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Team Harmony - Norwegian boy

What would happened if there had been more then 6 elements of harmony?

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Winter Story part 2

The train from Manhatten stopped at Ponyville station and a pegasus mare step out from the train carriage, she had a suitcase with her, as soon she did that she took a deep breath. “Ahh, it good to be home.” She looked around the train station. “I see that nothing as chance that much.” She said with a smile on her face. The mare has pink fur, and her mane and her tail are teal green with some blue in it, she had on winter clothes, so she won’t freeze.

She headed towards center of the town. Once there, she looked around and saw that nothing had chance there either. ‘Same old Ponyville, I wonder if Rarity remember me.’ She started to walk towards Rarity home.

Once there she just stood there, looking at the store. “Well, it’s original. I’ll give her that.” She tried to find a corner to the building, but no luck. “How the hell is the building standing up?” She tried to figure it out, eventually she gave up. She walked to the front door and walked in.

The first thing she felt when she was inside was the smell, it smelled like cheap perfume. She almost gagged. ‘I have forgotten how much she like perfumed.’ Once she was over the smell, she looked around the store but no Rarity. “Hello, is there anypony here?” She then heard some noise in the other room. She but the suitcase down on the floor.

She then heard footsteps coming from her left and out came a white unicorn. “Welcome to Carousel boutique, where everything is…” Rarity stop when she saw who had entered her shop, she had to blink a couple of time to see if she was seeing things right. “It can be, Blitz?”

Blitz smiled. “Nice to see you again Rarity.”

Rarity put both hands over mouth, after that she ran over to her friends and gave her a hug. “It’s nice to see you again too Blitz.” Blitz returned the hug. “Good to see you to Rarity.”

The brooked the hug eventually, Rarity took a few steps back. “How long has it been? Ten years?”

Blitz waved her hand “Give or take a few days.” She then looked around. “I can see that your dream came true, owning your own dress shop.”

“Yes, I managed to make my dream come true.” She said in a humble voice. “What about you? Are you moving back to Ponyville?”

“You betcha, it was fun to live on Sun shore city but Ponyville is my real home and it’s good to be home.” Blitz said with a smile on her face.

“That’s good to hear, do you have time to have a drink with me?”

Blitz pounder her offer. “Sure, I can stay a couple of minutes. I can’t stay too long, I have to move into my new house before it gets dark.”

Rarity clapped her hand together. “Great, follow me into the kitchen.” Rarity walked towards the kitchen and Blitz followed her, she took off her coat on the way there.

Well in the kitchen. “Take a seat dear and I will make us some tea.”

“Actually, do you have coffee?” Blitz asked while she sat down a chair. “I prefer coffee in the winter.”

Rarity nodded. “Sure, I think I have some in the cabinet. Why don’t you take seat by the table while I find the coffee?” Blitz did that.

Rarity walked over to her cabinet and opened the it. “Let’s see here.” While she was searching, Blitz took a seat by the table. “Here we are.” Once had found the coffee jar, she took out coffeepot then she went to the sink and poured some water in pot, after that she put it on the stove and let it heat up. “So, Blitz.” She said while sitting down by the table. “I’m guessing that you haven’t visit Applejack yet.”

Blitz shook her head. “No, as soon I got off the train I walked straight here. Something tells me that she hasn’t forgiven me yet, which is strangest considering it’s been over ten years.”

Rarity leaned back into her seat. “You know Applejack, she is pretty stubborn.”

Blitz put her arms on the table and rested her head in them. “Tell me about it.” She looked at Rarity. “Have you two talked about me? Presently?” Rarity tried to come up with an answer, but she didn’t have one and Blitz could see that. “Great, just great. I’m the reason that my two best friends haven’t talk in ten years.” She rested her head into her arms again. “That’s just great.”

“That’s not true darling, me and Applejack still talk.”

“Oh really.” She got up and leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms. “When was the last time you two sat down together and really talk?” Rarity opened her mouth to come up with an answer, but nothing came out. “That’s what I thought.”

