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Team Harmony - Norwegian boy

What would happened if there had been more then 6 elements of harmony?

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Curtain Call

A cutie mark, I have mention this before but this time, I just going to mention this; there’s the right way to earn one and the wrong way, the CMC chose the wrong way. This time.

It was a normal day, me and Fleur was just having a walk through Ponyville, I was telling her about what happened before she got here.

“Are you telling me that Apple Bloom, Applejack’s little sister was so desperate in getting her cutie mark that she tried different thing, things that she had no talent in?” Fleur asked me.

“Pretty much, I heard it from Shadow, but I doubt she was lying, and AJ confirmed it.” Was the answer I gave her.

She just shook her head. “That’s not the way to get a cutie mark, you have to find out what your talent is and what makes you happy, not do random things.”

I was about to say she was right when I heard wings flapping, very fast and that meant that Scootaloo coming and fast. I had gabbed Fleur by the shoulders and pull her off the way so the speedster wouldn’t hit her. Before we could react, Scootaloo drove past us and she was heading towards something that looked like a ramp made by different boxes, just who put them there? She then drove up the ramp and managed to jump over serval ponies and spin herself and her scooter around one time before landing on the ground. She then drove away.

“Now, that’s something Scootaloo could earn her cutie mark in. It looked like she was enjoying herself and she was very good at it.” Said Fleur after seeing what the orange pegasus did.

“That may be true, but she would probably never realise it.” I really hope that she would but the way those three was acting when it come to a cutie mark, I don’t think so.

“Are you going to let me go or are you enjoying yourself by holding me close to your body?”

I had no idea what Fleur was talking about, then I happened to look down and saw that her breast was touching my chest. She had amusing smile on her face. “Maybe I am enjoying myself considering I am dating a sexy mare.”

“Well, aren’t you a charmer.”

I just shrugged my shoulders. “I try.” Then she did something I didn’t expect, she gave me a kiss on my mouth and it felt like heaven. I have no idea how long it lasted, it felt forever, and I didn’t want it to stop. It did eventually. She broke the kiss. “What did I do to deserve that?”

“For being who you are, isn’t that enough?” I had no idea and I didn’t care so I gave her a kiss myself and I think she like it, considering she closed her eyes and moaned a little. When we eventually broke the kiss, she said one thing. “Wow.” And she was blushing. We eventually continue our walk and this time we were holding hands.

After some walking, we decided to head to the library and see if Sunset and Mac wanted to join us for lunch. When we arrived there, we saw that the door was opened. “That’s weird, the door is usually closed.” We went to investigate.

When me and Fleur step into the library, we both got a shock. Lying on the floor was books, many, many books and on top of all the books was the CMC and they were reading?

They didn’t notice that we had walked in, that’s for sure. “Well, we aren’t getting out cutie marks for being librarians.” Said Apple Bloom.

“What in the name of the holy good are you three doing?” I asked them.

“What does it look like? We are trying to get our cutie marks.” Said Scootaloo with a deadpan voice.

I decided to say something, and boy were they surprised, I don’t think they realized I was there. “In what? Making a mess? If Sunset sees this, she is going to kill you three, it doesn’t matter that you are young, she will kill you and then she will hide your body so no one will find them.” I might have scared them, but it was possible that she would eventually kill them.

“Aren’t you overreacting a little Fox? Sunset wouldn’t go that far, would she?” Fleur asked me.

I looked at her and said. “You haven’t know Sunset as long as I have, and she takes pride in her work.” I looked at CMC who was now worried. “And by the way, how did you three get in here? She usually lock the door when she is out.”

“The door was unlock so we walk straight in.” Sweetie Belle explained to me.

“The door was unlock?” I asked them, they all nodded at the same time. “But that means…” I never got to finish that sentence.

“What’s going on here?” Twilight had walked in and she had a horrified look on her face, probably when she saw the mess CMC had made. Why was Cheerilee with her? “Why are there so many books on the floor?” She said while walking towards the mess. “If Sunset sees this, she is going to kick me out and I won’t have place to stay anymore.” She looked at young files with anger. “I leave the library for a couple of minutes and you three managed to wreck it in seconds.”

