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Ancient Warriors: Stag Beetles of Light and Darkness! - ShogunWriter106

After being imprisoned in the Canterlot Castle Dungeons for 1500 years, Kuuga and N-Daguva-Zeba were finally set free during Discord's escape. Now it is time to show the powers of the Light and Dark Stag Beetles!

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Author's Note:

Another collaboration with geo hikari's A Key in Equestria. Hope you like it! It is narrated by James' Point of View.

I cursed under my breath at the situation we found ourselves into.

When we went to search the town after breakfast it seemed heartless had managed to arrive in this world and their designs fit this world. They resembled costumed minions normally seen in tokusatsu shows and there was way too many for the fifteen of us to fight. As we were surrounded I gave a quick look around finding we were all back to back with those of us that can't use weapons or magic in the center of our circle.

I explained what heartless were to the power ponies during breakfast and now carried a digital monster bestiary of the kingdom hearts Enemies and it doubled as a scanner. I quickly scanned them.

Shadow Soldiers

Type - Humanoid

These Heartless were born from the darkness of vengeance and will serve recurring evils to their dying breath. Alone, they’re not much, but in a group, they are deadly with teamwork. A whole army can take down a whole town in a minute.

That was not good news. We needed back up and luckily I knew just the trio to help. I pulled out the token I got from Kuuga's world and took a breath.

"Kuuga! I need some help! Bring Daguva and Surprise! We need back-up here!" I said and flipped it into the air.

The coin flipped through the air as it spinned for a moment before a flash of light and an aura of darkness came out of the two sides of the coin. Kuuga came out of the light holding on to a excited Surprise’s hand while Daguva flew out from the darkness as they both slid to a stop.

The coin hovered for a moment as it gently landed in my hand while Kuuga looked rather annoyed for some reason.

“This had better be good!” Kuuga growled as he flinged Surprise up in the air, “I was about to explain to Zecora, Chrysalis, and (I can’t believe I’m saying this…) Fluffle Puff about something important! Do you know how tiring it is for me to carry Surprise when she was about to eat a 100 foot tall sandwich!? She even traumatized the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon with those dreadful holograms and the Musashi Eyecon! So what is it?! A group of Twenty Heartless?! THIRTY?!?”

"Try three thousand!" I snapped as I pointed around us.

Kuuga tensed and looked around himself as the Shadows growled in confusion to each other.

“Daguva, do you remember that scene from Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 version?” Kuuga asked.

“The one where-?” Daguva started to ask but he quickly dodged a Shadow’s attack to the face before kicking it in the stomach.

“Yes! That one!” Kuuga clarified as he noogied one Shadow before tossing it into a crowd of them as bowling pins crashed in the background.

Surprise made her entrance by crashing headfirst on a Shadow that tried to sneak up on Daguva as it fainted with Heartless Emblems flying around its head.

"Oi Surprise! You see that button on your driver! Press it!" I shouted as I used Nocturne to defend Fluttershy while the rest of our group fought.

Kuuga and Daguva tensed as they quickly dived behind an overturned car for cover as they covered their ears with earmuffs!

Surprise looked confused as the Shadow Soldiers phased through her making my group look shocked as she did so making the driver open up on a hinge.

"Now press the left side of that Eyecon and place it in the driver!" I further instructed but was interrupted by thrown apple by Kuuga who looked really panicked!

“James! You have to understand something about Surprise! She already knows how to transform into that rider!” Kuuga screamed.

"You mean she got some experience as a rider already?" I yelled back as I unleashed my classic magnet thunder combo spell.

“You don’t understand James!” Daguva shouted in horror as his hands spasmed in fear, “She also found that Musashi Eyecon in our Snack Bar in the Cube of Infinite Storage! She teared apart those holograms of Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 like they were papers and weeds! That experience also scared the Cutie Mark Crusaders!! Not to mention Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon who Kuuga managed to reform as he saved them from a bully!”

"Well as she is now she won't do much damage against these Heartless! So we need Ghost to even turn the tide! There is too many here. And even with the power ponies my group besides Spike don't have keyblades yet!" I retorted wondering where the source of the heartless was as I used reflect.

Kuuga slapped his hand on his face before he and Daguva calmly walked out of their hiding place as they turned to the army.

