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Team Harmony - Norwegian boy

What would happened if there had been more then 6 elements of harmony?

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Trouble With Bufflaos

Buffalos, I actually don’t know much about them other than they live in the dessert and have quarrel against the ponies of Appleloosa. This should be fun.

It’s been a month since Fleur prevent Shy to become a model and that’s all there’s too that part. It’s also office, me and Fleur is now a couple. I have a girlfriend or a marefriend as its call in Equestria, I am sticking with girlfriend.

Me and the rest of the gang were currently on a train that was heading to a town called Appleloosa, these names. We were delivering a tree to AJ’s cousin Braeburn, I am not sure why, but I didn’t really care, I just wanted to visit another town.

The ones who was on the train was the girls, Falco, Ace, who was still dating Pinkie. Sunset, Fleur and Abyssal. I invited the last one. I have gotten to know Abyssal since he moved to Ponyville and the same goes for Ace, there are ok ponies. I could tell their back stories but that’s for another day. If you are wondering why Mac isn’t with us, he had to stay back at the farm.

The story starts with Rarity, complaining, as usual. “I can’t believe that I have to sleep in here while Applejack gave a tree a single bed.” I was lying in my bed as I watch Rarity came out from the caboose.

“What did she do this time?” I asked Rarity as she walk by.

She stopped and looked back at the door. “She is actually reading a story to the tree, it’s just a tree.” She said the last part with frustration.

“Just let her do it, you know how her family is when it comes to apple trees.”

That didn’t help. “I know that they like apple trees but reading a story is taking it to far.” This time she said the whole sentence in frustration.

“I have to agree with high and prissy on this one.” I stuck my head out of the bunk bed, yes we were sleeping a bunk bed. The whole train cart was with bunk beds and Falco was sleeping in bed over me. “Reding a story to a tree is taking too far.”

Rarity was pleased that someone agreed with her, even if it was Falco. “Thank you, Also, would you stop calling me ‘high and prissy,’ it’s not funny anymore.” She angry this one.

I could only hear Falco snort. “Hell no, if I stop making fun of others then what do I have? It’s all I have.”

Rarity just shook her head. “Why do I bother.” She went back to her own bed, which was oddly on the top bunker. Oh well. Then AJ came back with a happy smile on her face, I have no idea why.

Then night came and we were trying to get some sleep, but it was not easy thanks to Dash, Shy, Pinkie and Twilight who wouldn’t stop talking. When I mean sleep, I mean the girls. Me, Falco, Ace and Abyssal. We were playing poker in my bed. Well, Abyssal was trying to, he keep looking at AJ. He has been living in Ponyville for almost two months and he still hasn’t ask her out, he is either afraid to do it or he’s afraid that she will find out that he tried to kill me. Maybe I should tell them if Abyssal agree to it.

Falco. “Yo, Abyssal. How many cards do you want?” No response, which isn’t weird considering he was looking at AJ’s bed, who was sleeping. How she is sleeping when the girls are talking is a mystery.

Falco then nudge him, Abyssal looked at him. “What?”

"I asked how many cards you want.”

Abyssal look at his cards. “Uh, two.” Falco gave him two cards.

We all had been given the cards, it’s was time to reveal them. Falco was first.

He placed them on the bed. “I have three eights.” Both Ace and Abyssal slammed their cards down, guess they didn’t have any better.

Falco just smiled like Pinkie. “Sorry to disappoint you Falco.” I showed them my cards. “Flush.” Falco’s smile fell pretty fast when he saw that.

He then crossed his arms and started to pout. “I hate you.”

I patted him on the back. “I hate you to.” That just made him pout even more.

“Would you all please shut up, a mare needs her beauty sleep.” We all look over to Fleur was had the bed under Rarity.

Then Twilight decided to speak. “Uh, maybe it’s time we all got a little shut eye. We got a big day ahead of us tomorrow.” She had a point.

“If you mean by trying to get a giant apple tree out of the bloody car, I am not looking forward to that.” Falco said while getting out of my bed, he then looked to a yellow unicorn. “Hey Sunset, why isn’t Mac here?”

She was sleeping in the same bunker as AJ, she was on top. “He said that someone had to stay on the farm.” She answered without looking at him, I guess she was trying to sleep.

