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Team Harmony - Norwegian boy

What would happened if there had been more then 6 elements of harmony?

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Pinkamena Diane Pie, one of the most childish pony in Equestria. She says the most random things and does the most random things, why? I have no idea. And then we have the so called Pinkie sense, they are supposed to predict things or events. I think it’s still just crap, but I have accepted it, not Twilight, she want to find out why.

It’s been about three weeks since the hole cutie mark event with Applebloom and Shadow, they haven’t talk since then and Shadow have been sad every day. So, I decide to introduce her to Derpy Hooves little sister, Dinky Doo. Like Shadow, she doesn’t have a cutie mark. They became friends pretty fast and it’s a little scary.

Let’s get on with the story. I had volunteer to help Twilight practice magic, I am not sure why I did that but it’s not like had anything ells to do. At the moment I had a rock on my head, leaf around my neck and a long stick in my hand. Why? She was going to make a tuxedo of the stuff, I have no idea why. I just agreed to help.

Her horn started to glow and the leaf’s around my became a tuxedo, which was pretty awesome. Then the stick became a staff, nice. Then she started with the rock, but I was distracted by a noise and I unfortunately look in the direction where the it was coming from, not a good idea from my part. Twilight lost concentration and the top hat became a rock again and landed on my head. I fell face first on the ground. It hurt.

“Oh my gosh, are you alright Fox?” Twilight asked me while helping me up.

“I’m fine.” I told her while rubbing me head. I was lying, my head hurt like hell.

Twilight didn’t look convinced. “I am glad you are fine Fox but why did not look at me? You broke my concentration.”

“I was looking at her.” I pointed at pink blur that was sipping from a tree to under a porch while looking up, then she flew under a rock. Yeah, she in under a rock. She then lifted up the rock and started to look around. She had an umbral het on her. Then she zip away again. I don’t understand what Ace see in her. That’s right, Ace and Pinkie are dating. Why? I have no idea. Ace and Pinkie are the total opposite, Ace is the calm type while Pinkie is Pinkie. I know that opposite attract to each other but does two dating? It’s doesn’t add up. Maybe I should start dating again.

“It’s that all, it’s just Pinkie being herself.”

“I know that, it still got my attention.” I told her while rubbing my head, fuck that hurt.

“Maybe we should go and see a doctor.” Twilight said with concern in her voice.

“I’m fine Sparkle. This nothing compare to getting hit in the head by a horseshoe, which was thrown by Dash.” That hurt even more. We looked back the pink blur, she then stop for moment and her tail started to twist, which means something is going to fall from the sky. I wonder what.

Twilight then decided to go and talk to her, this can’t go well. I followed. “Pinkie, what in Equestria are you doing?” I knew what was going on, but I decided not to tell her, I wanted to see what was going to happened.

“Oh, it’s my tail, it’s my tail, it’s a twitcha twitchin and you know what that means.” She then showed her tail in Twilight’s face.

Twilight just pushed it away. “Actually Pinkie, I haven’t the slides idea.” I knew. I then notice Fluttershy coming towards us with a bunch of frogs in a cart, I knew right away what would fall from the sky.

“The twitching means that my pinkie sense tells me that stuff is gonna start falling, you should duck for cover.”

Twilight just smiled. “Oh Pinkie, it’s not going to rain, why there isn’t even a cloud in the…” That was all she could say before a frog smacked right in her face. Now, I am not the person to laugh at other when something like that happened, but this time I couldn’t help but smile. It was just to priceless, Twilight wasn’t too happy.

Then the frog let out a croak. “He just said, nice catch in frog.” I don’t know if Pinkie was right in that part, who knows.

I picked the frog of the Twilight’s face. “I didn’t know you were a frog pony Sparkle.” She just gave me an angry look, which I ignored.

Then Shy came towards us. “Oh, I’m so, so sorry. Are you okay Twilight?” We looked up and saw that she had flying with a basket and saddle bags which was full of frogs.

“So, what are you doing this day Shy?” I asked her while throwing her the frog that landed in Twilight’s face.

She managed to catch it and put it in her basket she had in her hands. “I’m taking these frog to Froggy Bottom because the pond in town was so over populated.” Makes sense.

