “They are not soldiers, they are children! And that is not an acceptable answer!”

Apple Tree paused. His stance softened. Then he raised his head and looked Twilight in the eye, “Aunt Twilight, if this is to be our last battle, then we all have right to fight for our home. As for Apple Seed and the others, it’s their choice to be here. They would rather die fighting than live as homeless orphans under the reign of the dragons.”

Twilight stared at Apple Tree. She had no answer. Was this what Equestria had fallen to? If so, then she and Luna had failed their subjects. Her plan suddenly seemed so futile, but it was still the only chance they had. She looked up at Spike. There was compassion in his eyes, she could tell he agreed with Apple Tree. She took a few steps back and addressed the crowd. “Citizens of Equestria, I regret to say that what you have heard is correct. Our situation is dire and we cannot defeat the dragons with military force. But we have a plan. I have summoned the most powerful unicorns in the land back here to the palace. We will attempt a magic spell that will stop the dragons for all time. We cannot be interrupted! I must ask all of you to defend the palace at all costs!

At all costs. Those words stung her as she looked back down at Apple Seed. They were already willing to fight at all costs. She took a few steps closer to Apple Seed. Standing firm, her jaw set, Apple Seed looked ready to defy her Princess should Twilight try to send her away. How many other young fillies like her had she seen orphaned in the past hundred and fifty years? Whatever the count was, it was too many. And now, this one, not even having her cutie mark yet, was willing to fight and die. It was a sobering thought. No more, Twilight thought. Her plan would have to work – at all costs. She would not allow this little one to suffer like so many before her. She came close and put her right hoof on Apple Seed’s shoulder. “This ends today.” She looked at Apple Tree and repeated her words. It was her vow.

She called for the two unicorn captains to meet her inside the palace, then she teleported Spike and herself to the grand hall.

* * *

As Twilight and Spike appeared in the grand hall, Captain Sure Hoof approached. “Everypony present and accounted for, General.”

Twilight quickly moved to the stairs leading to the center throne. She stopped at the first level. Magically, she summoned sixteen podiums and her book of theoretical spells.

The twelve captains and two lieutenants gathered round as Princess Luna appeared. Sure Hoof voiced their concern. “My Princesses, what are we here to do?”

Twilight turned to Spike. “Take off your armor and put away your sword.”

“What?” ask Spike. “Are you sure?”

“You came here without them and that’s how I have to send you back.”

Spike removed his helmet. “Back to where?”

“The Library. Our library, a hundred and fifty years ago.”

“But you said…”

“I know what I said. But it’s not the way you’re thinking.” Twilight opened her book and magically made copies of the pages everypony would need. She turned her attention to the crowd before her. “Listen, everypony, what we are about to attempt is highly dangerous, but the danger out there is far worse. The truth none of us want to face is that we cannot win this war. The only way left to us is to prevent it. We’re going to send Spike back in time.”

Sure Hoof was one of the most educated unicorns in Equestria. He knew the problems with attempting time travel. “But my Princess, the slingshot effect…”

“I know,” Twilight replied, cutting him off. “The farther one goes back in time, the shorter the time one has there before being slung back. But that’s not what we are going to attempt.” She passed out the pages to all the unicorns present. Each one was shocked when they read what was on them. “I have been studying the works of temporal magician, Time Watcher. Listen carefully, you must understand this.” She moved to the podium at the center of the landing. “The fabric of time is like an intricate tapestry. Each event is like a thread woven in. When Spike initiated the spell that accelerated his growth and brought him here, he wove a new thread into that tapestry. He created an artificial event woven into the back of the tapestry. We have to remove that event from time. To do so we must unravel time itself.”

Sure Hoof protested. “But my Princess, won’t this undo everything we know? Won’t this undo even ourselves?”

Twilight jumped down to the center of the circle she had formed with the podiums and faced Sure Hoof. “Yes, it will. But you must have faith time will progress again. But this time without Spike casting that spell, without me losing my faith in friendship and without the dragons going to war.” She stepped back from Sure Hoof and used her horn to burn a circle in the floor.

She turned to her oldest and dearest friend. “Spike, I need you to sit in this circle. Whatever you see, do not leave this circle. Whatever you hear, do not leave this circle.” She came close and leaned her head against his arm. “And when you’re home again, just don’t cast that spell.”

