Team Harmony

by Norwegian boy

First published

What would happened if there had been more then 6 elements of harmony?

We all know the story of how the elements of harmony saved Equestria many times but what if the story was different.
My name is Fox McCloud and this is my story.

Mlp/Star Fox crossover, I own nothing.

The story starts three months before season 1.

Level 3 Anthro.

So I'm trying again and hope that this is better.

A Fox In Equestria

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Why do I hear birds and why do I feel the wind? Okay, there is something wrong because I could swear that I fell asleep in my own bed or did I? This is the last time I drink alcohol.

I tried and open my eyes but the sun was too strong so it took me a few minutes before I could see, what I saw was blue sky so that was good. I tried to get up in a sitting position but it was difficult when you have proper headache. I put a hand on my head.

"Fuck, my head where the heck am I?"

I looked round, I was in a forest but it was dark it looked like it was night, strange. But the big question is, how did I get here? Am I in one of the forest on Cornelia? No, I'm sure that I'm not. Then where the fuck am I? Take it easy the first thing I must do is find a city. I tried to stand up but it was not easy but I managed it eventually, not easy with a hangover.

But which way should I go? I looked up in the sky to see where the sun was, because the sun rises in the east so I will go in that direction. When I took my first step, I fell right down on my face. Luckily I landed in the grass, I was in worse shape than thought. I managed eventually to get up and began to walk toward east, I hope.

I don't how long i walk but it feels like hours and besides, I was hungry and I had a hangover so I was glad when I saw an opening in front of me. What I saw was trees, so many apple trees. So much food no I can not take them, there are someone who probably owns these apples. But I'm so hungry, I take one and only one.

I went to the closest tree and picked one and tok a bite of it. God, this must be the best apple I have tasted in my entire life. I finished it very fast, I was going to take one more but I did not get that far.

"Stop thief."

I turned to where voice came from and what I saw was a hoff coming towards me, I barely dodge it. I fell right on my ass when I managed to see who attacked me I saw a horse with clothes and it was a girl.

"I'll teach you to steal from the apple family."

"Wait a moment I did not know that these were your apples."

That made ​​her stop and one thing was sure she was shocked.

"You can talk? But foxes can't speak."

"Sure I can talk, you are a horse and you can talk."

She did not like that I said that.

"I am a pony not a horse."


I finally managed to get a look at her. She was dressed as a contry girl and she had a brown Stetson hat, her fur was orange and her tail and hair was blonde and she had green eyes

"Look, I'm sorry that I took an apple but I'm hungry and I have a hangover. Right now it feels like someone is using a hammer on my head."

Suddenly I saw a hand in front of me, it was her and she had a smile on her mouth.

"Let me help you up."

I did not know if I could trust her but there was something about her smile that made me trust her so I took it , she help me up.

"Sorry I attack you."

"Forget it, you were protevting what was yours. My name is Fox McCloud"


"So can you tell me where I am?"

"This is Sweet Apple Acres just outside Ponyville."

Ponyville? That was a strange name, but I've heard worse.

"You said you were hungry?" I just nodded my head. "Well then you're lucky I was just going to eat dinner with my family and you can join us if you want."

Ok this is weird, we just met and she invite me to dinner.

"Just like that?"


"Ok lead the way."

She began to walk in the opposite direction and I just follow her. We passed many apple trees, how she knew where she is going is a miracle.

"So Applejack who is the rest of your family?"

"Well it's my big brother Big Mac, my little sister Applebloom and Granny Smith."

It only took a couple minnutes until I saw a red house with a barn beside it, she lead me to the house and we went inside. The inside looked like a normal house a living room, kitchen and a staircase that went up to the second floor. There were also other ponies there, a red stallion and an old mare in a rocking chair, I think she's sleeping.

"Wake up Granny Smith we have a guest."

"I'm up."

She got up off the rocking chair and straight towards me, she had her face right in mine. How old is this pony?

"What is your name sonny?

"Fox McCloud."

"You look a little strange are you sick? Because you do not look like a pony."

Okay now she is scaring me and I have seen many dangerous things in my life thank goodness that Applejack saw it. She got Granny Smith away from me

"Granny you scaring him, he's not a pony he is a fox."

"A fox? Are you pulling my leg?"

"No Granny i'm not, but he has a hangover."

"A hangover? That can we fix, Applejack find the cure."

Now was really nervous, I did not know what this cure was. Applejack went into the kitchen to grab something she came to bake with a jug and a spoon, she poured a liquid in it and gave it to me.

"Take it and drink."

I was a bit unsure if I should do it but strangely enough I trust Applejack. I took the spoon and just looked at the liquid, here goes nothing. I swallow everything and it did not taste good.

"What the hell, what's in this?"

"This is a family recipe, it cures hangover. Tomorrow you're going to be fine, Big Mac you can help me with dinner while Applejack can get a little better acquainted with new coltfriend."


With that they went into the kitchen with the stallion which must be Big Mac.

"We can wait in the living room.

With that we went there, I sat down in the chair at end of table and Applejack sat in the couch.

"Sorry about Granny she is very old."

"Don't worry about it, but why did she thought I was your 'coltfriend'?"

"She thinks that I work too much and that I do not get out much."

After that none of us knew what to say but then I saw a guitar in the corner, I went over to it.

"Is this your guitar?"

"No, it belonged to my father. No one in the family can play."

"Can I?"

She just nodded her head, I took it up gently and went back to the chair and started playing a song I learned a long time ago. When I was finished I got a standing applause and there was a new pony in the room she had yellow fur and red hair with a red bow in her hair.

"That was amazing where did you learned to play?"

"Applebloom, when did you come home?"

"Right now, so who are you Mr fox and where did you come from?"

"Applebloom how many times must I say that you should be kind to our guests."

"Sorry Applejack."

I just smiled at her curiosity.

"Dinner is ready."

That was Granny Smith who called from the kitchen, I put the guitar gently on the table and followed Applejack and Applebloom to the kitchen. When I saw all that food I actually started to drool, I wiped away my drooled on my arm. They just laughed at me.

During dinner they asked me where I was from and how I got here, I told them about Cornelia and about how I ended up here. I'm not sure if they believed me or not but I have no reason to lie. They told me that I was in Equestria, who comes up with these names? They offer me to let me sleep in the guest room for the night, these pony are to kind. When we were finished eating, it was dark outside so I went out and get me some air.

I've always liked the night over the day to watch the star and look up in space, suddenly I heard the door to the house open and out came Applejack.

"What are you doing?"

"Just enjoying the night."

She sat down beside me on the stairs.

"Ever since I was a little boy space fascinated me, I said one day that I was going to see everything that was out there."

"I'm not sure if I believe all that you said during the dinner but I do not think you're lying."

We sat there in silence for a while until Applejack sa something.

"I'm sorry I attacked you, I was surprised when I saw you I thought that you were something that came from The Everefree Forest."

"Don't worry about it, we all make mistakes in life, we just have to learn from it."

I would have liked to said more but I was tired, I yawned. Applejack just smiled.


"It's been a long day, I spent a few hours to get out of the woods."

"Follow me, I 'll show you the guest room is."

I followed her in and up on the second floor.

"The guest room is the last room on the left."

She opened the door to the room is not much to say about the room a bed, dresser and a closet.

"Good night Fox."

"Good night Applejack."

With that she closed the door I went over to the bed and took off my clothes except my underwear and lay down in bed. I just lay there a while and thought about what has happened today but the big question: who transported me to Equestria?

After a while I fell asleep.

A New Day

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I was awakened by a rooster, a freaking rooster. If I had had my blaser I had shot the rooster. I could barely open and an eye se the clock that stood on the nightstand, 06.15 am. It is too early for my liking, I just laid back in bed and ut the pillow over my head. But it did not last long because suddenly someone opened the door.

"Rise and shine Fox."

"It is too early Applejack."

"That's what happens when you are on a farm you're up early."

"Okay I am up."

I could barely get up in a sitting position in the bed. Yep, I 'm still in the same room that I slept in last night and thought it was a dream.

"Is there a reason that you are waking me so early?"

"Thought you might want some breakfast."

"Breakfast sounds good, where is the bathroom? I need a shower."

"The bathroom is the next room on your right."


After that she went out of the room. I sat on the edge of the bed and looked at my legs, no change. I put on my pants and boot and went into the bathroom. After a quick shower, I went back to the guest room and took on the rest of my clothes. I hope it is a tailor in town because if I can not get back to Cornelia, then it is wise and get more clothes.

When I came down on the first floor Granny Smith was in the kitchen while the rest were in the living room. AppleBloom was the first to notice me.

"Hallo Mr. Fox, did you sleep well?"

"I sleep well until I was awakende by a rooster and your sister, and stop whit that Mr. nonsense I 'm not that old."

"How old are you?" That did not Applejack like.


"It's okay , I'm 35."

Suddenly there was a knock on the door Applejack went to see who this was. "Who could this be so early." I did not follow what happened after that, I just stood there in my own thoughts it was until I felt someone who was breathing down my neck. I turned cautious around and what I saw was a pair of blue eyes and pink.

"HI. That made me lose my balance and I fell on my ass.

"Hello my name is Pinkie Pie what are you are you a fox who can talk you must be new here because I know everypony if you are new so that means that you have not had thrown you a party yet."

And with that it was gone. I think my brain turned off because I did not know what to think about what I saw. I sat there until someone poked me on the shoulder.

"You okay there partner?"

"Applejack who or what was that?"

"That was Pinkie Pie this town party pony, so you have to expect a party tonight."


"Because you are new here in Ponyville."

"So let me see if I got this right, she is going to throw me a party because I'm new here? That does not make sense."

"Well thats Pinkie, sometimes she needs no reason to throw a party."

I do not think anymore right now becasue breakfast was ready, during breakfast I asked AJ if she could show me where we met yesterday and she would. After breakfast, we went out in orchard I still don't understand how she knows where to go. It took no more then 10 minutes to get to the tree where we met.

"Here is where I tried and kill you, again sorry."

"Just forget it." Then I noticed the forest. "I suppose that is the Everefree Forest." She look at the forest.

"Yep, but we never go into it because it is too dangerous."

That last part I did not hear because I started and go into the forest.

"What the hay are you doing? I just said that it is too dangerous to enter."

"I heard you but I woke up somewhere in the woods and I will find out why."

"You're crazy but so am I'm, because I'm coming with you."

And with that we went into Everefree. It took about 30 minuutes before we came to where I woke up.

"I do not understand why you are so afraid of this place."

"There live many dangerous animals here Timberwolf, manticore and many more." Timberwolf?

"Serious Timberwolf? You're not going say that they are made of wood."

She just looked at me, seriously they are made of wood. This world is getting weirder and weirder. Finally we came to the opening where I woke up.

"What do you expect to find here?"

"I do not know but there has to be something here that explains how I got here, let's look around."

And so we did. To be honest I did not know if we could find anything but I saw something lying in the grass, no it can't be. It's was my blaster. I picked it up, checked if the crystal had power and it worked.

"I found something Fox."

I turned to AJ stood and I could not believe what she had in her hand it was my father's sunglasses.

"Are these your?"

"They belonged to my father."

She gave them to me, I just looked at them I could not believe what they were here.

"Where is your father now?"


"Sorry to hear that."

"Well it's in the past now, let's get back to the farm I can't come too late for my own party."

I put the glasses in my jacket pocket and began to walk out of the woods. When we were out we went towards the house.

"What have you got in your hand?"

"Well since you ask. This is a blaster and it is a weapon."

"A weapon? Why do you need that?"

"I came from a world that is violent, so I need something to protect me. And if the Everefree is as dangerous as you say, then it's good to have it. But do not worry I will not use it on the farm."

We had a lot of time to party so I helped around the farm, thanks to my legs I had no problem bringing down the apples from the tree. Applejack was very surprised. During lunch they said I could stay here as long as I wanted, as long as I help them on the farm. I said yes to the offer.

After lunch we sat on the terrace's and just talked about things. The clock began approaching 17:00. That meant the party would start soon, I went up to the room I use and put my blaster under my pillow.

When I and Applejack arrive at Ponyville was it like to arrive at a ghost town. Nobody was out. They was either afraid of me or everyone was at the party. When we arrived at the building where the party was, I did not know if I could eat it or not.

"Sugarcube Corner. AJ Is it a building or a cupcake?"

"Do not ask me why they made it that way."

When we entered was it very dark.


Suddenly, it was very bright and the first thing I saw was the pony from earlier today.

"I knew you would come becasue evertpony comes....."

I stopped and listen to her because I got a look around the room and what I saw was ponies who was afraid of me.

"I'm leaving."

I did not get far because the pink pony was suddenly in front of me.

"Wait, you can not leave the party just started."

"Listen, Pinkie was it?"

"That's me."

She just smiled. What's wrong with this pony.

"I want you to take a good look around the room and tell me if you se something wrong here." She look around the toom.

"I see nothing wrong here."

I slap a hand over my face. Is she lacking a brained.

"You know what I see?" She just shook her head. "I see ponies who are afraid me, you did not tell them what I was."

"I told them that it was a new pony in town."

"But I not a pony and thanks to that you gave them wrong information."

And with that I walked toward the door, I stopped just before I opened it and turned to the all that was in the room.

"I know you all are afraide of me but I'm not dangerous. Do not judge a book by its cover."

With that I walked out of building and walked toward the farm. When I was at the farm I was not in the mood to talk to anyone so I took a walk around the farm. I found hill and the view was spectacular.

"I see you found my favorite place."

I turned your voice came from it was AJ.

"I usually come here when I need to relax."

We just stood there and watched the sun.

"What happened after I walk out of the party?"

"Not much Pinkie was upset that you left, I think a lot of thought about what you said."

"I will talk to her tomorrow, just hope that they're not afraid of me then."

We stood there for a while more then we went down to the farm to eat. Let's hope it gets easier to stay here.

Is Friendship Really Magic part 1

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The next 3 months went better than I expected, the first thing I had to do was to apologize to Pinkie and let me say it was a strange conversation. She lived on the second floor of Sugarcube Corner, when I came into her room her hair was flat because I could swear that it was not. It took a while but I managed to bring up her mood. Then she started talking about a new party but I said I would like to get to known the ponies my way. The only thing she said was okie dokie lokie, I was a little intimidated by that.

I found a tailor, her name is Rarity. I think she trying to be someone she's not but she would make me some new clothes, I'm just glad she's not afraid of me. It took a while for ponines in town to not be afraid of me but when they saw that I helped AJ around town then they became less scared of me. I'm just glad they don't chase me out of town. I got to know more ponies that were stallions, I like to hang out with Mac but he does not talk much.

Their names are: Caramel, Thunderlane, Noteworthy, Time Turner and Comet Tail. A good bunch of guys. I got a new job as well, at a bar the Drunken Pony. I need a drink one day after a hard day on the farm so I asked AJ if she knew of a bar and she suggest the Drunken Pony.
While I had a drink, began two stallions to make noise and harass some mare's so I threw them out and the owner gave me a job as a bouncer. I get 50 bits per night, and they're up there four days a week. Not bad.

Also one must not forget the girls or mares as they are called here. They were scared me at first but now I get glances wherever I go, it was a little creepy at first but I was not ready to date anyone yet. That was until I met Cheerilee. She has purple fur and her tail and mane was a mix of bright purple? I'm not sure. We've been dating for two weeks now and it has gone well.

I'm glad this place has a library. Golden Oaks library and yes it in a tree, the library is located in a tree. A mare by the name of Sunset Shimme works there, she was a little nervous around me the first few times I was there but she was more comfortable after a while. I borrowed a book about this place and I found out a lot.

It appears that pegasus controls the weather, now that was something I did not believe but when I saw it well I did not believe what I saw. They could even walk on clouds.

Earth ponies were the strongest. Now it was something I believed in when I saw AJ and her brother work on the farm.

Also we come to the part I'm not so fond of: magic. I do not hate magic but the last time I was involved with magic I was almost killed. Unicorn's is the only one who can use magic well almost, alicorn can also use magic.

Alicorn they are a mixture of all 3 pony and they can live for over 1,000 years maybe more, I'm not sure if I believe that. There was one thing I reacted to and that was Nightmare Moon. The story goes that Celestia little sister was so jealous that she let this Nightmare Moon take over and the only way and stop her was to seal her in the moon. Again I'm not sure if I believe it but you never know, but to do that against her own sister is not right.

She used something called the elements of harmony. Honesty, kindness, laughter, generosity and loyalty it was one more but nobody knew what that was, okay. She hid them apparently in The Everefree Forest, lovely. I took several walks in the woods and try and find them and it was very easy. Celestia had put them in his old castle, she's not very clever when she just let them lie there so everyone can take them. But there's something about these stone.

Whether if all this is true or not I do not know but what I do know is she coming back on Summer Sun Celebration. Which is tomorrow. I was on my way to the mayor's office to talk to The Mayor, what she wanted I don't know but I will find out soon because I was there. I went into the bulding that has seen better days, when I entered a mare satt behind a desk. She saw me when I entered.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes. Fox McCloud, The Mayor wanted to talk to me."

"Wait a moment I'll see if she is available."

And with that she went into another room and it was not long before she came back.

"The Mayor will see you now."

I walked into room where she was and behind a desk sat The Mayor. She has light brown fur and gray hair and tail.

"Fox, so good you could come, please sit down."

I sat down on one of the chairs at her desk

"You wanted to talk to me."

"Yes, as you know Summer Sun Celebration is tomorrow and I want you to make sure that everything is in order."

Okay, this I did not expect.

"Why me? There must be someone else who can do it?"

"Everypony is busy with the preparations. Princess Celestia will send somepony tomorrow to check on the clebration but I 'd rather have somepony I trust to do it. In your case a fox."

"You trust me? I've only lived here for 3 months."

"That may be but you have not done anything wrong and I trust you, so will you do it?"

"Why not it can't be that difficult."

"Splendid, here is the list of the tasks for tomorrow."

She gave me a paper with the names and I was shocked at what I saw.

"Is AJ responsible for the food? But she's having a famliy reunion tomorrow."

"She already said yes."

That surprised me AJ is the one who puts family first, I can talk to her later today.

"If there is more then I i'm leaving, goodbye Mayor."

"Goodbye Fox."

And with a walked out of a town hall. When I came out, I looked at the list again. It makes no sense and change the list so much.

"Hello handsome."

I was taken out of my thought by the voice, I turned toward the voice was coming from and there stood Cheerilee.

"If you trying to make me blush then you have to try better than that."

"Well I tried. I was wondering if you would join me for lunch."

"I'd love to."

And with that, we went to Sugarcube Corner. Once inside, we sat at one of the tables Pinkie bounce up to us.

"Hello you two, what can I get you two?"

I was the first one to respond.

"I'll take the usual."

"Me too."

After so none of us knew what to say, until I remembered something.

"Why me?" She just looked at me. "I know that there is not so many stallions in Ponyville but why me?"

"You're right, there are not so many stallions in this town but that is not the reason why I'm going out with you. You are kind, handsome and you saved me from those 2 stallions three weeks ago."

Then came Pinkie with the food, while we ate we talk about different things. She talked about her family and I talked a bit about what I did before I came to Equestria, but not everything. Then it was time for me to go to work, the boss at the Drunken Pony opened earlier today. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and went home while I went to the bar.

It was night when I arrived at the farm there were many ponies there. They all gave me a strange look but I just ignored them. When I entered the house I went straight to the kitchen and made ​​me some food ate it and went straight up to the guest room, I read a book with Daring Doo before I fell asleep.

Again I was awakened by that freaking rooster. You'd think after 3 months that I was used to this but no. After a shower and breakfast I asked AJ if everything was ready for today they had made ​​all the food yesterday, she thought it was little strange that I asked her about it but then explained to her what my duties was.

Back at my room, I looked at the list again. The food was finished next was weather and Rainbow Dash was responsible, lovely just lovely. Well I'll better get started with it, I went out of the house and walked toward Ponyville.

Meanwhile in Ponyville.

A chariot landed in town and a purple unicorn mare stept out of it. She turned toward the stallions who pulled the Chariot. "Thank you sirs." And whit that they flew up in the air. 'Let's see, I have to find a pony named Fox McCloud, what strange name for a pony. I may as well ask somepony.'

She looked around for someone to ask. She spotted a pink pony coming toward her. "Excuse me." But the pony did just this. She just stood there, she did not understand what just happened.

"I see you just meet Pinkie Pie."

She turned to where the voice was coming from and saw a yellow unicorn with yellow and red mane.

"Pinkie Pie? Who is that?"

"You'll find out eventually. You're new here are not you?"

"Yes. My name is Twilight Sparkle and I'm looking for a pony named Fox McCloud."

"Nice meeting you Twilight my name Sunset Shimmer, Fox lives at Sweet Apple Acres." Sunset pointed in the direction where the farm was. "And he you're looking for is not a pony." And with that she left.

Twilight began to wak toward the farm. 'What did she mean not a pony.' When she arrived she saw many apple trees.

"Can I help you?"

Twilight turned and saw a orange mare with a Stetson hat.

"My name is Twilight Sparkle and i'm lookinn for a pony named Fox McCoud, somepony told me he lives here."

"I'm Applejack and why are you looking for Fox?"

"I am Princess Celesia personal student and I'm here to make sure that everything goes well."

"Well the food is okay and you just misted Fox he went into town to tak to Rainbow Dash. And he's not a pony."

"Thank you. I suppose I'll go back to town."

On the way to town Twilight wondered why they said that Fox was not a pony. She came out of her thought when she heard a voice in the clouds.

"Damn Fox, think he can command me around like that."

She looked up and what she saw was a blue pegasus with raindow mane and tail lying on a cloud.

"Hello, are you ok?"

The pegasus look down.

"Mind your own business unicorn."

Twilight became a little afraid of the pegasus.

"I'm sorry but are you Rainbow Dash?"

"That's me. What do you want?"

"I heard from Applejack that Fox was going to talk to you."

"Yeah, he was her and he told me to remove the clouds from the sky before later in the evening, it's going to be dark so it does not do any thing that there are clouds in the sky."

"So should you do it? Clearing the clouds?"

"I'll do it when I want. You can find Fox in the town hall, he said he was going there next. Just look for the biggest building in town."

After that flew Rainbow away and Twilight went to city hall. 'There are some weird ponies that live here.' Once inside town hall she saw the decoration and well it's was beautiful.

"No, no, no, goodness no."

Twilight saw a white unicorn with purple mane and tail. She had trouble choosing what color she should use. Twilight approached her.

"Excuse me."

"One moment, I'm trying to figure out which color I should use. Red or blue, I'll use blue."

She used her magic to tie a ribbon on the decoration. She turned to Twilight.

"How may I help you dear?"

"I'm looking for a pony named Fox McCloud."

"You know that he is not a pony."

Now began Twilight to get tired of hearing that.

"Okay, you're the third pony who says 'he is not a pony'. If he is not a pony what is he."

"I'm not sure whether you believe me if I told you dear, by the way what is your name?"

"My name is Twilight Sparkle and I was sent by Princess Celesia to make sure that everything is ready for tonight and berfore I'm looking for Fox McClod."

"Well Twilight I'm Rarity and you just misted him, he said was going to Fluttershy's house. She lives just outside town."

"Thank you Rarity."

And with that she was heading to Fluttershy's house. After a few minutes she heard birds singing, she approached carefully to not scare the birds she hid behind a few bushes and she could not believe what she saw. There sat a fox who was leaning against a tree.

I still looked at this list to try to find out why this Celestia changed it so much, has it something to do with Nightmare Moon?

"What do you think about my birds Fox?"

I was taken out of my thoughts by Fluttershy's voice.

"Sorry Shy I was not listening."

"Did I do something wrong?"

"Don't worry, you did nothing wrong but you who are hiding in the bush can come out."

Out of the bush came a purple unicorn mare with striped mane and tail.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes, are you Fox McCloud?"

"That's me, and you are?"

"I'm Twilight Sparkel and the princess Celestia sent me to make sure that everything is ready for tonight."

Okay that's weird, why do Celestia send this pony to make sure that everything is ready for tonight?

"Well I can assure you that everything is ready so you can just go back to Celestia and tell her that. Now ladies I must find out if Ranibow has done her job." I got up and began to walk towards town. "See you later Shy."

"Bye Fox."

I did not come very far. "WAIT." I turned toward the voice that was Twilight. "Can I come with you I'd like to ask you some questions." I did not know whether she was serious or not but I saw no harm in it.

"Sure, why not." She just squee and had a big smile, oh dear god what have I done. She bombarded me with questions, I tried to answer them as best I could but some were just weird. I'm just glad that Rainbow had removed all the clouds. After that, I showed her where the library was she would borrow a book on the elements of harmony.

Okay that's weird, she must also believe that Nightmare Moon comes back tonight. When we arrived at the library we saw that Sunset kicked Pinkie out of the library.

"For the last time Pinkie you can not have a party here."

"But Sunset there is a new pony in town."

"I don't care, the last time you had a party here so you got cake between the pages of several books, the answer is NO."

Sunset went in and Pinkie got the door right in her face, then she saw us and she was gone.

"Is that normal?" Twilight asked.

"Eeyup. Come on let's asks Sunset about the book while she is in good mood."

Whit that we entered the library. It was a normal library with books.

"Did you not hear what I said Pinkie? No party?"

Sunset came into the main room and she was very angry but then she saw that it was not Pinkie.

"It's just you Fox and Twilight was it?"

"Problems with Pinkie?"

"If you only knew, I spent 30 minutes to get her out of here, I like her but sometimes she makes me crazy. Is there anything I can I help you with?"

"Twilight need a book."

"I need a book about elements of harmony." Twilight answer.

"Sorry, but I'm closing for the day so you have to wait until tomorrow."

"But it is very important."

"Again sorry."

I could see that Twilight was very upset, let's hope that a party can cheer her up.

"Lighten up, let go to Sugarcube Corner to get something to eat."

She just nodded her head and we were on our way. When we arrived it was getting dark outside and it was very dark inside.


And here it is one of Pinkie famous party, she came right up to Twilight.

"Hi I'm Pinkie Pie and I threw this party just for you! Were you surprised? Were ya? Were ya? Huh-huh-huh?"

Twilight just stood there because I'm sure she did not understand what just happened. Fortunately Rartiy came and got Pinkie away from her.

"Pinkie darling you are frighten her, why can't you go and play some games."

"Okie dokie lokie."

And with that she was gone. I looked around the room and it looked like half the town was here included Thunderlane and the others, they sat in a corner. I went over to them.

"What's up guys?"

"Not much who is the new pony?" Thunderlane was the one who answered.

"Twilight Sparkle. A mare from Canterlot she is here to make sure that everything is okay until tonight ."

The party was good as usual everyone had fun except for one. Twilight sat in on of the booth alone.

"Do not like the party?" I managed to scare her because she was in her own thoughts.


"What is the problem then?" I sat down in the booth.

"I do not think you'd believe me if I told you."

"Let me guess, Nightmare Moon" That got her attention.

"How do you know about her?"

I did not get to answer her for Pinkie appeared and said we had go to town hall to watch Celestia reis the sun. Well inside everyone was ready for the big moment . I was not listening, I looked at Twilight because she was very nervous about something. Then it was time but Celestia did not appear only black smoke. Suddenly a black alicorn appeared, the only thing I heard was: "The night will last forever."

"Oh shit."

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Let us summarize what has happened: 1.000 years ago Celestia banish her sister Luna now Nightmare Moon to the Moon, now she back and she want the night to last forever. One thing is sure, that's not going to happen as long as I'm here.

"Stop her, she is the only one who knows where the princess is." Shouted Mayor Mare.

Three pegasus guards flew over to Nightmare Moon. "Stand back you fools." She summoned lightning to intercept them, they flew straight into the wall. Then she changed into fog anf flew out the door, Dash was right behind her. Then I saw Twilight run out the door with AJ, Shy, Pinkie, Rarity and Sunset run after her. I knew exactly where they were going, they ran in the wrong direction. I ran out the door and towards the Everfree Forest, I did not heard Cheeilee shout my name. I ran as fast as I could towards the forest, I stooded right at the entrance. I have been many times in forest and it still gives me goosebumps.


I looked behind me and there was Twilight and the other girls.

"What are you doing here?" Twilight asked me.

"I'm waiting for you girls." I answered her.

"Well you don't have to enter the forest with me, I know where the elements are. They are..."

" the castle of the two sister." I finished for her. "I know." Now she got a 'what the' facial expressions.

"How do you know that?"

"Because I have been several times in the forest and I know where the castle is so if you don't want to get lost, I'm coming with you."

I started to walked into the forest, I look at the girls. "Well? Are you girls coming or not?" They follow me into the Everfree forest.

Nobody said anything the first few minutes, until Pinkie opened her mouth.

"Hey Fox, what does the fox say?" We all looked at her as if it had grown an extra head. "What?"

"What's wrong with you Pinkie? Here are we on our way to stop a mad pony that want eternal night and you are asking what Fox is saying?" Dash asked her.

I thought after three months that I had managed to at least tolerate her but I was wrong, I just ignored her. After a while we came to a cliff.

"Nice going 'leader', you led us to a cliff." Dash said with sarcasm in her voice.

"Shut up Dash, we have to go around."

I started to walked but then the ground started to collapse under us, me and Sunset managed to get us to safety but AJ, Pinkie, Rarity and Sparkle was not so lucky. AJ managed to cling to a branch sticking out of the earth while Dash ans Shy saved Pinkie and Rarity, Sparkle slipped right down to the end of the cliff.

"Hold on I'm coming." Said AJ as she slid down to help her, I I barely heard what they said.

"Applejack, what should I do?"

"Let go?"

"Are you crazy?"

"No I'm not, I am telling you the truth. Just let go and you'll be fine."

Sparkle did as she said, luckily Dash and Shy was able to save her before she hit the ground. I looked over at Sunset who was breathing very heavily.

"You ok Sunset?"

"Just give me a moment to catch my breath, that was more excitement than I hope for."

I just smiled at what she said. "Come on, let's get down to the others." We managed to find a safe way down the cliff, on the way down I saw black smoke coming out of the earth. Just as I thougt, Nightmare Moon was behind this. The others was wating for us when we came down.

"Why are you two so slow?"

"Again Dash, shut up. Let's just move on.

And with that, I led the way while the girls followed. After a while came Sparkle up to me.

"Are you sure you know where you are going?" She asked me.

"I've been in this forest several times so yes I know where I'm going."

Suddenly a manticore jumped out of some bushes and blocked the road and he was very angry. Rarity had the idea to kick the manticore. "Take that you ruffain." It just roared and ruined her hair. "My hair." She ran away to fix her hair, I just shook my head. One way ot another AJ had managed to get on the back of the manticore, she rode it like a cowboy on a bull, until she was thrown off. Then it was Dash turn, she just flew very fast around the animal until it her away with it's tail. The they tried a full frontal assault, but Shy stopped them.


She approached it very carefully to prove that she was not a threat, it worked because the mantivore showed the left paw and there was a thorn that was stuck in it.

"Oh, you por, por little baby."

"Little?" I just wish that Dash could shut up.

""This just might hurt for a second."

Instead of eating her the manticore licked her, I guess the manticore was just happy the thorn was out form it's paw. With that we could walk past the manticore.

"How did you now about the thorn?" Sparkle asked Shy.

"I didn't, sometime we all need to be showed a little kidness."

I Walk up to Sparkle. "Impressive, don't you think?"

"How did she do that?"

"Shy has always had a good relationship with animals." Then she looked at me with an angry face. "What? Do I have something on my face?"

"Why did you do nothing? We risked our lives while you did nothing." She asked me with anger in her voice."

"I did nothing because I knew that Shy had it under control and by the way, Sometimes you got to have faith in others." And with that we both walked futher in to the woods.

After a while.

"My eyes ned a little rest from all this nasty muck." Rarity got her wish fulfilled because suddenly it became dark. "I did not mean that literally." Luckily for me, I can see in the dark so I was not worried. Then suddenly.

"AAAAHHH." It was Shy who screamed. I looked around and what I saw was trees with scary facese, all were afraid, well almost all. Pinkie started to laugh and she started to sing. That was someting I could not tolerate so I went ahead.

When I finally got away from the 'scary trees' I found a stone, sat down and waited. It was one thought that I could not stop thinking about and that was: 'why is Luna trying to stop us? Did she not want to be cured from this Nighmare Moon?' I needed not to wait to long for the others, they just laughd. Then Pinkie noticed me.

"Hey Fox, you missed all the fun."

"Lucky me." I said with sarcasm in my voice. "Can we move on, today?" The girls good mood was suddenly gone when I said those words.

Pinkie just crossed her arms. "Party poper." I just rollet my eyes.

After a while we came to a river and something was very wrong.

"This is strang, the river should not be so rough. What is Steven doing?"

They looked at me with coriously expressions. "Who the hay Steven?" Dash asked me.

"Steven Magnet is a sea serpent who lives in this river." I poined at the river, then we heard someone cry further up the river. And ther was Steven crying.

"What a world, what a world."

"Hey Steven, why are you crying?" He stopped crying when he saw me.

"It was horrible Fox I was just minding my own business, then a purple smoke came out of nowhere and cut my dear mustache clean of. And now I look horrendous." Then he dove into the river made a small wave that made us all wet.

"Gimme a break." I give up.

"That's all fuss is about." I look at AJ.

"Steven cares very about his mustache." Then Rarity stept forward.

"Why of corse is it's, how can you be so insensitive. Just look at him, he has so pretty scales."

"I know." Steven answered.

"And you delightful mane."

"Oh I know, I know"

"Is all ruiend without you beautiful mustache."

"It's true I'm disgusting."

"I can't let crime against fabulousty continue."

Then Rartiy tok one of Stevens scales and did something I never thought she would do, she cut off a part off her on tail. Then she use her magic to attached it on Stevens mustache were it han cut off.

"My mustache, how wondeful."

"You look smashing."

Then Sparkle approach Rarity. "Oh Rartiy, your beautiful tail."'

"Oh, it's fine my dear. Short tails are in this season besides, it will grow back."

"So would the mustache." Dash said to Sparkle.

"I hate to interrupt all this, but can you let us cross the river Steven?" I asked him.

"Why of course, allowed me."

He dived under the water and made a path so we could cross the river, we made to the other side.

"Thanks Stevens."

"You're welcome Fox, take care of yourself you sexy fox."

My heart almost stodded when he said that but before I could say anything he dove into the river and disappeard, I look at the girls. Dash and Pinkie was on the ground laughing while the others was just wondering just happened.

"Not a word." I just walked past them, they said nothing but I could see that they enjoyed themselves. Sometimes I hate my life.

After a while we came to a clearing. "Is it possible that we can take a break Fox? Not everypony is in good shape." Rarity asked me.

"Sure." I went to a tree and leaned against it, AJ approached me.

"You ok there partner?"

"Oh, I'm just lovely AJ. A insane alicorn want eternal darkness, a serpent thinks that I'm sexy and I'm leading a group with ponnies to a castle where we can find the elemnts of harmony that can stop Nightmare Moon. What do you think? I'm not ok."

"It could have been worse."

"You did NOT say that right now." Then we heard someone argument, it was Dash end Sparkle.

"I begin to believe that you're really are spy for Nighrmare after all." Dash began.

"I'm NOT a spy, if I am a spy then why am I helping you all?" That did not help.

"So you can betray us when you have the chance."

Oh for the love of... "Cut it out Dash."

"Stay out of this Fox, this has nothing to do with you."

She said with anger in her voice I was going to interfere but Sunset beat me to it, she pushed them apart.

"Leave her alone Rainbow Dash, you are not helping."

"I'm telling you Sunset, she is a spy." Dash was going to attack Sparkle but Sunset stoppet her with her magic.

"I'm only going to say this one more time Rainbow: she is NOT A SPY. I understand that were all on edge but we can't lose hope, if do that then we all can just give up. I don't no know about the rest of you but I'm not ready to give up just yet." She released Dash from her magic and started to walked deeper into the forest, the rest of us follow her except Dash she jus stood there looking at the ground.

"You coming Dash?"

She looked at me. "Yeah, I'm coming." She flew past me.

Finally we could see the castle, it took longer than I thought. I had company this time.

"There it is, the ruin that's holds the elements of harmony. We made it." Sparkle was going to run to the castle but I stopped her before she got any further. "What are you doing Fox? The elements are right there." She pointed at the castle, I pointed to the broken suspension brigde it was destroyd.

"If you don't want to fall to your death then I suggest you take it easy."

We walked to the cliff, I looked down into the depth.

"Well, this makes things a little more difficult."

"What now?" Pinkie asked me.

"I suggest that Dash fly down and retriveves the bridge and tie it on the other side."

She was suprised. "Me?"

"Yes you, I don't believe that Shy can do it. No offens Shy."

"Non taken."

Dash hesitate a little. "Ok." She took of and flew down into the depth, she came out with the rope and flew over to the other side. She began to tie the rope on the other side but suddenly three pegasuser appeard.

"Oh no, don't listen to them Raindow, it's a trapp." Sparkle shouted to her but it was no use, we were too far away.

I was sure she that she would abandon us but I was wrong, suddenly she came flying over the cliff.

"I never leave me friends hanging." She said.

We started to walk over the suspension bridge, I was the last one. I looked at Dash. "Nice work Dash." She was surprised that I praise her. She rubbed the back of her neck.

"Thanks Fox."

"Yeah, don't let it go to your head."

Finally we had arrived to the caslte here elements were.

"So Fox, where are the elements of harmony?" Sparkle asked me.

"They are 'yawn' in the main 'yawn' hall." I answer with a sleepy voice.

"What is wrong with you?"

"I don't know, I feel 'yawn' so sleepy."

Suddenly he fell to the ground, luckily Sunset managed to catch him wth her magic. She place him carefully on the ground, they gathered around him.

"What's wrong with him Sunset?" Fluttershy asked.

"I think that somepony put a slepping spell on him, something telles me that it was Nightmare Moon. You girls can go and find the elements, I'm staying her with Fox."

They all nodded and they went into the castle to find the elements while Sunset stayed behind to look after Fox.

In Fox's dream.

"Where am I?" The only thing I could see was sand. " I'm on Titania?" I said to no one particular. The last thing I remember was that I was with Sunset and the others to stop Nighmare Moon, was that a dream? I started to walked to se where I was. I don't no for how long I had walked but I felt like hours, thanks to the sun it was very hot. I stopped. "What is going on?" I screamed.

Suddenly the ground began to shake, up from the cround came nine stakes and there on some rops hung nine bodies. I had trouble seeing who it was hanging there because the sun was in the way, then I saw it. "No way." It was my old team. Falco, Slippy, Krystal, Bill, Catt, Lucy, Amanda, Miyu and Fay. "This can't be real, this is a bad dream." Then the bodies started to move.

"You failed us Fox." Falco bodie said.

Then Slippy. "You le us die."

I started to move back. "No, I did not know. It was not my fault."

Krystal. "I thought you love me."

"Krystal, I...."

Bill. "You were my best friend and you let me die."

"It was not my fault, I swear."

Then they fell to the ground and started to waked towards me, I tried to run away but I got nowhere. I tried to run faster but it did not help, I got nowhere. Then I tripped and I landed on my stomach, I used my arms to get me up into a sitting position.

"How does it feel Fox? You let your friends die and you could not save them." A voice said.

"You are no leader." Said Lucy.

"You are a coward." Catt.

I put both my hands on my ears to block out what they said. "Shut up, shut up, shut up." But it did not worked.


"You are a failed us."

"You let us die."



