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Team Harmony - Norwegian boy

What would happened if there had been more then 6 elements of harmony?

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A Sleepover

It’s been two weeks since the race between Dash and Ace, and I don’t know what happened after the race, but Dash actually apologize the day after, she even congratulated Ace on the victory. I don’t know what happened, Dash never told use what happened, but I want to know what happened. Apparently, some pony must have talk to because there’s no way Dash would have congratulated Ace on her own will, that’s for sure.

I have been dating Fleur for those two weeks and it has been going well, we even had a double date with Pinkie and Ace. I won’t go into detail what happened but let’s just say that Pinkie managed to behave as a normal pony, I didn’t even thought that was possible. But there was one thing that bothered me, she keep given Fleur looks for time to time, like she was not happy with her. What the hell did happened between those two?

Now, on with the story.

Shadow has had one at Apple Bloom, one at Dinky and Ruby. Now it’s her turn and I am not looking forward to it. What am I talking about? A sleepover.

Me and Shadow was sitting in the living room, waiting for Dinky and Ruby to arrive, I was just sitting in my chair relaxing with a book while Shadow was very nervous, she keep looking at the door.

“Would you relax Shadow.”

“I can’t, this is the first time I am hosting a sleepover, can’t help be nervous.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle of what she said. “Just treat it as normal sleepover and you be fine.” I think what I said help, considering she relax a little.

“By the way, are you going to join the sleepover? Dinky and Ruby’s sisters help them.”

I knew that question would come. “Heck no, I am going to lock myself in my room, there’s no way I am going to join the sleepover.” She became a little sad after I said that. “But don’t worry, I have made sure that there is someone here to help you.” After I said that, there was knock on the door. Spooky.

Shadow got up pretty fast. “I get it.” She ran towards the door, I heard there was talking but not what was said. Shadow came back. “Dad, Fleur is here for you.”

That got me to place my book on the table. “Actually, she is here to help with the sleepover.” Shadow was confused. “I asked her, and she said yes.” Shadow just gave me planked look. “If you really think I am going to have three young ponies running around here without an adult, you are wrong.”

Shadow sighed. “Fine, I guess she can stay, conspiring I don’t have much choice.” She sat down on the couch while Fleur walked into the living room, this is the first time she is in my house, which is a little wired.

She smiled when she saw me. I got up and walked to her. “Thanks for doing this.”

She waved her hand. “No problem, I know how important a sleepover is for the little mare. I remember my first time, me and my friends drove my mother crazy.” She sighed with a smile. “Ah, good times.”

I wasn’t sure how to feel right about now, I am going with scared. “That’s good to hear? If you need me for anything, will be in my room reading.” I walked over to pick up my book. “Just so we are clear, I am not going to join you for truth or dear. I did that once and I will not repeat it.” I said while walking to the stairs.

“You played truth or dear?” Shadow asked me.

“When I was at you age and it something I won’t do again. Got it?” They both nodded. “Good, have fun.” With that said, I headed to my room. Leaving Fleur alone with Shadow.

Fleur decided to have a talk with Shadow, she sat down on the couch next to the bat pony. “So, how are you?” Not the most original but it was the only thing she could come up with.

Shadow shrugged her shoulders. “I’m fine I guess.”

“You guess? What kind of answer is that?” Fleur saw that Shadow didn’t like what she said. “I’m sorry Shadow, I didn’t mean to say it like that. I just want to get to know you better, I am dating your father after all.”

Shadow looked Fleur in her eyes. “If you want to know me better, then answer me this; are you going to hurt my dad’s heart like the other two?”

Fleur shock her head. “Never. I am not going to break up with him like Cherrliee did and I am not going to leave him, I have been dating him for two weeks now and he way nicer then my two exes.”

Shadow tilted her head. “Really?” Fleur nodded. “What were they like?”

Fleur had to choose her words carefully. “I don’t want to go into details, let’s just say there were both jerks.” Shadow decide not to ask any more about that.

“I can I ask you something, is it possible that I can call you mom?” Fleur eyes widen when she heard that. “I never knew my real mother.” Fleur understood why.

Fleur put her arm around the bat pony. “Shadow, I am honoured that you think I could be your mother, but I think you are rushing things.” Shadow looked down in sadness. “Tell you what, if Fox decided to propose to me you can call me mon.”

That made Shadow smile. “You mean it.” Fleur nodded. “Thank you.” Shadow gave her a hug with Fleur return it. They were interrupted by a knock on the door. “It’s them.” Shadow let go of Fleur and ran to the door, when she opened the door, she could see Dinky and Ruby with their sister. The kids gave each other a hug and they ran back into the house.

