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Team Harmony - Norwegian boy

What would happened if there had been more then 6 elements of harmony?

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A Parasprites Problem

Pinkamane Diane Pie, what’s the right word for this pony? Weird, crazy or random. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea how describe her. I think she hit her head to many time as a kid and thanks to that she thinks she is a seven year old pony all the time, she certainly act like one. But underneath all that pink fur is a pony who knows what she is talking about, sometimes.

It’s been a few days since the whole incident with Zecora, the ponies in town was a little cautious at first and they still are, but at least Zecora can walk through town whiteout causing chaos. Anyway, right now me and Sunset are at Rarity, watching as she is making a dress for Dash. Why you do you ask, because Celestia is coming tomorrow. Why? I have no idea, I stopped listing when Twilight mentioned her.

“Would you stay sill Rainbow Dash.”

Dash was trying her best, without result. “I can’t, I have to fly or I go crazy.” Too late for that.

Rarity put hand on her hips. “Do you want to look nice when the princess is coming tomorrow?”

Dash stopped struggling, she crossed her arms. “Fine.” Rarity counited with her work. “Are you sure this dress looks okay on me? It’s just feels wrong.”

“Why won’t it look okay on you? Are you doubting my abilities?”

Try to get yourself out of this Dash. “Yes, I’m no.” She actually stared to sweat. “I just going to stand still from now on.” I couldn’t help but chuckle a little while Sunset just laughed of it all.

Dash was about to say something but lucky for me and Sunset Twilight enter the shop, she looked over dresses.

“Rarity, these dresses are just gorgeous.”

Rarity pump out her chest a little. “I’m glad that somepony appreciate my work.” Then she glared at Dash who was trying to look another way then at Rarity.

Then we heard some kind of sound coming from out from Twilight’s hair and then some kind of round pink fluff ball with wings came out from her hair, it landed on her head.

“Sparkle, what the hell is that?” I asked her while ignoring the look that Rarity was giving me, she doesn’t like me swearing. I don’t care what she thinks.

“I when I was at Sugarcube corner inspecting the food, Fluttershy came by and she had three of them with her, so I took one.” The three more appeared, one was yellow and the other was blue.

“What about those two?” I asked her.

“That’s was weird, I only had one.”

Then Dash and Rarity gathered around Twilight. “Wow, what are they?” Dash asked Twilight.

“The better question, where did they come from. I only had one a minute ago.”

Okay, that’s weird. I looked over to Sunset. “What do you think about those things?”

“I don’t know, I have never seen them before. But, I something fell’s wrong about them, no animal can multiply like that.”

“I agree with you on that one.” I looked back them and what I saw was Dash and Rarity snuggling with each one of those things, I didn’t know what to think about that. It was just wrong.

Then Pinkie appeared. “Does anyone know where I can find an accordion.” What? Me and Sunset gave each other confusing looks while Twilight and the others didn’t even care, they were busy cuddling those things. She became frustrated and ran out.

I got up. “Come on Sunset, something tells me that Pinkie know what those round things are.”

“Are you serious? Pinkie? She’s crazy, how can she know about those things?”

“I agreed that Pinkie is, well. Pinkie. But I think she knows about those thing, I doesn’t hurt to ask.” She just sighed and got up, we walked after Pinkie.

Lucky for us she hadn’t gone very far, she was just standing in the street. “Pinkie.” She didn’t answer. “Pinkie.” She still didn’t answer me so I went over to her and slapped her in the head, that got her to react.

“Ow.” She rubbed her head. “Why did you hit me Fox?”

“Because you didn’t answer me.”

She blinked a few times. “Oh. I was think, I was trying remember who has a big drum.”

Say what? I’m going to regret asking this. “Why do you need a big drum?”

“Sooo I can play it, duh.”

I slap a hand on my face. “Pinkie, can you stop being you for one moment and tells us what those round things that Twilight have. Something tells me you know what they are.”

“They are called Parasprites and they come from the Everfree forest.”

“And how do you know that?”

“My grandfather told me about them.”

“Right, that doesn’t explain why you need a drum.”

