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When Sweetie Belle decides to try her hand at dress-making, Rarity has a fit. Through various trials and tribulations, the two sisters realize just how special they are to one another. NO CLOP, NO INCEST! This fic is purely sisterly love and focusing on family.

Chapter 1 was inspired by this comic: http://img.ponibooru.org/_images/21a5394cb21de28db316ad33ebb5de2b/37733%20-%20artist%3Amixermike622%20comic%20rarity%20sisters%20sweetielove%20Sweetie_Belle%20tears%20the_bestest_big_sister.png
I thought it was sweet and deserved a more in-depth rewrite.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 13 )

eh not bad but horses dont have a kind of bosomy area that you can relate to in a story where a human child curls up with their mother kind of a jsut awkward tem

okay now this is just a rushed story nothing gets wrose than that, so you might want to change your writing style. if you want to write a decent story, read a decent story. then maybe your next fic will be good. as for this, i'd say its half decent

Alright, everypony. I fixed most of the specific mistakes, but an overall revision needs to be done. I plan on doing that over the course of the next few days.

Aw so cute for the first chapter, Sweetie Belle and Rarity can get along so nicely even if seems impossible. :unsuresweetie: :raritywink:

THIS is how Sweetie Belle will earn her cutie mark. :yay:

Daw, see Sweetie Belle can be a good cook, she just needs more lessons from someone other than her mom. (no offense) :heart:

Aw more sisterly bonding it's so adorable. :heart:

8 dislikes? What is this nonsense?

This story is adorable so far. I love the sisterly moments between Rarity and Sweetie. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. :raritywink:

830460 Thanks a bunch! The dislikes are mostly because this story was pretty bad when I first posted it. After some careful editing, the deletion of three horrible chapters, and a re-categorization, the dislike rate has slowed extremely. Again, thank you for the support!

This is so cute and sweet! Nice job.

With Cookie Crumbles as a guide, it's a wonder the place didn't burn down.

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