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Team Harmony - Norwegian boy

What would happened if there had been more then 6 elements of harmony?

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Don't Judge a Zebra by it's Looks

Zebra, the ponies in Equestria don’t know much about them but I do. Where I am from Zebra’s are common and they walked in street like normal people would do, when it comes to the Zebra that lives in the Everfree Forest. Well, the ponies in Ponyville are afraid of her. When are they going to learn not judge a book by its cover.

It was another lovely day in Equestria, the birds were singing, the wind was blowing a nice breeze. It was a lovely day indeed. A lonely pegasus stallion was walking on the main road to Ponyville, he had dark blonde mane and hair and his fur green. But what stopped out the most was the Timber wolf that was walking beside him.

“Well Woddy, we are soon in Ponyville. I hope that the ponies there are nice.” The Timber wolf named Woody just barked. “Yeah, that’s all you can say.”

But then he caught something with eyes, there was someone that was sitting by a tree, fishing by the river that was not fare from the main road. The pegasus decide to say hello to the pony, he couldn’t see that it was a pony but what else could it be.

As he got closer he could finally see who it was and boy was he shocked when he saw what was sitting by the tree; it was a fox. A fox that was as tall as him and was walking on two legs, and it spoke.

“Where the hell is the fish? I haven’t eaten meat in days and want some, I’m just glad that Shy is letting me fish.” I couldn’t help but groan over my bad luck, I been here an hour and I hadn’t caught anything. “I bet that Shy told the fish to stay away from me, I hate that she can talk to animals.”

Then I heard footsteps behind me, so I decide to see who it was. Behind me stood a pegasus and he was just staring at me, it was creping me out. “Didn’t your mother tell you that is rude to stare?” That got him to stop.

“I’m sorry, but. Are you a fox?”

A real smart one this pegasus. “What gave it away? The pointe ears? My nose or was it my teeth?” I showed him my teeth and that made him nervous. “Relax, I’m not going to eat you.” I pull my fishing rob back see if I had caught anything. “Nothing.” I got up. “That’s it, I’m done for the day.”

I was about to walk back when I saw was standing beside the stallion, it was a… “Holy shit, that’s a Timberwolf.” I pointed at the wooden thing. “What the hell is that thing doing here?”

“Don’t worry, Woody is completely harmless.”

Say what. “You call your Timberwolf Woody? What kind of name is that?”

“Why not? It’s a wolf that made wood, so why not Woody.”

I just stared at this guy. “Whatever you say.” I stared to walk back but I didn’t get very long.

“Excuse me mister fox.”

I stopped. “My name is Fox McCloud.” I turned around. “What is it?”

“I was wondering if you knew the way to Ponyville, I was think to spend the night there.”

“Just follow me and I will take you there, I suggest that your Timberwolf don’t come into town with you. There’s a high chance he will scare the ponies that live there.”

“That’s a good idea, my name is Globe Trotter by the way. Nice to meet you.” He answered with a smile, are really happy pony this guy.

When we arrived in Ponyville we saw no one and I mean no one, there wasn’t a single pony in the street and I knew the reason.

“You got to be kidding me.”

Globe scratched his head. “I heard that it was a lot off ponies in Ponyville but this looked like ghost town.” You are not far off.

“I was about to say the same thing.”

We turned to where the voice came from and walking towards was… “Colastone, what are you doing here?”

“I thought I would take you up on your offer but.” He looked around. “I guess my present has scared of every pony.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. The ponies here are just a bunch of naïve fools, follow me and I will tell you all why there are no ponies in the streets.” We headed towards Sucarcube corner.

On the way I told them why there were no ponies in town. “Are you telling me that they are afraid of a zebra?” Globe asked me while we were walking through town. “That’s just stupid, Zebra’s aren’t scary they are friendly.”

“I have to agree with pegasus boy, to be afraid of Zebra is stupid.”

Globe looked at him narrow eyes. “My name is Globe Trotter, not pegasus boy.”

“Good for you.”

I just stop listing to them as we arrived at the destination, I walked over to one of the windows and looked through them. I could see seven character, five cowardly ponies with Sparkle and Sunset. Pinkie was jumping up and down, hopping to tables and it looks like she was singing? I decide to intrude her so I knock on the window.

