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Team Harmony - Norwegian boy

What would happened if there had been more then 6 elements of harmony?

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Is Friendship Really Magic part 2

Author's Note:

Here is a new chapter, I got a little criticism of the previous chapter because I cute corners at the ende of the chapter. I've tried to fix that in this chapter, hope you all like it.
If you have not noticed it yet: no Spike. I thought it would be a bit fun to see how it been without him but take it easy, I'll write him into the story later.

Let us summarize what has happened: 1.000 years ago Celestia banish her sister Luna now Nightmare Moon to the Moon, now she back and she want the night to last forever. One thing is sure, that's not going to happen as long as I'm here.

"Stop her, she is the only one who knows where the princess is." Shouted Mayor Mare.

Three pegasus guards flew over to Nightmare Moon. "Stand back you fools." She summoned lightning to intercept them, they flew straight into the wall. Then she changed into fog anf flew out the door, Dash was right behind her. Then I saw Twilight run out the door with AJ, Shy, Pinkie, Rarity and Sunset run after her. I knew exactly where they were going, they ran in the wrong direction. I ran out the door and towards the Everfree Forest, I did not heard Cheeilee shout my name. I ran as fast as I could towards the forest, I stooded right at the entrance. I have been many times in forest and it still gives me goosebumps.


I looked behind me and there was Twilight and the other girls.

"What are you doing here?" Twilight asked me.

"I'm waiting for you girls." I answered her.

"Well you don't have to enter the forest with me, I know where the elements are. They are..."

"...in the castle of the two sister." I finished for her. "I know." Now she got a 'what the' facial expressions.

"How do you know that?"

"Because I have been several times in the forest and I know where the castle is so if you don't want to get lost, I'm coming with you."

I started to walked into the forest, I look at the girls. "Well? Are you girls coming or not?" They follow me into the Everfree forest.

Nobody said anything the first few minutes, until Pinkie opened her mouth.

"Hey Fox, what does the fox say?" We all looked at her as if it had grown an extra head. "What?"

"What's wrong with you Pinkie? Here are we on our way to stop a mad pony that want eternal night and you are asking what Fox is saying?" Dash asked her.

I thought after three months that I had managed to at least tolerate her but I was wrong, I just ignored her. After a while we came to a cliff.

"Nice going 'leader', you led us to a cliff." Dash said with sarcasm in her voice.

"Shut up Dash, we have to go around."

I started to walked but then the ground started to collapse under us, me and Sunset managed to get us to safety but AJ, Pinkie, Rarity and Sparkle was not so lucky. AJ managed to cling to a branch sticking out of the earth while Dash ans Shy saved Pinkie and Rarity, Sparkle slipped right down to the end of the cliff.

"Hold on I'm coming." Said AJ as she slid down to help her, I I barely heard what they said.

"Applejack, what should I do?"

"Let go?"

"Are you crazy?"

"No I'm not, I am telling you the truth. Just let go and you'll be fine."

Sparkle did as she said, luckily Dash and Shy was able to save her before she hit the ground. I looked over at Sunset who was breathing very heavily.

"You ok Sunset?"

"Just give me a moment to catch my breath, that was more excitement than I hope for."

I just smiled at what she said. "Come on, let's get down to the others." We managed to find a safe way down the cliff, on the way down I saw black smoke coming out of the earth. Just as I thougt, Nightmare Moon was behind this. The others was wating for us when we came down.

"Why are you two so slow?"

"Again Dash, shut up. Let's just move on.

And with that, I led the way while the girls followed. After a while came Sparkle up to me.

"Are you sure you know where you are going?" She asked me.

"I've been in this forest several times so yes I know where I'm going."

Suddenly a manticore jumped out of some bushes and blocked the road and he was very angry. Rarity had the idea to kick the manticore. "Take that you ruffain." It just roared and ruined her hair. "My hair." She ran away to fix her hair, I just shook my head. One way ot another AJ had managed to get on the back of the manticore, she rode it like a cowboy on a bull, until she was thrown off. Then it was Dash turn, she just flew very fast around the animal until it her away with it's tail. The they tried a full frontal assault, but Shy stopped them.


