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Killer Secrets - WingsPony

Rarity has a secret room hidden in her boutique! What kind of sinister secrets are hidden behind a door that nopony is allowed to enter?

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“Don’t ever charge at me from behind!” Growled Rarity while she pressed the cool blade a little closer to Rainbow Dash’s neck.

After a few tense seconds, a faint whimper escaped from Rainbow Dash‘s muzzle. The small sound snapped Rarity out of combat mode, tears over flowed from her sapphire eyes. Releasing her magical grip on the knife it clattered to the floor. Rarity stepped a few hoof steps away from Rainbow Dash, a hoarse whisper fell from her lips.

“I’m so sorry…I’m sorry…I’m sorry…” Said Rarity as she mumbled out the words.

In her shock Rarity crumbled to the floor, covering her eyes with her fore hooves as she began to sob. As the seconds ticked by Rainbow Dash stood up on her hooves once more. She looked down at the mass of blubbering unicorn just a few hoof steps away. An array of conflicting emotions surfaced as she stared at the sobbing pony. Rainbow Dash felt a strange combination of fear, anger, sadness, pity and compassion. Just a minute ago her friend just held a knife to her neck; a freaking real, sharp blade to her neck!

And yet she couldn’t help feeling bad, it was her fault for putting herself in that situation in the first place. Going against her survival instincts, Rainbow Dash placed a gentle hoof on Rarity’s left shoulder. The contact made Rarity flinch at first but the feeling soon passed when she realized that she wasn’t in danger. A shy smile tugged at Rainbow’s cyan lips, the small gesture stopped Rarity’s tears in their tracks.

“It’s ok Rarity, I’m not going to tackle you anymore.” Said Rainbow Dash with a nervous chuckle.

Rarity just nodded her head in response, she didn’t trust herself to do anything else. Rainbow Dash helped Rarity off of the floor, Rainbow Dash even made sure to be the first one to leave Rarity’s secret room. Slowly trailing behind Rainbow Dash, Rarity levitated her large diary while she shut the door behind her. Mindlessly, Rarity set down the leather book in front of Rainbow Dash on the coffee table. Without a word Rarity went into the kitchen to prepare tea and sandwiches for the two of them. Rainbow Dash just sat in silence while she waited. After a few minutes or so Rarity levitated a tray with the tea and snacks in front of Rainbow Dash. Quietly, Rarity served Rainbow Dash and then herself. With trembling hooves Rarity sipped her tea, the warm liquid ran down her throat causing her to relax somewhat. Rarity’s blue eyes darted over to the large red book. She thought that Rainbow Dash would have looked in it by now. Not like she cared anymore, Rainbow Dash already knew her deepest darkest secret what’s a few more. Rainbow Dash shifted on her pillow; while she tired to think of questions she should ask but none of them seemed right. She decided to go with the question that bothered her the most.

“So Rarity, I’m sorry I jumped you back there…But I gotta know, why did you go all psycho on me?”

As the words flowed from her mouth Rainbow Dash sucked in a large breath as of she tired to suck the words right out of the air.

*Oh horse apples that came out wrong!*

“Um I didn’t mean-” Stuttered the blue pegasus.

Rarity raised up her hoof to silence her, Rainbow Dash froze she was worried that she just crossed the line.

“Your right you know, I did go all…psycho. I’m truly sorry that I scared you. I just…. can’t stand ponies charging me from behind. When you came at me I slipped back into combat mode. I know that it is no excuse but that is what happened.”

“But I have seen Pinkie Pie grabbed and hug you from behind. You never put her in a head lock!”

A empty smile stretched across the unicorn’s muzzle. “Not putting Pinkie Pie in a headlock is one of my greatest achievements. It takes everything I have just to act casual whenever, I am hugged from behind in public….”

Rarity’s eyes shifted around the table before she stared into Rainbow Dash’s rosy magenta eyes.

“Do you know why I wear my mane off to the side Rainbow Dash?”

Rainbow Dash was slightly surprised by the sudden change in topic, she just shook her head. “No, I don’t.”

Without a single word Rarity pushed aside her indigo curls, exposing her alabaster neck. After a moment of staring Rainbow Dash’s eyes fell on a rather large scar that was about three inches long. A chill made the fur on the back of Rainbow’s neck stand on end.

“What happened Rarity?”

Rainbow Dash wasn’t a fool she could tell by the clean edge of the scar that it was a blade that had cut into Rarity’s flesh. Releasing her grip on her mane her it bounce back into place.

“ It’s kind of a long story, but I have no problem telling it. That is if you are up for it?”

“You know I love a good story! Fire away!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed with enthusiasm.

“Well, when I was just a filly I was in training to become a royal guard. I was also the best cadet in my class in Canterlot. Not only was I the best in my class I was also the only filly in training at the time. It didn’t take long for the other colts to hate my guts. I guess, constantly being beaten by a little filly didn’t help their egos.”