“James, you might want to look away, this might get nasty!” Kuuga growled as he cracked his neck with discomforting noises much to my wincing. Daguva reached for his Limiters while Surprise took out a red Eyecon!

Heading his advice I closed my eyes and motioned everyone else to look away. Agonizing screams followed after many slashes came while explosions followed a few sickening cracks before silences finally came!

Opening my eyes I saw the two riders and alternate boss monster and I was amused to see Surprise kept her feminine figure as Kamen Rider Ghost.

"Thanks, I almost forgot how much power you have" I said panting. Everyone around me also panted in my group.

"Now we need to find the source of these comic book themed Heartless. I'm not liking how many there were and those were Pureblood Heartless not Emblems with how many there were I got a good look," I said concerned.

“Actually,” Kuuga stated as he pulled out the same Shadow Soldier who was knocked out by Surprise earlier, “We have a POW to interrogate! I need yours and Pinkie’s help on this one.”

"Won't work. Outside of Ansem the Seeker of Darkness, no Heartless has ever displayed the ability to talk" I said having played the games a lot.

“Actually, have you thought that they talk in their own language?” Kuuga asked as he squeezed the Shadow’s head tightly.

"You mean that noise a Shadow makes when it moves? Might be possible. At the very least" I said and just in case I transformed to my full black and silver dragon form to deter the Heartless from escaping.

Kuuga quickly tied the Shadow to a chair and shined a lamp on it.

“All right buddy!” Kuuga growled as he leaned in front of the Heartless’s face, “Who is behind these attacks? What is your mission?”

The Shadow growled in discontent as it turned its head away in defiance.

“Tough guy huh?” Kuuga noted before he snapped his fingers as Daguva handed him a picture, “Well, let’s see if you can handle this!”

Kuuga showed the Shadow the picture as it immediately turned white in horror before Daguva burned the picture into ash.

“What was that picture?” Spike asked as the Heartless slowly made some clattering noises and pointed to a random direction.

“Oh, something every Heartless fears the most,” Kuuga stated as he picked up the Heartless and threw it in another random direction, “A picture of the scariest character of Five Nights at Freddy’s Four!”

"Nightmare? Yeah I don't blame them. That one is even more scary than them" I said shuddering as I returned to normal.

Kuuga chuckled as he transformed into Rising Ultimate while Daguva took off all the Limiters off his wrists and ankles and placed them on his belt as rain suddenly started to pour from above!

“By the way James, have you received my message earlier?” Kuuga asked as thunder clashed.

"Yeah I did which means you have to be careful not to become a Heartless I don't think the multiverse would survive your Nobodies" I said with a wince.

“Actually, what if it did happen? But not in this timeline?” Kuuga asked as he took out the Two Becomes One and Rising Ultimate Titan Sword while Daguva took out his Bonds of Flame and Flaming Katana.

"Heaven help us all then. So you got any info on what brought the Heartless here" I asked entering my Keyblade Armor as I motioned everyone to follow.

“I did and it’s not pretty…” Kuuga stated as his hands clenched around his weapons

Daguva and Surprise stared at the fortress before as lightning clash behind it while a combination of the Heartless Emblem, Kuuga’s symbol, and Daguva’s symbol glowed on it.

"Dang that is creepy" I said as the eighteen of us looked at the building. Kuuga could only stare at the doors leading to the inside of the castle before he sighed and suddenly send out a couple of Sword Beams at them before they collapsed to the ground.

"Well let's get this over with. Everyone willing to fight come on, and everyone else act as medics you’re in charge of restoratives good thing there was a moogle on our way" I said.

“Raise your hand to take charge in the assault!” Daguva called out.

The only ones who didn't raise their hands or hooves were Fluttershy, Humdrum, and Zapp.

"From what I saw about your own armor my powers won't help in this situation" sighed Zapp as they gave her questioning looks.

Daguva raised an eyebrow and looked up and snapped his fingers as a lightning bolt suddenly shocked Kuuga as his skeleton was briefly seen before it stopped as he coughed before he shook the soot off him.

"I meant inside I can only use small electricity indoors as my powers are weather based. I would be better in a fight in open air. The most I can do is annoy the enemy in this situation," said Zapp in clarification.

Kuuga turned to Zapp in concern before he gently placed a hand on her head.

“Zapp,” Kuuga spoke as she looked at him in confusion, “Just go to a sheltered place until we need you. You might have weather powers, but you might catch a cold unless you have your amulet activated.”

