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Malice In Wonderland

"Eternal chaos comes with chocolate rain, you guys. CHOCOLATE RAIN!!!!" I don't know about any of you, but I'm rooting for eternal chaos. GO DISCORD!!

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This got too real, but it was a good read.

Another deserter of life...Well rainbow i hope. You enjoy your afterlife for you have at least escaped you "problems"....See you soon...

Great writing for accidental suicide....of which looked real to Soarin...but whatever. It was a wonderfully written piece and possibly needs a sequel from Soarin's now depressed eyes. As he tries not to lose himself as did Dash. I'd do it if this weren't already written...then again...wouldn't be able to...cuz no inspiration.

I liked it because it is well writen and a good story, do i agree with suicide, not really no.
Im not sure what to think, are there really people who have nerves that mistake pain for pleasure? What a concept... Regardless, well done. Serious thought has been invoked.

Was a good, vivid story :pinkiehappy:

OMG this is such an amazing one-shot pls. a sequle:fluttercry::fluttercry:

Wow, thank you so much!:heart: I wasn't planning on doing a sequel, but if I did what would it be about?

7609867 SOARIN TRYING TO COPE UP AND FIGURING OUT WHY DASHIE KILLED HERSELF:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy: only ti find out she's been trying to hide something from him.:fluttercry: he blames him self for her death.:pinkiegasp:


Thanks :twilightsmile: I'm so glad you liked the story too. I hope you'll check out some of my other stuff too.

7620388 I am actully I'm currently reading The party must go on. I read Pinkiena and Cheese Sandwich LOVED IT:rainbowkiss:

Awesome! Thanks so much! I'm working on a rewrite of Pinkamena and Cheese Sandwich if you're interested in reading that once it's finished.

7623234 finished it allready. actually Shure why not!:pinkiecrazy:

Re read this and still same teaction I actually made a story nearly the same maybe you'll like it it's called" Death come to me" hope u enjoy it:pinkiehappy:

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