“If I don’t get Parasprites back to the Everfree forest then they will eat every food in Ponyville, that’s why I need a drum and other instruments. Music is the only thing that can get them back to the Everfree, they love music.”

“What would happen if they eat the food in Ponyville?”

“They will multiply.”

I just stared at her trying to figure out if she was telling the truth or not, I may regret my next decision. “Alright Pinkie, me and Sunset are going to help you with these Parasprites.”

Pinkie. “You are?

Sunset. “We are?”

“We are Sunset, my gut tells me that Pinkie is telling the truth. And we have seen the things multiply already, if they would to multiply even more then what would happen.”

“They would probably overrun this town and the rest of Equestria, alright. What do you want me to?”

“I want you to head back to the library and confirm if Pinkie is telling the truth, find out as much as you can about these Parasprites.”

She nodded. “I can do that, what about you?”

“I’m going to help Pinkie gather instruments.” Sunset headed to the library leaving me alone with Pinkie. “Okay Pinkie, what kind of instruments do you need?”

She put a hand on her cheek. “Well, I need an accordion, banjo, tuba, harmonica. I am not sure about the rest.”

Dear good. “I know where to find an accordion and harmonica, why don’t you focus on finding the others.”

She gave me a salute. “Yes sir.” She bounced away leaving me alone, I stood there wondering why I was doing this. I just shook my head and stared to walk to the hotel to talk with Globe.

Once I reached the hotel, I greeted the pony in that work there and head to Globe room. Once I found room 3 I knocked on the door.

“Globe, you in there?”

I could hear movement behind the door. “One second.” It didn’t take long before he open the door. “Hey Fox, is there something I can help you with?”

“Yes, is it possible I can borrow your harmonica?”

He just stared at me with a confuse look. “Why do you want borrow my harmonica?” A good question.

“It's not me who needs it but Pinkie.”

“Okay, why do Pinkie need my harmonica?”

“She need it to drive out Parasprites with music.”

Now he was even more confuse. “Just what is a Parasprites?”

“I have no idea, look. I know that Pinkie is weird but, I promise that you will get your harmonica back safe and sound.”

He looked at me as he was trying to find out if I was telling the truth or not, I guess I was telling the truth because he went back in to his room. It didn’t take very long before he came back with a harmonica.

“Here’s my harmonica but, I want to promise me that you will bring it back.”

I gave him a reassuring smile. “I promise you that I will bring it back to you and I’ll keep me promises.”

“Alright, I believe you.”

He gave it to me and I took it. “Thanks.” Before I was to go I decide to ask him something. “So, are you liking Ponyville so far? Since you decide to stay here.”

He leaned against door frame “It’s not bad, it’s a quiet town, the ponies are nice. I’m think about settle down here.”

“That’s good to hear, is there a certain pony that is making you stay?”

When I said that he stared to plush. I couldn’t help myself, ever since he and Twilight meet they have spending more and more time together. He rubbed his neck.

“Maybe, look. I don’t know alright, can we just not talk about, alright?”

I couldn’t help but laugh a little. “Sure, I have to bring the harmonica back to Pinkie. See you around.”

He closed the door and I stared to walk out from the hotel, well outside I stared to walk to my next destination. Once I arrived at the house I knock on the door and the one who open the door was Scootaloo, a filly with orange fur and purple hair. She smiled when she saw me.

“Hey Fox, what are you doing here?”

I smiled back. “Hey Scootaloo, is your aunt home? I need to ask her something.”

“She is home, come in.” She let me inn.

Once inside I saw a mare sitting on the couch reading a book, she an earth pony with light pink fur, her hair and tail was mix of orange and red, at least I think is red. “Aunt Holiday, Fox wasn’t to talk to you.” Holiday looked up from her book and smiled when she saw me, she put the book down.

“Thanks, Scootaloo. Don’t you have homework to do?”

Scootaloo groaned when she heard that. “It’s so boring.”

I stared to ruffle her mane. “That may be true but, it is also educational.” She swapped away my hand and stared to walk up the stairs mumbling something I didn’t hear. That kid hasn’t had it easy in life, her parents died when she was young. But she lucky that she has an aunt that was willing to take her into her house, it’s better than living in orphanage.