Rarity decide to deafen herself. “Look Blitz, I admit that me and Applejack lost contact over the years and I tried to keep in contact with her but every time I mentioned you she just denied you and she just walked away. You know how stubborn she can be.”

Blitz sighed. “I know, she is always been like that.” She then slammed her hand on the table. “Damn it AJ, it’s my parents fault not mine.” She buried har face in her hands. “Is the water ready soon?”

Rarity looked at the pot. “Not yet.” She heard Blitz let outa heavy sighed. Rarity was about to ask her time in Sun shore city, but she was interrupted by the front door opening and closing. “Who can that be?” Rarity got up to see who it was, Blitz followed her.

When they arrived on the main room, Blitz could see a pink earth pony she didn’t know, leaning against the door, breathing heavily.

“Pinkie, might telling me what you are doing in my house and out of breath.” Rarity asked the pink pony.

“I’m running away from Fox.”

Rarity raised both eyebrows of her answer. “Why are you running away from Fox?”

Pinkie tried to put on her best innocent smile. “I might have dumped a pile of snow on his head when he came out from his home.”

Rarity gave Pinkie a disappointing look. “Pinkie dear, you know that Fox hates pranks”

“I know, okay. But the temptation was to big and I couldn’t help myself.” She then ran to the left. “I’m going to jump out off the window in your designer room.” She ran into the room, then they heard a window open, then Pinkie who jump out and closed it.

Rarity couldn’t help but shock her head of her friend behaviour. Blitz in the meanwhile, who had watched the hole thing, was clueless. “Rarity, who was that?” She asked her friend.

“That was Pinkie Pie, she is this town party pony.” She gave Blitz a concerned look. “I have to warned you, you might get a party in the future.”

Blitz waved a hand. “I’m not worried, I can handle ponies like her.”

Rarity was about to question what her friend said, but she was interrupted by door opening. In the doorway they saw a giant fox, standing on two legs and he was angry. He also had snow on his shoulders and on his head. Blitz saw that he was missing an eye.

“Where is she Rarity? Where is that pink meanness.”

Both mares could see the anger in his eye. Rarity decided not to anger him more, she pointed at her designer room. “She jump out of the window.”

The fox gave her a nod, he then closed the door. “Pinkie, come back here and face justice.” They heard him ran away.

Blitz had to blink a few times, then she looked at her friend. “Rarity, was that a giant talking fox?”

“Yes, it was. His name is Fox McCloud and arrived here about…” She had to think for a moment. “… eight months ago, I think. To be honest, I’m not sure.” Then they heard a whistle. “Oh, the water is ready.” Rarity walked back into the kitchen and Blitz followed her.

After they had gotten their coffee and tea, they started to talk about what had happened the last ten years. Rarity talk about getting her cutie mark, getting enough money to build the store/home. Blitz told Rarity about her time in Sun shore city, it wasn’t much to talk about or brag about, she was a waitress for ten years. After that they said goodbye to each other, Blitz had to go and see if her stuff had arrived at her new home.

Meanwhile at the post office, Applejack and Sunset came out from the building with three boxes in their arms, AJ had two while Sunset had one.

“Thanks for helping me with these books Applejack.”

Applejack gave her a smile. “No problem Sunset.” They started to walk back to the library. “Is it true that unicorn magic doesn’t work in the winter?”

“Oh, it works, just not very well. I have to strain myself to elevated things.” She said in a frustrated tone. “I hate winter.”

Applejack didn’t understand how unicorn magic worked so she just gave her a nod. “What about Twilight? Why isn’t she helping you?”

“She is visiting her parents in Canterlot, she will back in two days.”

Applejack didn't say anything, she how knew how important family was. Then AJ saw something that made her stop, Sunset kept on walking but then she saw that her friend had stop. “Applejack, why did you stop?” Applejack didn’t answer, she just kept looking at a snow pile, then Sunset looked at the snow pile and she wasn’t sure what she was looking at.

