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Team Harmony - Norwegian boy

What would happened if there had been more then 6 elements of harmony?

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Chaos And Harmony part 2

Dash just watches as Fox disappeared then Discord started to laugh.

“This is too good to be true, I had a big plan that would take care of him but instead he did it to himself.” He look at his claw. “I guess our magic dosen’t like each other.” He then shrugged his shoulders. “Oh well, his is gone and that’s all that matters.” He then went back to his throne.

Dash just watch in shook of what happened. “Fox is gone?” Then she got a natural look. “Who care.” She went back to lying on the cloud. “I never liked him anyway.” She closed her eyes to try and sleep. ‘I am counting on you Dash.’ The memory of Fox flashed through her mind and it hurt so much that she placed her hands on her head. “What the hell?” Then a memory came back.

Dash walking beside Twilight and the other towards the Everfree forest to find the elements of harmony, she look at the others to see if they were nervous, only Fluttershy and Rarity was a little nervous. Rainbow then saw a pony that was all fuzzy, she couldn’t see who it was, but one thing was for sure, it was a unicorn.

Once they arrived at the entrance at the forest she could see another pony, at least she thought it was a pony, she couldn’t see who it was because the pony was all fuzzy. ‘Who is that?’ As they walk through they were attack by a manticore, they almost died in a landslide, Pinkie laugh and sang, Rarity calming a sea serpent. Then were the times those pony she couldn’t see right they were doing something but what?

Then they used the elements of harmony to defeat Nightmare Moon, which was princess Luna. then Celestia appeared and blasted Fox with magic.

Dash opened her eyes horror. “It was Fox and Sunset who were with us, there are eight elements of harmony not six.” She look at her hands and saw that her natural colour return to her. “Oh buck, what have I done?” She clenched her fist. “Fox trusted me to fix what happened to the girls and I am not going to let him down.” She then stood up. “But I need help.” She jump of the cloud and flew towards the library.

Once Dash entered the library she saw Sunset just sitting on the couch, just staring at a bookshelf not moving at all. She didn’t have her natural colour, she was grey.

“Sunset.” She didn’t answer, she didn’t move at all. “Sunset, can you hear me?” No response. Dash then walk over to her bent down so she could look Sunset in the eyes and asked again “Sunset, can you hear me?”

“Is there something you want Rainbow Dash?” Sunset answered with no emotion in her voice.

Dash knew that something was wrong, Sunset has only called her by the full name when they first meet, after a while she just called her Dash.

“Yes, I need your help. I need your help with the girls so we can stop Discord.”

Sunset didn’t move at all. “Stop Discord? There’s no point in stopping him.”

Dash couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “What’s wrong with you? The Sunset I know would never give up like this, what do you think Fox would say if he saw you like this?”

Sunset look Dash in the eyes when she mention’s Fox’s name, it looked like they were shining. “Fox? I don’t know, I think he would be disappointed.”

“That’s right, he would be disappointed in you. Listen Sunset I need you help I saw Fox disappeared when he fought Discord.”

When Dash said that she could see something in Sunset’s eyes. “Fox challenged Discord alone?” Dash nodded. “That idiot, he shouldn’t have done that alone.” Then Sunset’s natural colour return, she the clutch her head with both hands. “Holly crap that hurt’s, it feel like a hangover.” She look over to Dash who was now smiling. “Dash, what just happened?”

“I think Discord messed with you mind, he portably did that with the rest of girls.”

Sunset nodded. “He actually make sense, which is weird considering it came from you.” Dash just rolled her eyes. “Help me up will you.” Dash did that. “Dash, I need you to tell me what happened between Fox and Discord.” Sunset asked once she was up.

“I saw Fox activate his armour, he then challenged Discord, their fists meet and then Fox just disappeared. I don’t know if is dead or not.”

“I don’t think he is dead my guess is that the elements and Discords chaos magic send him away somewhere.” Sunset walked towards the shelves and picket a book. “Right now, we need to find the rest of the girls and get them back to normal.” She opened the book and it reviled the elements of harmony.

Dash couldn’t help but stare at them. “You were right, they elements is in library. What kind of book is it.” Sunset showed Dash the cover. “The elements of harmony a reference guide, that’s the book we read to get information about them.”

“That’s right.” She opened the book again and handed Dash her element. “Here, but it on it will protect us against Discords chaos magic.”

Dash took the necklace and placed it around her neck, Sunset did the same. “How do you know so much about the elements?” Dash asked the unicorn.

“I have spent almost a year studying my element, you can say that I know a lot about them.” Dash wasn’t about to argue about that. “Come on, Twilight is sitting in her room.” They both walk to the purple unicorns room.

Once they entered they saw Twilight sitting on the floor with her back against the wall and she was shaking.

“Is Twilight scared?” Said Dash.

“It looks like it.”

They then heard Twilight speak. “There no way I can do this, I have failed Celestia, Discord is to strong.”

Dash walk over to her and waved a hand in front of the scared unicorn, no reaction. “Wow, she is really lost right now.” Dash looked over to Sunset. “Can’t we just placed her elements around her neck? Won’t that fix her?”

Sunset shook her head. “It doesn’t work like that the elements can only protect her not help her.” Dash nodded.

