• Published 29th Apr 2015
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Team Harmony - Norwegian boy

What would happened if there had been more then 6 elements of harmony?

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Blitz and Rarity Has a Talk

After Fox had caught them in spying, Rarity headed home with guilt on her stomach. She felt bad for spying and she has no idea how Dash and Pinkie managed to convince her to join them.

After she got home, she had made herself a cup of tea, but she hasn’t touch it, she just looked at it, felling bad for spying on Blitz’s date.

Then she heard someone knocking on her door, very hard. “Rarity, if you don’t opened this door right now, I will kick it down and you will sleep with no door this night.” Rarity knew better and to take Blitz threats for granted.

She got up pretty fast and head to the door, when she opened the door, she could see a very unhappy and angry Blitz. “Hello Blitz, what can I do for you this fine evening.” She was trying to be polite, but it didn’t work.

Blitz hold up one finger. “I will give you one chance to explained why you was spying on my date.” She told Rarity in a threating voice.

Rarity swallowed that big lump she had in her throat. “Do you want the truth?” Blitz nodded. “I was afraid that Fox would hurt your feelings.”

“Then explain to me why you were with those two other idiots in a bush outside the café.”

“I don’t know ok, I never meant to spy on you but then Pinkie somehow managed to convince me to join them and before I knew it, I was in a bush outside the café.” She then look down on the floor. “I am sorry for ruining your date Blitz.” She then looked up with tears in her eyes. “I promise to never do it again.”

Now Blitz felt bad, she was just going to yell at Rarity a little not make her cry. She let out sigh. “Look Rarity, you and the two other morons didn’t ruining my date, Fox took me to a place, which I am not telling where. And we counited our date there, but I am still mad at you for doing what you did. I thought you were my friend Rarity.”

“I am your friend Blitz.”

“Then why did you spy on me? Friends don’t do that, I would never do that to you.”

“I already told you, I didn’t wanted him to hurt your feelings.”

“Hurt my feelings? You know Fox better than I do, do you really think that he would hurt my feelings?”

Rarity shocked her head. “Of course not, he would never do that.”

“Then why did you spy on my?” Blitz snapped at her friend.

“Because what happened to Fox and Cheerilee.”

Blitz raised an eye brown when she heard that. “Cheerilee? You mean Fox’s ex?” Rarity nodded. “Why would he act like a jerk and hurt my feelings for something that wasn’t his fault?”

“I don’t know, I just overreacted, and I didn’t wanted you to get hurt.” She placed both hands over her face and started to cry again. “I am SO sorry.”

Is there one thing Blitz hated and that was to see Rarity cry. “Would you stop already.” Rarity manged to stop, she wiped away the tears. “I will forgive you one condition, that you stay out of my love live.”

“I can do that.” She said between tears. “Are you going to talk to Rainbow Dash and Pinkie?”

Blitz shocked her head. “No, I don’t know them good enough to do that, but I am going to asked to be transferred to another group on the weather team, there no way I am working with Rainbow Dash anymore.” Rarity laugh a little when she heard that. “And besides, I think that Fox is going to have a talk with her and Pinkie.” Rarity shivered when she heard that, she knew how angry Fox can be when he is angry.

Then blitz let out a yawn. “Look, I am tired and yelling at you isn’t helping my mood right now. Let’s talk this another day, with AJ.” Rarity nodded in agreement. “Good.” They said goodbye to each other and then Blitz left.

Rarity closed the door, she then leaned against it with her back and slide down it. she place her arms arounds her legs and pulled then closer to her. “Why did I listen to Pinkie?” She told herself.

Author's Note:

Yes, it’s not the chapter about Fox, but I just wanted to write this. Fox’s condition is the next chapter.
I am not sorry that is a short chapter.