In plie of snow, a couple of pinkie bots was sticking out of it. Applejack and Sunset knew right away who owned those bots. “Pinkie?” Sunset asked the boots.

“Yes?” They could barely hear her because of the snow.

“Why are you in a snow pile with your head first?”

“I would like to tell you that Sunset, but can you pull me out? My head is starting to get could.”

Sunset wasn’t sure if she should help or not, but she couldn’t let Pinkie freeze to death. She looked over to Applejack for help. “Let’s get her out of there.” They but down the boxes they were carrying. “You take the left leg while I’ll take the right.” AJ gave her a nod, they both took each leg. “Alright, one three. One, two, three.” On three, they managed to pull Pinkie out of the snow pill.

They all landed on the ground. Pinkie, who had snow on her head, shook her head to get it off. “Thanks girls, it was getting cold in there.”

“Don’t mention. Now, might telling me why you were in a snow pill with your head first.” Sunset asked Pinkie while dusting of some snow of her jacket.

“I was in there because I dumped snow on Fox’s head.”

When Sunset heard that, she slap a hand on her face. “Pinkie, Fox does not like pranks.”

“I know already, I heard it from Rarity already.”

“Why where you at Rarity?” Applejack asked her pink friend.

“I was hiding from Fox, duh.” She got up. “That reminds me, there’s a new pony in town. I have to get ready to throw her a party.”

“This new pony, what does she looked like?”

“Well AJ, she is a pegasus, her fur is pink, her mane is green with some blue.”

When Applejack heard that, her face became pale. “You okay there AJ?” Sunset asked her.

“Yeah, I have to go.” Applejack got up and started to walk towards the farm.

“Wait Applejack.” It was too late, The farm pony was gone. “Dame it.” She look at the three boxes, then at Pinkie who also started to walk away. “Not so fast Pinkie.” Sunset grabbed her by the collar that stopped her dead in the track. “You are going to help me with my boxes.” She told the party pony while pointing at the boxes in the snow.

Pinkie looked at boxes and the at Sunset. “Why me?”

“What you said about the new pony made AJ to leave, and that means that you have do her work.”

Pinkie was about to protest but then saw the look in Sunset eyes, they were serious. She tried to look away but eventually she gave up. “Fine, I help you.” Sunset had a winning smile

Once Blitz had arrived at her new home she saw that her stuff had arrived, they were in boxes that were standing on her terrace. She just looked at them. “This is going to take a while.” There was four of them and after she had taken them inside, she had unpack the stuff in them.

“Do you need some help?”

Blitz heart almost leaped into her throat when she heard the voce, she turned around and she saw the fox from earlier. She looked at her boxes. “Yeah, that would be great.” She looked back a t the fox. “You are that fox that was chasing that pinkie pony.”

“That’s right.” He reached out a hand. “My name is Fox McCloud.”

Blitz hesitated for a moment but eventually she shook it. “My name is Blitz Wing.”

“Blitz Wing, that’s a nice name.” Blitz blushed of that comment and she had no idea why, thanks to her pink fur, Fox didn’t see that. “You just move to Ponyville?”

“Yeah, well. I move to another town teen years ago and I just move home today.”

“He gave her a nod. “That’s nice.” He looked at boxes. “”Do you want me to take the boxes in to your house?”

“Sure, if you carry them in while I get a fire started.” He gave her thumbs up, she gave him a smile. She walked to the front door and found the keys, once open she walked inn and immediately she could feel the cold. “Damn, it’s colder inside then outside.” She walked to living room and found the fireplace, she saw that the wood was already there. She place her suitcase on the floor and then walked over to the fireplace. She took a couple of them and placed them in the fireplace and lit them, it didn’t took long before there was fire there. “That’s better.” She said while rubbing her hands.

Then she heard someone entering the house, it was Fox and he had two boxes with him. “Where do you want them?” He asked her.