That got Rarity to faint, I scared Shy something I didn’t mean to do and Pinkie jump so high that she manged to grab the lamp on the celling. I open the window and poked my head inn.

“It feels so good to be appreciate in this town.” Pinkie jumped down and was about to pull me inn. “Pinkie, I swear if you are trying to drag me inn again I will boycott every party you throw from now on.” That got her to back off, I looked around the room. “This again? You know, you ponies are incredible paranoid. You did this to me when I arrived in town, expect Sparkle who wasn’t here at the time and Sunset who was actually nice to me.”

“But Fox, this is different.”

“How can this be different Pinkie? She is just a Zebra.” I pointed a Zecora who was crouching down looking for flowers on the ground. “She is a harmless Zebra while I’m carnivore, so how is this different?”

She tried to say something but nothing came out from her mouth, then Applejack decide to speak.

“She lives in the Everfree forest Fox, you have to admit that is a little strange?”

“No AJ, I don’t think that’s strange.” I sighed. “You know what? I tried to convince you all last month and that didn’t work and something tells that you are not going to listen to me this time either, you can just stay here and be paranoid. Unbelievable.”

I pulled my head out and closed the window, I walked back to Globe and Colastone.

“Sorry about that.”

Colastone just shrugged his shoulder. “Don’t worry about it, are they really afraid of a Zebra?” I just nodded, he but a hand over his eyes. “And I thought I was paranoid.”

“I don’t think that ever pony is afraid of this Zebra.” I just looked at Globe with a confused look. “Look.” He pointed at something.

I wasn’t sure what he was pointing at, all I could see was Zecora leaving but what caught my attention was the pony who followed her, Applebloom.

“What the hell is that kid doing?”

“I think she’s following the Zebra.” Way to point out the obvious Globe.

“Did you figure that all by yourself.” Colastone said with a smile on his face, Globe just gave him and angry looked but it didn’t look like it was working.

“While you two are making out I’m going to follow Applebloom and make sure she isn’t getting in trouble.”

I headed after her in hope to catch up to her before she got into the Everfree forest. When I arrived at the edge of the forest I could see her standing there looking into it, I walked up to her.

I crossed my arms. “Going somewhere?” That made her jump a few feet.

She turned around. “Fox, what are you doing here?”

“That’s my question, but here’s another. Why are you following Zecora?”

“I want prove to my sister that I am not a chilled anymore.” She looked down on the ground with her ears folded. “I hate that she treats me like it.”

Oh boy, I knew about this and I have tried to talk to AJ about this but she will won’t listen. I couldn’t help but sigh.

“Going after Zecora isn’t going to help.”

She looked up at me. “I know that but everpony in town are so afraid of her except you and Sunset, I want to know what so dangerous about her.”

I’m going to regret this and AJ is probably going to kill me that’s for sure. “If you are going in there at least let me go with you, I been in there enough to know my way.” She smiled at me. “Just don’t forget to put flowers on my grave after your sister kills me.”

We were about to go in when. “Got room for two more?” We turned around and saw Colastone and Globe walking towards us.

“What are you two doing here?” I kind of knew the answer but I asked anyway.

Colastone. “I want to find out why the ponies in this town fear this zebra so much.”

Globe. “I’m just in it for the adventure.”

Okay, I didn’t knew the answer. “Alright, all of just stay behind me.” I looked at the kid. “That goes double for you missy, got it.” She just nodded like crazy, she knew what would happened if she didn’t listen to me. We were about go into the forest when a Timberwolf came out form it. “Not that again.”

Globe walked over to wolf. “Hey Woddy.” He then stared to pet it.

Colastone leaned over to me. “Does that guy have pet Timberwolf and he calls it Woddy?” I just nodded. “Alright then.”

“Globe.” He looked at me. “I told you to leave that thing outside the villages.”

“I did, I told Woddy to stay in Everfree forest and he did.”

“I can’t argue with that.” I sighed. “Let’s get this over with.” We headed into the forest.

