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Team Harmony - Norwegian boy

What would happened if there had been more then 6 elements of harmony?

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One Stubborn Apple

Apple buck season is time of the year when the apples have to come down and since I can help anymore because my legs are now normal and Mac hurt himself, AJ said that she will do it alone. This can’t end well.

The first day of apple buck season stared as usual, that means that AJ waking me up. By slamming the door open. “Rise and shine Fox, it’s time to buck those trees.” After three months I still can’t wake up a 6 am in the morning, I think is I’m too old for this carp.

I sat up in the bed trying to get my eyes to open. “AJ, you have to stop coming in with force it’s not good for the door.” I was not lying there the door was in bad shape.

“Don’t bother yourself with minor details, now get your butt up from the bed and get ready to help me in buking those trees.”

I yawn. “How the hell am I going to do that?” I asked her.

“Duh, with your legs of course, are they not made of metal?” I showed her my right foot and let me tell you she was surprised. “How? How is that possible? I could swear that they were metal, how did you do that?”

“I did not do anything they have been like this always.” I hate lying especially to AJ.

“No this is some trick they can’t be real.”

I wiggle my toes. “They look and feels real to me.” She walked over my bed and poked my foot with her finger, I’m glad I’m not ticklish.

“Then is just me and Mac.”

“Don’t you remember? Mac hurt his back yesterday.”

“Then it just me?” I nodded. “Then I will get all of the apples down by myself.”

“AJ, don’t be an idiot. You can’t do it by yourself you need help.”

“Do you know who I am?”

I knew where this is going. “Unfortunately yes.”

“I’m Applejack the most loyalty of all ponies in Ponyville and I will get ever apple down this down this season all by myself.” After that she stormed out.

I just lay there in my bed staring at the door. “Why are the Apple family so stubborn?”

I did my business in bathroom, got dressed and ate breakfast. AJ was not there, no surprise there and then I went into town. It’s been three days since ever pony in town had gotten their memory altered, me and Sunset are the only one that know the truth. On other hand, Twilight has moved to town.

When it comes to Sunset and Sparkle, they talked and Sparkle apologise but Sunset was still mad at her so she banned Sparkle from the library. That shocked me and Sparkle, she said she needed the library for her studies but when Sunset makes up her mind it’s very difficult change it. I actually thought that Sparkle was going to have a heart attack. So for now she is staying at the local motel in town until she finds a house.

Right now I was on my way to the library to talk to Sunset about the situation but before I got there the ground stared to shake, I’m not joking it actually stared to shake.


That was Dash that’s for sure then I saw a dust cloud coining towards the town so I ran towards it, running towards it may not be the smartest thing to do but my instincts kick inn. When I got a little closer I could see what it was cows, many cows. How do you stope a rampaging herd with cows? Right now I wish I had my arwing.

Then she appeared, AJ. She and Winona manged to steer them away from Ponyville, after the cows had left I walked over to AJ.

“What was that about?”

“They just saw a snake and that scared them.”

“That’s it? A snake caused the stamped?” She nodded. “If you say so, should you be harvest some apples?”

“I’m fully aware at my duty but I could not let the town get destroyed.”

She just walked of and she was not happy that’s for sure, I went back to town and apparently the want to throw AJ a party and give her an award. Good luck with that.

One week later and they were ready to give AJ her award, I was standing on the stage leaning against wall watching Rarity hang up giant banner with apple in the middle.

“Is Applejack ready?” Sparkle.

“Actually, I’ve haven’t seen her all week.” Dash.

“Not since the stamped.” Pinkie.

“She will be here for sure, Applejack is never late.” Don’t count on it Dash.

I looked over the crowed that has showed up, I could see Rarity, Dash, Pinkie and Shy, I think almost all of Ponyville is here. I did not she Sunset anywhere, weird. I watch as Sparkle walked up on stage and up to a podium she had her a punch of cards, why she has them I have no idea.

“Welcome everypony, today we are here to honour a pony we can always count on help in maters great and small.” She went to another card. “A pony contributes…”

Then Dash interrupted her. “Did you see Applejack slick moves out there? What an athletic, this week she is going to help me with my new flying trick and I now it’s going to be so awesome.”

Sparkle bush her out of the way. “Exact ally, and…” Then Pinkie pop up, this should be good.

“This weak I got to run Sugarcube corner for the first time.”

“What’s that to do about Applejack?”

Pinkie blinked a few times. “Oh, Applejack one of the best bakers ever is going to help me. Applejack makes everything great so free samples for everpony.” Then the crowd stared to cheer.

She is going to have AJ help her back this week? I’m not going to taste whatever they make, that’s for sure.

“Okay that’s great.” Sparkle pushed Pinkie away. “Now if I could make point without…”

Then Shy came up on the stage. “Twilight.”


You go Shy. “Twilight, I’m so sorry but I just want to mention that Applejack is also helping me with the official puny census where we count up all the new bunny’s that were born this season, she is going to help gathering them using her amazing herding skills.”

After that Twilight did not look happy. “Anyone ells? Anyone?” She looked out to the crowed, nobody said anything.