“You be careful, Froggy Bottom isn’t the safes place around here.” I told her.

“I will, bye.” She waved at us as she flew of, I waved back at her.

While I was doing that, Pinkie had walked of leaving me alone with Twilight, which was looking where Pinkie had walked off to. “So, are you still going to practise magic?” I’m not sure is she heard me, she was still looking in the direction where the pink pony had walk. “Sparkle? You okay there?”

“I just don’t understand how she did that, how could she know that the frog would fall from Fluttershy’s basket?” It looked like she was think and then she gave up, she just shrugged her shoulders. “Oh well.” She then started to walk in the opposite direction. “Come on Fox, let’s find somewhere quite to practise.” I said nothing.

I was about to walk after her when the pink one came back. “My tail, my tail, twitcha twitch, twitcha twitch. Something else is gonna fall.” Her tail was twisting.

I look up and saw nothing, that means. “Sparkle, watch where…” That was all I could say before she fell into a ditch. “…your going.” Me and Pinkie look down in the ditch and saw that she had landed on her back, I looked over to Pinkie. “Is it safe to help her?” I asked her.

“Yep, my tail stopped twisting.” She took off her umbrella and just hopping off somewhere, I think is impossible to understand her.

I jump down in the ditch to help Twilight, I lifted her up very carefully. “You ok Sparkle?”

She rubbed her head. “Yeah, I think so.”

Then we heard a new voice. “Uh, why are you two in ditch?” We look up and saw it was AJ.

“We are in this ditch because Pinkie’s tail was twisting, and she predicted it.” I told her while helping Twilight up.

“Honestly Fox, she did not. Two coincidence in a row may be unlikely, but still easier to believe that twitchy tails that predict the future.”

AJ became worried after that .”Pinkie’s tail, pinkie sense?” She then hide under the nearest stand, she tried to shield herself with her hat.

Normally I would roll my eye of AJ’s behavior, not this time. “Don’t worry AJ, it’s not twitchy now.” That made her relax.

Twilight raised an eyebrow of AJ behavior when she was out of the ditch. “Don’t tell me you believe in this stuff to Applejack.”

AJ came out from the stand, stod up and wiped away dust from her clothes. “I know it don’t make much sense, but for those of us that have been in Ponyville a while have learned overtime that if Pinkies a twitchin, you better listen.”

“She is right Sparkle.”

Right after I said that, Pinkie came back. This time her ears was flopping up and down. “My ears are floppy, my ears are floppy.” She exclaimed. Her ears was flopping, what was that again. When I remember I back away from Twilight. “You should go home and take shower Twilight.”

“Huh, a shower, this thing keeps getting more ridiculous by the min…” She couldn’t finished that sentence, an old stallion hauling a cart ran over a pothole and got mud over Twilight. Her hair and most of her clothes was cover in mud, and she was not happy. “You got to be kidding me, I just bought these clothes. Now I have to go home and chance and take a shower.” She was about to go.

“Hold on there Sparkle.” She looked at me. “Sugarcube corner are much closer, Pinkie will take you there, so you can take a shower while I head to the library to get you some clean clothes.” I look at both Twilight and Pinkie. “Is that ok with you two?” Both of them nodded.

After that, Twilight and Pinkie went to Sugarcube corner, so Twilight could take a shower. AJ went back to the farm, she had chores to do and I went to the library to get some clothes for Twilight. I just hope that Sunset is home.

Once I arrived at the library, I walk straight inn. I don’t understand why the ponies knock when before they walk inn, it’s a public library. Once inside, I could see Sunset sitting on the couch, reading a book.

She look up from the book when she heard me entered, she gave me smile. “Fox, what can I do for you this day?”

“I am here to get some clean clothes for Twilight.”

She raised an eye brown of what I said. “Okay? Why?”

“It’s involved Pinkie and mud.” She blinked a couple of time, clearly confused. “Don’t asked.”

She then laugh a little. “So, Twilight has experience Pinkie’s twitchy.”

“Pretty much.”

She laugh some more. “I which I could see that.” She put away the book. “Let me get you some new clothes for Twilight.” She stood up and walked to the second floor.