Three ponies, a Timber wolf and fox walking through a forest, never thought I will see that in my life. While walking Applebloom was walking closed to me, I guess that the forest and the Timberwolf made her very nervous. I put a hand on her shoulder.

“You okay?”

She shook her head. “Not really, I forgot who dark and scary it is in here.”

I was about tell her that we would be okay when we arrived at some blue flowers, I but my arms out and manged to stop them before they walked any further.

“What? Why did you stop us?” Colastone asked me, I pointed at the blue flowers. “Blue flowers? What about them?”

“That Poison joke and you don’t want to come in contact with them, trust me on this.”

I could tell that they didn’t believe me at first but they nodded and we avoided them, while walking through them we saw Zecora coming towards but she stopped not far from us. Why? Well…

“Applebloom, what the hay are you doing?” We all turned around and standing in the poison joke was AJ and the other, Sunset wasn’t there and that’s good. She walked over to us and grabbed her sister. “What were you thinking?” She then l looked at me. “And you, I thought you knew better.”

I was about to say something but Zecora bet me to it. “Beware. Beware, you pony folk. Those leaves of blue are not a joke.” I knew what she was talking about that the girls were standing in Poison joke but they wasn’t listing.

“You keep your creep mumbo jumbo to yourself, ya hear.” Mumbo jumbo, seriously?

“Beware. Beware.” She then disappeared into the mist which was pretty cool.

I then felt something hit my head, I knew who it was. “What were you thinking? Brining my little sister with you, what’s wrong with you?”

“Applejack, would you just let me explain.”

She put a hand in front of my face. “I don’t want to hear it.” She grabbed Applebloom’s hand. “When we get back to the farm we are going to have a long talk about listing to your big sister.” They walked away and we followed them.

Well outside the forest the girls went their separate ways, expect Twilight and Pinkie. Pinkie went right to Colastone and Globe.

“You two are new Ponyville aren’t you? I know, because I know every pony in town and since you two are new then I need to throw you two a party tomorrow.” And she was gone before they got to say something.

“What was that?” Colastone asked while staring at spot where Pinkie just stood.

“That’s Pinkie, she needs to throw a party to every new pony that comes to town.” I answered him.

“Hell no, I’m not going to a party with that crazy pony. I’m heading home.”

And that he did, I looked over to the unicorn. “What are you doing here Sparkle?”

“I was trying to convince my friends that they shouldn’t judge Zecora by her appearance, but it didn’t work so well as I thought.”

I couldn’t but snort of that. “Good luck with that, I have tried to do that for two months now. If I could not do I doubt you can.”

“I think your right, I’m heading home. I need to study.”

She was about to leave. “Wait a minute Sparkle, is it possible you can show Globe where the hotel is? He need a place to stay tonight.” I pointed my thumb at him.

“Sure, I can do that.” She was to walk over to him but then she saw Woddy, she screamed and hid behind me. “Don’t let that Timberwolf eat me.” I don’t usually laugh of others but this had to chuckle a little.

“Don’t worry, Woddy won’t hurt you.” He bent down and stared to bet him, the Timberwolf stared to lick him face. “See.”

Twilight walked over to them. “If you say so, I don’t think wise to take him into town.”

“I know already, Fox told me.” He said with a little annoyance in his voice.

We headed home while Woddy stayed behind in the forest, Twilight and Globe walked together towards the hotel and I could swear that I heard a little laughter as they disappeared. Me? I walked home. Once I was home I sat down and stared to read until it was bed time, I was looking forward to tomorrow.

I woke up so early I could, took a shower, ate breakfast and headed towards the library. Why? I knew that six mares would show up there and that they would be different and I wasn’t going to missed that. When I arrived, I saw Sunset standing by a bookshelf and it looks like she was organising books, she was surprised to see me.

“Fox, what are you doing her? It’s seven in the morning, did you have nightmares?” She said that last part with teasing in her voice.

What? “No, I’m here because you are going to have a visit from Twilight and the others. They step in poison joke yesterday and I’m here to see the result.”

“Really now, you want to see their misery?” She put and hand on her chest. “Fox, I’m shocked.” She said in a dramatic tone.