“So, what can I do for the only fox in town?”

“I was hoping to borrow an accordion from Lofty.”

That just gave me a confuse look, I starting to get use to that part.

“Why do you need to borrow an accordion from Lofty?”

Oh boy. “It’s not me that’s need the according, it’s Pinkie. She needs musical instruments to drive out Parasprites from town before they eat all the food in town, if we don’t do that they will multiply and good knows what will happened.

Okay, I admit it. That was maybe not the right way to explain it, but what ells was is suppose say? When I said it, I thought that Holiday would stared laughing but she didn’t. I would have laugh at me.

“Hey Lofty.”

An pegasus with blue fur and with light and normal purple color in her hair, came stepped out into the living room.

“Yes Holiday.” She then saw me. “Oh, hello Fox, I thought I heard you out here. What can we do for you?” She said with a smile.

“He needs to borrow your accordion?”

That confused Lofty. “Why do he need to borrow that? He doesn’t play accordion?” She looked at me. “Do you?”

“No, I don’t. I’m gathering musical instruments for Pinkie and please don’t ask me why she need it.”

“I heard the reason, but I’m going to let you borrow it. Just let me find it first.”

She walked up to the second floor, why do I get feeling that she was messing with me. I was left alone with Holiday.

“Why didn’t you laugh at me when I told you the reason I needed the according?” I asked Holiday.

“You aren’t the type to tell a lie, even when it absurd like that.”

She went back to her book. I couldn’t help but admire Holiday, she took in Scootaloo when she lost her parents at a young age. I know how that fell all too well.

I didn’t take long before Lofty came back with an accordion. “Here you go Fox.” She handed it to me and I almost fell to the ground when I took it, it was heavy.

“Thank Lofty, do you need this back when Pinkie is done with it?”

She shook her head. “Not really, I bought this accordion on impulse buy.”

We heard a snort coming from the couch. “You do a lot of those.”

Lofty gave her mate an angry stare. “No, I don’t.” Lofty answered with some anger in her voice.

“Yes, you do.”

I knew right away what was going to happened, so I moved as fast as I could out form there, once outside I breath out sigh of relief. One thing I learned over the years, never get caught between two girls arguing, I learned that the hard way. I looked at the accordion and I had the harmonica in my pocket, time to deliver these instruments to the crazy one.

The sun was setting when arrived at Sugarcube corner, once I enter I could see Mrs. Cake siting behind the counter counting money, she had to be very busy because she didn’t notice me entering the shop.

“Mrs. Cake.” I tried not to scare her.

She looked up and smiled when she saw me. “Hello Fox, what can I do for you this evening?”

“I’m looking for a pony, she is pink and a little crazy.” I would like to say, ‘out of her mind,’ but that may be pushing it a little too far. I could actually hear her say that I’m not crazy.

She pointed at the stairs. “She’s up in her room with a bunch of instruments, she didn’t tell me why.”

“Don’t worry, they have a purpose. I think.” I mumble that last one.

I hurried up the stairs and walked to the end of the hall where she lives, when I reached the door I could hear music, I think it was music. Anyway, I knock on the door and waited for her to open, it didn’t take long. When she opened I could see a lot of instruments, I’m not going to mention all of them but there’s a lot.

“Hey Fox, I see that you managed to find a harmonica and an accordion. Great work.”

“Thanks.” I handed them to her and she took them. “Just so you know I want that harmonica back it belongs to Globe, and he wants it back when you are done it.”

“You got it.” She walked into her room with the two instruments and put them on her bed.

“Are you sure this is going to work Pinkie?”

She turned to face me. “Are you doubting me Fox? Because I can tell you know that this will work.”

I couldn’t help but have my doubts about the whole thing, but I didn’t say that. “If you say so Pinkie.” I better get to the library and see if Sunset have found something. “I have to go Pinkie, I have somewhere ells to be.” I said goodbye to her and walked away.

I managed to reach the library before the sun disappeared, I entered the treehouse and inside I could see Sunset sitting on the couch reading a book. She looked up from it when I entered.

