• Published 19th Sep 2015
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Ancient Warriors: Stag Beetles of Light and Darkness! - ShogunWriter106

After being imprisoned in the Canterlot Castle Dungeons for 1500 years, Kuuga and N-Daguva-Zeba were finally set free during Discord's escape. Now it is time to show the powers of the Light and Dark Stag Beetles!

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Escape and Explanations!

Discord immediately stopped laughing as he flew to the red figure to examine him in every way.

"My, my! I never thought the warriors of light and darkness would be this... colorful! These horns look really fascinating! What are you exactly based on? A dung beetle?" Discord noted as he used a magnifying glass to examine the horns of the red figure. He did not notice the red figure's hands twitching before they tightly clenched into a fist.

"And what do we have here?" Discord intriguingly spoke as he flew over to the white figure as the figure continued to tighten the black rings around his wrists and ankles, "Limiters? For someone of great power? Surely, you can use that power for something more chaotic than that. Oh! Where are my manners? I believe I haven't introduced myself! My name is Discord, master of Chaos at your service and you are?"

The white figure stared at Discord for a moment before returning his attention to tightening the black rings.

"Hmm, not talkative are we?" Discord hummed as he watched the white figure walked over to the red figure and begin conversing with each other quietly before they nodded, and they looked towards the Master of Chaos with glowing eyes of doom, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Twilight? Mind explaining to me why a sign that says 'Be back in five minutes' just appeared in front of us after everyone's wings and horns disappeared?" Applejack spoke in confusion as she tilted her stetson.

"I don't get it, why would he leave a sign that says he is going to be late?" Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she walked up to it.

"Maybe because it has something to do with that strange shadow heading towards us!" Rarity surmised as she pointed at something about to crash at their position.

"INCOMING!" Pinkie Pie yelled as she and the rest of the Mane Six ran out of the way just as the shadow crash-landed like a downed biplane where the sign used to be.

Fluttershy walked up to the crater and gasped at the sight of Discord having two black eyes with his limbs twitching a bit.

"What happened to him?" Twilight wondered as she and the rest of the Mane Six watched Discord started to struggle to get out of the crater.

Meanwhile, back at the Castle of the Royal Sisters, the two figures are busy dusting their hands off from giving Discord a punch to the face.

"Well N-Daguva-Zeba, what do we do now?" the red figure asked as he brushed some dust off his armor.

The white figure, now known as N-Daguva-Zeba, said nothing as he walked over to the unconscious Sunset Shimmer and examined her for a moment before he finally spoke, "For now Kuuga, I suggest we should take this young mare out of this place. Looks like Discord managed to knocked her out with cymbals."

"How do you know he knocked her out with cymbals?" Kuuga inquired as he felt around the walls for a weak spot until he pulled out a red marker and drew a X on it.

"He left them by the coffins and please call me Daguva! The name is a little long to say!" Daguva stated as he hefted the young mare in his arms, "By the way, how's that escape plan?"

"Almost done," Kuuga answered as he took out a crossbow with hieroglyphics on it, "Chou-Henshin!"

His armor, eyes, and the gem on his belt immediately turn green as he gained a left shoulder pad and a right arm band as he accessed his Pegasus Form and the crossbow immediately changed into a gun/bow hybrid known as the Pegasus Blowgun.

"Stand back," Kuuga gently ordered as he drew back the hammer and power condensed at the firing tip until he pressed the trigger and let go of the hammer to fire an arrow straight at the drawn X. A glowing hieroglyphic appeared where the arrow landed and started to glow violently. "Take cover!"

Daguva quickly covered Sunset Shimmer just as the wall exploded with tremendous force!

"Remind me to just punch the wall the next time we break out of a prison cell," Kuuga, in his Mighty Form, noted as he brushed some soot off his armor.

Daguva could only cough in annoyance as they walked towards the currently chaotic Ponyville, only to be interrupted by Princess Celestia herself as she teleported right in front of them.

"Release my sister's student now!" Celestia growled, as she held a broadsword in her hands while her horn glowed in incredible intensity.

"Oh, Celestia! Long time no see..." Kuuga said as he waved nervously while Daguva handed over the unconscious unicorn to Celestia, "So how did you know we escaped from that prison?"

