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Finally! The most illicit trilogy on FIMfiction concludes!

6395684 If you are referring to the first two stories posted here by Lucky Strife, I'm afraid you're mistaken. He did Scootaloo already. It's Sweetie Belle who is missing.

As for my opinion of the story itself, not really that interesting to me. The descriptions of the sex was adequate, no problem on that part. It's more the basic concept: female character is in loving relationship; character with larger cock and more arrogant attitude comes along; despite "loving" boyfriend, female character has sex with larger cock; said female loves being controlled and big cock. I have seen it before, and am even familiar with someone in another fandom who used to work almost exclusively in that concept. The bigger issue for me is actually that the fact that size is pretty much the sole-focus. It has nothing to do with feelings, or experience. Simply bigger penis = better sex.

Zyrian #3 · Sep 6th, 2015 · · 2 ·



If they everyone was in on the bet, and it wasn't behind Rumble's back, then I wouldn't have as much of a problem with it. Also, Thunderlane went from 'standard-cocky' attitude, to full on jerk about halfway through.

It was objectively written well, I just don't like some of the concepts.

There should be a sequel where thunderlane actually impregnates scoots.

You sir write a good stuff here. Like, fav, subscribe, waiting for more.

If you were to make a sequel to this, I'd suggest Rumble finding out about it and either getting revenge sex with Rainbow Dash or Scootaloo wanting to make things right between her and Rumble and letting him have sex with someone else as well in order to make them even. That or Rumble straight up murders his brother for what he did.

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