They all looked down. “Were sorry Twilight, we were just trying to get our cutie marks.”

“In what? Making a mess.” She took a few breaths to calm herself. “Let’s just get books back to where they were before Sunset gat’s back.

Too late. “What the hell happened here?” Twilight froze like statue and started to sweat. We all look towards the door and there was Sunset with Mac and she was not happy. “I leave you alone with the library Twilight and you managed to mess it up.” She walked over to the CMC and the books they had tossed on the floor. “What happened here?”

“Apple Bloom and her friends tried to get their cutie mark in beginning a librarian.” I told her.

Sunset’s eye started to twitch. “In beginning a librarian? That don’t mean they can make a mess of MY library.” She then started to breath very heavy.

I placed a hand on her shoulder. “Calm down Sunset, they are just kids.” It didn’t work.

“That doesn’t give them the right to make a mess of the library just so they can get their cutie mark.” I think I saw steam coming out of Sunset ears.

I looked over to the girls. “I can I get an explanation why you three did this.”

Apple Bloom spoke up. “We were just trying different things to get out cutie mark, that’s all.” They walked out of the pill of books with their heads lowered.

“Different things? Why don’t you try something you are familiar with, not some random stuff.”

Then Cheerilee step forward. “And I have the perfect place to start.” She pulled out a flyer from her jacket, it was a flyer for a talent show. This can’t end well.

Apple Bloom took the flyer and started to read. “Show case your talents.”

Scootaloo. “For all to see.”

Sweetie Belle. “Perform in the Ponyville school talent show.”

“There will be all sorts of awards. Best dramatic performance, best comedy act, best magic act, surely you cab find your talent.” She said every thing with a smile on her face.

Apple Bloom. “This would be the perfect place to discover our talents.” Somehow, I doubt that.

Then they started to list different things they were going to do. “Would you three just stop listing things.” They stop. “What I think Cheerilee meant that you should things you are already good at, not try things you can nothing about.”

“Fox is right.” Wow now am right I wasn’t right the last time, that time I got slap in the face.

Scootaloo. “Sure, we can do that.”

Sweetie Bell. “Yeah, sure we can.”

Apple bloom. “Well, whatever we do, we’ll do it as...” They all cheered out. “THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS.” Then they all gave each other a high five and was headed to the exit but they didn’t get very far.

A yellow light closed the door. “Not so fast you three.” They all faced Sunset. “Before you do anything, you are going to clean up this mess you made.” She pointed at the pill of books. “And Twilight is going to help you.”

That snap Twilight back to reality. “What?”

“You are the one who let the door opened, you help them.” Sunset walked to Twilight and pointed a finger at her. “And don’t you dare arranger them the way you want, I want them as they were before, got it?” Twilight nodded. “Good.”

While they were talking, Apple Bloom was talking to her brother about cleaning up all those books.

“Come on Mac, you can’t expect us to clean up all these books?”

Mac crossed his arms. “And why not? You made this mess you clean it up.”

“I think you are letting Sunset walk over you.” Apple Bloom mumble to herself.

Mac heard her. “Watch your mouth young lady or you wont be gong to the talent show.” That got Apple Bloom to shut up.

After that, Twilight and the CMC cleaned up the mess while the rest of us went outside. Once outside, I looked over to me ex. “Why are you here Cheerilee?” Yes, I had to know.

“Twilight had invited me to the library for lunch but that’s not going to happened.” She just walk away, probably awkward for her, it was for me to.

Then Sunset spoke. “Now that’s taken care of, who wants lunch?” We all wanted lunch, me and Fleur was going to invite Sunset and Mac anyway.

After we arrived at the café, we started to talk about cutie mark and the first thing they ask me if Falco had one and I said yes, and they wanted to know what it was. I was currently drawing it on a napkin. “And done.” I showed them the Star Fox logo, which was his cutie mark.

Sunset took it. “What’s does it mean?” I just shrugged my shoulders I had no idea. “You don’t know?”

“No, I don’t know. He just showed it to me one day, and how should I know? I know a little about cutie marks, but I am no expert.” That’s for sure. “What about you guys? What does yours means.” I said while looking at one at the time.