Then suddenly a bright light appeated and drown away Falco and the others, I tried to see who it was but the light was too bright. When the light got dimmer, I could not believe who I saw there.


He smiled. "Hello Fox."

"Bbbut your dead."

"No I'm not but I don't have time to explain, your friends need your hjelp."

"I can't, I'm no leader." I hung my head in shame. "I'm a failure."

He put hand on my shoulder. "Fox look at me." I did look at him. "You are not a failure, all leaders makes mistakes. Do you really think that Falco and the others would liked to see you like this?"

"No, Falco had probably given me a beating." We both laughed of what I said. "I'm not sure if I can do it, what if I got the girls killed."

"You wont." My dad said.

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because I have faith in you." That got me to smile.

"How do you always know what to say?"

He just shrugged. "it's a gift." I just laughed. "Now, are you ready yo be the leader you were meant to be?" I I gave him the thumbs ub. "Good, you're going to need all seven girls to save Luna."

That got my attention. "Seven? Don't you mean six? It should be six elements not seven."

"Actually there are eight."

"Eight? But I know only of five, what is the last elements?"

"Trust me my son, you know." He started to dissapper. "It looks like my time is up."

"No, dad don't go." I ran over to him and gave him a huge, he returned the hug. "I don't want you to go." I stared to cry.

He broke the hug. "I am always with you in your heart." He was almost gone. "Fox, you must promise me one thing."

"Anything dad."

"You must help Twilight Sparkle."

I raised an eyebrow of what he said. "Sparkle? Why?"

"The path she is on is a dark one, only you can guide her on the right path."

"Alright dad, I promise." He gave me a smiled.

"Remember son, I love you." Then he was gone.

"I love you to dad."

Everthing started to dissappear around me, then a bright light blinded me. I opende my eyes and the first thing I saw the sky, was it a dream? It felt so real. "Fox." I looked to my left and there sat Sunset.

"You're awake."

"Where are the others?" I asked her.

"They were in the main hall at first but then it was this bright light, then they ran in to the hall and when they came out they said the Twilight and elements was gone. Then we saw a another light in the building next door so the girls ran to help Twilight."

"Which building?"

"The one to the left."

I knew which building she was taking about, I got up. "Come on Sunset." She was shocked by what I said.

"Me? I'm not one of the elements."

"Yes you are, now come on."

I took her hand and ran towards the building the girls and Nighmare was in. When we finally got to the of the stairs I saw AJ, Shy, Dash, Pinkie and Rarity with rocks around them which I guess was their elements, Sparkle was on her knees while Nighmare was laughing.

"How ironic, Celestia managed to stop me a 1.000 years ago put I guess she was just lucky. Time to make sure that does not happen again."

She charged up her horn and aimed at Sparkle and the others, hell no. I ran past Sparkle and the girls, I jumped up in the air. "NIGHMARE." Before she could react I punched her in her face, I hit her so hard that she fell on the floor. "Normally I don't hit girls but after what you did to me I make an exception." I look at Sparkle and she was crying.

"What wrong with you?" I asked her.

"The elements did not work."

"Of course they did not work, you're missing three."

"What? Three? It should be six, not eight. Applejack Honesty, Fluttershy kindness, Pinkie laughter, Rarity generosity and Raindow Dash loyalty and the last one is magic."

"You got five of eight...." I could not say anymore because I was interrupted.

"You dare to hit me? I'm the queen of the night." i turned around to face her and she was mad. "I have defeated Celestia, how do you think that you can defeat me?"

"Because Luna." That made her even more angrier. "You sister was missing two and she missed the name of the last one."

Nighmare began to laugh. "And here I thought that my sister was the stupid one, there are only six elements."

I just smiled. "Wanna bet." Now she became a bit nervous. "You see Luna, Sparkle got five correct. Aj: honesty, Shy: kindness, Pinkie: laughter, Rarity: generosity and Dash: loyalty, those she missed was. I pointed at Sunset. "When Dash almost lost hope in Sparkle it was Sunset who reminded her, she is element og Hope." A few stones appeared and began to circle around her, I look at Sparkle. "Sparkle, you put your faith in seven strangers the makes you the element of Faith." Stones began to circle around, when Nighmare saw that she became even more nervous.

"NO. I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS." She fire a beam against ut but a shield stoppet it.

"Don't you know that it is rude to interrupt others when they are talking." I took a deep breath. "Now the last element, I managed to lead the girls to were the elements was. I know that is not something to brag about but that is one thing that Celestia was lacking when she used the elements 1.000 years ago on you Luna: that was leadership." A stone appeared from nowhere and stopped right over my head. "I mean, what kind of leader and sister sends her little sister to moon for a thousand years? That is something that I never would have done, I would have found another way."

What happened next was a bit diffcult to see because the stone above me began to glow, I could hear Luna scream and then everything was dark.

When I finally managed to open my eyes I noticed that I was lying on the floor and and I saw red, what the hell? Then I noticed that I was wearing a helmet, I was that my hand was covered in armour. I got up and saw that my whole body was covered in armour, did elements do this?

"What the hay?"

I look in the direction of the voice and what I saw was the girls also had covered in armour.

"This is awsome." Dash.

Then I noticed that the armour was a mixture of their colors, Dash's helmet stood out most of all it had the colors of the rainbow. I took off my own helmet to get a better look at it, t was a mix of white and orange.

"My tail, I got my tail back."

I look over Rarity and she had got back her tail, did the elements do that? Then I remembered Nighmare Moon. I turned around to see if it worked and what I saw was not her but a new alicorn who I guess was Luna, her fur was much lighter and so was her hair. Sparkle stood next to me.

"It worked, she free from Nighmare Moon."

"You sound surprised."

"When the elements did not work the first time, I thought that all hope was lost. Then you turned up and managed to do what I could not, thank you"

I put a had on er shoulder. "We did, as a t...." I was interrupted becaue something hit me so hard that I flew into a wall and landet on the floor, luckiy th armor took most of he impact but it still hurt.


The girls hurried over to see that Iwas okay, I was wondering most about who shot me. I look where the shot came from and what I saw was a white alicorn, which I guess is Celestia. She was standing by Luna

"Get away from my sister, you monster."

"Princess Celestia, he and the others saved your sister from Nighmare Moon."

"Silent Twiligt Sparkle, now come here we are leaving." Sparkle hesitated. "I said, COME HERE." That got her to react, she went over to her. Celestias horn began to glow and they were gone, on the floor lay a necklace which I assume is Sparkle's.

Then Dash asked the question: "What just happend?"

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“I ask again: what happen?”

“I keep telling you Rainbow Dash, I do not know what happen.” Rarity answered her.

The girls have the last 10 minutes tried to understand why Celestia hit me with a magic beam I stopped listening to them after a while, I just stood there and held Twilight’s necklace in my hand. Dash asked a good question: what happen? In the books it says that Celestia is a kind and good leader, she kind against ponies in Equestria and another species so why did she attacked me.

“Fox? Is everything okay?” I turned around and there stood Fluttershy.

“I’m okay Shy, don’t worry.” I gave her a smile.

“Are you sure? You weren’t hurt were you?” She had a worry expression.

“I’m sure, so stop worrying.”

“Ok, if you say so.”

She did not look convince but right now there were other things I to think about and that was to get out of this forest, so I headed for the exit but I did not get very far because Dash blocked my way.

“Where are you going?” Dash asked me.

“Home to the farm, I’m tired so I’m going to bed so if you’ll excuse me.” I tried to go around her but she just stood in my way. “Will you be so kind to move out of my way Dash?”

“Why are you so calm? princess Celestia just shot you and you are acting like nothing has happened.”

“Look Dash this has happened to me before so this is nothing new to me, now get the fuck out of my way.” She did not move. “Move Dash.” I could see that she was getting angry but right now I did not care. Thank goodness Sunset step inn.

“Fox is right, it’s been a long night and I think everypony is tired. I now I am.”

Dash was going to argue with what Sunset said but before she got the chance she yawned, she pointed a finger at me.

“This is not over, got it?”

She was trying to be threatening, I just rolled my eyes and walked past her. Well outside the girls started to talked again. AJ was the first to say something.

“I can’t believe that princess Celestia just attack Fox, he had done nothing wrong.”

“Maybe she has lost her mind?” OMG but Pinkie had a point, did I just agreed with what Pinkie said? God help me.

“I don’t think so Pinkie, I think it was because a fox was standing over her sister and she thought that he was going to eat her.” Fuck you Dash

I stopped listening to them eventually I was more concerned with my legs, they felt strange. I stomped my right foot hard on ground, I felt that but it is impossible. I found the nearest stone I could find sat down on it and took of my right shoe.

“Fox darling what are you doing?” Rarity asked me.

“My feet feel weird.”

“They are just feet, what’s the big deal?” I just ignored what Dash said.

When I finally got it off I could not believe what I saw, instead of metallic legs I now had normal legs. When I enlisted in to Cornelia air force I had to amputate my legs and now I got them back, I actually started to cry.

“Darling, is everything ok?”

“Yes, I have regained my legs.”

All except AJ looked at me like I had gone mad.

“You talk as if you had lost them.”

“I did Rarity, 21 years ago.”

“That’s crazy, if you lost your legs 21 years ago how can you even walk? It’s not possible, your lying.”

Typical Dash to ruined my moment, thank god for AJ.

“He’s not lying.” Everyone looked at her, they were trying to find out if she was lying or not.

“Seriously Applejack? Look at his legs he has not lost them.”

“Will you shut up Dash and let AJ explain, something tells me that you will not listen to me.” I looked at AJ and gave her permission to tell them.

“It happened about a month ago I was going to wake up Fox as usual and I went straight into his room without knocking and then I saw them, instead of normal legs he had something that looked like metal legs.”

I could see that no one believed her especially Dash.

“You expect me to believe what you just said?”

“You now I can’t lie Dash.”

“Don’t bother AJ.” I put on my both and stood up. “I don’t care that they don’t believe me or not, right now I want to get out of this forest.” I started to walk toward the bridge.

“What should we do with our necklace?” Sunset asked.

“My suggestion is hide them, hide them and do not tell anyone where you hide them.” Pinkie was about to say something. “Don’t you dear correct me Pinkie.”

“Why should we hide out necklaces?” Shy asked.

“Something tells me that we’re going to need them in the future and I don’t intend to give my or Sparkle’s to Celestia.” After I said that I got looks as if I have gone mad, Rarity was the first to say something.

“Why should we not give them to princess Celestai? She is the princess she can keep them safe.”

“Are you kidding me? She just attack me so how can you all trust her?” No one looked convinced by what I said except Sunset. “Serious? We’ve know each other for three months and none of you will listen to me? You know what? You five can do whatever you want, I don’t care anymore.” And with that said left them alone.

The girls just stood der with their thoughts, no one said anything for a while until Sunset said something.

“Fox’s right, we can’t give them to Celestia so I suggest that we listen to him and hide them.”

This did Dash not like. “Are you kidding me? Why should we not give them to princess Celestia?”

“Let me ask you something Dash when you grew up, you learned that Celestia was a kind ruler am I right?”

“Of course, we all did.”

“Okay then let me ask you this,” Sunset pointed at the castle. “if she is so kind ruler why did she attack Fox?” Dash tried to say something but nothing came out of her mouth, Sunset looked at the others but nobody said anything. “Thought so, now I’m going back to my house.”

Sunset stared to walked towards the bridge the others follow her except Pinkie, she stood the looking down at the ground Dash noticed that.

“Are you coming Pinkie?”

“I didn’t get to throw Luna a party.”

Dash just looked at her as she gone crazy. “What’s wrong with you Pinkie? Fox got attack by princess Celestia and all you care about is throwing a party? You now what? I give up.” Dash followed the others, Pinkie followed soon after.

When we finally came out of Everfree the Sun was already but Ii was too tired to care, I went straight to farm found my bed and fell asleep.

I don’t know how long I slept but the sun was up when I finally woke up according to Mac I had slept a whole day, AJ to. When he asked me what happened I promise him that I would tell him later, then came Sunset and want me come with her outside the town and here I thought I’d have a quiet day.

“Mind telling me why we are out here.”

Sunset had drag me outside Ponyville with my necklace, she was also wearing hers.

“Well, after I woke up when we got our necklace I notice some numbers on the glass on my helmet.”

“Display.” I told her.

“Excuse me?”

“It’s called display not glass.” I corrected her.

“Display, hmmm.” She just shrugged her shoulder. “Whatever, back to the point.” Just rolled my eyes of her answer. “When I woke up I saw some numbers on my ‘display’ and I’m pretty sure that you can read power level of others, that’s we are out her now to test it. Now activate your armor.”

This was not how I picture my day put it’s not like I have something better to do, so I did as the said I put it around my neck and pushed the Star Fox emblem. When I did I could fell something flow through me it made me feel uneasy, I can think about that later. As soon I my armor was around I could see numbers in my display, that’s pretty cool.

“This is fascinating.”

“What is?” I asked Sunset.

“I can actually read your power level it’s very low, strange.”

“It’s because I’m not a pony.”

“I guess that makes sense.”

Then she went in to science mode so I stopped listening to her so I decided to try out the armor myself, now what should I do? I now weapons. As soon as I thought that two guns appeared in my hands, now that’s cool.

“How did you do that?” Sunset asked me she was surprised that’s for sure.

“I just thought about weapons and the these appeared in my hands.”

“Amazing, somehow the armor is responding to the user thoughts. Where is my notebook? I need to write this down.” She then started to fumble in her backpack she had brought with her.

“You’re not going all egghead mode are you?” I asked with teasing in my voice and let me tell you she did not like that, she looked at me with anger in her eyes.

“Don’t call me ‘egghead,’ it’s bad enough that Dash calls me that I hate it.” It looked like she was ready to kill me.

I put up my hands in defends. “Take it easy Sunset, I was only joking.” Fortunately for me she calmed down.

“I know but what’s wrong with being smart?” She then looked at her hands. “I just liked to learned that’s all.”

“There’s nothing wrong that I liked to read as much as other’s, Dash just think that reading a book is ‘un cool’ as she puts it.” Sunset laughed a little of what I said.

“Your right, I should not let what Dash says affect me. I am who I am.”

“Wise words.” I was about to say something else then I noticed something on my display, it looked like a magic surge but it disappeared as quickly as it came. I looked around to see if I could find the source.

“What’s wrong Fox?” Sunset asked me.

“I don’t now, my display detect a magic surge put it’s gone.”

“My detected nothing, it’s probably nothing. Now let’s do more tests.”

I don’t know what that magic surge was but I will figure it out. The rest of the day we spent testing the armor, it could do a lot of things, weapons, communication, flight, now that last part got my attention.

When I finally arrived back at the farm the sun was setting, when I walked in front door I was AJ, Apple bloom, Mac and granny Smith sitting in the living room. Apple bloom waved at me.

“Hey Fox, Applejack was just telling us how she and Fluttershy, Pinkie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and a unicorn by the name of Twilight Sparkle saved princess Luna.”

“No thanks, I’m too tired, I’m going straight to bed.”

And with that said I went to the second floor, well in my room I flop right on the bed. I could still hear AJ tell how she and five others saved prin…… wait a minute. Did Apple bloom just said AJ, Fluttershy, Pinkie, Rarity, Rainbow and Sparkle? What about me and Sunset? You know what I’m too tired to think right now, and then I fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning I thought about what I heard the day before, did Apple bloom really say that AJ, Fluttershy, Pinkie, Rarity, Dash and Sparkle saved Luna? Maybe I was so tired that I was hearing things, I can think about this after breakfast. I did my morning routine, ate breakfast and went to the train station. I tend to go there to see who comes too Ponyville and who leaves town.

I sat there on a bench watching ponies go on and off the train wondering where they came from and where they are going then I felt someone sit down beside me, I looked to my right and there sat the chief of Ponyville train station.

“Still trying to guess where the ponies are going and coming from?” He asked me.

“Yeah, in the past hour I seen parents, couples and old ponies go on the train and go of wondering where they are going or where they came from.”

“Some of them came from Manehattan.”

“I know that but where did they came from before that, maybe they came from a land outside Equestria to try their luck here.” The chief just shook his head.

“If you say so Fox, now if you will excuse me the train from Canterlot is coming.” And with that he went to the trains station main building.

It did not take long before the train arrived at the station, there were not many who went on and off the train but there was one pony that got my attention. Twilight Sparkle. When she saw me, she gave me a look that looked like she wanted to cut me up and it’s was creeping me out.

“Is it something you want Twilight Sparkle?”

“Amazing, a fox that walk on two legs and can talk” Excuse me. “and how do you now my name, this is the first time I seen you.” What the hell?

“What do you mean that ‘this is the first time you seen me’? We defeat Nightmare Moon with 6 other ponies, my name is Fox McCloud and we met two days ago.”

“Well Fox McCloud it’s true I defeat Nightmare Moon two days I got help from five ponies not six and I don’t remember you helping us, now if you will excuse me I going to the library.”

With that she left me alone but she did not notice that I was just dumbstruck by what she just said, how can she not remember me? What’s going on? There’s only one pony who can help me finding the answer and that’s Sunset, but before I go to her I have six other places I have to visit I got up and walk back to the farm.

It took me around 30 minutes to visit AJ and the others I also visit Cheerilee to hear story and let me tell you it was weird, when I arrived at library I could hear someone argument.

“I’m telling you I’m not moving out of the library, it my home.” That’s Sunset.

“Princess Celestia told me that no one lived here and that I could live her, get out.” Sparkle.

I don’t know what’s going on in there put I should stop it. When I walk in I could see Sunset and Sparkle arguing their faces were inches apart and they were ready to use magic, I stepped between them to try to break them apparat. Let me tell you they are stronger then they look.

“Will you two stop this already, you two are going to destroy Ponyville if this continues.”

“I’ll stop as soon as this ‘teacher’s pet’ get into her thick skull that I live here.” I could see that Sparkle did not like that.

“I told you to stop calling me that I’m not a ‘teacher’s pet’.”

Their horns began to glow again. “ENOUGH BOTH OF YOU.” That got their attention. “You two are acting like two five years old children that is fighting over the last ice cream, why won’t you both take a deep breath and let’s talk about this ass adult’s. Alright?”

Both of them took a deep breath and managed to calm down. “Good. Now Sparkle you can start.”

“I was sent to Ponyville to study friendship by princess Celestia.” Study friendship? Really? “And she told me that I could live in Golden Oaks Library,” Then she pointed at Sunset. “then I find out that she lives here.”

“Really? That’s it? That’s is all fuss is about?”

“Well yes, she is not supposed to live here I’m am.”

That mad Sunset angry. “I’m not supposed to live her? This is my home I have lived here for three years and I am not going to let you kick me out.”

Again their horns began to glow. “That’s enough, both of you stop it right now.” I looked at Sparkle. “Listen her Twilight you said that you were sent her by the princess and I’m guessing that you are her personal student, I’m I correct?”

“That’s right.”

“Now, let’s say that you kick out Sunset out of here what would that do to the princess reputation.”

She cooked her head to the side. “What do you mean.”

“What do you think the newspaper will read tomorrow? ‘Princess Celestia’s student throws out local librarian from her home’, you’re supposed to study friendship and right now you are not doing well.”

Her eyes widened when I said the. “You’re right, she will think I have failed her and she probably send me back to magic kindergarten I can let that happen.” Me and Sunset looked and wonder what just happened and then she stared to hyperventilate, she actually had trouble breathing.

I grape her shoulders. “Sparkle look at me.” That was difficult when head went side to side, only one thing to do.


Yes, I slapped her in the face, I don’t usually hit a female but she was completely hysterical. Both of them was shocked that I did that.

“Are you going to listen to me now?”

“Did you just slap me in face?”

“I did that because you did not want to listen, now I suggest that you rent a room at the local hotel in this town and we can take about this tomorrow.”

Sparkle nodded. “You right I’m a little tired after the train ride, I think I need good night rest.” With that said she walked out the library.

I turned my attention towards Sunset. “You okay?” I asked her.

She sat down on the couch. “I’m been better, thanks by the way.”

I sat down on one of the chair right of couch. “Don’t mention it, so what happened?”

Sunset too a deep breath. “I was reading a book when Twilight came in and said that Celestia had given her the right to live her, then I said that I lived her and then one thing led to another. I’m just glad that you arrived when you did or thing could have gone relay messy, why are you her?”

“I need your help, something is very wrong, AJ and the others don’t remember that you and I was part of saving Luna.”

She looked at me with a confuse expression. “Are you drunk?”

My mouth almost fell to the ground when I heard that. “No I’m not drunk, I visited all of them before I came her and I’m telling you they don’t remember that you or me was there and that’s not all Cheerilee told me that I was with her after Nightmare appeared with I wasn’t, I’m telling you something is wrong.” I swear if she says that I’m drunk again I’m slapping her too.

Sunset put a hand under her chin. “That’s strange, five ponies that don’t remember anything and there’s Cherilee that remember that you were with her witch you weren’t. Interesting.” Then she closed her eyes, that means she is thinking and let me tell you don’t EVER disturb her when she is thinking like this. Let’s just say that Pinkie got to experience what happened if you disturb her. “Fox.” She opened her eyes. “I need you to get your element.”

“Why do I need to do that?” I just wonder why she said that.

“I need to look at your data that your helmet picked up.”

“What are you taking about? The elements can’t do that, can they?”

“After I got home yesterday I did more test and it looks like that they exchange data, now go and get your element.”

She got up and started to push me out of the library. “Alright already I’m going.” Put it was too late I already outside and she had shut the door, I just sighted. I stared too run back to the farm to get my element.

When I got back to the farm I could see AJ and Mac working with the fence, when AJ saw my she smiled.

“God timing Fox we could use your help with the fence.”

I just ran past them. “Can’t talk AJ I’m busy.”

AJ and Mac just watch as Fox ran into the house, AJ looked at her brother.

“Hey Mac, do you know what that was about?”


Both of them just shrugged it off and went back to work, they had just started working when Fox ran out of the front door of the house and ran past them again.

“Bye AJ, bye Mac.”

Both of them looked at Fox while he ran back into town wonder what that was about.

When I finally arrived back at the library I was out of breath. “I really need to start exercising again.” I open the door and walk in, well inside I saw Sunset sitting on couch writing something on a notebook so I decided to slam the door. She almost jumped into the ceiling.

“Damn it Fox, are you trying to give me a heart attack.”

I just shrugged. “Maybe, hers my element.” I threw her my necklace at her and she caught with her hands. “I don’t need to wear it do I.”

She shook her head. “Don’t worry about that.” She activated her on element and she place my element on her left arm. “This should not take long, and there we are.” She threw my necklace back and I caught. “Let’s look at the data you intercepted, there isn’t much but it looks like some kind of advance memory spell. Whoever did this must be very powerful to change the memory of six ponies maybe the whole town, who could have done this?”

“I think I now.”

She deactivated her armor. “You don’t mean.”

“Yes, Celestia.”

“If that’s correct, why? What would she possible gain? I don’t make any sense”

“I don’t know but for now this stay between us, got it?”

“Do you expect my lie?”

“I know that you don’t like to lie but yes, we are the only one that know what really happened and I don’t want my memory to be delete. Do you?” I sighted. “Look, I don’t expect you to listen to me….”

“Alright.” Now that surprised me.

“Excuse me?”

“Look, I don’t like to lie especially to my friends if they still are my friends but you got the element of leadership for a reason and I trust YOU. But…” There always a but. “if any of our friends finds out I’m telling them.”

“Fine by me also, don’t tell Sparkle. If she finds out she will probably tell Celestia.”

“Okay, I don’t verily like her any way.” I just smiled of that last part.

On my way back to the farm I decided to take a long detour. I found a hill that let me see Canterlot, just what is she planning?

One Stubborn Apple

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Apple buck season is time of the year when the apples have to come down and since I can help anymore because my legs are now normal and Mac hurt himself, AJ said that she will do it alone. This can’t end well.

The first day of apple buck season stared as usual, that means that AJ waking me up. By slamming the door open. “Rise and shine Fox, it’s time to buck those trees.” After three months I still can’t wake up a 6 am in the morning, I think is I’m too old for this carp.

I sat up in the bed trying to get my eyes to open. “AJ, you have to stop coming in with force it’s not good for the door.” I was not lying there the door was in bad shape.

“Don’t bother yourself with minor details, now get your butt up from the bed and get ready to help me in buking those trees.”

I yawn. “How the hell am I going to do that?” I asked her.

“Duh, with your legs of course, are they not made of metal?” I showed her my right foot and let me tell you she was surprised. “How? How is that possible? I could swear that they were metal, how did you do that?”

“I did not do anything they have been like this always.” I hate lying especially to AJ.

“No this is some trick they can’t be real.”

I wiggle my toes. “They look and feels real to me.” She walked over my bed and poked my foot with her finger, I’m glad I’m not ticklish.

“Then is just me and Mac.”

“Don’t you remember? Mac hurt his back yesterday.”

“Then it just me?” I nodded. “Then I will get all of the apples down by myself.”

“AJ, don’t be an idiot. You can’t do it by yourself you need help.”

“Do you know who I am?”

I knew where this is going. “Unfortunately yes.”

“I’m Applejack the most loyalty of all ponies in Ponyville and I will get ever apple down this down this season all by myself.” After that she stormed out.

I just lay there in my bed staring at the door. “Why are the Apple family so stubborn?”

I did my business in bathroom, got dressed and ate breakfast. AJ was not there, no surprise there and then I went into town. It’s been three days since ever pony in town had gotten their memory altered, me and Sunset are the only one that know the truth. On other hand, Twilight has moved to town.

When it comes to Sunset and Sparkle, they talked and Sparkle apologise but Sunset was still mad at her so she banned Sparkle from the library. That shocked me and Sparkle, she said she needed the library for her studies but when Sunset makes up her mind it’s very difficult change it. I actually thought that Sparkle was going to have a heart attack. So for now she is staying at the local motel in town until she finds a house.

Right now I was on my way to the library to talk to Sunset about the situation but before I got there the ground stared to shake, I’m not joking it actually stared to shake.


That was Dash that’s for sure then I saw a dust cloud coining towards the town so I ran towards it, running towards it may not be the smartest thing to do but my instincts kick inn. When I got a little closer I could see what it was cows, many cows. How do you stope a rampaging herd with cows? Right now I wish I had my arwing.

Then she appeared, AJ. She and Winona manged to steer them away from Ponyville, after the cows had left I walked over to AJ.

“What was that about?”

“They just saw a snake and that scared them.”

“That’s it? A snake caused the stamped?” She nodded. “If you say so, should you be harvest some apples?”

“I’m fully aware at my duty but I could not let the town get destroyed.”

She just walked of and she was not happy that’s for sure, I went back to town and apparently the want to throw AJ a party and give her an award. Good luck with that.

One week later and they were ready to give AJ her award, I was standing on the stage leaning against wall watching Rarity hang up giant banner with apple in the middle.

“Is Applejack ready?” Sparkle.

“Actually, I’ve haven’t seen her all week.” Dash.

“Not since the stamped.” Pinkie.

“She will be here for sure, Applejack is never late.” Don’t count on it Dash.

I looked over the crowed that has showed up, I could see Rarity, Dash, Pinkie and Shy, I think almost all of Ponyville is here. I did not she Sunset anywhere, weird. I watch as Sparkle walked up on stage and up to a podium she had her a punch of cards, why she has them I have no idea.

“Welcome everypony, today we are here to honour a pony we can always count on help in maters great and small.” She went to another card. “A pony contributes…”

Then Dash interrupted her. “Did you see Applejack slick moves out there? What an athletic, this week she is going to help me with my new flying trick and I now it’s going to be so awesome.”

Sparkle bush her out of the way. “Exact ally, and…” Then Pinkie pop up, this should be good.

“This weak I got to run Sugarcube corner for the first time.”

“What’s that to do about Applejack?”

Pinkie blinked a few times. “Oh, Applejack one of the best bakers ever is going to help me. Applejack makes everything great so free samples for everpony.” Then the crowd stared to cheer.

She is going to have AJ help her back this week? I’m not going to taste whatever they make, that’s for sure.

“Okay that’s great.” Sparkle pushed Pinkie away. “Now if I could make point without…”

Then Shy came up on the stage. “Twilight.”


You go Shy. “Twilight, I’m so sorry but I just want to mention that Applejack is also helping me with the official puny census where we count up all the new bunny’s that were born this season, she is going to help gathering them using her amazing herding skills.”

After that Twilight did not look happy. “Anyone ells? Anyone?” She looked out to the crowed, nobody said anything.

“Well then, as I was trying to say…” Then the Mayor stood there smiling. “Never mind.” She threw the cards in the air and went of the stags, I clapped for her.

“Nice speech Sparkle.” She gave me a stare that said ‘don’t mess with me now,’ I just snickered I usually don’t think this is funny but this time it was.

The Mayor cleared her throat. “So, without no future ado it is my privilege to give this prized pony of Ponyville award to our guest of honour, a pony of the most trustworthiness, reliability and integrity, Ponyville’s own APPLEJACK.“ The currant open and AJ was not there, The Mayor looked at me for answered I just shrugged my shoulders. “Well, this is a little awkward." You got that right.

“I’m here.” In the grows I could see a stetson hat coming to the stage she had sack of apples on her back, when she finally arrived I could see bag under her eyes. She walked up to the mayor.” “Miss mayor, thank you kindle for this award thing. It’s so bright and shine.” She actually stared to laugh. “I sure look funny.” I don’t know what she did next, she stared to make who noises at the trophy and then came Pinkie and stared to do the same. Those that pony take anything seriously?

Then Sparkle walked up on the stage. “Okay, well thank you Applejack for saving us scary stamped.” Scary? Yeah right. “And always being there for everypony.”

AJ yawn. “Yeah, I like helping pony folks and stuff…” Then she fell asleep, she more tiered than I imagined. She woke up and drag away probably back to the farm, then the girls stared to talk.

Sparkle. “Was it just me or did Applejack seen a little…”

Dash. “Tired,”

Shy. “Dizzy.”

Rarity. “Messy.” What? “Well, did you see her mane?” Good lord.

I didn’t listen to Pinkie I walked after a certain pony back to the farm, when I arrived at farm she was kicking those trees and let me tell she was tired and then she fell asleep for a second. She tried to kick the same tree again but miss it, she must be tired. Then she fell asleep again.

I walked over to her and nudge her on the shoulder. “AJ, waked up.” No response so I slap her on her head and that woke her up and she was not happy.

“What the hay Fox? Why did you hit me on the head?”

“Because you were a sleep. AJ, you can’t do this by yourself you need help.”

She went right to my face. “You listen to me buster because I’m just going to say this once; I DO NOT NEED ANY HELP. Now can you step aside so I can get back to work.” I just groan and shock my head and did as said. “I told you to step aside.”

“I just did.” She looked at me and then back at where I was just standing.

“Oh, good. Now I need to get back to work.”

With that she waddled back to another tree, I just groaned, took an apple and walked towards the exit. Once I reached the exit I met a certain purple unicorn. “Don’t bother Sparkle, I already tried and she won’t listen.” He just gave me a confused look.

After that unsuccessful attempt to try to convince her I found tree and sat under it trying to think of an away to convince her that she need help but then I heard something, I looked up and heading towards me was a rainbow streak with a touch of blue. I didn’t move, why? Because considering the angle she was going to hit the tree and not me and I was right, she hit the tree very hard.

I took a bite of the apple and looked up and there was Dash hanging from a branch. “So Dash, how is it hanging?” I know it was cheesy but I couldn’t help myself, she looked down at me and she was not happy.

“Just shut up and help me down.”

“Sure, if you tell me how you ended up there.”

She sighed. “I made a catapult that would help me get some speed while flying and then Applejack send me flying when I wasn’t ready.”

I not sure if I heard that right. “Let me get this straight; you build a catapult and then you got AJ to help you? A pony that hasn’t had almost no sleep in a week?” She just had goofy smile as answered. “Does that big ego that you have get in the way reasonable decision?” She was about to answered but I cut her off. “You know what? I don’t want to know the answered.” I got up and headed for the farm, again.

“Hey.” I stop and looked over my shoulder. “Are you going to help me down or what?”

“You got yourself up there you can get yourself down.”

When I arrived I could see AJ, she was picking up apples that had fallen to the ground but when she tried to get up she hit her head on a branch and let me tell you it looked like it hurt. I walked over to her.

“AJ, we ned to talk.”

“Can bees squawk, I don’t think so.”

“I said can we TALK.”

“Twenty stalks, ben or celery?”

I slap a hand on my face and let it go down it. “WE NEED TO TALK.”

“You need to walk to the zoo, well who’s stopping ya?”

Something told me that when she hit her head something must have happened to her hearing, so I scream even louder. “I NEED TO TALK YOU.”

“Oh, why didn’t ya say so, what do you want to talk about?”

“I had visit from Dash just now.”

“That’s quite neighbourly of her.”

“That’s because you launched her from a catapult.”

She hung her head. “Oh yeah, I wasn’t feeling very good when I help her.”

“That’s because you been working too hard and need help.”

“Kelp, I don’t need kelp, I don’t even like seaweed.”

God help me. “I SAID YOU NEED HELP.”

“I said it before and I’ll say it again I don’t need help.” She turned around but she hit her head in the same branched as before. “Now if you excuse me, I got go and help Pinkie Pie.”

I have meet some stubborn animals in my life but she takes the cake that’s for sure, it’s about time I get some help and I know just the pony.

After I picked up Sunset at library then we went to Sugarcube corner to stop AJ.

“So let me get this straight; she hasn’t slept in over a week and now she helping ponies around town?” I nodded. “What’s she thinking?”

“She is not, she is so stubborn that she letting her pride as an apple get in her way for common sense.”

But before we arrived at Sugarcube corner we notice Nurse Red heard standing outside a tent writing on a clip board, so we walked over to her.

“Yo Red, what’s going on?”

She looked up from her clip board. “Fox and Sunset, I was expecting Twilight.”

“Why was you expecting her?” Sunset asked her.

She opened the curtain so we could see inside the tent and what we saw was at least half town laying on beds, when I saw see Derpy lie there I knew exactly what happened.

“Let me guess, you had a muffin disaster.” I asked Red

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Derpy is her.” I looked at Sunset. “Sunset, I want you get Thunderlane and the others and meet me at AJ’s farm.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to convince AJ.”

Finding AJ was the easy part you just followed the sound of someone kicking a tree, when I finally found her I could see her still trying to kick a tree. She could barely stand up, I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her against a tree.

“What the hay Fox? Your interrupting my work.”

I slap her in the face. “Shut the hell up AJ and listen you stubborn asshole.” Her eyes widened when I said that. “You got to stop this and let other’s help you, you can’t do this by yourself and you know it.” She tried to break free from my grip but she was too weak. “Do you want to work yourself to death?” That got her to stop. “Because if you keep this up that will happen.”

She relaxed and sank to the ground, she started to cry. “I just want to do this by myself.”

I sat down beside her. “I know AJ but you can’t do this by yourself and you know it, put aside that pride and let me help you.”

She looked me right in the eyes and sighed. “Alright Fox, you win. Are you sure you can do this by yourself?”

“No, unlike you I gladly asked someone for help.” Right on cue came Sunset with Thunderland and the others. “Why don’t you get some rest at the house while we work.”

“That’s sound like a good idea.” She stood up. “Somepony needs to tell Fluttershy that I won’t able to help her.”

I put a hand on her should. “Don’t worry I tell her while you get some rest.”

She walked towards the house and turned too Sunset and the boys. “Alright, you guys get to work. Once I been to Fluttershy I will join you.” With that we got to work.

After I had talk to Shy who understood the situation offer to help AJ but I told her that the baby bunnies need her more than AJ, she tried to argue but in the end she accepted that they need her. When I got back to the farm Sunset and the other was well underway bucking and plucking apples, Sunset even used her magic to get the apples down. She noticed that I arrived.

“Nice you to join use Fox.”

I just rolled my eyes. “Hey I had the most difficult assignment that was to convince AJ to let us help her.”

“You have point there, now get to work.”

I did a mock saluted. “Yes ma’am.” With that said I went to work but I did not get very far.

“What the hay is going on.”

We all looked in direction of the voice and it was Twilight and she was angry.

“Great timing Sparkle you can give us a hand.”

“Do you mean that you convinced Applejack to let you all help her?” I nodded. “You were not supposed to do it, I was.”

I looked at the others to see if they understand what she meant but they were just as confused as I was.

“Does it matter who convinced her?”

“Yes, I was supposed to do it so I could write what I learned too Princess Celestia.”

After she said that she ran away back to town, I looked at other again for answered. “Did anyone of you understand what she meant?” They all shook their head, I had a hunch what she meant but I had to keep my mouth shut.

We finally manged to get back to work and let me tell you time flies when you are working, it stared to get dark when we were finished for the day. When we arrived back at the house with the last of the basket with apples AJ stood on terrace with sodas.

“I thought you guys were thirsty.”

“You have no idea AJ.” We all took a bottle. “How are you feeling?”

“Better, I need to sleep. I guess asking for help is not a bad thing.”

I leaned against the railing. “Why are you Apples so stubborn?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know, granny said that I got it from my mom.”

I could see that her mood chance from happy too sad to I decide to change the subject.

“Sparkle was her earlier.”

“Oh, what did she want?”

“She said something that it was her that should convinced you.”

“Say what?”

I took a sip from my bottle, damn that was good. “I said that…”

“I heard you but why would she say that? I thought I knew her.”

“Well, you don’t.”

She looked at me and she was confused. “What do you mean I ‘don’t know her’?”

“How long have you know her? A couple of day? AJ, it takes months even years before you truly know someone but days? I don’t think so.”

“That makes sense, why did I say that other stuff?”

I just shrugged. “Beats me.”

Meanwhile in the only hotel in Ponyville Twilight Sparkle was sitting in her room at the desk trying to write a letter to Celestia.

“Dear princesses Celestia, today I didn’t learn anything about friendship because the fox that lives in Ponyville manged to convince Applejack to let others to help her before me. I’m sorry that I let you down, your student Twilight Sparkle.”

She rolled up the letter and was about to send it by magic but something stopped her, there was something in the back of her mind that told her not to do it. Her whole body stared to shake, it was like she couldn’t use her magic. She threw the letter on the floor and looked at her hands.

“What’s wrong with me?”

Fox vs Griffon

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Griffin’s, I don’t know much about them just that they rear part is a lion and front is part of eagle, let’s just hope that not all griffin’s is a jerk.

It’s been a few days since me and the other guys help AJ with harvesting apples and let me tell you I was sore, well right now I was walking through town doing nothing special. Then I noticed Sparkle sitting on a bench in the park trying to read a book, I could see that she had trouble focusing. She tried to read but then she fell asleep, I decide to talk to her so I walked over to her.

“You okay Sparkle?” I guess I spoked her because she jumped in air and dropped the book on the ground, when she saw me she was not happy.

“What do YOU want?” I could her the venom in her voice, I put up my hands in defence.

“I was just worried about you and thought you wanted to talk about why you are sleeping in the middle of the day.”

“I don’t want to talk about it especially with YOU, leave me alone.”

“Suit yourself.”

I started to walk away but I did not get very fare. “Wait.” I turned around. “Princesses Celestia told me to make friends and I’m sure that she meant other than the girls and yes I need somepony to talk to.”

I sat down beside her. “So, what the problem.”

She took a deep breath. “I told Princesses Celestia that I would write her a letter once a week what I learned about friendship but I haven’t learned anything and when I tried to send her a letter I couldn’t, it’s like something is telling me not to send her a letter. It’s driving me crazy and I can hardly sleep.”