What the hell. “Okay, what’s wrong with you? You haven been in a bad mood ever since we went up the mountain to talked to Drake.”

“You want to know what’s wrong Fox? I’ll tell you, I’m sick of lying. I’m sick of knowing the truth about what happened at Summer Sun Celebration.” She sat down on the couch, she leaned her head back. “Why can’t we tell them?”

I sat down beside her. “I get that you’re sick of lying but that can’t be all.”

“No, you’re right. Ever since Twilight arrived into town Applejack and the other aren’t spending any time with me anymore, it’s like their have forgotten that were friends. They always hang out with her, I have been living in Ponyville for three years and I know them better than Twilight.” She but her hands on her head.

“Maybe it has something to do with the memory lose my element detected when we were testing them.”

She sat up straight. “I never thought about that, while altering their memory Celestia must somehow altered their physical behavior. I have read about that but I never thought it would be possible, interesting.” She then looked at me. “By the way, are you really going to see what happened to them with the Poison joke?”

I couldn’t help but smile. “You are correct but, I can’t wait and see what happened to them.”

“Ahh, I see. You usually don’t do this Fox.” She got up and walked towards one of the book bookshelf.

“You are correct Sunset but after what those mares did yesterday, I think they deserve it. Well, except Twilight.”

Right after I said that the door open and Twilight ran in, she closed the door and leaned against it and she was wearing a hat, a fishing hat. “Nice hat Sparkle.” She looked at me and she was not in the mood.

“What are you doing her Twilight? You have already borrowed a book and I told you that you aren’t allowed to read the book here.” Sunset said with a little anger in her voice,

“I know that but I need your help.” She walked up to her. “Something happened to me while I was sleeping and none of the books I have don’t have the answer.”

Sunset crossed her arms. “What’s the problem?” She knew what it was but I think she just messing with Twilight a little.

Twilight removed her hat and what I saw almost made me laugh, I managed to contain myself. Her horn was limp covered with blue spots, that make sense considering she love to magic and the means that her horn must suffer.

“I was brushing my hair when I notice that my horn was like this.” She pointed at her horn. “Once I had read the books I had and didn’t find the answer to my problem I panicked, I found a hat I had brought with me and I ran here as fast as I could, you need to help me Sunset. I don’t know what’s wrong.”

Now, I know that Sunset isn’t the one to turn away from a problem but in this case, I think she was enjoying herself. I could actually see a little smile on her face.

“I think it may be a curse Twilight.” Maybe a little childish but in case it’s okay.

Twilight wasn’t convinced. “A curse? Do mean that Zecora but a curse on me?”

“Who said it was Zecora?” She walked over to the bookshelf and got a book. “Read this.” She gave the book to Twilight.

“Supernaturals, I’m sorry Sunset but I don’t believe that this is curse.”

“Pft pft pft.”

We all looked at the door and there was Pinkie and her tongue was sticking out and it was covert in blue spots, it took all willpower in my body not to laugh at her. I could see that Sunset was doing the same thing.

“Pinkie, not you too.” Said Twilight.

“Pth pthf pthht.”

“I don’t understand you Pinkie.”

“I think she is saying that Zecora but a curse on her.” I was actually guessing but something told that she said exactly that.

Then we heard something crash into the library wall, I looked outside and there I saw Dash and she had trouble flying. I open a window so she wouldn’t make a hole in the wall, she flew through the window and straight into the ladder and got stuck. I knew right away what her problem was and it was hilarious.

“Dash, what happened?” What do you think Twilight?

“I’m like this because Zecora but a curse on me.” Yeah right.

“I have to agree with that.” In walked Rarity and her problem was that her hair was very long and I mean very long, it reached all the way done to her feet. Shy was standing beside her. “I also think that Zecora has put a curse on us.”

Then we heard a tiny voice. “I hate to tell you so Twilight but, I told you so.” In the door opening was Applebloom and on her shoulder, was Applejack and she was very tiny, she was just a few centimetres. This was too much for me, I fell on the floor laughing my ass of. “This is not funny Fox?”

