• Published 19th Sep 2015
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Ancient Warriors: Stag Beetles of Light and Darkness! - ShogunWriter106

After being imprisoned in the Canterlot Castle Dungeons for 1500 years, Kuuga and N-Daguva-Zeba were finally set free during Discord's escape. Now it is time to show the powers of the Light and Dark Stag Beetles!

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Sparring and Concussions!

It was midnight and Kuuga, back to his normal Mighty Form, was gazing at the ceiling in his guest room as he continued to lie on his bed. He turned his head to see Daguva sleeping against the wall with a pillow supporting his neck while Sunset, in her yellow pajamas, was sleeping in the next room with a book in her arms.

He sighed as he returned his attention to the ceiling as his thoughts keep returning back to the day when he and Daguva were first transported to Equestria.

Back when he and his brother bought those belts.

"I'm telling you Hikaru! It won't work!" 'Daguva' exclaimed in a combination of irritation and worry.

"Oh come on Kage nii-san! Have a little faith in yourself!" 'Kuuga' encouraged as he slapped his back, "We can do this!"

"But we don't have the belts! You know how important the belts are to the costumes!? They are the most crucial part!" Kage exclaimed. "Without them, these costumes are incomplete knock-offs of the real deal!"

"Excuse me," A gruff, but calm voice spoke up.

Kage and Hikaru turned their heads to find a Merchant dressed as N-Gamio-Zeda standing behind a booth with various items from other shows sitting all around him.

"Are you going to argue all day, or are you going to buy something? I also couldn't help but overhear you are missing some accessories from your costumes." The Merchant reached behind the stand and pulled out two familiar objects: Kuuga's Arcle and N-Daguva-Zeba's Buckle, "Would these be them?"

Hikaru and Kage blinked at this before they turned to each other and shrugged. They walked over to the booth and were about to take the items, but the Merchant pulled them out of their reach, "Ah, Ah! There is something you must buy first."

"What is it?" Hikaru asked in annoyance as the Merchant, again, reached behind the counter and pulled out four black rings.

"Your friend has to wear these around his wrists and ankles." The Merchant explained, "which brings the price to a total of 65 dollars and 45 cents."

Hikaru gazed at him in suspicion, "Excuse me for a sec..."

He quickly grabbed Kage by the arm and brought to him into a mini huddle three yards away from the booth and they started whisper to each other. Kage's whispers sounded like disagreements, but Hikaru were filled with suspicion yet at the same time intrigued. The Merchant scratched his head in confusion while he quickly hid a sudden moving Kivat the Third in a nearby drawer as angry muffles started to come out from it.

After a moment of conversation, Hikaru and Kage came back to booth with the former carrying 70 dollars.

"All right! Here! Consider the tip as thanks for the Limiter Rings," Hikaru stated.

"Thank you," The Merchant took the money and placed it in his cash register and slammed his fist on the counter when it shook for a moment.

"Why did you hit the table??" Kage asked in confusion as he was an inch away from putting on the buckle as Kuuga was doing the same with the Arcle.

"It's just a wobbly desk!" The Merchant exclaimed as he shook the counter rather hard.

Hikaru and Kage stared at the Merchant in confusion before they placed their belts around their waists as they suddenly erupt in a great flash of light. Kage was the first to pass out as a sudden pain erupted throughout his body and collapsed to the floor. Hikaru doubled over as he felt the belt sinking inside his stomach. As he was about to lose conscious, he watched as the Merchant laughed maliciously before everything went black.

Kuuga groaned as he got up from the bed and stepped quietly to the floor. He gazed at Daguva for a moment before he left the room and exited through the door without making a sound.

As he walked through the hallways of the Canterlot Library, he noticed the disorganized books on the tables and several of them are scattered on the floor. There were several turned over chairs and some were positioned on top of each other.

"Sunset may get a nightmare if she has this much work to organize," Kuuga said as he picked up the books and proceeded to place them back in the proper places.