"Don't worry I can still fly and give you these potions and ethers if needed. I can do that at least!" said Zapp with a grin.

Daguva chuckled at this scene before he turned to Fluttershy, “And you?”

"She's more medic then fighter Daguva. Her day job is involving animals and taking care of them. She's the most knowledgeable on medicine of my group," I said as she blushed.

“And Humdrum?”

"I just don't have much offense abilities I'm more tech kind of guy, but I can at least try to spot any weakness I can" he said and that reminded the visitors he's practically a kid still smart but still a kid.

“Very well,” Kuuga admitted as he turned towards the crowd of growing Pureblood Heartless and Emblem Heartless. He saw Darkballs, Invisibles, and Bit Snipers in the crowd with Armored Knights, Surveillance Robots, and a Behemoth.

With that the fighters charged.

Six hours later, the group had fought through the army of Heartless and now stood before the throne room of the castle preparing for the confrontation.

“Is everyone ready?” Kuuga asked as he swapped his Rising Ultimate Titan Sword with a Rising Ultimate version of the Pegasus Blowgun while his keyblade glowed as ice magic swirled around it.

"Let's get this over with so we can get out of this comic book. I honestly never thought anything like Pooh's story book was in my Equestria!" I said with a sigh entering Valor form so I could dual wield both Nocturne and Solarflare.

“Shh!” Daguva shushed as he leaned his head against the door, “Do you hear that?”

Everyone quieted and listened.

They could hear organ music before the doors slowly began to open as the group quickly stood back.

"Now I'm being reminded of Castlevania here," I said hoping that we weren't going to fight a being with those abilities.

The music continued to play as a figure sat in front of the organ as if he didn’t hear the doors opening before he stopped and got up from his seat as his black cape flapped.

“Welcome,” The figure spoke in a deep voice as he turned around to reveal another Kuuga in his Rising Ultimate Form but it was completely gray with dark black armor and has a Heartless Emblem on his chest, “I’ve been expecting you. James and other me.”

"Shoot we might have a hard battle ahead," I whispered to the group with a wince.

“I heard that young James,” Another voice spoke up.

"Another Daguva I presume figures you’re in the shadows," I said with a wince.

“Correct,” the other Daguva answered as he stepped to show his black form with white anklets and armbands while wearing white cape armor with the Heartless Emblem on his chest as well.

"Well guess I should go all out for this one" I said as my drive clothes turned green. "Now then to quote a hero of mine, saa count up your crimes!"

Dark Kuuga, however, laughed as he waved his hand as my clothes reverted back to black.

"My Light Drive! Kuuga if you ever get that ability remind me to kill you if you use it" I said shocked.

“Uh James, I don’t think that’s an ability of Kuuga’s,” Kuuga stated as he stepped back in fear.

Daguva clenched his hands as the thunder outside clashed even louder.

Dark Kuuga laughed as he stepped down the stairs to the group before him as he and Dark Daguva started to walk around them like a pair of sharks swimming around a stranded sailor lost at sea.

"This is bad," I thought as I looked around before I remembered something.

"Wait, if you’re both the future versions of these two then you have the same fears!" I said and gained a smirk.

Dark Kuuga and Dark Daguva raised an eyebrow in confusion before they took out the Void Gear.

"Surprise, Musashi please," I stated with a disturbing grin as everyone got what I was saying.

Kuuga and Daguva slapped their hands over their faces and quickly blindfold themselves while taking a stance with their keyblades.

But the others did see that the two Heartless did pale a lot as the ghostly pegasus grinned as she pulled out the red Eyecon. Surprise pressed the button as an emblem of two swords appeared before she swapped the Eyecon in her belt with the red one before pulling the lever and pushing it back.


Her armor immediately changed as a red parka with glowing red eyes flew out of her driver and strapped on to her. She pulled out the Gangan Saber and put it in Dual Sword Mode.

“Now, who is ready to party!?” Surprise shouted in a crazy voice as flames appeared behind her courtesy of Daguva.

The group closed their eyes as she floated and charged at the two like a wraith after their souls. Dark Kuuga and Dark Daguva screamed in horror as they covered their eyes, but their fear turned to pain when they felt something stabbed through their torsos! They uncovered their eyes and saw their Amadams on their belts have cracked with a keyblade sticking out before they were removed by their counterparts.

