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Lululu #1 · Sep 6th, 2015 · · 18 ·

All characters being of age

Should be a trigger warning, not relegated to some trivial fetish. I almost had a relapse.

And here I was expecting the Sweetie Belle one to be her fucking one of her sister's boyfriends while still a filly.

Vanathor #3 · Sep 6th, 2015 · · 3 ·

6397679 Take your trigger warnings, and leave them back in Tumblr where they belong. No one gives a shit.

Flithy Humans


Are you talking about this definition?

Refers to the beats in a Dubstep tune.

A dirty, indiscriminate, array of dubstep beats which inturn force the listeners to engage in reckless drug taking and overall euphoria.

Because I don't think you are. :rainbowwild:

I seen some people miss some obvious shit, but I'll admit that I didn't predict that.

6398141 Wait, did I just poe's law you? Oh my :rainbowderp:

It was fairly entertaining. As it goes, there are some (groups of) people too insane to subtly parody. Tumblr's right at the top of the list, as you've reminded me.

> no hooves
Is this anywhere near the same continuity as the 'trinity' stories?
Personally, I hope not.

Also, coverpic is misleading as fuck!


This story is on it's own, in a separate continuity from basically everything. It was a story written as a gift, so it is it's own separate thing.

6399074 Okay then, that sets my mind at ease.

The next day-
Rain Catcher:Hey, Sweetie, I had a weird dream last night, where Shady was fucking you
Sweetie:Well, it was just a dream

3 months-
Sweetie:Rain...I'm pregnant.
Rain:But we used condoms every time
Sweetie:Well, they're not 100% effective

11 Months-
Rain:Why does our child look more like Shady Daze than either of us.


The funny part is that Shady and Rain are both blue bodied and blue eyed so the chances of noticing something like that right away would be minimal, if at all. Plus even in EQG parent/child biology is so bizarre kids rarely ever look like their parents.

Wonder how long Sweetie Belle will keep that promise

It would be nice to see rain catcher rip sweety out of his life. perhaps begin an adventure to fuck every single filly related to both of the two as a means of reconciliation, meaby demand sacrifices to appease his blood lust.

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