“So, did you find something about Parasprites?”

“I’m not sure if you want to hear this.”

This can’t be good. “Just let me hear it.”

She stood up. “According to this book, animals of the Everfree. Pinkie is telling the truth.”

She gave me the book and stared to read. “Parasprites, lives in the Everfree. They don’t usually venture outside the forest but when they do they eat all the food they come across and they multiply, they only thing that can stop them is music.” I gave it back to her. “Pinkie was right and now she is the only thing that can stop them, that just great.”

Sunset had a worried face. “What do we do now, it also says that magic has a side effect on them.”

“Unless you or I can play multiple instruments at once, which none of us can. We have to wait and hope that Pinkie can pull this off, let’s just hope that the Parasprites don’t multiply too much.” I hope that I’m right.

“What you are saying that Pinkie is this town and maybe Equestria’s only hope? That’s not very insuring to hear.”

“I know, let’s just try to get some sleep and wait until tomorrow.”

She let out a heavy sigh. “I guess you’re right, I’m not sure if going to get any sleep.“

“Me neither, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I said goodbye to her and went home. I woke up the next day and I didn’t have any trouble going to sleep, which I thought was weird. I did my business in the bathroom, got dressed and went down to eat breakfast. While eating my cereal I saw Twilight walk past my house with a bag around her neck and I could swear that it was moving, that can’t be good. I finished my breakfast and headed out, time to talk to Pinkie.

When I arrived at Sugarcube corner I saw Pinkie leaving, she stopped and waved when she saw me. “Hey, Fox, nice day today.”

I just gave her a deadpan stare. “Forget about that Pinkie, are you ready with the instruments yet?”

“Not yet, I’m missing some instruments.”

“Okay, then go and find them will I’m going to head to Fluttershy’s house. I saw Twilight run towards there with a bag which I’m guessing was full of Parasprites.”

She saluted. “Yes sir.” Then she disappeared, that pony.

On my way there I ran into Sunset who tag alone, she said that she wanted to see if what was in the book was true and the whole thing with Pinkie.

“Do you think that Pinkie can pull this off?” Sunset asked me while we were walking to Fluttershy.

“Let’s hope so, I don’t want to see those fur balls run over this town.” I answered her.

When we arrived at her house we saw… To be honest, I’m not sure what we saw. What we saw was a giant ball with Parasprites, Applejack was running behind it, Twilight and Rarity was running in front of the ball while Shy and Dash was flying over it.

“What are they doing?” Sunset asked a good question.

“It looks like they are rounding up the Parasprites and driving them towards the forest, and it looks like it’s working.”

It was working, then Pinkie show up and started to talk with them. Me and Sunset couldn’t hear anything because we were to fare away, then sat down on the ground and stared to think? What the hell.”

“PINKIE.” She looked at me and she was confused. “STOP SITTING THERE AND GET YOUR BUT IN GEAR AND CONTINUED COLLECTING INSTRUMENTS.” She stood up and saluted, then she ran away.

I stared to rub my head “That pony.” While I was shouting at Pinkie the rest of the girls managed to drive the Parasprites to the Everfree forest.

“Why did you tell Pinkie to find instruments? Applejack and the others managed to drive the Parasprites back the Everfree.” Sunset asked me.

“Somehow I doubt it’s over.”

We watch as the girls went back to Fluttershy house, then she opened her own door and hundreds of Parasprites flew out. I looked over to Sunset with a smug smile on my face, she just rolled her eyes. Then we saw Dash put on some goggles and stared to make a small tornado, she then stared to suck up the Parasprites. This can’t end well, and I was right.

Pinkie showed up with some cymbals but those were suck up by the tornado that Dash was making, then the whole thing fell apart, then the Parasprites flew towards Ponyville. This is going well. Then the girls stared to yell at Pinkie, after that they ran to the town. Me and Sunset walked to the pink one.

“You okay Pinkie?” I asked her.

She looked at me and she was not happy. “No, I wish that the girls would listen to me.”

I put a hand on her shoulder. “I know that you want to, but if you managed to gather the instruments and get rid of the Parasprites then they have to listen to you.”

