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Team Harmony - Norwegian boy

What would happened if there had been more then 6 elements of harmony?

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Fox vs Griffon

Griffin’s, I don’t know much about them just that they rear part is a lion and front is part of eagle, let’s just hope that not all griffin’s is a jerk.

It’s been a few days since me and the other guys help AJ with harvesting apples and let me tell you I was sore, well right now I was walking through town doing nothing special. Then I noticed Sparkle sitting on a bench in the park trying to read a book, I could see that she had trouble focusing. She tried to read but then she fell asleep, I decide to talk to her so I walked over to her.

“You okay Sparkle?” I guess I spoked her because she jumped in air and dropped the book on the ground, when she saw me she was not happy.

“What do YOU want?” I could her the venom in her voice, I put up my hands in defence.

“I was just worried about you and thought you wanted to talk about why you are sleeping in the middle of the day.”

“I don’t want to talk about it especially with YOU, leave me alone.”

“Suit yourself.”

I started to walk away but I did not get very fare. “Wait.” I turned around. “Princesses Celestia told me to make friends and I’m sure that she meant other than the girls and yes I need somepony to talk to.”

I sat down beside her. “So, what the problem.”

She took a deep breath. “I told Princesses Celestia that I would write her a letter once a week what I learned about friendship but I haven’t learned anything and when I tried to send her a letter I couldn’t, it’s like something is telling me not to send her a letter. It’s driving me crazy and I can hardly sleep.”

“Mabey it your conscience that is telling you not to do it.”

She looked at me. “What do you mean?”

“Well, you are to study friendship right?” She nodded. “Maybe it’s telling not to treat the girls at test subjects.”

She was shocked when I said that, that’s for sure. “I don’t treat me friends as test subjects.”

“If they are your friends why do write letter to Celestia about them? That does sound like you are treating them like test subjects and beside you have only known them a few days, so ask yourself this question; are they really your friends?”

I stood up and walked away letting her sit there with her thoughts, maybe I was a little hard in her but did not really care. What really got my attention was that she had trouble sending Celestia letters, I guess the elements have something to do with that.

When I got back at the farm I could see AJ and Mac washing apples in bucket with water, they noticed me coming towards them.

“Let me guess, Dash or Pinkie?”

AJ. “Both of them actually.”

“Eeyup.” Mac answered.

I looked at trees that still had apples hanging at saw that they had been painted with different colors.

“When did they have time to do all this.” I said while I pointed at trees.

“I have no idea, are you going to just stand there or are you going to help us?”

I saluted. “Yes ma’am.”

With that I got to work and we spend the rest of the day washing apples and it was no found, I had no trouble sleeping that night. The next day I thought I would visit Sunset and tell her about my conversation with Sparkle, since we are the only once that know the truth. When I arrived at the library I could her taking inside so walk in and there was Pinkie, the only pony I didn’t want to talk to right now. When she saw me she ran straight to me and was in my face.

“Have you heard Fox?”

“Heard what? I just got here.” I pushed her away from face.

“There’s a griffon in town and Pinkie jealous.” Sunset answered.

“I’m not JEALOUS.” She screamed that last part a little loud.

“You don’t have to scream Pinkie I’m standing right beside you, calm down and tell me what happened.”

She took a deep breath. “Early today I went over to Rainbow Dash’s house so we could prank more when a griffon looked down at me. Rainbow told me that her name was Gilda and she was an old friend from Junior Speed Flight Camp, I asked her if she want to come prank with us put they went to practice flying.”

“When they were flying through town they landed on a cloud so I obtained a trampoline...”

“Wait a minute Pinkie, why did you obtained a trampoline?” I have no idea why I asked that question.

“So I could talk to them silly.”

“Right, I don’t know why I asked. Continue.”

“Where was I? Oh yes the trampoline. So there I was pouncing on the trampoline when the flew to cloud that was much higher so I found some balloons and filled them up with helium and tied them around my waist so I could talk to them, then Gilda stared to pop my balloons so I fell slowly down to the ground.”

“Then I saw them flying even higher so I fetched my flying cycle so I could talk to them, when I got up there Gilda became angry at me and said that Dash doesn’t need to hang around with a dweeb like me, then she grabbed the propellers on my cycle and then fell to the ground. Lucky for me I landed in a puddle of mud. She is not very nice when I think about it.”

When she finished her story I didn’t know what to think, every think she said sounded so weird but this Pinkie after all.

“Are sure all this happened or are you imagine it all.”

She looked at me if I was crazy. “I’m not imagine it all, there is a griffin in town and she won’t let me see Dash.” She shouted.

I put up arms. “Alright, no need to shout but I agreed with Sunset on this one, I think you are jealous.”

She looked between us. “But… I just… argh. I give up.” She stormed out of the door.

“That was weird.” I said.

“You got that right, was there something you need Fox?”

I was about to say something but then decide to go after Pinkie, yeah I know. I don’t know why either.

“I’ll talk you later Sunset I’m going to after Pinkie.” I walked after her.