"When I saw Discord crash-landed in the labyrinth with two black-eyes, I realized he released you two from your coffins!" Celestia explained.

Daguva sighed in annoyance as he slapped his hand over his face, "Yet you forgot that the only way the coffins can be opened by speaking an incantation from the Gurongi Tome! The very same book the unicorn mare brought with her when Discord knocked her out!"

"And where is that book?" The Sun Princess asked.

"The cover was a little singed from the explosion, but thankfully the contents are still readable," Kuuga stated as he pulled out the mentioned book before giving it to Celestia who immediately took it in her magic.

"While I understand why you were sealed away for letting the Sirens escape, I don't understand why you let them escape in the first place!" Celestia said as Sunset Shimmer started to stir in her sleep.

Kuuga and Daguva could only looked at each other and sighed before they looked towards Ponyville as a double rainbow surrounded it and purified the chaos away from it.

"Celestia, we'll tell you the reason why we did it, but not here. We'll explain once we are at your new home," Kuuga stated as he rubbed the back of his head.

"NO!" Princess Celestia emphasized this by stabbing her sword to the ground, "You will explain it to me right now!"

Kuuga winced as he stepped back a bit from the princess's anger, but Daguva remained calm as he has his eyes closed and his arms crossed over each other. He then opened his eyes to stare at Princess Celestia's, "The Sirens were suffering from a backlash from absorbing the negative feelings of other ponies' arguments and fights."

"What do you mean by that?" Celestia asked in confusion.

"While the pendants around their necks made them stronger as they absorbed more negative emotions, they were also hurting them mentally and made them paranoid. Kuuga, Star Swirl, and I were the only ones who noticed it and managed to destroyed the pendants in time before the effects became permanent." He explained as he clenched his hands.

"Wait! Star Swirl knew? But then why did he sealed you away?" Celestia asked in confusion.

"He had no other choice," Kuuga explained as he leaned against a tree, "While we were able to free the Sirens from their curse, the other ponies were starting to see us as traitors, and Daguva and I had no other choice but to let Star Swirl seal us away."

"So you let him? Even though you'll never see him again?" Celestia concluded with sadness in her voice.


The Sun Princess sighed before she turned her attention to Ponyville as the inhabitants reverted back to their normal selves. She closed her eyes before she opened them with resolve and determination.

"Kuuga! N-Daguva-Zeba!" She bellowed in a firm voice, making the duo stand at attention, "For explaining your reasons of letting the Sirens escape 1500 years ago, I am changing your sentence from imprisonment to living in Canterlot with Sunset Shimmer as she continues to study the magic of friendship under the guidance of Princess Luna."

Her expression immediately turned into a smile as she placed a hand on Kuuga's shoulder, "She really needs someone to keep her company and to make sure she doesn't overexert herself in her work. Do you accept these charges?"

Kuuga's facial expression could not be seen, but it is pretty clear that the emotion going through his body is stupefied shock. Daguva's expression was just mild surprise as his eyes rose a bit.

"I guess that will work," Daguva admitted, but his eyes narrowed a bit when he turned his attention to Kuuga, "However, Kuuga and I need to get our stuff back from The Cube of Infinite Storage. I think we dropped it in the dungeon after he blasted the wall out."

"Actually, I still have it," Kuuga corrected as he slowly pulled out a medium sized box with the same symbol that was displayed on the Gurongi Tome.

"Give me that!" Daguva snapped as he swiped the container, "You're lucky this thing has a preservation spell on it so it wouldn't break over time!"

Just then, Sunset started to groan as she proceeded to stir more in her sleep. Celestia noticed this as she moved her into a more comfortable position as the brilliant amber mare returned to sleeping peacefully.

"We can't stay out here much longer," Celestia stated, "Let's go to Canterlot Castle. I'm sure Twilight and her friends will understand what you went through once we explained it to them. You might have to explain it to my sister as well."

Kuuga gulped nervously while Daguva rolled his eyes at the red warrior's reaction as Princess Celestia's magic enveloped them all as they were transported away to Canterlot Castle.