Sunset. “Mine means I am good with fire spells.” I knew that was a lie, but I said nothing.

Mac. “Farm work.” A short answer, just as I expect with him.

Fleur. “Modelling.” That got us all to look at her. “What? It’s true.” We just kept staring at her. “Can we talk about something ells? Are those three young once going to be alright in the talent show?”

I took a sip of my water. “Knowing those three, probably not.” I said in a calm voice.

That made Fleur worried. “Aren’t any of you worried?” We all shock her heads. “Am I missing something?”

“You are new to this town and you have missed most what the CMC have done to get their cutie mark, after they are done with the talent show , they are back to their normal self.” I told her.

Fleur just blink a couple of time. “I am not sure if I should be worried or not.”

“Don’t worry, they will be fine.” I am not sure if it help, we’ll see.

After that, we pay for our food and went our separate ways. I went home to relax, considering I had to work tonight at the club. It was a quiet evening at work, nothing major happened and that means no drunk ponies. Fleur was there to visit me, that was nice.

Then the next day arrive, a Saturday and it was time for the talent show. When I exited my house, I could see the CMC riding by my house with a bunch of fabric? Scootaloo was driving with her scooter with Bloom and Belle was sitting in the wagon with the fabric, they had to get that stuff from Rarity, considering she is the only dress maker in town, and they come from there. Also, I could see Rarity in the distance, shouting at them. I had to find out what was going on, so I walked towards the angry unicorn.

Once I arrived at the shop, Rarity had already walk inside. I opened the door and walked in. Once inside, I could see that she was not in the main room, then I heard Rarity talking, she was in her work room.

Once I approached the door, I could see Rarity walk back and forward and she was not happy. “I can’t believe those three, taking my material like that, I need it to work…” I stop listing.

I looked to my left and saw Coco sitting by a sewing machine, looking worried at Rarity. That’s right, Coco is working for Rarity now. She got the job right after she got here, Rarity had been impressed by her design and offered her a job, Rarity had also been teaching her to sow.

“Those no good kids, when I get my…” I better stop this.

“Rarity.” She didn’t hear me, just keep rambling. I put two fingers in my mouth and whistle, that got her to stop. “Oh, Fox. When did you get here?” I just rolled my eye. “I got her just now, but you were to busy rambling that you didn’t notice.” She blushed a little after I said that. “Now, can one of you tell me what has happened.”

Rarity. “I’ll tell you what happened, my little sister and her friends stole some of my fabric.”

“They stole your fabric?” She nodded. “Then you better call the guards, it’s a crime spree in progress.” Yes, I was trying to be funny, Rarity didn’t laugh considering she gave me deadpan look.

Coco. “They weren’t stealing it, they just said that they wanted to borrow it for the talent show.” Well, that explains a loot.

“I know that Coco, that doesn’t give them the right to take the fabric without asking. If they had just asked, I would have given them some but no, they had to sneak in and take it without permission.” She said all that in a frustrated tone.

Time to ask. “Here’s a question, how did they get the fabric? You usually lock this room when you are not using it.”

She became red. “We were having lunch and I forgot to lock the room.” She said in embarrassing tone.

I wanted to laugh when she said that but I better not. “I am sure you will get your fabric back after the talent show, if they don’t destroy it.” Her eye started to twitch when I said that, time go. I bolted out of there before she could say anything ells.

Apparently, that was not the only thing they had borrowed. A fan, six wooden planks, 4x8 plywood, a box of nails, four cans of paints and four brushes. What the hell? That was not the end of it. A book of Ghosts, Goblins and ghoulish figures from the library? That’s it, I am totally confused and so was Sunset when she told me about the book, and she is pretty smart.

Then it was time for the talent show and boy was I excited to find out what the heck the CMC was planning. The only one that had heard that was AJ and she said they were dancing and singing, I really hope that Sweetie Belle is doing the singing, she has a beautiful voice.

The whole show was outdoors and that was actually nice. They had made a stages so ponies could perform. When I arrived, I saw that most of the ponies in town had showed up, there was one pony there I didn’t expect to see, Abyssal Shield. He was leaning ageist a tree, watching the stage. I decided to walk over to him and have a talk.

