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Team Harmony - Norwegian boy

What would happened if there had been more then 6 elements of harmony?

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Winter Story part 3

The very next day Blitz, Applejack and Rarity got together at one of the local café. Applejack had asked Rarity if she wanted to come and she said yes right away, Rarity has suggested Sugarcube corner, but Blitz refused to go there, thanks to Pinkie.

They were sitting inside drinking coffee at one of the tables and chatting.

“So, Blitz darling. You have to tell us about Sun shore city.” Rarity asked her friend.

“There’s nothing much to tell, I worked as a waitress for ten years , it wasn’t the best job but it payed the bills.”

“That’s it?” Blitz nodded while taking a sib out of her coffee. “But, it thought that Sun shore was a city of opportunities.” Rarity said with some disappointment in her voice.

Blitz sat down her cup. “Rarity, I’m a pegasus who loves to fly and had a part time job with the weather team before I moved, Sun shore is a city with sun 24/7, there wasn’t a weather team there. I took the job I could get.” She then smack a had on the table. “But enough about me, I want to talk about you two and the elements of harmony.” That gave Blitz two surprised look. “What? I read the papers.” She said with a rolled with her eyes. Blitz waited for her fiends to say something but then she notice both of them had gloomy faces. “What wrong with you two? Why do both off you looks gloomy?”

That got both Rarity and Applejack to look at each other, both was surprise and confused at the same time. Rarity asked first. “Why are you gloomy?” She asked AJ.

“That was my question to you.” Was the answer Rarity got.

Blitz in the mean time was just confused. “Ok, what the hell is going on? Aren’t you two happy to an element of harmony?” She asked her friends.

Both of them was unsure to say, Applejack decided to speak first. “I was at first, but now it feels like something is missing. I don’t know if Rarity feels the same.”

“I agree with Applejack.”

Blitz was now even more confused. “Missing? What’s missing? What are you two talking about?” She asked her friends.

Applejack spoke. “Well, I had these dreams. It’s the day Nightmare Moon came back, we are running towards the library to get some information where the elements of harmony is, when we arrived there, somepony is finding a book but I can’t see that pony.”

Blitz tilted her head to the side. “What do you mean you can’t see that that pony?”

“It all blurry, also, the pony is trying to say something, but I can’t hear the pony. I don’t even know if it’s a stallion or a mare.”

Blitz looked over to Rarity. “Do you have the same dream?” Rarity just gave her a nod.

Blitz let Applejack continued. “Then we arrived at entrance at Everfree forest and there stands another figure, it’s same as first, I can’t see who it is or hear the figure. it’s same on our way to the castle that’s in the forest, I can’t see or heard the two figure that following us, but it feels like I know them. Then we arrive at the castle, the two figures stay outside while the rest of us walk in to castle to find the elements. After that, I can’t remember what happens.”

Blitz had listen to what Applejack had said and one thing is sure, she didn’t lie, she can’t. She looked over to Rarity who just gave her a nod that confirmed it, they had the same dream.

“Let me get this straight, you have the same dream when it comes to what happened the night Nightmare Moon came back, you both see two figures that you can’t see or hear, am I right?” They both nodded. “That can’t be a coincidence, I think something ells happened that night.” Blitz told her friends.

“Like what?” Rarity asked her.

“How should I know? I’m not an expert in dreams, do I look like princess Luna?” They just gave her a blank stare, she just gave them a confusing look. “What?”

“Why do we always mention a princess in a situation like this?” Rarity asked her.

Blitz just shrugged her shoulders. “Don’t know, I never thought about.” She took a sip from her cup. “Enough of that.” She put the cup down on the table. “I want to know about the fox that lives her in Ponyville.” She leaned on the table.

Rarity. “What do want to know?”

Blitz. “Is he single?” When her friends heard that they gave her an amusing look. “What? I’m allowed to ask.” Both of them had an amusing smile on their faces. “Oh, shut up, both of you.” Blitz just leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms.

Rarity couldn’t help but laugh of Blitz behaver, then her face became serious. “I’m not sure if Fox is interested in a relationship, is last relationship ended on a bad note.”

Blitz was now intrigue, “Oh? What happened?”

Rarity wonder of should tell her. “I might just tell you, you will found out eventually.”

Rarity started to tell, and Blitz listen closely, Rarity told her about Gilda and how she made mayhem throughout the whole day, then she came to the part and how Fox was the one to blame for Gilda’s black eye and how he got punch in the face by Dash and slapped in the face by his ex marefriend. Then she said what happened after the party.

Blitz listen, and she was shocked. “Let me get this right, this Gilda was angry at Fox because he interrupted her for punching a pony named Fluttershy, then she decided to give her self a black eye and tell Rainbow Dash that Fox gave her a black eye, which he didn’t. Nopony wanted to listen to him and after the party, Gilda blame him for what happened to her after he left and gave him the scar on his left eye. Did I get that right?” She asked Rarity.

“Pretty much.” Rarity answered.

Blitz was in shocked, she couldn’t believe that he got treated like that. “What’s wrong with ponies in this town? They heard on thing and that’s what they believe?” She stared to rub her forehead. “Unbelievable, I would never do that.” Both of her friends believe her in that last statement.

After that they talk some more and went home when evening came.

Author's Note:

This is the last part and I would like to apologise for the ending, I just wanted to be done with this.

Here’s a question; what kind of dreams are Rarity and Applejack having?

Next chapter is Winter wrap up, considring one off you have been waiting for that chapter.