“Thanks.” I am glad that she is the one who is getting the clothes, I don’t want to go looking through a mares clothing. I didn’t take long before she returned with a bag with clothes.

“Here you are.” She gave the bag to me and I gladly took it. “I found some new sweater and pants.” I smiled when I heard that. “I didn’t think that she needed new underpants and a bra, and something told me that you wouldn’t like to walk around with them.” She laugh a little of that last part, I just rolled my eye. I was about to leave. “Wait up Fox, can you give a message to Twilight for me?” I gave her a nod. “Tell her to give up when it comes to Pinkie and her ‘senses,’ it’s not going to end well for her.” With that said, she went back to her couch and book.

After exiting the library, I couldn’t help but look back at it. I had heard that Sunset did try and figure out how Pinkie’s senses work, and that she almost went mad thanks to that. I couldn’t help but shudder at the thought. I looked down at the bag. “Time to give Twilight her clothes.” I started to walk towards Sugarcube corner.

As I walked towards the shop, I couldn’t help but look around and watch as ponies in this town walk around with a smile on their faces. I couldn’t help but think how naïve they are, they just walk around not knowing what going on in the world. Is not their fault, it’s Molestia who crated this perfect Equestria. Yes, I called her Molestia, why? Because I am one of three that know that she is a fake, that’s why I am not calling her Celestia.

I was brought back to realty by someone talking to me. “Hey Fox.” It was Blitz. I smiled as she walked towards me. “What are you doing on this fine day`” It was a little difficult to listen to, considering what she was wearing. Summer was right around the corner and it had become warmer in the air and the mares was starting to wear less clothes, I hate hormones.

“I’m delivering clothes to Twilight.”

She tilted her head to the side in confusion. “Why?”

“The clothes that she was wearing became dirty thanks the pinkie senses.”

She now looked at me as I had gone completely mad, I can’t blame her. “What the hell is pinkie sense? Do the have something to do with Pinkie?” I just gave her nod. “How… what…” She had trouble coming up what to say and I can’t blame her, I was like that the first time too.

“Let’s walk and talk, I have to deliver the clothes to Twilight. I will try and explain.” She didn’t protest when I said that, we walk. “These pinkie sense is, well.” I had to think for a moment. “When different part of Pinkie’s body is staring to move, they make different predictions.”

She didn’t believe me, why? She looked at me if I was crazy and again, I can’t blame her. “Do you honestly expect me to believe that when part of Pinkie’s body ‘moves’, different things happens?” I just shrugged my shoulders. She then started to laugh. “You expect me to believe that?”

“You left before Pinkie moved here and therefore, you haven’t experience them yet and maybe that’s a good thing.”

She just stared at me a little then just shrugged it off. “If you say so.” That’s as quick.

Then we walk in silence and I notice that Blitz was looking a little nervous, she keep looking at me and when we had eye contact, she look away with a blush on her face. “Is there something ells you want to talk about?” I kind of knew what it was, considering she jump a fee feet in the air when asked her. It wasn’t a fee feet but centimetre, it almost look like feet.

“Well no… I mean yes…. It’s not a big deal….” She then started to hit her self with a hand. “Why is this so hard?” It was a little funny that she was struggling with it.

I decide to say it. “Blitz Wing are you trying to ask me out on a date?”

She blushed even more after I said that, she then look away from me. “Yes.” She said yes so low that I almost didn’t hear her, I am just glad I have good hearing.

I wasn’t sure if I should say yes, my track record hasn’t been the best when it comes to dating. Considering that the first two I date are now dead ad the third one, Cheerilee believe a lie and I haven’t forgiven her, which is weird, considering is has been like six months ago since the Gilda event. Back to Blitz. Maybe I will have better luck with Blitz.

“Sure, I would like to go on a date with you Blitz.”

She then gave me a smile that could rival Pinkie. “Great, what about this Saturday? I don’t work then, you can come and pick me at my home at 7.”

“Sure, I can do that..” That made her even more happier, which I didn’t think was possible.

After that she had to go, her break was over, and I had to get the new clothes to Twilight before it was too late. We said goodbye to each other and went our separate way.