She approached it very carefully to prove that she was not a threat, it worked because the mantivore showed the left paw and there was a thorn that was stuck in it.

"Oh, you por, por little baby."

"Little?" I just wish that Dash could shut up.

""This just might hurt for a second."

Instead of eating her the manticore licked her, I guess the manticore was just happy the thorn was out form it's paw. With that we could walk past the manticore.

"How did you now about the thorn?" Sparkle asked Shy.

"I didn't, sometime we all need to be showed a little kidness."

I Walk up to Sparkle. "Impressive, don't you think?"

"How did she do that?"

"Shy has always had a good relationship with animals." Then she looked at me with an angry face. "What? Do I have something on my face?"

"Why did you do nothing? We risked our lives while you did nothing." She asked me with anger in her voice."

"I did nothing because I knew that Shy had it under control and by the way, Sometimes you got to have faith in others." And with that we both walked futher in to the woods.

After a while.

"My eyes ned a little rest from all this nasty muck." Rarity got her wish fulfilled because suddenly it became dark. "I did not mean that literally." Luckily for me, I can see in the dark so I was not worried. Then suddenly.

"AAAAHHH." It was Shy who screamed. I looked around and what I saw was trees with scary facese, all were afraid, well almost all. Pinkie started to laugh and she started to sing. That was someting I could not tolerate so I went ahead.

When I finally got away from the 'scary trees' I found a stone, sat down and waited. It was one thought that I could not stop thinking about and that was: 'why is Luna trying to stop us? Did she not want to be cured from this Nighmare Moon?' I needed not to wait to long for the others, they just laughd. Then Pinkie noticed me.

"Hey Fox, you missed all the fun."

"Lucky me." I said with sarcasm in my voice. "Can we move on, today?" The girls good mood was suddenly gone when I said those words.

Pinkie just crossed her arms. "Party poper." I just rollet my eyes.

After a while we came to a river and something was very wrong.

"This is strang, the river should not be so rough. What is Steven doing?"

They looked at me with coriously expressions. "Who the hay Steven?" Dash asked me.

"Steven Magnet is a sea serpent who lives in this river." I poined at the river, then we heard someone cry further up the river. And ther was Steven crying.

"What a world, what a world."

"Hey Steven, why are you crying?" He stopped crying when he saw me.

"It was horrible Fox I was just minding my own business, then a purple smoke came out of nowhere and cut my dear mustache clean of. And now I look horrendous." Then he dove into the river made a small wave that made us all wet.

"Gimme a break." I give up.

"That's all fuss is about." I look at AJ.

"Steven cares very about his mustache." Then Rarity stept forward.

"Why of corse is it's, how can you be so insensitive. Just look at him, he has so pretty scales."

"I know." Steven answered.

"And you delightful mane."

"Oh I know, I know"

"Is all ruiend without you beautiful mustache."

"It's true I'm disgusting."

"I can't let crime against fabulousty continue."

Then Rartiy tok one of Stevens scales and did something I never thought she would do, she cut off a part off her on tail. Then she use her magic to attached it on Stevens mustache were it han cut off.

"My mustache, how wondeful."

"You look smashing."

Then Sparkle approach Rarity. "Oh Rartiy, your beautiful tail."'

"Oh, it's fine my dear. Short tails are in this season besides, it will grow back."

"So would the mustache." Dash said to Sparkle.

"I hate to interrupt all this, but can you let us cross the river Steven?" I asked him.

"Why of course, allowed me."

He dived under the water and made a path so we could cross the river, we made to the other side.

"Thanks Stevens."

"You're welcome Fox, take care of yourself you sexy fox."

My heart almost stodded when he said that but before I could say anything he dove into the river and disappeard, I look at the girls. Dash and Pinkie was on the ground laughing while the others was just wondering just happened.