She stood up. “You are right, I’m only missing two instruments.” She ran towards the town.

“That sounded so bad.” Sunset told me.

Now it was my turn to roll my eye. “It worked didn’t, let’s just head to town and make sure that the girls don’t do anything stupid.”

When we arrived, we saw that Twilight was about to cast a spell, that got Sunset to react. “Twilight, don’t.” She ran to her to prevent her to cast the spell, but it was too late the spell affect all the Parasprites in town. Sunset then tackle her to the ground. “You idiot, why did you do that?”

“I was trying to make them stop eating the food.”

“You may have done things worse.”

“How can I have done things worse?”

“Magic has a different effect on the Parasprites, what you wanted may not happened.”

Sunset was right, as soon the spell was done the Parasprites didn’t eat the food but rest of the town. What do I mean? One of the sniffed an apple, then it ate the apple and the bucket, and then it decided to spit out the apple. Yep, it ate the bucket. Then the rest of the Parasprites stared to eat the rest of the town, and here I thought I had seen it all.

Dash. “Hey, it worked. They are not eating the food anymore.” Twilight tried to look as innocent as possible.

Sunset. “I tried to warn you Twilight.” She said while getting off her. “But you didn’t listen.”

Then Rarity eyes widen. “Oh no if they get inside my store, everypony for them self.” And she ran off, what a drama queen.

Then it was Sunset turn. “Oh no, the library.” She teleported herself away.

I walked over to Twilight with my hand in my pockets. “Well, this is going well.”

She looked at me with an angry look. “Why aren’t you helping?”

“I have been helping, I help Pinkie gather instruments, so she can get rid of the Parasprites. All you have done as made thing worst.” I looked over the town which was eaten up by Parasprites.

“You have been helping Pinkie? But, she so…”

“…random?” She nodded. “Yes, I admit that she is random but that doesn’t mean she know what she is talking about.” Then we heard music. “Speaking of a pink pony.”

Coming down the street was Pinkie with a lot of music instruments on her, a tuba on her back with the accordion, she had a pair of cymbals on her feet and the harmonica was strapped in front of her. But here’s the weirdest thing, she managed to play them without problems. Then we watch as the Parasprites stared to, well, dance. They stared to move up and down, then they stared to follow Pinkie who was leading them towards the Everfree forest.

I looked over to Twilight and the other girls who just stood there with their mouth open. “Here’s a lesson for you Sparkle, sometimes you can find the answer in the weirdest place and in this case, a pony.” Then I saw a princess heading towards the town. “Well, this has been fun, but I have to go and check on Sunset and the library. Talk to you all later.” I walk away before Celestia showed up.

When I arrived at the library I saw Sunset tossing books in the trash. “What are you doing? Why are you throwing away books?”

“They ate the words.”

Say what. “Who ate the words?” I kind of knew the answer but I had to ask.

“The Parasprites, I teleported here to save the books. Then I saw those nasty things eating the words from the books, I was about to do something when I heard music and next thing I knew, the Parasprites stared to dance out the door. I’m guessing that Pinkie managed to drive them to the Everfree forest.”

“More or less, did they eat anything important books?”

She shook her head. “No, I guess I was lucky that they didn’t.”

“That’s good.” She tossed another book. “Do you need any help.”

“No, I got this cover. Can we talk tomorrow?”

“Sure, I have to talk to Pinkie anyway.” I said goodbye and headed towards Sugarcube corner. When I arrived there, I saw Pinkie was about to open the door. “Hey Pinks.” She turned to face me.

“Hey Fox, what’s up?”

What’s up? Really. “Nothing, just wondering how it went. Did you get all the Parasprites back into the forest?”

She nodded. “Yes sir, all the Parasprites are back in the Everfree.” Thank you lord.” Also. ”She took her hand into her pocket. “Here’s Globe’s harmonica, say that I appreciate that I could borrow it.”

She gave me the harmonica and I took it and put in my own pocket. “I will, did everting go well after you got the Parasprites into the forest.”

“More or less.”

Okay. “What do you mean?”