Spike put his arm around her. “Should I tell you what happened to me? Everything you’ve told me since I got here? I mean, would you believe me?”

“I don’t know, Spike,” she replied. “It’s an incredible story. I will leave that up to you. Just continue to be my friend and my Number One assistant. That’s all I’ll need.”

He reached over with his other hand and gently caressed her check. “Always, my Princess.”

“No, you don’t have to call me…”

“I don’t mean it like that,” Spike interrupted her. “You were always my Princess.”

She stood up on her hind legs and nuzzled his cheek. “That you can tell me.”

Rumblings could be heard in the distance. The dragons were getting closer. Spike entered the circle and sat down as Twilight jumped back to her podium and spoke to the crowd, “You all have the spell in front of you. All of you have to work together to build up a sphere of magic strong enough to reverse time.” She pointed to a spot twenty feet above Spike. “Everypony, point your horns there!”

The fourteen royal guards, Princess Luna and Princess Twilight began. Spike flinched as a blinding white sphere of magical energy formed and grew above him. The building energy was as loud as it was bright. But even through the din, the approaching dragons could be heard. Twilight knew if she could hear it, so could the others. “Whatever happens, do not break the sphere! This is our only chance!” She closed her eyes and put everything she had into her effort.

Sure Hoof concentrated as well. He read and reread the spell making sure he got every nuance right, but then something occurred to him. Something was missing. “My Princess, this spell will reverse time, but…”

Princess Luna shouted back in her royal voice over the deafening uproar, “DO NOT WORRY! PRINCESS TWILIGHT WILL TAKE CARE OF IT!”

Sure Hoof gasped, almost breaking his concentration. No one spoke it, but everypony knew that Princess Twilight had become the most powerful alicorn in Equestria. But what Princess Luna was implying was unimaginable. The mere thought of it sent a chill down his spine. Morning Star looked over at him in surprise. Sure Hoof wished he could explain, but there was no time. No time.

Twilight spoke again. “Keep in mind we have to send Spike back beyond the beginning of his spell. If we don’t, the event thread will still be there and we will all be caught in a temporal loop repeating these events over and over again!”

Luna, too, had shut her eyes to concentrate, but something about Twilight’s words bothered her. Something else was wrong. Not what Sure Hoof was thinking, but something else Twilight hadn’t considered. If she was right, this could all be for nothing. She looked over the spell again. Nothing in it accounted for what she feared. She looked at the growing sphere of energy. It was still not enough. And the dragons were drawing closer. The silhouettes of flying dragons could now be seen approaching through the stained glass windows. She had no choice, she had to stop and leave the sphere.

Twilight sensed Luna leave the group through her own horn. She opened her eyes in time to see Luna galloping out of the grand hall. “Luna, where are you going?” she yelled after her.

“Do not send him back until I return!” shouted Luna.

Twilight feared that they wouldn’t be able to send him back until she returned. Without her, the sphere of magical energy wasn’t building fast enough. Twilight waited for Luna’s return, each second an eternity. The dragons were getting closer.

Luna burst back in to the room floating a book in front of her. She returned to her podium and flipped through the pages.

Twilight came close as Luna motioned for her. “Luna, what’s wrong? Why did you leave?”

“It’s what you said about being caught in a temporal loop! When we reverse Spike’s growth, we will be reversing his memories as well.”

“Wait!” said Spike. “You mean I won’t remember any of this?”

“That is correct,” said Luna. “You won’t remember, you will repeat your actions, and we will be caught in a temporal loop.”

Twilight gasped. How could she have missed it? If it wasn’t for Luna’s quick thinking, Twilight would have condemned them all to an eternity of repeated death and destruction.

Luna continued. “But I think I can preserve Spike’s memories.” Luna found the page she was looking for. The two princesses read and reread it. But what they read was equally distressing. They looked at the growing sphere of magical energy, realizing that they would have to counteract all that power over Spike’s mind. “This is impossible!” blurted Luna.

“Perhaps I can help,” said Twilight.

“No,” countered Luna. “your part is too important for you to be distracted.” Luna went over the spell again and again. Finally, she came up with a possible solution. “One thought. I can preserve one thought. That’s all I can promise!”

“Spike, did you hear that?” asked Twilight.

“Yea, but what should I remember? What you told me about the war? The lives lost? This moment?” Spike asked.