The three fillies ran past Fleur as she walk to the door, where Derpy and Berry was standing. Barry’s eyes widen when she saw Fleur walked towards her while Derpy was her normal self, not caring who Fleur is.

Fleur got ready a handshake. “Hey, my name is Fleur and I am going to watch over the girls this sleepover.”

Derpy gladly shock Fleur hand. “Hey, my name is Derpy and I am glad that you are looking out for my little sister. Just a warning, she can be a handful.”

Fleur just smiled. “Don’t worry, I think can handle them.” She then looked at Berry, who’s mouth was now open. “You know, that’s a good way to catch flies.” It didn’t help, her mouth still hang open.

Then Derpy nudge her friend. “Berry, you are beginning rude.” That made Berry shook her head.

“Derpy, do you know who she is?” Berry ask her friend while pointing a finger at Fleur.

“Yes, I know who she is, and I don’t care. I only see a normal pony, not a celebrity.” What Derpy said warmth Fleur’s heart. “And it’s rub to point.” She told Berry while smacking her hand Berry had to rub her hand after that

Fleur couldn’t help but giggle. “Thank you Derpy, I appreciate it.” Derpy just smiled. “And don’t you worry, I’ll make sure that those three will have a good time.” That was all Berry and Derpy could ask for, they said goodbye to Fleur and went home. Once Fleur had closed the door, she wonder what she had said yes to.

It went better than she expected, Shadow and the girls behaved very good. They play games, ate, played truth or dare and told ghost stories, which wasn’t too scary. Fleur was relieved when they finally was asleep, she walked very quiet to the stairs so she wouldn’t wake the girls.

When she reached her destination, which was Fox’s room, she knock on the door. She then heard something fall on the floor and then… “Son of a bitch.” Fox had fallen on the floor, she then heard him get up and walk to the door.

I opened the door while rubbing my head. “What’s happening? Is there something wrong?” I asked Fleur in a tired voice who had a concerned look.

She shook her head. “No, nothing is wrong. What just happened, I heard you fell on the floor.”

I blinked a few time. “Oh, that. I had fallen asleep and I was lying very close to the end of the bed and when you knock, I fell of.” I had to rub my good eye a little. “Are they asleep.”

Fleur nodded. “Yes, they are sleeping peacefully on the floor and was about to head home, I just wanted to tell you that.”

“Home? It’s not that late? Is it?” I looked out my window and saw that it was dark outside. “Huh, I guess it is.” I looked back at her. “Well, thanks for keeping an eye on those three, I appreciate it.”

“Don’t worry about it, it was fun. Weill I am heading home, talk to you tomorrow?” I just gave her a nod as an answer.

I decided to walk her to the door, I had to lock it.

“Just one question, what happened to your roommate?” She asked me before she left.

“Falco?” She nodded. “He bought a house with a mare Coco, they are living together, as roommates.” That was good enough for her.

She gave me a kiss on the check before she left, I didn’t expect that, and I didn’t mind. After I had locked the door, I walked over to the living room and saw three young ponies sleeping on the floor, to be young. I remember that Apple Bloom and her friends also had a sleepover at Rarity, I wonder how that went.

The next day me and Fleur meet up with Twilight at local café where she told us what happened to her last night.

“She did what?” I was currently sitting at the local café in town with Fleur and twilight and the purple unicorn had just told us what Fluttershy had done last night.

“She actually turned a cockatrice into stone.”

Cockatrice, a creature that can turn you into stone if you look into its eyes and somehow, Shy managed to reverse the effect.

I didn’t believe it. “I don’t believe you.” I have seen many wired things in this world, but this is pushing it too far.

Then Fleur decided to speak. “I have to agree with Fox on this one, it doesn’t sound possible.”

“Believe it or not, it happened, I was there.”

“Huh, and why where you in the Everfree Forest?”

“I was on my to Zecora to get some tea and then happened to run into the cockatrice.” She then looked down on the table in shame. “And I happened to look into its eyes.”

I don’t know why, but I couldn’t help but chuck a little. “Well, I am glad you are ok Sparkle. Maybe you think twice when you venture into that forest, mind your surroundings.” She just gave me an annoying look when I said that, I just ignored it.

If what Twilight said was true, then Fluttershy can be more dangerous than we think. That’s a scary thought.

Author's Note:

This chapter is the same time as Stare Master episode and yes, it's not a good chapter, I know that. I didn't know what to write when it came to the sleepover part.