“Lucky son of a bitch.” He then climbed up to the top bed while Ace and Abyssal walked to their beds. Then we blew out the candles that lit up the room and we went to bed. Well, not all of us.

Dash. “Psst, Pinkie you asleep yet?” You got to be kidding me.

Pinkie. “No, are you asleep?” Typical Pinkie.

I open my good eye and saw that Dash and Pinkie was right in front of my bed, why? That’s a good question. “If I was sleeping, how could I have asked you if you were asleep.” “That made Pinkie laugh. Also, Dash had a candle in her hand that was light.

“When we get to Appleloosa, do you think we’ll have to carry that big heavy tree from the train station all the way to the orchard?” I didn’t understand why she was complaining about that, she didn’t do anything when we had to carry it from AJ’s farm to the train station and on to the cart. She just flew above us.

“What tree? You mean Bloomberg?” Bloomberg, that’s the name of the tree. What a stupide name for a tree… why am I complaining? I am no better at that stuff.

“No, Fluttershy.” That’s weird.

“Fluttershy not a tree silly.” A very good point.

Then Twilight decided to join in on the conversation. “What’s going on?”

“Dash think that Fluttershy is a tree.” Pinkie answered.

“I do not think she’s a tree I was just…”

Twilight cut her off. “Did you say she was a tree?”

“No… well yes, but…”

“You know she’s not a tree right?” A pointe to Twilight.

Then Pinkie. “She’s not a tree Dash.”

Then Shy entered. “I’d like to be a tree.”

That was the last straw for Falco. “For fuck sake.” I could hear some movement in bed over me and I could see that the four girls was looking up. “Who care who is a tree, is late and we all want to get some sleep. I don’t know what you four have against sleep, considering you did nothing when it came to moving the tree this morning. So, unless you want me to kick you all of this train in moving speed, I suggest you all shut the hell up and got to bed.” I could see that Dash was about to say something. “Don’t you dear say anything skittles, you did not lift that tree at all, all you did was fly around and complaining and if you so much say anything I will kick you off first.” That got Dash to blow out the candle light and I could hear them all go back to their beds.

I could hear Falco huff as he went back to bed. “Nice work.” I told him.

He answered. “Thanks.”

Now, I could have stopped them myself, but I wanted to see where the conversation was going, I am not going to get that chance any more. I eventually feel asleep.

Have you ever been woken by someone that manged to shake your entire bed? That happened to me and the others the next morning. What happened was the whole cart moved and I was flung to the side of my bed, I was just lucky that it was the window and not the floor.

“What the hell was that?” Said Falco.

“I have no idea…” That was all I could say before was flung one more time and this time I landed on the floor with Falco on top of me. “Get of me.” I managed to push him off. “What hit us?” I asked while getting up, I also saw that the rest of the gang had been awoken the same way.

We all looked out the window and saw Buffalos running beside our cart.

Twilight. “A buffalo stampede.”

Falco. “No shit sherlock.” Twilight just looked at him with narrow eyes, which he ignored.

They were very muscular, that’s for sure. They had muscles on their upper body, and they could run fast but the question was, what do they want? Then Rarity had to say something about what they were wearing, we just ignored it. They smack into the cart a few more time and it was not pleasant, considering we was tossed around like ragdolls.

Then Pinkie said. “Ooh, lookie, now their doing trick.”

I had no idea what the hell she was talking about, I looked outside and saw that a buffalo jump up on the shoulders to another buffalo. “What the…” Then a smaller one, which was female, jump up on them and on the roof of the cart. Then she started to move backwards. It was pretty obviously what they wanted. “They are after the tree.” That made Dash spring into action, literally. She took off. “Dash, wait.” She didn’t listen to me, so I ran after her. Yes, I am an idiot.

It was not easy, but I managed to get to last cart. Why wasn’t it easy? A bunch of buffalos knocking the train and that made it difficult to run. When I arrived there, I could see the female one standing on the roof of the cart where the tree was, she had a smile on her face. “What do they want with…” That was all I could say before I lost my balance and fell of the cart, I landed on the ground and rolled a few times before I hit my head on the train track and past out.

The first thing I saw when I woke up was Dash’s face and she looked worried, probably about me. I didn’t think she could do worried. I sat up and rubbed my head. “What happened?” I had an idea, but my mind was not working probably at the moment.

“The buffalos got away with the tree.” Dash told me.

“I thought so.” I said while getting up, while rubbing my head. “Do you know where they went?”