“Something meaningful,” answered Luna. “Something you can carry deep within your soul. The deeper, the better.”


Twilight closed her eyes. Time was running out and she had to come up with an answer, the answer that would save them all. She had trained herself as a Princess to put her subjects’ need above her own. She had trained herself as a General to be detached and logical. But here, in this moment of crises, her own emotions betrayed her. One thought kept coming to mind. One thought so personal it made her cry. As the tears ran down her cheeks she hated herself. With all of Equestria hanging in the balance, how could she be so selfish? How could she be so self-centered? She tried to push that thought out of her head and find another answer, but that one thought would not leave her.

Some part of her mind could hear Luna urging. “Twilight, please!” But she could not get rid of that one, selfish, thought. Yet, as selfish as it was, it met Luna’s criteria. Could it be the answer? It would have to be.

Finally, Twilight opened her eyes, and looked into Spike’s eyes. Not the eyes of the mature dragon before her, but the eyes of the baby dragon she has loved and cared for. “Spike, promise me you won’t break my heart.”

Spike stared back at her. It was not what he was expecting.

It was not what Luna was expecting either, but instantly she understood. “Promise her!” she commanded.

Spike shouted out as loud as he could. “I promise, Twilight! I promise I won’t break your heart!”

Luna shot a burst of magical energy right into Spike’s temple. The force nearly knocked him over. It also made him dizzy. It took all his concentration to keep from falling out of the circle Twilight had burned into the floor.

The dragons had landed in Canterlot. Fighting could be heard outside the castle. Luna burned that one thought into Spike’s subconscious, then continued building the sphere of magical energy. Twilight then lowered the sphere onto Spike, encircling him with its power.

Even over the roar of raw power, Twilight could hear the battle going on outside. True to their word, the guards and militia fought with every bit of strength they had. The horrific cacophony of battle had been the source of her nightmares for decades. The memory of fallen comrades haunted her. The thought of more falling just outside the palace walls sickened her. The high-pitched scream of terror from a young filly’s lips suddenly pierced the air and was just as suddenly silenced. Was that… No. She could not afford to be distracted. She concentrated on her oath. This ends today!

With the strike of one great claw, the stained glass mural of Celesta and Luna burst into fragment and crashed to the floor. Spike turned in time to see Vilmax step in and trounce on the shards of the royal symbols of peace and harmony. Every fiber of his being screamed to jump up and claw at the throat of the one who defiled Palace Canterlot. But he had a promise to keep, and a final duty to his Princess.

He could only stare in wonder. How could his own kind do this? How could dragons who had lived in peace with ponies for centuries suddenly allow themselves to be lead to violence by one who’s malice and vengeance knew no end? But as the swarm of monsters entered the great hall, he recognized the truth. Despite his scales, his claws and his fire breath, he was not dragonkind. He was ponykind. And for all of ponykind he would trust the one who raised him to put an end to this destruction.

The dragons were met with force by every guard that was not building the sphere of energy. But, one by one, they were swept away by the overwhelming strength of the dragons. Vilmax, however, had no interest in the guards, nor in the ruling Princess of Canterlot. With single minded focus he headed for the one who had thwarted him at every turn.

Spike could only watch in horror as Vilmax strode toward Twilight. Twilight must have been aware, but did not break her concentration. In one smooth motion, Vilmax’s massive claw swooped down and closed around Twilight. He lifted her up high in the air to claim his prize. Yet, she did not break her concentration. His fist closed around her. Her body flattened as ribs were crushed. Spike yelled out to her as her eyes widened with pain and she coughed out blood.

Princess Twilight Sparkle, General of the Canterlot Royal Guard, looked to the one she loved the most and mouthed a single word, “Promise”.

“I promise!” yelled out Spike at the top of his lungs. “I promise! I promise!”

Twilight smiled. Her eyes glared a blinding white as she sent the last of her strength through her horn to the sphere surrounding Spike. A final tear left her lifeless eye and ran down her left cheek.

It was the last thing Spike ever saw.

* * *

Time stopped.

For a minute? For an hour? For a millennium? How could one tell when time itself no longer functioned? For the first time since time began, there was no time. Princess Twilight Sparkle had indeed become the most powerful Alicorn in Equestria. Fourteen Unicorns built up the power to turn time back. But that could not be accomplished until the forward momentum of time was halted. That is what Sure Hoof had realized. And the realization that his General could do this is what sent a chill down his spine.