“Just put them down in the living room, I’ll sorted out them out later.” He gave her a nod, he then placed them on the floor.

“There’s two more.” He went out to get them, id didn’t take long before he was back with the two last boxes. He place with the others. “There, that’s all of them.” He saw that Blitz had open one off them and was looking at a picture. Fox knew that it was personal, but he’s curiosity got the better of him. He walk behind her and look at the picture, it was Blitz, AJ and Rarity, they looked very young and happy.

“This picture was take one week before I moved away from Ponyville.” She said in calm tone.

“You three look very happy.”

Blitz smile. “We were.” She stood up and walked over to the fireplace and placed the picture on top of it.

“I don’t mean to be rude.” She turned around. “But, how did you and Rarity become friends? You have green hair, Rarity hate the colour green.”

Blitz giggled of what he said. “Yeah, it wasn’t easy, but I didn’t become friend with her first, I became friends with Applejack first.” Fox was now curious, and she saw that. “It all started ten years ago.”


“I was walking home after eating some cake at new open Sugarcube corner, I decide to take a short cut through the park, when I arrived in the park I saw something that I hate.”

Blitz was watching as three female ponies on her own age, all of them was earth ponies, was bulling a younger pony, she had orange fur and blond mane and tail.

“Are you telling me that Applejack was a victim of bulling?” Fox asked her.

“She wasn’t more than eight when I first meet her.” Blitz answer him.

“How much older are you then her?”

She had think for a second. “About five years.”

Blitz watch the three ponies throwed a hat between them self and the orange filly tried to grab it.

“Give it back, my father gave it for my birthday.” The filly said with tears in her eyes.

The one with green fur took the hat. “How could your daddy give a puny pony like you a nice hat like this?” The filly started to cry even more. “What’s the matter? Can’t find the words?” She threw the hat to the mare with red fur and the filly ran over to her.

Blitz, who had heard it all had enough, she walked over to the red one who was closet. She kicked the mare in the ass that made earth pony fell with her face first on the ground, Blitz then grabbed the hat that the mare lost.

“Hey, who kick me?” The mare got up and looked behind here. “What’s the big idea?” She asked Blitz.

“What’s my big idea? What about yours? You are bulling a pony that’s smaller that yourself, have you three no shame?” They all gave her a look that said no, which made Blitz even more angry. “Leave now before I do something regret.” Blitz told the three earth ponies.

They looked at each other, then red one spoke. “Come one girls, this pegasus isn’t worth it.” The two others nodded in agreement, they walked away leaving Blitz alone with a crying filly.

Blitz just snorted. “Idiots.” She walked over to filly and gave the hat back. “Here you go.” The filly stopped crying and looked at her hat and then at Blitz, unsure if she should trust here, even that she saved her hat. “Take it, I’m not going to hurt you.” Blitz said with a smile.

The filly took her hat back. “Thanks.” She said with tears in her eyes.

“Your welcome, what’s your name?”

“Applejack.” She said while putting her hat on her head, the hat was too big for her because it fell a little and covert her eyes.

Blitz couldn’t help but laugh of what she saw. “Nice to meet you Applejack, my name is Blitz Wing.”

“And that’s how I meet Applejack and became friends with her.”

Fox had listen to the story and he had a little trouble believing in it. “Wow, AJ was exposed for bulling when she younger, I have hard time believing in that.”

“Well, believe what you want, I was there.” Blitz said while looking through one of her boxes.

Fox just shrugged his shoulder. “If you say so, what about Rarity? I have troubling picturing you two friends, considering you have green hair. No offence.”

Blitz just laugh. “None taken. She like green when she was little, I remember how I meet her. It was the first day off school…”

Blitz was waiting outside the local school for it to end, she was waiting for her friend Applejack, they had plans to go to Sugarcube corner after school. “Man, when is the school ending?’ Blitz thought while sitting on the fence. Then the school bell started to ring, Blitz smiled when she heard that. “Finally.” She watch as the kids walked out of the school house and then she saw Applejack coming out, she waved at her friend but stopped when she saw that Applejack was hanging her head and dragging her hat on the ground.

