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Team Harmony - Norwegian boy

What would happened if there had been more then 6 elements of harmony?

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Face Your Dragon Fear

Dragon, Equestria doesn’t know much about them and that’s because they are big and scary, but if they just talk to one they would see that they aren’t big and scary but friendly.

Me and Sunset was helping Fluttershy whit feeding the animals at her house, both outside and inside. I don’t understand that she must feed them, why can’t they find food themselves? I don’t understand this world. We were out in the backyard feeding the animals, I had just feed the chicken and Sunset had feed the fish when Shy came out with three glasses on a plate.

“I thought you two would like some lemonade.”

“I’ve never said no to lemonade.” I picked on and the girls took the other two, I drank the whole thing. “I need that.” Then I notice that they just glared at me. “What? I was thirst.” Then they stared to giggle. “Yeah, yeah, laugh it up.”

Shy was about to drink hers when Angel Bunny came running towards her, I don’t understand why Shy named him angel. He is far from and angel. Then he stared to cough, why he did that I have no idea.

“What’s the matter Angel, are you coughing because got a carrot stuck in your throat?” I wish that he choked, I know that’s not a nice thing to say but I don’t like that bunny.

He coughed again. “Because you need some water?” I don’t think so.

What hell is wrong with that bunny? Then I happened to look up and what I saw was black smoke, I poked at Sunset shoulder and pointed up. She looked up and she understood right away why Angel was coughing. The he pointed up and Shy looked up, then she gasped.

“Because of the giant cloud of scary black smoke.” Then he threw the carrot at her head. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

I looked over to Sunset. “What do you think? Dragon smoke?”

“By the blackness of it, I’ll say that your right.”

Ddddddragon?” We look over to Shy who was shaking, her whole body actually shook. “There’s a dragon that’s doing this?” “We both nodded, she actually stared to shake even more.

Then I asked her. “Shy, are you afraid of dragons.” She nodded. “Have you ever seen a dragon?” She shook her head. “Then how can you be afraid of them if you never have seen a dragon?”

“My mon use to read books about them when I was little, how big they were, how they could fly, that they could breathe fire and that they are angry all the time. It gave me nightmares for month.”

I walked over to her and put a hand on her shoulder. “Shy, are you going to let a book control your fear? Right now, you have two choice, you can join me and Sunset to the mountain.” I pointed at the mountain where the smoke where coming from. “Because we are going to talk to this dragon and tell it that it’s going to cause trouble for Ponyville.”

“We are?” I looked at Sunset and gave her a look that said yes. “I guess we are.”

“And what’s the second.” Shy ask me.

“You can stay here and be afraid for ever, my mom told me once at you should never let your fear control you, you are the one in control.”

I could see that what I said affect her but was it enough? She took a deep breath. “Alright, I join you and Sunset.” I had a happy smile. “But, shouldn’t we get Twilight and the others?”

“We should but the longer we wait the worst it will become, is that what you want?”

“No, I don’t want that.”

We that settle we head to the mountain. When we arrived at the mountain we looked up at it and I stared to get sick. “Heights, I hate heights.” The girls looked at me.

“Wait a minute Fox are you saying that you have a fear of heights?”

“Yes Sunset, I’m have a fear of height. I have been afraid of the since I was seven years old.”

“How do you deal with that?”

“Like I said before Shy, you can’t let your fear control you, you have to control it. Let’s get going, I don’t want to look at this mountain more than I want to.”

We started to clime the only way we could find, I was first, Shy was behind me and Sunset was last.

“I still don’t get why you can’t fly up Fluttershy, I know that you’re not a good flyer but come on.”

I looked down on her. “Knock it of Sunset, if she doesn’t want to fly the don’t push her.”

Sunset just rolled her eyes. “Fine, I won’t push her.”

I looked at Shy. “How are you holding up?”

She looked at me with terrified face. “Not good, I’m trying like you said but it’s not easy.”

“It’s never is but you’re doing great.” I gave her a comforting smile and I think that help.