Once I arrived at Sugarcube corner, I asked the cakes where Twilight was, and they said that she was taking a shower on the second floor, I headed up there. Once I arrived at the bathroom, I knock on the door. “Sparkle? You in there?” I couldn’t hear running water, so she was done showering.

“Yes, do you have clean clothes for me?”

“Yeah, I am going to open the door a little and drop the bag inside. Okay?”

“Sure, you can do that.” I open the door a little and drop the bag inside the bathroom and closed the door. “Thanks Fox.”

“Your welcome.” I told her. After that I went to Pinkie’s room, hoping she was there, and she was. She was just lying on her back in her bed, with her pet alligator, Gummy. Gummy is an alligator with no teeth, I have no idea how that is possible.

She smiled when she saw me. “Hey Fox, did find new clothes for Twilight?”

I leaned against the door frame. “Yeah, I just deliver them to her.” I crossed my arms. “Did you try and tell her about your pinkie sense?”

She sat up. “Yeep, but she didn’t believe me.” Her mood drop a little when she said that.

“Can you blame her Pinkie? I still think is weird, but I just accept it.”

She was about to defend herself when Twilight came out from the bathroom, with clothes on. She then arrived at Pinkie’s room, I had to move away. “Come on Pinkie, time to go.” I don’t like where this is going.

Pinkie tilted her head to the side. “Go where?” Somehow, I knew the answer.

“To the library, we are going to run some test.” I knew it.

“Sparkle, I have a message from Sunset. Don’t do this, is only going to end bad for you.”

Just looked at me and then she started to laugh. “Good one Fox, if you are trying to scare me, it’s not going to work.” She then walked in and grabbed Pinkie by the arm. “Come on Pinkie.” And with that she dragged Pinkie out from her room.

I just watch them go down the hall and then the stairs. I could only shock my head and decide to follow them, maybe I could save Twilight from Pinkie.

On out way to the library, Pinkie tried to explain about her sense and Twilight didn’t believe, I would like to say more but I zoned out from the most off them. Then she started to talk about combos, those can be difficult to remember. Then her ears started to flop, eyes flutter and then her knees started to twitch. That was door opening.

Twilight was heading toward the door to the library and before I could warn her, the door opened with a bang, and she was slammed against the wall. I couldn’t help but wince off what happened. Then Falco walk out. “Fox, crazy pinkie pony.” He said while walking past us with a book in his hands.

Me. “Falco.”

Pinkie. “Hey Falco.” She was totally oblivious that Falco called her crazy,

We then watch as Twilight fell to the ground. “You alright there Sparkle?” I asked her as she got up.

“I’m ok.” She then looked at Pinkie. “Pinkie, I thought the combo you just had said it would be a beautiful rainbow.”

“Oh no no no, your think about an ear flop, knee twitch and then eye flutter. This one was an ear flop, eye flutter and then a knew twitch, that mean look out for opening doors.”

Twilight wasn’t convince, she then looked at me. I just shrugged my shoulders. “She is right you know.” That didn’t help.

“I don’t believe this.”

Then Pinkie was in her face. “YOU DON’T believe because you don’t understand.” I am not sure if that make sense.

“And that’s why we are here, come with me.” She then gabbed Pinkie’s hand a dragged her into the library, I couldn’t help shake my head as I followed them.

Now, I could just tell Twilight that is impossible to explain how these pinkie sense work, but something tells me that she wont listen. And that’s because when Twilight set her mind to something, she won’t listen to reason.

Once inside I could see Twilight and Pinkie walked though a door and down to the basement, I looked around to see if I could see Sunset, maybe she could talk some sense into Twilight. No such luck.

Once I got down into the basement, I saw Twilight hook Pinkie up to some weird device. Pinkie’s hands was shackle on a table and she was wearing a metal hat with different lights? One question came to mind, where the hell did Twilight get this stuff? I know that it’s not Sunset’s, that’s for sure.

“Ok, when you get another twitch, we have all scientific information.” Twilight told Pinkie.

“Okie, dokie, lokie.”

I just walked down the stairs and lean against the wall and crossed my arms. You are probably wondering why I am not doing anything, I could but then Twilight wouldn’t learn anything, sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

I watch as the machine printed up wrinkle rolls and Twilight looking at it. “Any twitches yet?” No and I doubted that we are going to get anyone while she hook up to the machine. “Nopey, dopey.”