The pegasus look back at Twilight who was just babbling to herself, she then bent down. “Twilight.” No answer. Dash placed both hands on her friend shoulder. “Twilight, look at me.” The unicorn did. “You need to snap out of whatever Discord did to you, we need your help.”

“There’s nothing I can do, I’m useless. I didn’t listen to Sunset and now Equestria is in chaos.”

Dash had to help her somehow. “Everyone makes mistakes, I even beet that Fox has made mistakes before he came here to Equestria.”

When Dash mention Fox, she could see something in Twilight’s eyes, it looked like something was shining. “Fox? I remember him, he help me when I didn’t know what to do when I couldn’t send letters to the princess.” Twilight look Dash in the eyes. “Where is Fox?”

“I don’t know, he went to challenge Discord and then he disappeared.”

“Fox’s gone?”

Dash shook her head. “I don’t know but what I know is that he would never accept that you are just sitting here feeling scared, he would said that you have to have faith in yourself and your friends.”

Twilight blink a few times. “Your right, he would never accept that.” Her colour return to normal, he clench her head. “What happened and why does my head hurt?” Twilight look up and saw Dash and Sunset. “Discord did this to us, didn’t he.” Dash help her up.

“Yes, he did and now we have to help the other.” She gave Twilight her element, she didn’t take it. “What are you waiting for?”

“I don’t know, do I really deserve this after what I did? It’s my fault that everyone was corrupted by Discord’s magic.” She hung her head. “I don’t deserve it.”

Before Dash could say something, Sunset walk over to Twilight and slap her in the face. “Would you stop feeling sorry for yourself? You made a mistake, we all do mistakes and it’s part of life. Me, Dash, Rarity and the other makes mistakes, even Fox. It’s what we do after what’s counts, so stop feeling sorry for yourself and help us stop Discord.” Sunset took Twilight elements from Dash’s hand and placed it around Twilight’s neck, she then stormed out the door.

Twilight rube where Sunset had slap her. “I have forgotten how scary Sunset can be at times.” She said while Dash just nodded in agreement.

After getting the rest of the girls, they all meet up at Applejack’s farm, they took her last. They managed to break the spell that Discord had placed on them by mention Fox, which was a surprised to them all, they didn’t think that Fox had so big influence in their lives.

“What do we do now? Now that Fox is gone?” Asked Fluttershy.

“What Fox wants us to do, stop Discord.” Said Dash.

“Who died and made you boss?” Asked Applejack.

Dash just look at her friends with narrows eyes. “Very funny AJ. Look, I know that you don’t like taking orders from me, but Fox trusted me with this, and I am not going to let him down.” She then look down. “And besides, I saw Fox disappeared and I didn’t do anything.” She look up with tears in her eyes. “I owe him this much.”

The girls look at each other in wonder, they had never seen Dash like this and wasn’t entirely sure how to react.

Then Fluttershy walk over to her and placed a hand on her friends shoulder. “If Fox said that you should lead us until he comes back then I have no problem with that.”

That made Dash smile. “Thanks Shy.”

Other girls nodded in agreement except Applejack and Sunset, they gave their friends a disappointing look for that. Applejack eventually gave up.

“Fine, I will listen to you whether I like it or not.” They then look over to the yellow unicorn who was just staring into the distant. “What about you Sunset?” Asked AJ, Sunset didn’t answer so the farm pony nudged her in the shoulder.

Sunset blinked a few time. “What?”

“Weren’t you listing?”

“No AJ, I was thinking.”

“Thinking? About what?”

“Where Fox’s is.”

That intrigued the rest. “Where he is? You mean he isn’t dead?” Asked Dash.

“No Dash, I don’t think he’s dead. I think he disappeared to somewhere when his elements collide with Discord’s magic.” The other was about to say something but Sunset cut the off. “That dosen’t matter right now, what’s matter is that we delay Discord until Fox arrived.”

Those last words made the others worried, “We can’t defeated Discord, only delay him?” Said Twilight.

“That’s right teacher’s pet, our elements can’t work at one hundred percent without Fox. It’s a reason he’s the elements of leadership.”

Twilight walk over to Sunset, so they were face to face. “Did you just call me ‘teacher’s pet’?” She said as her horn started to glow.

Sunset horn also started to glow. “That I did, do you have a problem with that?”

Twilight was about to blast Sunset when Dash step between them and pushed them apart. “Would you two knock it off, this is not the time for you two be fighting, we need friendship to defeat Discord.” Sunset couldn’t help but laugh when she heard that. “What’s so funny?” Dash asked the yellow unicorn.

“Do you really think that friends and harmony is the key to stop Discord?” All off them nodded, Sunset just slap a hand on her face. “Oh brother, you six are clueless. If you think that friendships is the answer then you are wrong and let me tell you why, there are some of you I can’t stand.” That confused them all. “Dash, you always brag about you are the fastest pegasus in Equestria but let me ask you something, have you raced every pegasus in Equestria?” Dash shook her head. “Then how do you know that you are the fastest pegasus? Also, I’m sick of hearing you brag about it and if I remember Ace managed to beat you.”

Sunset then look at the party pony. “And you.” Pinkie became a little nervous. “Do you take anything seriously? When a new pony comes to town do you even ask them if they want a party? No, you just do it anyway and you almost laugh at everything that happened, I’m surprised that you didn’t laugh when Fox lost his eye.” That made Pinkie just look down on the ground with folded ears, she didn’t want to hear that. “Maybe I went too far with that last one my point is that I don’t think all you as my friends, I can tolerate you.” That made half of them sad. “Just forget I said anything, let’s just get this over with.” She started to walk towards town.

