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Team Harmony - Norwegian boy

What would happened if there had been more then 6 elements of harmony?

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A Fox in Time part 2

After my fist connect with Discord’s, I black out and the next thing I knew I was lying face first on the ground. I used my hands to push myself up. “Huh, that’s weird.” I had no idea how I ended up like that, then I threw up which happened when I exposed to magic. Once I was done with that, I turned around so I could look up at the sky and it was night. “What the…?” then I notice my armor was gone. “Ok, what’s going on?” I sat up and notice that Ponyille was missing. “Where’s the town?” I was clueless.

I decided to stand up which wasn’t easy, I was a little dizzy thanks to whatever happened to me. Once I was up I took a look around and I saw that I was in the same place I fought Discord, but I still couldn’t see the town. I scratch my head. “Did he destroyed the town or something?” That was my first thought but if he did there would be destroyed buildings so no. Then I notice light in the distances, un the direction towards the Everfree. “Let’s see who lives there.” I started to walk towards the light.

Once I arrived I decided to hide behind some trees so I didn’t scared whoever lived there, I could see a single house and it look like it had just been built and, it look kind of familiar. I just shrugged it off and decided to sneak towards the forest, why? I was thinking, if my elements brought me to wherever I am maybe another one can bring me back if I knew where I was.

Now, thanks to me begging a fox I can see pretty good in the dark, so I managed to see where I was going, I made sure that I didn’t hit anything while walking. I had almost reached the forest when the door to the house open and then I started to panic, I had nowhere to hide and I could see someone closing on me. The pony couldn’t see me, but I could see her, her fur was light green and her hair/tail was white, she also look kind of familiar.

I started to panic even more as he got closer and closer, and before I knew it, it was too late. Thanks to the moon was up she finally saw me, and it felt like time stop moving. She look at me with a mixture of wonder and fear, I think she was more afraid me.

I have no idea how long we stared at each other, I was the first one to talk. “Don’t be afraid, I not going to hurt you, I’m just passing through.”

She was surprised that spoke, I could see it. “Holly molly, you can talk?”

I couldn’t help but roll my eye. “Yes, I can talk and so can you.” She could probably hear that I was being sarcastic.

“Hey, there no reason to be rude. It’s just, I have never seen a fox walking on two legs and can talk before.” I haven’t heard that before in a while. “If you are passing through I’m guessing your heading into Everfree forest.”

“You can say that.”

“You know it’s dangerous.” A real smartass this one.

“I know it’s dangerous and it looks like your heading towards the forest too.”

She became a little sombre. “I have to, my family is starving, and I have to find something to eat or we will starve to death.”

Now I felt bad for this pony, whoever she was. “What’s your name?” I shouldn’t have asked for her name.

She placed a hand on her chest. “My name is Maria Ann Smith and I am a proud member of the Apple family.” I almost past out when I heard that.

“Hold on a minute.” I stop talking a minute because AJ interrupted me. “Did you just say Maria Ann Smith?” I just nodded. “Please tell me your joking.”

“You know me better than anyone AJ, I don’t joke.”

AJ just had a disbelief look. “I don’t believe you.”

None of the others knew what we were talking about, then Falco spoke up. “Can one of you tells us who this Maria Ann is? Because we don’t know.”

AJ answered him. “Maria Ann Smith is Granny Smith.” Everyone was shocked when they hear that. “Somehow Fox managed to travel fifty years back in time.”

Then Sunset spoke up “Fifty five.” We all look at her. “He travel fifty five years back in time.

AJ just stared at her before talking again. “Whatever,” She look back at me. “do you expect me to believe that you travel back when Granny was just a young pony?”

“No AJ, I don’t expect you to believe me, I am just telling what happened to me after my encounter with Discord. Can I get back to telling my story?” She just started at me with doubt in her eyes, eventually she just sighed and let me continue. “As I was saying.”

I have no idea how long I was in shock, I came back to reality when young Granny Smith waved a hand in front oy face. “Hey, you ok fox?”

I shook my head. “Sorry, I spaced out a minute.” This just great, I’m in the past with a young Granny Smith, can this get any worse? I look at the forest and the first thing I thought about was to help her, maybe not a wise decision. “You are really going into the forest to find food for your family?” I asked her.

“That’s right.”

I let out a heavy sighed, I am going to regret this, and I don’t know why. “Come on, I can show you were you can find some food.” I told her while looking at her, she was surprised to hear that, that’s for sure.

“You mean it.” I just nodded, she then gave me a hug. “Oh, thank you.”

I had to pry her off me. “Alright already, let’s just get going before I regret this.” She was strong so I had trouble getting her off me. When I did, we walk into the forest.

After some walking in silence younger Granny decided to speak. “So, where are we going?”

“I am not sure if you believe me if I told you, don’t worry were almost there.”

“Oh.” She was quite a few seconds before speaking again. “You never told me your name.”

I was afraid that question would come up, so I decided to only say my first name, I don’t want to creat some time paradox. Do you get that for name? Nah. “It’s Fox.”

That made her giggle. “I know you’re a fox.”

I want to slap a hand on my face. “I know I am fox, my name is Fox.”

“That’s just weird.” She isn’t the first one to say that.

We finally arrived at our destination. “Here we are.” We were standing in front of apples trees. “These are Zap apples and let me tell you, they are good.” I look over to young Granny who had a wary look. “These will feed your family.”

“Are you sure? They don’t look tasty.”

“Yeah but looks can be deceiving.” She wasn’t convincing. “Look, I know we just meet but trust me, these are the answer.”

She look at me and then at the trees, she eventually let out a sighed. “If you say so, I’m not picky at the moment.” She walk over to one of the trees. “I hope I can pick them.”

I just smiled. “Well, I have to be going now, I have my own destination and it’s not here.” I started to walk deeper into the forest. “Before I forget, just remember that when the Timber Wolf’s are howling, then it’s time.”

That just confused her. “What in sam hill does that mean?”

“You know when it happens.” I started to walk, I waved my hand at the same time. “See you atound Maria Ann Smith.” I don’t think I will ever get used to that name.

I finally reached my destination, which was the old castle in the forest and your probably wondering what I am doing here. If my element send me back in time then maybe one of the other could send me to my own time line, it was a theory, but it was all I had. I found the room where the elements was and I touched the first stone I saw and then I black out, again.

When I gain consciousness, I saw that I was lying on my stomach again. I lifted myself up and then I threw up again. I rolled over to my back. “I think I never will get used to that.” The first thing I noticed that I could see a celling and not the sky, then I saw a bunch of ponies pointing swords at me. “Hold it fox, you are under arrest.” I could help but give them a goofy grin and say.

“Take me to your leader?”

Author's Note:

This chapter is shorter than the last one, that's for sure. I will try and get the next one a bit longer.

I don't know if Granny Smith real name is Maria Ann Smith, but this is my story so it is.