Dash never got the chance. “Yeah, they went in the opposite direction.” Said the pink pony. I hade no idea why she had jump off the train, I didn’t ask because she is Pinkie.

“Thanks Pinkie.” I started to walk. “Also, nice Wonderbolt t-shirt Dash.” Yes, she was sleeping with a Wonderbolt t-shirt while I had just boxer short on me. I could be sleeping with a t-shirt to, but I don’t like it.

“How did you know it was me?” Pinkie asked me as she came up beside me.

“Call it a hunch.” She was Pinkie.

Then Dash landed right in front of me. “Where are you going?” Really?

I stopped. “I am going to find the buffalos and find out why they want with that tree, there’s a reason why the stole it and I want to find out why.” I pushed her away and started to walk again. I didn’t really care if those two followed me or not, right now I was in a bad mood. Why? You have your morning be ruined by buffalos and see how that affect your morning.

I have no idea how long I had been walking in the desert, in my underwear. But I managed to find the cart where we had placed the tree, I just followed the train tracks. I started to look for tracks to see where the buffalos had gone with the tree, which was easy considering it was very easy to follow the tracks in the sand. They were going south, I want south.

One thing was for sure, I hate the desert. I was sweeting like a fucking pig, and it was not fun. Then I finally managed to see what looked like Indian tent, but I never managed to get closed to them. I was surrounded by buffalos and they had bow and arrow, they were pointing them towards me. I just raised my arms and said some words. “Take me to your leader.” I always wanted to say those words.

So, there I was, walking towards their villages with my hands tied behind my back in the desert. I don’t understand why they had tied my hands I wasn’t going to hurt them. When we arrived there, I could see a sighed that almost made me laugh. Dash and Pinkie was tied up to a pole and their mouths was gaged, they tried to say something, but I just ignored them. Something told me that they deserved it, maybe not Pinkie but I guess it’s Dash’s fault.

We arrived at a tent where a buffalo who was much bigger than the others, he had a war bonnet on his head, so he had to be the boss of these buffalos. Yes, I know stuff. He was currently sitting he was sitting on his legs.

Then one of the buffalos started to talk. “Chief Thunder Hooves, we found this intruder outside the villages.” Chief Thunder Hooves? Not bad.

Chief Thunder Hooves look at me up and down, he then narrowed his eyes at me. “Are you with those we catch before?”

“If you are talking about those two you have tide up to a pole, not for the moment.”

I could see that just confused him. “Not for the moment? What does that mean?”

“I don’t know what those two did to deserved to get tied up like that and I don’t care, all I want to know why you buffalos took the tree.”

It then looked like he was think. “Are you a threat to us?” I shook my head. “Why should I believe you?”

“Because Chief Thunder Hooves, I could have attack you as soon as I arrived.” I shoved him my hands and they were free I then tossed the robe at his feet. “I try to come up a peaceful solution, I use violence as a last result.” He was shock to see that I managed to cut myself lose and it was easy, they weren’t that good when it came to knots.

He then did something I never thought he would do, he started to laugh. “I like you fox you are brave.” He nodded to the buffalos that was escorting me and they left. “Do you want us to release your friends?”

I looked over to them. “You can release the pink one, something tells me that the pegasus deserved being tied up there.”

“Yes, she did attack one my buffalos.” Why am I not surprised.

They unties Pinkie and as soon as she was free, she was hugging me. “Oh Fox, I was worried. Right after you left the buffalos surrounded us and then Dash attack one of them and the next thing I knew were both tied up and dragged back her and then…” That was all I let her say.

“Alright Pinkie, I get the picture.” I managed to pry her off me. “I wish you would stop hugging me like that.” For a pony who don’t exercise, she is very strong.

Chief Thunder Hooves just laugh, I am glad someone thinks it’s funny. “I think I never have seen my father laugh this much before.” That was a new voice. I looked to my left and there was a female buffalo, she was wearing brown boots with a brown west.

“I know you, your that buffalo that jump on the roof of out cart.”

Chief Thunder Hooves then spoke. “This is my daughter, Little Strongheart.”

She waved at me. “Hello.”

“Hello Little Strongheart, my name is Fox McCloud, the pink one is Pinkie Pie.” Pinkie just gave her a smile. “And the one given you an angry look is Rainbow Dash.” We all looked towards the pole and saw that Dash was not happy to see Strongheart.