Dash watch her go. “Come on, let’s help her.” They all nodded and walk after the unicorn except Pinkie, she just stood there looking down on the ground. “Pinkie, what wrong?” Dash asked her friend.

“Is Sunset right?” Pinkie look up with some tears in her eyes. “I’m I childish?” It wasn’t what Sunset said but close enough. Dash hesitate a little. “Please Dash, just be honest with me.”

Dash let out a sighed. “Yes Pinkie, you can be a little childish at sometimes.” That made Pinkie’s ears to fold again. “But that’s who you are, don’t let Sunset words get to you.” Pinkie didn’t say anything she just walk after the other, Dash followed her

While walking towards town, Sunset explained to the rest of the elements worked, they work by using the mind. That confused all of the expect Twilight, understood it right away. Sunset had to explain it, basically you just thought about a weapon and then a weapon would appeared that would fit the user. Sunset summoned a katana in her hand, the other try the same. Twilight got a staff, Rarity a whip, Shy a bow and arrow, Dash a couple of daggers, AJ an axe and Pinkie got a giant hammer, which she was going to bash Discord’s head with. The girls couldn’t help but laugh of that, even Sunset smiled.

When they arrived in Ponyville, they could see Discord sitting on a throne while the town went crazy. They watch him laugh and then poured himself a glass of chocolate milk. “Chaos is a wonderful, wonderful thing.” He then drank the glass and then he threw the milk away which explode. The girls couldn’t help but wonder what was wrong with him.

Then Sunset decided to speak. “Man, your one sick thing.” The others just look at her as he had gone mad. “What? He is.”

Discord look over to them with a bored look on his face. “Well, I can see my magic isn’t as perfect as I hope. Bravo Twilight Sparkle, I guess I underestimated you.” He closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair.

“Actually, it was Rainbow Dash who help us all, not me.”

That made Discord’s eyes to bolt up. “What? Who is that possible? She can’t use any magic.”

“It dosen’t matter how I did it, do it Pinkie.” Said Dash.

Before anyone could react, Pinkie jump into the air and headed towards Discord with her hammer over her head. “It’s clobberin time.” She smash her hammer on Discord throne, but he was gone. “Where did that bastard go?” She said while looking around to see if she could spot him.

She then got blasted in the back which made her fly a few feet, she was glad she had her armour on. “That could really have hurt me.” Said Discord while pointing his lion paw where Pinkie had been standing. “I’m more of a lover not a fighter type but if you girls want to rumble.” He then cracked his finger. “Bring it on.”

Before Discord could do anything something was rap around his body, it was Rarity’s whip. “You need to be shut up.” Discord just smirked as he grabbed her whip and send away electrics through it shocking Rarity, she screamed in agony as she collapsed on the ground.

“Two down, five left.”

“YOU MONSTER.” Discord saw an arrow fly by his head, he look who was shooting and it was Fluttershy and she angry. “You stay away from my friends.” She fired more arrows but all of the missed.

“You really need to work on your aim.” Discord said to Fluttershy as he fired away a black ord towards her that hit her right in the chest. “This is boring, are all of you this bad?” He said with annoyance.

“Try my you freak.” Discord had to duck when saw a swords swing towards his head it was Sunset with her katana.

“Finally, a change.” He summoned his own sword so he could have a swordfight. “Let’s do this.” Sunset swung her sword towards Discord, but he just block the attack which she didn’t expected. “Did you really I was going to bad at this? I have spent years in that statue training.” He said with a smirk. He then managed to push Sunset away and then he slash her in the chest sending her down on the ground, he then look at the three reaming girls. “Who is next?” He asked them.

Applejack got ready her axe. “This is not going well.” She then ran towards him leaving Dash and Twilight alone.

Dash was furious of what she saw while Twilight sat on the ground shaking in fear. “This is bad, we can’t win we aren’t strong enough. It’s pointless.”

Twilight then was lifted up by Dash. “Pull yourself together Twilight, all we have to is wait for Fox to show up then we can beat him.”

“Wait for Fox? Are you crazy? He’s gone and there’s no way we can beat Discord alone, just look around.” Dash did that and she saw her friends lying on the ground in pain. “If they can’t hurt him what can we do?” She just feel down on the ground again.

Dash just stood there looking at the purple unicorn and all she could say was. “Your pathetic.” She then got ready her daggers and ran towards Discord.

Twilight started to cry when she heard Dash call her pathetic and maybe she was that, she had apparently been living on a lie for the last year, maybe even longer. After she got her memory back she remember what happened after they defeat Nightmare Moon, Celestia shooting Fox in chest, the princess manipulate herself and her friends in believing that Fox and Sunset had nothing to do with whole thing. Twilight didn’t know what to believe but she knew one thing, she didn’t deserve to be an elements.

“Well, this is special.” Twilight look up and saw Discord looking down on her with an evil smile. “Normally I’m the one who makes all hope disappeared but not this time, you did that all on your own.” He pointed his palm towards her.

“Go ahead, I don’t care.”

