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Team Harmony - Norwegian boy

What would happened if there had been more then 6 elements of harmony?

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Green Is Not Her Color

Modelling, I know absolutely nothing about it, just that the girls are super thin. Fleur isn’t that so that’s something. But I know this, there’s one pony in Equestria that shouldn't be a model and that’s Fluttershy.

It’s have been a week since I help Rarity with gems, and she managed to make enough dresses for Sapphire Shore. That’s something, and I guess I have to thank those three mutts… hell no.

I went to see Sunset and told her what happened to me with the Diamond dogs and she had no clue of what happened, she had never heard about someone who isn’t magical to do what I did. The only conclusion she came up with was there was still some magic in my body that gave me a power boost, she didn’t say power boost, she said magic boost, power boost sounds cooler. I then ask her if the magic was dangerous, considering she couldn’t scan me, her answer was that she didn’t know. That’s just great.

I was currently walking to the spa with Fleur and Rarity, the last one had a ridiculous hat on her head, it has peacock on it. Animals vandalizing, that’s all I have to say about it.

The two ladies was walking in front of me, talking. “I can’t believe that you managed to get Fox to go to the spa Fleur.” I am not sure how she managed to do it either.

“It was easy, I just told him that if he didn’t, I would be mad at him for a while.” That was the reason, bloody mare.

“I agree to ONE massages and that’s it.” I told them as I crossed my arms, I then looked at Rarity. “Are you sure that Shy is ok with that me and Fleur are joining you two?”

“I haven’t asked her yet, but I am sure she is ok with that.” I’m not so sure about it.

When we finally arrived, we went in and we could see that Shy was already there, reading a magazine and she was surprised to see me and Fleur, that’s for sure. “So sorry that I am late Fluttershy, I ran into Fleur and Fox who was also on their way to the spa. I hope you don’t mind that I invited them.” I somehow felt violated just begging here, a spa isn’t for guys, in my option.

I could see Louts behind the counter, she was a pony with blue fur, her hair and tail was pink and see was surprised to see me, I don’t think she surprised to see Fleur, considering she had been here before. Back to Shy. “I don’t know Rarity.” She said while rubbing her arm.

Rarity was about to respond but Fleur beat her to it. “Don’t worry Fluttershy, I am not going to get in your way for your weekly spa day. I usually do this by myself but not today.” She then looked at me with a sexy look? I don’t know why, probably for mud on my face.

“I agreed to a massages and nothing more, there no way in hell you are putting stuff on my face.” Rarity didn’t like my languages but at this moment I didn’t care at all.

“Relax Fox, I am just having a little fun.”

“It’s not funny.” I rub my forehead. “Can we get this over with? I want to do this before Falco finds out or I won’t heard the end of it.”

Louts smiled. “Of course, Aloe.”

We heard some noises in another room. “One moment.” Another pony walked into the waiting room and it was Aloe, twin sister to Louts. She had pink fur, her hair and tail was blue, the exact same colour as Louts but just reversed. She was surprised to see me just like her sister. “Louts, why is Fox here?” I have asked myself the same question.

“He is here for a massages, can you take care of him while I help Fleur and the others.”

“Yeah, sure.” She wasn’t entirely sure I could hear it, she said it low.

That made her sister smile. “Great, if the you three will follow me.” She told the girls and walk off with them. To where, I have no idea and I don’t care.

That left me alone with Aloe and boy was it awkward, considering I had never talk with them before and knew absolutely nothing about them. I think I heard that Aloe had a crush on me, but she was too shy to ask me out. Oh well.

We just stood there, looking at each other. Then I decided to ask her “Well? Where are we going?”

That made her jump a little. “Oh right, if you will follow me.” She walked back into the room she came out of and I followed her.

Once I steep inside the room, I could see something that look like a massage table, I am not an idiot.

Aloe walked over to the table. “You can take of your clothes.”

I raised an eye brown of what she said. “Excuse me?”

She found some bottles. “I need you to take of your clothes so I can give you are a massage.” What? All my clothes?

“Do you even know what kind of massage I want?”

That just confused her. “I thought you wanted a full body massage.”

Hell no. “No, I just want an massage of my back, I am not striping every cloth I have on me.” That made her blush and I didn’t care.

She recover fast. “Fine, then take of your jacket and shirt and lay down on the table.” She was now a little annoyed, whatever.

I did as she said and took of my clothes on my upper body, then I lay down on my stomach. I place my arms to my side and my head in the hole that was made for once head. I then waited but nothing happened.