I manged to get a hold of myself. “It’s very funny Tiny, incredibly funny.” I sat back on the couch.

Then Rarity decide to speak. “Let’s put away that it’s funny, Fluttershy seems to be fine.”

She was right but I don’t believe that for one moment.

“Fluttershy.” Twilight asked her. “Are you okay?” She just looked away trying to hide herself in her hair. “Is there something wrong with you?” Shy just gave her a nod. “Would you care to tell us?” She looked at Twilight and was about to say something but closed her mouth and looked away again.
“So… you’re not going to tell us?” Shy gave a confident nod. “Yes you’re no, or yes you will?” Then she shook her head.

I was about to ask her in a nice way but Tiny did before me, in a not so nice way. She jumped on the table. “Good gravy girl, what’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” I was shocked when she spoke, her voice sounded like a man. A man with a very deep voice. I didn’t think this was funny at all I actually like her voice, that isn’t funny this is just cruel.

Then Globe walked into the library. “What’s going on in here? I have seen ponies go…” His eyes widen when he saw the girls and he had trouble finding the right words, I think. “What happened here?”

Dash manged to get lose from the ladder. “I’ll tell you pal, a zebra named Zecora but a curse on us.”

“It’s not a curse.” Twilight exclaimed, she was about to say something but her mouth was closed by Sunset magic.

“This is my library Twilight and I don’t like when others are yelling, are we clear?” She said the last part in a dark tone, she then looked at the other’s. “That goes for all of you.” They all nodded.

I got up from the couch when I notice Applebloom sneak out the door. “Well, this has been fun but I things to do and place to be.” I wasn’t wrong about that part, but first I walked over to Sunset. “I’ll try and talking to AJ and the others when it comes to what we talk before the girls arrived, okay?” She just gave me nob and I headed towards the door, I grabbed Globe on the way out.

Well outside we walked towards the Everfree forest where I knew Applebloom was headed.

“What’s going on Fox? And what was wrong with those girls?” He asked me.

“Do you remember those blue flowers we almost step in yesterday?” He nodded. “Those are called poison joke and they are the reason the girls are the way they are.”

“Are you telling me that those blue flowers are reason they looked like they are?” I nodded. “Is that even possible?”

“Considering it’s the Everfree forest, yes, it’s possible.”

“Okay then, where are we going exactly?”

“We are going to the only one that can fix them but first, we are going to catch up to Applebloom. Before she does anything stupid.”

We picked up our pace. When we arrived at edge at the forest we saw Applebloom just standing there, déjà vu. “Going somewhere?” that made her jump in the air.

She turned around. “Fox, it’s not what you think.”

“Oh really? It looks like you are going into the forest to see Zecora to help your sister and her friends, how far off am I?”

She tried to come up with answer but no luck. “Okay, it actually like you think but it’s my fault. If I haven’t gone after Zecora in the first place none of this would have after.”

I bent down and but a hand on her shoulder. “Look Applebloom, it’s not your fault. You did what the ponies in this town never had the guts to do, and that was to talk to Zecora. It’s your sister and the others fault that they are like that.”

“It’s not our fault.” Said a little voice and I knew actually who’s voice it’s was, Applejack popped out form her sister pocket. “It’s Zecora, she put a curse on us.”

I lifted Applejack up by her collar. “Well, well, is it not Tiny. Who are you to judge Zecora?” I found a branch and hung her there. “Why don’t you hang there and think about who is right and who is wrong.” I looked at the other two. “Let’s get to Zecora and fix this.” We headed into the forest leaving Tiny alone.

After a while of walking Applebloom asked me about her sister. “Are you sure that it was wise to leave my sister on that branch?”

“Your sister is the most stubborn pony I know, all she need is to cool down and don’t worry, she will be fine. Nothing will happen to her while she is there, I hope.”

She then turned to Globe. “Who are you?”

“My name is Globe Trotter and I just arrived at this town.” He just smiled when he said that, does this guy ever stop smiling? He’s reminds me of Pinkie. I shuddered when I thought about that.

“What do you for a living?” That was good question, why didn’t I ask that one before?

“I travel around Equestria and doing jobs to put food on my plate and something I sell things I found on my journey.”

