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I write about ponies and fangirl over way too much. Other than that, I'm totally insane.


Smiles Galore is a normal earth pony, or as normal as one can be when you have the ability to break the fourth wall, a roommate who manages to burn smoothies, and a secret double life as the snarky, wisecracking defender of the city. So, not very normal.

But her life gets even weirder when she is suddenly transported to an alternate universe where the master race is some sort of intelligent ape... And many of said apes have powers even wilder than hers.

I do not own Marvel or Mlp. Please do not sue me, as I don't understand all that boring legal stuff.

Additional tag: Dark

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 39 )

She dropped down from the rooftop to investigate, bouncing on the thought bubble to make less noise.

Somehow I sense a Psychonauts reference. Also thanks for adding Spidey! He's ma favorite!

I'm good with spidy aswell he iw my fave but thor or iron man would be interesting.

Iron Smily:pinkiegasp:

Me: Oh, cool story-

*sees Banana Splits* OH MY GOSH YOU PUT IN BANANA SPLITS!!!!!!!!!!!! AND APPARENTLY SHE CAN BURN SMOOTHIES!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! *fangirling intensifies*

6268553 I think Deadpool would win though...

The funnyness is:yay:


Hey thanks for that wasn't expecting it so soon and you did well with him.

To be honest I think we all have characters that are hard to put to dialogue for me its Applejack I'm just no good at that southern jargen she uses.:applejackunsure:

6270394 Don't worry! He's going to be a major character in this story.:pinkiecrazy:

6271008 Deadpool VS Smiles Galore

Who would win?

6275963 Probably Deadpool. Smiles is fast, but she can't dodge a constant stream of bullets. If she managed to beat him, it would be mostly luck.



6276285 I was thinking more of his insane regenerative abilities.

Pretty good story. Good enough that I upvoted it. It might be a good idea to get rid of the colored text, though. It's pretty distracting.

I was listening to FoB while reading this... Best coincidence ever. XD And the fourth wall breaking... :rainbowlaugh: I would love to see Split just, like, give up and teleport to the world Smiles is in at some point. I mean, she's another crazy earth pony... She can do it. XD Cool chapter!

6292324 Split is a unicorn.... I thought. :twilightoops:
Excuse me for a minute while I go fix that.


I didn't even notice!! :rainbowhuh: Don't feel bad!

.......this makes me think

Well DeadPool get a GF soon?

Jack:mmaaybe.....maybe not look forward to reading the next chap!:pinkiesmile:

6401118 No, she's about sixteen, seventeen at the oldest. Nice guess.

Good to have you back. How bout Omega Red next?

6494794 I looked him up and he seems pretty terrifying. We'll just have to wait and see.

6495967 I'm good! I just got over the world's worst writers block.


LOL, same; I was on a hiatus for a while

Yay new update next do dracula. Or omega they both are undead. Ooh smiles can work with blade. :pinkiecrazy:

6645942 You'll never know.... :pinkiecrazy:
I mean, you will once I finish the next chapter, but until then it's probably going to be very agonizing. :derpytongue2:

6646535 Yes. I don't think I'll survive the tension. :P

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