“Are you going to give me a massage or are you just going to stand there?” I asked her with some irritation.

“Yyyes, of course.” She stutter a little and I think I know why but I said nothing.

Then she started and she began with my shoulders and it felt like heaven, I have never gotten a massage before and it felt good.

“Your muscles are tense Fox, when were the last time you get a massage?”

“Never.” I somehow managed to say that.

I am not sure what happened after that, I enjoyed the whole thing so much that I lost contact with reality. I came back when Aloe said something.

“There, we are finished.”

I am not sure how, but I managed to get up from the table and boy I felt great. For over ten years I had felt like hell in my back and now I felt light, I sat up and rubbed my shoulders, they felt good.

“Wow, you know of to give a massage.” I wonder how long I lay there, oh well.

I was sitting with my back to Aloe, so I didn’t see her, but I knew she was smiling. “Thanks, I am proud of my talent.”

She is modest, I like that. “How much do I owe you?”

She walked to the door. “This one is on the house.”

I was surprised, that’s for sure. “Are you sure about that?” She just nodded. “Alright.” I jump of the table and grabbed my clothes that I had placed on a chair. “I have never said no to things that is free.” I told her while walking out the door and into the waiting area.

Aloe watch as Fox walk out of the room, once he was out, she closed the door and walked over to another one. She open it and walked through it to another room where she could see her sister helping the girls with a mud bath. Fleur was just relaxing while Rarity was talking with Fluttershy, if you could call it talking with each other. Rarity was doing most of the talking.

Louts heard her sister enter the room. “Aloe, how did it go with Fox? Did he enjoy the massage.”

Aloe didn’t listen, she walked straight to Fleur. “Fleur.” The ex supermodel opened her eyes. “How well do you know Fox?”

Fleur tilted her head to the side. “Well, I have date him for a month now, but he doesn’t talk much about himself, why do you ask?”

Aloe bite her lower lips. “His back, it covert with scars.” That made Fleur’s eyes to widen, Rarity stopped talking and let out a gasp, Fluttershy was in shock and almost past out, while Louts dropped a bottle on the floor, and it shatter.

Then Fleur asked. “What do you mean his back is full of scars?”

Aloe just gave her a deadpan star. “It just what I said, his back is full of scar and I am sure he have had them for a while. Do you know how he got them?”

The girls didn’t know what to say, Rarity and Fluttershy have known Fox the longest and they didn’t know. It was a little difficult when Fox never talks about his past, they have tried a few time but he refuses to talk about it, so they stop asking.

“I don’t know, as I said before, he doesn’t talk about his past and I have never seen him without a shirt before, the only one who know what has happened to him must be Falco.”

That made Rarity snort. “That brut, how can he know about Fox’s scars?”

That made Fleur roll her eyes. “I know that you don’t like him, but he has known Fox since childhood, they are best friends after all.”

Rarity tried to say something, but nothing came to mind. “You have a point there, but I still don’t like taking to him. He’s always so rude when I am around.”

Fleur couldn’t help but giggle a little ‘I wonder why.’ She thought for herself.

They finished up, got dress and went out in waiting room, there they saw Fox sitting on one a chair reading a magazine for mares. “My dear Fox, I never thought you had in you.” Fleur couldn’t help but teas him for that.

“Oh, haha. What ells are I am going to read? This meant for female not boys.” I told her in annoying voice.

“You have a point.”

I place the magazine on the table. “Are you three done?” They nodded. “Good.” I stood up. “Anything happened in there?” I was curious.

Rarity said. “Nothing big, Fluttershy have agree to model for me for a famous photographer.” That made me and Fleur look at Rarity as she had lost her mind. “What? Did I say something wrong?”

I pointed a finger at Shy. “You are going to model…” I then pointed at Rarity. “…for her?” I hope I was wrong.

Shy nodded while Rarity but both hands on her hip. “I don’t see what the problem is, Fluttershy have a perfect body for modelling. Just ask Fleur.”

“Don’t drag me into this, I don’t do modelling anymore.”

“I know that, and you have refuse to help me.”

“That’s because you have asked me almost every day since I moved here, you can’t take no for an answer.”

Then they started to argue, I better stop this. “Would you both shut up.” They did. “Let’s get back to the part that Shy is going to model for you, and I have only this to say, I don’t think she wants to do it.”

“And how can you possible know that?” Really?

“That’s because she is the most shy ponies in town, she hates begging the centre of attention.”