Twilight watch the paper some more. “Now, anything?” Probably not.

We watch as Pinkie narrowed her eyes. “Wait, hold on…. Uh, no.”

“Are you kidding me? after a hold day of none stop twitching, now that I got you hooked up, you’re not getting a single one?”

“I don’t control it, they just come a go." Pinkie said in her defence.

“That make no sense.” Twilight said in a frustrated tone.

“It doesn’t have to make sense Sparkle, just believe.”

“What Fox said.” Pinkie said in a happy tone.

“I will not believe in anything I cannot explain.” “Why do the geek has to be so stubborn?

“Wait, hold on, I’m feeling something.”

Twilight perked up after that. “Oh my gosh, what, what is it?”

We waited in suspense for what it was, and then Pinkies stomach made a growling noise. “It’s my tummy, that usually means I’m hungry, let’s eat.” I could help but laugh of the whole scenario, it was to funny.

Twilight growled in aggravation. “You know what?” She yanked out the wires from Pinkies ‘hat,’ making the machine shut down. “Just forget it, I don’t need to know if this is real or not, I don’t need to understand it, I don’t even care.” Twilight then threw her arms in the air in frustration.

In the meantime, Pinkie just took her arms out of the shackles and the helmet fell off. “Okie doike lokie.” She then bounced off after Twilight. I just shrugged the hole thing off and walked after them, this day can’t get any weirder.

When we reach the top of the stairs and Twilight was approaching the door, Pinkie started to twitch. Her ears started to flop, eye flutter, knee twitch. That means. “Sparkle...” That was all I could say before the door open with a bang and Sunset walked in.

She looked at me and Pinkie. “Have any off you two seen my roommate?” She asked us.

Pinkie just hopped by her. “Uh huh.” I pointed at the door which just confused Sunset. She pulled back the door and Twilight fell on the floor with a thumb. “Twilight, what are you doing back there?”

Twilight look up at Sunset with annoyance on her face. “Did you two plan this?”

Sunset was still confused, maybe even more then before. “Plan what with who?”

Twilight got up. “With Pinkie. Did you plan that I would be behind the door and that you could slam it in my face?”

Sunset just raised an eyebrow. “I did not plan this with Pinkie, I just happened to open the door to the basement because I was searching for you. Why would you…” Her eyes widen. “Are you trying to understand how Pinkie’s senses are working?” She then looked at me with narrowed eyes.

I put up my hands in defence when I saw her look. “Don’t look at me, I tried to tell her.”

Sunset nodded and look back at Twilight. “Listen Twilight I tried also to figure out how these pinkie sense work and it almost killed me, so I am asking you to stop, before it’s go to far.”

It didn’t help. “No, this is ridiculous, this can’t be happening.” She then got a serious face. “I have to figure this out.” She then ran out of the basement.

Me and Sunset could only watch. “Did she even listen to me?” She look at me with a worried face.

“Don’t worry’ I’ll follow her and try and keep her out off danger.” While walking after Twilight I thought about one thing, that I would not regret those words.

While they were doing that, Fluttershy was closing in on Froggy Bottom.

After leaving the library, I had to find Twilight which was easy. I just found a bush that was walking on two legs and I also saw Pinkie. Then I saw binoculars coming out from the bush which was potting at Pinkie, who was minding her own business.

I walked over to her while she was writing on a notepad. “What the hell are you doing?” That scared her, and she hid in the bush. She then bulled me into the bush. She was also wearing a safari hat?

She put her face right in mine. “Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

I push her away. “No, but that’s not a bad idea, then you can give this up. Didn’t you listen to Sunset warning?” She didn’t listen to me.

She looked out of the bush. “I don’t have times for warnings, I am doing scientific research, we’re observing Pinkie Pie, scientific name, Pinkious Piacous in its natural habitat.”

I just gave her a blanked stare. “That made no sense at all, would you just give it up and believe?”

She went back into the bush. “No, I refuse to believe. There something fishy going on with the hole twitch prediction thing and I am getting to the bottom of it. So, keep quiet.”