“Mabey it your conscience that is telling you not to do it.”

She looked at me. “What do you mean?”

“Well, you are to study friendship right?” She nodded. “Maybe it’s telling not to treat the girls at test subjects.”

She was shocked when I said that, that’s for sure. “I don’t treat me friends as test subjects.”

“If they are your friends why do write letter to Celestia about them? That does sound like you are treating them like test subjects and beside you have only known them a few days, so ask yourself this question; are they really your friends?”

I stood up and walked away letting her sit there with her thoughts, maybe I was a little hard in her but did not really care. What really got my attention was that she had trouble sending Celestia letters, I guess the elements have something to do with that.

When I got back at the farm I could see AJ and Mac washing apples in bucket with water, they noticed me coming towards them.

“Let me guess, Dash or Pinkie?”

AJ. “Both of them actually.”

“Eeyup.” Mac answered.

I looked at trees that still had apples hanging at saw that they had been painted with different colors.

“When did they have time to do all this.” I said while I pointed at trees.

“I have no idea, are you going to just stand there or are you going to help us?”

I saluted. “Yes ma’am.”

With that I got to work and we spend the rest of the day washing apples and it was no found, I had no trouble sleeping that night. The next day I thought I would visit Sunset and tell her about my conversation with Sparkle, since we are the only once that know the truth. When I arrived at the library I could her taking inside so walk in and there was Pinkie, the only pony I didn’t want to talk to right now. When she saw me she ran straight to me and was in my face.

“Have you heard Fox?”

“Heard what? I just got here.” I pushed her away from face.

“There’s a griffon in town and Pinkie jealous.” Sunset answered.

“I’m not JEALOUS.” She screamed that last part a little loud.

“You don’t have to scream Pinkie I’m standing right beside you, calm down and tell me what happened.”

She took a deep breath. “Early today I went over to Rainbow Dash’s house so we could prank more when a griffon looked down at me. Rainbow told me that her name was Gilda and she was an old friend from Junior Speed Flight Camp, I asked her if she want to come prank with us put they went to practice flying.”

“When they were flying through town they landed on a cloud so I obtained a trampoline...”

“Wait a minute Pinkie, why did you obtained a trampoline?” I have no idea why I asked that question.

“So I could talk to them silly.”

“Right, I don’t know why I asked. Continue.”

“Where was I? Oh yes the trampoline. So there I was pouncing on the trampoline when the flew to cloud that was much higher so I found some balloons and filled them up with helium and tied them around my waist so I could talk to them, then Gilda stared to pop my balloons so I fell slowly down to the ground.”

“Then I saw them flying even higher so I fetched my flying cycle so I could talk to them, when I got up there Gilda became angry at me and said that Dash doesn’t need to hang around with a dweeb like me, then she grabbed the propellers on my cycle and then fell to the ground. Lucky for me I landed in a puddle of mud. She is not very nice when I think about it.”

When she finished her story I didn’t know what to think, every think she said sounded so weird but this Pinkie after all.

“Are sure all this happened or are you imagine it all.”

She looked at me if I was crazy. “I’m not imagine it all, there is a griffin in town and she won’t let me see Dash.” She shouted.

I put up arms. “Alright, no need to shout but I agreed with Sunset on this one, I think you are jealous.”

She looked between us. “But… I just… argh. I give up.” She stormed out of the door.

“That was weird.” I said.

“You got that right, was there something you need Fox?”

I was about to say something but then decide to go after Pinkie, yeah I know. I don’t know why either.

“I’ll talk you later Sunset I’m going to after Pinkie.” I walked after her.

It didn’t take me long before I found her, she was sitting by a table drinking milk shake, I sat down in front of her and she was not happy.

“What do YOU want?”

“I want to believe you Pinkie but it not easy when you most off the time talks about random stuff.”

“This time I’m not talking nonsense, this time I’m begin serious.”

I rubbed my forehead. “Do you have any proof that it is a griffin in town?”

“Yes, just turn around.”

Against my better judgment I did just that and what I saw was a griffin standing beside Dash.

“Holy crap Pinkie, you were right. There is a griffin in town.” I turned to her. “So ever thing you said was true.”

“Off course, you didn’t believe me?”

“Like I said; you always talk about random stuff so it’s hard to take you serious something.” When I said that her ears drop. “Hey, at least your right about this.” Then we saw Dash fly off and Gilda walk into town. “Let’s just watch what she doing.” Pinkie just nodded.

Me and Pinkie watch while Gilda walked to the market place and the ponies around her didn’t even noticed her, what hell? When I arrived it took them a week before they stop looking at me. We watched her walk towards one of ponies that was selling and then I was granny Smith, if she scared her I’m going to pluck this griffins feathers.

Granny stared sniffing the food when Gilda stuck her tail out like a snake and scaring granny.

“Aaahhh, a rattler, a rattler, head fer the hills.” Then she slowly walked away.

“Poor granny smith, she didn’t know it was a prank, how mean.” Then it looked like she stared to think, I wonder if she even can think. “No no, I can’t misjudge her, it was a kind of a funny prank.”

“Funny prank? She almost gave granny Smith a heart attack, is that funny?”

“No, I guess not.”

Then we saw Gilda take an apple and ate it, what hell? “What wrong with this bird? She just stole an apple, that’s it I have enough I’m going to give her a piece of my mind.” I was about to get up when Pinkie grabbed my arm.

“Wait Fox, I’m sure she’ll give it back.”

“Give it back? For fuck sake Pinkie, how is she going to give it back when she has eaten it?”


Before she could answer I heard a very familiar voice. “All right little ones this way, this was…”

I froze. “Pinkie, don’t tell me that Fluttershy just walked past us and Gilda is heading in her direction.”

“Uh, no?” I knew she was lying.

I turned around very slowly and what I saw was that Fluttershy was walking backwards with some ducks following her and Gild was heading straight for her, then Gilda bumped into Shy when she clearly saw where she was walking.

“HEY.” Gilda yelled at Shy.

Shy turned around. “Please excuse me.”

“I’m walking her.”

Then Shy stared to back away from Gilda while trying to apologise put Gilda wouldn’t listen, then Gilda was about to punch Shy in the face. Scaring granny is one thing put to hit Shy in the face who is like little sister to me that got me to see red, I ran over to them and grabbed Gilda arm before she could do anything.

“Hey, what are you doing.” I stared to squeeze her arm very hard, so hard that she went down on her knees. “Stop it, you’re hurting me.”

I looked her right in eyes and whispered to her. “Now you listen to me; I seen you scared elderly mares, steal and right know you were about to hit an innocent mare that was only trying to help some ducks. So I suggest you leave before I rip that beak of your face and shove it up were the sun don’t shine, got it?” She nodded but she was very afraid.

I didn’t mean to say that last part but my anger took over, I let go of her hand and she backway and flew away. I took a few deep breaths to calm me down, when I finally had calmed down I turned to Shy to see if she was okay. She just stood there shaking, I put both hands on her shoulders.

“You okay Shy?”

She then surprised me with a hug. “Thank you for saving me Fox.” I returned the hug.

“Your welcome Shy.”

“Wow, that was amazing Fox.”

Me and Shy turned to face Pinkie. “You were right Pinkie she is not very nice.”

“I know and I have just the right idea to show that to Rainbow Dash.”

“Pinkie, don’t tell me.”

“A party.”

Yes, when Pinkie has a plan that includes a party. So I help Pinkie set up the party at Sugarcube corner, how she manged to convince me I have no clue. Later that day the party for Gilda was ready and ponies stared to come, I was leaning against the wall listing to AJ and Rarity.

AJ. “Who is this Gilda I gave heart nothing about.”

Rarity. “I heard she an old friend of Rainbow Dash, a griffon so rare.”

Then Sunset came, she saw me and walked over to me. “Okay, what’s this party for?”

“It’s Pinkie’s idea to prove to Dash that Gilda is not very nice.”

She looked at me with a confused look, she then shook her head. “Of course.”

“What the hay are you doing here?” Me and Sunset looked at the entrance and there stood Dash with Gilad who had black eye? What the hell? “I asked you question Fox, what are you doing here?”

“I’m here for the party.”

Dash walk right up to her. “You are not welcome here, Gilda told me what you did to her.”

“What I did to her? What are you talking about?” You could say that I was very confused right now.

“You gave her that black eye.” That got the ponies in the room to gasp. “I thought that you didn’t hit mares but I guess I was wrong.”

“Look Dash, I never hit Gilda.”

“Save it, I don’t want to hear it.”

“Would you just…”

That was all I got to say before Dash punch me in the face, I land on the floor face first. I lifted my face off the floor and saw blood on the floor, I wiped away some more blood from my mouth. I got up and looked at Dash who was pissed off, she was breathing heavy and her right arm was shaking. She pointed at the door.

“I’m just going to say this one more time; get out.”

“Fine.” I stared to walk towards the exit but I stood by her. “When the truth comes out Dash and it will, don’t come to me to expect to get an apology because you won’t get one.” I was about to leave when Cheerilee came straight to me and slap me in the face right were Dash had punch me, I just walk out.

A bunching bag is great for two things, to train and to release some anger. When I arrived back at farm I went straight to the barn, found the bunching bag, hang it up and stared to punch and kick it. It belongs to AJ but she said I could use it whenever I wanted and right now was a good time.

I tried to do the right thing and what do it get in reward? A punch and a slap in the face, that made me punch the bag even harder, fucking Gilda.

“Take it is partner, you are going to punch hole in the bag.”

I stopped and turned around, by the entrance stood AJ. “If you are here to kick me out then at least let me take a shower.”

She laughed a bit of what I said. “I’m not her to kick you out of the farm Fox, I wanted to see who you doing.”

“Who am I doing? Let’s see; I saved Shy from getting punch in the face by a griffin, then at the party I was accused by Dash that I had given Gilda a black eye and here is the best part, before I got chance to explain what really happened she punch me in the face and then my mare friend slap me in the face. I’m doing just fine.”

She walked over to a bale that was tied up and sat on it. “Fox, I know you and you are not fine.”

I stared to punch the bag again. “No, I’m not fine.” I stop and looked at her. “Let me asked something AJ, did you believe that I gave Gilda that black eye.”

“No I don’t, I know you better than most ponies in this town and I know that you won’t punch a mare.”

“Believe me it was tempting to today, what happened after I left?”

“Well it all started with Pinkie shocking Gilda with one off those shockers you can have in your hand.”

“I know about those remember, she used them one me once.”

“Right, then she ate some vanilla drops and I guess Pinkie spice them up because it looked like Gilda’s face was on fire.” I could help but smirk of that. “Then Gilda tried to drink of a glass but it had a hole so the liquid ran down her clothes, she was hiding good but I could see that she was not happy.”

“She then open a present with contained snakes that pop up and scaring her, that got everpony to laughed at her including me. Then Pinkie came with a cake and Gilda tried to blow out the candles but they were those who would not extinguished, she tried and tried but she couldn’t.” AJ laugh a little.

“Then I suggested that we should play pin the tail on the pony.” I raised an eyebrow of that. “What? I love that game.” I just rolled my eyes. Anyway, Pinkie blindfolded Gilda, spun her around but for some reason Gilda turn around and walk in the opposed direction of the poster. She slipped in some cake and went out the door, when she came back inn she was furious.”

“She called us lame dweebs, what is a dweeb anyway.”

“It means that you look different or are nerd.” AJ just had confusing face. “It just means she thinks ponies are different, let’s just leave it at that. What happened next?”

“Right, she called Pinkie the queen of laimo and that her prank was lame sure they were a little childish but they were just for fun. Then Dash admitted that she was one that set up the pranks.” That did not surprise me. “They talk a little, then Pinkie said that she made party so she improved her attitude.”

“Say what? Can you repeat that last part?”

“I said that ‘to improved her attitude, you didn’t you know?”

“No, I thought that party was to prove that Gilda wasn’t nice. Damn it Pinkie.” I punched the bag. “What happened next?”

“Well, Dash said that Gilda didn’t need any help to make a fool of herself, she then said that this was not the way my old friend would treat my new friends. She then told that Gilda could find some new friends then Gilda left, after that Dash apologise to us all but when we mentioned you her mood dropped.”

“Luckily for you Fluttershy and Pinkie told Dash what really happened, she then said that she regretted punching you and was about to leave so she could find you and say that she was sorry but me and Sunset stopped her.”

I guess everything work out well. “What about Cheerilee?”

“After she found out what happened she just left, don’t know where.”

Dash and Cheerilee regretted what they did and Gilda got what she deserved, not a bad day.

AJ stood up. “I’m going to get some supper, want some?”

“No, I’m going to stay here a little longer.”

She nodded. “Alright, don’t stay out to long.”

She walked out of the barn leaving me there alone, I went back to punching the bag think over what happened today. First Gilda tried to hurt Fluttershy and at the party I got blamed that Gilda got a black eye and then Dash and Cheerilee jump to conclusion and not letting me explain, what a day.

I don’t know how long I was in the barn but when I done with the bag it was dark outside so I went to the house to get a shower and some food, on my way to the house I could her wing beat in the distance.

“If you are here to apologize Dash you can…”

That was all I could say before someone slash my left eye and I went straight to ground in pain, I put both hands on it to try to ease pain but it didn’t work.

“It’s your fault that I was made a fool at the party and now you are going to pay.”

I could hear it was Gilda but I pasted out before I could do something.

Hospital Time

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Gilda lifted her claw to finish of Fox who was laying on the ground and he was not moving but before she could finish him off the door to the house open and AJ stepped out.

“What’s going on out here?” She then saw Gilda standing over Fox with her claw above her ready to kill him. “What have you done to Fox?”

Gilda said nothing she just spread her wings and flew off into the night, AJ ran after her but Gilda was too fast. She then looked to Fox who was just lying there on the ground face down, AJ ran to him to check if he was okay.

“Fox, are you okay?” She got no responded, she checked for a pulse and she breathed a sigh of relief when she found out that he was alive but then she noticed the blood. She turned him around on his back and she almost threw up when she saw his eye, it was torn up. “Mac, get out her NOW.” AJ shouted.

Mac came out as fast as he could, he ran over to AJ and Fox to see what the fuss was about. Then he saw Fox lying on the ground.

“AJ, what happened to Fox?” He asked her.

“I don’t know, I was on my way to my room when I saw somepony outside, when I got outside I saw Gilda standing over Fox. I think she was going to kill him.”

When Mac heard that he stared to see red, he and Fox might not have been best friend but Mac considered him as friend and nopony hurts his friends.

“We need to get Fox to the hospital his eye is injured.”

That got Mac back to reality, bent down and lifted Fox over his shoulder. “AJ, you run a head and warn the hospital. I’m right behind you.”

AJ said nothing she just ran as fast as she could to the hospital.

Sunset was doing her night routine, she was about to close the curtains of one of her window in the library when she saw AJ running outside. ‘Where is Applejack going at this hour?’ She opened the window.

“Hey Applejack.” Applejack stopped. “Where are you going? The clock is 10 at night.”

“I’m heading the hospital Fox is hurt.” AJ answered her.

That got Sunset attention. “Hurt? What happened?”

“It was Gilda.” When Sunset heard that her fears rose. “Look, I can’t take Big Mac is right behind me and I got to warn the ponies that are working at hospital.”

Applejack stared to run again while Sunset quickly closed the window and ran to the door, when she was outside she could see Big Mac running toward her with Fox on his shoulder, she ran to them.

“Mac, what happened? Your sister said that Gilda hurt Fox.”

Mac said nothing just ran and Sunset followed him, even thought he had a giant fox on his shoulder Mac was pretty fast and Sunset had difficulty keeping up. When they arrived at the hospital one doctor and nurse Redheart waiting with a stretcher, Mac laid Fox down stretcher and staff hurried to fixed Fox’s eye.

“Now that we all have stopped running can one of you tell me what the hay happened.” Sunset almost shouted.

“Gilda was about to kill Fox, I think.” Applejack answered her.

“You think? Applejack what happened?”

Applejack told her exactly what happened, when she was finished Sunset was furious.

“When I get my hands on that griffon I’m going to rip her wings off.”

Both apple siblings backed off when they saw the anger in Sunset eyes, one thing everypony in Ponyville knew never get too close when Sunset is angry. Luckily for them Redheart came in to the waiting room.

“How is he Redheart?” Applejack asked.

“He lost his left eye, it was so badly damage that it couldn’t be saved. Other than that, he’s fine.”

“Can we see him?” Sunset asked.

“He’s is sleeping right now, I think it best you all come back tomorrow.”

None of them argued with what Redheart said so they went home.

When I finally awoke after I pasted out the first thing I felt was the pain in my left eye, I tried to remember what happened. Everything was a little fuzzy at first but then I remember that Gilda attack me, she tried to kill me that pitch.

I tried to open my eyes but only my right eye open and the first thing I saw was a white ceiling, I guess I’m in the hospital, I hate hospitals. The food tasted bad and I hate sleeping her, I tried to feel my left eye with my left hand and I could feel bandage that was wrap around my eye. I could already guess what has happened but before I could take it of the door open and stallion with white coat walked in and he was holding a clip board.

“Let’s see, the patient is…” He looked up from the clip board. “…awake.”

He walked over to my bed. “Hello Mr. McCloud my name is doctor Stable, how are you feeling tight now?”

“It feels like someone is hitting my head with a hammer and someone is hitting my left eye with an ice pick right now, other than that I feel good.”

“Yes, about your eye…” I raised a hand to cut him off.

“Doc, I already figure out what happened with my eye. Just tell me how bad it is.”

“Alright then, you basically lost your left eye we tried to save it but…” He just trailed off.

“Great, just great.”

“You don’t sound to broken off to have lost eye Mr. McCloud.”

“Trust me doc and lost eye is nothing compared to what I lost before I come to Equestria.”

“If you say so, by the way you have some guest are you up it?” I just nodded my head. “I’ll tell them they can visit.” He left the room.

After I had left the room I just stared at the white ceiling just trying to figure out why she tried to kill me but nothing comes to mind, she said that it was my fault that she was made a fool at the party. How the hell is it my fault? I wasn’t even there, I left when Dash had punch me in the face. I was brought out of my thought when the door open and AJ, Fluttershy, Rarity and Sunset walked in.

When Shy saw mw she ran straight over to me. “Are you okay Fox?”

I just couldn’t help but smile. “Yes Shy, I’m fine. If you don’t count that I have lost my left eye. So, where’s Pinkie and Dash.” They looked at each other with worried face’s. “What? What did I miss?” I asked them.

AJ was the one that spoke. “This morning when I told them what happened they both felt bad for what happened to you, Pinkie for throwing the party and Dash for not to hear your side of the story, what happened to Fluttershy. We tried to convince them to come but they wouldn’t listen.”

Well that’s just great, now I have to convince those two that I don’t blame them.

“Great, just great.”

“How are you holding up darling?”

“Beside the pain and the headache? I’m great Rarity.”

“That’s something I guess but what did Gilda do this to you?”

“It was my fault.” That just confused them.

“What do you mean that it was your fault?” Shy asked me.

“After I had talked with AJ I stayed out a little longer, when I was about to head in Gilda attack me and blamed me for everything that happened to at the party. So, she tried to kill me.”

That got Shy and Rarity to gasp. “What’s wrong with her? It was her on fault that she looked like a fool at the party not you.” Rarity said with anger in her voice.

“I have no idea Rarity, I’m just glad that it just my eye she got. Know that I think of it, how did I get here?”

“Me and Mac got you here.” I looked at AJ.

“You and Mac.” She nodded. “AJ, what happened after I pasted out?”

“I was heading to bed when I heard some noise outside so I decide to see what it was, when arrived outside I saw Gilda standing over you, it looked like she was going to kill you.”

“Then I owe you two my life.” I told her.

“You don’t owe us anything Fox, I’m just glad you are alive.”

“That’s makes us two.”

We didn’t get to talk more because Redheart enter the room. “I’m sorry to interrupt but visiting hours is over and Fox need his rest.” They all gave me a hug before the walked out.

“Hey Red.” She poked her head in. “When can I leave, I’m not very fond of hospitals.”

“You have to stay here a few days to see if nothing bad has happened to your eye.” She walked out the room and closed the door after herself.

I really hate this part, waiting. There is nothing to in a hospital, the only thing you do is lying in bed, eat or going to the bathroom. I tried to stand upright and when I did that the world stared to spin, I fell face first on the floor. Then I heard the door open, I thought it was Red but it wasn’t.

I heard a gasp. “Fox, are you okay.” It was Twilight, I could hear her walking over to me, then I she helped me up on my feet. “What happened? Why are you on the floor?”

I looked at her. “I was trying to get to the bathroom.” She just gave me ‘oh’. “I guess the damage was worse than I thought by the way, why are you here? I thought that visiting hours was over.”

“I ask Redheart if I could visit you, she gave me ten minutes.”

“Alright, why didn’t come before?”

She looked down on the floor. “I wasn’t in the mood before, after what happened on Applejack’s farm I felt really bad the way I reacted. I was very upset because you help Applejack and not me.”

“You were upset because I help Applejack and not you?” She nodded. “Why would that upset you? Does it very mater who help her?”

“It doesn’t but it upset me anyway, I was afraid to fail princess Celestia.”

She sat down on the bed and buried her face in her hands, she started to cry. I sat down beside her and but a hand on her shoulder. “You’re not failing her Twilight.” She looked at me with tears in her eyes.

“How can you know that? You’re not her student, I was supposed to write her a letter every week what I learn about friendship and I can’t do it.”

“What do you mean ‘you can do it’? just write the letter and then send it.”

“That last part is the problem, I can write the letter but I can’t send it. It’s like something is preventing me from sending the letter.”

It looks like that the elements are preventing her from sending letter to the Celestia, so what can I say to her.

“Let me ask you something Twilight, when you are writing the letters how do you feel inside you.”

She took a deep breath. “It makes me feel uneasy, I have troubling sleeping at night. I don’t know what it means.”

“Maybe it’s your conscience that’s telling you not do write the letters.”

“My Conscience?” She just looked confused. “Didn’t you say that too me a couple of days ago?”

“I did?” She nodded, I thought a little. “I guess I did.”

“I can’t believe that you had forgotten that.”

“Well excuse me, I was attack by and angry griffon.” I pointed at my left eye. “Cut me some slack.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

I sighed. “Don’t worry about it, can we talk about this after I have gone to the bathroom?” She nodded. “Thank you.” I went there and did my thing, what? Do you really think I’m going to write about me peeing? Who do you think I am? Pinkie?

When got out from the bathroom Sparkle was still sitting on the bed, I got back up in bed and lay under sheet.

“So, what are you going to do now?”

She looked at me confused “What do you mean?”

“Well, you can’t send letter to the princess so what are you going to do?”

“I don’t know, maybe I could send them by the mail.”

I couldn’t help but roll my eye of that. “Do you really need to send her a letter every time you learn something new about friendship?”

She stood up and I could see that she was about to panic. “Of course, I have to if I don’t she going to send me back to magic kindergarten.”

I couldn’t but wonder where she got that idea from, magic kindergarten? Seriously. “Twilight calm down.” That didn’t help.

“What I’m going to do? I don’t want to be send back there.”

She stared to pace around the room so I decide to talk some sense before she was the one that need a doctor.

“Twilight, if you don’t calm down I’m going to slap you again.” She stopped pacing. “Why do you think Celestia is going to send you back to magic kindergarten? Have she done that in the past?”

“No.” She answer whit uncertainty.

“Then why would she do it now and does it really matter that she gets the letters or not as long you are learning, isn’t that the reason she sent you here, to learn?”

“I really haven’t thought about it that way, maybe you are right.” She grabbed her head. “I don’t know what do anymore. I need time to think.”

She walked out of the room leaving me alone, I felt kind of bad for her for what the elements was doing to her but I couldn’t do anything so I’ll just hope that she does the right thing. Now let’s get back to business, I was in a hospital with bandage on my left eye. I won’t bore anyone with the details but it was so boring, a hospital is supposed to make a person feel better so why do the serve so crappie food?

The plus side was that the girls came to visit med, except Dash and Pinkie. They were still felling quilt over what happened with Gilda, once I can leave I’m going to have a talk with them that’s for sure. Twilight came also to visit me, she said the she wouldn’t send letter to Celestia. She said that as long as she is learning it doesn’t matter that Celestia get letter from her, I said that I would help her when she was practicing magic. She said that I did not have to do it but I insisted, she agreed eventually. Thunderland the other guys also visit me, which was nice.

The day was finally here, the day they could remove my bandage and let me leave. Three days I have been in the hospital and let me tell you I was eager to leave. The one who was removing the bandage was Redheart.

“Would you hurry up Red, I want to get out of her.” I tried to shift position in the bed

“Would you stop squirming Fox, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Hurt me? I got a scar on my left eye, how can you hurt me even more?” I asked her while she removed the last part, I heard the girls who was also here gasp. “What? Is it bad?” I ask them.

“Well, it isn’t bad.” Said Sunset.

Now I was curious. “Does anyone have a mirror?”

“I have on.” Rarity pulled out a hand mirror from her purse that gave her a look from the others. “A lady is always prepared.” She gave me the mirror.

What I saw made me sick, I saw Wolf O’Donnell. That’s right, thanks to the scar I look like him. It stared just above my eyebrow and goes down right above my mouth, the girls could see that were something wrong with me.

“Fox darling, are you okay?”

“I’m just fine Rarity.”

“Are you sure? You don’t look good, you look like you’re going to throw up.”

I’m about to. “Like I said I’m fine, here.” I tossed Rarity the mirror, she manged barely to catch it.

“Carful Fox.”

“You have probably more of them.”

“That’s true but breaking a mirror can give you seven years of bad luck.”

Too late. Then I saw Red took out eye patch and gave it to me. “What’s this?” I ask her.

“You need to wear this.”

“Hell no, I’m not wearing that.”

“If you don’t then your eye may get infected.”

“That’s chance I’m willing to take because I’m not wearing that.” I pointed at eye patch.

“Fine, if you don’t want to wear it then I won’t force you.”

Red took the eye patch and walked out the room leaving me with the girls, minus Dash and Pinkie. They all looked worried about me and I don’t blame them.

“Why don’t you want to wear it?” Sparkle asked me.

“Not now, I just want to get dress and leave.” I was about to get out of the bed when I noticed the girls was still in the room. “Do you girls mind?” After I said that they got out pretty fast, when they had left I went over to the chair where my clothes were and got dressed.

When I got to the main lobby then only one I saw was Sunset and Sparkle.

“Where are the other?” I asked them.

“Applejack had chores do to, Rarity had to buy food while Fluttershy has to check on her animal.” Sunset answered.

I just nodded while I went over to desk where Red was with some paper I had to sign. “Where are Dash and Pink by the way?” I asked them after I had sign.

“Well, both hasn’t been out from their home since the accident.” Said Sparkle.

“Are you serious?” Both nodded. “That was four days ago, don’t tell me that both blame themselves for what happened to me?” Again, they nodded, I couldn’t help groan. “I better have a talk with them, talk you girls later.” With that I was on my way.

My first place was Dash’s home and it was pretty easy to find, it’s a giant floating fortress with a rainbow waterfall. Getting there was not easy, walking with one eye was very difficult. I looked up and it looked like no one was home.

“Dash, get your rainbow tail out here.” Nothing happened. “Don’t ignore me, I know you’re up there.”

Then I hear movement. “Leave me alone Fox.” Yeah right.

“Hell no Dash, I heard that you and Pinkie are blaming yourself over what happened and I’m not leaving until we have talked.”

I could hear more movement and the Dash poked her head out from edge of the clouded and she looked like mess, even more than before.

“You’re not going away before we have talked.”

“That’s right, now come down here.” I pointed at the ground.

“Fine.” She flew down and I finally got a looked at her and let me tell you it looked like she hasn’t taken a shower in days, it smelled like to. “Here I am what do you…” She then noticed my eye. “Holly crap, your eye Fox. What happened?”

“Gilda happened, remember?”

She looked down on the ground. “Oh yeah, I forgot about that and it’s my fault.”

“Dash, look at me.” She did. “I don’t blame you for my eye but I’m angry because you didn’t let me tell my side of the story, you just assumed that I was guilt.”

“I know and I’m sorry about that Fox.”

“Sorry is not going to cut it but you have to stop blaming yourself for what happened to my eye, look. I know that we aren’t best friends but do you really think that I would hit a female?”

She stared to rubbed her arm. “No, you wouldn’t.” She sighed. “I guess it’s not my fault, Gilda isn’t the friend I remember. But why did Gilda do that to you?”

“She blamed me for what happened at the party.”

That shocked Dash “What? You’re not to blame, she is. She made fool of herself at the party not you.”

“According to her, it was my fault. I got to talk to Pinkie, see you around Dash.” I turned around and stared to walk away.

“Wait.” I looked over my shoulder. “Thanks by the way, for helping Fluttershy. That means a lot to me.”

I smiled. “You’re welcome Dash.” One down one to go.

Sugarcube corner, the most famous place in Ponyville, home of the Cake’s and Pinkie Pie. This is one conversation I’m not looking forward to. When I enter Sugarcube corner I could see Mrs Cake behind the counter, I walked over to her and she noticed that I had enter. What I noticed that she wasn’t angry at, that’s good I guess.

“Hello Mrs. Cake, I heard that Pinkie hasn’t been out from her room in four days.”

“That’s right, she blames herself for what happened to your eye, which looked pretty bad.”

“Don’t worry about my eye, it isn’t so bad as it looked. Back to the reason I’m here, can I talk to Pinkie?”

She nodded. “Sure, her room is up the stairs and the last room in the end of the hall.”

I thank here and went up the stairs, when I reached the end of the hall I saw a door that was painted pink. Yes, it was pink. One word, random. I knock a few times and I got an answer right away.

“Who is it?” That didn’t sound like Pinkie, it didn’t sound happy but it sounded sad.

“It’s Fox, can I come in Pinkie?”

“The door is open.”

I open the door and walked in, I was meet by complete darkness. I’m glad that I can see in the dark, by the bed sat Pinkie but something was wrong with her, her hair was flattened and not bubbly like before. I sniffed in the air and it stinks, I had to cover my nose.

“What the hell Pinkie, why aren’t the windows open? It stinks in here.” I walked over to one of the windows pulled away the curtains to open the window. “That’s better, fresh air.” I looked at Pinkie who was sitting on her bed and she had change, her hair, tail and fur was much darker. I guess she looks like that when she is sad, I sat down beside her.

“I heard that your blaming yourself for what happened to me.” She just nodded. “Well you shouldn’t, it was Gilda who gave me the scar not you.”

“But it’s my fault, if I haven’t throw that stupide party she wouldn’t have attack you.”

Wow, Pinkie saying a party is stupide. Never thought I would hear those words coming out of her mouth.

“Listen Pinkie, you could have never known what she would do. You only did was you thought was right, nothing more.”

“Maybe but I still feel bad for what happened to you.”

I put and around her. “Don’t worry about my eye Pinkie, that is nothing was I lost before I came here.”

She looked at me. “What did you lose before you came here?”

Shit, I didn’t mean to say that. “Look Pinkie, I’m not ready to tell anyone about that part yet. What I want right now is you to stopped blaming yourself for what happened to me, it’s not your fault or Dash’s, it Gilda. Got it?”

“I know but I just can’t stop think about it.”

This isn’t working, I have one idea but it’s not the best idea I’ve had. I got up.

“Then I guess you don’t want to be my friend anymore.”

I could she stared to panic. “What? Of course, I want to be your friend, why would you say that?”

“Then stopped blaming yourself, it’s not your fault. Either you stop blaming yourself or you can forget to be my friend, your choice.”

This may not be nicest thing I have done but when it comes to Pinkie and friends, you get the idea.

“What’s it’s going to be?” I asked her.

“Alright, I stopped blaming myself.”

“Good, now go and take a shower because you stink, very bad.”

She sniffed herself. “I’ve been sitting here for four days, guess I need a shower.”

She ran past me and out the door to the bathroom, I just only shook my head of that pony. Before I left I told Mrs Cake that I had talk with Pinkie and she would get back to work soon, I hope. She was very grateful to hear that. Before I head back to the farm I took a walk to clear my head.

The last couple of days has been crazy, first I get blamed for given Gilda a black eye, Dash punching me in the face, Cheerilee slapping me face and Gilda given me a scare over my left eye. I guess this is my life now.

Before I head to the farm I decide to see how Fluttershy was doing. When I arrived at her house the sun was starting to set, I still don’t believe that Celestia and Luna move the sun and moon. Back to Shy, her light was still on so she was awake. I knock on the and when I did I could hear a ‘eep’ inside, I guess she’s still jumpy.

“Who is it?“ I could barely hear that.

“It’s me Shy.”

I heard footsteps coming towards the door and it was open very carefully, she poked her head out. “Hello Fox, what are you doing here at this hour?”

“I just wanted to check on you, see if you were okay after what happened to Gilda.”

She nodded. “Yes, I’m doing fine. Thank you for asking.” She smiled

“That’s good, see you around Shy.”

I stared to walk away. “Wait.” I turned around to see what she wanted. “Do you want to come in for a moment?”

I thought about it, it was getting late but it had been rude to say no. “Sure Shy, I can stay for a couple of minutes.”

She stepped aside so I could enter her house, this is not the first time I have been in Shy’s house but her house always amazes me. Squirrels, birds and mouse inside her house, I’m surprised that she hasn’t a bear inside. And then there’s Angle bunny, I swear that bunny hates me.

“Why don’t you take seat on the couch and get us something to drink.” She told me while heading towards kitchen-

“No thanks, I can’t stay long. Is there something you want Shy?”

Her cheeks became red and she tried to hide her face behind her face, what now?

“No, maybe.” Then Angel came up to Shy and kick her on her foot. “I’m trying Angle.” Trying what? She took deep breath. “I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me, if you want to.” I didn’t see that coming.

“I’m flatter Shy but I’m don’t think I’m ready to go on a date right now, I just brook up with Cheerillee four days ago. I think we brook up, I don’t know. Where did this come from any way?”

She stared to twiddle her thumbs. “I have seen couple in the park and they look so happy and I just want to have that special pony, I just feel so lonely at times. I have my animals but I just want to have someone that I can really talk to.” Then her mood dropped so I put a hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t give up Shy, you’re a beautiful mare and I’m sure you will find that special pony one day.”

Her cheeks became red. “Do you really mean that?”

“Of course, I do you are just a little young for me and besides, I see you as little sister.” She then gave me a hug and I returned it.

“I’d love to be your little sister.” That part made me very happy and let me tell you I need that.

We broke up the hug. “I have to go, talk you late.” She nodded.

I stepped outside and saw that the sun was setting, I waved goodbye to Shy and headed to the farm.

When I arrived back at the farm the night was coming and I could see AJ and Mac sitting outside by the terrace having a drink, Mac was leaning against the railing and AJ was sitting on a chair, they notice me coming.

“Howdy Fox, want a drink?”

“Sure AJ, I could need one.” She tossed me a bottle of apple cider, I popped open the cork and drank the hole bottle. “I need that.” I tossed the bottle back to her, she manged to catch it.

AJ whistle. “You were thirsted, how did go with Dash and Pinkie?”

“I told them that it was not their fault but if it worked I don’t know, only time will tell. There something I want to tell you both.” They looked at me with questions looks. “I’m moving out.” I tried to read their faces after I said that but they were normal. “Don’t go crazy all at once.”

“We kind of knew it was coming, we didn’t expect you to live here for ever.” Said AJ.

“You got a pointed there, so you two are okay with it?” Both nodded. “That’s good, I think okay for granny that leaves the little one.” I looked up where the bedrooms were.

Ever since I arrived me and Applebloom have become close, almost like brother and sister. We have done a lot things together that sibling would do, she is going to hate me for moving out.

“Yeah, she going to take it the hardest.” Said Applejack, Mac just nodded.

“I’ll think about that tomorrow, I’m heading to bed.” I headed to the front door. “Oh, it turns out that Shy had crush on me.” With that I disappeared into the house.

Not so Great and Powerful

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Magicians, they live to entertained others. I always loved magic, how they can make stuff disappear and do other stuff. Like I said they like to entertained others but there are those who just do it to bolster their ego, like Trixie.

It’s been three days since my incidence with Gilda, Dash and Pinkie has stopped blaming themselves for what happened and I had moved from the farm and into my own house. Right now, I was outside of the town with Twilight while she was practicing magic, with me as the test subject. I’m just glad her spells haven’t turn me into a frog.

“Alright Fox, just stand still. This is the last spell.”

I was standing still with my arms crossed. “I’m standing still Sparkle, just do your last spell already.” I said with annoyance in my voice.

“Hey, you agreed to help me. Remember?”

“I remember but I didn’t think it would take half the day.”

“Relax, like I said this is the last spell.”

Her horn stared to glow and then I felt something under my nose, I could fell a moustache.

“Sparkle, did you just give me a moustache?” I asked her.

“Yes, yes I did.”

“Mind telling me why you did that.”

“I have to get better in magic, so I have to practise every spell.”

“Great, now get rid of it. Something tells me that I don’t suits a moustache.”

Her horn glowed again and I could feel it disappeared. “Yeah, you looked kind stupid with it.”

We started to head back to town. “You must really love magic.”

She blushed when I said that. “Is that obvious.”


“Ever since I saw princess Celestia raise the sun when I was a little filly I wanted to learn everything I could when I came to magic, so I studied every day.”

“You studied every day? Didn’t you go out and play with kids on your own age.”

She looked down in ground. “I never like playing with others, I preferred books when I was little.”

“You had no friends when you were little, that’s a little sad.”

“That’s not true, I had my big brother, Shining Armor. He was my best friend.” She rube her arm in embarrassment.

“That doesn’t count, he’s your brother not a real friend. But back to the magic part, just how talent full are you?”

“I don’t know, I think that Sunset is better than me.” Then her mood dropped. “I just hope that my friends don’t think I’m too good.”

“Listen Tara, there’s nothing wrong in begin talented. If they can’t see past that then they are not your friends.”

“I don’t know about that part.” She decided to ask me something. “How did Applejack and her family reacted when you said that would be moving out?”

“The adult didn’t mind but the little on didn’t like it.”

She laughed of that last part. “I guess that Applebloom didn’t like you moving out.” She got that part right. When I told her that I would be moving out she locked herself in her room.

When we arrived back in town we found out that there was no pony around, at least were we arrived. Then I saw Snips and Snails running towards us.

“Make way, coming true.” Said Snails.

They almost knock me and Twilight to the ground when they ran past us. “Hey, look where you two are running. What’s wrong with you two?” They stopped

“Haven’t you two heard, there’s a new unicorn in town.” Snails

“Yeah, they say that she got more magical power then other unicorn, ever.” Snips.

“And where is this unicorn?” I asked them.

“She is in town square, come on.” Snails.

“Yeah, come on.” Snips.

They stared to run towards the town square, I put and hand on my cheek. “So, there’s a new unicorn in town and him or she thinks she’s the most powerful unicorn ever? This I have to see.” I stared to walked towards the town square with Twilight right behind me.

When we arrived, we saw a lot of pony’s gatherer around a big stage, I saw Sunset standing back in the crowd. So, me and Twilight walked over to her.

“What’s going on here Sunset?” I asked her.

“A unicorn arrived not long ago and said she had spectacular show to show us, I think her name is Trixie or something.” She then noticed Twilight. “Twilight.” Was all she said with venom in her voice.

Then the atmosphere became very tense, it was like you could cut tension in the air with a knife.

