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Rarity has a secret room hidden in her boutique! What kind of sinister secrets are hidden behind a door that nopony is allowed to see? What will Rarity do when Rainbow Dash stumbles onto her secret room? Will Rainbow Dash live to tell the tale?

Cover art drawn by me.....New cover art is comming soon! :ajsmug:

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Thanks for catching that! It really helps! :raritywink:

interesting title. I'll give it a gander when I have some time.


That would be awesome! It is just a short funny story! :twilightblush:


I will check it out! :yay:

What comic is the cover art from?

6300545 Where did you get the icon for your avatar?

Okay, I'll be keeping a close eye on this~

:rainbowhuh: Hay that likes like Spikes writing in your diary!
:duck: well of course his quill work is classic. . .and my precious scales knows how to keep a ladys secrets secret.
:rainbowlaugh: And because your Spikey's a cream puff! :raritystarry:

:raritywink: Spikey's no cream puff. . .

"Hehe. That will teach them, those sexiest pigs?" Did u mean sexist? :rainbowhuh:


Oops! Thanks for catching that!

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