“I don’t know Sparkle, I don’t think Pinkie likes to fish.” It was my time to ignore her, which did not work, she ignore me. Why do Twilight have to be so stubborn when it comes to things she don’t understand?

She look up from the bush. “Come on, Pinkious Piacous is in the move.” She grabbed the bush and followed Pinkie. I just got up and followed her and also wondering what the hell I gotten myself into.

We had arrived at the school yard and I am just glad that it was done for the day, I don’t think that the children should watch what is happening, is just stupide. Also, she made me take notes. Which I am not, I am just drawing pictures in her notepad. I was bored.

Twilight watch Pinkie with her binoculars. “Hmm, itchy nose.” Say what?

I grabbed her by the shoulders and look her straight into her eyes. “Did you just say itchy nose?”

She became very nervous. “Uhm, yes?”

That’s not good. “We have move now, itch nose means that bees are coming so if you don’t want to get sting by them, we move now.” I got up and ran to safety while she just sat there, confused.

Once I had gotten away, I saw the bees heading towards Twilight, I tried to warned her, but I was too late, she got stung several time. Now, I should be worried about her but the only thing I could think about was if she was allergic against bees.

After that event, we ended up at AJ’s farm. She was sitting behind a ball of hay with her binoculars, she was also covered in patches. I was just leaning against the wall to the barn.

“She is smelling a flower.”

I couldn’t help but wonder what I am doing her. Oh wait, I am her to keep Twilight out of trouble and I am doing a terrible job. “I bet it’s smells nice.”

She didn’t listen to me, she just watch Pinkie. “ Wait, I am getting something, ear flop, eye flutter, knee twitch.”

“Watch out for open doors.” I told her in a bored tone, I was also drawing in her notebook, it was her in a hospital bed. Harsh, but why not?

She looked at me. “You don’t look worried.”

“That’s because I accept her pinkie sense, you haven’t.”

She laugh a little. “You really believe in this stuff, don’t you?” I just gave her a nod. “Why should I be worried? There’s no doors around here.” She got up and started to walk around. “See, there nothing that I…” That was all she could say as she fell down a door that opened form the ground, it was probably AJ’s new apple cellar. Now, I should be concern about her and I am but maybe, just maybe. She would stop this if she experience this herself.

I got up from the wall and walk towards the cellar. “Twilight, you came and visit my new apple cellar, how nice.” It was a moment of silence. “Uh, Twilight? You ok?”

I look down in the cellar and saw Twilight lying unconscious on the floor while Applejack was standing over her with a worried face. “AJ.” She look up at me. “Is the genius ok?”

She look at Twilight again. “I am not sure, I think she hit her head.”

Great. “Alright, you help up and carried her to house while I get that first aid kit.” She just nodded. I walk to the house to grabbed the kit while AJ help Twilight.

AJ had help Twilight to the couch in the living room, me and Twilight was sitting on it and I was tying bandages around her head, AJ was standing behind the couch. I also tied it a little hard. “Ow, carful Fox.”

“Whatever.” I just keep on bandaging her head. “Are you going to give up on Pinkie?”

“Never.” I just rolled my eye.

Then Applejack decide to say something. “Give up on Pinkie?”

“Twilight here has been following Pinkie around to try and understand her sense, which hasn’t gone well considering she has been sting by bees and fallen down the stairs in your cellar.” I told her. “Despite the warnings Sunset and I have given her.” I rape around the last bandage and tied a tie. “There, all done.”

She rubbed the side of her head. “Thanks Fox.”

“You are welcome, but you didn’t answer my question; are you going to give up on Pinkie?”

She slammed her hand on the table. “No, I refused to give up, I will figure out how Pinkie managed to what she does.” She stood up and walk out off the house leaving me alone with AJ.

“For all that’s holly in the world, her I thought you were stubborn one AJ. No offence.”

She just waved her hand. “Non taken, are you going after her?”

I stood up. “Yeep, even that I am doing a lousy job.”

“I will join you when I am finish with my work.” I just gave her a nod and followed Twilight.

