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Team Harmony - Norwegian boy

What would happened if there had been more then 6 elements of harmony?

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Bloody Diamond Dogs

Diamond Dogs, greedy bastards who looks like dogs and they walk on two legs. They aren’t as smart as the dogs in my world, that’s for sure and they like gems.

It was a beautiful day the sun was shining, and it was a perfect day for relaxing. Too bad that I had agreed to help Rarity digging up gems in a hill not far from the town. She needed them to make dress for a pop star named Sapphire Shore, I have heard about her never seen her before. Shadow likes her.

Me and Rarity was currently walking up a hill to where we are going to dig for gems, it wasn’t far from Ponyville. I could even see that stupide castle to Celestia.

“Thank you for helping me with this Fox.” Rarity said with gratitude in her voice.

“No problem Rarity, but why me? Wouldn’t AJ or Mac be better? Considering they are way stronger than me.” I told her while dragging a cart behind me, a pickaxe and shovel was lying in the cart.

“Sadly, they were busy at the farm and couldn’t help me.” Well, she ask them, that’s something.

“What about Falco? He’s stronger than me.” Wrong words.

She huffed at that. “That brute? Why would I ask him for help? Ever since he arrived to Ponyville he have been rude to me.” She stopped and turned around to look at me. “I don’t understand how you can be friends with a pony like him.”

I stopped. “Look, I understand that you don’t like him. Yes, Falco can be a little straight forward but that just who he is. He have always spoken what’s on his mind. Hell, he could probably give AJ a run for her money when it comes to speaking the truth.”

That made her smile. “You have pointe there but still, I wish he could watch his mouth, especially around Sweetie Belle and the other young one. Some of the things he says aren’t meant for their ears.” She has a point there. “Enough of that, let’s find some gems so I can finish my dresses.” And we walk again.

We eventually arrived at the place where Rarity’s horn had led us, that sounded weird. But, that’s Rarity’s talent for you, she can detect where gems are. That’s what her cutie mare is for, that her special talent. That sounded even weirder. I’m idiot.

Rarity’s horn started to glow, and she started to search for the gems, it didn’t take long before she found them, I started to dig with the shovel. I found about seven and placed them in the cart. Then she started to search again. We did this for a while, and I couldn’t help but feel like someone was watching us. I looked around once in a while, but I couldn’t see anyone, maybe I am just paranoid. Considering what I just to do, can you blame me.

We eventually managed to fill that cart up. “That’s it Rarity, the cart can’t take anymore.” We had gathered so many gems that the whole thing was almost as tall as me.

Rarity looked over the pile. “I guess you’re right.” You guess? “I just hope it’s enough, let’s head back.” We were about to go when Rarity’s horn started to glow again, she then started to walk towards a tree.

“Where are you going?”

“My magic is telling me there another gem in the tree.” In the tree? That makes no sense at all.

When she reached the tree, a head pop out from it, it was a Diamond Dogs. Rarity was shock when she saw the dog. “Uh… uh… good day gentle… fellow, I’m Rarity and this is my friend Fox.” Why did she gave away my name? I don’t want this mutt to know my name. “And you are?”

The dog then jump out of the tree. The mutt was walking on two legs, had grey fur and was wearing a red west? What the hell? “A Diamond dog.” I know that they are stupide greedy bustards and this one was approaching Rarity.

I stood between them. “That’s far enough you mutt.”

He didn’t like that. “Me not a mutt, me Diamond dog.”

“Mutt or dog, it’s same.” He keep walking towards us. “I suggest you keep your distance mutt, or my fist will be in your face.”

“Now Fox, there’s no need for violence.”

“In this case, it is. He want you Rarity.”

I couldn’t see it, but I know that her eyes widen. “Me? Why does he want me?”

“He want you to find gems for him, Diamond dogs love gems.” That made the mutt smile. “Forget it mutt, I am not letting you kidnap her.” I gotten is a fighting stand.

He just keep on smiling. “Not me, us.”

I had no idea what he was talking about and before I understood it, me and Rarity heard some noise underground. Then another Diamond dog amerced up from the ground and punch me right in the face. I was out.

When I finally woke up, I saw that I was lying on my stomach. I sat up and rub my left cheek. It hurt. “Man, I can’t believe I let a Diamond dog punch me.” I looked around and saw that mutt, Rarity and cart with gems was gone. Rarity has been kidnap by a dog version of Dash, that’s just great.