Nothing in all the multiverse moved. Then, so imperceptibly, that final tear nudged itself back up Twilight’s cheek.

The universe screamed in agony as an explosion ripped an unimaginable, unhealable, wound in time and space. The threads of reality unwound themselves, knocking galaxies off their axis, throwing parallel realities out of sync, undoing history in order to remove a single thread of time. Wars were unfought, lives were unlost as every event was undone until that single thread was removed from the rest of creation.

The magical energy built up by the Unicorns waned as it was used up. The backward movement of time came to a halt. Then, for the second time since time began, time stopped. The natural temporal movement resumed. And as time reset itself, the event that caused the unimaginable, unhealable wound in time and space never happened. Neither did the event that caused the unimaginable, unhealable wound in a young pony’s heart.

* * *

Twilight blew out the candle and was about to draw the curtains when she noticed Spike getting of bed again. “Where are you going?”

“To get some water,” he replied as he went down the stairs. “I’ll be right back.”

“You know you’ll just have to get up in the middle of the night.”

“I know,” he yelled back from the lower level. “But I can’t sleep when I’m thirsty.”
Twilight thought about what Spike had said as she waited for him to return. It would be nice to ride on his back some day. But it was not to be. Dragons could live much longer than ponies. She would not see him grow into a fully mature dragon. It was natural for ponies to outlive those who raised them, but in their case, the difference would be in the hundreds of years. The thought made her melancholy.

Spike came back up the stairs, glass in hand. He turned for his bed. Suddenly, he stumbled. Losing his balance, he dropped his glass, spilling water everywhere. Twilight instantly sat up in time to see him stagger, then fall on his face.

She leapt out of bed and bound to his side. “Spike! Spike!” She knelt down beside him and gently turned him over.

He blinked, surprised to find himself on the floor, “Huh? What happened?”

“You fell over. Are you all right?”

He sat up slowly, almost falling over again. “I guess. I just felt dizzy…” As he looked up at Twilight, tears welled up in his eyes. He suddenly got to his knees and hugged Twilight around her neck.

Now she was really concerned. “Spike, are you hurt?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Then why are you crying?”

Spike wiped the tears from his eyes with one claw and tightly held onto Twilight with the other. “I don’t know. I just suddenly felt… sad. Well, not sad, exactly. Kind of like I did something that hurt somepony – but not exactly.”

She sat down and gently pulled him away enough to face him. “Spike, you’re not making sense. What are you talking about?”

“I don’t know!” The look in his eyes told Twilight that he was just as confused as she was. He reached out for her again. This time she grazed his lips and cheek with her cheek as he embraced her. His lips were a little dry. But nothing that glass of water wouldn’t have taken care of. His cheek told her his temperature was normal. His heart raced a bit. But considering he was upset, that was to be expected. Her horn glowed as he continued to cry quietly against her neck. She could detect nothing wrong, nothing broken or out of place. She wrapped her hooves around him. After a while, he seemed to calm down.

“I love you, Twilight,” he whispered.

“I love you, too, Spike.” She held him tightly.

“And I promise I will never break your heart!”

She was startled. “What?” she asked gently.

“I said I promise I will never break your heart!”

She pulled him away just enough to look at him again. “I heard what you said. But why did you say that?”

Again, he was at a loss. “I don’t know. I just felt I had to tell you that. And I mean it.”

Now she was suspicious. She looked him straight in the eyes. “Spike, is something going on? Is there something you’re not telling me?”


She brought him close again, tucking his head under her chin. “Spike, listen. If there’s something going on, if there’s something that’s bothering you, please tell me. Whatever it is I promise I won’t be mad. I just want to know you’re all right.”

“There’s nothing, Twilight. I promise. I don’t know why I feel this way.”

Twilight sighed. He was telling the truth. Spike wasn’t one to lie to her. The few times he had tried to lie, he was terrible at it. It was an honorable testimony to the fact that he didn’t practice lying. Still, it didn’t explain her young friend’s state. Magically, she felt around the kitchen and poured another glass of water and brought it up. At least she could do something about his slight dehydration.

Spike drank it down and continued to hug her tightly. “Hey, Twilight, is it okay if I sleep with you tonight?”

“Yes,” she replied. “I’d feel better if you did.” She wrapped a hoof around him and hopped back over to her bed.