Rarity crossed her arms. “That might be true, but she has still agree to help me.”

I wasn’t sure if I believe her, so I decided to ask Shy. “Are you sure you want to do this Shy?”

She hesitated a little. “Yes.” That was all I got.

I sighed. “Fine, if you want to do this then I am not going to stop you.” Something told me that this isn’t going to end well.

“Who is this photographer?” Fleur asked Rarity.

“That would be Photo Finish.” She said that with some pride in her voice

Photo Finish, where have I heard that name before. “Photo Finish? That pompous mare is going to take the pictures?” I guess Fleur have work with her before.

“I don’t know what the problem is, Photo Finish is one of the most famous photographer in Equestria.”

Fleur rubbed her forehead. “Yes, but she is almost one the most demanding ponies you will ever work me, trust me on this.” Somehow, I believe her on that part.

“That might be true but Fluttershy is still going to model for me.” Rarity then grabbed Shy’s arm. “Come along Fluttershy, we have to get you ready before Photo Finish arrives. I hope that some of the girls to help me.” She then walked out of the spa with Shy right behind her.

Leaving me with Fleur. “Is this Photo Finish really difficult to work with?” I had to know.

Now she rubbed her head with both hands. “Yes, I work with her before I moved here and it was a living hell. Let’s just leave it at that.” I decided not press the issue.

“So, do you want to get something to eat?” I was hungry and I was hoping she was to.

“No, I think I am going for a walk. If Photo Finish is coming to Ponyville, I really don’t want to be near her.”

I nodded. “Alright, see you later.” She gave me a kiss and walked off, I decided to head to a café and get something to eat, that massages made me hungry.

Fleur arrived at her destination, Sweet Apple Acres. She wanted answered about Fox’s pat and there was one pony, that have been a bird, that can help her. She walked through the gate and towards the main house were see could see Applejack who was sitting on a chair.

AJ was taking a break from the morning chore and then she notice someone coming towards the house and she was a little surprised when she saw who it was. “This is a surprise, what are Fleur de Lis doing on my farm? Now that I think about it, this is the first time I have seen you’re here.” Applejack greeted her. Applejack was the first ‘real’ friend Fleur made in Ponyville, her and Fluttershy.

Fleur walked toward her. “Hello Applejack, I was hoping to talk Falco, is he around?”

“Yup, he’s painting the barn with my brother.” She pointed her thumb towards the barn.

Fleur thanked AJ and walked towards the barn. It didn’t take long before she got there and they were not painting the front of the barn, so she walked to right to see if they were there, they were. She rounded the corner and could see Mac and Falco with paintbrushes, cans of paint and they had also lay down plastic on the ground so they wouldn’t spill on the grass.

“Man, this is boring.” Falco said in annoyance while moving his brush up and down.

“Your that one who wanted to work here.” Mac told him.

“Yeah, I know but this was not what I had in mind. I was hoping to work in the field and kicking down apples from trees, working on my strength, not painting a barn.” Mac decided not to answer, just rolled his eyes.

Fleur coughed to get their attention. “Hello, miss Fleur, what can we do for you today?” Mac asked her.

“Hello Mac, I was hoping to have a talk with Falco in private.”

The stallions gave each other a glance before Mac just shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t mind, I have to take a bathroom break anyway.” Said Mac while putting his brush in one of the cans, he then started to walk.

“I like you better when you just say one word.” Falco told him. They both heard Mac say ‘eyup’ as he disappeared around the corner. “I have no idea what to think about that guy.” Then it was just Falco and Fleur. “So, what can I do for you Fleur?” He asked her while painting.

“Yes, I was hoping you could tell me about Fox’s past.”

“Why do you want to know about his past?” He asked while not taking his eyes from the wall.

“Every time I ask about his past he refuses to answer, what happened to him that he won’t talk about it.”

Falco was silence for a few seconds before answering. “I can give you one word, pain.”

Fleur raised an eye brown of his answer. “Pain? What do you mean pain?” Not the answer she was expecting.

“Listen.” He stopped painting to looked at her. “I understand that you want to know about his past and I could tell you, but I promised not to do and the only thing I can say that there’s more pain then happiness in his past, he has gone through a loot and when he’s ready, he will tell you. You just have to be patience.”

Fleur was shock when she heard that most of Fox’s past was bad, now she felt bad for asking about his past.

“Is the scars on his back also a pain?”