“I think I’m going to stand with the others.”

Sparkle push through the crowed to AJ and the others who was standing closer to the stage, I looked over to Sunset with a disappointed look.

“What? Did I do something wrong?”

“Yes, when are you going to forgive Sparkle? It’s been a least two weeks.”

“She tried to kick me out of my house Fox.”

“I know that and she has apologised like a thousand times already, you can’t be mad at her forever. At least let her rent out a book.”

Sunset sighed. “Alright, I’ll talk to her.”

I was about say that I was glad for that part but I never got that far, because fireworks erupted from the staged and a blue unicorn white hair and tail appeared, she was wearing a purple hat and cap.

“Watch in aw when the great and powerful Trixie performs most spectacular feed of magic ever witness by pony’s eyes.”

Then more fireworks exploded and I couldn’t help but slap a hand on my face, I don’t mind magic but when the person talks in third person, I can’t stand that.

“It had to be her of all ponies in Equestria.”

I looked over to Sunset. “You know her?” I pointed at the unicorn on the stage.

She nodded. “Her name is Trixie Lunamoon and we knew each other since childhood when I lived in Manhatten, when we graduate she told me she would travel the Equestria and entertainment ponies. It also looks like she has started talking the third person.”

What a small world, back to the stage. Trixie some magic trick, like summoning some flowers, boring.

“Well, well, it looks like we have some neigh sayers in the house, who is so ignorant to challenges the magic ability of the great and powerful Trixie? Do they not know that they are in the present of the most magical unicorn an all of Equestria.”

Oh brother, someone save me from the mare. And I thought that Falco had a big mouth, hers is much bigger. That’s for sure, I wonder if Twilight is going to do something. I manged to look over to her and looked a little nervous. Then Trixie showed more fireworks, please stop. Then Dash flew up to her, why I’m a not surprise.

“So, great and power full Trixie. What makes you think you’re so awesome anyway?”

“Why, only the great and power full Trixie has magic strong enough to vanquished the dreadful Ursa Major.”

Then lights erupted and showed a picture that looked like Ursa Major, everypony was in awe when they heard it while me and Sunset gave each other a looked, wondering if she was crazy or not.

“When all hope was lost the ponies Hoofington had now one to turn put the great and powerful Trixie step in and with her awesome magic, she vanquished the Ursa Major and send it back to its cave deep in the Everfree forest.”

That was it, I couldn’t hold in any longer. I thought it was so funny that I stared to laugh and all eyes were on my, especially Trixie.

“Who dear to laugh at me?”

I don’t usually laugh at this but I thought it was funny as hell. “I’m sorry but… that’s the funny’s thing I have ever heart, hahahaha. Please stop…”

That was all I could say before she yanked me on stage with her magic, I landed between her and Dash. She held me down with her magic.

“Do tell why you think is so funny that the great and power full Trixie manged to vanquished a Ursa Major.”

“I think is funny that you manged to beat a forty foot tall bear from the Everfree.”

That shocked everyone and special Trixie, she tried to say something but nothing came out at first but she manged to get words out in the end.

“That’s right, the great and powerful Trixie manged to vanquished a forty foot Ursa major.” She then lifted me up so I faced her. “Do you call Trixie a liar?”

“I think that Trixie has an issue in her head, who the hell talks in third person.”

That just mad her even more angry, she was about to attack me but she was hit by a yellow beam that made her staggered backwards and made her lost her grip on me. I landed face first on the stage and it hurt, Dash help me up.

“You okay Fox?” She asked me.

“I been better.”

We looked over to Trixie and she was not happy. “Who dares to attack the great and powerful Trixie?” We looked in the direction were the beam came from and the other side of the stage stood Sunset.

“That would me Trixie.”

Trixie was stunned when she saw Sunset but recovered fast. “Well, well, is it not Sunset Shimmer. How long has it been? eight? Nine years?” Trixie stared to walked towards Sunset.

“It’s been teen years and I can see that you haven’t change at all, still think that you are better than others.”

Trixie stopped about two meters from Sunset. “Oh, but I’m am, Trixie has always been better than others ponies.” She created more fireworks, what about some originality.

“If you mean that you sabotaged others then yeah you are better than others.”

The whole audience gasped and Trixie stared to get nervous. “That’s a lie, Trixie was always better than other ponies. Trixie has always studied hard to get better at magic.”

Sunset snorted at that. “Oh please, you fell asleep in class all the time. You thought that school was a waste of time.”

Trixie became even more nervous, she turned to the audience. “Who are you going to believe? Me? The great and powerful Trixie who manged to vanquished a forty foot Ursa major? Or.” She pointed at Sunset. “This pony that is a liar?” The audience was unsure that’s for sure except for two ponies.

“Soooo cool.” Said Snips and Snails together.

Snips “That’s settles it.”

Snails. “Trixie is truly the most talented pony in Equestria.”

“You heard it ponies off Ponyville, now if you will excuse me. Trixie is tired and would like to rest.”

She walked off the stage and the crowd disbanded except Sparkle and the others, I jump off the stage and Shy came up to me.

“Are you okay Fox?”

“Don’t worry Shy, I’ll survive.”

Then Rarity came. Are you sure? It looked like you landed pretty hard.”

“Would you girls stop worrying, I’m fine. The only thing that got hurt was my pride.”

“You should have punch her.” We all gave Dash a look. “What? I know you don’t hit mares but she deserved it.”

“Maybe she deserved it Dash but I’m not going to hit just because she had a big ego.”

“That’s good and all but how did you know that an Ursa major is forty foot tall.” Rarity ask me.

“Because I’ve seen one.” Now the girls looked at me with sceptical looks. “I’m not lying, Sunset can back me up on this.”

They all look at her. “It’s true, me and Fox saw one in Everfree forest about a month ago.”

“Why would you to go into a such dangerous place.” Rarity asked Sunset.

“Because Rarity, sciences. Can we talk about this another time? I need to talk to Twilight alone.”

That made Twilight very nervous but we said nothing and headed home.

“So, what do you want to talk about Sunset?”

Sunset took a deep breath. “I want to talk about what you did when you first arrived, you tried to kick me out of my home.”

“I know and I’m sorry, how many times must I say that before you forgive me?”

“Sorry is not gong cut it but maybe I been a little hard on you so I’m going to let you borrow a book but, you are only allowed to borrow one at a time and you are not allowed to sit in the library to read the book.” Sunset put out a hand. “Deal?”

Twilight shook her hand. “Deal.”

Sunset nodded. “Good, now come. Let’s get you a book.”

Both went back to the library so Twilight could borrow a book, little did the know that Snips and Snails was heading for the Everfree forest.

After I had gotten home I went straight to the shower, when I done night had arrived in Equestria. I had just put on my shirt when the ground stared to shake. “What the hell?” I ran outside and the first thing I saw was a giant bear heading towards the town which happened to be Ursa minor, I ran towards it.

When I reach centre of the town I could see Trixie with Snips and Snails standing there and something tells me that those two has something to do with this all. I ran over to them.

“What’s going on here?” I asked them.

“We brought a Ursa major so Trixie could vanquished it.”

“Wait, you brought this here? Are you out of your pony mind?” Said Trixie.

“As much as hate to admit it, she is right. You just don’t bring a giant bear to town.” I told them.

Snips “But, she is the great and power full Trixie.”

Snails. “Yeah remember, you defeat a Ursa major.”

Then the Ursa minor came up to us roared toward use, covering us with slime. I was dripping with slime.

“Oh come on, I just shower.”

Then I saw Trixie ready to ‘vanquished’ the Ursa minor, normally I would have stopped her but I was curious if she manged to do it. She summoned a rope and tied it around two of the bears finger, I just slapped a hand on my face. It just snapped the off like nothing.

Snips. “Come on Trixie.”

Snails. “Stop goofing around and vanquished it already.” Don’t get your hopes up kid.

She then summoned a cloud that did nothing, so much for great and power full.

Snails. “Well, that was lame.”

Snips. “Yeah, come on. Where’s all the cool explosion and smoke like early.”

Then lighting came out from the cloud and burn the bear on it ass and it was mad, or tried to crush them with one of its claws but luckily, I managed tackle them to the ground before they were crushed. Then it tried to crushed use again but was stopped by a yellow barrier. I was Sunset.

“What the hell are you four waiting for? Move you’re your flank already, I can hold this forever.”

She doesn’t have to tell me twice, I put Trixie on my right shoulder and grabbed Snips and Snails with my left hand got away from the big angry bear. It wasn’t easy thanks to Trixie, she shouted at me all the time, she also tried to kick me and hit me.

“Would you put Trixie down? Trixie doesn’t need to be rescued.”

When I was at safe distance I let go of the kids and dropped Trixie down on the ground with thumb.

“Hey, carful. You could have hurt Trixie.”

That’s it. “Would big mouth Trixie shut the hell up, if you didn’t notice me and Sunset just safe your life so I expect to be grateful but something tells me that word is not in your dictionary. Now if you excuse me I have to save Ponyville from a Ursa minor, you three stay can stay here.”

I turned around and ran back to Sunset, I could barely hear Trixie say something but I ignored it. When I arrived back to Sunset I could see that she was struggling to hold the barrier up, it mostly thanks to the Ursa minor who was hitting on the with is claws.

“How are you holding up Sunset?”

“Not… good… somepony… have… to… stop… the… Ursa minor…”

“Just hold on just a minute longer, I going to get someone who can help.”

I ran towards town and the only pony that can help, when I arrived at town hall I could see Sparkle and the others trying to calm the rest of the town. I ran over to her.

“Sparkle.” She looked in my direction. “I need your help.”

“My help? With what?”

“Too calm down that Ursa minor that’s destroying the town.”

She stared to panic. “No, I can’t do it. You have to fine somepony ells to do it.”

“There isn’t anyone ells, right now Sunset is trying to stop it with a barrier but she can’t hold out any longer.”

“You didn’t hear what my friends said when they saw Trixie when she did her magic.”

“What did they say?”

“They said that they didn’t like that Trixie show it off like a school girls and other stuff, I don’t want them to say that about me.”

I grabbed her shoulders. “Twilight, listen to me. If they are your friends then they don’t care how talented you are, right now you are the only one who can help Sunset and this town. Are you going to let what they said get in the way?”

She hesitated a little. “No, but…”

“Listen to me Twilight, you are not Trixie. You aren’t the one that’s going around bragging about how good you are in magic, right now you are the only one that can help Sunset and save this city.”

I could see confidence in her eyes after I said that. “Alright, let’s do it.” I nodded and we went to help Sunset.

When we arrived, we saw that she was still holding up the barrier but just barley, I looked at Twilight and she looked unsure.

“I don’t know Fox, I don’t what I can do.”

I pointed at the bear. “That’s just a baby and its cranky because Snips and Snails woke it up.”

She looked around. “Okay, I have an idea. Stand back.”

I did as she said and her horn stared to glow. The wind stared to pick up and then I heard music, which I assumed Twilight made. Somehow that worked, the Ursa minor became sleepy. Then her horn stared to glow even brighter, she lifted the water tower and empty it, then she levitated it towards the barn and milked the cows? I don’t want to know who that work. She then levitated the water tower which was full of milk to the Ursa minor.

She then levitated the water tower which the Ursa minor was holding to the Everfree forest, when it was gone, Twilight and Sunset collapsed on the ground, both was breathing heavily. I check on Twilight first.

“You okay Twilight.” She nodded, I then went over to Sunset and help her up then the other showed up. “How are you felling Sunset?”

“Like I run a marathon, holding up that barrier took a lot of magic.”

Then the girls came, I guess they saw what Twilight did.

Applejack. “Heavens to Betsy. We knew you had ability, but not that much.”

“I’m sorry.” Twilight immediately replied. “Please don’t hate me.”

“Hate you?” AJ, Dash and Rarity exclaimed at the same time.

Rarity. “Why, whatever do you mean darling?”

“Well, I know how much you hated Trixie’s showing off with her magic and I just thought-“

Dash cut Twilight off. “Who, who, who. Magic as nothing to do with it, Trixie is just a loudmouth.”

“MOST unpleasant.” Rarity added.

“All hat and no cattle.” AJ finished.

“So, you don’t mind my magic tricks?” Twilight ask them.

“Your magic is a part of who you are sugar cube and we like who you are. We’re proud to have such a powerful, talented unicorn as our friend.”

That was nice said put Sunset wasn’t that happy. “And what am I? chopped liver? I was the one that stopped that Ursa minor with a freaking barrier, if it wasn’t for me Fox, Trixie, Snips and Snails would be dead.”

“Right, I meant two talented unicorns as our friends.”

I think you were a little late on that AJ. “Whatever, I’m going home. I need some rest after holding that barrier for so long.” She stared to walk towards the library leaving me with three ponies that felt bad.

“Wait Sunset, I didn’t mean like that.”

They were about to go after her but I stopped them. “Forget AJ, the damage is already done. I suggest you all wait until tomorrow to apologise to her.”

“I guess you’re right.” Said Rarity.

“Good, now if you all excuse me. I’m going home to take another shower, I got bear saliva on me.”

Sparkle came up to me. “I’ll wake you home, my hotel is in the same direction.” But before we could head of Dash decided to ask something.

“Wait a minute, what about Trixie?”

“What about her?” I asked.

“Aren’t somepony going to do something about her? She brought giant bear into the town, she has to pay for that.”

“First of, it wasn’t Trixie that brought that Ursa minor, it was Snips and Snails and beside I think she is long gone so just let it go Dash. Now, are there something ells?” No one said something. “Good.” Me and Twilight stared to walk home.

After a while of walking Sparkle decide to say something. “You were right.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Right about what?”

“That my friends don’t care that I’m good at magic, it’s part of who I am.”

“It’s good that you understand that, I would like to hug you but I’m covert in saliva.”

We part ways, she was headed to the hotel while I headed home. I open the door to my home and walked in, it wasn’t that big. It was an ordinary house. Living room, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms on the second floor. I closed the door and was on my way up the stairs when someone knock on my door.

I couldn’t help but groan while walking to the door, I open to see who it was and boy was I surprise when I saw who it was, Trixie.

“What the hell do you want?” I said with venom in my voice, I was not happy.

“Trixie want to know why you help her.”

“I saved you, Snips and Snails because you were in danger. That’s what I do.”

“Well, the great and power full Trixie didn’t need your help. Trixie was never in danger.”

“Not where I was standing, you and the kids was about to get crush and I wasn’t going to let that happened. Now, why don’t you go home and leave me alone.”

Somehow that made her angry. “Trixie will not forget this.” Then all of sudden smoke appeared where she was standing and it blinded me, I waved away the smoke and when I could see again Trixie was gone. I looked down the street and saw Trixie run down it, I couldn’t but question this mare. I closed my door and rested my head against it, something told me that I would be see her again.

Face Your Dragon Fear

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Dragon, Equestria doesn’t know much about them and that’s because they are big and scary, but if they just talk to one they would see that they aren’t big and scary but friendly.

Me and Sunset was helping Fluttershy whit feeding the animals at her house, both outside and inside. I don’t understand that she must feed them, why can’t they find food themselves? I don’t understand this world. We were out in the backyard feeding the animals, I had just feed the chicken and Sunset had feed the fish when Shy came out with three glasses on a plate.

“I thought you two would like some lemonade.”

“I’ve never said no to lemonade.” I picked on and the girls took the other two, I drank the whole thing. “I need that.” Then I notice that they just glared at me. “What? I was thirst.” Then they stared to giggle. “Yeah, yeah, laugh it up.”

Shy was about to drink hers when Angel Bunny came running towards her, I don’t understand why Shy named him angel. He is far from and angel. Then he stared to cough, why he did that I have no idea.

“What’s the matter Angel, are you coughing because got a carrot stuck in your throat?” I wish that he choked, I know that’s not a nice thing to say but I don’t like that bunny.

He coughed again. “Because you need some water?” I don’t think so.

What hell is wrong with that bunny? Then I happened to look up and what I saw was black smoke, I poked at Sunset shoulder and pointed up. She looked up and she understood right away why Angel was coughing. The he pointed up and Shy looked up, then she gasped.

“Because of the giant cloud of scary black smoke.” Then he threw the carrot at her head. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

I looked over to Sunset. “What do you think? Dragon smoke?”

“By the blackness of it, I’ll say that your right.”

Ddddddragon?” We look over to Shy who was shaking, her whole body actually shook. “There’s a dragon that’s doing this?” “We both nodded, she actually stared to shake even more.

Then I asked her. “Shy, are you afraid of dragons.” She nodded. “Have you ever seen a dragon?” She shook her head. “Then how can you be afraid of them if you never have seen a dragon?”

“My mon use to read books about them when I was little, how big they were, how they could fly, that they could breathe fire and that they are angry all the time. It gave me nightmares for month.”

I walked over to her and put a hand on her shoulder. “Shy, are you going to let a book control your fear? Right now, you have two choice, you can join me and Sunset to the mountain.” I pointed at the mountain where the smoke where coming from. “Because we are going to talk to this dragon and tell it that it’s going to cause trouble for Ponyville.”

“We are?” I looked at Sunset and gave her a look that said yes. “I guess we are.”

“And what’s the second.” Shy ask me.

“You can stay here and be afraid for ever, my mom told me once at you should never let your fear control you, you are the one in control.”

I could see that what I said affect her but was it enough? She took a deep breath. “Alright, I join you and Sunset.” I had a happy smile. “But, shouldn’t we get Twilight and the others?”

“We should but the longer we wait the worst it will become, is that what you want?”

“No, I don’t want that.”

We that settle we head to the mountain. When we arrived at the mountain we looked up at it and I stared to get sick. “Heights, I hate heights.” The girls looked at me.

“Wait a minute Fox are you saying that you have a fear of heights?”

“Yes Sunset, I’m have a fear of height. I have been afraid of the since I was seven years old.”

“How do you deal with that?”

“Like I said before Shy, you can’t let your fear control you, you have to control it. Let’s get going, I don’t want to look at this mountain more than I want to.”

We started to clime the only way we could find, I was first, Shy was behind me and Sunset was last.

“I still don’t get why you can’t fly up Fluttershy, I know that you’re not a good flyer but come on.”

I looked down on her. “Knock it of Sunset, if she doesn’t want to fly the don’t push her.”

Sunset just rolled her eyes. “Fine, I won’t push her.”

I looked at Shy. “How are you holding up?”

She looked at me with terrified face. “Not good, I’m trying like you said but it’s not easy.”

“It’s never is but you’re doing great.” I gave her a comforting smile and I think that help.

We finally reached the top of the trail and boy let me tell you we were all exhausted, we all collapsed on the ground.

“I’m in worse shape than I thought.” I manged to say between breaths.

“Speak for yourself, we unicorn isn’t built for this. We aren’t as agile as a pegasus or as strong as an earth pony. And why aren’t you in better shape Fluttershy? You’re a pegasus for pet sake.”

Shy looked down on the ground in shame. “I never been athletic, I never been a good flyer.”

“I’s like your opposite of Dash, the only different is that she bragged about it 24/7.”

“Knock it of Sunset, would you stop piking on Shy. She is trying her best.”

Sunset put her hands up in defends. “Fine, I ‘ll shut up. Let’s just get to this dragon already.”

She got up and walked off somewhere leaving me alone with shy who was crying, I put a hand on her shoulder.

“You okay?”

She shook her head. “No, I’m not okay.” She looked at me with tears in her eyes. “I not as brave as Dash or as strong as Applejack, I’m just weak pathetic pegasus.” She put her head in her hands and stared to cry even more.

I pulled her in to hug and she cried into my chest. “You are right, you aren’t as brave as Dash or as strong as AJ but you are you. You are the kindest pony I know and that have nothing do with your element, we all have are weakness and strength and yours is kindest and besides, I think your very brave.”

She looked up at me. “You think that I’m brave?” I nodded. “But, Rainbow is the one that’s brave. That’s her strength.”

I couldn’t help but snort. “Dash’s strength is that she has a big ego, nothing more.” That got her to laugh. “Come on, we have a dragon to talk to.”

While we got up Sunset came back. “If you two are done with whatever you were doing, I found a path we can follow.”

We flowed her and found the path and let me tell you I did not enjoy walking on it, make one wrong move and you could fall to your death. I actually looked down into the ravine and I got dizzy, fucking heights. While we walked Shy ask a question.

“Why are the dragon on top of the mountain in the first place.”

“He is probably taking a nap.” Sunset answer her.

“So, the smoke is from in sleeping?”

“Or snoring.”

“He’s snoring?” Sunset nodded. “But, how’s that’s…”

I put up a hand to tell them to stop, they did. “What now?” Sunset asked me. I put my index finger in front of my mouth and then I shush them, then I ‘told’ them to listen. They did and what we heard was.

“Bloody ponies, won’t leave me alone.”

“Is that somepony talking?” Sunset ask.

We looked for where the voice was coming from and what we found a cave and we could see a light in it, I walked in but Sunset stooped me.

“What are you doing Fox?”

“What’s does it look like Sunset? I’m going to find out who lives here.”

“You can just go into a cave, what if the pony that’s living there are dangerous?”

“I’ll take my chance.” I walked in.

“Good dam it, come on Fluttershy.” They went after him.

Further in we got in the cave the louder became the voice.

“Why won’t they just leave me alone, I don’t need any friends.”

We entered a room that looked like mix of a work shop and a bedroom and on a bench sat a stallion, he had dark grey fur and his hair was shaped like a mohawk and the colors was light grey and he was earth pony. He was using some tools to carve something out from a rock and he was talking to the rock.

“You understand me, don’t? You never talk back and listen to every word I say.”

We looked at each other wondering what hell was wrong with this guy, I decide to ask. “Excuse me.” That got his attention, he looked up from his work, then he grabbed a hammer that was lying on the workbench. He pointed it as us like he was ready to hit use.

“Who the hell are you three and how did you find me?” He then looked at me. “What the? Are you a giant fox?”

A real genius this guy. “Take is easy, we are just looking for a road that leads to the top of this mountain. that’s all. And yes, I’m a fox.”

“You want to talk to that dragon that landed her this morning?” I nodded. “Why?”

“The dragon is causing trouble for the village at the down by the mountain and we are here to tell it move, that’s all.”

I didn’t know if he would help us or not, his facial expression was difficult to read.

“Just follow the path you were just on and eventually you come to a new trial but you have to clime that part, it’s safer than the other way. Now, get the hell out of her and leave me alone.”

We did as he said. When we were outside we just wonder, what’s was wrong with that pony.

“What was wrong with him? He talks to his stone and he was rude.” Said Sunset.

“He’s a loner, nothing wrong with that.” I stared walking. “He gave us directions so let’s follow them.”

We followed instruction he told us, we followed the path and then we had to climb, again. We eventually arrived at the cave where the dragon was sleeping and again we were exhausted.

I rested my hand on my knees. “I’m so sick of climbing.”

“Tell me about it.” I looked over to Sunset and Shy and they were lying on the ground, panting after air. Sunset looked at me and she did not look happy. “Why am I up here with you? Talking to this dragon?”

“Because is the right thing to do.”

She and Shy got up. “I hate it when your right.”

We could all see the cave that the dragon was sleeping in, how do I know that? It’s a little difficult to miss the black smoke that came out from it and it was snoring. When it snored, it felt like the hole mountain was shaking, that dragon can snore.

“You two ready.” Well one of them was and that was Sunset, when it came to Shy. Well, she was shaking with fear. I walked over to her. “Remember, don’t let the fear control you. Alright.”

She swallowed that big lump she had in her throat and nodded, then we walked in. I was not easy to see in cave thanks to the smoke but luckily for us Sunset was walking first, hurray for magic. When we reached the inner part of the cave we could see the dragon, it was sleeping peacefully, it was black and had red scales and kind of look familiar. When we I got closer to the dragon it kind of looked like...


The gigantic dragon open its right eye and looked right at me, it turns its head to face us. When he did that Shy hid behind me.

“Well, is it not young Fox.” He then looked over to Sunset. “And Sunset as well, what are you two doing in this cave?” He asked us.

“We could ask you the same thing.” I answered him.

“I was think a nap.” He then noticed Shy who was hiding behind my back. “What’s wrong young one? I’m not going to hurt you.”

“You are scaring her, you are quite large.”

“Let’s do something to that.” He closed his eyes and then he stared to glow, then he stared to shrink. When he was done shrinking he was standing on two legs and was a little taller than me, I was just glad that he was wearing clothes. “There, is this better?”

Shy looked out from behind me. “You aren’t big anymore, what did you do?” She asked Drake.

“It was just dragon magic my dear nothing more, now. Might telling my why you are interrupting my nap.”

“The smoke you are letting out are covering a village that are located close to this mountain,” I explained to him.

He blinked a couple of times. “There’s a village near this mountain?” I nodded, he walked outside and we flowed him. Well outside I pointed at Ponyville. “Look at that, there’s a village there. Who would have thought, I guess I was more tired than I thought.” He then yawned. “I’m still tired, I’ll guess find another place to sleep.”

“We would really appreciate it.”

Then Shy decided to say something. “Um Drake?”


“I thought that you were big and scary but your actually very nice.” She had smile on her face.

Drake was just confused. “Why would you think that I’m big and scary?”

She stared to rubbed her arm. “When I was little my mother used to read books and you dragons always sounded so scary.”

Drake couldn’t help but groan. “What’s wrong with you ponies? You think you know everything about this world but you know nothing about us dragons. You see us as big and scary, but we have felling to. Unbelievable.”

“Why are you taking out on me? I’m not a pony.”

“I know Fox.” He stared to rubbed his eyes. “I’m just so tired, alright. I guess it time for me to find another place to take a nap, let me help you all down the mountain.” His eyes stared to glow.

“Wait a minute.” It was too late.

In a flash, we were at base of the mountain and I stared to feel uneasy in my stomach, while Shy was just confused.

“What just happened?”

“Dragon teleportation magic.” Sunset answer Shy.

That was fine an all but I didn’t nor like it, I ran over to bush and threw up, I think my breakfast came up. I hate magic.

“You okay their foxy boy?”

“No Sunset, I’m not fine. Teleportation magic always make me feel sick in my stomach.” I wiped away vomit from my mouth. “Let’s just get back to town.” As were about to go we heard something above us, it was Drake flying away.

While we were walking to town I decide to ask Fluttershy about her fear.

“So, Shy. Are you still afraid of dragons?”

She looked at me with a smile. “Not so much, I always tough that they were scary but after meeting Drake I have a new view of them. thanks for bring me alone.”

“Your welcome.”

“By the way.” She looked between us. “How do you two know that dragon?”

“We met him in the Everfree about two months ago, he was lying on the ground bleeding. Me and Fox help him, end of story.” Sunset answered with some anger in her voice.

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked her.

“Oh nothing, you made me climb a mountain, we find out that a loner lived there and we knew the dragon that produced the smoke when I could do other important things.” She threw her arms up in frustration.

“What’s wrong with her.” Shy whispered to me.

“I have no idea but let’s just ignore it for now, you know how she gets when she is in that mood.”

When were almost back when we ran into Sparkle and the other and they we surprise to see us, especially Sparkle.

“Where have you been Fluttershy? We have been looking all over for you.” Sparkle asked her.

“I have been with Fox and Sunset up on the mountain, we manged to get the dragon to leave.”

Sparkle was clueless while the other was surprised, especially Dash “YOU went up a mountain and talk to a dragon?” Shy nodded to Dash question. “How? You are afraid of your own shadow.”

Shy looked at. “Somebody told me that you shouldn’t let your fear control you.”

We walked past them and headed back to town, when we were back we went our separate way, the girls went home while I headed to Sucarcube corner to buy a muffin to someone. I had to climbed the fucking mountain to deliver it to the pony in mind.

I stood outside the cave panting heavily. “I’m out of shape, that’s for sure.” I headed into the cave to deliver the muffin.

When I arrived at his workshop, I could see that he was sitting with his back to me. I looked around the room and what I saw was a lot of stone statues of different ponies, I even saw Celestia and Luna. I looked over to the pony and he was talking to his rock.

“I still see that are talking to your rock.”

I guess I spook him, he got up and grabbed at stone and threw it at me. I just doge him. He pointed a finger at me when he saw that it was me.

“You again, didn’t I tell you to leave me alone.”

“Yes, you did but I’m here to give you something.” I presented him the muffin. “It’s a thank you for helping us early today.”

I could see that he was confused. “Why?” I didn’t expect that.

“It is called to be kind, would you just take it already. I promise it’s good.”

“I don’t know you so your promise doesn’t mean anything, how do I know that it’s safe to eat it.”

He’s really paranoid. “Fine, I will prove it to you that is good and safe to eat.” I took off a bit and eat it and it was so good. “There, happy?”

He was still hesitated but he took it eventually, he sniffed it a couple of times. This pony was really paranoid. Then I saw something, he was really big, I think he’s bigger than Mac. He also looks a lot of strong then Mac, he could probably snap me like a twig. Now that’s scary.

“I got to say, these stone statues you have made is really something.”

“I did them myself now, if there nothing ells can you please leave me alone.”

What’s wrong with this pony. “Have I done something wrong? I’m just having a conversation.”

“You haven’t done anything wrong I just don’t like to have any one around, I like to be alone.” Now that’s sad.

“You must get very lonely.”

He just shrugged his shoulder and went back to work. “I manged, now leave.” He placed is muffin on the table, I’m not sure if he tasted it.

Now I felt bad for this guy. “If you ever want to have someone to talk other than your stone you can come and visit me in Ponyville, my door will always be open.”

I didn’t know if what I said work, kind of difficult when the only thing I could see was his back so I was a little surprise when he said… “I think about it.”

I was happy with that, I was about to leave. “By that was, what’s your name?”

“It’s Colastone.”

“Well Colastone, my name is Fox McCloud and I hope that we will met again.”

He just waved his hand. “Whatever.” I headed to the exit.

When I was outside I took one last look at the cave, something told me that I would see him again. I was about head back to town when I realised something, I have to climb down the mountain.


A Slumber Party

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Applejack and Rarity, two ponies that are nothing alike. Applejack is the tomboy while Rarity like to care about her looks. They are so different from each other, they are the alfa and omega. Now imagen having them in the same house for a day, sometimes I hate my life.

I was standing by one of my windows watching some pegasus moving storm clouds, I still can believe that they can control the weather. They had missed a couple of rainy days so they had to make it up with a big storm, I didn’t mind that kind of weather, I always like rain and thunder. I was about to step away from my window when I could swear that I saw AJ and Rarity out there, there’s no way that they could be out now, they are not that stupid.

I just shrugged it off and went to my chair and sat down while I picked up the book I was reading, it’s was called Daring Do and The Dragon's temple. They might not have television in Equestria but they know how to write books, that’s for sure.

I had had about read five pages when someone knock on my door, I looked outside and saw that it had started to rain. You can wonder how the hell is out in that kind of weather. I chose to ignore it and go back to my book, but then someone knock again and this time more rapidly. I couldn’t help but groan, I took the bookmark in the book and I lay it on the table and went to see who it was.

When I open the door and I saw AJ and Rarity standing there, soaking wet. I could actually see through their clothes, why does god hate me? I leaned against the door frame and crossed my arms.

“Can I help you two?” I knew what the problem was but I couldn’t help myself.

One thing is for sure, they did not like what I said. “Not funny Fox, can you please let us in.”

“Sure AJ, when you tell me why you are out in this weather.”

AJ looked over to Rarity. “We are out in this weather thanks to her.”

Rarity but hand on her chest. “Me? All I wanted to do was to make the tree pretty.”

“We were supposed to take the dead branched down not make them fancy.”

“Well excuse me for having some class, unlike some other pony.”

AJ got right in Rarity face. “And what’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know exactly what I mean.”

I better stopped them before they start fighting. “Knock it off you two and get inn before you catch a cold.”

Before they went inside Rarity pointed at AJ feet which was muddy. “Do be a polite houseguest and go wash up, won’t you?” Then she walked in.

AJ looked at her with displeased face. “Just get in AJ.” She was happy that I said that.

Well inside Rarity saw that AJ hadn’t wash her feet. “Applejack, why are you walking into Fox’s house with muddy feet?”

AJ was about to responded to that but I beat her to it. “Rarity, do me a favour and shut up.” That got her eyes to widen and her mouth feel open. “This is my house and I don’t care that AJ are walking in with muddy feet, both of you head up to the second floor and changes your clothes. The bathroom is second door on your right.” I pointed at stairs and they went up. “You can borrow clothes from my room, it’s the first on your left.”

After they had disappeared up I left out frustrated groan, those two in the same house the entire night? God give me strength. I was about to head in to the kitchen to get a bucket a cloth so I could wash away the mud on the floor, then someone knock on the door again.

“What now?” I open the door and on the other side stood another soaking wet unicorn. “Sparkle? What are you doing out in the rain?”

She was shivering. “I was out reading and lost track of time and before I knew it, it stared to rain. Can I come in? My hotel is too far away.” I step aside to let her in. “Thank you.” She walked in.

“Just head up to the second floor and follow the voices, AJ and Rarity are up there.” She didn’t say anything, she just headed up there.

I walk into the kitchen to get bucket and cloth so I could clean up the mess on the floor, while I cleaned I could hear they talking upstairs.

Rarity. “Twilight, what are you doing here?”

“I was out reading and lost track of time and then it stared to rain, Fox’s house was the closet. What are you two doing here?” She answered.

AJ. “We are here because of Rarity.”

“It’s not all my fault you are also to blame.”

“Me? I not the one that decide to make the branches pretty.” AJ shouted.

Better stop this. “Would you two shut up, just dry yourself and get some dry clothes in my room already.” That got them to shut up.

I only shook my head, I don’t understand why those two have to fight over every single thing. I was almost finishing cleaning when I heard footsteps, I looked at the stairs and saw that the girls had change clothes. Then I notice that they weren’t wearing any bra’s, I could see the breast jumping up and down. It’s official, god hats me.

But the one thing that caught my attention was that AJ wasn’t wearing her hat, I have never seen her without it and it was weird. Her hair wasn’t a ponytail, it was hanging down. I Just shrugged it off but it was still weird.

I pointed at the couch. “Sit down and shut up.” They didn’t argue with that, AJ and Rarity took the couch while Sparkle took the other chair, she took out book from her bag and stared to read.

I finished cleaning up and put away the bucket and cloth, I headed into the living room and I could see that AJ and Rarity was trying not to look at each other. I just sat down in my chair and stared to read the Darling Do book again.

It was quiet for a while, until Rarity decide to open her mouth. “I must say Fox, you have excellent taste when it comes to cloths.” She looked down on her white t-shirt.

“You made them Rarity.”

“In did I did, I must say I have excellent taste when it comes to making clothes. Unlike somepony I know.” She looked at AJ.

“And what’s supposed to mean?” AJ answered with some anger in her voice

“Well, you could dress up like a lady once in a while.”

“Like you? No thanks, I prefer my old cloths. They are easier to work in, I can’t buck trees in dress. I wouldn’t be able to move and I would look like a fool.”

“Are you suggesting that I looked like a fool with what I’m wearing?” This can’t end well.

“I’m not suggesting anything, I know.”

AJ gave her an evil smile while Rarity became frustrated. “Why you, you, brute.”

I slammed my hand on the table. “Didn’t I tell you two to shut up?” I looked at the purple unicorn in my house. “Sparkle, do you have a book these two could read.”

“No, but…” She reached for a book in her bag. “I have this.”

She showed us a book. “Slumber 101, all you needed to know about slumber parties but were afraid to ask.” I couldn’t help but question the books tilt. “Slumber part? Really.”

Twilight was so excited that she stared to bunch up and down in the chair. “I always wanted to have a slumber party.”

“Not to say anything stupid, a slumber party is something kids have not full grown mares.”

Then she got a slumber face. “I never had any friends when I was little so I never got the chance to have a slumber party.”

Great, now I felt like an asshole. I never meant to make Twilight feel bad, I sighed. “Fine, have your slumber party with AJ and Rarity but, leave me out of it.” That got her good mod back.

“Excuse me, don’t we have anything to say in this matter?”

“No Rarity, you don’t. If this get you two to shut up then I will be happy and besides, this is my house.”

She was about to protest but I have her glare that got her to shut up, I looked at AJ who was also going to say something but one looked at me, you got the idea. While I did, that Twilight had run into the kitchen, probably to get things ready. For what, I have no idea.

“What are you doing in the kitchen Sparkle?” I asked her.

“Need things to make mud mask.”

That got Rarity attention, she got up and ran into the kitchen faster than I could blink. I looked over to AJ who had a worried face, I just shrugged my shoulders and headed to the kitchen to see what was happening. When I arrived, I could see that Sparkle and Rarity sitting by the kitchen table and was cover in green muck.

“What the hell are you two wearing on your faces.”

“It’s a mud mask, you are supposed to but on your face ad it will refreshes and rejuvenates your complexion.” Rarity answered.

Then AJ arrived. “Seriously? You both look ridiculous wearing that.” Then Rarity dragged AJ over to her and Sparkle with her magic, then she smeared the green stuff over AJ face. “Would you stop that.”

I couldn’t help but laugh a little when I saw AJ with a mud mask, now I wish I had a camera. “Looking good AJ.” She just gave me angry glare, then Rarity placed cucumber over her eyes making the whole thing complete.

“What in the world is this for?” AJ asked.

“To reduce the puffiness in one’s eyes of course.” Rarity answered.

“Puffiness shmuffiness,” She took then and then she eat them. “Now that’s good eating.”

I couldn’t help but shake my head of what I saw. “Well, you three have fun. I’m going back to my book.” I looked at Sparkle before I left. “You better pay back what you used to made that mud mask Sparkle.”

She hesitated a little before she answered. “Sure, I can do that.”

“Good.” I left the kitchen and the girls and headed back to my book. While I was reading I could hear laughter in the kitchen so I was guessing they had a good time, then they arrived back onto the living rom. “So, are you three having fun?”

Twilight had a big smile on her face. “Yes, this is so fun.”

“That’s good, minded telling me why you are back her.”

Twilight sat back in the chair and troublesome two sat back in the cough. “Twilight suggested that we should tell ghost stories, and she also suggested that you should be involved.” Said AJ.

“A ghost story? I don’t mind a scary story.”

Twilight clapped her hands together. “Who will go first?”

As soon those words left Twilight mouth AJ raised her hand. “ME:” I just rolled my eye of that. “I’d like to tell you the tale of the prissy ghost, who drove pony insane with her unnecessary neatness. Ooohhhhh.” I knew right now and then who she was talking about. “I’m sure you are all familiar with that one.” She said as she looked at Rarity.

Rarity just stuck her nose in the air. “Never heard of it. But I have a better one, this is the story of the messy Inconsiderate ghost who irritated every pony within hundred miles… Ooohhh.” Oh brother.

That made AJ angry. “That’s not a real story, you made it up.”

Rarity counter. “It is a ghost story, they are all made up.”

They were about to argued again. “She has a point AJ.” That got her to glare at me with angry look.

“Why are you taking he side in this?”

“I’m not taking any side in this.” I looked at Twilight. “Do you have a ghost story Sparkle?”

She shook her head. “No, I don’t maybe you do?”

A ghost story that might scare AJ and Rarity? I couldn’t help but give them an evil smile that made them very uncomfortable. “Sure, I have story for you all. Let me tell you about the evil doll.” I said that last part with very scary voice, I think they managed to pee on themselves.

“This story is about a 7 years old girl or a filly, she, her brother and their mother lived with her grandmother out on an island with only one way in and out. One day when they were eating breakfast an old truck drive up to their house, they all went to the window to see who was driving it, there was no one.” I thought by know that Twilight would ask me what a truck was but she was silence.

