• Published 19th Sep 2015
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Ancient Warriors: Stag Beetles of Light and Darkness! - ShogunWriter106

After being imprisoned in the Canterlot Castle Dungeons for 1500 years, Kuuga and N-Daguva-Zeba were finally set free during Discord's escape. Now it is time to show the powers of the Light and Dark Stag Beetles!

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Research and Apples!

Kuuga, in his Mighty Form, tapped his ink quill idly as he continued to sit in the Laboratory of the Cube of Infinite Store while beakers bubbled their contents as they sat on their hotplates. So far, it has been a dull week for him as he and Daguva were stuck in the Canterlot Library doing nothing but their usual work of organizing books. It was driving him nuts!

His eyes drifted to the safe containing the two Displaced Tokens. So far, he collected James' Summon Charm and a Mysterious Unitrix. He was tempted to summon the latter, but he decided against it as he shook his head. He needs something else to do other than summoning the Displaced! He doesn't want to have an event similar to his encounter with Ben!

He groaned as he got up from his desk and went to pick up one of the beakers. Maybe some science would clear his head!

He immediately transformed into his Rising Titan Form for protection as he held a eyedropper of blue liquid

"Lets see... If I were to add some of this, what would happen?" Kuuga hummed as he applied some of the blue liquid to the beaker.


The smoke cleared away to show a dazed, soot covered Kuuga as his purple eyes somehow blinked before he shook the soot off him and rubbed the now empty beaker clean with a rag. He then placed the eyedropper back in its proper flask as he turned off all the hotplates in the room.

Kuuga sighed as he sat down back in his chair while he transformed back into his Mighty Form.

"Come on Kuuga, think! What can you do when you are bored to death?" Kuuga muttered to himself before he took out Auric's Folder and opened it.

Daguva hummed to himself as he continued to read a book as he continued to eat an apple from his hand as he sat on a bench in Ponyville Park.

"It's so nice to come outside of the library every once in a while!" He chuckled as he read a page that contained a humorous scene depicting a monster turtle being grabbed by the tail by a heroic plumber!

"Heh, if only that could happen here," Daguva commented as he threw away the apple core in a nearby trash bin with perfect accuracy before he wiped his hands with a napkin and threw it away as well.

"Mr. Daguva?" a young voice spoke up from beside him.

"Hmm?" Daguva turned his head to see a young yellow filly with a red bow in her red hair wearing a green shirt and blue shorts. She was just standing there gazing at him with a mixture of curiosity and caution.

Daguva blinked as he tilted his head at the adorable filly before him as he watched her jump up onto the bench and sat beside him.

"Kid, how did you know my name?" Daguva asked as he returned to his book.

"My sister told me she met you after Discord was sealed away when she came home," the young filly explained as her head drifted to the ground sheepishly.

"Does she know you're here?" Daguva asked as he turned a page in his book.

"No," the filly answered as she twiddled her thumbs nervously.

Daguva raised an eyebrow as he shut his book after bookmarking a page and put it away, "Kid, you know my name, but you still haven't told me yours. Can you please tell me?"

The filly looked at Daguva with nervous eyes before she answered in a quiet voice, "It's Apple Bloom."

"Apple Bloom?" Daguva muttered, "That name sounds just like..."

"Apple Bloom!" A voice called out as a familiar orange pony walked up to the bench, "Come on, we have to go home! It's almost supper time! Oh! Daguva! What are you doing here?"

"Hello Applejack, it's a pleasure to meet you again," Daguva greeted as he shook hands with Applejack.

"Daguva, we haven't seen you since Princess Celestia introduced you and your brother ta me and mah friends. Where have you been?" Applejack questioned while Apple Bloom hid behind her sister shyly.

"Sorry, my brother and I have been busy with some things," Daguva explained vaguely as he rubbed his arm nervously.

Applejack stared at Daguva for a moment as she leaned towards him with a scrutinizing eye while the white warrior tries his best to remain calm as he leaned backwards. After about 5 seconds (an hour to Daguva's pressured state), Applejack stepped back.

"Ah don't know what you have been doing this past month, but from the look from your eyes, ah can see you been through a very rough time," Applejack guessed before she smiled, "Why don't you come on over to my place for dinner? We're having homemade apple soup!"

"Uh, thanks Applejack, but I'd rather..." Daguva was interrupted by the monstrous growl of his stomach and he placed his hands over it as he blushed.

Apple Bloom giggled at seeing the legendary N-Daguva-Zeba being bashful while Applejack covered her mouth from laughing out loud.

"Sure, I'll come to your place," Daguva answered as his face turned slightly pink from his blush.

Kuuga took a wrench from his toolbox while he work on a generator hooked up to a purple-framed dark tinted glass as sparks briefly came through it for a moment, but they stopped when Kuuga connected a wire correctly.

"Okay, that should do it! Let's see how the Dimensional Viewing Glass works!" Kuuga stated as he pressed a button on a remote.


The Dimensional Viewing Glass exploded as glass flew throughout the Laboratory pinning Kuuga to a nearby wall into an uncomfortable position.

"Okay..." Kuuga drawled as he carefully got himself free, "Maybe viewing dimensions isn't my thing."

Taking a broom and dustpan, he quickly swept up all the pieces of the destroyed invention and remaining glass and threw it in the trash.

"There! That should be all of the glass!" Kuuga stated as he walked away.


"YEOW!" Kuuga hopped on one foot in pain before he sat back on his chair as he used some tweezers to pull out a piece of glass that got stuck on his foot, "Correction: most of the glass."

