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Thunder Lane was a good Palace guard. A fine guard indeed. But when an incident occurs that causes him to question the very bodily fibres of his good friend and companion Doctor Whooves, drastic changes are brought about.

Doctor Whooves has a secret. A very deep secret. A secret which, if it fell into the wrong hooves, could cause the holder to be Supreme Ruler of Equestria.

Perhaps the world.

What occurs when the secret is divulged unto Thunder Lane, the Pegasus? Will his mind be corrupted, or will it be used for the good of all?

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Nice, track and favorite

Appears to be based off of the 23 enigma. I wonder if (or how much) Discord is going to become involved in this.

Really? Thank you, Shot.

Thank you, mate.

0_0 This is amazing!!! Favorite and like!!!!!!!

Thanks, mate! I really appreciate it!

Well, I can clear that up here and now; I have never even heard of the 23 Enigma.

Comment posted by Alcatraz deleted Jun 17th, 2015

Hmmm I'll track it to see were it's going

Geez. What a prick that pegasus is.

Just wait. :raritywink:

If This story is gonna continue, why is it marked as complete?

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