This time it was Falco turn to raise an eye brown. “How do you know about his scars? I don’t think he has taken of his shirt when others were around, ever.”

“Aloe saw them and she…”

Falco hold up a hand to cut her off. “Wow wow, did you just say that Aloe saw them?” Fleur nodded. “That means that he went to the spa, is the correct?” She nodded again. “Why didn’t anyone tell me? I wanted to see him at the spa, so I could make fun of him and now I have missed that chance. Dame it.” He then started to jump up and down in frustration.

Fleur wasn’t sure what to believe right now, a few seconds ago she was talking to and adult, right now it looked like she was talking to an eight year old foal. A thirty seven years old foal.

“Can we get back on topic here?” Fleur asked him.

Falco managed to calm down. “Sorry. Like I said before, I promised him not tell anyone, so you just have to be patient.” It was the same answer and she was still not happy, and Falco saw that. “Look, I have never seen Fox so happy when he’s around you and I am pretty sure he trust you. You just have to be patience and he will tell you.”

Fleur was happy when she heard what Falco said. “Thanks, I appreciate it. I think I will just wait for him to tell me, thanks for the talk Falco.” She waved him good bye and walked towards the town to find Fox.

It didn’t take long before she found him, she just asked around. He was sitting by one of the tables at the local café, reading the paper.

She sat down at other side of the table. “Did you have a good talk with Falco?” He asked her without taking his eyes of the paper.

Fleur’s eyes widen when she heard that. “How did you know?”

“I didn’t, you just told me.” Fleur smacked herself in the face for that one. “I also figured it out.” Before she could ask how. “When I had my massages Aloe, she hesitated with the massages, probably because of my scars. Then I am pretty sure that she went and told you about them, asking if you knew about them, which you don’t. And the last part, you were coming from AJ’s farm where Falco is working.” He place the paper on the table. “So, you want to know about my scars and my past?”

She hesitated before answering. “Well, yes. You don’t talk about it and I would really like to know, you know about my past so why can’t I know about your, don’t you trust me?”

She had a point. “Look, it’s not I want to talk about my past, it’s just mostly bad memories and I will tell you when I am ready, alright?” She just nodded in understanding. “Also, I do trust you.” She smiled when I said that. “On to other things, I saw a pony with the most ridiculous outfit I have ever seen, it was combination of black, white and purple and she was also wearing glasses with was black which had purple lenses.” Fleur just gave me blank look. “I am guessing that was Photo Finish.”

“Yes.” A short answer which I expected.

“I also looked like she didn’t expect to see me, considering she just huffed, and they carried her away?”

Fleur placed both hands over her eyes. “You got to be kidding me, are they still carrying her around? She did that last time.” She slammed a hand on the table. “She have two legs and she can use them.” Wow, I didn’t know that this Photo Finish was this demanding.

Then I spotted her. “Well, you can talk to her yourself.” She just gave me a confusing look. “Considering they are carrying her towards the park.”

“What are you…? I just pointed at them behind her, she turned around and she saw Photo heading towards the park. “What the hell is that pony doing?” She got up. “I better find out.” She walked towards the park.

Now, I normally don’t care about fashion and that stuff, but this was something I had to see. I got up and followed them.

When we arrived, I could see that they were getting ready to take some photos. I don’t know, I have no idea how this crap work. Rarity was standing by a coat stand which had different dresses and Flutershy, who was wearing a green dress with some flowers? She was wearing a headband which also had flowers. Also, Rarity looked sad, I have no idea why.

They were talking. “I can’t Rarity.”

“Oh, but you must Fluttershy. Photo Finish wants to make you a star, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. I know we we’re all hoping it would be my lifetime, but none the less, you can’t throw it away this chance. You must do this for me. You must, you must, you must.” That was probably the most bullshit I had ever heard, I want to say something, but Fleur beat me to it.

“What are you doing Rarity?” They both looked din our direction. “That’s not how modelling works.” She walked over to them. “You can’t force Fluttershy to do this, she has to want to.”

“But, he has to do it for…” Fleur raised a hand to silence her.

“No, I will not allow this.” She then looked at Shy. “Fluttershy, I want you to look me into my eyes and tell me that you want to do this, if you say yes then I won’t stop you.”

Before Shy could do that. “Fluttershy, it is time to make… de magics.”

“Not now Finish, I am trying to have a civil conversation here, something you can’t.”

Photo Finish wasn’t that happy to see Fleur. “Fleur, what are you doing here?” She asked while walking towards the three mares.

