• Published 9th Aug 2015
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Killer Secrets - WingsPony

Rarity has a secret room hidden in her boutique! What kind of sinister secrets are hidden behind a door that nopony is allowed to enter?

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Rainbow had no idea what to expect, as she walked into the room. A glint caught her eye. Rainbow felt her jaw drop when she walked over to the wall closest to her. It was covered with an array of knives and other weapons. The longer Rainbow stared at the collection of the weapons the more impressed she was. Apparently, Rarity had a large collection of knives, swords, spears and a few weapons she didn’t recognize. It was a stunning sight to see these artifacts from all eras of ponykind. Rainbow’s eyes focused on a large rectangular glass case. Just under the a large portion of the sword collection. The glass case held a small collection weapons from pre-Equestrian era. The ancient artifacts were resting on a dark magenta pillow. Specifically, Rainbow recognized a spear from the era of Commander Hurricane. The ancient spear was tarnished with age but that didn’t take away from the spear’s beauty. Rainbow couldn’t believe her eyes, she knew that Rarity liked history. But she never imagined that Rarity was into collecting weapons.

“Okay, Rarity just got twenty percent cooler!” Rainbow said in awe.

Rainbow gasped when she looked over and saw a handful of suits of armor. The polished amor rested on number of pony mannequins. She even saw a few filly sized suits of armor hanging from the ceiling. One of the larger suits was made of a sliver like metal. The armor was really well polished it glowed bright in the dim lantern light. Rainbow walked closer to it, she ran a hoof over the polished metal. The armor was cool to the touch, she moved her hoof to the top of the helmet before pulling back. When Rainbow looked up she noticed a few photographs hanging on the wall. Rainbow whistled when she saw that all of the photos were of Rarity in different suits of armor. There were even pictures of Rarity as a young filly dressed in the dense suit of steel. Rainbow Dash chuckled as she looked at the young filly in the photo.

“Wow Rares glare much?…Oh my gosh! No way!” shouted the excited pegasus.

Rainbow gasped as she looked over at a recent photograph of Rarity. In fact Rarity was dressed in the sliver armor that Rainbow Dash admired just moments ago. Rainbow Dash never realized how menacing the white unicorn could be. Rarity was glaring daggers at the lens of the camera as the picture was being taken; Rainbow Dash understood Rarity's message loud and clear.

* Don’t mess with me, if you want to live! *

Rainbow Dash felt a chill run down her spine, she snorted to get a hold of herself.

* Come on Dash, this is Rarity! The prissiest pony around, she isn’t scary. Sure she got loads of weapons and suits of armor big deal. For all I know she is just a super collector and likes to dress up in armor once in awhile…That all makes a lot more sense! OH MY CELESTIA WHAT IS THAT! *

Rainbow’s eye had caught sight of a large trophy case, just past the suits of armor. Rainbow was at a loss of words had never seen that many trophies and medals in her whole life. The wooden and glass cabinet stretched all the way to the ceiling. Rainbow Dash fell on her hunches from the disbelief. As she began to read the titles of events that were etched on the variety of awards. Even Rainbow couldn’t help but read of the titles of Rarity’s awards out loud.

“Running of the leaves champion; surfing, boxing champ, cage fighting, rugby, archery, knife throwing! Dang Rarity is more hard core than I thought. What! She is even a black belt oh come on! Is there anything she can’t do!”

Feeling dejected after staring at all Rarity’s accomplishments. Rainbow grumbled to herself as she walked on to the next section of the room. Rainbow saw a large collection of fishing poles. There were over a dozen poles lined up against the wall. The wooden display was just a few planks of wood with holes drilled in them. The poles themselves were placed in the holes in the display to keep the collection from falling over. Above the poles was a variety of beautifully crafted fishing lures. Some of the lures were painted with vivid colors. They sparkled like little gems, in order to attract the eyes of the elusive fish.

Near the ceiling Rainbow spotted a few large fish mounted to the walls. The trophies were probably fish that Rarity probably caught herself. This was confirmed when Rainbow spotted a few photographs of Rarity holding up her catch with her magic. Rainbow couldn’t help but giggle when she saw Rarity sporting a stereotypical fisher pony outfit. Just seeing Rarity in a pea green vest with a matching floppy hat. Over a dozen fishing flies sticking out every which way from her hat. Feeling in better spirits Rainbow walked over to a large book case. Rainbow almost didn’t give the book case a second glance. Even so, Rainbow wanted to distract herself, she looked over at the contents on the shelves. There were hundreds of movies lining the shelves, one of the titles caught her attention “The Slasher” this made her pause for a moment.

*What is the bloodiest scary movie of all time doing here?*

With Rainbow’s curiosity peaked she started reading the other titles of an array of films. The more titles she read the more she realized that every movie title she read was some sort of horror movie. Rainbow took to the air to read the titles on the higher shelves. As a result, Rainbow noticed that there was a large laminated label just above the top shelf. Reading it made Rainbow facehoof as she read it out loud.

“Horror!...Well that would have saved me some time! Still finding out that Rarity loves collecting gory movies is super weird. I thought Rarity hated messes?”

A shiver ran through Rainbow Dash as she pictured Rarity with a large amount of red on her white coat. While sporting a grin of maniac on her face didn’t help ease Rainbow's nerves.

“Don’t worry Rainbow, Rarity was just crushing some tomatoes to make ketchup. She is just smiling like a crazy pony because her coat is covered in…juices!”

Rainbow shook her head as the disturbing image began to fade from her mind. Rainbow nervously chuckled to herself for the ridiculous story she fabricated in her mind. The silliness of Rarity’s appearance made her feel better. She decided to move on to the next section of the large room. Hence, Rainbow saw a work table towards the center of the room. Shrugging her shoulders she walked over to it to get a better look. There were shelves with a variety of different colors of paint.

Below the tubes and cans of paint were large black cases. The shelf under that was filled with a few different types of molds. Consequently, Rainbow also spotted a few tubs of different chemicals. Rainbow opened up one of the large black cases. Her eyes shrank to the size of pin pricks. As she backed away from the contents of the black case. Her heart was pounding in her chest, as she stared at the section of pony flesh resting in the top of the case. Rainbow Dash couldn’t tear her eyes away from the square, piece of flesh with the cutie mark of a fishing pole.

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