"Not a word." I just walked past them, they said nothing but I could see that they enjoyed themselves. Sometimes I hate my life.

After a while we came to a clearing. "Is it possible that we can take a break Fox? Not everypony is in good shape." Rarity asked me.

"Sure." I went to a tree and leaned against it, AJ approached me.

"You ok there partner?"

"Oh, I'm just lovely AJ. A insane alicorn want eternal darkness, a serpent thinks that I'm sexy and I'm leading a group with ponnies to a castle where we can find the elemnts of harmony that can stop Nightmare Moon. What do you think? I'm not ok."

"It could have been worse."

"You did NOT say that right now." Then we heard someone argument, it was Dash end Sparkle.

"I begin to believe that you're really are spy for Nighrmare after all." Dash began.

"I'm NOT a spy, if I am a spy then why am I helping you all?" That did not help.

"So you can betray us when you have the chance."

Oh for the love of... "Cut it out Dash."

"Stay out of this Fox, this has nothing to do with you."

She said with anger in her voice I was going to interfere but Sunset beat me to it, she pushed them apart.

"Leave her alone Rainbow Dash, you are not helping."

"I'm telling you Sunset, she is a spy." Dash was going to attack Sparkle but Sunset stoppet her with her magic.

"I'm only going to say this one more time Rainbow: she is NOT A SPY. I understand that were all on edge but we can't lose hope, if do that then we all can just give up. I don't no know about the rest of you but I'm not ready to give up just yet." She released Dash from her magic and started to walked deeper into the forest, the rest of us follow her except Dash she jus stood there looking at the ground.

"You coming Dash?"

She looked at me. "Yeah, I'm coming." She flew past me.

Finally we could see the castle, it took longer than I thought. I had company this time.

"There it is, the ruin that's holds the elements of harmony. We made it." Sparkle was going to run to the castle but I stopped her before she got any further. "What are you doing Fox? The elements are right there." She pointed at the castle, I pointed to the broken suspension brigde it was destroyd.

"If you don't want to fall to your death then I suggest you take it easy."

We walked to the cliff, I looked down into the depth.

"Well, this makes things a little more difficult."

"What now?" Pinkie asked me.

"I suggest that Dash fly down and retriveves the bridge and tie it on the other side."

She was suprised. "Me?"

"Yes you, I don't believe that Shy can do it. No offens Shy."

"Non taken."

Dash hesitate a little. "Ok." She took of and flew down into the depth, she came out with the rope and flew over to the other side. She began to tie the rope on the other side but suddenly three pegasuser appeard.

"Oh no, don't listen to them Raindow, it's a trapp." Sparkle shouted to her but it was no use, we were too far away.

I was sure she that she would abandon us but I was wrong, suddenly she came flying over the cliff.

"I never leave me friends hanging." She said.

We started to walk over the suspension bridge, I was the last one. I looked at Dash. "Nice work Dash." She was surprised that I praise her. She rubbed the back of her neck.

"Thanks Fox."

"Yeah, don't let it go to your head."

Finally we had arrived to the caslte here elements were.

"So Fox, where are the elements of harmony?" Sparkle asked me.

"They are 'yawn' in the main 'yawn' hall." I answer with a sleepy voice.

"What is wrong with you?"

"I don't know, I feel 'yawn' so sleepy."

Suddenly he fell to the ground, luckily Sunset managed to catch him wth her magic. She place him carefully on the ground, they gathered around him.

"What's wrong with him Sunset?" Fluttershy asked.

"I think that somepony put a slepping spell on him, something telles me that it was Nightmare Moon. You girls can go and find the elements, I'm staying her with Fox."

They all nodded and they went into the castle to find the elements while Sunset stayed behind to look after Fox.

In Fox's dream.

"Where am I?" The only thing I could see was sand. " I'm on Titania?" I said to no one particular. The last thing I remember was that I was with Sunset and the others to stop Nighmare Moon, was that a dream? I started to walked to se where I was. I don't no for how long I had walked but I felt like hours, thanks to the sun it was very hot. I stopped. "What is going on?" I screamed.