Twilight continued to follow Pinkie, so we ended up in the park. She was hiding behind a bench with her binoculars. “Not a very good hideout Sparkle.” She just ignored me and keep looking through the binoculars. “Just give it up Sparkle before you get more hurt.” She still didn’t answer me. “Don’t say that I warned you.” I looked over to Pinkie who was just sitting on the ground, minding her own business. Then her tail started to twitch, I decided to step away from Twilight and when I did, a flower pot landed on her head, that had to hurt. I looked up and saw some pegasus moving furniture and one of the pegasus was Derpy, that explains the flower pot. That pony real need to find a safer job.

I looked over to Twilight again, who was lying with her head on the bench. “Give up yet?” Then I heard Pinkie talking with someone, it was AJ. “Oh, letting Twilight secretly follow me around all day without me knowing.” That got Twilight to look up with anger on her eyes. I kind of knew that Pinkie knew.

“You mean you knew all along? Why didn’t you tell me?” She asked the pink pony while walking towards her, I followed her.

Pinkie just giggled. “Oh silly, that would have ruined the surprise.”

“She have a point Sparkle.” She looked over to me and it looked like she was going to have a mental breakdown. “You ok there geek?” She was about to shout at me but then Pinkie entire body started to shake, I have never seen that before. “Pinkie, what is happening?” I had to know.

“I don’t know, this have never happened before, but whatever shudder is about it’s a doozy. Something you never expect to happen is going to happen is going to happen.” She then started to shake again. “And it’s going to happened at froggy bottom bog.”

What? ”There’s were Fluttershy is headed.” Thanks for the information AJ.

“Alright, you three head over there and make sure that she is ok, I will join as soon as I can.”

I was about to run. “Wait, where are you going?”

“I just have to get something Twilight.” They just stood there. “What are three waiting for? Get going.” That made them run towards at Froggy bottom bog while I ran home.

Once home I burst through the door and ran up stair to my room, I ran to my bed and look under my pillow and found my plaster. Yes, I sleep with my plaster, you never know. Once I check that it was working, it was. I ran downstairs, out the door and towards at Froggy bottom bog.

Once I got there, I froze, it was a bloody Hydra and it was huge. I had read that it was hydra in Equestria, but I never believe it. It was also walking towards Twilight and the others and they were trap, they had their backs to a cliff and down below is something that look like acid, I hope I am wrong about that. The only way I could save them was to do something stupid, I pointed my plaster at one of it’s heads and fired a few shots, they hit, and it turned it’s attention towards me. “Hey, if you are going to try and eat someone, try me.” Yeah, I know, I am idiot. But it worked, the hydra didn’t care about Twilight and the girls anymore, I was it’s targets. I might have not thought this through.

As it’s was headed towards me, I decide to fire some shots at it and it only made it even more angry. All of the heads roared at me, one of them tried to eat me, I managed to roll away in time, I manage to doge two more, not the last one. “Oh shit.” I could only watch as I was swallowed by the fourth head.

Twilight and the other girls could only watch in horror as they saw Fox get eaten by the one of the hydra’s head, he tried to save their life and he got eaten. None of them knew what to do.

Fluttershy was the first one to recover. “Give back my brother.” She tried to run to the Hydra, but Applejack hold her back. Twilight and Pinkie started to cry.

Then Twilight notice something. “Girls, what going on with it?” They all looked at the Hydra and saw that the head who swallowed Fox was making grimaces, it looked like the head was about to throw up.

I managed to not get eaten. I had stabilized myself in it’s throat with the help with my legs and arms. “You are nor going to get a meal out of me.” I aimed my plaster down towards it’s stomach. “Time to give you a stomach ache.” I fire off a couple of shouts and I think they hit the target, I didn’t have to wait long. I could hear some kind of noise under me and I understood what was happening. “Oh fuck.” Before I knew it, I flew up its throat.

The girls watch as the Hydra’s head threw something up and flew over them, it was Fox and he said something. ‘I can see my house from here.’ They watch as he landed in a pond just outside Froggy bottom, they rush to see if he was ok. The Hydra walk off with a stomach ache.

Once they reached the pond, the watch as Fox floated towards the shore. “I thought I was done being in a giant beats stomach.” I told them.

“You have been in Hydra stomach before?” Twilight asked me.