It didn’t take me long before I found her, she was sitting by a table drinking milk shake, I sat down in front of her and she was not happy.

“What do YOU want?”

“I want to believe you Pinkie but it not easy when you most off the time talks about random stuff.”

“This time I’m not talking nonsense, this time I’m begin serious.”

I rubbed my forehead. “Do you have any proof that it is a griffin in town?”

“Yes, just turn around.”

Against my better judgment I did just that and what I saw was a griffin standing beside Dash.

“Holy crap Pinkie, you were right. There is a griffin in town.” I turned to her. “So ever thing you said was true.”

“Off course, you didn’t believe me?”

“Like I said; you always talk about random stuff so it’s hard to take you serious something.” When I said that her ears drop. “Hey, at least your right about this.” Then we saw Dash fly off and Gilda walk into town. “Let’s just watch what she doing.” Pinkie just nodded.

Me and Pinkie watch while Gilda walked to the market place and the ponies around her didn’t even noticed her, what hell? When I arrived it took them a week before they stop looking at me. We watched her walk towards one of ponies that was selling and then I was granny Smith, if she scared her I’m going to pluck this griffins feathers.

Granny stared sniffing the food when Gilda stuck her tail out like a snake and scaring granny.

“Aaahhh, a rattler, a rattler, head fer the hills.” Then she slowly walked away.

“Poor granny smith, she didn’t know it was a prank, how mean.” Then it looked like she stared to think, I wonder if she even can think. “No no, I can’t misjudge her, it was a kind of a funny prank.”

“Funny prank? She almost gave granny Smith a heart attack, is that funny?”

“No, I guess not.”

Then we saw Gilda take an apple and ate it, what hell? “What wrong with this bird? She just stole an apple, that’s it I have enough I’m going to give her a piece of my mind.” I was about to get up when Pinkie grabbed my arm.

“Wait Fox, I’m sure she’ll give it back.”

“Give it back? For fuck sake Pinkie, how is she going to give it back when she has eaten it?”


Before she could answer I heard a very familiar voice. “All right little ones this way, this was…”

I froze. “Pinkie, don’t tell me that Fluttershy just walked past us and Gilda is heading in her direction.”

“Uh, no?” I knew she was lying.

I turned around very slowly and what I saw was that Fluttershy was walking backwards with some ducks following her and Gild was heading straight for her, then Gilda bumped into Shy when she clearly saw where she was walking.

“HEY.” Gilda yelled at Shy.

Shy turned around. “Please excuse me.”

“I’m walking her.”

Then Shy stared to back away from Gilda while trying to apologise put Gilda wouldn’t listen, then Gilda was about to punch Shy in the face. Scaring granny is one thing put to hit Shy in the face who is like little sister to me that got me to see red, I ran over to them and grabbed Gilda arm before she could do anything.

“Hey, what are you doing.” I stared to squeeze her arm very hard, so hard that she went down on her knees. “Stop it, you’re hurting me.”

I looked her right in eyes and whispered to her. “Now you listen to me; I seen you scared elderly mares, steal and right know you were about to hit an innocent mare that was only trying to help some ducks. So I suggest you leave before I rip that beak of your face and shove it up were the sun don’t shine, got it?” She nodded but she was very afraid.

I didn’t mean to say that last part but my anger took over, I let go of her hand and she backway and flew away. I took a few deep breaths to calm me down, when I finally had calmed down I turned to Shy to see if she was okay. She just stood there shaking, I put both hands on her shoulders.

“You okay Shy?”

She then surprised me with a hug. “Thank you for saving me Fox.” I returned the hug.

“Your welcome Shy.”

“Wow, that was amazing Fox.”

Me and Shy turned to face Pinkie. “You were right Pinkie she is not very nice.”

“I know and I have just the right idea to show that to Rainbow Dash.”

“Pinkie, don’t tell me.”

“A party.”

Yes, when Pinkie has a plan that includes a party. So I help Pinkie set up the party at Sugarcube corner, how she manged to convince me I have no clue. Later that day the party for Gilda was ready and ponies stared to come, I was leaning against the wall listing to AJ and Rarity.

AJ. “Who is this Gilda I gave heart nothing about.”

Rarity. “I heard she an old friend of Rainbow Dash, a griffon so rare.”

Then Sunset came, she saw me and walked over to me. “Okay, what’s this party for?”

“It’s Pinkie’s idea to prove to Dash that Gilda is not very nice.”

She looked at me with a confused look, she then shook her head. “Of course.”

“What the hay are you doing here?” Me and Sunset looked at the entrance and there stood Dash with Gilad who had black eye? What the hell? “I asked you question Fox, what are you doing here?”

“I’m here for the party.”

Dash walk right up to her. “You are not welcome here, Gilda told me what you did to her.”

“What I did to her? What are you talking about?” You could say that I was very confused right now.

“You gave her that black eye.” That got the ponies in the room to gasp. “I thought that you didn’t hit mares but I guess I was wrong.”

“Look Dash, I never hit Gilda.”

“Save it, I don’t want to hear it.”