Hours went by as the night gave way to the morning sun. The light drifted through the windows of Sunset's room and landed on the unicorn's face.

Sunset grimaced as her eyes fluttered open and she moaned as she stretched her limbs from the restful sleep.

"Another day, another morning to work in the library," she muttered as she changed back into her clothes.

She walked out of her room and trekked down the hallway to the main room where the books are kept, but her eyes immediately snapped open when she saw the chamber completely cleaned of clutter and seems to sparkle with every object back in its proper position.

Sunset gazed around the room in complete wonder with a smile on her face, but then she noticed a single note on a table next to a plate of two daffodil sandwiches. She picked up the note while she munched on her meal.

Dear Sunset,

I saw how messy the library was when I couldn't sleep last night. So I decided to spruce it up for you to spare the burden. Hope you like it!



P.S. If you are wondering where I am, Daguva and I went out to sharpen our skills in the Cube of Infinite Storage. If you want to see us, just press the symbol on the box. It's on the reception desk by the way.

Sunset was already finished with her first sandwich as she finished reading the note. She picked up the other sandwich and walked to the gold tipped onyx container as the red symbol glowed softly on it.

"How can two people fit inside such a small box?!" Sunset muttered in disbelief as she pressed the symbol while she finished off her sandwich. The box immediately flew off the desk as it enlarged itself to the size of an office booth as a split sliding door appeared on it. The doors ding as it opened up to reveal the interior of a elevator.

"I guess that answered my question," Sunset spoke as she walked inside the doors as they closed behind her. There was much inside except for a panel on the wall showed many buttons with many labels on them.

"I never thought the box could have so many rooms," she muttered as she turned around to admire the interior, "How did they enchant it to contain a separate dimension?"

However, in her midst of curiosity, she accidentally pressed a button labeled 'Arena' and she was pressed against the floor as the elevator rocketed at the speed of a bullet! The pressure she was feeling was like being shot out of a cannon and into the sky! She thought she was going to pass out until the elevator immediately stopped causing her to hit her head on the ceiling.

"OW!" Sunset groaned as she rubbed her head as the elevator dinged and the doors opened to reveal something that made her eyes widened in awe.

She wasn't inside the Canterlot Library anymore, but she found herself inside a perfect replica of the great Romane Collesium in a dimension full of stars!

"How-?!" Her question was quickly interrupted as a red blur rushed by her and collided with a white blur as sparks were sent flying every time they connect! Sunset shrieked as she dove out of the way and quickly climbed up the wall to the safety of the bleachers.

Thirty Minutes Earlier

A couple of screams were heard as Kuuga and Daguva fell out of the elevator when it literally spat them out, and they landed in the middle of the arena.

"That elevator has no problems with letting guests walking out of it, but it had to spit us out!?" Kuuga growled as he dusted himself off.

"After our spar, I suggest we should get that Loony Lift checked out," Daguva grumbled as he wiped the dirt off his torso.

After the duo cleaned themselves off, they've walked off into opposite directions and turned to each other with fierce and determined expressions on their faces. Kuuga cracked his neck as he stretched his arms while Daguva flicked his wrists and took off his cape armor.

"So that's what you look like without the back armor," Kuuga muttered as he did some knee stretches and pulled out a rod with hieroglyphics on it.

"Says the guy who is going to get his butt whooped!" Daguva mocked as he pounded his fist into his palm.

"Oh ho! It's on now! Chou Henshin!" Kuuga shouted as his armor turned silver with purple trims while his pauldrons grew a little bigger while his eye lens turned purple as he has changed into his Titan Form, and the rod he is holding changed into the Titan Sword. "I'm not going to go down easily! Let's see how you like my skills!"

Daguva snapped his fingers and a katana of orange flames appeared in his hands as he grasped it and took a stance, "We'll see about that! Bring it on!"