Suddenly the ground began to shake, up from the cround came nine stakes and there on some rops hung nine bodies. I had trouble seeing who it was hanging there because the sun was in the way, then I saw it. "No way." It was my old team. Falco, Slippy, Krystal, Bill, Catt, Lucy, Amanda, Miyu and Fay. "This can't be real, this is a bad dream." Then the bodies started to move.

"You failed us Fox." Falco bodie said.

Then Slippy. "You le us die."

I started to move back. "No, I did not know. It was not my fault."

Krystal. "I thought you love me."

"Krystal, I...."

Bill. "You were my best friend and you let me die."

"It was not my fault, I swear."

Then they fell to the ground and started to waked towards me, I tried to run away but I got nowhere. I tried to run faster but it did not help, I got nowhere. Then I tripped and I landed on my stomach, I used my arms to get me up into a sitting position.

"How does it feel Fox? You let your friends die and you could not save them." A voice said.

"You are no leader." Said Lucy.

"You are a coward." Catt.

I put both my hands on my ears to block out what they said. "Shut up, shut up, shut up." But it did not worked.


"You are a failed us."

"You let us die."



Then suddenly a bright light appeated and drown away Falco and the others, I tried to see who it was but the light was too bright. When the light got dimmer, I could not believe who I saw there.


He smiled. "Hello Fox."

"Bbbut your dead."

"No I'm not but I don't have time to explain, your friends need your hjelp."

"I can't, I'm no leader." I hung my head in shame. "I'm a failure."

He put hand on my shoulder. "Fox look at me." I did look at him. "You are not a failure, all leaders makes mistakes. Do you really think that Falco and the others would liked to see you like this?"

"No, Falco had probably given me a beating." We both laughed of what I said. "I'm not sure if I can do it, what if I got the girls killed."

"You wont." My dad said.

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because I have faith in you." That got me to smile.

"How do you always know what to say?"

He just shrugged. "it's a gift." I just laughed. "Now, are you ready yo be the leader you were meant to be?" I I gave him the thumbs ub. "Good, you're going to need all seven girls to save Luna."

That got my attention. "Seven? Don't you mean six? It should be six elements not seven."

"Actually there are eight."

"Eight? But I know only of five, what is the last elements?"

"Trust me my son, you know." He started to dissapper. "It looks like my time is up."

"No, dad don't go." I ran over to him and gave him a huge, he returned the hug. "I don't want you to go." I stared to cry.

He broke the hug. "I am always with you in your heart." He was almost gone. "Fox, you must promise me one thing."

"Anything dad."

"You must help Twilight Sparkle."

I raised an eyebrow of what he said. "Sparkle? Why?"

"The path she is on is a dark one, only you can guide her on the right path."

"Alright dad, I promise." He gave me a smiled.

"Remember son, I love you." Then he was gone.

"I love you to dad."

Everthing started to dissappear around me, then a bright light blinded me. I opende my eyes and the first thing I saw the sky, was it a dream? It felt so real. "Fox." I looked to my left and there sat Sunset.

"You're awake."

"Where are the others?" I asked her.

"They were in the main hall at first but then it was this bright light, then they ran in to the hall and when they came out they said the Twilight and elements was gone. Then we saw a another light in the building next door so the girls ran to help Twilight."

"Which building?"

"The one to the left."

I knew which building she was taking about, I got up. "Come on Sunset." She was shocked by what I said.

"Me? I'm not one of the elements."

"Yes you are, now come on."

I took her hand and ran towards the building the girls and Nighmare was in. When we finally got to the of the stairs I saw AJ, Shy, Dash, Pinkie and Rarity with rocks around them which I guess was their elements, Sparkle was on her knees while Nighmare was laughing.

"How ironic, Celestia managed to stop me a 1.000 years ago put I guess she was just lucky. Time to make sure that does not happen again."