“Normally I don’t kill my victims but considering how pathetic you are right now Twilight Sparkle I will make an exception.”

Twilight closed her eyes and wait for the end, but it never came. “Get away from her you asshole.” Twilight opened her eyes to see Discord get punch in the face by someone, it was Falco and he was pissed off. Falco’s punch made Discord fly a few feet away from them. “You ok Twilight?” She was a little surprised that he ask her that.

“Yyyyes, what are you doing here?” She asked him.

“What does it look like? I’m saving your ass.” He look down on her. “Why the hell are sitting on ground crying? Why aren’t you fighting this asshole?”

“I can’t, there’s no way we can stop him.” Falco could see that she was afraid.

“Listen Twilight, I know you’re afraid hell, I’m afraid but if you give up then Discord will win and then he will rule Equestria. Is that what you want?”

“But, I been living with a lie, princess Celestia chance my memory.”

Falco grabbed her shoulder and pulled her up, so they were face to face. “So, what if that pitch messed with your memory, as long as your friendship with the girls and Fox are real dose it really matter?”

“Oh, it does matter.” Falco and Twilight look in direction where Discord landed, he was getting up. “Friendship is nothing but an illusion, it isn’t real I know that all too well.” Discord touched where he was punched. “I never thought that someone would managed to punch me.” He look at Falco with anger in his eyes. “That hurt.”

“Buh uhu, so you got hurt, I got hurt way more than you before I got here.” Falco mocked him.

Discord gritted his teeth, there was no way he was going to let this freak talk to him like that, he trusted his lion paw towards Falco and send away a chaos beam towards Falco that was strong enough to kill them both. Falco pushed Twilight out of the way and crossed his arms, he took the beam head on. It wasn’t what Discord had hope for but as long as he took out Falco he was happy, so he put more power into the beam.

Sunset and the other manged to gain consciousness and saw was happening. “Falco, MOVE.” He didn’t, there was no way he was going to let Discord win.

Then all of sudden an explosion appeared, and Falco was caught in it. Discord had winning smile on him while the girls a horrified that Falco was gone. “What hell are you smile for, you prick.” Every one of them was shocked when they heard Falco talk. When the smoke cleared, they could see Falco standing there with armour around him and he was fine, he also had a shield in his right hand. Falco look at his new wardrobe. “Ok, now this is cool.” He said with a smile on his face.

The girls couldn’t help but look at him with wonder, while Discord was horrified. “No, it’s not possible, you’re not supposed to exist.”

They all look at him. “What the hell are you talking about?” Falco asked the chaos.

“The guarding of the elements, you’re supposed to be a myth.”

“I have no idea what the hell you are talking about, but it looks whatever you are afraid of is real.”

Discord was not going to let this ruined his plans, he fired another beam towards Falco who just held up his shield and it took the beam, nothing happened.

Discord let out snarl. “It dosen’t matter, as long as Fox isn’t here there nothing you can do.” He was right but Falco just smiled. “What are you smiling for?”

“I don’t know, maybe you should look behind you.” The girls had no idea what Falco was talking about but when they look behind Discord, they couldn’t help but smile to.

“Do you take me for a fool?”

“Really? I thought you were an asshole, I guess I was wrong.”

Discord froze when he heard my voice, he turned around very slowly to face me. “What’s up dipshit.” Before he could answer, I punch him in the face with my right hand so hard that it got him to flee backwards a couple of meters before he slip to a stop in the ground. I also had my armour on, so it probably hurt more than usual. “I know that was a sheep shot but I don’t care.” Then I saw Falco. “What the hell are you wearing?”

He look at his armour. “I have no idea, Discord call me the guarding of the elements, whatever hell that is.” I don’t remember AJ mention that.

I was about to ask the girls if they were alright when Pinkie gave me hug. “Fox, you are alive.”

I tried to pry her of me, it wasn’t easy. “I’m glad to see you to Pinkie, get the hell of me.” I pushed her off me. “I wish you would stop hugging me.” She just gave me an innocent smile.

Then Sunset and the rest walk over to me. “I’m glad that you are ok Fox. I have just one question, Where the heck happened to you.” Sunset asked me.

“I will gladly answer that question after we have beaten Discord.”

I have to rub my eye and yawn a little, that made Shy worried. “What’s wrong Fox?”

“I’m just a little tired, the last couple of days has been exhausting.”

That just confused them all. “Couple of days? You only have been gone for an hour.” Said Falco.

“Like is said, I will tell you what happened to me after we defeat Discord.”

Falco crossed his arm. “That is going to be difficult considering Twilight has lost her mind.”

This time I was confused. “What do you mean?” He just pointed at the purple unicorn who was sitting on the ground hugging herself and talking to herself, I bent down. “Twilight?” I got no answer. “What the hell happened to her?” I asked Falco.

“I have no idea, she just started to act like this.”

I look at the girls. “Does anyone of you why she is acting like this?”

Sunset was the one who answered. “She got her memory back and the remember what Celestia did to her.” I couldn’t help but feel bad for Twilight when I heard that, almost all her life she has believed on Celestia’s teaching and now she discovered that it might all be a lie.