“Rule number one in a fight: Never let your guard down,” Kuuga stated as he tossed his Keyblade up in the air before catching it.

"Second rule: Never take your eyes off your opponent" I said as I slashed them from behind. But they suddenly vanished into thin air before reappearing above us.

“You may have weakened us other versions of ourselves, but we are strong enough to fight against you!” Dark Kuuga angrily stated before the Guardian appeared behind their backs.

"Third rule: be sure that every combatant is accounted for," I sighed as I shook my head.

DAIKAIGAN! Was heard from behind the two Heartless.

Dark Kuuga and Dark Daguva managed to dodge the attack but they still suffered a slash from it.

“Rgh! You may have the upper hand!” Dark Kuuga stated as he held out his hand while Dark Daguva did the same.

“But that doesn’t mean you have won this battle!” Dark Daguva continued before the castle started to rumble as cracks appeared on the floor.

IT’S ONLY THE BEGINNING!!” The two Heartless declared before darkness swirled inside the throne room as the two begin to merge.

“Okay, that is sickening!” Kuuga stated as he watched six insect-like arms came out of the darkness followed by four stag beetle wings. Two Heartless legs stomped out of it before a head of a Darkside Heartless covered in a stagbeetle helmet came out and roared at the terrified group.

"Shadow Gouram Darkside," I said having scanned the new Heartless.

I was broken out of my fear by Humdrum.

"Look the gem on it's belt! It's still cracked! If you shatter it, it will possibly be destroyed!" said the small dragon.

"Of course, back home when the Amadam was shattered Kuuga and Daguva lost their powers! Everyone! Aim for the stone! I'll distract it!" I said transforming to my Dragon Form to battle the SGD.

“Okay!” Kuuga shouted as he jumped with Daguva and bicycle kicked the Darkside as it roared in anger as it tried to swipe at them!

But then I shot out a blue flame at its head making it turn its attention to me.

“Hey Big Guy! Down here noodle brain!” Kuuga taunted as he did a akamei.

The SGD roared as it slammed its hand into the ground as Heartless started to come out of a portal it recently made. The Power Ponies took care of those letting me to fly by and slash the Belt with my bladed tail, but I was immediately caught by the giant Heartless as it grabbed Kuuga and Daguva as well and roared at us.

But then Surprise made her appearance with with a Omega Slash further cracking the Amadam making the Heartless let go of the warriors from the pain.

Kuuga and Daguva landed in a crouch with their hands to the ground before pulling out their keyblades as I landed by them and shared each other a look.

The three of us nodded as I grabbed the two and flew up and tossed them at the SGD.

Kuuga and Daguva did a midair somersault and performed a flying sidekick before they started to spin like a drill.

“ULTIMATE STAG BEETLE DRILL KICK!” The duo declared as they drilled through the Amadam.

As I reverted to human form, I casted Gravity on my keyblade.

"This is the end! Gravity Raid!" I roared tossing my keyblade at the stone as the brothers jumped back finally shattering it.The SGD roared as a storm of darkness swirled around it before it shrank to the size of a beachball and collapsed as fragments fell off to reveal two Shadows.

I blinked and looked to the brothers.

"Odd, I was expecting the usual giant heart flying into the air like it usually does with that kind of battle," I said in confusion.

“Maybe it’s because they are not what they claimed to be,” Kuuga stated as he picked up the two Heartless gently and hugged them much to theirs and the heroes’ surprise. A bright light shown as two 8-year-old girls replaced the two Heartless. Both definitely looked related to me.

“They are merely children who’ve lost their mind to power and grief,” Daguva stated as he strapped his Limiters back on as the storm started to clear up outside.

I took a look at the two girls. Both had greenish hair and eyes, but the younger one had a brown streak of hair. Both were dressed in black dresses with what looked like a key symbol on the heart area.

Both looked a bit shocked to see me.

"Daddy, i-is that you!?" Asked the younger girl making all of us surprised.

“DADDY!?!” Daguva exclaimed while Kuuga remained calm, “Wait!Wait!Wait!Wait!Wait! James! Since when did you have kids?!”

"I think they are from the future I mean Young Xehanort can time travel so these two must have done the same," I said before the two kids looked at Chrysalis and smiled at her.

