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No hard feelings.


When Twilight received the chandelier from her friends, she thought it would a no-strings attached addition to her new home. So when a letter from the the mayor arrives in the mail, she is more than surprised at the mess she's gotten herself into.

Thankfully, she has a little help from her friends in closing this plot hole.

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"What could possibly go wrong?"

So, an entire story about filling a hole?

Take the debris from the Valley of Tirek's Defeat, stuff it in the hole, then pave over it. Problem solved.


I was really expecting at least one use of the word "plot" in the sense of a plot of land.

Pinkie should call in her sister Maud - an earthbending pony like that should be able to fill in that nasty ol' hole in no time! :pinkiehappy:

Good start. Needs editing, but still good.

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