I looked back at the purple unicorn. “Twilight.” No answer, she just keep talking to herself. Time for another approached. “Twilight, I know I haven’t been really good friend for you or Shy since Celestia visit Ponyville but right now, I need your help, we need your help. I understand that you are hurt that the princess tamper with your mind and your felling betrayed, trust me I have felt the same once.” Twilight look up at me when I said that. “When I was young I admired a man, I look up to him but that changed once I saw his true colours. Right now, that dosen’t matter it’s in the past what’s matter now is the future.”

She then closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. “Your right, I can’t worry about the past right now I have to focus on defeating Discord.”

We both got up. “That’s what I want to hear.”

The girls was a little surprised that I managed to convince Twilight like that, especial Sunset. “I can’t believe you did that considering how Twilight gets when she panic.” Somehow, Twilight blushed when she heard that.

“You just have to say the right things. Now, let’s focus on Discord.”

“What’s the plan?” Falco asked me.

“We hit him har and fast, we don’t let him use his magic and we need to weaken him before we use the elements to help him.”

That just confused them all. “Help him? What do you mean Fox?” Rarity asked me.

“Just wait and see. Now, will you girls listen to me?” They all nodded. “Good, me, AJ and Dash are going to attack him head on considering you two can do that. I want the three unicorn to attack him from a distance with magic, I know that Rarity isn’t the strongest but just try your best.” She nodded. “Shy, I want you also to stay back and hit him with that bow, I know you don’t like violence so try and wounded.”

“I’ll try.”

That made me smile. “Falco, try and protect everyone with that shield of yours.” He nodded. “And Pinkie, do whatever you do.” She saluted.

While they were talking, Discord was getting up. He touched where Fox had punched him, and he winched when he did. “That hurt, how did he managed to do that?” He got up. “No matter, I’m not going let them spoiler my fun.”

“It’s hammer time.”

Discord look up and what he saw was Pinkie coming towards him with her hammer over her head ready to smash him. “Crap.” He managed to roll out of the way before she smashed him with her hammer, the impacted create a small explosion. “Would you stop moving around, I want to hit you.”

Discord wasn’t going to let that happened, he pointed his arms towards Pinkie and fired a beam at her. “Not this time.” Before the beam hit her, Falco was there with his shield blocking that attack.

“Thanks Falco.” Pinkie said with a smile.

“This does not makes us friends.”


Discord couldn’t help but curse, this wasn’t going as he had planned. He then felt a something rap around his wrist, it was Rarity. Before he could do anything, she send away electricity through the rope which shook Discord, he was smoking when it was done.

“How do like it you bastard?” Rarity wasn’t the one for swearing but this time it felt good.

Then Twilight blasted him with a beam with the help of her staff. “I got a lot of anger in me and I’m going to take it on you.” She told him.

Discord flew a few feet by the beam, when he landed on the ground he saw that Fox was above him ready to blast him with another beam. “Oh crap.” Before he could react Fox shoot him with a golden beam that create an explosion.

When I landed on the ground I was breathing heavily, I had forgotten how magic affected my body, so I deactivated my armour and took of my necklace. “Can one of you take this away from me before it kills me.” I asked them while holding it in my hand.

Sunset took it, then Falco walk over to me. “Way to go, you managed to kill Discord and take the glory.”

“I didn’t kill him, and I didn’t take the glory I’m the only one who could cure him.” I said while getting up.

That just confused them all. “What do you mean you cured him?” Falco asked me.

I pointed where Discord was lying and when the smoke cleared we all saw an alicorn lying there, he had brown fur and his tail/mane was black. “That is Ataxia and that’s how he look before Celestia messed with his mind.” I told them all.

They all walk over to the alicorn who was lying unconscious on the ground. “How do you know this?” Dash ask me.

“That dosen’t matter right now, what’s matter is that we are going to save the real Celestia which is the old castle in Everfree forest.”

I started to walk towards the forest, but Dash landed in front of me blocking my way. “Wait a minute Fox, before I follow you I want to know what happened to you and how you know this.”

Then Sunset spoke. “I think we all want to know.” I look at the rest and nodded in agreement.

“If you all want to know so badly then fine, when my fist connect with Discord’s I went back in time, I time travelled.”

I’m pretty sure that they didn’t believe me considering they all look sceptical, they only once who did believe me was Twilight and Sunset, considering they

“Do you expect us to believe that?” Dash ask me.

“No, I didn’t expect that and so you know, the one who told me about the real Celestia was AJ.”

Now all eyes were on her. “No, I didn’t, I never told him that.”

“Well, not you future you.” Now they all were sceptic I could help but rub her my head. “Look, I know how crazy this sounds like, but I promise I will tell you all when this crap is over, right now I want to save the real Celestia.” I pushed away Dash and started to walk towards the forest.

I don’t know what they talk about before they joined me while I was walking towards the forest, we didn’t say anything while walking through the forest. Once we arrived at the castle I walk straight towards where they found the elements for the first time.

Once inside I started to search the floor with my foot. “What the hell are you doing?” Falco ask me.

“I’m looking for a lose panel that is the switch for a secret entrance to the basement.” I told him.

Then Sunset walk over to me. “Fox, we have search this place a dozen times already, there’s no secret entrance here.”

Then a new voice spoke. “I must agree with Sunset Shimmer, there are no secret entrance here.” We all look up and there was princess Luna hovering above us, once she landed on the ground everyone bowed, except Falco, Sunset and me, I was too busy. “You might all raise.” She said once she landed, they did.