Princess Luna had raised a full moon that night. In the soft glow, Twilight watched Spike drift off to sleep. She had tucked him in and softly sang him a lullaby, his favorite from when he was just a hatchling. Shortly after she had arrived at Canterlot Magic School, Princess Celestia put him in her charge. A lesson in responsibility, the Princess had said. When he became old enough to take care of himself, he became her assistant. But they were so much more than that, now. Twilight loved that little dragon the same way Rarity loved Sweetie Belle, or Apple Jack loved Apple Bloom. She loved Spike the same way her own big brother loved her. He was the first real friend she had before she knew what friendship was. And now, they were family.

She still didn’t know what caused Spike’s strange emotional reaction. But whatever it was, it seemed to be over. Ponies sometimes had a mood swing for no apparent reason, why not dragons? Still, she would keep him close for the next few days, just to be sure.

He started to snore quietly. Twilight smiled. It was an assuring sound she had heard in the middle of many nights. She turned her head so the glow of her horn wouldn’t disturb him as she drew the curtains. She lay her head next to his. His cool scales on the top of his head felt comforting against her warn cheek. And in a short time, she drifted off to sleep as well.

Spike was fine.

Everything was fine.

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Thank you, Moku5 and Emptybee. One of the best complements you can give an author is to let them know they moved you. I hope you enjoy the fourth and final chapter. :twilightsmile:

So that's that, huh? Didn't expect it to end so soon but hey it worked nonetheless. Like I said, it was nicely paced and had some real feels for such a short package. Great. Liked it. Well done. :twilightsmile:

Time stopped.
For a minute? For an hour? For a millennium? How could one tell when time itself no longer functioned? For the first time since time began, there was no time. Princess Twilight Sparkle had indeed become the most powerful Alicorn in Equestria. Fourteen Pegasus built up the power to turn time back. But that could not be accomplished until the forward momentum of time was halted. That is what Sure Hoof had realized. And the realization that his General could do this is what sent a chill down his spine.
Nothing in all the multiverse moved. Then, so imperceptibly, that final tear nudged itself back up Twilight’s cheek.
The universe screamed in agony as an explosion ripped an unimaginable, unhealable, wound in time and space. The threads of reality unwound themselves, knocking galaxies off their axis, throwing parallel realities out of sync, undoing history in order to remove a single thread of time. Wars were unfought, lives were unlost as every event was undone until that single thread was removed from the rest of creation.
The magical energy built up by the Pegasus waned as it was used up. The backward movement of time came to a halt. Then, for the second time since time began, time stopped. The natural temporal movement resumed. And as time reset itself, the event that caused the unimaginable, unhealable wound in time and space never happened. Neither did the event that caused the unimaginable, unhealable wound in a young pony’s heart.

You might want to reread this section... this section where 14 Pegasus(singular) are casting a unicorn time travel spell.

Thanks, MyLittleTimeLord. A video is worth a thousand words.

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Brilliant. The part about Twilight giving Spike one last ride broke down any remaining emotional defenses I had.

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Also it would be fitting if at the very end as time slows a look of bewilderment falls upon Vilmax's features as he notices his very being start to dissolve as the fabric of the universe gets unraveled as payback for all the deaths he's caused. But that's just me.:twilightsheepish:

6909461 Thanks, Truffles. I'm glad you enjoyed it. A face-to-face would have bee interesting. I guess I didn't think of it because I was concentrating on the Twilight/Spike relationship and the Twilight/Luna relationship.

And thanks for blocking out the spoiler comments for anyone who hasn't read it yet.

...Wait...what? Oh, ahhhh, that actor's counterpart in the Ponyverse left acting to go into costume design which led him into tailoring. That's when Rarity met him.... I guess...??

Wow. Just...wow. I had this story in my read it later list for quite a while and I just read it tonight. I do not regret that decision at all. You have done a magnificent job with the story and the characters. It's a shame this story doesn't have more likes and views. This truly is a hidden gem. I hope you write more stories soon and I thank you for writing this one.

I love the story it's the perfect drama or an MLP mature themed sad story :pinkiehappy: but I got to wonder what's stopping the conversation from chapter 1 from happening the next day :rainbowhuh: all Twilight has to do is look upset and again and Spike asks her about it and the whole situation starts over.

Paradox! 😵

Wow! That was awesome! Glad I read it.

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