Applejack walked over to Blitz with her head hung low. “AJ, what happened?” Applejack looked up at friend with tears in her eyes. “Why are you crying? Did something happened.” Applejack gave her a nod.

AJ sniffed a couple of times. “It all happened in our free time, I was just sitting by myself when a unicorn came up to me and told me how idiotic my hat looked at my head, then I asked her how she could now that, she answer that she was a fashion expert, I then asked her how she can be a fashion expert, she answered by reading fashion magazines, then she walked away.” Applejack sniffed some more. “What is she is right? What if my hat dose look idiotic on me?”

Blitz didn’t like to see her friend cry. “That’s a lie, you hat fit perfect on you and don’t let anyone ells tell you different.”

“Do you mean that Blitz?”

“I do.” Blitz looked at school house. “Just who is this pony who told you otherwise?”

Applejack also looked at school house and once she did, she saw the pony. “That’s her.” Applejack pointed at a unicorn with white fur and purple hair, she was wearing some elegant clothes that looked like you could find in Canterlot, she was walking out from the school house with her nose up in the air. It was like she owned the place.

Blitz nodded. “Alright, you stay her AJ, I’m going to have a talk with that unicorn.” Blitz started to walk towards the unicorn. Applejack wanted to stop her, but she knew better to intervein when she was like that.

“Hey, unicorn.” The white unicorn stopped and looked at Blitz, she then pointed at herself. “Yeah, you with the snobby attitude.”

The unicorn didn’t not like to hear that. “Excuse me? Who do you think you are?”

“I am a pony that didn’t like the way you talk to my friend.” Blitz stopped in front of the unicorn. “And I want you apologized to her.”

“And who is your friend?” The unicorn asked, Blitz pointed at Applejack who was looking down on the ground. The unicorn huffed when she saw Applejack. “If you really think I’m going to apologized to a pony with bad taste in clothing, then you are wrong.” She stuck her nose up in the air again.

Right now, Blitz had trouble containing her anger. “If you want to know bad taste in clothing, then look in a mirror.”

That made the unicorn gasp. “How dear you.”

“How dear me? No, how dear you? How dear you criticize Applejack’s hat? Her father gave her that hat for her birthday and he and me thinks it fit her perfect. You can’t say that you are an expert in fashion just because you read some magazines, then you need to read some more.” Blitz took a couple off breaths to calm her self down. “You don’t have to apologized to Applejack, just stay away from her from now on, got it?” Blitz said with some force in her voice, the unicorn nodded. “Good.” Blitz turned around and walked back to Applejack. Once back Blitz told her friend what happened, Applejack was a little disappointed that she didn’t get an apologized, but she was happy that the unicorn would not bother her anymore.

After that event, Blitz and Applejack was sitting by a table in Sugarcube corner. They didn’t talk, they were pussy eating the food they had ordered, then door to the store open and in walked someone Blitz and Applejack didn’t not expect to see, the white unicorn from the school. Blitz and Applejack watch as the unicorn looked around the shop, then the unicorn saw them, she walked over to them.

Once there, they just looked at each other in an awkward silence, then Blitz decided to say something. “Well unicorn, is there something you want?”

“First of all, my name is Rarity.” She said with some anger in her voice, she was tiered of begging called unicorn. “And second.” Now, she was looking down on the ground and rubbing her arm. “I would like say I’m sorry, I’m sorry for criticize your hat.” She looked at Applejack while saying that last part.

Blitz and Applejack gave each other a look, they weren’t entirety sure what just happened. When they first meet, Rarity as is her name, had criticize Applejack’s hat and she was apologizing to Applejack.

Then they looked Rarity again. “Why did you do it? Why did say those things to Applejack?” Blitz asked her.

Rarity looked to the side, ashamed. “I was jealous of her hat.”