“She can thanks herself for that, she attack one of our warriors and she tried to stop me.” I am not surprised at all.

Chief Thunder Hooves. “We can talk about that later for now sit and let’s talk.”

I was about to. “Is it possible I can borrow some pants? I only have boxers on me.” They then all looked at them. “Why the hell are you all looking at them at the same time?” I asked in an angry voice.

Then Pinkie spoke. “Don’t worry Fox, I have your pants right here.” She then held out a pair of pant, which was mine. I just took them. “Thanks Pinkie.” She just smiled.

Chief Thunder Hooves and his daughter was just in shock of what just happened, they had just witness that Pinkie had pule out my pant out of nowhere. “Don’t ask, just accept it.” I told them while putting my pants on, I am not sure if it help.

Once I had pants, I sat down with Pinkie. Strongheart sat down beside her father. “So, Fox McCloud. You want to know why we took the tree?” I nodded. “It’s because we don’t want the ponies of Appleloosa to plant anymore apple trees.”

“And why is that?”

“For generations our tribe have lived here in the desert and for generations the buffalos have stamped upon these grounds but that’s not possible any more. It is a sacred tradition to run the path every year. But this year, these settler ponies, these….Appleloosians.” The chief started snorting in anger.

“That’s not very nice.” Pinkie had point there. I can’t believe I agreed with her, I hate my life sometimes.

Strongheart. “The ponies of Appleloosa refuse to move their trees so we are stuck here, and it is not fair.”

“So, let me get this straight, Appleloosa has planted trees in your holy stamping ground without permission considering you were here first, am I right?” They both nodded. “I see, and I think I have a solution to your problem.”

That brighten up their faces. “You have?” Then Pinkie said the same thing, but she was just confused. “You have?”

“Yes, I have. Chief Thunder Hooves, is it possible to get to Appleloosa before it gets dark?”

He nodded. “Yes, but what is your solution Fox McCloud?”

I just gave him a smile. “When we arrive at Appleloosa I will tell you.” I then got up. “Why don’t you and the rest get ready while I have a talk with Dash, see if I can calm her down.”

I stared to walk towards where they had Dash. “Hey, what about me?” Pinkie asked me. “I don’t know, just be Pinkie.” I told her.

When I arrived at pole where they had tied up Dash, I saw a buffalo guard. Where did he come from? Oh well. “I am here to talk to her I am not going to set her free.” He just gave me a nod.

I bent down and removed the handkerchief from her mouth. “What the hell took you so long? You have to untie me.” She told me while trying to free herself.

“Nice to see you to Dash.” Probably not what she wanted to hear but I didn’t care.

“Yeah, yeah. Nice to see you to, can you cut me lose?”


She was not happy by that answer. “No? What do mean no?”

“Because Dash, the moment I set you free you will cause problem, something we don’t need now.”

“Of course, I am going to cause problem, these buffalos tied me and Pinkie to this pole.”

“They did that because you and Pinkie were on the train with the tree and you attack one of their warriors.” I don’t think she heard that last part.

“They were going to steal it for themselves.” Typical Dash.

“Is that what you think?” Dash nodded. “They took the tree because they don’t want the ponies of Appleloosa to plant anymore trees.”

She just snorted of that. “Yeah right.”

“Then tell me Dash, why did they steal the tree?”

“I don’t know, probably to anger Appleloosa.”

“Let me tell you something Dash, these buffalos has been here for a very long time, they were here long before Appleloosa was build. Their ancestors used to run where Appleloosa is now, they planted trees over what is holy ground for these buffalos. That’s why they took the tree.”

Dash hung her head and her ears folded. “I didn’t know.”

Wait a minute. “Hold on, did you just believe me?” I couldn’t help myself.

She just gave a me deadpan look. “Yes, I believe you. You aren’t the one who lies.” If you only knew Dash.

“Now you know the reason, are you going to cause trouble if I free you?”

She became a little angry. “What about the one who stole the tree, the female one?”

“That depends on what she did to you.”

“She made me hit my head in one of those signs that is on the train tracks.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure? Maybe it was your own fault.”

She looked away and mumbled. “Maybe.”