We finally reached the top of the trail and boy let me tell you we were all exhausted, we all collapsed on the ground.

“I’m in worse shape than I thought.” I manged to say between breaths.

“Speak for yourself, we unicorn isn’t built for this. We aren’t as agile as a pegasus or as strong as an earth pony. And why aren’t you in better shape Fluttershy? You’re a pegasus for pet sake.”

Shy looked down on the ground in shame. “I never been athletic, I never been a good flyer.”

“I’s like your opposite of Dash, the only different is that she bragged about it 24/7.”

“Knock it of Sunset, would you stop piking on Shy. She is trying her best.”

Sunset put her hands up in defends. “Fine, I ‘ll shut up. Let’s just get to this dragon already.”

She got up and walked off somewhere leaving me alone with shy who was crying, I put a hand on her shoulder.

“You okay?”

She shook her head. “No, I’m not okay.” She looked at me with tears in her eyes. “I not as brave as Dash or as strong as Applejack, I’m just weak pathetic pegasus.” She put her head in her hands and stared to cry even more.

I pulled her in to hug and she cried into my chest. “You are right, you aren’t as brave as Dash or as strong as AJ but you are you. You are the kindest pony I know and that have nothing do with your element, we all have are weakness and strength and yours is kindest and besides, I think your very brave.”

She looked up at me. “You think that I’m brave?” I nodded. “But, Rainbow is the one that’s brave. That’s her strength.”

I couldn’t help but snort. “Dash’s strength is that she has a big ego, nothing more.” That got her to laugh. “Come on, we have a dragon to talk to.”

While we got up Sunset came back. “If you two are done with whatever you were doing, I found a path we can follow.”

We flowed her and found the path and let me tell you I did not enjoy walking on it, make one wrong move and you could fall to your death. I actually looked down into the ravine and I got dizzy, fucking heights. While we walked Shy ask a question.

“Why are the dragon on top of the mountain in the first place.”

“He is probably taking a nap.” Sunset answer her.

“So, the smoke is from in sleeping?”

“Or snoring.”

“He’s snoring?” Sunset nodded. “But, how’s that’s…”

I put up a hand to tell them to stop, they did. “What now?” Sunset asked me. I put my index finger in front of my mouth and then I shush them, then I ‘told’ them to listen. They did and what we heard was.

“Bloody ponies, won’t leave me alone.”

“Is that somepony talking?” Sunset ask.

We looked for where the voice was coming from and what we found a cave and we could see a light in it, I walked in but Sunset stooped me.

“What are you doing Fox?”

“What’s does it look like Sunset? I’m going to find out who lives here.”

“You can just go into a cave, what if the pony that’s living there are dangerous?”

“I’ll take my chance.” I walked in.

“Good dam it, come on Fluttershy.” They went after him.

Further in we got in the cave the louder became the voice.

“Why won’t they just leave me alone, I don’t need any friends.”

We entered a room that looked like mix of a work shop and a bedroom and on a bench sat a stallion, he had dark grey fur and his hair was shaped like a mohawk and the colors was light grey and he was earth pony. He was using some tools to carve something out from a rock and he was talking to the rock.

“You understand me, don’t? You never talk back and listen to every word I say.”

We looked at each other wondering what hell was wrong with this guy, I decide to ask. “Excuse me.” That got his attention, he looked up from his work, then he grabbed a hammer that was lying on the workbench. He pointed it as us like he was ready to hit use.

“Who the hell are you three and how did you find me?” He then looked at me. “What the? Are you a giant fox?”

A real genius this guy. “Take is easy, we are just looking for a road that leads to the top of this mountain. that’s all. And yes, I’m a fox.”

“You want to talk to that dragon that landed her this morning?” I nodded. “Why?”

“The dragon is causing trouble for the village at the down by the mountain and we are here to tell it move, that’s all.”

I didn’t know if he would help us or not, his facial expression was difficult to read.

“Just follow the path you were just on and eventually you come to a new trial but you have to clime that part, it’s safer than the other way. Now, get the hell out of her and leave me alone.”