“Don’t you want to stay one place, it must be lonely.” I’m starting to think that Applebloom is older than she is.

“I have Woddy.”

“Woddy? Do you mean that Timberwolf?” Globe gave her a nod. “Don’t miss talking to other’s ponies?”

That question surprised him, that I could see. “I have never thought about that.”

Traveling is good and all but something you can miss to have others to talk to. Enough of that, we had finally arrived at Zecora hut and outside of it sat a familiarly Timberwolf.

“Woddy?” Globe went over to pet him. “What are you doing here boy?”

I ignored him and focused in Zecora hut, it still creeps me out. Freaky masks standing on the ground and amulets hanging from three branches, why does must she have it like this? I hate it.

“Let’ see if she is home.” I walked over and knocked on the door. “Zecora? You home?”

It didn’t talk long before I got an answer. “Yes, my friend, I’m home so come on in.” She answered in her usually rhythm voice, I have to ask her why she talks like that. We all walked in and the inside of her house is as creepy as the outside. Masks hanging on the walls and potions standing on shelves.

“This place still creeps me out.” I said while walking in.

Zecora was standing by a giant cauldron, she just pored something in it. "I see... though, you say that everything you've visited me."

“And I mean it, I still understand why you have to collect all this stuff.” I looked at the masks that was hanging on the wall.

“They are from my home country and are very dear to me.”

“If you say so, now. For the reason we are here, there are…”

“…"Somepony stepped in Poison Joke and needs the cure, you say? Then I shall hurry without delay." She then noticed the two ponies behind me. “Who are you friends?”

“The little one is Applebloom, she is the sister to one of the ponies that changed and the pegasus is Globe Trotter. He’s not a friend, I just meet him yesterday.” I walked over to cauldron and looked down in it, I saw a green liquid. “Is the antidote ready?”

She took a stick and stared to stir in it. "Almost, I need some more ingredients to finish the brew." She said, looking at the two that were still standing by the door. "Perhaps they can assist you?"

“That a good idea.” I walked over to them. “What do you say Applebloom? Want to help Globe to gather some ingredients to the cure Zecora is making?”

She just smiled. “Sure, if this help my sister then I’ll do it.”

I looked at Globe who just stared at me, I think he didn’t catch what I said. “What? You don’t want to help her?” I asked him.

“I do but why do it have to be me? Why can’t you help here? Something tells me that you have been in the Everfree forest more times than me.”

“That might be true but I need to be to be here when the others are coming, something tells me that they are not happy.” I looked at Zecora. “Do you have the list.” She just gave me a note, I took it and gave it to Globe. “Here you have a list over things you need and how they look.” I then handed them some baskets. “Now go on, go and collect.” They did that will I step outside to wait for Sunset and the others.

It didn’t take long before I heard something coming, then I saw Dash flying upside down and AJ was riding her like cowboy, it was pretty funny. They crashed into some bushes, AJ jump out from it and she didn’t look happy, she pointed a finger at me.

“You, you hang me on a branch and let me alone there.” She said in her tiny voice.

“Yes, I did and I don’t regret it.”

She was about to attack me but she was lifted up by Sunset. “What did I tell you Applejack? If you don’t behave you don’t get the antidote.” AJ just crossed her arms and said something I didn’t hear.

Then I saw the rest of them coming through the forest. “I guess you told them what really happened.”

“That I did, I told them that it was the flowers and not Zecora. I must admit that telling them that it was curse was not maybe the smartest idea I have had.”

“No kidding.” AJ said with her tiny voice.

I was about to scold her when Rainbow flew out from the bushes and into Zecora’s hut. “This can’t be good.” We ran inside and what we saw was that Rainbow flew around room crashing into stuff. “What the hell are you doing Dash?”

“I’m trying to stop but I can’t control my wings.”

I had to do something so as soon she was in front me I jump and tackle her to the floor. “No, my brew. You stupide pony, now I have to make a new.” I looked and saw that Zecora’s brew had been spilled on the floor, Dash had to crashed into it when she flew in the hut.

I could hear Dash snort under me. “Yeah right, you are probably going to eat Applebloom with that.”