“They just stared at it but no one came out of it, then they heard a loud insisted banging on the front door.” I bang on the table three times scaring the hell out of them. “Their grandmother grabbed a knife from the kitchen to see who it was while the rest of the family had huddles in the couch, she looked out a side window and what she saw was nothing.” They were actually shaking.

“She looked back at the family to tell them that, then EVERY goddamn door in the house is banging, relentlessly. The entire family is terrified of what is happening, they could hear every door in the house and it made so much noise that the family had trouble hearing. Then they mother ran to the window where the truck was.”

“There she saw a man named Cousin. Cousin walked to the truck with a shotgun in his arms, he looked into the cab window and he stops. He goes pale, runs a hand down his face. Then he RUNS towards the house. The grandmother flings open the open the kitchen door when she him coming, when he’s inside he shouts; “Everyone behind the couch! GET DOWN!” He runs past them as all of them as the family runs to the couch.”

“Then the banging starts AGAIN, all the doors and now we can hear the windows rattle. It’s like a tornado or the end of the world. Those who lives there are too scared to even scream. Cousin flings open the door the front door and fires the huge shotgun, once, BANG, deafening. As he does, the truck roars into life and it sounds like a train. We scramble up; the banging stops, mercifully.”

“Cousin is advancing onto the lawn, gun leveled at the truck. The family run behind him, wanting to be out from the shaking, quivering house and near the one with the gun. The truck peals out, backwards, cutting across the yard and racing into a breakneck speed. Tires squeal, rubber is burned. Cousin fires again and they all cower behind him. He blows out the back window with the sound of a thousand plates smashing into linoleum but the truck never hiccups, just roars down the road. No tags, not even a vanity plate on the back.”

“There was NO ONE behind the wheel of that thing.”

“All of them had a clear view. Everyone agreed. Not a driver in the car.”

“Well, not anything they could SEE, anyhow.”

I wanted to tell them more but they were scared, their eyes were big as saucers and they were actually sweating. I decide to end the story. I don’t understand why they were scared, it wasn’t a scary story. “Twilight, what’s next?”

She shook her head. “Rrrrright.” She looked in her book. “That would be truth or dare.”

Truth or dare? Dear god, Rarity stared. “I dear Applejack to do something neatly and carefully for a change.”

AJ cocked an eyebrow. “Oh yeah, well I dear Rarity to lighten up and stop stressing over every… last… little… detail for a change.”

I slapped a hand on my face. “That’s not how truth of dear works.”

“He’s right.” I looked at Twilight. “You have to give an honest answer to any question, or do whatever any pony dears you to do.”

AJ looked at Rarity with an evil smile. “I dare you to step outside and let you precious tidy mane get wet.” Rarity gasp at that.

“You have to, is the rule.” Way to go Twilight, AJ just had victory smile.

“FINE.” She got up and headed to the door, I wanted to stop her but I was impressed that she actually did it.

When she came back in she was soaking wet and her mane was hanging down but that was not that got my attention, it was her breast. I could actually see them through the t-skirt she was wearing, unfortunately she saw looking at them and she covert herself up. Killjoy.

Rarity gave AJ an evil glare, she walked over to the couch. “Ok, I dare Applejack to play dress up, in a fru fru glittery lacy outfit.”

AJ just smirked. “And where are you going to find that? This is Fox’s house, he doesn’t have a dress.”

“Actually.” I got up and headed up to the second floor.

The girls watch as he walked up. “What did he mean by that?” Asked Twilight.

Then they heard a door open. “Let see, where did I put that.” They heard Fox open another door. “There it is.” They heard a door close and then they saw Fox coming down with something in his hand.

Twilight wasn’t sure what she saw, Rarity has smile on her face while Applejack had a worried face. In Fox’s hand was a black dress.

“I know that this is not a glittery outfit but it’s a dress.”

“Where did you get that?” Twilight asked me.

“I got it from Octavia.” Then I realised what I said. “That came out wrong, what I meant that I’m keeping it for her. She bought this a few days ago, then she realised that she had to many dresses so she asked me to keep this while she sold some of her old dresses.”

Rarity clapped her hands together. “This is perfect, this is better than what I suggested.” She took it of my hand and handed it to AJ.

Applejack just looked at it. “There’s no way that I am wearing that.”

“You have to my dear Applejack, it’s in the rules.” Said Rarity with an evil smile on her face.

AJ was about to say something but she just took the dress and headed to the second floor, she gave me an ‘you are dead’ glared as she passed me. She has to try better than that. We then heard her from up stair, cursing. I lived whit AJ for three months and I know that she hates wearing dresses.

When she finally was ready we all got a shock when we saw her coming down the stairs, the black dress suited her perfectly, somehow her hair made her even beautiful. I was lost for words. I looked over to Rarity and Twilight and they had the same look as I have, I think the one that was most surprised was Rarity.

“Applejack, you look absolute lovely.” She got that right.

That made AJ blush. “No, I don’t.”

I don’t agree with Rarity that much bit this time. “She is right AJ, that dress suits you.” Even Twilight agreed, she didn’t say anything just nodded.

“It doesn’t, I’m going back up and changing back. Then I’m going to bed.” She looked at me. “Do you have enough beds so we can sleep on?”

“Yeah, sure. Twilight can take my bed, Rarity can take the one in the guestroom. I have a spare madras you can use but you have to lay on the floor.”

“Fine by me.” She went upstairs to get change.

“I don’t understand why she was so upset, she looked absolute beautiful in that dress.”

“Beats me Rarity.” I headed upstairs. “I’m going to find that extra madras. You and AJ have to sleep in the same room together.” Before she could say anything, I ran upstairs.

The night had come in Fox’s house, Twilight had taken his bed while he was lying on the cough trying to get comfortable, it wasn’t easy when his body was bigger than the couch. Meanwhile in the guestroom was Rarity and AJ, both was wide awake.

“I can’t believe that you made me put on dress.” Applejack told Rarity.

“You’re the one that got my mane and tail all wet.” Rarity answered.

“You deserve it, always talking about your mane are perfect.”

“Excuse me for trying to look pretty, unlike some pony I know.”

Applejack just rolled her eyes of what Rarity said. “I like my hair the way it is.”

Rarity didn’t answer, she just kept looking at the celling. “I miss my bed, I could be sleeping in good bed right now, not like this hard bed Fox has. And it’s all your fault.”

Applejack g sat up. “My fault? You’re the one that had to make the branches pretty, where was supposed to take them down.”

“For all that’s is holy in the world.” Both Applejack and Rarity heard Fox shout, then they heard him coming up the stairs, he then opened the door and he did not look happy. “Would you two shut up already, it’s both of your fault that you are here and not in your own house.”

“I don’t understand that you two are friends when your argued about everything, friends do argue from time to time but you two take it to another level. Can’t you just accept that you are different.” He slammed the door and went back down stairs, cursing the hole way.

Both Applejack and Rarity stared at the door processing what Fox just said, they didn’t like to admit it but he was right. They were different.

Rarity laid down in the bed. “I’m sorry Applejack, for what I did before the storm came.”

“Yeah, sorry that I shouted at you.” They couldn’t help but laugh of each other. “I guess we are both guilted for being in the storm, eh Rarity.” Applejack didn’t get any answer. “Rarity?” She looked over to the bed and saw that Rarity had fallen asleep, Applejack just smiled. “Good night Rarity.” Eventually she also fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning by something smelling good, but I forgot where I was so I feel right on the floor, face first. “Fuck that hurt.” I got up and decide to investigate what smelled so good. It was coming from the kitchen, that was obvious. When I arrived at the kitchen I got a shock.

Standing in the kitchen making breakfast was Applejack and Rarity, I had to slap myself in the face to see if I was seeing thing. After hitting myself in the face and my cheek hurts I had to ask.

“Okay, who the hell are you two and what have you done with Applejack and Rarity.”

Rarity stopped what she was doing and turned around. “Is that any way to talk to a mare Fox?”

“My house, don’t care. Answer my question, who are you two?”

She crossed her arms. “I have you know that me and Applejack have decided to put our differences aside and just accept that we are different.”

I was lost for words, two ponies that are like day and night manged to stop fighting. Considering they were ready to tear each other apart the day before, I guess you can learn something new every day.

Don't Judge a Zebra by it's Looks

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Zebra, the ponies in Equestria don’t know much about them but I do. Where I am from Zebra’s are common and they walked in street like normal people would do, when it comes to the Zebra that lives in the Everfree Forest. Well, the ponies in Ponyville are afraid of her. When are they going to learn not judge a book by its cover.

It was another lovely day in Equestria, the birds were singing, the wind was blowing a nice breeze. It was a lovely day indeed. A lonely pegasus stallion was walking on the main road to Ponyville, he had dark blonde mane and hair and his fur green. But what stopped out the most was the Timber wolf that was walking beside him.

“Well Woddy, we are soon in Ponyville. I hope that the ponies there are nice.” The Timber wolf named Woody just barked. “Yeah, that’s all you can say.”

But then he caught something with eyes, there was someone that was sitting by a tree, fishing by the river that was not fare from the main road. The pegasus decide to say hello to the pony, he couldn’t see that it was a pony but what else could it be.

As he got closer he could finally see who it was and boy was he shocked when he saw what was sitting by the tree; it was a fox. A fox that was as tall as him and was walking on two legs, and it spoke.

“Where the hell is the fish? I haven’t eaten meat in days and want some, I’m just glad that Shy is letting me fish.” I couldn’t help but groan over my bad luck, I been here an hour and I hadn’t caught anything. “I bet that Shy told the fish to stay away from me, I hate that she can talk to animals.”

Then I heard footsteps behind me, so I decide to see who it was. Behind me stood a pegasus and he was just staring at me, it was creping me out. “Didn’t your mother tell you that is rude to stare?” That got him to stop.

“I’m sorry, but. Are you a fox?”

A real smart one this pegasus. “What gave it away? The pointe ears? My nose or was it my teeth?” I showed him my teeth and that made him nervous. “Relax, I’m not going to eat you.” I pull my fishing rob back see if I had caught anything. “Nothing.” I got up. “That’s it, I’m done for the day.”

I was about to walk back when I saw was standing beside the stallion, it was a… “Holy shit, that’s a Timberwolf.” I pointed at the wooden thing. “What the hell is that thing doing here?”

“Don’t worry, Woody is completely harmless.”

Say what. “You call your Timberwolf Woody? What kind of name is that?”

“Why not? It’s a wolf that made wood, so why not Woody.”

I just stared at this guy. “Whatever you say.” I stared to walk back but I didn’t get very long.

“Excuse me mister fox.”

I stopped. “My name is Fox McCloud.” I turned around. “What is it?”

“I was wondering if you knew the way to Ponyville, I was think to spend the night there.”

“Just follow me and I will take you there, I suggest that your Timberwolf don’t come into town with you. There’s a high chance he will scare the ponies that live there.”

“That’s a good idea, my name is Globe Trotter by the way. Nice to meet you.” He answered with a smile, are really happy pony this guy.

When we arrived in Ponyville we saw no one and I mean no one, there wasn’t a single pony in the street and I knew the reason.

“You got to be kidding me.”

Globe scratched his head. “I heard that it was a lot off ponies in Ponyville but this looked like ghost town.” You are not far off.

“I was about to say the same thing.”

We turned to where the voice came from and walking towards was… “Colastone, what are you doing here?”

“I thought I would take you up on your offer but.” He looked around. “I guess my present has scared of every pony.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. The ponies here are just a bunch of naïve fools, follow me and I will tell you all why there are no ponies in the streets.” We headed towards Sucarcube corner.

On the way I told them why there were no ponies in town. “Are you telling me that they are afraid of a zebra?” Globe asked me while we were walking through town. “That’s just stupid, Zebra’s aren’t scary they are friendly.”

“I have to agree with pegasus boy, to be afraid of Zebra is stupid.”

Globe looked at him narrow eyes. “My name is Globe Trotter, not pegasus boy.”

“Good for you.”

I just stop listing to them as we arrived at the destination, I walked over to one of the windows and looked through them. I could see seven character, five cowardly ponies with Sparkle and Sunset. Pinkie was jumping up and down, hopping to tables and it looks like she was singing? I decide to intrude her so I knock on the window.

That got Rarity to faint, I scared Shy something I didn’t mean to do and Pinkie jump so high that she manged to grab the lamp on the celling. I open the window and poked my head inn.

“It feels so good to be appreciate in this town.” Pinkie jumped down and was about to pull me inn. “Pinkie, I swear if you are trying to drag me inn again I will boycott every party you throw from now on.” That got her to back off, I looked around the room. “This again? You know, you ponies are incredible paranoid. You did this to me when I arrived in town, expect Sparkle who wasn’t here at the time and Sunset who was actually nice to me.”

“But Fox, this is different.”

“How can this be different Pinkie? She is just a Zebra.” I pointed a Zecora who was crouching down looking for flowers on the ground. “She is a harmless Zebra while I’m carnivore, so how is this different?”

She tried to say something but nothing came out from her mouth, then Applejack decide to speak.

“She lives in the Everfree forest Fox, you have to admit that is a little strange?”

“No AJ, I don’t think that’s strange.” I sighed. “You know what? I tried to convince you all last month and that didn’t work and something tells that you are not going to listen to me this time either, you can just stay here and be paranoid. Unbelievable.”

I pulled my head out and closed the window, I walked back to Globe and Colastone.

“Sorry about that.”

Colastone just shrugged his shoulder. “Don’t worry about it, are they really afraid of a Zebra?” I just nodded, he but a hand over his eyes. “And I thought I was paranoid.”

“I don’t think that ever pony is afraid of this Zebra.” I just looked at Globe with a confused look. “Look.” He pointed at something.

I wasn’t sure what he was pointing at, all I could see was Zecora leaving but what caught my attention was the pony who followed her, Applebloom.

“What the hell is that kid doing?”

“I think she’s following the Zebra.” Way to point out the obvious Globe.

“Did you figure that all by yourself.” Colastone said with a smile on his face, Globe just gave him and angry looked but it didn’t look like it was working.

“While you two are making out I’m going to follow Applebloom and make sure she isn’t getting in trouble.”

I headed after her in hope to catch up to her before she got into the Everfree forest. When I arrived at the edge of the forest I could see her standing there looking into it, I walked up to her.

I crossed my arms. “Going somewhere?” That made her jump a few feet.

She turned around. “Fox, what are you doing here?”

“That’s my question, but here’s another. Why are you following Zecora?”

“I want prove to my sister that I am not a chilled anymore.” She looked down on the ground with her ears folded. “I hate that she treats me like it.”

Oh boy, I knew about this and I have tried to talk to AJ about this but she will won’t listen. I couldn’t help but sigh.

“Going after Zecora isn’t going to help.”

She looked up at me. “I know that but everpony in town are so afraid of her except you and Sunset, I want to know what so dangerous about her.”

I’m going to regret this and AJ is probably going to kill me that’s for sure. “If you are going in there at least let me go with you, I been in there enough to know my way.” She smiled at me. “Just don’t forget to put flowers on my grave after your sister kills me.”

We were about to go in when. “Got room for two more?” We turned around and saw Colastone and Globe walking towards us.

“What are you two doing here?” I kind of knew the answer but I asked anyway.

Colastone. “I want to find out why the ponies in this town fear this zebra so much.”

Globe. “I’m just in it for the adventure.”

Okay, I didn’t knew the answer. “Alright, all of just stay behind me.” I looked at the kid. “That goes double for you missy, got it.” She just nodded like crazy, she knew what would happened if she didn’t listen to me. We were about go into the forest when a Timberwolf came out form it. “Not that again.”

Globe walked over to wolf. “Hey Woddy.” He then stared to pet it.

Colastone leaned over to me. “Does that guy have pet Timberwolf and he calls it Woddy?” I just nodded. “Alright then.”

“Globe.” He looked at me. “I told you to leave that thing outside the villages.”

“I did, I told Woddy to stay in Everfree forest and he did.”

“I can’t argue with that.” I sighed. “Let’s get this over with.” We headed into the forest.

Three ponies, a Timber wolf and fox walking through a forest, never thought I will see that in my life. While walking Applebloom was walking closed to me, I guess that the forest and the Timberwolf made her very nervous. I put a hand on her shoulder.

“You okay?”

She shook her head. “Not really, I forgot who dark and scary it is in here.”

I was about tell her that we would be okay when we arrived at some blue flowers, I but my arms out and manged to stop them before they walked any further.

“What? Why did you stop us?” Colastone asked me, I pointed at the blue flowers. “Blue flowers? What about them?”

“That Poison joke and you don’t want to come in contact with them, trust me on this.”

I could tell that they didn’t believe me at first but they nodded and we avoided them, while walking through them we saw Zecora coming towards but she stopped not far from us. Why? Well…

“Applebloom, what the hay are you doing?” We all turned around and standing in the poison joke was AJ and the other, Sunset wasn’t there and that’s good. She walked over to us and grabbed her sister. “What were you thinking?” She then l looked at me. “And you, I thought you knew better.”

I was about to say something but Zecora bet me to it. “Beware. Beware, you pony folk. Those leaves of blue are not a joke.” I knew what she was talking about that the girls were standing in Poison joke but they wasn’t listing.

“You keep your creep mumbo jumbo to yourself, ya hear.” Mumbo jumbo, seriously?

“Beware. Beware.” She then disappeared into the mist which was pretty cool.

I then felt something hit my head, I knew who it was. “What were you thinking? Brining my little sister with you, what’s wrong with you?”

“Applejack, would you just let me explain.”

She put a hand in front of my face. “I don’t want to hear it.” She grabbed Applebloom’s hand. “When we get back to the farm we are going to have a long talk about listing to your big sister.” They walked away and we followed them.

Well outside the forest the girls went their separate ways, expect Twilight and Pinkie. Pinkie went right to Colastone and Globe.

“You two are new Ponyville aren’t you? I know, because I know every pony in town and since you two are new then I need to throw you two a party tomorrow.” And she was gone before they got to say something.

“What was that?” Colastone asked while staring at spot where Pinkie just stood.

“That’s Pinkie, she needs to throw a party to every new pony that comes to town.” I answered him.

“Hell no, I’m not going to a party with that crazy pony. I’m heading home.”

And that he did, I looked over to the unicorn. “What are you doing here Sparkle?”

“I was trying to convince my friends that they shouldn’t judge Zecora by her appearance, but it didn’t work so well as I thought.”

I couldn’t but snort of that. “Good luck with that, I have tried to do that for two months now. If I could not do I doubt you can.”

“I think your right, I’m heading home. I need to study.”

She was about to leave. “Wait a minute Sparkle, is it possible you can show Globe where the hotel is? He need a place to stay tonight.” I pointed my thumb at him.

“Sure, I can do that.” She was to walk over to him but then she saw Woddy, she screamed and hid behind me. “Don’t let that Timberwolf eat me.” I don’t usually laugh of others but this had to chuckle a little.

“Don’t worry, Woddy won’t hurt you.” He bent down and stared to bet him, the Timberwolf stared to lick him face. “See.”

Twilight walked over to them. “If you say so, I don’t think wise to take him into town.”

“I know already, Fox told me.” He said with a little annoyance in his voice.

We headed home while Woddy stayed behind in the forest, Twilight and Globe walked together towards the hotel and I could swear that I heard a little laughter as they disappeared. Me? I walked home. Once I was home I sat down and stared to read until it was bed time, I was looking forward to tomorrow.

I woke up so early I could, took a shower, ate breakfast and headed towards the library. Why? I knew that six mares would show up there and that they would be different and I wasn’t going to missed that. When I arrived, I saw Sunset standing by a bookshelf and it looks like she was organising books, she was surprised to see me.

“Fox, what are you doing her? It’s seven in the morning, did you have nightmares?” She said that last part with teasing in her voice.

What? “No, I’m here because you are going to have a visit from Twilight and the others. They step in poison joke yesterday and I’m here to see the result.”

“Really now, you want to see their misery?” She put and hand on her chest. “Fox, I’m shocked.” She said in a dramatic tone.

What the hell. “Okay, what’s wrong with you? You haven been in a bad mood ever since we went up the mountain to talked to Drake.”

“You want to know what’s wrong Fox? I’ll tell you, I’m sick of lying. I’m sick of knowing the truth about what happened at Summer Sun Celebration.” She sat down on the couch, she leaned her head back. “Why can’t we tell them?”

I sat down beside her. “I get that you’re sick of lying but that can’t be all.”

“No, you’re right. Ever since Twilight arrived into town Applejack and the other aren’t spending any time with me anymore, it’s like their have forgotten that were friends. They always hang out with her, I have been living in Ponyville for three years and I know them better than Twilight.” She but her hands on her head.

“Maybe it has something to do with the memory lose my element detected when we were testing them.”

She sat up straight. “I never thought about that, while altering their memory Celestia must somehow altered their physical behavior. I have read about that but I never thought it would be possible, interesting.” She then looked at me. “By the way, are you really going to see what happened to them with the Poison joke?”

I couldn’t help but smile. “You are correct but, I can’t wait and see what happened to them.”

“Ahh, I see. You usually don’t do this Fox.” She got up and walked towards one of the book bookshelf.

“You are correct Sunset but after what those mares did yesterday, I think they deserve it. Well, except Twilight.”

Right after I said that the door open and Twilight ran in, she closed the door and leaned against it and she was wearing a hat, a fishing hat. “Nice hat Sparkle.” She looked at me and she was not in the mood.

“What are you doing her Twilight? You have already borrowed a book and I told you that you aren’t allowed to read the book here.” Sunset said with a little anger in her voice,

“I know that but I need your help.” She walked up to her. “Something happened to me while I was sleeping and none of the books I have don’t have the answer.”

Sunset crossed her arms. “What’s the problem?” She knew what it was but I think she just messing with Twilight a little.

Twilight removed her hat and what I saw almost made me laugh, I managed to contain myself. Her horn was limp covered with blue spots, that make sense considering she love to magic and the means that her horn must suffer.

“I was brushing my hair when I notice that my horn was like this.” She pointed at her horn. “Once I had read the books I had and didn’t find the answer to my problem I panicked, I found a hat I had brought with me and I ran here as fast as I could, you need to help me Sunset. I don’t know what’s wrong.”

Now, I know that Sunset isn’t the one to turn away from a problem but in this case, I think she was enjoying herself. I could actually see a little smile on her face.

“I think it may be a curse Twilight.” Maybe a little childish but in case it’s okay.

Twilight wasn’t convinced. “A curse? Do mean that Zecora but a curse on me?”

“Who said it was Zecora?” She walked over to the bookshelf and got a book. “Read this.” She gave the book to Twilight.

“Supernaturals, I’m sorry Sunset but I don’t believe that this is curse.”

“Pft pft pft.”

We all looked at the door and there was Pinkie and her tongue was sticking out and it was covert in blue spots, it took all willpower in my body not to laugh at her. I could see that Sunset was doing the same thing.

“Pinkie, not you too.” Said Twilight.

“Pth pthf pthht.”

“I don’t understand you Pinkie.”

“I think she is saying that Zecora but a curse on her.” I was actually guessing but something told that she said exactly that.

Then we heard something crash into the library wall, I looked outside and there I saw Dash and she had trouble flying. I open a window so she wouldn’t make a hole in the wall, she flew through the window and straight into the ladder and got stuck. I knew right away what her problem was and it was hilarious.

“Dash, what happened?” What do you think Twilight?

“I’m like this because Zecora but a curse on me.” Yeah right.

“I have to agree with that.” In walked Rarity and her problem was that her hair was very long and I mean very long, it reached all the way done to her feet. Shy was standing beside her. “I also think that Zecora has put a curse on us.”

Then we heard a tiny voice. “I hate to tell you so Twilight but, I told you so.” In the door opening was Applebloom and on her shoulder, was Applejack and she was very tiny, she was just a few centimetres. This was too much for me, I fell on the floor laughing my ass of. “This is not funny Fox?”

I manged to get a hold of myself. “It’s very funny Tiny, incredibly funny.” I sat back on the couch.

Then Rarity decide to speak. “Let’s put away that it’s funny, Fluttershy seems to be fine.”

She was right but I don’t believe that for one moment.

“Fluttershy.” Twilight asked her. “Are you okay?” She just looked away trying to hide herself in her hair. “Is there something wrong with you?” Shy just gave her a nod. “Would you care to tell us?” She looked at Twilight and was about to say something but closed her mouth and looked away again.
“So… you’re not going to tell us?” Shy gave a confident nod. “Yes you’re no, or yes you will?” Then she shook her head.

I was about to ask her in a nice way but Tiny did before me, in a not so nice way. She jumped on the table. “Good gravy girl, what’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” I was shocked when she spoke, her voice sounded like a man. A man with a very deep voice. I didn’t think this was funny at all I actually like her voice, that isn’t funny this is just cruel.

Then Globe walked into the library. “What’s going on in here? I have seen ponies go…” His eyes widen when he saw the girls and he had trouble finding the right words, I think. “What happened here?”

Dash manged to get lose from the ladder. “I’ll tell you pal, a zebra named Zecora but a curse on us.”

“It’s not a curse.” Twilight exclaimed, she was about to say something but her mouth was closed by Sunset magic.

“This is my library Twilight and I don’t like when others are yelling, are we clear?” She said the last part in a dark tone, she then looked at the other’s. “That goes for all of you.” They all nodded.

I got up from the couch when I notice Applebloom sneak out the door. “Well, this has been fun but I things to do and place to be.” I wasn’t wrong about that part, but first I walked over to Sunset. “I’ll try and talking to AJ and the others when it comes to what we talk before the girls arrived, okay?” She just gave me nob and I headed towards the door, I grabbed Globe on the way out.

Well outside we walked towards the Everfree forest where I knew Applebloom was headed.

“What’s going on Fox? And what was wrong with those girls?” He asked me.

“Do you remember those blue flowers we almost step in yesterday?” He nodded. “Those are called poison joke and they are the reason the girls are the way they are.”

“Are you telling me that those blue flowers are reason they looked like they are?” I nodded. “Is that even possible?”

“Considering it’s the Everfree forest, yes, it’s possible.”

“Okay then, where are we going exactly?”

“We are going to the only one that can fix them but first, we are going to catch up to Applebloom. Before she does anything stupid.”

We picked up our pace. When we arrived at edge at the forest we saw Applebloom just standing there, déjà vu. “Going somewhere?” that made her jump in the air.

She turned around. “Fox, it’s not what you think.”

“Oh really? It looks like you are going into the forest to see Zecora to help your sister and her friends, how far off am I?”

She tried to come up with answer but no luck. “Okay, it actually like you think but it’s my fault. If I haven’t gone after Zecora in the first place none of this would have after.”

I bent down and but a hand on her shoulder. “Look Applebloom, it’s not your fault. You did what the ponies in this town never had the guts to do, and that was to talk to Zecora. It’s your sister and the others fault that they are like that.”

“It’s not our fault.” Said a little voice and I knew actually who’s voice it’s was, Applejack popped out form her sister pocket. “It’s Zecora, she put a curse on us.”

I lifted Applejack up by her collar. “Well, well, is it not Tiny. Who are you to judge Zecora?” I found a branch and hung her there. “Why don’t you hang there and think about who is right and who is wrong.” I looked at the other two. “Let’s get to Zecora and fix this.” We headed into the forest leaving Tiny alone.

After a while of walking Applebloom asked me about her sister. “Are you sure that it was wise to leave my sister on that branch?”

“Your sister is the most stubborn pony I know, all she need is to cool down and don’t worry, she will be fine. Nothing will happen to her while she is there, I hope.”

She then turned to Globe. “Who are you?”

“My name is Globe Trotter and I just arrived at this town.” He just smiled when he said that, does this guy ever stop smiling? He’s reminds me of Pinkie. I shuddered when I thought about that.

“What do you for a living?” That was good question, why didn’t I ask that one before?

“I travel around Equestria and doing jobs to put food on my plate and something I sell things I found on my journey.”

“Don’t you want to stay one place, it must be lonely.” I’m starting to think that Applebloom is older than she is.

“I have Woddy.”

“Woddy? Do you mean that Timberwolf?” Globe gave her a nod. “Don’t miss talking to other’s ponies?”

That question surprised him, that I could see. “I have never thought about that.”

Traveling is good and all but something you can miss to have others to talk to. Enough of that, we had finally arrived at Zecora hut and outside of it sat a familiarly Timberwolf.

“Woddy?” Globe went over to pet him. “What are you doing here boy?”

I ignored him and focused in Zecora hut, it still creeps me out. Freaky masks standing on the ground and amulets hanging from three branches, why does must she have it like this? I hate it.

“Let’ see if she is home.” I walked over and knocked on the door. “Zecora? You home?”

It didn’t talk long before I got an answer. “Yes, my friend, I’m home so come on in.” She answered in her usually rhythm voice, I have to ask her why she talks like that. We all walked in and the inside of her house is as creepy as the outside. Masks hanging on the walls and potions standing on shelves.

“This place still creeps me out.” I said while walking in.

Zecora was standing by a giant cauldron, she just pored something in it. "I see... though, you say that everything you've visited me."

“And I mean it, I still understand why you have to collect all this stuff.” I looked at the masks that was hanging on the wall.

“They are from my home country and are very dear to me.”

“If you say so, now. For the reason we are here, there are…”

“…"Somepony stepped in Poison Joke and needs the cure, you say? Then I shall hurry without delay." She then noticed the two ponies behind me. “Who are you friends?”

“The little one is Applebloom, she is the sister to one of the ponies that changed and the pegasus is Globe Trotter. He’s not a friend, I just meet him yesterday.” I walked over to cauldron and looked down in it, I saw a green liquid. “Is the antidote ready?”

She took a stick and stared to stir in it. "Almost, I need some more ingredients to finish the brew." She said, looking at the two that were still standing by the door. "Perhaps they can assist you?"

“That a good idea.” I walked over to them. “What do you say Applebloom? Want to help Globe to gather some ingredients to the cure Zecora is making?”

She just smiled. “Sure, if this help my sister then I’ll do it.”

I looked at Globe who just stared at me, I think he didn’t catch what I said. “What? You don’t want to help her?” I asked him.

“I do but why do it have to be me? Why can’t you help here? Something tells me that you have been in the Everfree forest more times than me.”

“That might be true but I need to be to be here when the others are coming, something tells me that they are not happy.” I looked at Zecora. “Do you have the list.” She just gave me a note, I took it and gave it to Globe. “Here you have a list over things you need and how they look.” I then handed them some baskets. “Now go on, go and collect.” They did that will I step outside to wait for Sunset and the others.

It didn’t take long before I heard something coming, then I saw Dash flying upside down and AJ was riding her like cowboy, it was pretty funny. They crashed into some bushes, AJ jump out from it and she didn’t look happy, she pointed a finger at me.

“You, you hang me on a branch and let me alone there.” She said in her tiny voice.

“Yes, I did and I don’t regret it.”

She was about to attack me but she was lifted up by Sunset. “What did I tell you Applejack? If you don’t behave you don’t get the antidote.” AJ just crossed her arms and said something I didn’t hear.

Then I saw the rest of them coming through the forest. “I guess you told them what really happened.”

“That I did, I told them that it was the flowers and not Zecora. I must admit that telling them that it was curse was not maybe the smartest idea I have had.”

“No kidding.” AJ said with her tiny voice.

I was about to scold her when Rainbow flew out from the bushes and into Zecora’s hut. “This can’t be good.” We ran inside and what we saw was that Rainbow flew around room crashing into stuff. “What the hell are you doing Dash?”

“I’m trying to stop but I can’t control my wings.”

I had to do something so as soon she was in front me I jump and tackle her to the floor. “No, my brew. You stupide pony, now I have to make a new.” I looked and saw that Zecora’s brew had been spilled on the floor, Dash had to crashed into it when she flew in the hut.

I could hear Dash snort under me. “Yeah right, you are probably going to eat Applebloom with that.”

What the hell, I looked at Sunset. “You said that you told them that it was the flowers fault not Zecora.”

“I did but I guess that Rainbow didn’t listen to me.”

I looked down at the pegasus. “Is this true?”

“Well, yes. I don’t believe that flowers cursed us, what about the stuff she said yesterday?”

“That was a waring genius, a warning about the flowers.”

“That is right, the plant is like poison Oka. But its results are like a joke.” After Zecora said that the girls had confused faces, even Twilight.

“What in hay does that means?” Said tiny AJ.

“What it means Tiny, that those blue flowers you stepped into yesterday did this to you. They just want to have a joke, that’s all.” That help, we all got a ‘oh’ from all of them.

“Then how are we going to get normal?”

“Well Twilight, Zecora was working a brew when Rainbow Crash her.” I pointed at the pegasus that was lying on the floor. “Crashed into the cauldron and destroyed the cure.”

“What’s going on in here?” We all looked at the door and there stood Globe and Applebloom.

“Applebloom, you are alright.” Way to point out the oblivious Tiny.

“Of course I am, why wouldn’t I be.”

“Because Zecora wanted to eat you.” That’s is, Dash pushed my last button.

I got up. “All of you shut the hell, I have enough. You six ignorant fools need to open your eyes, Zecora isn’t a witch or anything in the direction, all she is a zebra that came to Equestria to live among us but you ponies are so naïve that you can’t see that.”

“Fox please, it’s okay.”

“No Zecora, it’s not okay. For almost three months the ponies in the town have been afraid of you when it’s nothing to afraid of, if anyone they should be afraid of is me. I’m the one that eats meat and you.” I looked at the party pony. “You are supposed to throw a party to everyone that’s new in town but when it comes Zecora you won’t do it.” I walked over to her. “If you try to throw a party for Globe or Zecora I will promise that I will never come to a party with you EVER again and I will never speak to you again, do I make myself clear?” She nodded.

“Good.” Then I looked Sunset. “Why don’t you finished this up, I have enough of this crap to last a life time.” I walked out and headed towards town. I wanted to just go home end forget all this but I said that I would talk to the girls for Sunset and that I am going to do, of to the farm.

I sat and waited fence near the entrance to the farm to talk to Applejack, I didn’t which way this conversation would take. After my outburst, I imaged that AJ are pretty mad at me and that I hang her on a branch and the edge on the Everfree Forest didn’t help me much.

When I finally saw AJ and Applebloom walking towards the farm my heart started to beat fast, I it felt like I was going to have heart attack. When they arrived at the entrance AJ just stared into my good eye, I couldn’t read her. She was stone cold in her eyes, Applebloom looked between us, probably wondering if we were going to fight or not.

AJ was the first to speak. “Applebloom, go inside while I and Fox talk.”

“Okay.” I could hear that she didn’t want to but she left leaving me with her sister.

I better stared talking before she foes something. “Look AJ, I’m sorry about my outburst at Zecora hut.”

She waded a hand. “Don’t worry about it, I we all need to hear that special Dash.”

“That’s good to hear, what happened after I had left?”

“Well, after you left Sunset had to convince Rainbow that Zecora wasn’t evil and she didn’t want to eat my sister,” I just rolled my eye of that last part. “that Globe guy help a little to. Then we headed into town to use the spa and tell the ponies in town that Zecora wasn’t evil.”

“How did that go?”

“I think they are still sceptical but they said that they will try.”

“That’s something but why did you go to the spa?”

“We need the hot tub they had there so we could be cured.” I just gave her a ‘oh’ on that one. “And as you can see work.” She smiled at that last part.

“That’s good to hear and I’m guessing that you and the others learn a lesson?”

“You can say that again.”

“Alright then, did you and the others learn a lesson?” She just narrowed her eyes at me. “Sorry, you said it.”

“I guess I did.” She laughed a little. “Was there something else Fox.”

“Yes, there is.” I jump down from the fence. “I wanted to talk about Sunset and why you and the others are ignoring her.”

That just confused her. “We are ignoring her? How?”

“She said that ever since Twilight arrived in Ponyville you and the other girls have stop hanging out with her, tell me something AJ; how long have you know Sunset?”

“I’ll say about three years.” She answered.

“And how about Twilight.”

“About two weeks.”

“Now tell me this, how can you just stop seeing Sunset like that? You have known here three years and she told me ever since Twilight arrived in Ponyville you and the others have stopped seeing her. It’s like you are ignoring her, don’t tell me that is true AJ.”

“We have?” She scratched her head. “I didn’t even notice, I didn’t mean to. Tell you what, I’ll talk to the others tomorrow and we are going to fix this. Sunset is my friend…”

Right after she said she fell to the ground and clenched her head, I ran over to her. “AJ, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know, my head suddenly hurts. Make it stop.”

I didn’t know what to do but something told me that it was effect of the spell that Celestia cast and the elements, they must somehow be fighting inside her brain. Celestia’s spell must be trying to decide that she should only be friends with Twilight and not Sunset, while her element is trying to correct that.

Eventually stopped she stopped holding her head. “You okay AJ?”

She was breathing heavily. “Yeah. I think so. I don’t know what happened, as soon as I said that Sunset was my friend my head suddenly hurts. But I’m okay now.”

I help her up. “Are you sure? You don’t need a glass of water or something?” I asked her.

She shook her head. “No, I’m fine but what was that?”

I just shrugged my shoulders. “You’re asking the wrong fox, I don’t know anything about the brain. I didn’t take that class in school.” I looked at her with a worried face. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

She just gave me an assuring smiled. “Yes Fox, I feel fine and tomorrow I will talk to the other about Sunset. That we have been ignoring her.”

I guess that the elements won. “That’s good to hear, if you will excuse me I’m going home. It’s been a long day.”

“I agreed with you on that one.” I was about go when. “By the way Fox, have you ever been in contact with the poison joke?”

I was hoping that question never came up. “Unfortunately, yes. I was turned into a wolf.”

That just confused her. “A wolf? Why?”

I just put my hand up while shrugging my shoulders. “I have no idea, it was a joke remember.” I stared to walk back to town. “See you around AJ.” We waved to each other and went our separate ways.

“What a day.” I walked through the town wondering if they really learned something, they were stubborn all of them special Dash. I just have to remember to apologize to them tomorrow, maybe not Pinkie. She is supposed to become friends with every new one that comes into Ponyville, but not with Zecora.

When I came closer to the center of town I could see Globe sitting on a bench by the fountain. “Globe, I thought that you and Woddy had left the town.” That name.

“Winter is around the corner and to be traveling now isn’t very smart and beside I kind of like this town, the pony here is kind to me.”

“Are you sure that’s the only reason, maybe there’s a certain pony that’s keeping you here?” I said with a smile on my face.

That made him blush, he rubbed his neck. “Maybe, either way. It’s time I settle down I have been traveling most of my life.”

“I’m glad to hear that Globe, I’m heading home. See you around.”

We waved goodbye to each other and went home but I didn’t come very lone. I was halfway home when it started to snow, I looked around and notice that only place that is was snowing was where I was standing. I looked up and saw a cloud and a what I saw was a purple tail hanging from it. I walked away from the cloud and I saw a male pegasus pony mediated on the cloud.

He white fur and his hair and tail was purple but was stood out the most was that his wings were made of ice, what the hell. “Hey, you on the cloud. What the hell are you doing?” I got no responded, so I picked up a little stone and threw it at the pegasus. That got him to open his eyes.

He looked at me and he was not happy. “Is there a reason you are interrupting my mediation?”

“Yeah, what the hell are you doing to the cloud? Winter isn’t coming yet.”

He stared to looked around. “It’s getting late, I better head home.” He got up and spread his ice wings.

“Wait a minute.” My words fell on deaf ears, he disappeared pretty fast. “Who the hell was that guy?”