She charged up her horn and aimed at Sparkle and the others, hell no. I ran past Sparkle and the girls, I jumped up in the air. "NIGHMARE." Before she could react I punched her in her face, I hit her so hard that she fell on the floor. "Normally I don't hit girls but after what you did to me I make an exception." I look at Sparkle and she was crying.

"What wrong with you?" I asked her.

"The elements did not work."

"Of course they did not work, you're missing three."

"What? Three? It should be six, not eight. Applejack Honesty, Fluttershy kindness, Pinkie laughter, Rarity generosity and Raindow Dash loyalty and the last one is magic."

"You got five of eight...." I could not say anymore because I was interrupted.

"You dare to hit me? I'm the queen of the night." i turned around to face her and she was mad. "I have defeated Celestia, how do you think that you can defeat me?"

"Because Luna." That made her even more angrier. "You sister was missing two and she missed the name of the last one."

Nighmare began to laugh. "And here I thought that my sister was the stupid one, there are only six elements."

I just smiled. "Wanna bet." Now she became a bit nervous. "You see Luna, Sparkle got five correct. Aj: honesty, Shy: kindness, Pinkie: laughter, Rarity: generosity and Dash: loyalty, those she missed was. I pointed at Sunset. "When Dash almost lost hope in Sparkle it was Sunset who reminded her, she is element og Hope." A few stones appeared and began to circle around her, I look at Sparkle. "Sparkle, you put your faith in seven strangers the makes you the element of Faith." Stones began to circle around, when Nighmare saw that she became even more nervous.

"NO. I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS." She fire a beam against ut but a shield stoppet it.

"Don't you know that it is rude to interrupt others when they are talking." I took a deep breath. "Now the last element, I managed to lead the girls to were the elements was. I know that is not something to brag about but that is one thing that Celestia was lacking when she used the elements 1.000 years ago on you Luna: that was leadership." A stone appeared from nowhere and stopped right over my head. "I mean, what kind of leader and sister sends her little sister to moon for a thousand years? That is something that I never would have done, I would have found another way."

What happened next was a bit diffcult to see because the stone above me began to glow, I could hear Luna scream and then everything was dark.

When I finally managed to open my eyes I noticed that I was lying on the floor and and I saw red, what the hell? Then I noticed that I was wearing a helmet, I was that my hand was covered in armour. I got up and saw that my whole body was covered in armour, did elements do this?

"What the hay?"

I look in the direction of the voice and what I saw was the girls also had covered in armour.

"This is awsome." Dash.

Then I noticed that the armour was a mixture of their colors, Dash's helmet stood out most of all it had the colors of the rainbow. I took off my own helmet to get a better look at it, t was a mix of white and orange.

"My tail, I got my tail back."

I look over Rarity and she had got back her tail, did the elements do that? Then I remembered Nighmare Moon. I turned around to see if it worked and what I saw was not her but a new alicorn who I guess was Luna, her fur was much lighter and so was her hair. Sparkle stood next to me.

"It worked, she free from Nighmare Moon."

"You sound surprised."

"When the elements did not work the first time, I thought that all hope was lost. Then you turned up and managed to do what I could not, thank you"

I put a had on er shoulder. "We did, as a t...." I was interrupted becaue something hit me so hard that I flew into a wall and landet on the floor, luckiy th armor took most of he impact but it still hurt.


The girls hurried over to see that Iwas okay, I was wondering most about who shot me. I look where the shot came from and what I saw was a white alicorn, which I guess is Celestia. She was standing by Luna

"Get away from my sister, you monster."

"Princess Celestia, he and the others saved your sister from Nighmare Moon."

"Silent Twiligt Sparkle, now come here we are leaving." Sparkle hesitated. "I said, COME HERE." That got her to react, she went over to her. Celestias horn began to glow and they were gone, on the floor lay a necklace which I assume is Sparkle's.

Then Dash asked the question: "What just happend?"