“Well then, as I was trying to say…” Then the Mayor stood there smiling. “Never mind.” She threw the cards in the air and went of the stags, I clapped for her.

“Nice speech Sparkle.” She gave me a stare that said ‘don’t mess with me now,’ I just snickered I usually don’t think this is funny but this time it was.

The Mayor cleared her throat. “So, without no future ado it is my privilege to give this prized pony of Ponyville award to our guest of honour, a pony of the most trustworthiness, reliability and integrity, Ponyville’s own APPLEJACK.“ The currant open and AJ was not there, The Mayor looked at me for answered I just shrugged my shoulders. “Well, this is a little awkward." You got that right.

“I’m here.” In the grows I could see a stetson hat coming to the stage she had sack of apples on her back, when she finally arrived I could see bag under her eyes. She walked up to the mayor.” “Miss mayor, thank you kindle for this award thing. It’s so bright and shine.” She actually stared to laugh. “I sure look funny.” I don’t know what she did next, she stared to make who noises at the trophy and then came Pinkie and stared to do the same. Those that pony take anything seriously?

Then Sparkle walked up on the stage. “Okay, well thank you Applejack for saving us scary stamped.” Scary? Yeah right. “And always being there for everypony.”

AJ yawn. “Yeah, I like helping pony folks and stuff…” Then she fell asleep, she more tiered than I imagined. She woke up and drag away probably back to the farm, then the girls stared to talk.

Sparkle. “Was it just me or did Applejack seen a little…”

Dash. “Tired,”

Shy. “Dizzy.”

Rarity. “Messy.” What? “Well, did you see her mane?” Good lord.

I didn’t listen to Pinkie I walked after a certain pony back to the farm, when I arrived at farm she was kicking those trees and let me tell she was tired and then she fell asleep for a second. She tried to kick the same tree again but miss it, she must be tired. Then she fell asleep again.

I walked over to her and nudge her on the shoulder. “AJ, waked up.” No response so I slap her on her head and that woke her up and she was not happy.

“What the hay Fox? Why did you hit me on the head?”

“Because you were a sleep. AJ, you can’t do this by yourself you need help.”

She went right to my face. “You listen to me buster because I’m just going to say this once; I DO NOT NEED ANY HELP. Now can you step aside so I can get back to work.” I just groan and shock my head and did as said. “I told you to step aside.”

“I just did.” She looked at me and then back at where I was just standing.

“Oh, good. Now I need to get back to work.”

With that she waddled back to another tree, I just groaned, took an apple and walked towards the exit. Once I reached the exit I met a certain purple unicorn. “Don’t bother Sparkle, I already tried and she won’t listen.” He just gave me a confused look.

After that unsuccessful attempt to try to convince her I found tree and sat under it trying to think of an away to convince her that she need help but then I heard something, I looked up and heading towards me was a rainbow streak with a touch of blue. I didn’t move, why? Because considering the angle she was going to hit the tree and not me and I was right, she hit the tree very hard.

I took a bite of the apple and looked up and there was Dash hanging from a branch. “So Dash, how is it hanging?” I know it was cheesy but I couldn’t help myself, she looked down at me and she was not happy.

“Just shut up and help me down.”

“Sure, if you tell me how you ended up there.”

She sighed. “I made a catapult that would help me get some speed while flying and then Applejack send me flying when I wasn’t ready.”

I not sure if I heard that right. “Let me get this straight; you build a catapult and then you got AJ to help you? A pony that hasn’t had almost no sleep in a week?” She just had goofy smile as answered. “Does that big ego that you have get in the way reasonable decision?” She was about to answered but I cut her off. “You know what? I don’t want to know the answered.” I got up and headed for the farm, again.

“Hey.” I stop and looked over my shoulder. “Are you going to help me down or what?”

“You got yourself up there you can get yourself down.”

When I arrived I could see AJ, she was picking up apples that had fallen to the ground but when she tried to get up she hit her head on a branch and let me tell you it looked like it hurt. I walked over to her.

“AJ, we ned to talk.”

“Can bees squawk, I don’t think so.”

“I said can we TALK.”

“Twenty stalks, ben or celery?”

I slap a hand on my face and let it go down it. “WE NEED TO TALK.”

“You need to walk to the zoo, well who’s stopping ya?”

Something told me that when she hit her head something must have happened to her hearing, so I scream even louder. “I NEED TO TALK YOU.”

“Oh, why didn’t ya say so, what do you want to talk about?”

“I had visit from Dash just now.”

“That’s quite neighbourly of her.”

“That’s because you launched her from a catapult.”

She hung her head. “Oh yeah, I wasn’t feeling very good when I help her.”

“That’s because you been working too hard and need help.”

“Kelp, I don’t need kelp, I don’t even like seaweed.”

God help me. “I SAID YOU NEED HELP.”

“I said it before and I’ll say it again I don’t need help.” She turned around but she hit her head in the same branched as before. “Now if you excuse me, I got go and help Pinkie Pie.”

I have meet some stubborn animals in my life but she takes the cake that’s for sure, it’s about time I get some help and I know just the pony.