She then notice me. “A fox, I heard rumours that one was living in Ponyville.”

I look at her with a smile. “Nice to see you again, Nightmare Moon.” The gang’s eyes widen when I said that.

She wasn’t too happy to be called that. “You better watch your mouth fox my name is Luna not Nightmare Moon. Also, I have never seen you before in my life.”

“So, Celestia’s spell has affected you too.” I went back to the floor. “I wouldn’t expect you to remember me, you were a child when we first meet.” Then I found it. “Bingo.” I pressed panel and then the floor started to move revealing a secret entrance. “Sometimes I love it when I’m right.” I started to walk down the stairs I stop to see if anyone was following me, but they were just staring at me. “Who’s coming?” I asked them, they started to follow me.

Falco didn’t follow at first. “So, what’s your reason to come here tuts?” He asked Luna.

She wasn’t too happy to be called that. “Did you just call me tuts?” She asked with anger in her voice.

Falco was affected at all. “Yes, I did, and you still didn’t answer my question.

Luna wanted to punch him in the face right now, but she didn’t. “If you really want to know, I went to Ponyville to try and stop Discord but when I got there his magic signature disappeared, then I saw you and your friends walk into the Everfree forest. I decided to follow you all and see what you were doing.” She told him.

Falco just smirked. “So, even the princess is curious at times.” He started to walk towards the stairs. “That’s just hilarious.” Luna wasn’t expecting him to say that as she followed him.

Once they arrived at end of the stairs Falco got real shock when he saw what was there, he saw Fox standing over a computer taping something on a keyboard and a pony that look like Celestia in a tub. Luna had no idea what these things was.

The girls was standing by the tube. “Is that cryotube?” Falco asked no one in particular.

“That it is.” I told him while not talking my eyes of the screen.

“How the hell is that possible? This world isn’t advance enough to make that.”

“And yet there it is.”

While they were talking, Luna had walk over to the tube. “I don’t understand, who is this and why does she look my sister.” She asked them while looking at the Celestia who was floating in some liquid.

“That Celestia is your real sister, the one in Canterlot is a fake.” I told her.

“You are lying, this one is the fake.” She said while pointing at the tube.

“We will find out right now.” I pushed enter and the tube started to drain of the liquid. “AJ, catch her.” Then the glass door opened and the Celestia feel out, AJ managed to catch her and place her carefully on the ground.

“I don’t understand, if this is the real princess Celestia then who is the one in Canterlot that have been my mentor for the last ten year.” Twilight asked me.

“As I told Moon, the one in Canterlot is a fake and this one is the real Celestia.”

“Yeah right, you expect us to believe that?” Said Dash while crossing her arms.

I walk over to the sleeping princess. “AJ told me in the future, and it’s written on the computer.” I bent down to see if she was alive, she was.

“Wait, you have been to the future?” Twilight asked me.

“A possible future.” Then Celestia started to stir when she opened her eyes she saw me and smile. “It’s been a while.”

“Fox.” Her voice was weak which is normal when you are been in a cryotube. “What did I say when you said that you were going to have a baby sister.”

She forced a smile. “You told me to be nice to her.”

I couldn’t help but smile myself. “That’s her, the real…” That was all I could say before someone shot me and I flee into the wall and everything became black.

“FOX.” Fluttershy and Falco ran over to Fox’s unconscious body. “Buddy, speak to me.” Every pony was in utter shock when they saw what just happened.

Then they heard clapping. “Bravo, I never thought you would find this place.” Every pony look towards the entrance and boy were they in for a shock, there stood Celestia.

“I… I don’t understand, who is the real one?” Twilight asked while looking between both Celestia.

“It’s really simple my dear Twilight, the one lying on the floor is the real Celestia and I have been draining her magic for the last one thousand five hundred years, give or take a few hundred years, I can’t really remember when I managed to take her place.” She said with laughter at the end.

“Why? What was the point in this?”

The fake Celestia couldn’t help but shook her head. “Oh Twilight, you might be smart, but you are so short sighed. My master placed me here so I could turn you into an alicorn but that all chance thanks to Sunset and Fox becoming an elements bearer each, so I decided to have some fun with you all and change your memory but that didn’t go as plan thanks to the elements.” She let out tired sighed. “To bad I have to kill you all.”

Before she could do that, Luna step forward and she was very angry. “How dear you play with someone life’s like that you are a princess it’s your duty to protect them not play with them.” She said with anger in her voice.

“Oh, Nightmare Moon, I didn’t see you there.”

Luna was taken back when she heard that. “What? That’s not my name.”

“Oh right, I forgot that I played with you mind as well. A thousand years ago I convinced you that the ponies of Equestria was ignoring your night, which they weren’t, then you went berserk and then I sealed you into the moon so Twilight and her pathetic friends could ‘save’ you with the power of friends.” She said in a mock tone. “Friends is magic, who believes in that crap?” She said while sticking pout her tongue.

Luna wasn’t angry anymore, she was furious. “You are not my sister, but a monster and I will stop you.”

Luna fired beams from her hands towards the fake Celestia who just yawned as she held out a hand cancelled the attack, every pony in the room was in shock. “Did you really believe that you could defeat me? I used a spell on you making you into what you are now, with half the power.”

“Your just a big meanie.”