“I am here to try and prevent you for destroying Fluttershy’s life.” Destroying Shy’s life? That sound bad.

“I am not destroying ponies life, I create magic.” She said that while raising an arm? Drama queen. “If we are to talk about destroying life, let’s talk about that you move to this town and are dating…” She looked me up and down. “…this thing.” Did she just call me a thing.

Fleur was no in Photo Finish face. “Call Fox a ‘thing’ one more time and I will break both of your arms.” She went back to Shy, leaving a terrified Photo Finish.” Now, back to what I was doing before I was interrupted.” She looked at Shy one more time and into her eyes. “Fluttershy, do you want to be a model, yes or no?”

At first it didn’t look like Shy wanted to answer at all, but she did it eventually. “No, I don’t want to be a model.” She told Fleur while shaking her head.

Fleur was happy by the answer she got. “Good to know.” She then turned her attention to Rarity. “And you.” Rarity froze. “How dare you try and live your dream through her, that’s something you don’t do to a friend, especially the one you say that’s your best friend.”

Rarity look down on the ground with folded ears. “You are right Fleur I shouldn’t live my life through Fluttershy.” She look up with some tears in her eyes. “I hope that you are not mad at me Fluttershy.”

Shy walked over to her and gave her a hug. Ponies and hugs, I still don’t understand it. “Don’t worried about it Rarity, the reason I said yes was because you wanted me to do it.”

They broke the hug. “I appreciate it Fluttershy, but as Fleur said I shouldn’t live me dream through you. I will get famous another way.”

“Wait a minute.” We all looked at Photo Finish, who didn’t look happy. “I still have to create the magic.”

Fleur walk to her. “No, you don’t, I am pretty sure that Fluttershy didn’t sign a contract with you and therefor you don’t have any power over her, so I suggest you take your ‘magic’ somewhere ells.”

They just started at each other I was just wondering who would throw the first punch. “Fine, I will find another pony to create my magic.” Photo Finish turned to her assistant. “We go.” Two stallion came and lifted her up on a platform and walked away, oh brother. Wait, no fight? Dame it.

Fleur huffed after she was gone. “Good riddance.” She walk back to use. We had watch the whole thing and I don’t know about the girls, but I thought the whole thing was pretty impressed. “Now, let’s get you out of that dress and back to your normal clothes, something tells me that you are uncomfortable in it.” Fleur said the Shy.

Shy looked down on the dress. “Yes, this isn’t something I like to wear.”

Fleur smiled at that. “Come on, I walk you home.”

Shy look at Rarity. “Talk to you tomorrow Rarity.” She said while walking away.

We waved good bye to them, leaving me alone with the fashion diva. “Are you going to be ok Rarity?” I asked her.

She let out a sigh. “Yeah, I think so. Fleur was right, I was about to live out my dream through Fluttershy.” She rubbed her arm. “I guess I was a little jealous that Photo Finish chose her and left me out of it.”

“It’s sounds you learn a lesson, don’t use your friends for your own ambitions.”

She actually chuckled a little of what I said. “You are so right Fox.” She then looked in the direction where Fleur and Shy. “But, I couldn’t help but see that there were some tension between Fleur and Photo Finish.”

“You don’t know?”

She just gave me a confusing look. “Know what?”

“Photo Finish is the reason that Fleur gave up modelling.”

Rarity’s eyes widen when I said that. “What? Did she tell you?”

I shocked my head. “It happened right after I arrived here, so it was in the newspaper from Canterlot. I am surprised that you didn’t read it” Yes, I knew who Photo Finish was but it was so long ago that I forgotten it.

Her face became a little red. “I usually don’t read paper form Canterlot.” That explain it. “Why did she quit?”

I had to think for a moment. “I don’t remember everything, but I think it I read that Photo Finish said something that Fleur was too old to be a model.”

Rarity gasp when she heard that’ “That’s not very nice, I don’t think that she is too old to be a model.”

I smiled when I heard that. “I think she would appreciate those words.”

“Yeah.” She then look at her stag of clothes. “I better get go home I think I am going to take a long warmth bad, talk to you tomorrow Fox.” We waved good bye to each other.

Then it was just me, alone. I just stood there, think that we prevented something, I am not sure what. Just shrugged my shoulders and decided to head home. Before I started to walk, I just realized something. Falco knows that I have been at the spa.


Author's Note:

it's not my best chapter, that's for sure.

Yes, I know that the chapter is different from original episode but so are the story. I am trying to write the story different from the show.