What the hell, I looked at Sunset. “You said that you told them that it was the flowers fault not Zecora.”

“I did but I guess that Rainbow didn’t listen to me.”

I looked down at the pegasus. “Is this true?”

“Well, yes. I don’t believe that flowers cursed us, what about the stuff she said yesterday?”

“That was a waring genius, a warning about the flowers.”

“That is right, the plant is like poison Oka. But its results are like a joke.” After Zecora said that the girls had confused faces, even Twilight.

“What in hay does that means?” Said tiny AJ.

“What it means Tiny, that those blue flowers you stepped into yesterday did this to you. They just want to have a joke, that’s all.” That help, we all got a ‘oh’ from all of them.

“Then how are we going to get normal?”

“Well Twilight, Zecora was working a brew when Rainbow Crash her.” I pointed at the pegasus that was lying on the floor. “Crashed into the cauldron and destroyed the cure.”

“What’s going on in here?” We all looked at the door and there stood Globe and Applebloom.

“Applebloom, you are alright.” Way to point out the oblivious Tiny.

“Of course I am, why wouldn’t I be.”

“Because Zecora wanted to eat you.” That’s is, Dash pushed my last button.

I got up. “All of you shut the hell, I have enough. You six ignorant fools need to open your eyes, Zecora isn’t a witch or anything in the direction, all she is a zebra that came to Equestria to live among us but you ponies are so naïve that you can’t see that.”

“Fox please, it’s okay.”

“No Zecora, it’s not okay. For almost three months the ponies in the town have been afraid of you when it’s nothing to afraid of, if anyone they should be afraid of is me. I’m the one that eats meat and you.” I looked at the party pony. “You are supposed to throw a party to everyone that’s new in town but when it comes Zecora you won’t do it.” I walked over to her. “If you try to throw a party for Globe or Zecora I will promise that I will never come to a party with you EVER again and I will never speak to you again, do I make myself clear?” She nodded.

“Good.” Then I looked Sunset. “Why don’t you finished this up, I have enough of this crap to last a life time.” I walked out and headed towards town. I wanted to just go home end forget all this but I said that I would talk to the girls for Sunset and that I am going to do, of to the farm.

I sat and waited fence near the entrance to the farm to talk to Applejack, I didn’t which way this conversation would take. After my outburst, I imaged that AJ are pretty mad at me and that I hang her on a branch and the edge on the Everfree Forest didn’t help me much.

When I finally saw AJ and Applebloom walking towards the farm my heart started to beat fast, I it felt like I was going to have heart attack. When they arrived at the entrance AJ just stared into my good eye, I couldn’t read her. She was stone cold in her eyes, Applebloom looked between us, probably wondering if we were going to fight or not.

AJ was the first to speak. “Applebloom, go inside while I and Fox talk.”

“Okay.” I could hear that she didn’t want to but she left leaving me with her sister.

I better stared talking before she foes something. “Look AJ, I’m sorry about my outburst at Zecora hut.”

She waded a hand. “Don’t worry about it, I we all need to hear that special Dash.”

“That’s good to hear, what happened after I had left?”

“Well, after you left Sunset had to convince Rainbow that Zecora wasn’t evil and she didn’t want to eat my sister,” I just rolled my eye of that last part. “that Globe guy help a little to. Then we headed into town to use the spa and tell the ponies in town that Zecora wasn’t evil.”

“How did that go?”

“I think they are still sceptical but they said that they will try.”

“That’s something but why did you go to the spa?”

“We need the hot tub they had there so we could be cured.” I just gave her a ‘oh’ on that one. “And as you can see work.” She smiled at that last part.

“That’s good to hear and I’m guessing that you and the others learn a lesson?”

“You can say that again.”

“Alright then, did you and the others learn a lesson?” She just narrowed her eyes at me. “Sorry, you said it.”

“I guess I did.” She laughed a little. “Was there something else Fox.”

“Yes, there is.” I jump down from the fence. “I wanted to talk about Sunset and why you and the others are ignoring her.”

That just confused her. “We are ignoring her? How?”