“Well, while I was play the princess landed and thought that the whole thing was a parade in her honor.” Seriously? “Then something weird happened.”

“What weird?”

“Twilight, she tried to tell the princess what she had learned about friendship but when she tried she just began to stutter. It looked like the words wouldn’t come out, it was just weird.”

I guess the elements of harmony and whatever spell Celestia cast are fighting each other, to be honest I have no fucking idea. I suck at magic, maybe Sunset know.

“What happened after that?” I asked her.

She just shrugged her shoulder. “Don’t know, the princess talk with Twilight but I don’t know what and then she flew away while Twilight just walked away. The others and me went our separate way.” She hung her head and let out a heavy sigh. “The girls didn’t even ask me how I knew about the Parasprites.”

“That’s because they don’t take you seriously Pinkie.”

She looked up at me with a confused face. “What do you mean?”

I slap my hand on my face of that question. “Think about it Pinkie, you just showed up in Rarity shop and asked for an accordion. Do you really think any pony would take you seriously when you do that?”

“Huh, I never thought about that. I guess it sound a little weird.” You don’t say. “Okay, next time there a crisis I will be more precise.” That’s better than nothing.

“I’m glad to hear that Pinkie, now if you will excuse me. I have to return the according to Globe before it gets dark.” I was about to leave when I remember something. “Hey Pinkie.” She was about to open the door but stopped and turned around. “You know every pony in town, right?”

“Sure do.”

“Do you know a pegasus, he has white fur and his tail and mane is purple and here’s the weirds part. His wings were made of ice.”

She gasped. “There’s a new pony in town and I don’t know who it is, I will make it my life mission to find out who it is.” Then she disappeared in the door and shut it, dear good what have I done. Well, I guess that’s the mysterious pony’s problem not mine. I better get to Globe before it gets to dark.

After delivering the harmonica to Globe I went home and sat down in my chair and stared to read Daring Do, I had read few pages before someone knocked on my door.


I looked outside and saw that it was night time I asked myself, who the hell is out at this time of the day? I put the book down on the table and got up, I walked to the door to see who it was and boy was I shocked when I saw who it was. It was certain purple pony and she was crying, she had her luggage with her.

“Sparkle, what are you doing her at night?” I had to ask her, I didn’t know.

“Can I come in? I would rather not talk about it here.” She manged to say between her crying.

“Sure.” I let her in, we walked to the couch and sat down. “Alright, mind telling me why you are my house at night.”

“It’s princess Celestia, she had me kicked out from the hotel I was staying in and she also made sure that I’m not getting any more money from her.” She put both hands on her face and stared to cry again. “I don’t know what I did wrong.”

What the hell? “How did this happen?

“After Pinkie lead the Parasprites into Everfree the princess wanted me to give her a friendship report but when I tried to give her one I couldn’t say anything, I open my mouth, but nothing came out I knew what I was going to say but I couldn’t say it. I don’t know what happened.”

“I heard that part from Pinkie.” She stared to cry even more so I let her rest against my shirt, it took a while but she manged to calm down. “Feel better?” She looked up at me.

“Not really, but thanks.”

I just smiled. “You’re welcome, what are you going to do know?”

She sat up. “I don’t know I haven’t thought about it yet, I was hoping to sleep her tonight.”

“Why here? Why not at Rarity or the others?”

“I don’t want to be a burden to them, I can I please stay here tonight?”

I really wanted her to stay somewhere ells, but I wasn’t about to kick her out in the night. “Alright, you can stay her tonight but tomorrow we are going to ask the other girls if you can stay with them, got it?” She nodded. “Good, grabbed your luggage and let me show you the guest room.” Once on the second floor I showed her where the room, after that I went to my room and lay down on my bed. I just stared up at the ceiling, think what crazy day it has been. If every day is going to be like this, I’m not sure if my heart can take it. Eventually I feel asleep.

I woke up the next day and realized that I had slept in my clothes, I just shrugged it off and went to my closet to find some new clothes. I went to the bathroom and took a shower, when I was finished with that I went to check on Twilight. I open the door to the guest room very carefully so I wouldn’t wake her, I heard that she cried here’s self to sleep so I was guessing she was still sleeping, and I was right.