A Parasprites Problem

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Pinkamane Diane Pie, what’s the right word for this pony? Weird, crazy or random. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea how describe her. I think she hit her head to many time as a kid and thanks to that she thinks she is a seven year old pony all the time, she certainly act like one. But underneath all that pink fur is a pony who knows what she is talking about, sometimes.

It’s been a few days since the whole incident with Zecora, the ponies in town was a little cautious at first and they still are, but at least Zecora can walk through town whiteout causing chaos. Anyway, right now me and Sunset are at Rarity, watching as she is making a dress for Dash. Why you do you ask, because Celestia is coming tomorrow. Why? I have no idea, I stopped listing when Twilight mentioned her.

“Would you stay sill Rainbow Dash.”

Dash was trying her best, without result. “I can’t, I have to fly or I go crazy.” Too late for that.

Rarity put hand on her hips. “Do you want to look nice when the princess is coming tomorrow?”

Dash stopped struggling, she crossed her arms. “Fine.” Rarity counited with her work. “Are you sure this dress looks okay on me? It’s just feels wrong.”

“Why won’t it look okay on you? Are you doubting my abilities?”

Try to get yourself out of this Dash. “Yes, I’m no.” She actually stared to sweat. “I just going to stand still from now on.” I couldn’t help but chuckle a little while Sunset just laughed of it all.

Dash was about to say something but lucky for me and Sunset Twilight enter the shop, she looked over dresses.

“Rarity, these dresses are just gorgeous.”

Rarity pump out her chest a little. “I’m glad that somepony appreciate my work.” Then she glared at Dash who was trying to look another way then at Rarity.

Then we heard some kind of sound coming from out from Twilight’s hair and then some kind of round pink fluff ball with wings came out from her hair, it landed on her head.

“Sparkle, what the hell is that?” I asked her while ignoring the look that Rarity was giving me, she doesn’t like me swearing. I don’t care what she thinks.

“I when I was at Sugarcube corner inspecting the food, Fluttershy came by and she had three of them with her, so I took one.” The three more appeared, one was yellow and the other was blue.

“What about those two?” I asked her.

“That’s was weird, I only had one.”

Then Dash and Rarity gathered around Twilight. “Wow, what are they?” Dash asked Twilight.

“The better question, where did they come from. I only had one a minute ago.”

Okay, that’s weird. I looked over to Sunset. “What do you think about those things?”

“I don’t know, I have never seen them before. But, I something fell’s wrong about them, no animal can multiply like that.”

“I agree with you on that one.” I looked back them and what I saw was Dash and Rarity snuggling with each one of those things, I didn’t know what to think about that. It was just wrong.

Then Pinkie appeared. “Does anyone know where I can find an accordion.” What? Me and Sunset gave each other confusing looks while Twilight and the others didn’t even care, they were busy cuddling those things. She became frustrated and ran out.

I got up. “Come on Sunset, something tells me that Pinkie know what those round things are.”

“Are you serious? Pinkie? She’s crazy, how can she know about those things?”

“I agreed that Pinkie is, well. Pinkie. But I think she knows about those thing, I doesn’t hurt to ask.” She just sighed and got up, we walked after Pinkie.

Lucky for us she hadn’t gone very far, she was just standing in the street. “Pinkie.” She didn’t answer. “Pinkie.” She still didn’t answer me so I went over to her and slapped her in the head, that got her to react.

“Ow.” She rubbed her head. “Why did you hit me Fox?”

“Because you didn’t answer me.”

She blinked a few times. “Oh. I was think, I was trying remember who has a big drum.”

Say what? I’m going to regret asking this. “Why do you need a big drum?”

“Sooo I can play it, duh.”

I slap a hand on my face. “Pinkie, can you stop being you for one moment and tells us what those round things that Twilight have. Something tells me you know what they are.”

“They are called Parasprites and they come from the Everfree forest.”

“And how do you know that?”

“My grandfather told me about them.”

“Right, that doesn’t explain why you need a drum.”

“If I don’t get Parasprites back to the Everfree forest then they will eat every food in Ponyville, that’s why I need a drum and other instruments. Music is the only thing that can get them back to the Everfree, they love music.”

“What would happen if they eat the food in Ponyville?”

“They will multiply.”

I just stared at her trying to figure out if she was telling the truth or not, I may regret my next decision. “Alright Pinkie, me and Sunset are going to help you with these Parasprites.”

Pinkie. “You are?

Sunset. “We are?”

“We are Sunset, my gut tells me that Pinkie is telling the truth. And we have seen the things multiply already, if they would to multiply even more then what would happen.”

“They would probably overrun this town and the rest of Equestria, alright. What do you want me to?”

“I want you to head back to the library and confirm if Pinkie is telling the truth, find out as much as you can about these Parasprites.”

She nodded. “I can do that, what about you?”

“I’m going to help Pinkie gather instruments.” Sunset headed to the library leaving me alone with Pinkie. “Okay Pinkie, what kind of instruments do you need?”

She put a hand on her cheek. “Well, I need an accordion, banjo, tuba, harmonica. I am not sure about the rest.”

Dear good. “I know where to find an accordion and harmonica, why don’t you focus on finding the others.”

She gave me a salute. “Yes sir.” She bounced away leaving me alone, I stood there wondering why I was doing this. I just shook my head and stared to walk to the hotel to talk with Globe.

Once I reached the hotel, I greeted the pony in that work there and head to Globe room. Once I found room 3 I knocked on the door.

“Globe, you in there?”

I could hear movement behind the door. “One second.” It didn’t take long before he open the door. “Hey Fox, is there something I can help you with?”

“Yes, is it possible I can borrow your harmonica?”

He just stared at me with a confuse look. “Why do you want borrow my harmonica?” A good question.

“It's not me who needs it but Pinkie.”

“Okay, why do Pinkie need my harmonica?”

“She need it to drive out Parasprites with music.”

Now he was even more confuse. “Just what is a Parasprites?”

“I have no idea, look. I know that Pinkie is weird but, I promise that you will get your harmonica back safe and sound.”

He looked at me as he was trying to find out if I was telling the truth or not, I guess I was telling the truth because he went back in to his room. It didn’t take very long before he came back with a harmonica.

“Here’s my harmonica but, I want to promise me that you will bring it back.”

I gave him a reassuring smile. “I promise you that I will bring it back to you and I’ll keep me promises.”

“Alright, I believe you.”

He gave it to me and I took it. “Thanks.” Before I was to go I decide to ask him something. “So, are you liking Ponyville so far? Since you decide to stay here.”

He leaned against door frame “It’s not bad, it’s a quiet town, the ponies are nice. I’m think about settle down here.”

“That’s good to hear, is there a certain pony that is making you stay?”

When I said that he stared to plush. I couldn’t help myself, ever since he and Twilight meet they have spending more and more time together. He rubbed his neck.

“Maybe, look. I don’t know alright, can we just not talk about, alright?”

I couldn’t help but laugh a little. “Sure, I have to bring the harmonica back to Pinkie. See you around.”

He closed the door and I stared to walk out from the hotel, well outside I stared to walk to my next destination. Once I arrived at the house I knock on the door and the one who open the door was Scootaloo, a filly with orange fur and purple hair. She smiled when she saw me.

“Hey Fox, what are you doing here?”

I smiled back. “Hey Scootaloo, is your aunt home? I need to ask her something.”

“She is home, come in.” She let me inn.

Once inside I saw a mare sitting on the couch reading a book, she an earth pony with light pink fur, her hair and tail was mix of orange and red, at least I think is red. “Aunt Holiday, Fox wasn’t to talk to you.” Holiday looked up from her book and smiled when she saw me, she put the book down.

“Thanks, Scootaloo. Don’t you have homework to do?”

Scootaloo groaned when she heard that. “It’s so boring.”

I stared to ruffle her mane. “That may be true but, it is also educational.” She swapped away my hand and stared to walk up the stairs mumbling something I didn’t hear. That kid hasn’t had it easy in life, her parents died when she was young. But she lucky that she has an aunt that was willing to take her into her house, it’s better than living in orphanage.

“So, what can I do for the only fox in town?”

“I was hoping to borrow an accordion from Lofty.”

That just gave me a confuse look, I starting to get use to that part.

“Why do you need to borrow an accordion from Lofty?”

Oh boy. “It’s not me that’s need the according, it’s Pinkie. She needs musical instruments to drive out Parasprites from town before they eat all the food in town, if we don’t do that they will multiply and good knows what will happened.

Okay, I admit it. That was maybe not the right way to explain it, but what ells was is suppose say? When I said it, I thought that Holiday would stared laughing but she didn’t. I would have laugh at me.

“Hey Lofty.”

An pegasus with blue fur and with light and normal purple color in her hair, came stepped out into the living room.

“Yes Holiday.” She then saw me. “Oh, hello Fox, I thought I heard you out here. What can we do for you?” She said with a smile.

“He needs to borrow your accordion?”

That confused Lofty. “Why do he need to borrow that? He doesn’t play accordion?” She looked at me. “Do you?”

“No, I don’t. I’m gathering musical instruments for Pinkie and please don’t ask me why she need it.”

“I heard the reason, but I’m going to let you borrow it. Just let me find it first.”

She walked up to the second floor, why do I get feeling that she was messing with me. I was left alone with Holiday.

“Why didn’t you laugh at me when I told you the reason I needed the according?” I asked Holiday.

“You aren’t the type to tell a lie, even when it absurd like that.”

She went back to her book. I couldn’t help but admire Holiday, she took in Scootaloo when she lost her parents at a young age. I know how that fell all too well.

I didn’t take long before Lofty came back with an accordion. “Here you go Fox.” She handed it to me and I almost fell to the ground when I took it, it was heavy.

“Thank Lofty, do you need this back when Pinkie is done with it?”

She shook her head. “Not really, I bought this accordion on impulse buy.”

We heard a snort coming from the couch. “You do a lot of those.”

Lofty gave her mate an angry stare. “No, I don’t.” Lofty answered with some anger in her voice.

“Yes, you do.”

I knew right away what was going to happened, so I moved as fast as I could out form there, once outside I breath out sigh of relief. One thing I learned over the years, never get caught between two girls arguing, I learned that the hard way. I looked at the accordion and I had the harmonica in my pocket, time to deliver these instruments to the crazy one.

The sun was setting when arrived at Sugarcube corner, once I enter I could see Mrs. Cake siting behind the counter counting money, she had to be very busy because she didn’t notice me entering the shop.

“Mrs. Cake.” I tried not to scare her.

She looked up and smiled when she saw me. “Hello Fox, what can I do for you this evening?”

“I’m looking for a pony, she is pink and a little crazy.” I would like to say, ‘out of her mind,’ but that may be pushing it a little too far. I could actually hear her say that I’m not crazy.

She pointed at the stairs. “She’s up in her room with a bunch of instruments, she didn’t tell me why.”

“Don’t worry, they have a purpose. I think.” I mumble that last one.

I hurried up the stairs and walked to the end of the hall where she lives, when I reached the door I could hear music, I think it was music. Anyway, I knock on the door and waited for her to open, it didn’t take long. When she opened I could see a lot of instruments, I’m not going to mention all of them but there’s a lot.

“Hey Fox, I see that you managed to find a harmonica and an accordion. Great work.”

“Thanks.” I handed them to her and she took them. “Just so you know I want that harmonica back it belongs to Globe, and he wants it back when you are done it.”

“You got it.” She walked into her room with the two instruments and put them on her bed.

“Are you sure this is going to work Pinkie?”

She turned to face me. “Are you doubting me Fox? Because I can tell you know that this will work.”

I couldn’t help but have my doubts about the whole thing, but I didn’t say that. “If you say so Pinkie.” I better get to the library and see if Sunset have found something. “I have to go Pinkie, I have somewhere ells to be.” I said goodbye to her and walked away.

I managed to reach the library before the sun disappeared, I entered the treehouse and inside I could see Sunset sitting on the couch reading a book. She looked up from it when I entered.

“So, did you find something about Parasprites?”

“I’m not sure if you want to hear this.”

This can’t be good. “Just let me hear it.”

She stood up. “According to this book, animals of the Everfree. Pinkie is telling the truth.”

She gave me the book and stared to read. “Parasprites, lives in the Everfree. They don’t usually venture outside the forest but when they do they eat all the food they come across and they multiply, they only thing that can stop them is music.” I gave it back to her. “Pinkie was right and now she is the only thing that can stop them, that just great.”

Sunset had a worried face. “What do we do now, it also says that magic has a side effect on them.”

“Unless you or I can play multiple instruments at once, which none of us can. We have to wait and hope that Pinkie can pull this off, let’s just hope that the Parasprites don’t multiply too much.” I hope that I’m right.

“What you are saying that Pinkie is this town and maybe Equestria’s only hope? That’s not very insuring to hear.”

“I know, let’s just try to get some sleep and wait until tomorrow.”

She let out a heavy sigh. “I guess you’re right, I’m not sure if going to get any sleep.“

“Me neither, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I said goodbye to her and went home. I woke up the next day and I didn’t have any trouble going to sleep, which I thought was weird. I did my business in the bathroom, got dressed and went down to eat breakfast. While eating my cereal I saw Twilight walk past my house with a bag around her neck and I could swear that it was moving, that can’t be good. I finished my breakfast and headed out, time to talk to Pinkie.

When I arrived at Sugarcube corner I saw Pinkie leaving, she stopped and waved when she saw me. “Hey, Fox, nice day today.”

I just gave her a deadpan stare. “Forget about that Pinkie, are you ready with the instruments yet?”

“Not yet, I’m missing some instruments.”

“Okay, then go and find them will I’m going to head to Fluttershy’s house. I saw Twilight run towards there with a bag which I’m guessing was full of Parasprites.”

She saluted. “Yes sir.” Then she disappeared, that pony.

On my way there I ran into Sunset who tag alone, she said that she wanted to see if what was in the book was true and the whole thing with Pinkie.

“Do you think that Pinkie can pull this off?” Sunset asked me while we were walking to Fluttershy.

“Let’s hope so, I don’t want to see those fur balls run over this town.” I answered her.

When we arrived at her house we saw… To be honest, I’m not sure what we saw. What we saw was a giant ball with Parasprites, Applejack was running behind it, Twilight and Rarity was running in front of the ball while Shy and Dash was flying over it.

“What are they doing?” Sunset asked a good question.

“It looks like they are rounding up the Parasprites and driving them towards the forest, and it looks like it’s working.”

It was working, then Pinkie show up and started to talk with them. Me and Sunset couldn’t hear anything because we were to fare away, then sat down on the ground and stared to think? What the hell.”

“PINKIE.” She looked at me and she was confused. “STOP SITTING THERE AND GET YOUR BUT IN GEAR AND CONTINUED COLLECTING INSTRUMENTS.” She stood up and saluted, then she ran away.

I stared to rub my head “That pony.” While I was shouting at Pinkie the rest of the girls managed to drive the Parasprites to the Everfree forest.

“Why did you tell Pinkie to find instruments? Applejack and the others managed to drive the Parasprites back the Everfree.” Sunset asked me.

“Somehow I doubt it’s over.”

We watch as the girls went back to Fluttershy house, then she opened her own door and hundreds of Parasprites flew out. I looked over to Sunset with a smug smile on my face, she just rolled her eyes. Then we saw Dash put on some goggles and stared to make a small tornado, she then stared to suck up the Parasprites. This can’t end well, and I was right.

Pinkie showed up with some cymbals but those were suck up by the tornado that Dash was making, then the whole thing fell apart, then the Parasprites flew towards Ponyville. This is going well. Then the girls stared to yell at Pinkie, after that they ran to the town. Me and Sunset walked to the pink one.

“You okay Pinkie?” I asked her.

She looked at me and she was not happy. “No, I wish that the girls would listen to me.”

I put a hand on her shoulder. “I know that you want to, but if you managed to gather the instruments and get rid of the Parasprites then they have to listen to you.”

She stood up. “You are right, I’m only missing two instruments.” She ran towards the town.

“That sounded so bad.” Sunset told me.

Now it was my turn to roll my eye. “It worked didn’t, let’s just head to town and make sure that the girls don’t do anything stupid.”

When we arrived, we saw that Twilight was about to cast a spell, that got Sunset to react. “Twilight, don’t.” She ran to her to prevent her to cast the spell, but it was too late the spell affect all the Parasprites in town. Sunset then tackle her to the ground. “You idiot, why did you do that?”

“I was trying to make them stop eating the food.”

“You may have done things worse.”

“How can I have done things worse?”

“Magic has a different effect on the Parasprites, what you wanted may not happened.”

Sunset was right, as soon the spell was done the Parasprites didn’t eat the food but rest of the town. What do I mean? One of the sniffed an apple, then it ate the apple and the bucket, and then it decided to spit out the apple. Yep, it ate the bucket. Then the rest of the Parasprites stared to eat the rest of the town, and here I thought I had seen it all.

Dash. “Hey, it worked. They are not eating the food anymore.” Twilight tried to look as innocent as possible.

Sunset. “I tried to warn you Twilight.” She said while getting off her. “But you didn’t listen.”

Then Rarity eyes widen. “Oh no if they get inside my store, everypony for them self.” And she ran off, what a drama queen.

Then it was Sunset turn. “Oh no, the library.” She teleported herself away.

I walked over to Twilight with my hand in my pockets. “Well, this is going well.”

She looked at me with an angry look. “Why aren’t you helping?”

“I have been helping, I help Pinkie gather instruments, so she can get rid of the Parasprites. All you have done as made thing worst.” I looked over the town which was eaten up by Parasprites.

“You have been helping Pinkie? But, she so…”

“…random?” She nodded. “Yes, I admit that she is random but that doesn’t mean she know what she is talking about.” Then we heard music. “Speaking of a pink pony.”

Coming down the street was Pinkie with a lot of music instruments on her, a tuba on her back with the accordion, she had a pair of cymbals on her feet and the harmonica was strapped in front of her. But here’s the weirdest thing, she managed to play them without problems. Then we watch as the Parasprites stared to, well, dance. They stared to move up and down, then they stared to follow Pinkie who was leading them towards the Everfree forest.

I looked over to Twilight and the other girls who just stood there with their mouth open. “Here’s a lesson for you Sparkle, sometimes you can find the answer in the weirdest place and in this case, a pony.” Then I saw a princess heading towards the town. “Well, this has been fun, but I have to go and check on Sunset and the library. Talk to you all later.” I walk away before Celestia showed up.

When I arrived at the library I saw Sunset tossing books in the trash. “What are you doing? Why are you throwing away books?”

“They ate the words.”

Say what. “Who ate the words?” I kind of knew the answer but I had to ask.

“The Parasprites, I teleported here to save the books. Then I saw those nasty things eating the words from the books, I was about to do something when I heard music and next thing I knew, the Parasprites stared to dance out the door. I’m guessing that Pinkie managed to drive them to the Everfree forest.”

“More or less, did they eat anything important books?”

She shook her head. “No, I guess I was lucky that they didn’t.”

“That’s good.” She tossed another book. “Do you need any help.”

“No, I got this cover. Can we talk tomorrow?”

“Sure, I have to talk to Pinkie anyway.” I said goodbye and headed towards Sugarcube corner. When I arrived there, I saw Pinkie was about to open the door. “Hey Pinks.” She turned to face me.

“Hey Fox, what’s up?”

What’s up? Really. “Nothing, just wondering how it went. Did you get all the Parasprites back into the forest?”

She nodded. “Yes sir, all the Parasprites are back in the Everfree.” Thank you lord.” Also. ”She took her hand into her pocket. “Here’s Globe’s harmonica, say that I appreciate that I could borrow it.”

She gave me the harmonica and I took it and put in my own pocket. “I will, did everting go well after you got the Parasprites into the forest.”

“More or less.”

Okay. “What do you mean?”

“Well, while I was play the princess landed and thought that the whole thing was a parade in her honor.” Seriously? “Then something weird happened.”

“What weird?”

“Twilight, she tried to tell the princess what she had learned about friendship but when she tried she just began to stutter. It looked like the words wouldn’t come out, it was just weird.”

I guess the elements of harmony and whatever spell Celestia cast are fighting each other, to be honest I have no fucking idea. I suck at magic, maybe Sunset know.

“What happened after that?” I asked her.

She just shrugged her shoulder. “Don’t know, the princess talk with Twilight but I don’t know what and then she flew away while Twilight just walked away. The others and me went our separate way.” She hung her head and let out a heavy sigh. “The girls didn’t even ask me how I knew about the Parasprites.”

“That’s because they don’t take you seriously Pinkie.”

She looked up at me with a confused face. “What do you mean?”

I slap my hand on my face of that question. “Think about it Pinkie, you just showed up in Rarity shop and asked for an accordion. Do you really think any pony would take you seriously when you do that?”

“Huh, I never thought about that. I guess it sound a little weird.” You don’t say. “Okay, next time there a crisis I will be more precise.” That’s better than nothing.

“I’m glad to hear that Pinkie, now if you will excuse me. I have to return the according to Globe before it gets dark.” I was about to leave when I remember something. “Hey Pinkie.” She was about to open the door but stopped and turned around. “You know every pony in town, right?”

“Sure do.”

“Do you know a pegasus, he has white fur and his tail and mane is purple and here’s the weirds part. His wings were made of ice.”

She gasped. “There’s a new pony in town and I don’t know who it is, I will make it my life mission to find out who it is.” Then she disappeared in the door and shut it, dear good what have I done. Well, I guess that’s the mysterious pony’s problem not mine. I better get to Globe before it gets to dark.

After delivering the harmonica to Globe I went home and sat down in my chair and stared to read Daring Do, I had read few pages before someone knocked on my door.


I looked outside and saw that it was night time I asked myself, who the hell is out at this time of the day? I put the book down on the table and got up, I walked to the door to see who it was and boy was I shocked when I saw who it was. It was certain purple pony and she was crying, she had her luggage with her.

“Sparkle, what are you doing her at night?” I had to ask her, I didn’t know.

“Can I come in? I would rather not talk about it here.” She manged to say between her crying.

“Sure.” I let her in, we walked to the couch and sat down. “Alright, mind telling me why you are my house at night.”

“It’s princess Celestia, she had me kicked out from the hotel I was staying in and she also made sure that I’m not getting any more money from her.” She put both hands on her face and stared to cry again. “I don’t know what I did wrong.”

What the hell? “How did this happen?

“After Pinkie lead the Parasprites into Everfree the princess wanted me to give her a friendship report but when I tried to give her one I couldn’t say anything, I open my mouth, but nothing came out I knew what I was going to say but I couldn’t say it. I don’t know what happened.”

“I heard that part from Pinkie.” She stared to cry even more so I let her rest against my shirt, it took a while but she manged to calm down. “Feel better?” She looked up at me.

“Not really, but thanks.”

I just smiled. “You’re welcome, what are you going to do know?”

She sat up. “I don’t know I haven’t thought about it yet, I was hoping to sleep her tonight.”

“Why here? Why not at Rarity or the others?”

“I don’t want to be a burden to them, I can I please stay here tonight?”

I really wanted her to stay somewhere ells, but I wasn’t about to kick her out in the night. “Alright, you can stay her tonight but tomorrow we are going to ask the other girls if you can stay with them, got it?” She nodded. “Good, grabbed your luggage and let me show you the guest room.” Once on the second floor I showed her where the room, after that I went to my room and lay down on my bed. I just stared up at the ceiling, think what crazy day it has been. If every day is going to be like this, I’m not sure if my heart can take it. Eventually I feel asleep.

I woke up the next day and realized that I had slept in my clothes, I just shrugged it off and went to my closet to find some new clothes. I went to the bathroom and took a shower, when I was finished with that I went to check on Twilight. I open the door to the guest room very carefully so I wouldn’t wake her, I heard that she cried here’s self to sleep so I was guessing she was still sleeping, and I was right.

She was still lying her bed sleeping, I guess yesterday was really hard on her and I can’t say that I blame her, after what Celestia did to her. When I read about Celestia when I first arrived her, I read about a ruler who was a kind ruler. What she did to Twilight was no kind, it was pure evil. Something is up with the perfect ruler and I want to know what, but that will be another time, time to get some breakfast and coffee.

The coffee was almost finished when finally Twilight decide to wake up, I heard movement upstairs and then I heard footsteps down the stairs. She looked like a mess when she entered the kitchen, her hair was all spike and she had slept in clothes from yesterday, it almost felt like déjà vu on that part.

She sat down on one pf the chair and rest her head in her arms. “Moring sleepy head, want some coffee?” I didn’t get a really answer just a grunt. “I’ll take that as no.” I want back to my coffee machine, it incredible that this place as a coffee machine but no electricity, fucking magic. I poured some coffee in a cup and sat down in a chair by the table. “Are sure you don’t want some coffee?” She just shook her head. “Alright then.” I took a sip of the coffee and it was… “This coffee is bitter, I need some milk.” I fetch some and added some to my coffee and took another sip. “That’s better, I’m choosing another brand next time I’m shopping.” That got a little smile on Twilight mouth, I took another sip. “You want to talk about what happened yesterday?”

“Not really.”

If figured as much. “You have to talk to someone Sparkle, you can’t keep it to yourself.”

She looked up at me. “I will talk about when I’m ready.” She said in angry tone.

“Alright, no need to get angry.” She rested her head in her arms again. “Have you found out who you want to stay at yet?”

She looked up at me again and this time she was confused. “Why can’t I stay here?” I was expecting that question.

I put the cup down on the table. “I don’t think that is a good idea.” She was about to say something, but it cut her off. “Let me finish, I just think it would be awkward if you were living her. If we have been dating, then yes.” That got here to blush, something that was not my intention but a little funny.

“I guess you have a point.” She turned her head away for a moment, she turned to me again. “Can you ask Sunset if I can stay with her?”

My eyes almost popped out from my skull when I heard that, and I choke on my coffee, when I was finished coughing I looked at her as she was crazy.

“Can you say that again.”

“I asked if you could ask Sunset if I could stay with her.”

“That was I thought.” I coughed some more. “Please don’t take this the wrong way but, are you mad?”

“I know that me and Sunset aren’t the best of friends.” That’s one way to say it. “But I’m willing to what everything she said, it’s her library after all.”

I looked into her eyes to find out if she was serious or not and she was, I think she honest. I couldn’t help but worried what Sunset would think, I can worry about that later. Right now.

“Okay Sparkle, I will talk to Sunset about letting you stay at in the library but only one conditions. If she says no you will ask Rarity, Shy or AJ if they can let you stay. Okay?”

I put out my hand in hope that she would shake it, she looked at it and I could see if she was a little unsure. She took it in the end.

“Alright, if Sunset won’t let me stay I will ask Rarity and the others.”

I nodded. “Good, I better go and ask Sunset.” I stood up. “There’s some cereal in the cabinet, help yourself.” I headed out the door and into my doom.

“She wants to do what?”

It went better than I expected when I told Sunset about Twilight moving in with her, how? I’m still alive. “I said that Twilight want to…” She cut me off by holding up a hand.

“I heard you the first time Fox but why me? why not one of her other friends? Me and Twilight isn’t the best of friends, to be honest, I’m not that found of her right now.”

“I know that you and Twilight don’t like each other, she told the she didn’t want to be burden to them. just give her a chance, I don’t say that you have to be best friends but just help her. She said that she would do anything you said.”

That got her attention. “Really, maybe I should let her stay her.” She got an evil grin which made me nervous. “I have decided, go and tell Celestia’s former student that she can stay. We are going to have so much fun.” This can’t possible end well.

AJ vs Dash

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Applejack and Rainbow Dash, the most competition ponies in all of Equestria. One is stubborn as a mule and the other has an ego that’s as big as the entire planet and the moon combined and they love to compete against each other. I think it all stared they day before the running of the leaves, why do they have so weird names for events in Equestria?

It’s been a week since the Parasprites and the repairs to the town has gone well, every pony in town have help with the repairs. Even Colastone, and let me tell he is strong. I won’t say how much he lifted but let’s just say, he can give Mac run for his money, that’s for sure. When it comes to Globe, well, he left. He said that it was time to move on, he said that there was nothing holding him her. He just left one day, I’m going to miss him but not that Timber wolf he has as a pet, that thing just crept me out.

When it comes to Sunset and Twilight, I hear that it has gone well. It looked like that Sunset was going to take advance of the situation, but she hasn’t and Twilight has been a good assistant, buying stuff and other things an assistant does. One time she tried to restock the shelves and that didn’t Sunset like, she like the way it was. When the others found out that Twilight had been kick out from the hotel, they offered her to stay with them, but Twilight said no. She didn’t want to be a burden, they say that she wouldn’t, but Twilight said no. She was happy in the library.

Anyway, winter was just around the corner and I was chopping wood at AJ farm, they could have done it themselves, but they were paying me so I’m not complaining. I was about to chop another piece of wood when I felt something hit me in head, I fell down on the ground face first. I couldn’t help but groan over the pain I had in the back of my head, I looked to the side and found the culprit, a horseshoe. And I knew who I should blame for that.

I grabbed it and stood up, I turned around and I could see AJ and Dash standing near a pole in ground, Dash was trying to look as innocent as possible. I walked over to them and I was not happy, I gave back the horseshoe to Dash “Lose something?” I threw it on the ground. “Last time I check you were supposed to hit the pole not my HEAD.” Yelling was not a good idea, it hurt.

“I’m sorry Fox, I lost my grip on the horseshoe.”

“You lost the grip, or did you think that my head was the pole? I know that you don’t like me that much, but you don’t have throw it at my head.”

“It was an accident, I didn’t mean it. I swear” Somehow, I doubt it.

“Seriously Dash, you have to be more careful.” AJ lined up her last horseshoe, she threw it and hit the pole perfect. She jumped up in the air. “Yee-haw, and that’s how we do it her on the farm.”

Dash was not happy. “I hate losing.” She kicked the ground.

“You’re a pretty good athlete, I’m just better.” Why did you have to say that AJ? She walked away while Dash followed her while hovering.

“Alright Applejack, you think that you are the top athletic in all of Ponyville?” This can’t end well, I stared to followed them.

“Well, I was going to say in all of Equestria.” AJ brush her tail in Dash’s face. “But that might be gilding the lily.” I don’t like where this is going.

“And I think that I’m the top athletic, so let prove it.”

AJ stopped when she heard that, she turned around to face Dash. “Prove what?”

“I challenge you to an iron pony competition.” That got AJ to raise an eye brown, me to. “A series of athletic contests to decide who’s the best, once and for all.”

“You know what Rainbow? You’re on.” Then AJ spat in her hand and so did Dash, then they shook hands.” I would like to slap my hand against my head, but thanks to that my head hurts, I didn’t.

I decide to say something. “As much as I would like to see you two compete against each other, I would suggest that you two do this tomorrow. I don’t think you can get everything up today.”

Both of them just stared at me, I guess they were think over what I said. I could actually see the smoke coming out from the top off their heads.

Then AJ decided to speak. “He got a point, there’s a lot of things that have to be done.” She then looked at Dash. “Let’s set up what we need today and have the competition tomorrow.”

“Fine by me, I can beat you tomorrow.” Dash said with confident in her voice.

Oh brother. “You two do that, I’m heading inside and finding an ice pack for my head.” They said something at me when I walked away but I didn’t listen, I was hit in the head by a horseshoe, I was angry.

Well inside I went straight to the kitchen and when I entered I saw Mac sitting by the table, he was reading the newspaper. Once I entered he looked over the paper and watch me go the fridge, I opened it and took an ice pack, I closed the door and sat down on one of the chairs. I put the ice pack on my head and it felt good.

“What happened to you?” Mac asked me.

“Dash, she threw a horseshoe at my head. That’s what happened.”

He just gave me a nod, he then looked out the window and saw AJ carrying some planks. “What’s going on outside?”

“AJ and Dash are going to have an iron pony competition tomorrow, right now they are gathering the stuff they need.” He just nodded again and went back to the newspaper.

I couldn’t help but stare at the big guy. Big Macintosh, a pony that let’s his action speak for him. He isn’t one for words, that’s for sure. I have lived with him and his family for over three months and I know almost nothing about him, one thing I know about him and that’s that he is single. Let’s try and fix that.

“So, Mac. How is life?”

“Can’t complain.” He didn’t put the paper down for that one, he just shrugged his shoulders behind it.

This is going to be more difficult that I thought. “Are you seeing anypony?” It’s a direct question I know but I was desperate.

That got him to look over the paper, just looked at me with confuse face. “Where did that question come from?”

“Because Sunset asked me to ask you if you were seeing anypony, are you?”

“No, I’m not.” He put the newspaper on the table. “Sunset is interested in dating me?” I gave him a nod. “Then why isn’t she here to ask herself? Why are you doing it for her?”

“Because she tried once. She tried about two weeks before I arrived here, she walked into the barn to ask you if you wanted to go on a date with her, but you were shirtless and when she saw your upper body and then she kind of blank out, then she ran.”

“I remember that day, is that’s why she is asking you to ask for her?”

“Yes, look Mac. I know that Sunset can be scary at times, but she has a good heart and she is a kind pony. I’m not telling you to fall in love with her right away, I’m asking you to give her a chance.”

It looked like he was in deep thought, I’m not sure if he was. I heard from AJ that their family has some rule against dating pegasus and unicorns. Maybe it isn’t a rule, I think it was taboo. I don’t remember.

“Alright Fox, I will give her a chance.”

Say what. “Really?” He gave me a nod, I didn’t expect that. “Are you going to ask her now?”

He shook his head. “Not now, I think I will wait until tomorrow.”

“Okay then.” I was shocked that he said that her would give her a chance, I guess I was wrong about his family when it comes to dating peagsus and unicorns. “Alright then, I’m heading home. I am in no shape to chop more wood.” I got up and walked to fridge to place back the ice pack back.

“I understand, I going to chop the rest of the wood and I will talk to Sunset tomorrow.”

“Sounds like a plan.” I closed the door to the fridge. “I going to pick up the money for the wood I chopped tomorrow.” I said good bye to Mac and headed home.

I spend the rest of the day relaxing at home, not much to when you were hit in the head by a horseshoe. I woke up the next morning felling much better, the pain in my head had gone away so that’s a plus. I did my morning routine, eat breakfast, after that I decide to head down to the farm to see how competition between ego and stubborn.

Once outside my house I saw a certain grey pony walking towards me. “Hello Coalstone, what can I do for you today?” I asked him.

He stopped in front of me. “Well, I think about asking if we could do something today. But, its looks like you’re going out already.”

This guy has been spending more and more time in Ponyville since we meet, those times have been with me. I think he’s not comfortable around a crowd, I can’t say that I blame him.

“Actually, I heading to Applejack’s farm to see her and Dash compete in an iron pony competition.”

He just looked at me, confused. “An iron pony what?”

“An iron pony competition, they are going to compete in a series of athletic contests to decide who’s the best, once and for all. Not my words but Dash’s words. You can join me if you want to”

He just shrugged his shoulders. “Why not, I got no other things to do tight now.”

“Great.” I said with a smile. “Let’s head down to the farm.” With that stared to walked to the farm.

One the way there I decide to ask him something. “Hey Coalstone.”

“Listen Fox, just call me Coal.”

“Alright then Coal, do you have something against being around others. Because the first time we meet you were very defensive against me, Sunset and Fluttershy. And when Pinkie said that she was throwing you a party you didn’t like it very much and last, when you help the town after the attack of the Parasprites you didn’t talk very much. What’s the deal?”

He looked at me and I could see sadness in his eyes. “Do you really want to know?” I hesitated a little, but I gave him a nod. “I from a town called Trottingham, have you heard of it?”

“Yeah, I have read that it’s not most pleasant place to stay.”

He sighed. “You can say that, I’m from there. When I was little I was lonely, I didn’t have many friends there.”

“Didn’t you try and make friends?”

“I did but it never went well, you see. I was very good at carving stones, you probably saw some of my work when we first meet. Anyway, the other kids didn’t think that carving statues out from rock was very impressing. Those who thought it was great, they moved away or just forgot me. When I was old enough I decide to move away from home, after some time I found a place to make home and move there.”

Wow. “What about your parent’s? Didn’t they do anything? I mean, did they just ignore you?”

“No, they tried to do something. They invited many kids to my birthdays but not many showed up, after a while I got used to it.”

Wow, just wow. Here we have a stallion who have lived most of his life as a lonely wolf, I can’t image how that feels.

Then he looked at me with a little smile. “But then I meet you Fox.” I cocked an eye brown of that. “I got the feeling that you wanted to be me friend, I think that you looked away from my skills.”

“Of course, I did. I never judge someone from their looks or what they do.”

I felt bad for Coal. Living most of his life alone, that must be hard on him. I understand why I don’t like to be around other ponies. “Listen Coal, I understand that you had a rough childhood, but the ponies in this town are different. They like to meet other ponies.” If you are not a zebra.

“Are you sure? That pink pony told a different story when it came to Zecora.”

“That’s Pinkie, she is over enthusiasm when there’s a new pony in town. But don’t worry, I know how to handle her.” He just gave a nod.

When we arrived at the farm we saw Dash sitting on the ground doing some exercises and stretches, AJ, Twilight and Sunset was also there. I wonder why the two unicorns are there. Me and Coal decide to find out.

We just heard Twilight ask something. “And I’m here toooo?”

Dash. “Uh, I don’t know, why is she her?”

AJ just gave Dash a flat looked, which she ignored. “To be out judge and keep score.”

Dash just smiled of that. “Right, heh, some ponies got to record my awesomeness for the history books.” Oh brother.

I better do something to make sure that this will be fair competition. “If Twilight is the judge then suggest that Sunset is the referee.” After that all eyes was on me. “What? If Twilight is keeping track of the score then why not have Sunset as a referee, then it will be a fair competition.”

AJ. “I’m okay with that.”

Twilight. “Fine by me.”

Dash. “Doesn’t matter to me, I will win anyway.” Good that ego.

Then will looked at Sunset who was still think about it, she then shrugged her shoulders. “Fine, I can be the referee.” That’s good to hear.

While the girls got ready we decide to check out what kind of athletic contests they had but up, they had to run between some barrels, jump as far as they could, hitting a bell on top of a standing plank, hay toss. I lost track after a while, they have so many. Then we notice that the also had managed to put up a score board and grandstands.

“Isn’t this a little overkill?” Coal said while we sat down on the grandstands.

“You hit the nail on the head on that one.” He was right, why did those two had to go overboard? Then we saw the rest of the girls appeared, Fluttershy decide to keep track over the points while Rarity and Pinkie took a seat at the grandstands. Rarity took out a towel and lay it down on the wood and sat down on it. I just gave her a confusing look which she decided to ignore, I just rolled my eye. Me and Coal also took a seat at the grandstands.

Sunset walked to the AJ and Dash wearing a referee hat on her head, wonder where she got that. “Alright you two, I want a fair competition.” She looked over to Dash. “That means no wings Dash.”

She wasn’t happy about that, that’s for sure. “What? Why not?”

Sunset gave her a flat look. “Are you serious? What do you have that Applejack doesn’t have?” Dash didn’t answer. “Answer the Question Rainbow.”

“Wings, Applejack doesn’t have wings.” Dash answered her.

“That’s right and if I see you using them I will disqualify you, got it?” Dash gave her nod. “Good, let’s get stared.” Sunset blew in the whistle she had.

They were finally ready to get underway with the competition, the first competition was a barrel run. They had made a track on the ground with barrels, so they could run in zigzags and there was flower in the barrels? What the!? I looked over to Rarity who was had a smile on her face, when did she do that? I should focus on the competition not what the diva is doing.