“Would you just…”

That was all I got to say before Dash punch me in the face, I land on the floor face first. I lifted my face off the floor and saw blood on the floor, I wiped away some more blood from my mouth. I got up and looked at Dash who was pissed off, she was breathing heavy and her right arm was shaking. She pointed at the door.

“I’m just going to say this one more time; get out.”

“Fine.” I stared to walk towards the exit but I stood by her. “When the truth comes out Dash and it will, don’t come to me to expect to get an apology because you won’t get one.” I was about to leave when Cheerilee came straight to me and slap me in the face right were Dash had punch me, I just walk out.

A bunching bag is great for two things, to train and to release some anger. When I arrived back at farm I went straight to the barn, found the bunching bag, hang it up and stared to punch and kick it. It belongs to AJ but she said I could use it whenever I wanted and right now was a good time.

I tried to do the right thing and what do it get in reward? A punch and a slap in the face, that made me punch the bag even harder, fucking Gilda.

“Take it is partner, you are going to punch hole in the bag.”

I stopped and turned around, by the entrance stood AJ. “If you are here to kick me out then at least let me take a shower.”

She laughed a bit of what I said. “I’m not her to kick you out of the farm Fox, I wanted to see who you doing.”

“Who am I doing? Let’s see; I saved Shy from getting punch in the face by a griffin, then at the party I was accused by Dash that I had given Gilda a black eye and here is the best part, before I got chance to explain what really happened she punch me in the face and then my mare friend slap me in the face. I’m doing just fine.”

She walked over to a bale that was tied up and sat on it. “Fox, I know you and you are not fine.”

I stared to punch the bag again. “No, I’m not fine.” I stop and looked at her. “Let me asked something AJ, did you believe that I gave Gilda that black eye.”

“No I don’t, I know you better than most ponies in this town and I know that you won’t punch a mare.”

“Believe me it was tempting to today, what happened after I left?”

“Well it all started with Pinkie shocking Gilda with one off those shockers you can have in your hand.”

“I know about those remember, she used them one me once.”

“Right, then she ate some vanilla drops and I guess Pinkie spice them up because it looked like Gilda’s face was on fire.” I could help but smirk of that. “Then Gilda tried to drink of a glass but it had a hole so the liquid ran down her clothes, she was hiding good but I could see that she was not happy.”

“She then open a present with contained snakes that pop up and scaring her, that got everpony to laughed at her including me. Then Pinkie came with a cake and Gilda tried to blow out the candles but they were those who would not extinguished, she tried and tried but she couldn’t.” AJ laugh a little.

“Then I suggested that we should play pin the tail on the pony.” I raised an eyebrow of that. “What? I love that game.” I just rolled my eyes. Anyway, Pinkie blindfolded Gilda, spun her around but for some reason Gilda turn around and walk in the opposed direction of the poster. She slipped in some cake and went out the door, when she came back inn she was furious.”

“She called us lame dweebs, what is a dweeb anyway.”

“It means that you look different or are nerd.” AJ just had confusing face. “It just means she thinks ponies are different, let’s just leave it at that. What happened next?”

“Right, she called Pinkie the queen of laimo and that her prank was lame sure they were a little childish but they were just for fun. Then Dash admitted that she was one that set up the pranks.” That did not surprise me. “They talk a little, then Pinkie said that she made party so she improved her attitude.”

“Say what? Can you repeat that last part?”

“I said that ‘to improved her attitude, you didn’t you know?”

“No, I thought that party was to prove that Gilda wasn’t nice. Damn it Pinkie.” I punched the bag. “What happened next?”

“Well, Dash said that Gilda didn’t need any help to make a fool of herself, she then said that this was not the way my old friend would treat my new friends. She then told that Gilda could find some new friends then Gilda left, after that Dash apologise to us all but when we mentioned you her mood dropped.”

“Luckily for you Fluttershy and Pinkie told Dash what really happened, she then said that she regretted punching you and was about to leave so she could find you and say that she was sorry but me and Sunset stopped her.”

I guess everything work out well. “What about Cheerilee?”

“After she found out what happened she just left, don’t know where.”

Dash and Cheerilee regretted what they did and Gilda got what she deserved, not a bad day.

AJ stood up. “I’m going to get some supper, want some?”

“No, I’m going to stay here a little longer.”

She nodded. “Alright, don’t stay out to long.”

She walked out of the barn leaving me there alone, I went back to punching the bag think over what happened today. First Gilda tried to hurt Fluttershy and at the party I got blamed that Gilda got a black eye and then Dash and Cheerilee jump to conclusion and not letting me explain, what a day.

I don’t know how long I was in the barn but when I done with the bag it was dark outside so I went to the house to get a shower and some food, on my way to the house I could her wing beat in the distance.

“If you are here to apologize Dash you can…”

That was all I could say before someone slash my left eye and I went straight to ground in pain, I put both hands on it to try to ease pain but it didn’t work.

“It’s your fault that I was made a fool at the party and now you are going to pay.”

I could hear it was Gilda but I pasted out before I could do something.