They immediately rushed at each other at high speeds and traded blows against each other. Kuuga attempted to catch Daguva off-guard with a thrust but the latter managed to parry it as he dodged it by leaping into the air!

Daguva tried to catch his opponent off guard by going for the legs, but Kuuga blocked it while at the same time knocking his sword out of his hands. Kuuga chuckled as he raised his sword to Daguva's neck in apparent triumph.

"Give up?" Kuuga asked.

"Never!" Daguva defied as he kicked away the sword before leaping to the air.

"So that how it's going to be huh? Chou-Henshin!" Kuuga's armor and eyes then turned into a solid blue and the shoulder pads shrank as two lines dropped from the neck to the waist as he changed into his Dragon Form, and the Titan Sword in his hand became the Dragon Rod.

"Let's see how he likes this then!" Kuuga twirled his staff and leaped behind Daguva as he raised it and abruptly thwacked Daguva back to the ground and dived down with the Dragon Rod poised to strike like a spear.

Daguva groaned as he got off the floor rubbing his head, but he noticed Kuuga's incoming attack and leaped out of the way as he stabbed the spot where he used to be as it exploded into a burst of flame!

"Hey, watch it! Let's see how you like it when someone gives you a hard blow to the head!" Daguva growled as he rolled off his arm and his armored feet tensed as he bounded off the wall and threw a wicked haymaker at Kuuga's face. The impact caused the blue warrior to crash his head into the wall and his legs comically dropped to the floor in a heap.

"Hah! What do you say to that, Beetle Man?" Daguva mocked.

"Grgh! I resemble that remark!" Kuuga muffled as he managed to yank his head out with a visible tick mark, "But even though you are my brother, you shouldn't have called me Beetle Man!"

Kuuga changed into his Mighty Form and charged at Daguva with blinding speeds as the white warrior did the same, and they started to traded blows in a major fistfight as sparks flew off their armor. The fistfight would have continued if a shriek hadn't stopped their fists from an inch from each others' faces.


Kuuga and Daguva turned their heads and stared at the terrified Sunset Shimmer behind the walls.

"Oh, hey Sunset! When did you get here?" Kuuga cheerfully as he bopped his brother one last time, and Daguva flicked his head in retaliation.

"About a second ago," Sunset answered as she got down from the bleachers, "I was wondering how you were able fit an elevator that takes you to different areas inside a small box! Twilight would really freak out to find out how this works like she did with Pinkie Pie's Pinkie Sense!"

"Pinkie Pie's Pinkie what now?" Kuuga asked as he gave Daguva his armor back who took it gently and put it back on, but immediately shook his head, "Never mind! Do you want to take this conversation back in the Canterlot Library?"

"Sure," Sunset smiled as the trio head back into the elevator, "You know, this elevator has some serious speed."

"We know, it also has a habit of spitting us out," Kuuga grumbled as he pressed a button labelled 'Entrance' as the doors closed and the elevator shot in a random direction, "Honestly! This thing has good manners with letting guests out, but it always, always spits us out every time we use it unless we are with a guest!"

The elevator dinged as the doors open to reveal the Canterlot Library in its glory. Kuuga, Daguva, and Sunset Shimmer all walked out of the elevator before it shrunk down back to the Box of Infinite Storage.

"How did you create such a device anyway?" Sunset inquired as she watched Daguva picked it up and put it away on himself, "For a object to contain separate dimensions, it must taken a lot of spells to create it without help from a mastered magician!"

"We made it with Star Swirl the Bearded," Daguva bluntly stated as he grabbed a book titled Coin Designs and You and started to read through it, "He was kind enough to help us with our project as it only took only a year to complete."

"A year!?" Sunset screamed, "But to design something this complex would take at least centuries!"

"I admit we had some help from a certain white pegasus, she was just as giggly as your pink friend. She scared Kuuga once with her random pop-ups when we encountered her," Daguva chuckled as he put down the book and pulled out a one inch thick sheet of metal, two spray paint cans: one white and the other black, and two metal stampers, "Now, if you excuse me, I got something I need to do."