The fake Celestia started to clap sarcastic. “Wow, just what I imagined what the element of laughter to say. You are so chi…” that was she could say when she felt something in the air. “What the hell?” She look over to where the energy was coming from and what she saw was Fox getting up, he’s scar was glowing and he’s good eye was white.

Falco and Fluttershy step away from him. “Can someone tell me what the hell is going on with Fox.”

Every pony had worried face, but Rarity became afraid. “Oh no, not again.

Before anyone could ask what she was saying, Fox disappeared of where he was standing and reappeared right in front of the fake Celestia. Before she could react she got punch so hard in the jaw that she managed somehow to fly up the stair, then Fox ran up them.

“What the hell happened?” Falco asked.

None of them knew expect Sunset. “It’s the magic in him, it somehow took over him making him faster and strong.”

“Are you saying that magic did that to him.” Twilight asked her roommate, Sunset just nodded. “How? Magic shouldn’t do that to him, magic is deadly to him.”

“I don’t know why the magic is doing that Twilight, I did some test on him, but I never manged to figure it out. But after seeing it, I think it’s pain or something ells is triggering it.”

Before the purple unicorn could say anything ells. “Look, we can find out this later right now we need to help Fox.” Said Falco. “AJ and Dash, you two carried the real Celestia out here while the rest of us can see if we can help Fox.”

Before they could react, Dash spoke up. “Who died and made you boss?”

“Nobody did but hey if you want to start to argue with me then go ahead, I will gladly comply.”

Dash was about to do it when AJ grabbed her shoulder. “Would you stop this and help me with the princess.”

Dash wanted to argue but decided it was pointless. “Fine.” She and AJ walk over to Celestia who was still lying on the floor, they both took an arm and placed it on their shoulders while the rest ran up the stairs.

Not everyone moved, Luna just stood there with an empty look staring at the wall. She had just learned that her sister she had known for most of her life and send her to the moon was a fake, she didn’t know what to believe at the moment. “Moon?” The real Celestia said in a hoarse voice, it brought her back, but she couldn’t answer because she didn’t know what to think right now. She just walk up the stairs.

Then Applejack and Dash started to walk. “Come your highness, let’s get you out of here.” Celestia didn’t complain on that.

Once all four was out of the hidden room, they didn’t see the others in the room, but they could hear sounds coming from outside, so they headed there. Once outside they saw the rest of their friends just standing there.

“What’s going on? Why aren’t you guys helping Fox?” Dash asked them.

Rarity turned around. “We can’t considering he don’t need our help.” She answered her.

AJ and Dash look at each other with confusion. “What do you mean he doesn’t need you help?” AJ asked her.

Before Rarity could answer they saw the fake Celestia fall from the sky and landed on ground while creating a small crater. “I will destroy you.” She got up and fired a beam towards the sky, but it didn’t hit anything. Before she could react, Fox appeared in front of her and he punch her in the face so hard that she flew towards the nearest tree and collide with it, when she hit the tree and landed on the ground Fox was right there, he then punch so hard that it went right through her fur and more.

When the girls saw that they couldn’t help but gag, they had just watch Fox kill someone. Then they saw that the face Celestia didn’t react at all and then they saw Fox rip something out from her which was metal.

“What the hell is she?” Dash asked no one in particular.

None of them could answer her because they didn’t know, Falco knew but he was too busy running towards Fox who was ready to attack again. Falco put his arms around his friend. “Fox, I don’t know if you can hear me, but you can’t kill her we need answer.” Falco tried to stop Fox’s arm, but the fox was too strong for him. “FOX.” That worked.

I blinked a few time and saw that I was outside. “What the…?” I then felt that someone was hugging me, I look over my shoulder and saw that it was Falco. “I know that you like me Falco, but this is a little too much.”

“I see you are back to normal.” He told me while releasing me.

I look at him confusion. “Back to normal? What are you talking about?” Then I noticed that we were outside. “How did I get here?” I asked him while looking around.

He tilted his head to side. “You don’t remember?”

“Look, all I remember begging shout at and then I am outside.” Then it dawn on me. “Wait, did my scar glow?”

“It did.” It was Rarity, she and the rest walk over to me. “It was the same what happened with the Diamond dogs.”

“Huh, no wonder I don’t remember.”

“You pish of shit.” We all look over to the fake Celestia, her right eye were gone, and it was red, she had a hole in her chest which I probably punch her. “If you think you won then you are wrong, my master will eventually destroy you all…” Then her eye stop glowing, she was dead.

Then Sunset asked what they all probably was wondering. “What the hay is that thing?”

“It’s an android, something it’s should impossible to create in Equestria.” Falco told them.

“Well, somepony created that thing.” Said Sunset.

I was about to tell that it was impossible to but then we heard screaming, we all look who was screaming and it was Luna. She was clutching her head and then she started to glow, we all had to cover our eyes because of the light and when it was gone she had changed back to Nightmare Moon. Everyone was confused by what just happened.

“What’s going on? Why did princess Luna turn into Nightmare Moon?” Asked Dash.

“She just turned into her normal self, this fake Celestia just some spell on her a thousand years ago to mess with her mind.” Then I saw Falco walk to the android, he had a worried face. “What’s wrong?” I asked him.