I rubbed my forehead. “Let me guess, you didn’t look where you were flying.” She look down on the ground again. “Look dash, I really don’t care at the moment. This day have not been my best, but I have a solution for all that has happened and the last thing I need is you causing trouble, so can you please control that ego of yours. If you do I will cut you free.” She nodded. “Good, my legs are now asleep, and I am not sure if I can stand up.” I tired and it was not easy, I almost lost my balance.

“Have you talk to her?” I look over my shoulder and saw Chief Thunder Hooves walking towards me with the others and some other buffalos, I gave him a nod. “Very well, I trust you Fox McCloud.” He then nodded to the guard and he took out a knife, he then cut of the robe that was holding Dash. She got up and rubbed her wrist. “It will take us at least thirty minutes to walk to Appleloosa.”

“Then we better get going then.” So, we did.

The walk was a weird one, Dash and Strongheart kept looking at each other, it was like they were going to fight at any minute, I just hope that Dash could keep her cool. Pinkie was just Pinkie, talking to every buffalo. I just walk in front with Chief Thunder Hooves. I don’t know if Chief Thunder Hooves was lying or not, it felt longer than thirty minutes, but we finally arrived at Appleloosa and it look like an old western town I saw in theatre when I was younger.

When we entered the town, bunch of ponies just stared at us, probably the company I had. When we arrived at what look like the centre of town I could see gang, AJ and Fleur was arguing with a pony. His fur was light yellow, he was wearing a vest and he had a hat on his head, I guessed that he was Braeburn. I told the buffalos to wait so I could talk to the ponies.

When I arrived at the quarrel. “For the last time, my coltfriend is out there and I want to know why you won’t do anything.”

Braeburn held up his hands. “Miss Fleur, you ned to calm down.”

“If you tell me to calm down one more time I will kick you in your private parts so hard it will hurt for a month.” Ok, that’s scary.

“What about Bloomberg? His still out there.”

Unbelievable. “Really? You care more about a stupide tree than me? Now I don’t want to help you get the tree back.” My voice got everyone to look at me in shock, Fleur was just glad to see me.

“Fox, you’re ok.” She ran to me to give me a kiss, but stop few inches form me. “And you are all sweaty.”

“I have been in the dessert ever since this morning, can you blame?” She didn’t answer, she just gave me shellfish smile.

Then Braeburn walk over to me. “So, you are Fox, the one your friends have talk about.” He looked closer at me. “I didn’t expect you to be a real fox.” He then stuck out his hand. “My name is Braeburn, nice to meet you.

I did not shack his hand. “Whatever, I need to talk to whoever is in charge around here and I am guessing it’s not you.”

“That would me sonny.” Walking towards me was an earth pony with brown fur, which I guest was the sheriff. Considering he had a badge on his vest, and he had a mustache. Why not.

“Are you the one in charge here?”

“That’s right, the name is Silverstar and I want to know why you have arrived with a bunch of thieves.”

Yeah right. “They are not thieves, you are.”

That got his eyes to widen, then AJ had to speak. “You can’t be serious Fox, they kidnap…” I was not going to let her finish that sentence.

“Don’t you dear mention that stupide tree AJ or I will not talk you ever again.” That got her to shut up. I then look at Silverstar. “Before you accuse me for anything, the reason I called the ponies of Appleloosa thieves is because you have planted trees at their holy stamping ground.”

“I know that sonny, they have told us that, but we can’t move the trees, were they are standing is the only place where they can grow.” Somehow I knew he would say that.

“Then just move the trees and clear a path so the buffalos can run.”

He opened his mouth and closed his mouth a few time, unsure what to say. “That’s actually not a bad idea.” He look at Braeburn. “Can it be done?”

It look like Braeburn was think. “Yes, it can be done.”

I threw my arms up in joy. “Hallelujah, let’s tell the buffalos already so I can leave this place.” I had enough of dessert for the rest of my life..

“Hey Fox.” I saw Dash walking towards me. “The chief is getting Impatient.” She told us.

“Don’t worry Dash, we were about to go and talk with him.” And we did.

We told them about my idea and they gladly accepted, Braeburn promise that he would clear a path so the buffalos could run. When it came to me and AJ, I was really pissed that she care more about a tree than me, I didn’t talk to her at all for the rest of our stay there. Then me and Fleur took the first train home while he rest stayed a little longer, I just wanted to get away from that place.

Author's Note:

I am actually happy with this chapter.

The next one is A Bird in the Hoof.