We did as he said. When we were outside we just wonder, what’s was wrong with that pony.

“What was wrong with him? He talks to his stone and he was rude.” Said Sunset.

“He’s a loner, nothing wrong with that.” I stared walking. “He gave us directions so let’s follow them.”

We followed instruction he told us, we followed the path and then we had to climb, again. We eventually arrived at the cave where the dragon was sleeping and again we were exhausted.

I rested my hand on my knees. “I’m so sick of climbing.”

“Tell me about it.” I looked over to Sunset and Shy and they were lying on the ground, panting after air. Sunset looked at me and she did not look happy. “Why am I up here with you? Talking to this dragon?”

“Because is the right thing to do.”

She and Shy got up. “I hate it when your right.”

We could all see the cave that the dragon was sleeping in, how do I know that? It’s a little difficult to miss the black smoke that came out from it and it was snoring. When it snored, it felt like the hole mountain was shaking, that dragon can snore.

“You two ready.” Well one of them was and that was Sunset, when it came to Shy. Well, she was shaking with fear. I walked over to her. “Remember, don’t let the fear control you. Alright.”

She swallowed that big lump she had in her throat and nodded, then we walked in. I was not easy to see in cave thanks to the smoke but luckily for us Sunset was walking first, hurray for magic. When we reached the inner part of the cave we could see the dragon, it was sleeping peacefully, it was black and had red scales and kind of look familiar. When we I got closer to the dragon it kind of looked like...


The gigantic dragon open its right eye and looked right at me, it turns its head to face us. When he did that Shy hid behind me.

“Well, is it not young Fox.” He then looked over to Sunset. “And Sunset as well, what are you two doing in this cave?” He asked us.

“We could ask you the same thing.” I answered him.

“I was think a nap.” He then noticed Shy who was hiding behind my back. “What’s wrong young one? I’m not going to hurt you.”

“You are scaring her, you are quite large.”

“Let’s do something to that.” He closed his eyes and then he stared to glow, then he stared to shrink. When he was done shrinking he was standing on two legs and was a little taller than me, I was just glad that he was wearing clothes. “There, is this better?”

Shy looked out from behind me. “You aren’t big anymore, what did you do?” She asked Drake.

“It was just dragon magic my dear nothing more, now. Might telling my why you are interrupting my nap.”

“The smoke you are letting out are covering a village that are located close to this mountain,” I explained to him.

He blinked a couple of times. “There’s a village near this mountain?” I nodded, he walked outside and we flowed him. Well outside I pointed at Ponyville. “Look at that, there’s a village there. Who would have thought, I guess I was more tired than I thought.” He then yawned. “I’m still tired, I’ll guess find another place to sleep.”

“We would really appreciate it.”

Then Shy decided to say something. “Um Drake?”


“I thought that you were big and scary but your actually very nice.” She had smile on her face.

Drake was just confused. “Why would you think that I’m big and scary?”

She stared to rubbed her arm. “When I was little my mother used to read books and you dragons always sounded so scary.”

Drake couldn’t help but groan. “What’s wrong with you ponies? You think you know everything about this world but you know nothing about us dragons. You see us as big and scary, but we have felling to. Unbelievable.”

“Why are you taking out on me? I’m not a pony.”

“I know Fox.” He stared to rubbed his eyes. “I’m just so tired, alright. I guess it time for me to find another place to take a nap, let me help you all down the mountain.” His eyes stared to glow.

“Wait a minute.” It was too late.

In a flash, we were at base of the mountain and I stared to feel uneasy in my stomach, while Shy was just confused.

“What just happened?”

“Dragon teleportation magic.” Sunset answer Shy.

That was fine an all but I didn’t nor like it, I ran over to bush and threw up, I think my breakfast came up. I hate magic.

“You okay their foxy boy?”

“No Sunset, I’m not fine. Teleportation magic always make me feel sick in my stomach.” I wiped away vomit from my mouth. “Let’s just get back to town.” As were about to go we heard something above us, it was Drake flying away.

While we were walking to town I decide to ask Fluttershy about her fear.