Kuuga groaned as he tossed the fragment in the trash.

"Maybe I should build a DNA and mental examination device to see what's causing me to be stuck in this form," Kuuga suggested as he begins to draw out plans.

Daguva followed behind Applejack and Apple Bloom as they walked towards a farmhouse. The thought of meeting the rest of Applejack's family made his knees quiver a bit.

"Maybe it won't be so bad," Daguva reassured himself as he watched Applejack knock on the door, "I'm sure she has a reasonable family!"

The door opened to reveal an old wrinkly green mare wearing a rolled up cream colored long sleeve shirt and scarlet skirt. The old mare smiled at the sight of Applejack and Apple Bloom, but her eyes widened when she saw the nervously waving Daguva behind them.

"Who are you, ya little youngster?!" the old mare snapped as she got close to Daguva's face, making him shake more as his knees collapsed to the ground.

"Granny! Please! That's Daguva! Remember how I told you about him when I came home?" Applejack reminded as she pulled Granny away from the terrified kaijin.

"Oh!" Granny blinked at the thought before she turned to Daguva in a kinder tone, "Forgive me, young man. I thought you were one of them minotaurs for a moment."

"He's also here because we invited him for dinner!" Apple Bloom added.

"That's wonderful news! Com' on little guy!" Granny Smith cheered as she picked up Daguva with sudden strength that made the Apple sisters watch in amazement, "You're are going to love my famous mouth-watering Granny Smith's Apple Soup!"

"No... problem...!" Daguva choked as he was currently squeezed by the spunky mare in a rather strong hug.

Kuuga continued to examine his device while he scratched his head in confusion. So far, he managed to build the mind reading machine without any trouble and/or interruptions, but his hopes were immediately dashed when he found a loose screw in the machine. He thought he tightened it earlier!

"Where did I place that socket wrench?" He wondered as he moved his hand to look through his tool box unaware a strange creature was looking at him with a anxious eye. It floated by him, hoping not to get caught, as it held out the mentioned tool in its orange wispy hands, but Kuuga's foot knock the tool out of its hands when he bend over for a better reach. The tool flew into the air until it landed in the toolbox and Kuuga grabbed it without looking.

"There we are!" Kuuga spoke as he tightened a bolts before closing the hatch, "Now, lets see if this thing works."

Kuuga strapped the mindreading device to his head while he placed clamps on his legs and arms as he placed a petri dish containing a fragment of Daguva's armor before he threw the switch next to his seat.

The machine hummed before multiple probing lasers charged with energy are immediately pointed at him while a simple scanning device hovered over the fragment of Daguva's armor as it gently scanned it. The probing devices on the other hand...

"I have a bad feeling this is going to be painful," Kuuga gulped.



The ghostly figure winced as he covered his only eye while cringing at the screams of agony coming from the red rider before they finally stopped 10 seconds later as the machine powered down and the scanner stopped as it completed its scan. Kuuga groaned as a sheet of paper was printed next to him and he took it out when it finished.

"Lets see, according these readings... Hmm... Ah ha... I see..." Kuuga muttered as he continued to read from the sheet of paper unaware the ghost managed to escape from the room in a hurry!


"Excuse me," Daguva politely apologized as he wiped his mouth with a napkin while ten empty bowls sat before him.

Apple Bloom and Applejack stared at him with amazed and surprised looks on their faces while Granny's expression was filled with amusement.

"Whoo-Wee! I never heard anypony burp like that since Big Mac when he accidentally drank Pinkie's experimental diet soda!" Granny Smith commented as she wrote down Daguva's name on a clipboard labelled 'Loudest Burpers!' and placed it on the wall next to her.

"Who's Big Mac?" Daguva asked.

"He's Apple Bloom and Applejack's big brother! You'll know him when you see him!" Granny Smith explained as she reached to pick up the dishes only for Daguva to pick them up.

"No! No! I'll clean these dishes for you!" Daguva volunteered as he carried the bowls to the kitchen sink with great gutso as he washed them before he used his flames to dry and sterilize the dishes.

Applejack softly smiled as she watched Daguva cleaned the dishes. Despite his monstrous appearance, he has heart of gold underneath him just like his brother. They still care for everypony in Equestria and they want to do everything they could to protect them, even from the smallest of burdens.

Applejack got up from her chair ,and she walked up to him and picked up the piling bowls and placed them in the cupboards as he continued to clean them.

Kuuga has been staring at the sheet of paper for twenty minutes ever since he finished reading the results. The look of indifference could scare a pony at first glance if he hadn't comically facepalmed a moment later.

"How could I have been so stupid?!" He shouted as he tossed the sheet away before he marched to his chair and immediately slumped into it, "How could I forget that the Amadam is powered by the user's will and that it extends the user's lifespan?! My brother's will and my own might have been so strong that it caused our forms to be locked into the forms of Kamen Rider Kuuga and N-Daguva-Zeba when we arrived in Equestria! It also explains why we haven't aged a year while we were sealed and why we haven't lost control every time we use a fraction of our true potential and why I didn't explode back in Ben's Station of Awaken when I activated Rising Ultimate out of rage! I thought I would lost control without my bonds, but it turns out I stayed in perfect control the whole time even though I used a fragment of that power!"

Kuuga sighed as he covered his helmet with his hands before he muttered, "How am I going to explain this to James and my brother? More importantly, how am I going to send this bit of info to Ben when he might criticize me again? He might kick my butt like he said he would if I show my face again!"

He groaned as he slumped even further in his seat while the Amadam on his belt glowed, "This has been a really bad day for me..."