“She said that ever since Twilight arrived in Ponyville you and the other girls have stop hanging out with her, tell me something AJ; how long have you know Sunset?”

“I’ll say about three years.” She answered.

“And how about Twilight.”

“About two weeks.”

“Now tell me this, how can you just stop seeing Sunset like that? You have known here three years and she told me ever since Twilight arrived in Ponyville you and the others have stopped seeing her. It’s like you are ignoring her, don’t tell me that is true AJ.”

“We have?” She scratched her head. “I didn’t even notice, I didn’t mean to. Tell you what, I’ll talk to the others tomorrow and we are going to fix this. Sunset is my friend…”

Right after she said she fell to the ground and clenched her head, I ran over to her. “AJ, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know, my head suddenly hurts. Make it stop.”

I didn’t know what to do but something told me that it was effect of the spell that Celestia cast and the elements, they must somehow be fighting inside her brain. Celestia’s spell must be trying to decide that she should only be friends with Twilight and not Sunset, while her element is trying to correct that.

Eventually stopped she stopped holding her head. “You okay AJ?”

She was breathing heavily. “Yeah. I think so. I don’t know what happened, as soon as I said that Sunset was my friend my head suddenly hurts. But I’m okay now.”

I help her up. “Are you sure? You don’t need a glass of water or something?” I asked her.

She shook her head. “No, I’m fine but what was that?”

I just shrugged my shoulders. “You’re asking the wrong fox, I don’t know anything about the brain. I didn’t take that class in school.” I looked at her with a worried face. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

She just gave me an assuring smiled. “Yes Fox, I feel fine and tomorrow I will talk to the other about Sunset. That we have been ignoring her.”

I guess that the elements won. “That’s good to hear, if you will excuse me I’m going home. It’s been a long day.”

“I agreed with you on that one.” I was about go when. “By the way Fox, have you ever been in contact with the poison joke?”

I was hoping that question never came up. “Unfortunately, yes. I was turned into a wolf.”

That just confused her. “A wolf? Why?”

I just put my hand up while shrugging my shoulders. “I have no idea, it was a joke remember.” I stared to walk back to town. “See you around AJ.” We waved to each other and went our separate ways.

“What a day.” I walked through the town wondering if they really learned something, they were stubborn all of them special Dash. I just have to remember to apologize to them tomorrow, maybe not Pinkie. She is supposed to become friends with every new one that comes into Ponyville, but not with Zecora.

When I came closer to the center of town I could see Globe sitting on a bench by the fountain. “Globe, I thought that you and Woddy had left the town.” That name.

“Winter is around the corner and to be traveling now isn’t very smart and beside I kind of like this town, the pony here is kind to me.”

“Are you sure that’s the only reason, maybe there’s a certain pony that’s keeping you here?” I said with a smile on my face.

That made him blush, he rubbed his neck. “Maybe, either way. It’s time I settle down I have been traveling most of my life.”

“I’m glad to hear that Globe, I’m heading home. See you around.”

We waved goodbye to each other and went home but I didn’t come very lone. I was halfway home when it started to snow, I looked around and notice that only place that is was snowing was where I was standing. I looked up and saw a cloud and a what I saw was a purple tail hanging from it. I walked away from the cloud and I saw a male pegasus pony mediated on the cloud.

He white fur and his hair and tail was purple but was stood out the most was that his wings were made of ice, what the hell. “Hey, you on the cloud. What the hell are you doing?” I got no responded, so I picked up a little stone and threw it at the pegasus. That got him to open his eyes.

He looked at me and he was not happy. “Is there a reason you are interrupting my mediation?”

“Yeah, what the hell are you doing to the cloud? Winter isn’t coming yet.”

He stared to looked around. “It’s getting late, I better head home.” He got up and spread his ice wings.

“Wait a minute.” My words fell on deaf ears, he disappeared pretty fast. “Who the hell was that guy?”

Author's Note:

Globe Trotter belongs to World Trotter.
Coalstone belongs to The Fan Without a Face.

I would like to thank FrostTheWolf for helping me with this chapter, he help me the way Zecora speaks. I tried to write the way she speak and I suck at it.