“So, Shy. Are you still afraid of dragons?”

She looked at me with a smile. “Not so much, I always tough that they were scary but after meeting Drake I have a new view of them. thanks for bring me alone.”

“Your welcome.”

“By the way.” She looked between us. “How do you two know that dragon?”

“We met him in the Everfree about two months ago, he was lying on the ground bleeding. Me and Fox help him, end of story.” Sunset answered with some anger in her voice.

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked her.

“Oh nothing, you made me climb a mountain, we find out that a loner lived there and we knew the dragon that produced the smoke when I could do other important things.” She threw her arms up in frustration.

“What’s wrong with her.” Shy whispered to me.

“I have no idea but let’s just ignore it for now, you know how she gets when she is in that mood.”

When were almost back when we ran into Sparkle and the other and they we surprise to see us, especially Sparkle.

“Where have you been Fluttershy? We have been looking all over for you.” Sparkle asked her.

“I have been with Fox and Sunset up on the mountain, we manged to get the dragon to leave.”

Sparkle was clueless while the other was surprised, especially Dash “YOU went up a mountain and talk to a dragon?” Shy nodded to Dash question. “How? You are afraid of your own shadow.”

Shy looked at. “Somebody told me that you shouldn’t let your fear control you.”

We walked past them and headed back to town, when we were back we went our separate way, the girls went home while I headed to Sucarcube corner to buy a muffin to someone. I had to climbed the fucking mountain to deliver it to the pony in mind.

I stood outside the cave panting heavily. “I’m out of shape, that’s for sure.” I headed into the cave to deliver the muffin.

When I arrived at his workshop, I could see that he was sitting with his back to me. I looked around the room and what I saw was a lot of stone statues of different ponies, I even saw Celestia and Luna. I looked over to the pony and he was talking to his rock.

“I still see that are talking to your rock.”

I guess I spook him, he got up and grabbed at stone and threw it at me. I just doge him. He pointed a finger at me when he saw that it was me.

“You again, didn’t I tell you to leave me alone.”

“Yes, you did but I’m here to give you something.” I presented him the muffin. “It’s a thank you for helping us early today.”

I could see that he was confused. “Why?” I didn’t expect that.

“It is called to be kind, would you just take it already. I promise it’s good.”

“I don’t know you so your promise doesn’t mean anything, how do I know that it’s safe to eat it.”

He’s really paranoid. “Fine, I will prove it to you that is good and safe to eat.” I took off a bit and eat it and it was so good. “There, happy?”

He was still hesitated but he took it eventually, he sniffed it a couple of times. This pony was really paranoid. Then I saw something, he was really big, I think he’s bigger than Mac. He also looks a lot of strong then Mac, he could probably snap me like a twig. Now that’s scary.

“I got to say, these stone statues you have made is really something.”

“I did them myself now, if there nothing ells can you please leave me alone.”

What’s wrong with this pony. “Have I done something wrong? I’m just having a conversation.”

“You haven’t done anything wrong I just don’t like to have any one around, I like to be alone.” Now that’s sad.

“You must get very lonely.”

He just shrugged his shoulder and went back to work. “I manged, now leave.” He placed is muffin on the table, I’m not sure if he tasted it.

Now I felt bad for this guy. “If you ever want to have someone to talk other than your stone you can come and visit me in Ponyville, my door will always be open.”

I didn’t know if what I said work, kind of difficult when the only thing I could see was his back so I was a little surprise when he said… “I think about it.”

I was happy with that, I was about to leave. “By that was, what’s your name?”

“It’s Colastone.”

“Well Colastone, my name is Fox McCloud and I hope that we will met again.”

He just waved his hand. “Whatever.” I headed to the exit.

When I was outside I took one last look at the cave, something told me that I would see him again. I was about head back to town when I realised something, I have to climb down the mountain.


Author's Note:

Here's a new chapter, it's not my best that's for sure and no, I don't need a editor.

Coalstone belongs to The Fan Without a Face, I hope that I wrote him right.

The Dragon Drake is my OC.