They weren’t sure if they heard things right, here they have a unicorn that looks like she was from Canterlot and she was jealous, jealous of Applejack’s hat.

“Jealous or not, you should not have said those things to Applejack, that’s signs of a pully.” Blitz told Rarity.

“I know already, my mother already told me that and I’m really sorry for what I said.” She sighed. “I have said what I should had said, so I will be leaving.” She turned around and started to walk towards the door.

Then Applejack gave Blitz the puppy look and that made Blitz groan. “Fine, just stop looking at me like that.” Applejack had a victorious smile. “Hey, Rarity.” Rarity stopped and turned around, she looked confused. “Do you want to hangout with us?” Blitz asked her, now was Rarity even more confused. She looked over to Applejack who was just smiling, then Rarity smiled. “Sure, I would like to do that.” She walked over to the table and took a seat.

“And that’s how we meet Rarity.”

Fox had listen to the story and this time he was in shock. “Wow, Rarity was almost a bully when she was younger. Who would have known.”

Blitz giggle of what he said. “Yeah, she was almost a bully.” She said while taking out her clothes.

“Something tells me that this didn’t last very long.”

Blitz let out a heavy sighed. “You can say that, a year later my parents got a job in Sun shore city and we had to move there.”

“How did AJ and Rarity take it?” He asked with curiosity.

Blitz was quiet for a moment. “Not good, well, Rarity took it better then AJ that’s for sure. After I had left I wrote to them every month, but Rarity was the only one that answered me back, I guess that Applejack didn’t like me leaving.” She got up and look at Fox. “But what could I do? I was too young to have a place of my own, I had to move.”

Fox could see that sadness in her eyes. “You didn’t want to leave, didn’t you?”

“Of course, I had leave me to best friends and now, one of them have hated me for teen years.” She sighed. “I don’t even know if she will forgive me, considering how stubborn she is.” She went back to the box.

Fox in the meanwhile, thought it was time to leave, he had been there far to long. He just left her alone.

Once I was outside I looked back the house. Poor girl, had to leave her two best friends. I know how she feels, that’s for sure. I wanted to help them, but it wasn’t my problem and I could make it worse, I decided to head home. Let’s just hope that it all works out for them.

In her room at Sweet apple acres, Applejack was lying on her bed staring at the ceiling, her hat was lying beside her. After hearing that Blitz had returned, she had locked herself in her room. ‘Why did she had to come back?’ When Applejack heard that her best friend had to move another city, she was devastated, she didn’t want Blitz to leave. Then someone knock on her door. “Go away.” She didn’t want to talk anyone right now.

“Open the door Applejack.” It was granny Smith.

“Go away granny, I don’t want to talk anyone right now.”

She then heard some mumbling behind her door. “You are going to open this door right now or I will kick it down.” She said in aggressive tone.

Applejack let out a sigh, she knew that it was impossible to reason with her when she was in that mood. She got up and walked over to the door and unlocked it, once that was done she went back to the bed and lay down on the her back.

Then granny walked in with a wining smile. “About time.” She walked over to bed and sat down on it. “Blitz in back in town.”

Applejack looked at her with and raised eyebrow. “How did you know?

“I could see it in your eyes Applejack, it was the same look you had teen years ago, a look that you had lost your best friend.” Applejack said nothing she just looked up at the ceiling, granny shock her had in disappointment. “Here, I brought you something.” She put something on the bed.

Applejack looked and saw that it was letter, many letters. “What’s this?” She asked.

“This is all the letter Blitz send to you after she moved, she send you a letter every month for two years.”

That got AJ to sit up. “Two years? Why did she stop?”

“Because you never answered her Applejack.”