I stood up and wonder what I should do. I could head back to town and get help but that could take a while and I don’t know what those dogs will do to Rarity, I guess I have to be the hero. There’s one problem, I have no idea to look.

Ok, I need to calm down and think. What I have read about Diamond dogs that they aren’t very smart, but they love to dig tunnels and where there are tunnels there’s had to be an exit, I started look around and it didn’t take me long before I found one. It wasn’t very far from where I was knock out. As I looked into the cave, I wonder how many Diamond dogs there was, I know of two but there could be more, I guess I’ll find out. I walked in.

As I walked into the cave, I saw that it was light up by torches that was hanging by the wall, I guess they are smarter than I thought. I walk further into the cave, very carefully, there was no way I was going to let them get drop on me this time, that’s for sure.

Ok, I am lost. I have been walking for a while and I have no idea where I am, it’s a bloody maze in the cave and I am the fucking hamster, I had no idea where I was and where Rarity was. I need to calm down and think, if I can’t see where I am going then I better listen. I closed my eye and started to listen and eventually, I found out where they were. I started to walk again.

I walked towards my destination and as I got closer, I could hear voices, one of them was Rarity’s. “If you think for one second, I am going to find gems for you, you are out of your mind.”

“Why not pony.” That was the first Diamond dog we saw.

“You punch my friend in the face, that’s why.” I am her friend? That warms my hear.

“He was in our way he needed to go.” Bloody mutt.

I came closer to a corner so I walk slower so they wouldn’t hear me, when I reached the corner, I look around it and saw that Rarity was in some sort of prison cell, there was two Diamond dogs standing on the other side of the cell, talking to her. If you could call it talking, they aren’t very smart. The other one had brown fur and was wearing a brown west. I recognised him as the one who punched me.

“We go eat now, when we get back, annoying pony will find gems for us.” I could help but snicker of what he said.

Rarity didn’t think it was funny, she was just frustrated. “I am not annoying.” Yes, you are.

They said nothing, just walk away, leaving Rarity alone. She tried to force up the bars, it didn’t work. “Right now, I wish I had learn more magic.”

“Or, I Fox is coming to your rescue.” I said while walking towards her and boy, she was happy to see me.

“Fox, I am happy to see that you are alright. How are you felling?”

I stopped in front of her cell. “My face hurts like hell, other than I feel fine. Annoying pony want out?”

She didn’t like my joke. “I AM NOT ANN…” I place a hand over her mouth.

“Would you keep it down, I don’t want to alert the Diamond dogs.” I saw that the cell had a door that need a key. “Where it the key to this door.”

“One of the Diamond dogs have’s it.”

My eye started to twitch. “Are you telling me that they took the key with them?” She nodded. I placed a hand on my face. “Great, they can’t speak properly but they can keep a key.”

“We not stupid.” Crap. I turned around and I saw the one who came out of the tree and the one who punched me in the face and a third one. “Oh look, it’s the Three Stooges.” I then pointed a finger at the one who punched me. “You.” I cracked my fingers. “I owe you fist to the face.”

He just smile. “We not fight you, the boss do.” They step aside from the entrance.

Then me and Rarity felt the ground shack a little. “What the fuck.” Out of the entrance to the room, came another Diamond dog and he was big, he was at least twice my size. He had grey fur and was wearing a blue west, he looked angry. When he was right in front of me, I could see right into his chest. “Your big, but I have fought bigger.”

That made the big guy laughed. “Me the boss around here, me is bigger than you. You not take pony.”

“Well, she is my friend and rescuing my friends is kind of a hobby of mine. I have a suggestion, you let us go and I won’t hurt you and goonies over there.”

I tough he would laugh at that, I was wrong, he got mad. “Fox not funny, fox thinks he’s better than the boss, you are not.” And before I could react, I felt a giant fist hit my left cheek and was sent flying towards the wall. I hit the wall with my back, hard. I passed out.

Rarity watch in horror as Fox landed on the ground. “You brute, how dare you hurt my friend like that.”

The big one just looked at Rarity as nothing had happened. “The fox was in my way, he had to go and…” The words died in his mouth as they all heard movements over where Fox’s was lying.

