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Tigger and her crew are having a tough day and a night as they battle their enchanted war machine and a 'mech' army. The tenacity of the part zebra mare with brown stripey coat can get her through, as long as she takes each disaster on its own merits. At least the quad tracked tank with magnet rail gun has their best interests at heart. It just has a funny way of showing it!
All chapters have now been narrated on my channel;

Chapters (4)
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Maybe slow down a little and describe a bit more. If you aren't using canon characters and scenes, you need to give the reader a little more information.

Hi totallynotabrony,

Thank you for having a read. I struggle with the speed a bit.
I'll have a think about it, as they usually have to be tweaked a bit before they go on YouTube. It has to rhyme better and the breathing points have to be right or we run out of puff.

If I pull this off as an audio story I will be absolutely delighted !
So far I have;
Narration by Goombasa,
Peanut Butter Brony as the young stallion,
Reverbrony as Delta,
Lost Narrator as Tigger,
Myself and Cut Glass doing 'overheard conversation' and 'Hatty',
Three Reverbrony music backing tracks,
And a load of sound effects that I recorded at work plus some from Freesfx web site.
It's a bit daunting ! But fun ;p)

I wonder if Present Perfect is working through all my works? Because this one isn't quite, well, a lot of things....
If it happens at all I'll be expecting a 'war zone' of a review :o)
Still, I bet it does better than the next one? He said coughing, walking away rapidly and hiding under the nearest mecha with a socket set ;p)

I added a prequel as i wondered how Tigger's Tank got the way it did? Next I'll start the slow and steady process of making it an audio book.
And I'll have a good think about "Fish and Lillypad". I have a basic idea, but I have so much detail to fill in about sea ponies :o)
Thankyou for popping in,

Good origin story. The crew's bio really is a nice (and funny) way of getting to know the characters. But I'm still wondering who the ancient 'death pony' is...

:o) There’s all sorts hanging around Equestria like Tirek and discord. I like the idea that some immortals weren’t magical at all and gave it a spin.

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