Daguva clicked the symbol on the box again and walked into the elevator. It then shrank back to normal when the doors closed as soon as he entered it.

"How long is he going to be in there?" Sunset asked.

"For him, it is going to take an hour unless he does something that could affect the box entirely," Kuuga guessed as he watched the box up close but jumped back when it started to jerk and shake.

Sunset and Kuuga watched in confusion as the box briefly turned red like it ate something spicy with steam coming out of it that is accompanied by a steam whistle. It then started to hop around the library and ricochet off the bookshelves with the sounds of a pinball machine following it. The duo watched as it then started to spin on a bookshelf before it revved up like a race car and zoomed across the floor leaving a tiny trail of flames spelling the words 'Surprise is the best!' followed by a flaming picture of a poofy maned pegasus mare. The flames were immediately extinguished as the cube rushed past them in a blur of speed.

Kuuga quickly sidestepped as the cube almost tackled his foot while Sunset yelped as she jumped out of the way. The box immediately did a U-turn and soared into the air when it tripped over a stray pencil as it headed straight towards Kuuga.

"Aw fiddlesti-" Kuuga's exclamation was never finished as the box beaned him and he slowly collapsed to the floor. The last thing he saw as his vision blurred was a worried Sunset calling his name.

"Kuuga? Kuuga! Kuuga, wake up!" Sunset yelled as she shook the unconscious red rider with several of his insignias flying over his head.

The cube slowly stopped as it grew back into its elevator form as Daguva walked out with soot all over his natural white body holding something in his hands.

"Okay, Cough! Note to self: do not use the 'Surprise Fast' function on the smithing machine!" Daguva wheezed as he brushed some soot off his body, but he noticed his brother lying down on the floor, "Kuuga! Oh man! What happen to him?!"

"When you went inside the box, it suddenly went crazy and struck Kuuga on the head!" Sunset explained as Kuuga groaned as he woke up.

"No thanks, I don't want to pet the dragon! Please take me to the marshmallow merry-go-round!" He deliriously spoke before he fainted again.

Daguva winced as he left the object in his hand on the reception's desk and went over his delirious brother and examined the visible head injury on his crest.

"Oh, this is bad..." He muttered as he folded the box open and begins to rummage through it searching for something.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Sunset asked frantically.

"He suffered a minor concussion from that blow to his head and we need to treat it before it gets any worse. We should be able slow it down by applying a cold wet cloth to the injury until we get the right treatment. Luckily, I know how to make a fast acting healing paste from sea plants." Daguva stated as he pulled out items from the box, "Lets see: Seaweed, check; Algae, check; Sea cucumbers..."

Daguva stopped and rummaged his hand through the box frantically before pulling it out and looked inside. He slowly lifted his head with complete dread in his eyes!

"I'm out of sea cucumbers," He whispered in fear before he screamed in panic, "I'M OUT OF SEA CUCUMBERS!!"

He quickly rummaged through the box and pulled out a black and gold jet ski with two wheels attached to the bottom before he closed it and started to carry the vehicle out of the library with great haste!

"SorrySunset!Igotta'go!Bye!Bebackinanhour!" Daguva screamed as he jumped on the motorcycle/jet ski hybrid and pulled on a helmet and rode off in a blast of speed hoping to find the nearest ocean or sea-related store as soon as possible!

Sunset Shimmer watched in bewilderment as Daguva rode away on the strange contraption before her expression turned to concern as Kuuga groaned in his sleep. She used her magic to carry him back to his room and placed him on his bed. She went to the bathroom and filled a bucket with ice cold water and brought it back to his bed room.

Sunset soaked a small towel in the water and dabbed it on the injured spot on Kuuga's head as he relaxed in his sleep from the touch.

"You're going to be okay Kuuga," She comforted in a soft voice as she repeated the process of applying the cold wet cloth, "You're going to be okay..."