After I picked up Sunset at library then we went to Sugarcube corner to stop AJ.

“So let me get this straight; she hasn’t slept in over a week and now she helping ponies around town?” I nodded. “What’s she thinking?”

“She is not, she is so stubborn that she letting her pride as an apple get in her way for common sense.”

But before we arrived at Sugarcube corner we notice Nurse Red heard standing outside a tent writing on a clip board, so we walked over to her.

“Yo Red, what’s going on?”

She looked up from her clip board. “Fox and Sunset, I was expecting Twilight.”

“Why was you expecting her?” Sunset asked her.

She opened the curtain so we could see inside the tent and what we saw was at least half town laying on beds, when I saw see Derpy lie there I knew exactly what happened.

“Let me guess, you had a muffin disaster.” I asked Red

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Derpy is her.” I looked at Sunset. “Sunset, I want you get Thunderlane and the others and meet me at AJ’s farm.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to convince AJ.”

Finding AJ was the easy part you just followed the sound of someone kicking a tree, when I finally found her I could see her still trying to kick a tree. She could barely stand up, I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her against a tree.

“What the hay Fox? Your interrupting my work.”

I slap her in the face. “Shut the hell up AJ and listen you stubborn asshole.” Her eyes widened when I said that. “You got to stop this and let other’s help you, you can’t do this by yourself and you know it.” She tried to break free from my grip but she was too weak. “Do you want to work yourself to death?” That got her to stop. “Because if you keep this up that will happen.”

She relaxed and sank to the ground, she started to cry. “I just want to do this by myself.”

I sat down beside her. “I know AJ but you can’t do this by yourself and you know it, put aside that pride and let me help you.”

She looked me right in the eyes and sighed. “Alright Fox, you win. Are you sure you can do this by yourself?”

“No, unlike you I gladly asked someone for help.” Right on cue came Sunset with Thunderland and the others. “Why don’t you get some rest at the house while we work.”

“That’s sound like a good idea.” She stood up. “Somepony needs to tell Fluttershy that I won’t able to help her.”

I put a hand on her should. “Don’t worry I tell her while you get some rest.”

She walked towards the house and turned too Sunset and the boys. “Alright, you guys get to work. Once I been to Fluttershy I will join you.” With that we got to work.

After I had talk to Shy who understood the situation offer to help AJ but I told her that the baby bunnies need her more than AJ, she tried to argue but in the end she accepted that they need her. When I got back to the farm Sunset and the other was well underway bucking and plucking apples, Sunset even used her magic to get the apples down. She noticed that I arrived.

“Nice you to join use Fox.”

I just rolled my eyes. “Hey I had the most difficult assignment that was to convince AJ to let us help her.”

“You have point there, now get to work.”

I did a mock saluted. “Yes ma’am.” With that said I went to work but I did not get very far.

“What the hay is going on.”

We all looked in direction of the voice and it was Twilight and she was angry.

“Great timing Sparkle you can give us a hand.”

“Do you mean that you convinced Applejack to let you all help her?” I nodded. “You were not supposed to do it, I was.”

I looked at the others to see if they understand what she meant but they were just as confused as I was.

“Does it matter who convinced her?”

“Yes, I was supposed to do it so I could write what I learned too Princess Celestia.”

After she said that she ran away back to town, I looked at other again for answered. “Did anyone of you understand what she meant?” They all shook their head, I had a hunch what she meant but I had to keep my mouth shut.

We finally manged to get back to work and let me tell you time flies when you are working, it stared to get dark when we were finished for the day. When we arrived back at the house with the last of the basket with apples AJ stood on terrace with sodas.

“I thought you guys were thirsty.”

“You have no idea AJ.” We all took a bottle. “How are you feeling?”

“Better, I need to sleep. I guess asking for help is not a bad thing.”

I leaned against the railing. “Why are you Apples so stubborn?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know, granny said that I got it from my mom.”

I could see that her mood chance from happy too sad to I decide to change the subject.

“Sparkle was her earlier.”

“Oh, what did she want?”

“She said something that it was her that should convinced you.”

“Say what?”

I took a sip from my bottle, damn that was good. “I said that…”

“I heard you but why would she say that? I thought I knew her.”

“Well, you don’t.”

She looked at me and she was confused. “What do you mean I ‘don’t know her’?”

“How long have you know her? A couple of day? AJ, it takes months even years before you truly know someone but days? I don’t think so.”

“That makes sense, why did I say that other stuff?”

I just shrugged. “Beats me.”

Meanwhile in the only hotel in Ponyville Twilight Sparkle was sitting in her room at the desk trying to write a letter to Celestia.

“Dear princesses Celestia, today I didn’t learn anything about friendship because the fox that lives in Ponyville manged to convince Applejack to let others to help her before me. I’m sorry that I let you down, your student Twilight Sparkle.”

She rolled up the letter and was about to send it by magic but something stopped her, there was something in the back of her mind that told her not to do it. Her whole body stared to shake, it was like she couldn’t use her magic. She threw the letter on the floor and looked at her hands.

“What’s wrong with me?”

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