“Funny seeing you here.” I told him while walking towards him.

He didn’t move his head, he just looked at me with his eye. “I am the towns guards and it’s my job to make sure that everypony is safe.” That’s right, Abyssal has become this towns guard. How he managed that, I have no idea. “And besides, I am little curious about the performance today.” He then turned his head towards me. “Are your daughter going to perform?”

I just snorted. “Heck no, Shadow is shy around new ponies, there now way she is going on a stage. She is just going to watch with her friends.” I looked at the crowed and saw that she was already there with Dinky and Ruby.

Then we heard a new voice, Falco. “Well, well. Isn’t the pony who wanted to kill Fox.” Me and Abyssal watch as Falco walked towards us, he wasn’t very happy.

Abyssal looked at me with some anger. “You told him?”

“Yes, I told him. He is my best friend and I tell him everything.” I told him with a straight face.

Falco stopped not far from the unicorn. “Listen up pal, the only reason that you are alive is that Fox wants you to, if I had my way I would have snapped of your horn and kill you with it.” That made Abyssal very nervous and he started to sweat.

Falco then walked of and headed towards the crowd. “He is very scary.” He said in a shaky voice. That he is.

Then I saw AJ walking towards us. “What’s up AJ, here to see Apple Bloom?” I asked her.

She nodded. “Yeah, but I am a little concerned about their performances.”

“You told me a little about what thy are going to but not all, who is doing what?”

She scratched her head. “Well, they are going to dance, and I think that Scootaloo is going to sing.”

Say what. “Are you telling me that Scootaloo is going to sing?” She nodded. “Oh boy.” I said while placing a hand on my face.

“Is that a problem?” We both looked at Abyssal like he had gong crazy. “What? I don’t know those kids.”

“No, you don’t and considering that Scootaloo can’t sing at all, it’s a problem.” Right now, I was worried about them. I still don’t understand why Scootaloo is singing, Sweetie Bell is way better. I have heard Scootaloo and she is not very good.

We didn’t get to say much more because he show was about to start. First up was Snips and Snails and they were doing some kind of magic trick, it didn’t go well. They were trying to conjure away a little bunny rabbit and replace it with carrots, they almost did it. The rabbit disappeared but Snails was eating the carrots. I don’t understand those two at all. Then Cheerilee walked out on the stage and said that we were going to give them applause, hell no.

Then there was two ponies by the name of Sunny Days and Peachy Pie, who was going to read poems about roller skates? Their fur was the same color, yellow. Sunny had white hair and Peachy had normal and light orange in her. I think I have seen them before, the whole poem thing was ok. Then it was the CMC turn and I not sure what I saw.

After they were done, I had no idea what to think. Scootaloo couldn’t sing, Apple Bloom couldn’t dance, and Sweetie Belle was in the background fiddling with the sets and props. I tried to say something but now words came to mind and if they did, I am not sure if they could come out. It was a bloody disaster. The crowd, they started to laugh. That made the girls walk out in shame and I felt bad for them. Abyssal and AJ didn’t laugh at them and I guess that was something. Then they had to walk back out, for the awards.

“Let’s hear it for our all our talent fillies and colts.” Then the crowed started to clap, I didn’t fell like clapping at the moment. ”Our first award goes to…” She gesture her hand towards two ponies. “Snips and Snails, for best magic act.” What act? It was only half the act they made the bunny disappeared. Where did that bunny go anyway? Then those two started to argue about something, I have no idea what. Cheerilee place awards around their necks.

“The next awards goes to, Sunny Days and Peachy Pie for best dramatic performance.” They also got their awards.

Then came the last award, the big shocker. Not really. “The Cutie Mark Crusaders.” Oh boy they were shocked when they heard that. “For best comedy act.” That didn’t surprise me at all.

When they got their awards, they actually looked placed and they bowed. I don’t understand those three at all. After that, I said goodbye to AJ and Abyssal, then me and Shadow started to make our way home. While walking, I couldn’t help but wonder if CMC learned something to night. Something told me, no.

Author's Note:

Not my best, but better than the last one.

Abyssal Shield belongs Shadow Hero