“Not a Hydra, another beast.” I said while getting up from the water. I could see that she was interested. “I am not going to tell you about it Sparkle.” She was disappointed, and I don’t care. Then Fluttershy was about to hug me but I stop her. “I understand that you want to hug me Shy, but I was just in a Hydra and I smell.” I sniffed myself and winced by the smell. I looked over to Pinkie. “Is your doozy over yet?”

She put a hand under her chin. “I think so.” I was happy when I heard that, it didn’t last long. She started to shake. “Nope, it’s not over. Whatever it is, is not the Hydra.”

“If it was not the Hydra, then what?” Twilight started to get desperate.

I put a hand on her shoulder. “Calm down Sparkle, I know what the doozy is.” They all looked at me. “It’s you.”

She pointed at herself. “Me? how can they doozy be me? I haven’t done anything.” Her voice rose for every word.

“You are they doozy because you don’t believe in Pinkie and her sense, just believe.” I really hope she will listen this time.

Twilight looked between all of use, unsure what to do, eventually she let out a heavy sigh. “Fine, I give up. I don’t understand how or why or what, but Pinkie’s sense somehow… makes sense.” It looked Pinkie started to shake even more. “I don’t see how it does but it just, just because I Don’t understand doesn’t mean it’s not true.”

Pinkie was really shaking now. “Yyyooouuuu bbbbbeeeilieilvvveee?”

“Yeah, I guess I do.”

After she said that, Pinkie stop shaking. “That was it, that’s the doozy. Fox was right.”

Twilight’s eye started to twitch when she heard that. “You mean that the doozy was me not believing in the Pinkie sense all long?”

I patted her on the back. “Told you. Now, let’s get out of here. I want to home and get a shower.” They all agreed with that.

On the way, Twilight kept staring at my plaster. “Something I can help you with Sparkle?”

“Yeah, what’s that in your hand? I saw you use it against the Hydra.” She was a little nervous when she asked.

“It’s a plaster, a weapon from my world.”

“Why do you need a weapon.”

This is a dilemma. I have already told her about the war in my world, but thanks to Molestia, she have forgotten it all. I’m just going to give her the short version. “I came from a world that is at war, you need something to protect yourself, our you are going to end up dead.” That shocked Twilight but not the others, they knew already.

“Is it possible that you could tell me more about this war?” I knew it.

“I don’t fell like it.” I wasn’t lying, I didn’t feel like telling her. Luckily for me, she didn’t ask anymore.

When we reached the edge of the town, I pulled Shy and Pinkie to the side, time to get some answer. “I have a question for you two and I want you to answer properly.” I look over to Pinkie while saying the last one.

“Why are you looking at me?”

“Because Pinkie, every time I ask you something you just answer randomly, this time I want you to answer like you mean it. con you please do that?” She just started at me for a few seconds and then she nodded. “Thank you, here’s my question. Have you two had any headache that only lasted a few seconds when it came to Sunset?” They didn’t answer right away, probably think about it.

Shy. “Yes, it was just before the winter wrap up. Sunset ask me to lunch and I said no, right after I said no, I got a headache that last a few seconds.”

“And what did you do after that?”

“We had nice lunch together.” That’s good to hear.

I look over to the pink one. “Mine happened when it was Sunset birthday, it was early morning and I was about to start planning when as Fluttershy, got a headache. it only lasted a few second, after that I got right back at planning her birthday and what a birthday it was.” She said that last part in a happy tone. “Why do you ask Fox?” Time to lie again, partially.

“The same happened with AJ, after the incident with Zecora. I don’t know if it happened to Dash or Rarity, maybe, maybe not.” They both had worried faces. “Look, you shouldn’t worried about it. It hasn’t happened to AJ ever since, I was just worried about you two.” I then scratched my head. “I am not sure why it took so long to ask.”

Both gave me a smile. “Thanks for asking Fox.” I just smiled back.

So, it has happened to Pinkie and Shy. Something tells me that it also has happened to Rarity and Dash, I hope that nothing ells happened to their memory’s.

Author's Note:

The next chapter will be Blitz and Fox’s date, let’s hope that I can publish it. Fucking internet laws.