“Actually,” Kuuga stated as he pulled out a folder with the Heartless Emblem on it, “It’s more than that.”

"How so sugar cube?" asked Applejack.

“I found this during the fight,” Kuuga explained as he opened the folder, “It says something about Project Twilight Evolution.”

"Xemnas! Great so I will have to fight him in the future. Considering my Equestria is up on the border of the Kingdom Hearts universe it's likely he knows who I am when I was a statue" I groaned in annoyance.

“WOULD YOU PLEASE STOP INTERRUPTING ME SO I CAN EXPLAIN?!!?” Kuuga bellowed as the wind blew past my hair for a moment, “I was trying to explain that these two didn’t come from the future, but rather from your presence a few weeks ago.”

Suddenly sobbing could be heard from his arms and Chrysalis took the now crying kids from his arms giving him a glare as she did.

“Sorry,” Kuuga apologized as he stroked the twin’s hair gently, “I sometimes lose my cool when I keep getting interrupted. Look, the reason why these twins called you ‘daddy’ was because they imprinted on you and Chrysalis as they were created from your DNA.”

"Um actually Mr. Beetle we were approached by by a man in a cloak" spoke up the older twin making everyone laugh at Kuuga's new nickname.

“What do you mean?” Kuuga asked, “According to this folder, the man in the black cloak gave you two Amadams from another dimension and amplified your darkness to turn you into Heartless.”

"The meanie took us from mommy here during a storm while daddy was fighting off invaders" said the younger girl.

"Let me check something," I assumed and used Scan on them.

"Thorn and Marie Del Light born from James Del Light and Chrysilas. Half changeling. Well that explains it. They are my kids just from a different timezone," I said only to be surprised when Rainbow Dash cheered.

"I knew you two would get together! It was obvious to everyone, but the two of you!" She flipped in the air.

I felt my jaw drop at her as Twilight groaned.

"Never bet against Dash like this again! Now I'm out the next daring do book when it comes out!" She said lowering her head. A glow caught my attention to the organ as the keyhole appeared.

"Well looks like it's time to head home gang!" I said pulling out my keyblade and sealed the keyhole making a bright light flash. When it died down everyone but the the power ponies was back in Twilight's room with the Mane Six back in pony form.

“James,” Kuuga spoke up as he transformed into his Growing Form, “What’s going to happen to Thorn and Marie? They’re from a different timeline.”

"After my experience with watching Kamen Rider Den-O it's safe to say their timeline no longer exists. It sounded like the Heartless had taken over like Destiny Islands in that timeline. By then I should have sealed Equestria to prevent that. Which means something was different in that timeline. So for now they are staying here. Give them a better future than what they experienced" I said.

“‘For Now?’” Kuuga repeated before he bonked my head with a rubber hammer, “BAKA!”

"I meant until I can find my own place a library is not a place for kids to live. By here, I was referring to the library! Sheesh!" I explained.

Kuuga growled when his Amadam glowed as he suddenly changed into his Mighty Form as he took out two cream pies and stalked towards me while a miasma came off of him. Daguva and Surprise, however, stepped back to get out of the way.

“Then choose your words more carefully!” Kuuga snapped with comical anger as he threw a pie at me, but I quickly ducked as the pie hit Pinkie instead who slurped it off her face with joy. I quickly ran out of the Library as Kuuga started to throw pies at me.

"Yeow! Kuuga our contract is complete!" I said making him freeze.

"Next time i will get you with a pie!" Said Kuuga as he started to disappear before he laughed in a cheerful tone, “If you are wondering how I transformed into Mighty Form so quickly, I guess my Amadam accelerated my healing process! HAHAHAHA!! Take care of those kids really well!”

“See you later!” Daguva waved as Surprise took a cake and tossed it to Chrysalis.

“Happy Children Celebration Day!” Surprise cheered as she faded out of her armor before she, Daguva, and Kuuga disappeared in particles of light.

"Yeah, good to be home. Okay everyone let's celebrate that was some adventure!" I said as we had a good time, but I frowned as as I remembered what was going to happen next. The bats episode. I hope I can help Fluttershy get through that.

(End chapter)

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Is this really a Kamen Rider crossover?

Yes, It is a Kamen Rider Kuuga crossover, but I made it a bit comedic and light hearted because I mostly don't want to write violent stories.

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