AJ was up first, she got ready. Twilight was standing ready with a stopwatch while Sunset was holding a whistle. “Alright Applejack, are you ready?” AJ nodded. Sunset blew the whistle and AJ took off, Twilight stared the stopwatch. she ran zigzag through the barrels but unfortunately, she hit a barrel. Then she crossed the finish line. Twilight stopped the watch.

“Seventeen seconds.” Twilight announced, was that good? I have no idea.

AJ was happy when she heard that. “You’re kidding, that breaks my record from last year’s rodeo.”

Then Sunset came up to her. “Sorry Applejack, you hit a barrel, so you got a five seconds penalty.”

AJ frowned at this. “Nuts and shoes. Still that’s twenty two seconds, not too shabby.” I looked at Dash and she was nervous, I think that’s the first time I have seen her nervous. “Hey, don’t be nervous, remember it’s all in good fun. Now get on up there.” AJ told her.

Dash flew up to the starting line and got ready. “You ready Rainbow?” She nodded, Sunset blew in the whistle and Dash took off. She zigzags through the barrels, she didn’t hit on of them as she crossed the finish line.

“Hoo, that was some fancy hoof work their Rainbow.” Applejack complimented.

Rainbow came flying back to them panting a little. “Thanks, but I couldn’t have been as fast as you.”

“You did it in eighteen seconds.” Twilight announced. Damn, that means that Dash won that one. Do I want her to win? No, her ego can’t take it.

AJ was surprised, we all were. “Eighteen seconds, Rainbow, you sure you’re not secretly a rodeo pony?”

Sunset. “That means that Rainbow is the winner.” Pinkie and Rarity clapped for her, me and Coal, not. I looked up at the score board, I saw that Shy move a pointe to Dash.

They moved on to the second contest, which was bucking contest. The goal was to see who could hit a bell at the top of a standing plank. AJ was lying under a tree while Dash took the first shoot, she managed to hit the bell.

She then flew over to AJ with a smug grin. “Mighty respectable, but let me show you how it’s really done.” She got up and walked over to the bell, she managed to kick it so hard that she sent the bell flying up in the air.

Sunset. “Applejack is the winner.”

I knew that she could win but that was just ridiculous, she then walked over to Dash who was sitting under the same tree with her mouth open, she was in shock that’s for sure, I think we all were. “Years of apple bucking.” She then kicked the tree making so apples fell on Dash’s head, that was actually funny. Then I notice more ponies had arrived to watch the competition, when the hell did they arrive?

The next event was hog tying contest, the unlucky pony that was the ‘bull’ was Caramel. He was standing between AJ and Dash with a helmet with horns, did I feel sorry for him? Not really. Applejack was a pro with the rope while Dash was not, Applejack managed to ‘catch’ Caramel while Dash managed to get herself hogtied in a tree. “Grr, gg, gah. Does this count?” I don’t think so. AJ won that one.

The next one, this time they were bouncing a ball? Dash had no problem with that while AJ was struggling, Dash managed somehow to catch the one AJ was using. Dash won that one.

When it came to the next tree contests, AJ won two of them and Dash won one. The next one was push up and Dash had to win this one if not she would under with two points. I decide to look around and think almost everypony in town have come to watch, when did they arrive? I looked over to Coal and I looked a little nervous, he was actually sweating.

“You okay?” I asked him.

“Not really, there’s a lot off ponies her right now and I don’t do crowds that good.”

I put a hand on his should to try and calm in down. “Just relax, none of these ponies want to hurt you. They are friendly.”

That made him relax a little. “Thanks Fox, that helps.”

“Hey Fox.” I looked over to my right, there sat Carrot Top or is it Golden Harvest, I can’t remember. “Is your friend okay?”

“He’s fine, he’s not used to large crowed, that’s all.” She jus nodded and went back to the competition which was pushups and Twilight was counting and Sunset was watching them but somehow, I knew that Dash would use her wings on this one.

Twilight. “95… 96… 97… 98…” They were starting to get tired. “99…” And on the last push Dash used her wings, I knew it.

But luckily Sunset was there, when she saw that she blew her whistle. “FOWL, Rainbow Dash didn’t not listen to my warning, so the winner is Applejack.”

Everypony cheered that AJ won and she was also happy but not Dash, she flew straight into Sunset face. “You can’t do that, I won.”

Sunset had a stone face. “What did I say before that competition stared? I told you that you weren’t allowed to use your wings and you just used your wings, this is your only warning Dash; if you use them one more time, I will disqualify you. Got it?”

“You can’t do that.” Really Dash.

“Yes, I can. You made me the referee and I gave you a warning, on with the next one.”

Dash was not happy, that’s for sure. She hates to lose but love to win and she will do everything to make sure that she is the winner, and that includes cheating.

The next contest was to see who could jump the farthest, AJ was up first and she almost managed to jump the hole field, it was like three meters. I think, I Don’t know I failed at math in school, it was not my strongest subject. I was an athlete. Then it was Dash turn and surprise, surprise, she used her wings, so she could get further than AJ. When will she learn?

Sunset blew in her whistle. “FOWL, Dash did not listen to my warning and that means she is disqualify, that means that Applejack is the winner.” Sunset walked over to AJ and raised her arm into the sky, everypony cheered except Dash. She was not happy.

“What’s the meaning of this Sunset, you can’t just declare Applejack the winner. We aren’t done yet.” Dame it Dash.

Sunset looked over to her. “I gave you a warning Dash and you ignored it, I told you before the competition that YOU weren’t allowed to use your wings and you used them twice and that means you cheated.”

“I did NOT cheat.”

Is Dash stupide or something? She stared to walked towards Sunset and AJ, so I got up and ran over to her. I stood in front of her, blocking her way.

“Get away Fox, this has nothing to do with you.”

“You need to calm down Dash.”

“CALM DOWN? Who should I calm down when I get accused of cheating.”

“I know that you don’t like to lose Dash but getting angry about it doesn’t help, you and AJ made Sunset the referee and she told you before you stared that you weren’t allowed to use your wings and you agreed to that. You can shout as much as you want but in the end, you lost.”

I hope that would work and it did, Dash managed to calm down. “You are right Fox, I did agree to not use my wings. But I think I still could have won whiteout them.” You got to be kidding me.

“Oh yeah, prove it.” Dammit AJ.

“Gladly, how?”

Applejack walked over to me and Dash. “Tomorrow is the annual running of the leaves, I challenge you to a race.”

Dash smirked as she stared to fly. “HAH, easy shmeezy.”

AJ pulled her down by her tail. “Hold on, there is one condition. The point is to run, so NO WINGS ALLOWED.”

“No wings, no problem.” They spat in each other hands and did a hand shake.

Great, they go from one completion to another one. I just shook my head as I walked back to Coal who was now standing in front of the grandstands.

“They are really competitive, aren’t they?”

“You have no idea Coal, I think they have been like this like forever.” I wasn’t wrong, for as long as I have known them they always have been competitive.

We stared to head back to town with the rest of the ponies that live here, in the crowd I saw a pony that I bump into a week ago. It was the pegasus with wings of ice, I stared to walk over to him and Coal followed me.

“Hey, you with the weird wings.”

That got him stop and looked at me. “Oh, it you. The fox I meet a while ago.” He said in a clam voice.

“Yeah, it’s me and I want to know how you made that cloud snow. That should only happen in the winter.” I think. “How did you do that?”

“He made snow come out from a cloud and it’s not winter?” Coal asked me.

“You got that right and I want to know how.”

“I can make snow from my hooves at any time I want to.” He answered in a calm voice.

“You can make it snow whenever you want to from your hooves?” He nodded. “Bullshit.” He then pointe down on his hooves and there was snow there. “Holy shit, you can do it. That’s not creepy at all, what’s your name?”

He hesitated a little. “It’s Arctic Ace.”

Here’s the big question. “Why haven’t I seen you around town before?”

“I moved her two weeks ago.”

“You have been here for two weeks and you have managed to avoid her.”

That confused him. “Avoid who?”

As soon as those words left his mouth. “There you are.” We all looked in the direction of the voice and there stood Pinkie, she walked right up to Ace. “I want to know how you managed to avoid my pinkie senses.” Ace looked at me for answer, but I didn’t have the answer.

He managed eventually to get an answer out. “I don’t know, I’m sorry?”

It helped her mood a little. “You can make it up to me by coming to my party later today.”

I had to stopped her there. “I don’t think that is a good idea Pinkie.”

She gave me a confused look. “And why’s that Fox?”

I just gave her ‘are you kidding me’ look. “Think about it Pinkie, tomorrow is the running of the leaves. You can throw a party for the winner and for Ace after the event.”

I could see that she was think, smoke was actually coming out from her head. Then she gave us a big smile. “You are right Fox, I can throw a part for the winner and the new pony, I got to home and plan.” And then she ran away, then she was back standing beside Ace. “What’s your name by the way?” She asked him.

“Arctic Ace.” He answered.

“Great.” Then she was gone again, leaving me alone with Ace and Coal.

“Energetic, that one.” Said Ace.

“Dud, you don’t know the half of it.” I said with laughter in my voice.

“Hm, you don’t say so.” He was to calm right now, a little creepy.

I was about to ask him where he was from when I saw a certain purple unicorn walked towards the town.

“I’ll see you two later, I have to go and talk to a pony.”

I left them and stared to walked towards Twilight. “Hey, Sparkle.” I got no answer, she didn’t even look at me. She stared to walked faster, what’s wrong with her. I ran to her and grabbed her shoulder. “Where’s the fire Sparkle?”

She swapped away my hand. “Don’t call me that.” She said with anger in her voice.

I put up both hands in my defense. “Okay, I just wanted to know if you wanted to talk.”

“Talk? Talk about what?” Is she seriously right now?

“About what happened with you and Celestia.”

“Oh.” She looked down on the ground. “I don’t really want to talk about it.”

“Have you even talk to anyone about it?” She shook her head. “You have to talk to someone, you can’t keep it all inside of you.”

“I said that I don’t want to talk about it.” She stared to walk away so I grabbed her arm, that was a mistake.

Her horn started to glow and before I could react I felt something hit my chest, It send me flying back and I landed a few feet from Twilight. When I hit the ground, I could feel pain in my chest and it hurt like hell.

“Oh my, are you okay Fox?” I don’t know who said that thanks to the pain. “Here, let me help you up.” Then I felt someone helping me up.

When I was in a sitting position I could see who it was, it was Octavia. “Thanks.” Talking was maybe not the best thing to do, it hurt.

She help me get up on my feet. “Who did this to you?”

“It was Twilight, I just wanted to talk, and she blasted me in the chest.” I have no idea why I am talking when it hurts.

Octavia gasped when she heard that. “What’s wrong with her? She can’t just do that and get away with it, I’m going to have a talk with her.” She was about to walk away but I stopped her.

“Don’t worry about it Octavia, it was my own fault. I’ll talk to her tomorrow.” I stared to walk home.

“Are you sure you don’t me to talk to her?” She asked with concern in her voice.

I just gave her reassuring smile. “I’m sure, I’m going to talk to her tomorrow.” I walk home with a lot of pain in my chest.

When I got home I barley manage to open the door, when I was inside I had to lean against the wall for supported. Then I felt even more pain in my chest, it hurt so much that I fell on the floor and I passed out.

I gasped for air when I woke up. “What the hell happened?” I tried to remember but it was all a little fussy, then I remember that Twilight shot me in the chest and the Octavia help me. “When I see Twilight again.” I managed to get myself up but the was a mistake, I had trouble standing and had to support myself on the wall. Then I notice that the pain in my chest was gone, looked down on my chest and saw that my shirt had burn mark on it. “Great, just great. When Rarity heard about this she is certainly going to punch me in face.” Yeah, Rarity care about her clothes.

Then someone knock on my door. “Who the hell is this? At night?” I decide to see who it was, I open the door and was blended by the light. “What the hell.” When I managed to see again I saw that Octavia was staining there with a worried face.

“Fox, I’m so glad to see that you are okay.”

“I guess I fell asleep and slept through the entire nigh.” Yep, it was morning.

She cocked her head to the side. “You fell asleep?”

I nodded. “Yeah, once I got inside I fell on floor and past out. And when I woke up I was meet by a light, what is the time?” I had no idea.

“It’s almost 11 am, it’s almost time for running of the leaves.”

I gave her a nod. “Good to hear, I have to get chanced and get some breakfast. I’m going to participate.”

I walked back into my house to get chance my clothes, Octavia followed me inn. “Are you sure you should be running after what happened to you? Can you even run in the event?” She asked me as I walked up to the second floor.

I just took off the ruined shirt and put on a new one. “First of, I fell fine and second, you don’t have to be a pony to run, all species can run in running of the leaves.” I told her while walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. “And beside.” I open my fridge to make myself a sandwich. “I’m going to make sure that ego and stubborn don’t do anything stupide in the race.”

“Ego and stubborn? Do you mean Rainbow Dash and Applejack?” I just gave her a smile for an answer. “Oh yeah, I heard that they were competing. What do you think they are going to do in the race?”

I finished up my sandwich. “I don’t know, but I’m going to find out. Are you going to run?” I kind of knew the answer but I have to ask.

She shook her head. “No, I not the athletic. I’m going to watch. Are you sure that you are fine?”

“Yes Octavia, I feel fine.” We walk out. “Let’s get going already, I don’t want to miss it.”

When we arrived at the starting line and it looked like that the entire town was here, I just went to register, I got the number 64. I could sense the irony in the number.

Octavia said she was going to stand by the finished line, she said good luck to me and walked away. I walked towards the starting line and I could see BonBon, Golden Harvest and Berry Punch there and some stallions, warming up. And then I saw AJ and Dash, AJ was tying a rope around Dash to prevent her to use her wings, Really? I walked over to them.

AJ. “Trussed up like a turkey. Well, a turkey who can’t fly, that is.”

“A turkey can’t fly AJ, so that sentence don’t make any sense.”

They were both in shook when they saw me walking towards them, I decide to stand next to AJ. They still look at me in shook. “What? Why are you two looking at me like that?” To be honest, it was creeping me out.

AJ. “What are you doing here Fox? You can’t run.”

Dash. “Yeah, only ponies can run.”

“Have you two even read the rules?” They looked at each other and then at me, they shook their heads. “I figure that much, I have read it and as long as you can run you can participate.”

AJ. ”I guess so, if you weren’t allowed to run then you wouldn’t be here.”

“I’m glad we got that part clear.”

I stared to jump up and down to get some blood pumping in my body, while I was stretching my arms I could see Twilight at the others side of the starting line. When she saw me, she decided to look away, I guess she remember what she did to me yesterday. “Ready to race.” I almost jump out of my skin when I hear that, I looked to my left and I could see Coalstone standing there. When did he get there?

“Where the hell did come from?” I had no idea.

“I arrived while you were talking to those two.” He pointed at AJ and Dash.

“I guess that make sense.”

Then I felt someone poke me on my shoulder, I turn around to see who it was. It was Dash. “Hey Fox, who is the big guy?” What?

I was shocked over Dash’s question, but then I remember that she is the only one of the girls who didn’t talked to him when he help repaired the town after the Parasprites incident.

“Are you serious Dash? This is Coalstone, he helped repaired the town a week ago. But I guess he isn’t cool enough for you to remember him.”

I made Dash feel bad, but I didn’t care right now, that’s the problem with her. When ponies aren’t cool enough for her she usually ignores them. then she gets to know them. Coal was about to say something to me, but Mayor Mare beat him to it.

She was standing right beside the starting line. “Gentlecolts and mares, and fox.” Thanks Mayor, that wasn’t embarrassing at all. “I would like to welcome you all to the annual running of the leaves.” As soon as she said that, the ponies started cheering. “I hope that we will have a fear race this year.” I looked at AJ and Dash for that one. “Now, let’s get this race started.” She lifted her right arm up. “Participants. On your marks, get set.” We all waited for the last past. Then she threw her arm down. Go.” And the race was on.

Almost all of them started to run like the devil as behind them, except me, Coal and Twilight. We stared to jog, not run like crazy. I didn’t really care about getting the leaves to fall on the ground, I was here to run, nothing more.

After a little running me and Coal saw AJ lying on the ground close to a rock. “Don’t get me wrong AJ, but I thought the whole idea with this event was to run.” I said to her.

She just looked at me and she was not happy. “I’m lying her because Rainbow Dash tripped me.”

“Oh really, what about this rock?” I pointed at the rock that was lying behind her. “It looks like the rock tripped you.”

She blushed a little. “Oh, yeah. It could have been Rainbow.” She got up and started to run again.

Then Coal ask me a good question. “Are those two going to be okay?” That was a good question.

“I have no idea.” Then I heard someone coming behind me, I saw it was Twilight. “Let’s just get on with the race.” We did that.

After some more running we then saw Dash lying on the ground, we slowed down. “What’s wrong with you and AJ? Do you like to lie in the ground?”

Dash gave me an annoying look. “I’m lying on the ground thanks to Applejack, she tripped me.”

Oh brother. “Come on Dash, you know that AJ would never do that, and you know it.”

“Then how do you explain me lying on the ground?”

I was about to ask her, but Coal beat me to it. “You tripped on a stump.” He pointed a stump that was, I was going to say lying on the ground but that would be wrong.

She blushed a little of that, she then shook her head. “I still think that Applejack made so that I tripped on it, form now on; the rules have chance.” She got up and ran before I could say anything.

I slapped a hand on my face. “That pony, when will she learn?”

Coal walked to me. “Is she always like that?”

“Yeah, she hates to lose so the answer is yes. Let’s just counited with the race and hope that those two don’t do anything stupid.” Little did know how wrong I was.

While running we past many trees that was with no leaves, I guess this race is working. We then entered Whitetail Wood, it almost like the Everfree forest but not so dangerous. As we entered we saw AJ sitting on branch, she had somehow managed to bent it and she launch herself with it. Coal looked at me for answer, but I was just as clueless as him, we just shrugged it of and kept on running.

Then we encounter Dash who was stuck in some sap on the ground. “Nice of you to stick around Dash.” I said while running past her, then I saw that Coal gave me a look that said, ‘are you serious.’ Yeah, I admit it. It was a bad pun. Then all of sudden we saw Dash fly past us, I had just one question; what the hell is going on with those two?

We started to get closer to the finished line and on the way, we saw AJ and Dash standing on a rock looking into each other’s eyes, me and Coal just stared at them as we ran past them not saying a word. We couldn’t find the words. Then we saw the finished line and we stared to pick up the pace, Coal was faster than me that much I knew already. We stared to get closer to the rest of the ponies that had run ahead, as I got closer I saw that they were very tired so passing them was easy.

As I got even more closer to the finished line I felt strange and not in a good way, everything stared to get blurry and I was having trouble breathing. I bushed ahead anyway but that was a mistake, as soon as I was over the finished line everything went black.

Back to the Hospital

View Online

Everypony at the finished line was in shook when they saw Fox fall down on the ground, Octavia ran as fast as she could over to him. “Fox.” She bent down, then she started to shake him. He didn’t move. She then turned him around, so she could check for his pulse, she put her head near his face. He had a pulse, but it was weak. “He’s barely alive, somepony has to get him to the hospital.”

Then a pony she had never seen before coming up to them, he had grey fur. “I got him.” The stallion lifted him up on his shoulder as it was nothing, he then ran towards the hospital.

Octavia stood up and saw that Twilight just crossed the finished line with a concerned face, Octavia walked over to her and punch her in her face, Twilight fell hard on the ground.

“You pitch.” Octavia was about to punch her again but luckily for Twilight, Applejack and Dash had just arrived and saw the whole thing, Applejack managed to hole Octavia back. “Let me go Applejack, I’m going to teach Twilight a lesson.” It was weird for the other because they had no idea what was going on.

“Calm down Octavia and explain why you punched Twilight.” Applejack told her while holding he back.

Octavia managed to calm herself down and Applejack let her go. “I did it because she is the reason that Fox passed out.”

“What do you mean that it Twilight’s fault?” Rarity asked while helping Twilight up on her hoofs.

“Yesterday, I saw Twilight shoot Fox in the chest.” That made the ponies around them gasp.

“You are lying.” Said Fluttershy who was standing beside Twilight.

“Am I?” Octavia faced Applejack. “Let’s try this again, I saw that Twilight shoot Fox in the chest yesterday.”

Applejack looked at Octavia face to see if she was lying, she found no sign of it. “She is not lying, I believe her.” That made Twilight’s friend and the rest of pony’s face Celestia’s former student.

“Twilight dear, is this true?”

Twilight hung her head in shame. “Yes Rarity, it is true. I shoot Fox in chest yesterday.”

Rarity looked at her in shook. “Why would you do something like that? I thought that Fox was your friend.”

“He wouldn’t leave me alone, he kept telling me that I needed to talk to somepony that I’m not princess Celestia student anymore.” As soon as those words left her mouth she put both hands on her mouth.

All her friends were shocked when they heard that. “Twilight, why didn’t you tell use?” Rarity asked her.

“Because I don’t need any help, this is my problem and I’m going to fix it myself.” She then ran away.

“Poor Twilight.” Said Fluttershy in a sad tone.

“Poor Twilight? Are you serious?” Octavia walked to Fluttershy. “Fox is on the way to hospital and we don’t know what’s wrong with him and all you can say is poor Twilight, I thought you were is friend.” Right now, Fluttershy wished she was little as she could be, Octavia was very scary when she was mad.

Octavia was about to yell some more at Shy but luckily for her Rarity stopped her. “There’s no reason to yell at Fluttershy like that, we’ll all are worried about Fox.”

Octavia looked at Rarity with an angry look. “You have funny way of showing it, by feeling sorry for Twilight and not Fox.” She took a deep breath to calm herself down. “You know what, you can do what the hell you want. I’m going to the hospital.” And that she did leaving them alone.

Silence, there was silence. None of them knew what to say, Octavia was right. Fox was the one that was hurt not Twilight so why did they feel bad for her and not Fox? They felt bad, very bad.

Rarity decide to say something. “I think that we all should go and see if Fox is alright, we can talk to Twilight later.” The rest of the girls nodded in agreement.

None of them said anything on the way to hospital, they still didn’t know what to say. They couldn’t understand why they cared more about Twilight then Fox, he was the one that was hurt not Twilight.

Fluttershy was almost in tears, Fox was like a brother to her and she didn’t react when he fainted. Rarity put and arm around her to try and comfort her. “You okay dear?” She asked Fluttershy.

Fluttershy shook her head. “No, I’m not okay. I didn’t do anything when Fox collapsed on the ground. He’s like a big brother and I didn’t do anything.” She couldn’t hold in tears anymore, she stared to cry right into Rarity shoulder. Normally Rarity don’t want other to cry on her clothes, but she made an exception this time.

Applejack put a hand on Fluttershy’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about Fox, I know that he will be fine.”

Fluttershy looked at Applejack with tears in her eyes. “How can you know that? he can be dead for all we know.”

“He lived with me and my family for over three months, I know him better than anypony in this town. He’s not going to die that easy.”

Fluttershy sniffled a little. “I hope that you are right.”

When they arrived at the hospital they could see Octavia sitting in the waiting room, Sunset was also there. Octavia looked up when Applejack and the other entered the hospital, she gave them all a disappoint look. They decide to sit as far away from her as possible.

Applejack didn’t join her friends, she looked around the room and notice two stallions standing by the wall, talking. She recognized Colastone, he was the one that carried Fox to the hospital, but the other one she didn’t recognize, his wings was made of ice? She walked over to them.

“Excuse me.” Both of them stopped talking to looked at her. “You are Colastone, right?” He gave her a nod. “I just wanted to thank you for getting Fox here.”

Colastone just shrugged his shoulders. “Don’t mention it, I was just happy to help him. Considering you and that pegasus was busy with creating havoc with each other in the race.”

Applejack rubbed her neck in embarrassment. “Yeah, me and Rainbow isn’t very proud about that.”

“Don’t tell me you are still arguing?”

She shook her head. “Oh no, after the incident we talk and decide to give up the hole competition about who is the best and do it another day.”

Colastone smiled at that. “I hope that you will have fair competition and that you won let it go to your head.”

Applejack wasn’t going argue with that statement, she then looked over to the pegasus. “And who are you?”

“My name is Arctic Ace.”

“And how long have you been living here? Because I don’t remember seeing you around before.”

“I have been her for two weeks and I like to keep to myself.”

Applejack was about to ask some more question but then a door open and nurse Redheart walk into the waiting room, Octavia got up and walked to her.

“How is Redheart?” She asked the nurse.

“He’d fine Octavia, he got here just in time.” Redheart answer in calm voice.

Octavia breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s good to hear, what happened to him?”

“He had magic overload in his body.”

Everypony was confused by what she said except Sunset, she knew exactly what Redheart was talking about. “What’s magic overload?”

Redheart was about answer Fluttershy’s question but Sunset beat her to it. “It’s means that Fox had magic stored in his body and when he ran as today that magic made him past out and here’s the worst part, if that magic had stayed in his body he would have died.”

That made the mare gasp, Colastone and Arctic didn’t gasp as the rest, but they were in shocked.

“That’s right Sunset, but lucky we managed to get out the magic and he will be fine.” That made the ponies relax.

“Can we see him?” Octavia asked Redheart.

Red shook her head. “Not right now, he’s in a coma and we have to wait until he wakes up. If you will excuse me, I have other patients to care for.”

Redheart left so she could check up on her patients leaving Octavia and others alone, none of them talk but then Octavia decide to do so. She looked at the elements of harmony.

“Do you five believe me now? Do you believe that this is Twilight fault?”

The girls weren’t sure if they believe Octavia, Rarity decide to say something “Let’s not jump to conclusion, we don’t know for certain that Twilight did this to Fox.” The nodded agreement, expect Applejack.

Octavia didn’t believe what she was hearing. “Are you kidding me? if not Twilight, then who? Who is strong enough to do this to Fox?”

Dash. “What about Sunset.”

Sunset raised her brown of that. “Excuses me?” She walked to Dash. “Do you really think that would shot Fox? What the hell is wrong with you Dash?”

“Oh yeah, where were you yesterday? After our completion I didn’t see you leave with the rest. Where were you?”

“I was talking to Mac, he can confirm it.”

“And what were you talking to him about?” Dash asked with narrowed eyes.

“That’s none of your business Rainbow.” Sunset answered in a threating tone.

Dash was about to lash out at her, but Coal interrupted her. “This is pointless, fighting like this will not solve anything. They only thing we can do is to wait for Fox to wake up and tells us what happened.” The other agreed, Coal then looked to the entrance. “Or we can ask Twilight our self.”

None of them understand why Colastone said that, he just nodded his head towards the entrance, they all looked there and there stood Twilight, she was very nervous.

Fluttershy walked over to her. “Twilight, did you really shoot Fox?” Twilight didn’t even look at her. “Why? I thought that he was your friend, why would you do it?”

“He didn’t leave me alone, okay?” Twilight almost shouted that out.

Octavia walked over to her. “That’s no excuse for what you did, we want to know why.”

“You want to know why? Fine. I’m not Celestia student anymore.” Twilight said with tears in her eyes.

All of her friends gasp when they heard that, while the other didn’t understand what the big deal was. They didn’t know Twilight as good as Rarity and the others, so they couldn’t know.

Fluttershy decide to give Twilight a hug. “I’m sorry to hear that Twilight.” The rest of her friends also gave her a hug, even Dash.

Octavia just watch as they gave Twilight a hug, she couldn’t believe what she saw. “What the hell is wrong with you guys?” They broke the hug. “She sent Fox to the hospital and you’re giving her a hug? First you feel bad for her and now this? What the hell? I thought you were his friend.”

Rarity decide to speak up. “Of course, we are his friends…” She was cut off by Octavia.

“Then why are you hugging Twilight when she was the one the shoot Fox? Answer me that question.” Rarity and the other’s tried to come up with an answer, none of them had one. Octavia rubbed her temples. “Whatever, I’m going home. I hope that you five has an answer tomorrow.” She walked past them and exit the hospital.

Colastone, Arctic and Sunset had seen it all, the two stallions had no idea what was going on, but Sunset knew. She knew that the elements and Celestia’s spell was fighting inside them and it was killing her that she couldn’t tell them, but she had promised Fox not to tell them. she was going to keep that promise.

She watches as Twilight and the others just stood there, she decided to speak up. “This has been a long day and I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m beat, I suggest that we all go home and get some rest. There’s nothing more we can do today.” The all agreed with her and head home.

Sunset and Twilight was walking towards the library, Twilight was walking a little behind her roommate, thinking over what happened at the hospital. Why did her friends feel sorry for her when Fox was the one that was hurt? She expected that they would feel bad for her but not hug her like that, was there something wrong with her? There was only one pony that could help her.

“Sunset.” The yellow unicorn stopped and turned around, Twilight also stopped. “Is there something wrong with me and the others?”

“What do you mean?”

“After what happened in the hospital with my friends, I mean our friends. I have been thinking, is normal for use to act like we did? It can’t be normal.”

Sunset crossed her arms. “You tell me, you were Celestia’s student after all. Haven’t you come up with theory yet?” Sunset was expected this.

“Well, the only thing I can come up with is that there something wrong with our emotions or that we are under some powerful spell. But I don’t know what and I was hoping that you could help me?”

Sunset raised a brow. “You want my help?” Twilight nodded. Sunset wasn’t sure if this was a good idea, there was a chance that Twilight could figure out that Sunset knew. Knowing what’s wrong with her and the others. “I don’t know Twilight.” She rubbed her arm

“I just want to do some tests on me, but right now I don’t trust myself right now do testing. Please, I need your help.” While she said that she actually went down on her knees and Sunset wasn’t sure if she saw things right.

Here was the former student of Celestia on her knees, begging. Sunset couldn’t help but feel bad for the purple unicorn. “Are you sure that’s wise, what if the results are not what you expect, what if my magic makes it worse?” Was it a lie? Yes and no, Sunset knew what was going on with them, but she also promised Fox not to tell them and that meant she couldn’t help Twilight and the others. And that was killing her.

Twilight got up on her feet. “Maybe your right, I just feel bad for what I did to Fox and I’m not think straight. I just want to go home and get some sleep.” Sunset wasn’t about to argue with that, going home part. The sun hadn’t set yet, but Twilight looked tired, they both went home.

Have you ever woken up in a place that you didn’t wat to? Well, I have and that’s a hospital.

I open my eye and the first thing I saw was a white celling and I knew where I was, then I heard some peeping and that conformed it, I was in a hospital. I looked to my right and I saw a heart monitor machine, then I tried to move the rest of my body, big mistake. My whole body screamed in pain. “Shit.” Talking wasn’t good idea either, my throat was dry.

I tried to move again but I was interrupted by somebody open the door, Redheart walked inn. When she saw that I was awake she gave me a smile.

“Look who’s up, how are you feeling Fox?” She asked me while walking towards the bed.

“Like I been shot.” I wasn’t wrong. “Can I get a glass of water? My throat fells like the dessert on Titania.”

She just gave me a confused looked, she doesn’t know what Titania is, so I don’t blame her. “Sure.” She walked over to my left and on the nightstand stood a glass of water, right now I wish I had looked to my left and not right. She grabbed the glass and then she lifted my head, so I could drink. “Drink slowly.” I felt like a baby that wanted some water.

When I was finished I coughed a little. “Thanks, can you tell me for how long I have been out?”

She put the glass back. “You have been in a coma for three days.”

I was shocked when I heard that. “Did you say three days?” She nodded. “Holy shit, no wonder I feel like crap. Mind telling me what happened, I don’t remember what happened after the race?”

“Well, a pony by the name of Colastone brought you in and told us that you had passed out at the end of running of the leaves. We rushed you into the infirmary and found out that you had magic stored in your body, we managed to get the magic out…”

“Let me guess, if you didn’t have would have died.” I didn’t like to interrupt her, but I knew the last part.

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Call it a hunch.” I tried to move again but I was still in pain. “What happens now?” I kind of knew the answer but I had to ask.

“You need to stay here until you are well enough to move again.” I just groaned when I heard that. “Don’t worry, the time will fly.”

“Easy for you to say, you are not the one that lying here.” She just smirked at what I said, she lucky that I can’t move.

“I’m going to see if I can find doctor Stable. You have some guests, do you want me to send them in?”

“Sure.” She walked out from the room leaving me alone, I let out a heavy sigh. Fucking Twilight, all I want was to help her, but you had to shot me and thanks to her I almost died, I think. I also hate magic, every time magic had been involved somethings happened to me. it started the day me and Sunset tested our elements and every time I get teleported I throw up, and now this. When I’m getting out of here I’m going ask a doctor what the hell is wrong with me.

Then the door open and Colastone and Ace walked in, I was happy to see them. Weird that I happy to see Ace considering I don’t know him.

Coal was the first to say something. “Look who’s up from his beauty sleep.” They both stood by the right side of the bed.

“You can be glad that I can’t move, or I would have given you the finger.” He just snickered of what I said, I then looked at Ace. “I don’t mean to be rude, but what are you doing here? We have spoken like two times.”’

I could see that I became a little offended of what I said. “Aren’t I allowed to see how you are doing? I saw what happened to you in the race and I was worried.” I could hear the anger in his voice.

“I didn’t mean to sound like a jerk, I was just curious that’s all.”

He calmed down a little. “It’s okay.” Weird guy.

After that none of them knew what to say next so I decided to ask something. “Hey, who won the race? I black out and I know that AJ and Dash didn’t win, so who won?”

Coal was baffled of what I said. “You want to know who won the race?” I nodded. “You have been in a coma for three days and the first thing you want to know who won the race.” I shrugged my shoulders, or I try to. He just shook his head. “If you really want to know, I won, and you came in second place.” I didn’t not expect that.

“That’s cool, I guess. Considering I feel over the finish line.” I decided to ask about the girls. “What happened with AJ and Dash after the race?” I asked Coal.

“They managed to stop arguing just before the finished line.”

I was relieved to hear that. “That’s good to hear, I’m surprised that they didn’t kill each other, considering how they were fighting. What ells have I missed?” I was curious, sue me.

“Well.” Coal pointed his thumb towards Ace. “This guy has started to spend time with Pinkie.”

“Really?” I decided to give him a goofy smile.

That didn’t seem to bother him. “What can I say? I think she in an interesting mare.”

“Yeah, just wait until you get to know here.” He just gave me a confusing look. ”Anyway, what ells has been happening while been out?”

Coal. “Not much, autumn his here. The air is colder and I’m guessing it will snow soon.”

I was about to asked them about the girls but then the door open and doctor Stable walking inn. “Hello Fox, nice to see you again.” He said with a smile.

“Funny, very funny.”

He just kept on smiling. “Well, I guess that we talk to you later Fox.” Coal and Ace said goodbye and walked out of the room.

Stable walked over to me. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m just glad to be alive, is that the answer you want?”

“Not quite but I take it.” He put on his stethoscope that was hanging around his neck and started to check on me, after a couple of seconds he was done. “It seems that you won’t suffer any permanent damage, you are lucky that Colastone managed to get you the here so fast.”

“Are you saying that I owe him my life?” He nodded. It’s official, Colastone is my new best friends.

“Well, I will let you rest for now. I think you will be healthy enough to leave in a week or more, it depends on how fast you recover.” He left the room.

I let out a heavy sighed, this is going to be a long week.

One week my ass, it took my teen days to recover and let me tell you it was boring as hell. Well, not all the time. The girls came to visit me, they apologize to me that they huge Twilight when I was brought in here. At first, I didn’t understand why they did that but then Sunset told me that it may have been the whatever Celestia did to them and the elements was fighting. Is made sense when I heard that.

Colastone and Ace visit me almost every day and so did the girls, Twilight and Octavia also visit me. The visit the surprised me the most was Cheerilee, considering I haven’t seen her since the incident with Gilda, which was two months ago, I think. She told me that she was afraid to visit me before, which I thought was strange. I wasn’t mad at her or anything, okay maybe I was a little made at her. She asked me if we could try and date again and that surprised me, I told her that I would think about it. And I forgot to mention that Coal has also bought a house in Ponyville, not far from me. Which is cool.

When it came to Twilight, she was a wreck. It looked like she hadn’t sleep in days when she came to visit me the first time. She felt pretty bad for what she did to me, let’s tell the story.

It was day six and I could finally move my body and I was glad for that, why? Because I could finally go to the toilet, I had to have help before and that was just embarrassing. I was lying in the bed eating the food they have in hospital, if you could call it food. I was eating some weird green goo and I could swear that I moved at some point, I mean, if you are supposed to get well in a hospital why do they give their patients this stuff?

Anyway, I was eating this stuff when the door open and certain purple unicorn stuck her head inn “Hello Fox, are you busy?” I just pointed at my food and shook my head. “Good.” She walked inn and closed the door, she walked over to the bed. “How are you doing?”

“I could be doing better if they didn’t serve me the crap.” I just started at my food, Twilight just giggle at what I said.

“I have never been injured before, so I don’t know how the food taste, but my brother has been to hospital a few times, he would know how the food taste.”

I took a sip from the glass. “Good for him then.” I sat the glass down again and looked at her with a serious face. “So, what can I do for you?” I already knew why she was here, but I just wanted to ask her, I felt like it.

“Yes.” She took a deep breath. “I’m sorry for shooting you with a magic beam, I have no idea what came over me.” Her ears folded. “I’m so sorry for what I did Fox, I didn’t mean it. I…”

I hold up a hand to cut her off. “I get that you feel bad for what you did, and I forgive you. I just want to know one thing; why did you shoot me? All I wanted was to help you but instead of you send me to the hospital.”

“I know alright.” She sat down in the chair that was in the room, she then buried her head on her hands. “I’ve hardly sleep ever since I shoot you, Octavia have told me what I did when she gets the chance to.” She leaned back in the chair and let out a heavy sighed. “I don’t know why princess Celestia don’t want me to be her student anymore, I know I can’t send her letter anymore but I’ still learning. Isn’t that was is important?” I felt bad for her, she has been Celestia student ever since she was six, and then the one she admires just turned out to be a different person. I know how she fell. “To answer your question, I did because I wanted you to leave me alone.” I guess I can accept that, I was a little pushy.

“Look Twilight, maybe this is a good thing. You not begging Celestia’s student anymore.”

She looked at me and she was confused. “What do you mean by a good thing? How is that I’m not Celestia’s student a good thing?” Then she started to get angry. “Why the hell would you say something like that?”

“First off, calm down so I can explain.” She calmed down. “What I was going to say was that, you have been Celestia since you have been six years old, maybe this is an opportunity for you to move on. Try and make it on your own without her help.”

She started to think about what I said, I don’t know if what I said work or not, but I hope it. “You know what Fox, you have a point.” That’s good to hear. “I have been relying on her for twelve years, it’s time I started to rely on myself.”

I gave her a smile. “I’m glad the hear that, do you feel better now?”

She smiled back. “Yes, I do. If you would excuse me, I have to tell the girls.” She got up from the hair but before she left, she gave me a hug and I returned it. “Thank you for being my friend.” I did not expect those words but I’m glad she said them.

“Your welcome, I’m just glad you are feeling better.” She let go and walked towards the door. “Now, when you mean the girls, you also mean Sunset?”

She stopped and gave me a confused look. “Of course, why wouldn’t I? She is also my friend.”

“Sorry, just asking.” I tried to give her an innocent smile I could, she just looked at me strangely. She then shrugged her shoulders, she said good bye to me and left. Once she was gone I let out relief sigh. “That was close.” Twilight may not be relying on Celestia anymore, but I still don’t trust her with what really happened with Nightmare Moon and Luna.