She was still lying her bed sleeping, I guess yesterday was really hard on her and I can’t say that I blame her, after what Celestia did to her. When I read about Celestia when I first arrived her, I read about a ruler who was a kind ruler. What she did to Twilight was no kind, it was pure evil. Something is up with the perfect ruler and I want to know what, but that will be another time, time to get some breakfast and coffee.

The coffee was almost finished when finally Twilight decide to wake up, I heard movement upstairs and then I heard footsteps down the stairs. She looked like a mess when she entered the kitchen, her hair was all spike and she had slept in clothes from yesterday, it almost felt like déjà vu on that part.

She sat down on one pf the chair and rest her head in her arms. “Moring sleepy head, want some coffee?” I didn’t get a really answer just a grunt. “I’ll take that as no.” I want back to my coffee machine, it incredible that this place as a coffee machine but no electricity, fucking magic. I poured some coffee in a cup and sat down in a chair by the table. “Are sure you don’t want some coffee?” She just shook her head. “Alright then.” I took a sip of the coffee and it was… “This coffee is bitter, I need some milk.” I fetch some and added some to my coffee and took another sip. “That’s better, I’m choosing another brand next time I’m shopping.” That got a little smile on Twilight mouth, I took another sip. “You want to talk about what happened yesterday?”

“Not really.”

If figured as much. “You have to talk to someone Sparkle, you can’t keep it to yourself.”

She looked up at me. “I will talk about when I’m ready.” She said in angry tone.

“Alright, no need to get angry.” She rested her head in her arms again. “Have you found out who you want to stay at yet?”

She looked up at me again and this time she was confused. “Why can’t I stay here?” I was expecting that question.

I put the cup down on the table. “I don’t think that is a good idea.” She was about to say something, but it cut her off. “Let me finish, I just think it would be awkward if you were living her. If we have been dating, then yes.” That got here to blush, something that was not my intention but a little funny.

“I guess you have a point.” She turned her head away for a moment, she turned to me again. “Can you ask Sunset if I can stay with her?”

My eyes almost popped out from my skull when I heard that, and I choke on my coffee, when I was finished coughing I looked at her as she was crazy.

“Can you say that again.”

“I asked if you could ask Sunset if I could stay with her.”

“That was I thought.” I coughed some more. “Please don’t take this the wrong way but, are you mad?”

“I know that me and Sunset aren’t the best of friends.” That’s one way to say it. “But I’m willing to what everything she said, it’s her library after all.”

I looked into her eyes to find out if she was serious or not and she was, I think she honest. I couldn’t help but worried what Sunset would think, I can worry about that later. Right now.

“Okay Sparkle, I will talk to Sunset about letting you stay at in the library but only one conditions. If she says no you will ask Rarity, Shy or AJ if they can let you stay. Okay?”

I put out my hand in hope that she would shake it, she looked at it and I could see if she was a little unsure. She took it in the end.

“Alright, if Sunset won’t let me stay I will ask Rarity and the others.”

I nodded. “Good, I better go and ask Sunset.” I stood up. “There’s some cereal in the cabinet, help yourself.” I headed out the door and into my doom.

“She wants to do what?”

It went better than I expected when I told Sunset about Twilight moving in with her, how? I’m still alive. “I said that Twilight want to…” She cut me off by holding up a hand.

“I heard you the first time Fox but why me? why not one of her other friends? Me and Twilight isn’t the best of friends, to be honest, I’m not that found of her right now.”

“I know that you and Twilight don’t like each other, she told the she didn’t want to be burden to them. just give her a chance, I don’t say that you have to be best friends but just help her. She said that she would do anything you said.”

That got her attention. “Really, maybe I should let her stay her.” She got an evil grin which made me nervous. “I have decided, go and tell Celestia’s former student that she can stay. We are going to have so much fun.” This can’t possible end well.

Author's Note:

Just what is Celestia up to? To find out you have to keep on reading.

Apparently Scootaloo has an aunt now, so I thought why the hell not. I write aunt Holiday into the story.