He bent down over the body. “I think I hear something.” I tired to listen, but the girls had started to argue for some reason. “WOULD YOU ALL SHUT UP, I’M TRYING TO HEAR SOMETHING.” That work. Falco then started to remove the fur on the fake Celestia which made Rarity and Shy to throw up, he then removed a panel in her stomach and when I saw what was under it I almost crap my pants. “Holy shit.”

“It that what I think it is.” Under panel was a time and it was ready to blow under two minutes.

“That is a nitro X bomb and it has enough nitro to take out half of this forest and Ponyville.”

“Can you disarmament it?” Falco was the bomb the bomb expert and I really hope that he could.

“Yes, if I had more time. Whoever made this bomb knew what he was doing.”

Then Sunset walk over to me. “What are you talking about and what is a bomb?”

I pointed at the fake one. “You see that timer the one is ticking backwards?” She nodded. “That’s a bomb and when that clock hit zeros it going to explode killing us all and all of Ponyville.”

When they heard that the colour of their face was drain, then Shy walk over to me and grabbed my arm. “You can stop it Fox? I don’t want to die.” She asked with tears in her eyes.

I couldn’t. “Falco, please tell me you have a way to stop it.”

“I’m thinking.” He was quiet for a second. “Alright, I can’t disbarment it, we can’t move because the blast will still kill us, we need to contain it. Wait,” He stood up and look at Sunset and Twilight. “those two can use their magic to create some sort of magic container bubble.”

“You think that will work?” I asked him.

“You told me once that Sunset and Twilight are the two of the most powerful unicorns in Equestria, if they are then they should contain the blast.”

I look at the clock and we had less than a minute. “What do you think Sunset? Do you think you can do it?” I asked her.

“If I can save us, then I will do but I’m not sure about her.” She said while pointing her thumb at Twilight, she then walk over to the bomb.

“You need to wait until there is at least five second left, so you don’t use your magic to soon.” Falco told her.

Sunset nodded. “Got it.”

While they were doing that, I walk over to the purple unicorn and she was shaking with fear. “Twilight.” She didn’t look at me, so I grabbed her shoulders. “Twilight, you need to help Sunset in stop that bomb or every pony here while die.”

She started to panic. “I can’t, they are not my friend everything I have learned has been a lie.” She then sat down on the ground, she then hug her legs and started to rant. “You got to be kidding me. Not this again.” I went down on my knees and then I slap her on the face which shock everyone around me, especially Twilight.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Everything you had learn has been a lie? That’s bullshit. The fake Celestia might have messed with you mind but you are the one who forge a bond with the others, not her. The slumber party, the Parasprites and winter wrap up, that all you.” I pointed at the bomb. “If you don’t help Sunset then all you friends will die, every pony in Ponyville will die.” I pointed at Celestia. “The real Celestia and so will her sister, are you going to let that happened or are you going to pony up and save us all?”

I could see the conflict in her eyes, she didn’t know what to do. I just hope she came back to her senses and made the right choice.

She eventually stood up. “Your right Fox, what I have learned over the past months had nothing to do with this fake princess, it was me.” She then walk over to Sunset to help her.

Not the answer I was looking for, but it had to do, I stood up and look at Rarity. “Why are you looking at me?” She asked with a scared voice. “You don’t expect me to help? I’m not as powerful as Sunset or Twilight.”

“Right now, we need all the help we can get Rarity, I know you aren’t as strong as those two, but we need your help or all the ponies in Ponyville will die and the includes your sister.”

She gulp. “So, no pressure. You’re a real motivation speaker Fox.” She said to me as she walk past me.

Then we waited as the clock went down and eventually five second was left. “Now, do it now.” Once those words left Falco’s mouth, the girls used their magic to contain the bomb and then it went off. We could actually fell the pressure of the explosion even when they had it contain.

“Don’t give up, keep it up.” Falco told them.

“Easier said than done, the force of this bomb is massive, I can barely keep up the force field.” Sunset said with trying to hold it.

Then all off sudden Rarity fell on knees, “I can’t do it, I’m not strong enough.” I guess she was to weak.

Then something happened that we didn’t want to happen, the barrier they had created started to crack. That’s right, the bomb was too much for them.

“We can’t hold on for much longer.” Said Twilight while trying to keep it together.

I wanted to tell them that if they stop we would all died but that just pointless, I guess this is it. Then something happened, a new barrier was created around Twilight and Sunset’s, it was brown.

“What’s going on?” Shy asked a good question.

Then we heard someone walking towards us and boy were we surprised, walking out of the forest was none other than Ataxia and his horn was glowing. “You two can stop now, let me handle this.” They didn’t trust him but both girls was exhausted, so they eventually collapsed on the ground next to Rarity. Then Ataxia did something to the explosion and it just disappeared.

“What did you do?” I asked him.

“I send it above the planet far enough so it would hurt anyone.” He then look over to where Celestia was. “Celestia, are you alright?” He asked her while running over to her.

Applejack gave me a sceptical look, I just nodded. She then let Ataxia hold her. “Yes, I’m fine, just a little tired that’s all.” She answered in a hoarse voice.

“What’s going on? Why is Discord acting like he know Celestia?”

“His name is Ataxia and not Discord, Dash. He have return to normal and since the there’s no more danger, I’m going to take a nap, good night.” I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the crappy ending, I just wanted to be done with this chapter, it's so long.