All looked and what they saw shocked them, Fox just got up like nothing had happened. “Fox, you are all right.” Rarity said with joy in her voice, he didn’t answer. “Fox?” Now she started to get worried. Fox just stood there, his head was hanging down and he was breathing heavy. He then looked at the crowed and boy were they shocked. Rarity could see that his scar was glowing, and his right eye was completely white, and his entire body was glowing. “Fox?” She asked, in a scared voice.

The big Diamond dog just snorted. “Fox is tougher than I thought, does not matter. I will make…” That was all he could say as he got a fist in his stomach. Faster than anyone could react, Fox just appeared in front of the giant Diamond dog and punched him in the stomach. “How…?” Was the last thing the boss said before he collapsed on the ground.

Rarity could only watch as Fox managed to take down someone that was twice the size as him like it was nothing, but what worried her the most was the energy that was coming from him it was magic. Rarity might not be the most powerful unicorn, but she knew magic when she saw it and Fox was oozing with it.

Fox then turn his attention towards the tree scared smaller Diamond dogs who was now scared, very scared. They were trembling with fear and one of the actually piss himself. Fox took a step towards them he was still breathing heavily and now it felt like he had blood lust.

“Fox, what are you doing?” Fox didn’t answer Rarity, he wanted to hurt the Diamond dogs and she knew it. “Fox, you can’t hurt them, they haven’t done anything wrong.” It didn’t work, he didn’t listen. “FOX.” That work.

I opened my eyes and saw that I was looked at the three Diamond dogs. “What? Where am I?” I looked around and saw that I wasn’t on the ground anymore. “How did I get here?” I then saw that the big boss was lying on the ground, unconscious. “When did that happened?” I then looked over to Rarity, who had a shocked look on her face. “Rarity, I have just one question, what the hell has happened here?”

“You don’t remember?”

I just looked at her with confusion. “Remember what? All I remember is that I was hit hard by the big guy, I don’t remember anything after hitting the wall. Can you tell me what happened?” She never got the chance because the three Diamond dogs ran over to me and then the bowed right in front of me, I am not kidding. “What the hell are you three doing?” I was just confused.

“Fox managed to beat big boss, now fox is the new boss.” Said the one with red west.

I wasn’t sure if I heard right. “Did you just said that I beat the big guy?”

“Yes.” Said the same one.

I looked at Rarity again. “Are they telling the truth?” I asked while pointing the three who was bowing.

“Yes, you hit him so hard in the stomach that he went down with only one punch.”

I wasn’t sure if I believe her or not, but I don’t think she was lying. I look at three Diamond dogs. “So, I am your boss now?” They looked up at me and nodded. If it’s true, then I’s kind of cool. “Ok, then stand up.” They did. “Since I am your boss now, can the one of you that have the key to the prison cell, let Rarity out.” The one with brown west walked over to the cell and opened the door.

Rarity walked out, with caution. I can’t blame her. “Thank you?” She then walked over to me. “Are you alright Fox?”

“Other than I really confused right now, I fell fine.”

“That’s good to hear, can we leave now?”

That was a good idea, I looked around the cave we were in and saw three giants metal carts, which gave me an idea. “We can’t leave just yet.” She became confused. “You still need gems.” I looked at three dogs. “I want you three to fill up those three carts with at much gems they can take, NOW.” They got to work right away.

After they had filled them up, I told them to pull them out of the cave so me and Rarity could leave this place. I had enough of caves for one day. When we got out and was walking towards Ponyville, Rarity told me what happened.

“Are you telling me that I was using magic?”

She nodded. “I am pretty sure.”

“That’s not possible Rarity, my body doesn’t like magic.”

“I am telling you the truth Fox and you were faster and stronger than normal.” I had a hard time in believing in her, me and magic doesn’t fit well together.

“It’s true, we saw it.” Said the dog with red west.

I looked over my shoulder. “No one ask you.” That got him to shut up. The Diamond dogs was currently pulling the metal cart while me and Rarity was walking in front of them. I told them to pull the carts to Rarity’s shop and listen to her when they got there.

When we reached Rarity’s shop, she told the mutts where she wanted the gems. After they were finished, I told them to get lost and they disappeared back to their home, doing whatever they do. I said goodbye to Rarity and walk home.

While walking, I couldn’t help but think about what happened in the cave. I don’t remember anything, if Rarity was telling the truth, then there something wrong with me and the worries me. I better ask Sunset about this.

Author's Note:

A little shorter than the last one, that's for sure.

What happened with Fox? Only time will tell