• Published 9th Aug 2015
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Killer Secrets - WingsPony

Rarity has a secret room hidden in her boutique! What kind of sinister secrets are hidden behind a door that nopony is allowed to enter?

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A Dark Room

Rarity walked into the show room of her boutique, she held a brown paper bag in her mouth. Her eyes shifted all around the boutique, looking for any signs of life. When she saw none, Rarity dove into one of her changing rooms. But this was no ordinary changing room. No this wasn’t a changing room that one would use to try on one of her many fabulous dresses! No, this specific changing stall held a secret, more like a secret room to exact. Even so, Rarity poked her head out from behind the curtain for a moment to make sure that nopony had seen her.

Once she was satisfied that she was alone Rarity disappeared behind the light lavender curtains. None the less, Rarity lit her horn a blue aura pulled back the lavender curtain that laid against the back wall of the stall. A large smile pulled at her lips as she stared at the large black door that laid before her. With that, Rarity lowered her horn towards the lock. Her horn still glowed with her icy blue magic, she could feel the cool metal against her horn. The lock popped open, Rarity had installed an enchanted lock that responded to her magic signature. Rarity whispered to herself as she pushed open the door with her hoof.

“I must hide this at once!”

Rarity quietly closed the door behind her, she set down the bag on the floor. She lit a lantern that hung from the ceiling she it with her magic. The new source of light filled the room with a dim light. Eventually Rarity pulled out the contents of the plain paper bag. The first item she pulled out was a picture frame. Rarity stared at the photo in the frame for a few moments before hanging it on the wall. She took a few steps back admiring the photo on the wall. Incidentally, she was pleased Rarity, let out a deep chuckle from her throat.

“This photo is a lovely memento from my latest excursion…That will show them! Now they know that Rarity is the most cunning, powerful pony in all Ponyville! I crush my enemies under my hoof while, I grind them into dust! Until there is nothing left!”

A dark smile graced her alabaster lips as Rarity mumbled to herself.

“If anypony saw this photo they would know the truth! Well if anypony came in this room they would know what I truly am!”

Rarity trotted back to the paper bag, she pulled out a large stainless steel knife. It laid there at the bottom of the bag, Rarity picked up the blade with great care. The steel blade shined like a diamond in the pale light of the dark room. Rarity frowned when she spotted a few drops of red residue on her favorite blade. Without a second thought Rarity levitated a handkerchief over to the knife in her hooves. Thus Rarity didn’t waste another moment as she lovingly wiped off the last of the red droplets from her precious blade. The steel knife seemed to glimmer with a new found luster. Pleased with her work, Rarity carried the knife to it’s resting place. A smug smile crawled on her lips; Rarity couldn’t help but laugh to herself as she remembered the events from the day before.

“Hehe, that will teach them! Those sexist pigs!”

Without warning Rarity heard someone knocking on the front door of her boutique. A wave of panic washed over her, Rarity rushed out of her secret room as fast as her hooves could carry her. Rarity took a moment to compose herself just before she opened the door. A very filthy Rainbow Dash stood before her. The cyan pegasus was covered head to hoof in dark brown mud. Rarity’s face scrunched up in disgust, Rainbow Dash smiled at the unicorn.

“Hey Rarity! I’m here right on time! Just like you asked! Shall we get started?”

Rainbow Dash took a few steps forward, she was stopped in her tracks by a white hoof pressed against her chest.

“I’m sorry Rainbow darling, but I can not allow you in my marvelous boutique while you are…covered in-”

Rarity struggled to spit out the rest of her sentence. She couldn’t understand how Rainbow Dash could stand being so, so dirty!

“This simply won’t do, Rainbow Dash! I can’t afford you getting mud on my beloved creations! You are banned from this shop until you are completely spotless!”

Rainbow Dash moaned “Ugh, but I just got here!”

She even stomped her hoof for emphasis, Rarity rolled her eyes in annoyance. Thus Rainbow Dash had an idea, she couldn‘t help but smile as the cogs in her mind began to turn. Rarity raised an eyebrow at Rainbow Dash’s worrisome expression before she could even ask what the pegasus was up to. The rainbow maned menace shook herself like a dog. Evidently, Rainbow Dash sent mud flying in all directions. Rarity felt the cold, wet, sticky mud cling to her glorious white coat. Rainbow Dash couldn’t help but smile at her spotless cyan coat. She could have sworn that she saw her coat sparkle, she shrugged the thought away. Rarity glared at Rainbow Dash for her crude cleaning method.

“Well it looks like one of us, still needs a bath! It just so happens that it is me that needs a good long soak in the tub.”

Rarity poked Rainbow Dash’s muzzle with her now soiled hoof. Rainbow Dash wrinkled her nose at the small smudge of mud. Still Rainbow Dash couldn’t help giggling as she quickly wiped away the small smudge with her fore hoof. Rarity puffed out her chest as she addressed the unruly pegasus.

“ In the mean time, you may wait in the show room while I clean up. Please! Don’t cause any more trouble!”

Rainbow Dash gave Rarity a salute, with a goofy grin on her face.

“Yes, madam Rarity!”

This response just made the white unicorn roll her eyes, Rainbow Dash walked past the dirty fashionista. Rarity slammed the door shut, she then pointed at a cushion that laid on the floor. Rainbow Dash got the message loud and clear. Without a word Rainbow Dash sat her plot on the fancy floor pillow, she smiled the most angelic like smile she could muster. Rarity could just hear what Rainbow Dash's smile was trying to get across.

* I’m an angel, you can trust me! *

Rarity knew better, she knew what that smile really meant.

* I’m the devil and I know it! *

Rarity sighed, she knew that she didn’t have time to deal with Rainbow Dash’s antics at least not for another hour or so. In any case Rarity walked up stairs and into her bathroom. Rainbow Dash’s ears twitched when she heard the bathwater running. None the less, Rainbow Dash rubbed her hooves together, she had a mischievous grin on her face.

“Now is the perfect time for some snooping!”

Within a few minutes Rainbow Dash had checked out every nook and cranny of the boutique. She looked high and low for anything suspicious or interesting. Rainbow Dash let out a groan of frustration.

* What is with this place! I thought Rarity would have some juicy secrets lying around. Even her diary is a dud not to mention super boring! I never thought I would say this! But Rarity is more bland and boring than Twilight! Freaking Twilight Sparkle! How is that even possible, even Twilight had some dirty magazines hiding under her bed! *

Annoyed, Rainbow Dash punched one of Rarity’s mannequins out of frustration. The lifeless pony figure flew into one of Rarity’s changing rooms. Rainbow Dash sighed as she went to retrieve the fallen pony on a stick. However, when Rainbow Dash pulled back the curtain to look for the fallen mannequin. What she saw shocked her, Rainbow Dash began to quake with a new found excitement. She saw the pony mannequin was tangled in the curtain on the back wall, exposing a large black door.

* Well, well what do we have here miss perfect? A secret door! I knew it! Even a pony like Rarity has a few skeletons in her closet! *

As a result Rainbow Dash grabbed the mannequin, she propped it up back in it‘s original stance. As a consequence, Rainbow Dash felt a drop of sweat drip down her brow. She gingerly push her fore hoof against the door, a pang of adrenaline pumped through her as the door creaked open. Rainbow Dash stepped inside the hidden chamber, she was then swallowed up into the darkness.

Author's Note:

This is just a short story that popped in my head, I know Rainbow Dash can be a pest so I'm just having a little fun with her at the moment! :rainbowderp: Constructive criticism is always welcome!

Rewritten 9-2-16