Rainbow Dash snorted in agitation. “It’s not your fault you were so awesome!”

Rarity couldn’t help but smile at her friend’s remark. “ After a while I gained a rival his name was Thunder Clap.”

“That guy sounds like a total jerk-wad!”

Rarity raised an eyebrow at that last remark, seeing Rainbow Dash outburst made her smile a little bigger.

“Anyway, one day Thunder Clap was fed up with me constantly outshining him. I was facing off against Thunder Clap in a sword duel. The duel it’s self is the most taxing part. We use a special spell to levitate the sword but we also use two other spells. One spell is a safe guard to keep us from cutting our sparing partner to pieces. The other is a spell to cushion the blow of a hit so we don‘t break any bones. As you can imagine, fueling three spells at once is the extremely difficult. Most duels end when someone faints from over exerting their magic. The other way to end a duel is to strike your opponent three times with your blade.”

Rainbow Dash stared at Rarity with wide eyes as she listened to the extreme endeavors of Rarity’s youth.

“After I defeated Thunder Clap in a sword duel, he had collapsed from magical fatigue. As I turned my back to leave the arena. Thunder Clap used the last of his magic to stab me in the back of my neck…Never again did I ever come that close to death. If the instructor haven’t been there I would be dead. Even after he healed my wounds I was never the same after that. I don’t ever turn back on an enemy, foe or even a friend until today that is.”

Rainbow Dash gaped at the unicorn in front of her, she couldn’t believe her ears. She was filled with awe and a bubbling anger every time she thought about Thunder Clap.

“So what happened to Thunder Clap? Was he punished or kicked out?”

Rarity nodded “Yes, he was kicked out of school after that. Thunder Clap claimed that he didn’t mean to stab me. He said that he only meant to whack me in the back of the head but didn’t realize that he didn’t have enough magic for the safeguard. As you could imagine that didn’t help his case.”

Opening the diary with her magic, Rarity flipped to a page with an old photo of her and her classmates. Rainbow easily spotted Rarity in the photo she was the only filly after all. Rarity was surrounded by colts that were dressed in armor. Pointing a white hoof at a young colt in armor, Rainbow Dash leaned a little closer to the large book.

“There’s Thunder Clap, he was a true delight.” Rarity’s words oozed with a good dose of sarcasm.

Rainbow Dash just glared at the young colt in the photo she saw that he had a white coat with a dark blue mane. The most striking feature was his dark purple eyes. Rarity stared at the small filly in the photo just a few more moments before she shook her head.

“So after the incident, I had to go to a lot of therapy. I had developed a fear of being out in the open and large crowds. I was afraid that somepony might jump out at me and stab me again. But after a few months of intense training and therapy I was able to get over my fears. Today was the first time in years that I have relapsed…I’m so sorry Rainbow Dash.”

Rainbow Dash waved a hoof “Pssh don’t worry about it Rares, I understand. Anyways, I learned my lesson. I still want to hear about how all of this started you know. How did this awesome pony turn into such a….-”

“Phony.” said Rarity, she knew Rainbow Dash was just being nice and dancing around the issue.

“Um, yeah that! How did all of this start?

Glancing out the window, Rarity noticed that Celestia had already lowered the sun. Seeing it was dark out she turned back towards Rainbow Dash.

“I think it might take me a few days maybe weeks or months…I still have many dresses to work on. Maybe if you came by tomorrow I could at least start my tale I suppose.”

“Sounds good to me! I’m actually really excited to hear what happened! But I’m not going to lie I am still a little miffed that you hid the fact that you are super amazingly awesome pony and never bothered to tell me!”

“At least me being cool, is making this whole lying thing a little easier to swallow. It is getting late, I shall see you around 3:00pm sharp!”

“You bet! See you later Rarity!”

After Rainbow Dash darted out the nearest exit Rarity’s ears dropped as she thought back on the days events.

*Everything was going so well! I won the knife throwing contest, I sliced right threw the last tomato in record time! Those tough talking stallions didn’t know what hit them! Now Rainbow Dash knows my secret, all because I was careless. It won’t be long now, before the rest of Equestria knows my secret. Celestia knows that will cause my sales to drop and my reputation will be tarnished. Oh well no biggie it’s not like reputation is that important in the fashion world! *

Grabbing her diary with her magic, she went up stairs to her bedroom. Setting down the large book on her dresser. It didn’t take her long to get ready for bed. As soon as she slipped on her night mask, she began to drift off to sleep.

Author's Note:

It feels good to finally fix all of the problems with this story. I had a lot of fun working on this chapter. Seeing Rarity going from military bad ass to a weeping puddle in seconds is intense! :raritycry: I hope you guys like this chapter!

Rewritten 9-2-16 :raritywink:

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