“Didn’t want to answer her, she left me and Rarity alone here. And…”

“WOULD YOU SHUT THE HELL UP.” Applejack almost fell of the bed off Granny’s outburst. “Why do you have to be so stubborn? She had to leave, she didn’t had a choice. She wasn’t old enough to live by herself, she didn’t have any other family in town she could live with. Do you know what she did the day before she left?” Applejack shock her head. “She came here to talk to you, but you wouldn’t talk to her, when she heard that she started to cry.” Applejack was now in shock, she had never seen Blitz cry before. “You know what, I give up. Here.” She threw the letters at Applejack and got up. “I suggest you read the last letter she sent you.” She walked out and slammed the door after herself.

Applejack just started at the door, then she looked at the letters that was lying in front of her. She might just read the letter. She picked them up and searched for the last one, she took it and opened it up and started to read it.

“Dear Applejack, for two years I have send you a letter every month for two years and you have still not answered me. I tried to tell you so many times before I left that I hadn’t any choice to move, my father had gotten a new job in Sun shore city and I hade to move. But that is not what this letter is about. I’m writing this letter to tell you that if you want to me mad at me for something that isn’t my fault, then fine. Here’s the problem with you AJ, when you get stubborn you refuse to listen to anyone, even your best friend and I’m sick of it. If you don’t want to be my friend then fine, consider this friendship over.”

Blitz Wing

Applejack just stared at the letter with tears in her eyes, she had been an idiot. She couldn’t hold back the tears. “What haveI done?” She had to make it right, she grabbed her hat and ran out her door, out the main door of the house and into to the town to find Blitz.

She was standing outside Blitz’s house, she didn’t know where the house were but luckily, she ran into Fox and he told her where Blitz’s house were. Now, she was just standing there, looking at the house. She was terrified, terrified of what would happened. She swallowed the big lump she had in her throat and walked to the front door, she knock a few times and waited.

It didn’t take long before Applejack heard noises, then a voice. “Damn it Pinkie, how many times must I tell you? I don’t want a…” The door open and there as Blitz, she didn’t look happy. Then she saw Applejack, then her mod dropped even more. “You are not Pinkie, you look like a friend I had ten years ago.”

“Hello Blitz, how are you?” Applejack asked her.

Blitz leaned against the door frame. “What do you want Applejack?”

“I want to talk.”

Blitz couldn’t help but question what she said. “Are you serious? You didn’t want to talk to me before I left, you never answered any of my letter’s and now you want to talk?” She halve shouted.

“Look, I’m sorry, okay? I was just a stubborn kid back then and I feel bad for it.” Then she started to cry. “I’m SO sorry.”

Blitz couldn’t help but feel sorry for the crying mare, she sighed. “Would you stop crying?” Applejack tried but it was not easy. “Let’s talk inside, it’s getting could outside.” Blitz walked inside, Applejack wasn’t about to say no to this, she walked after her.

Once inside Applejack could see boxes that was open, clothe and other stuff on the floor. “I hope that Rarity doesn’t see this, she is going to flip if she does.” Said Applejack.

Blitz couldn’t help but laugh a little when she heard that. “Yeah, is remember the first time she saw my room. She past out thanks to my mess.” She said while working on the fireplace.

When Applejack heard that, she also laugh. “It wasn’t that bad.”

Blitz smiled a little, when she was finished she got up and turned to face Applejack. “You said that you wanted to talk, then talk.” Applejack took a deep breath, she tried to say something, but nothing came out. When Blitz saw that she slapped a hand on her face. “For fuck sake AJ, just spill it out already.”

That she did. “I’m sorry okay, I’m sorry for the way I acted all those years ago, I’m sorry for not reading your letters I am sorry for everything.” ‘Then Applejack did something Blitz never thought she would do, fell on the floor and started to cry. “I just have missed my best friend so much.” She managed to say between the crying.

Blitz said nothing, she just walked over to the crying Applejack and got down on the floor and gave her a hug. “I have missed you to Applejack.” Applejack returned the hug. “Let’s get together tomorrow, you, me and Rarity, like old times.”

Applejack smiled when she heard that. “I like that.”

Author's Note:

There might be a part 3.

Blitz Wing is an OC cooperation with me and Lord Nopony.