They day has finally come, I could leave the hospital. They are supposed to make you feel better so why do they give you crappy food? I think I never understand that part.

I was in my room getting dress when the door open and Redheart walked in with a smile. “I see someone is eager to leave.” She said with tease in her voice.

I put on my shirt. “You have no idea Red, I have been to enough hospitals to last me a lifetime.”

She just laughed at what I said, I paid her no mind to that one. Once we entered to main room and the only one that was waiting for me was Fluttershy, I wonder why. I was hoping for more ponies waiting for me, oh well.

When she saw me she gave me smile, she ran over to me and gave me a hug. “I’m so glad you are okay Fox.” I’m just glad she didn’t crush me, I returned the hug.

We broke the hug and I gave her a reassuring smile. “As you can see Shy, I’m fine. But, I think I’m going to stay away from magic for a while. That stuff is dangerous.” I didn’t try to be funny but Fluttershy giggle. I walked over to the front desk and wrote my name on a form, so I could leave, after that I face Shy again. “Where are the rest of the gang?”

“They are preparing for the winter.”

“And why aren’t you doing that same?”

She tried to hide behind her hair, why do she do that? “I just wanted to see you, nothing more.”

I put couldn’t help but smile while shaking my head. “You are to kind for your own good Shy.” I walked over to her and put and hand on her shoulder. “Come on, let’s see what the winter have in store for us.” With that we left the hospital.

Winter Story part 1

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Winter, I always loved winter over the other seasons. I can’t explain it, there’s something that makes so calm in the winter. Who am I? Fox McCloud, a fox in a world where inhabitants are anthropomorphic ponies, but you already knew that. I think it’s been six months, maybe more since I arrived in this world and I have still no clue who or how I got here. Maybe I should have looked into that part more, me and Sunset tried to find out two months after I got here, but no luck. The last two months has been hectic, griffon, Parasprites and Nightmare Moon. The last one is a little complicated, me and Sunset went to stop Nightmare Moon with six other ponies, we won but then they got their memories altered by Celestia, we think.

Anyway, it’s been a month since my time in the hospital and boy am I glad to be out from there. It took another week before my body was working properly. I was jogging outside town early in the morning, I decide to have some activity for getting my body to shape. I was wearing normal sweatpants and I had only a t-shirt on my upper body, my fur protected me a little and cold felt good.

After my run I ran back to my house and on my way there I notice something in the snow, it was the color purple. I walked closer to see what it was and boy I got a shock, it was a little filly and she was covert in snow. I removed the snow, so I could take a closer look at the filly, when I saw what kind of pony it was I was shock again, it was a bat pony. I didn’t care what kind of pony it was, the filly was in lying in the snow and she could die if I didn’t do something.

I scoop her up in my arms and ran as fast as I could to my home, as soon as I got her body to mine I could feel that she was cold, very cold. I was just grateful that I felt a pulse. I almost burst through my door when I arrived at my home, I managed to open it before I broke it. Once inside I ran over to the couch and lay her down there, then I started to push away the table, so I could push the couch closer to the fireplace. Once that was done I started to burn wood, thank god I had put some wood there before I left. Once the fire was lit I push the couch closer to the it.

Once that was done I fell to the floor, I was exhausted. I leaned against the back of the coach to catch my breath, I thought I was in better shape and this. I got up and walked up to the second floor to get some blankets for the filly, once I had found them I headed back down stairs and cover the filly with them. Then I decided to take a closer look at bat pony, in a none sexual way. It was female, that’s for sure. Purple hair and her fur was a mix with blue/black, I think she about Applebloom’s age. She had clothes on her, but they were in pretty bad shape. Where did she come from?

Then something landed on the edge of the couch, it was my phoenix. Yes, I have a pet phoenix, but she doesn’t like to be called a pet. I did that once and she burned me a little on the head, it was painful. Her name is Vixy, after my mother. She didn’t like the name at first, when I told her that it was my mother’s name she accepted it. How did I get a phoenix? That’s story for another time.

Vixy stared down on the batboy and then se looked at me with questionable look. “What? Did you really expect me to just leave her out in the snow?” Vixy let out a small cry and flew back to her perch, I just shock my head at her behaviour. I looked at the fireplace and saw that the fire had started to grow, I decided to put some more wood on it, so it wouldn’t burn out. Once I had done that I look out the window and saw that the night had arrived, what the hell happened to the daylight? Then I let out a big yawn, I guess I’m more tiered then I thought.

Before I went up I looked over to Vixy. “Keep and eye on her through the night.” She let out a cry, I pointed a finger at her. “Hey, don’t get frisk with me. I know that you don’t like ponies that much but this one is a little filly.” I pointed at bat pony. “Show some heart for once.” She let out another cry. “I’ll take that as a yes.” I said nothing more as I walk up the stair to get some sleep.

It was new day and the sun was starting to rise on the horizon and ponies was starting too wake up. in Fox’s house the sun shining through the window and into the eyes to the bat pony that was lying on the cough, she opened her eyes and the first thing she notice was that she was indoors and not outside.

The bat pony decided to sit up and saw that she had blankets over her body, she was also lying on a couch. “Where am I?” She asked no one in particular, she looked around and she saw that she was on a living room. “How did I get here?” She then sneezed. “I guess I have a cold.” She pushed away the blankets, she then stood up and when she did the world started to spin. She fell back to the couch. “That was not a good idea.” She tried again and this time it went smother.

“I don’t know how I got here and don’t care, I’m leaving.” She was about to walked towards the door when she heard a noise behind her, she froze and she started to turn around slowly and she could not believe what she saw. On a stick was… “A phoenix.” She wanted to touch it, but she decided not to do it. She started to walk to the exit again.

She looked at the door but to get there she had to walked past the kitchen and in the kitchen was fox who was staining on two legs, he was making food. The bat pony tried to sneak past the entrance to the kitchen so she could leave. “Going somewhere?” The filly froze in her track, she turned her head towards the fox who was now looking straight at her with his arms crossed. “If you are think about leaving you can forget it, the door is locked an I have the only key, so I suggest you get back to the couch, so you can get well.” I told her and lest hope she listen.

“Are you going to eat me?”

I couldn’t help to raise an eyebrow of her question. “Why would I eat you?”

“You are a fox and foxes eat meat.” Well, I’ll give her that.

“You are right about that foxes eat meat, but I’m not going to eat you. Now, get back to the couch and I will bring you some soup.”

The fox turned around a kept counited cutting vegetables while the bat filly wonder what to do, she walked to the door and tried to open it, it was now use, the door was locked. She had no other choice and go back to the couch, once she was back she lay down on it and pulled the blankets over her self and waited for the fox to bring her some soup.

When I was finished making a vegetables soup I walked back to the living room, when I arrived I saw the bat filly had fallen asleep again, it was actually kind of cute the way she was sleeping. Well, time to wake her up and get some answers. I walked over to her and nudge her, she opened her eyes and she started to panic a little when she saw me. “Take it easy, I’m not going to hurt you.” She calmed down a little. “Here, I brought you some soup.” Before I gave her the bowl, I had to ask her. “You eat vegetable, right?” She gave me a nod. I was relieved of that. “That’s good, the last thing I want to do is to make you sicker.” She just gave me a look that said: is this fox joking or not. I just ignored it and placed the bowl on her lap, she just stared at it. While she did that I sat down in my chair.

I don’t know how long she started at bowl but eventually she grabbed the spoon and started to eat the soup, while I watch her eat I couldn’t help but wonder why a filly like hat was lying in the snow. Time to get some answers. “Alright, since I saved your life I would like you to tell me why you were lying in the snow.” She didn’t answer me, she just kept on eating. “I’m not going anywhere so you might just tell me.” She finished up her soup and put the bowl on the floor. “You should have left me there.” I didn’t not expect that answer.

I leaned back and crossed my arms. “Why should I have left you? What about your parents? Aren’t they worry about you?” She didn’t answer me, but then I saw tears in her eyes. “I’m guess you don’t have any parents.” She didn’t answer. I rubbed my head in frustration. “You have to work with me here kid, I can’t help you if you don’t say anything.”

She lay down the couch. “Why did you save me?” I wanted to answer her but… “When ponies see a bat pony they usually just walked away, they call us monster.” She got up and she had tears her eyes again. “Why didn’t you just leave me there?”

Again, I did not expect that. “I help you because you needed help, you could been a griffon for all I care, I help you because you need it.” She just started at me, probably wondering if I was crazy or not. I think. Time to get some answer. “Since I answered why I save you, can you answer mine? Why were you lying in the snow? Since you don’t have any parents, I’m guessing that you ran away from an orphanage.” Judging by the way she took her legs closer to her body, I’m guessing yes.

“Since I was a baby I have been living in the orphanages in this town, I don’t know who my parents are, the mare who run the orphanages told me one day that she found me on the stairs to the orphanages.” She then started to cry. “I hate living there, the other children wont play with me and nopony want to adopt me because of what I am. I hate it there and that’s why I left there.” She put both hands over her eyes and started to cry even more.

I felt bad for her, living your entire life in an orphanage and never knowing who your parents are. I want to comfort her, but I didn’t, something told me that would make things worse. I just let her cry. After a while she finally stopped. “Do you feel better?” She shocked her head, maybe I should have comfort her. I decide to ask her name. “What’s your name?” She sniffed couple of times.

“It’s Shadow.”

“Shadow you say, that name suits you.” That made her smile. “Well Shadow, my name is Fox McCloud. Nice to meet you.” I gave her a salute that made her laugh a little. “Your funny.” I just shrugged my shoulders. “I try, is there something you want to ask me?” I wanted her to trust me and thought that if she could ask me something, it would help.

She thought for a moment. “How did you end you here in Equestria?”

“That’s an excellent question, to be honest, I have no clue. I just woke up in Everfree forest six months ago at first, I tried to find out how and why I ended up here, but no luck. I even had help from Sunset Shimmers, the local librarian, but she didn’t know either.”

“What about princess Celestia or princess Luna? Couldn’t they help you.”

“That they could, but I doubt that have time to help me find a way home and besides, I have stopped looking for why I ended up here. I have accepted my life in this world.”

She had listen to me, that I could see. “What about your eye? What happened to it.”

I touched my left eye. “A griffon did this to me, she blamed me for something I didn’t do, and she took her anger out on my eye.”

She looked down and her ears folded, I guess she felt bad for asking.“Sorry, I didn’t mean to ask.”

“Don’t worry bout it, you didn’t know.” She was about to ask me more, but then her stomach made some noises, that made her blush. I couldn’t help but smile. “I hear that you are still hungry, I go and make some sandwich for the both of us.” I got up and headed for the kitchen to make some sandwiches, after making them I walked back into the living rom with the sandwiches, I gave some of them to the bat pony and rest went to me. I sat down in my chair and started to eat.

While eating I decide to ask her something. “So, who gave you the name Shadow?”

“I named myself.”

That got me to raise an eyebrow. “Say what?”

“I said that I named myself, the lady at the orphanage didn’t want to give me a name so I gave one myself.”

I was about to ask why the mare in orphanage didn’t gave her a name, but Vixy let out a cry. “Oh right, you also need food.” I got up walked back into the kitchen to get some food for her, when I arrived back into the living room I walked to where Vixy was and sat down a plate with seed. She looked at her food and then at me and she was not happy. “Be as angry as you want, you aren’t getting any mouse.” I want back to my sandwiches, while I did that Vixy flew down on the floor and started to eat.

I could see Shadow stare at my phoenix. “It’s rude to stare.” That got her to look at me.

“Sorry, it’s just…” She looked back at Vixy. “I have never seen a phoenix before, I know that princess Celestia has one but that’s it.” She looked at me again. “How did you get one as a pet?” Oh boy.

When Vixy heard that she looked at Shadow with anger and that made the bat filly very afraid. “Calm down Vixy, she didn’t know. Get back to your food.” Vixy snorted, I didn’t know they could do that, she went back to her food. “Sorry about that, Vixy don’t like the ‘p’ word. She burned part of Rarity’s hair when she called Vixy that, that was not pretty.” It was a little funny.

“Got it, don’t call your phoenix the ‘p’ word.” She looked back at me. “Where did you find her?”

I put away my plate. “About a month ago, I was running through the forest outside the town, not Everfree the other one. I saw her lying in the snow, she was weak. It looked like someone had hurt so I decide to help her.”

“How did you do that.” Shadow ask me with curiosity I her voice.

“Fire.” Now, she was confused. “You see, a phoenix body is mostly made of fire, so I lit a fire and she actually absorb the fire.”

“Then what happened?”

“Well.” I leaned back in chair. “She got better, then she gave me a look, probably considering if I was dangerous or then she flew away. I didn’t see her after that, or so I thought. After a few days, a neighbour of mine told me that a phoenix was sitting on my rooftop and the rest is history.”

Shadow didn’t looked convinced. “That’s it?” I gave her a nod. “That wasn’t very exciting.”

I just shrugged my shoulder’s. “Not every story is.” I got up. “I got some errands to in town, you are going to stay here and get well. I’m going to lock the door, the last thing I need is dead filly on my conscience.” I don’t know if that made her feel bad, I left before I got the chance to find out.

“So, there is where she went, when she get’s back she is going to find out what happens when you run away.”

So, I might have lied to Shadow when it came to what I was going to do in town. I told her that I was doing some errands, but what I did was go straight to the orphanages to tell the lady the runs the place where Shadow was. Let me the you, I didn’t not expect her reaction. I thought that she would be worry about her, I was wrong. It sounds like she wants to beat her up when she gets back.

“And what do you mean by that?” I asked her with some anger in my voice, which she ignored.

“We have rules her Mr McCloud and rules are meant to be followed.”

“I agreed that rules are meant to be followed but that’s now excuse to beat her up.”

“I never said that I would beat her up.”

“No, but it sounded like you are going to if she get’s back here.” She should be happy that she is a mare, or I would give her a broken nose, or a black eye, maybe both.

Then I did something I never thought I would do. “Then I will adopt Shadow.”

The mare looked at me as if I was crazy. “Say what?”

“You heard me, I will adopt Shadow.”

She blinked a couple of times. “Mr McCloud, there’s many other children in this orphanages that would be better to be adopt than a bat filly.”

You got to be kidding me. “It doesn’t matter what she is, I will adopt her.” I got up from my chair and leaned forward over her desk. “Do you have problem with that?” She started to shake her head, I guess I scared her and I don’t really care.

“I will find the papers right away.”

She opened a drawer behind her desk and took out a paper, I sat back down and signet it and I became Shadow’s adopt father. The mare showed me her bed, so I could collect her stuff, she didn’t have much, it was some clothes and a poster of the Wonderbolts. I guess everyone has their hero, or hero’s. Once I was done collecting her stuff I headed home.

When I walked through the door I slammed it behind me scaring Shadow who had fallen asleep on the couch, I didn’t mean to scare but it was angry, and I had forgotten that she was here. I threw her bag in the couch in front of her feet, I sat down in my chair and buried my face in my hands.

“Hey, this is my stuff. Why do you have it?”

I looked at her as she was searching through her bag, this is going to be awkward. “I said that was going do some earns in town, but the truth is that I went to the orphanages to talk to the mare who is charge there and might have end up adopt you.”

Now Shadow looked at me like as I was crazy. “Why? Why did you do that?”

“I felt bad for after you after told your story, so I decide to have a talk with the pony who runs the orphanages. After talking to her I decide to adopt you.”

“So, you did out of sympathy?” She asked with some anger in her voice.


Now she was angry. “You adopt me because you felt bad for me.” She puled away the blanket and grabbed her bag. “I’m outta here.” She walked towards the door.

“And where will you go? Back to the orphanages?” That made her stop. “As I see it. You have three choices. One; you can go back to the orphanages and hope that you will get adopted. Two; you can wander the street of Ponyville and hope that someone will take you inn. Three; you can stay here and have roof over your head. What do you say?”

She walked over to me. “Can I really stay here?” I gave her a nod. “I don’t have to go back to the orphanages?” I gave her another nod.

She looked unsure. “Look, maybe I did adopt you out of pity or sympathy. But I wasn’t about to let you go back to a place that you hate, and the mare that run the orphanage was not very nice, it looked like she didn’t like you at all just because you are a bat pony.”

Shadow sighed. “Yeah, she doesn’t like me, none of the other kids don’t like me.” She looked down on the floor, probably think. Then she looked at me. “Okay, I’ll will stay.” I was glad to hear that.

“Great, let me show you were you can stay.” I got up and we started to walk up the stairs, I looked at Vixy as we walked up, and she did not look happy. “Oh, get over it.” I swear, that phoenix. I got to wonder, how this will play out.

Winter Story part 2

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The train from Manhatten stopped at Ponyville station and a pegasus mare step out from the train carriage, she had a suitcase with her, as soon she did that she took a deep breath. “Ahh, it good to be home.” She looked around the train station. “I see that nothing as chance that much.” She said with a smile on her face. The mare has pink fur, and her mane and her tail are teal green with some blue in it, she had on winter clothes, so she won’t freeze.

She headed towards center of the town. Once there, she looked around and saw that nothing had chance there either. ‘Same old Ponyville, I wonder if Rarity remember me.’ She started to walk towards Rarity home.

Once there she just stood there, looking at the store. “Well, it’s original. I’ll give her that.” She tried to find a corner to the building, but no luck. “How the hell is the building standing up?” She tried to figure it out, eventually she gave up. She walked to the front door and walked in.

The first thing she felt when she was inside was the smell, it smelled like cheap perfume. She almost gagged. ‘I have forgotten how much she like perfumed.’ Once she was over the smell, she looked around the store but no Rarity. “Hello, is there anypony here?” She then heard some noise in the other room. She but the suitcase down on the floor.

She then heard footsteps coming from her left and out came a white unicorn. “Welcome to Carousel boutique, where everything is…” Rarity stop when she saw who had entered her shop, she had to blink a couple of time to see if she was seeing things right. “It can be, Blitz?”

Blitz smiled. “Nice to see you again Rarity.”

Rarity put both hands over mouth, after that she ran over to her friends and gave her a hug. “It’s nice to see you again too Blitz.” Blitz returned the hug. “Good to see you to Rarity.”

The brooked the hug eventually, Rarity took a few steps back. “How long has it been? Ten years?”

Blitz waved her hand “Give or take a few days.” She then looked around. “I can see that your dream came true, owning your own dress shop.”

“Yes, I managed to make my dream come true.” She said in a humble voice. “What about you? Are you moving back to Ponyville?”

“You betcha, it was fun to live on Sun shore city but Ponyville is my real home and it’s good to be home.” Blitz said with a smile on her face.

“That’s good to hear, do you have time to have a drink with me?”

Blitz pounder her offer. “Sure, I can stay a couple of minutes. I can’t stay too long, I have to move into my new house before it gets dark.”

Rarity clapped her hand together. “Great, follow me into the kitchen.” Rarity walked towards the kitchen and Blitz followed her, she took off her coat on the way there.

Well in the kitchen. “Take a seat dear and I will make us some tea.”

“Actually, do you have coffee?” Blitz asked while she sat down a chair. “I prefer coffee in the winter.”

Rarity nodded. “Sure, I think I have some in the cabinet. Why don’t you take seat by the table while I find the coffee?” Blitz did that.

Rarity walked over to her cabinet and opened the it. “Let’s see here.” While she was searching, Blitz took a seat by the table. “Here we are.” Once had found the coffee jar, she took out coffeepot then she went to the sink and poured some water in pot, after that she put it on the stove and let it heat up. “So, Blitz.” She said while sitting down by the table. “I’m guessing that you haven’t visit Applejack yet.”

Blitz shook her head. “No, as soon I got off the train I walked straight here. Something tells me that she hasn’t forgiven me yet, which is strangest considering it’s been over ten years.”

Rarity leaned back into her seat. “You know Applejack, she is pretty stubborn.”

Blitz put her arms on the table and rested her head in them. “Tell me about it.” She looked at Rarity. “Have you two talked about me? Presently?” Rarity tried to come up with an answer, but she didn’t have one and Blitz could see that. “Great, just great. I’m the reason that my two best friends haven’t talk in ten years.” She rested her head into her arms again. “That’s just great.”

“That’s not true darling, me and Applejack still talk.”

“Oh really.” She got up and leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms. “When was the last time you two sat down together and really talk?” Rarity opened her mouth to come up with an answer, but nothing came out. “That’s what I thought.”

Rarity decide to deafen herself. “Look Blitz, I admit that me and Applejack lost contact over the years and I tried to keep in contact with her but every time I mentioned you she just denied you and she just walked away. You know how stubborn she can be.”

Blitz sighed. “I know, she is always been like that.” She then slammed her hand on the table. “Damn it AJ, it’s my parents fault not mine.” She buried har face in her hands. “Is the water ready soon?”

Rarity looked at the pot. “Not yet.” She heard Blitz let outa heavy sighed. Rarity was about to ask her time in Sun shore city, but she was interrupted by the front door opening and closing. “Who can that be?” Rarity got up to see who it was, Blitz followed her.

When they arrived on the main room, Blitz could see a pink earth pony she didn’t know, leaning against the door, breathing heavily.

“Pinkie, might telling me what you are doing in my house and out of breath.” Rarity asked the pink pony.

“I’m running away from Fox.”

Rarity raised both eyebrows of her answer. “Why are you running away from Fox?”

Pinkie tried to put on her best innocent smile. “I might have dumped a pile of snow on his head when he came out from his home.”

Rarity gave Pinkie a disappointing look. “Pinkie dear, you know that Fox hates pranks”

“I know, okay. But the temptation was to big and I couldn’t help myself.” She then ran to the left. “I’m going to jump out off the window in your designer room.” She ran into the room, then they heard a window open, then Pinkie who jump out and closed it.

Rarity couldn’t help but shock her head of her friend behaviour. Blitz in the meanwhile, who had watched the hole thing, was clueless. “Rarity, who was that?” She asked her friend.

“That was Pinkie Pie, she is this town party pony.” She gave Blitz a concerned look. “I have to warned you, you might get a party in the future.”

Blitz waved a hand. “I’m not worried, I can handle ponies like her.”

Rarity was about to question what her friend said, but she was interrupted by door opening. In the doorway they saw a giant fox, standing on two legs and he was angry. He also had snow on his shoulders and on his head. Blitz saw that he was missing an eye.

“Where is she Rarity? Where is that pink meanness.”

Both mares could see the anger in his eye. Rarity decided not to anger him more, she pointed at her designer room. “She jump out of the window.”

The fox gave her a nod, he then closed the door. “Pinkie, come back here and face justice.” They heard him ran away.

Blitz had to blink a few times, then she looked at her friend. “Rarity, was that a giant talking fox?”

“Yes, it was. His name is Fox McCloud and arrived here about…” She had to think for a moment. “… eight months ago, I think. To be honest, I’m not sure.” Then they heard a whistle. “Oh, the water is ready.” Rarity walked back into the kitchen and Blitz followed her.

After they had gotten their coffee and tea, they started to talk about what had happened the last ten years. Rarity talk about getting her cutie mark, getting enough money to build the store/home. Blitz told Rarity about her time in Sun shore city, it wasn’t much to talk about or brag about, she was a waitress for ten years. After that they said goodbye to each other, Blitz had to go and see if her stuff had arrived at her new home.

Meanwhile at the post office, Applejack and Sunset came out from the building with three boxes in their arms, AJ had two while Sunset had one.

“Thanks for helping me with these books Applejack.”

Applejack gave her a smile. “No problem Sunset.” They started to walk back to the library. “Is it true that unicorn magic doesn’t work in the winter?”

“Oh, it works, just not very well. I have to strain myself to elevated things.” She said in a frustrated tone. “I hate winter.”

Applejack didn’t understand how unicorn magic worked so she just gave her a nod. “What about Twilight? Why isn’t she helping you?”

“She is visiting her parents in Canterlot, she will back in two days.”

Applejack didn't say anything, she how knew how important family was. Then AJ saw something that made her stop, Sunset kept on walking but then she saw that her friend had stop. “Applejack, why did you stop?” Applejack didn’t answer, she just kept looking at a snow pile, then Sunset looked at the snow pile and she wasn’t sure what she was looking at.

In plie of snow, a couple of pinkie bots was sticking out of it. Applejack and Sunset knew right away who owned those bots. “Pinkie?” Sunset asked the boots.

“Yes?” They could barely hear her because of the snow.

“Why are you in a snow pile with your head first?”

“I would like to tell you that Sunset, but can you pull me out? My head is starting to get could.”

Sunset wasn’t sure if she should help or not, but she couldn’t let Pinkie freeze to death. She looked over to Applejack for help. “Let’s get her out of there.” They but down the boxes they were carrying. “You take the left leg while I’ll take the right.” AJ gave her a nod, they both took each leg. “Alright, one three. One, two, three.” On three, they managed to pull Pinkie out of the snow pill.

They all landed on the ground. Pinkie, who had snow on her head, shook her head to get it off. “Thanks girls, it was getting cold in there.”

“Don’t mention. Now, might telling me why you were in a snow pill with your head first.” Sunset asked Pinkie while dusting of some snow of her jacket.

“I was in there because I dumped snow on Fox’s head.”

When Sunset heard that, she slap a hand on her face. “Pinkie, Fox does not like pranks.”

“I know already, I heard it from Rarity already.”

“Why where you at Rarity?” Applejack asked her pink friend.

“I was hiding from Fox, duh.” She got up. “That reminds me, there’s a new pony in town. I have to get ready to throw her a party.”

“This new pony, what does she looked like?”

“Well AJ, she is a pegasus, her fur is pink, her mane is green with some blue.”

When Applejack heard that, her face became pale. “You okay there AJ?” Sunset asked her.

“Yeah, I have to go.” Applejack got up and started to walk towards the farm.

“Wait Applejack.” It was too late, The farm pony was gone. “Dame it.” She look at the three boxes, then at Pinkie who also started to walk away. “Not so fast Pinkie.” Sunset grabbed her by the collar that stopped her dead in the track. “You are going to help me with my boxes.” She told the party pony while pointing at the boxes in the snow.

Pinkie looked at boxes and the at Sunset. “Why me?”

“What you said about the new pony made AJ to leave, and that means that you have do her work.”

Pinkie was about to protest but then saw the look in Sunset eyes, they were serious. She tried to look away but eventually she gave up. “Fine, I help you.” Sunset had a winning smile

Once Blitz had arrived at her new home she saw that her stuff had arrived, they were in boxes that were standing on her terrace. She just looked at them. “This is going to take a while.” There was four of them and after she had taken them inside, she had unpack the stuff in them.

“Do you need some help?”

Blitz heart almost leaped into her throat when she heard the voce, she turned around and she saw the fox from earlier. She looked at her boxes. “Yeah, that would be great.” She looked back a t the fox. “You are that fox that was chasing that pinkie pony.”

“That’s right.” He reached out a hand. “My name is Fox McCloud.”

Blitz hesitated for a moment but eventually she shook it. “My name is Blitz Wing.”

“Blitz Wing, that’s a nice name.” Blitz blushed of that comment and she had no idea why, thanks to her pink fur, Fox didn’t see that. “You just move to Ponyville?”

“Yeah, well. I move to another town teen years ago and I just move home today.”

“He gave her a nod. “That’s nice.” He looked at boxes. “”Do you want me to take the boxes in to your house?”

“Sure, if you carry them in while I get a fire started.” He gave her thumbs up, she gave him a smile. She walked to the front door and found the keys, once open she walked inn and immediately she could feel the cold. “Damn, it’s colder inside then outside.” She walked to living room and found the fireplace, she saw that the wood was already there. She place her suitcase on the floor and then walked over to the fireplace. She took a couple of them and placed them in the fireplace and lit them, it didn’t took long before there was fire there. “That’s better.” She said while rubbing her hands.

Then she heard someone entering the house, it was Fox and he had two boxes with him. “Where do you want them?” He asked her.

“Just put them down in the living room, I’ll sorted out them out later.” He gave her a nod, he then placed them on the floor.

“There’s two more.” He went out to get them, id didn’t take long before he was back with the two last boxes. He place with the others. “There, that’s all of them.” He saw that Blitz had open one off them and was looking at a picture. Fox knew that it was personal, but he’s curiosity got the better of him. He walk behind her and look at the picture, it was Blitz, AJ and Rarity, they looked very young and happy.

“This picture was take one week before I moved away from Ponyville.” She said in calm tone.

“You three look very happy.”

Blitz smile. “We were.” She stood up and walked over to the fireplace and placed the picture on top of it.

“I don’t mean to be rude.” She turned around. “But, how did you and Rarity become friends? You have green hair, Rarity hate the colour green.”

Blitz giggled of what he said. “Yeah, it wasn’t easy, but I didn’t become friend with her first, I became friends with Applejack first.” Fox was now curious, and she saw that. “It all started ten years ago.”


“I was walking home after eating some cake at new open Sugarcube corner, I decide to take a short cut through the park, when I arrived in the park I saw something that I hate.”

Blitz was watching as three female ponies on her own age, all of them was earth ponies, was bulling a younger pony, she had orange fur and blond mane and tail.

“Are you telling me that Applejack was a victim of bulling?” Fox asked her.

“She wasn’t more than eight when I first meet her.” Blitz answer him.

“How much older are you then her?”

She had think for a second. “About five years.”

Blitz watch the three ponies throwed a hat between them self and the orange filly tried to grab it.

“Give it back, my father gave it for my birthday.” The filly said with tears in her eyes.

The one with green fur took the hat. “How could your daddy give a puny pony like you a nice hat like this?” The filly started to cry even more. “What’s the matter? Can’t find the words?” She threw the hat to the mare with red fur and the filly ran over to her.

Blitz, who had heard it all had enough, she walked over to the red one who was closet. She kicked the mare in the ass that made earth pony fell with her face first on the ground, Blitz then grabbed the hat that the mare lost.

“Hey, who kick me?” The mare got up and looked behind here. “What’s the big idea?” She asked Blitz.

“What’s my big idea? What about yours? You are bulling a pony that’s smaller that yourself, have you three no shame?” They all gave her a look that said no, which made Blitz even more angry. “Leave now before I do something regret.” Blitz told the three earth ponies.

They looked at each other, then red one spoke. “Come one girls, this pegasus isn’t worth it.” The two others nodded in agreement, they walked away leaving Blitz alone with a crying filly.

Blitz just snorted. “Idiots.” She walked over to filly and gave the hat back. “Here you go.” The filly stopped crying and looked at her hat and then at Blitz, unsure if she should trust here, even that she saved her hat. “Take it, I’m not going to hurt you.” Blitz said with a smile.

The filly took her hat back. “Thanks.” She said with tears in her eyes.

“Your welcome, what’s your name?”

“Applejack.” She said while putting her hat on her head, the hat was too big for her because it fell a little and covert her eyes.

Blitz couldn’t help but laugh of what she saw. “Nice to meet you Applejack, my name is Blitz Wing.”

“And that’s how I meet Applejack and became friends with her.”

Fox had listen to the story and he had a little trouble believing in it. “Wow, AJ was exposed for bulling when she younger, I have hard time believing in that.”

“Well, believe what you want, I was there.” Blitz said while looking through one of her boxes.

Fox just shrugged his shoulder. “If you say so, what about Rarity? I have troubling picturing you two friends, considering you have green hair. No offence.”

Blitz just laugh. “None taken. She like green when she was little, I remember how I meet her. It was the first day off school…”

Blitz was waiting outside the local school for it to end, she was waiting for her friend Applejack, they had plans to go to Sugarcube corner after school. “Man, when is the school ending?’ Blitz thought while sitting on the fence. Then the school bell started to ring, Blitz smiled when she heard that. “Finally.” She watch as the kids walked out of the school house and then she saw Applejack coming out, she waved at her friend but stopped when she saw that Applejack was hanging her head and dragging her hat on the ground.

Applejack walked over to Blitz with her head hung low. “AJ, what happened?” Applejack looked up at friend with tears in her eyes. “Why are you crying? Did something happened.” Applejack gave her a nod.

AJ sniffed a couple of times. “It all happened in our free time, I was just sitting by myself when a unicorn came up to me and told me how idiotic my hat looked at my head, then I asked her how she could now that, she answer that she was a fashion expert, I then asked her how she can be a fashion expert, she answered by reading fashion magazines, then she walked away.” Applejack sniffed some more. “What is she is right? What if my hat dose look idiotic on me?”

Blitz didn’t like to see her friend cry. “That’s a lie, you hat fit perfect on you and don’t let anyone ells tell you different.”

“Do you mean that Blitz?”

“I do.” Blitz looked at school house. “Just who is this pony who told you otherwise?”

Applejack also looked at school house and once she did, she saw the pony. “That’s her.” Applejack pointed at a unicorn with white fur and purple hair, she was wearing some elegant clothes that looked like you could find in Canterlot, she was walking out from the school house with her nose up in the air. It was like she owned the place.

Blitz nodded. “Alright, you stay her AJ, I’m going to have a talk with that unicorn.” Blitz started to walk towards the unicorn. Applejack wanted to stop her, but she knew better to intervein when she was like that.

“Hey, unicorn.” The white unicorn stopped and looked at Blitz, she then pointed at herself. “Yeah, you with the snobby attitude.”

The unicorn didn’t not like to hear that. “Excuse me? Who do you think you are?”

“I am a pony that didn’t like the way you talk to my friend.” Blitz stopped in front of the unicorn. “And I want you apologized to her.”

“And who is your friend?” The unicorn asked, Blitz pointed at Applejack who was looking down on the ground. The unicorn huffed when she saw Applejack. “If you really think I’m going to apologized to a pony with bad taste in clothing, then you are wrong.” She stuck her nose up in the air again.

Right now, Blitz had trouble containing her anger. “If you want to know bad taste in clothing, then look in a mirror.”

That made the unicorn gasp. “How dear you.”

“How dear me? No, how dear you? How dear you criticize Applejack’s hat? Her father gave her that hat for her birthday and he and me thinks it fit her perfect. You can’t say that you are an expert in fashion just because you read some magazines, then you need to read some more.” Blitz took a couple off breaths to calm her self down. “You don’t have to apologized to Applejack, just stay away from her from now on, got it?” Blitz said with some force in her voice, the unicorn nodded. “Good.” Blitz turned around and walked back to Applejack. Once back Blitz told her friend what happened, Applejack was a little disappointed that she didn’t get an apologized, but she was happy that the unicorn would not bother her anymore.

After that event, Blitz and Applejack was sitting by a table in Sugarcube corner. They didn’t talk, they were pussy eating the food they had ordered, then door to the store open and in walked someone Blitz and Applejack didn’t not expect to see, the white unicorn from the school. Blitz and Applejack watch as the unicorn looked around the shop, then the unicorn saw them, she walked over to them.

Once there, they just looked at each other in an awkward silence, then Blitz decided to say something. “Well unicorn, is there something you want?”

“First of all, my name is Rarity.” She said with some anger in her voice, she was tiered of begging called unicorn. “And second.” Now, she was looking down on the ground and rubbing her arm. “I would like say I’m sorry, I’m sorry for criticize your hat.” She looked at Applejack while saying that last part.

Blitz and Applejack gave each other a look, they weren’t entirety sure what just happened. When they first meet, Rarity as is her name, had criticize Applejack’s hat and she was apologizing to Applejack.

Then they looked Rarity again. “Why did you do it? Why did say those things to Applejack?” Blitz asked her.

Rarity looked to the side, ashamed. “I was jealous of her hat.”

They weren’t sure if they heard things right, here they have a unicorn that looks like she was from Canterlot and she was jealous, jealous of Applejack’s hat.

“Jealous or not, you should not have said those things to Applejack, that’s signs of a pully.” Blitz told Rarity.

“I know already, my mother already told me that and I’m really sorry for what I said.” She sighed. “I have said what I should had said, so I will be leaving.” She turned around and started to walk towards the door.

Then Applejack gave Blitz the puppy look and that made Blitz groan. “Fine, just stop looking at me like that.” Applejack had a victorious smile. “Hey, Rarity.” Rarity stopped and turned around, she looked confused. “Do you want to hangout with us?” Blitz asked her, now was Rarity even more confused. She looked over to Applejack who was just smiling, then Rarity smiled. “Sure, I would like to do that.” She walked over to the table and took a seat.

“And that’s how we meet Rarity.”

Fox had listen to the story and this time he was in shock. “Wow, Rarity was almost a bully when she was younger. Who would have known.”

Blitz giggle of what he said. “Yeah, she was almost a bully.” She said while taking out her clothes.

“Something tells me that this didn’t last very long.”

Blitz let out a heavy sighed. “You can say that, a year later my parents got a job in Sun shore city and we had to move there.”

“How did AJ and Rarity take it?” He asked with curiosity.

Blitz was quiet for a moment. “Not good, well, Rarity took it better then AJ that’s for sure. After I had left I wrote to them every month, but Rarity was the only one that answered me back, I guess that Applejack didn’t like me leaving.” She got up and look at Fox. “But what could I do? I was too young to have a place of my own, I had to move.”

Fox could see that sadness in her eyes. “You didn’t want to leave, didn’t you?”

“Of course, I had leave me to best friends and now, one of them have hated me for teen years.” She sighed. “I don’t even know if she will forgive me, considering how stubborn she is.” She went back to the box.

Fox in the meanwhile, thought it was time to leave, he had been there far to long. He just left her alone.

Once I was outside I looked back the house. Poor girl, had to leave her two best friends. I know how she feels, that’s for sure. I wanted to help them, but it wasn’t my problem and I could make it worse, I decided to head home. Let’s just hope that it all works out for them.

In her room at Sweet apple acres, Applejack was lying on her bed staring at the ceiling, her hat was lying beside her. After hearing that Blitz had returned, she had locked herself in her room. ‘Why did she had to come back?’ When Applejack heard that her best friend had to move another city, she was devastated, she didn’t want Blitz to leave. Then someone knock on her door. “Go away.” She didn’t want to talk anyone right now.

“Open the door Applejack.” It was granny Smith.

“Go away granny, I don’t want to talk anyone right now.”

She then heard some mumbling behind her door. “You are going to open this door right now or I will kick it down.” She said in aggressive tone.

Applejack let out a sigh, she knew that it was impossible to reason with her when she was in that mood. She got up and walked over to the door and unlocked it, once that was done she went back to the bed and lay down on the her back.

Then granny walked in with a wining smile. “About time.” She walked over to bed and sat down on it. “Blitz in back in town.”

Applejack looked at her with and raised eyebrow. “How did you know?

“I could see it in your eyes Applejack, it was the same look you had teen years ago, a look that you had lost your best friend.” Applejack said nothing she just looked up at the ceiling, granny shock her had in disappointment. “Here, I brought you something.” She put something on the bed.

Applejack looked and saw that it was letter, many letters. “What’s this?” She asked.

“This is all the letter Blitz send to you after she moved, she send you a letter every month for two years.”

That got AJ to sit up. “Two years? Why did she stop?”

“Because you never answered her Applejack.”

“Didn’t want to answer her, she left me and Rarity alone here. And…”

“WOULD YOU SHUT THE HELL UP.” Applejack almost fell of the bed off Granny’s outburst. “Why do you have to be so stubborn? She had to leave, she didn’t had a choice. She wasn’t old enough to live by herself, she didn’t have any other family in town she could live with. Do you know what she did the day before she left?” Applejack shock her head. “She came here to talk to you, but you wouldn’t talk to her, when she heard that she started to cry.” Applejack was now in shock, she had never seen Blitz cry before. “You know what, I give up. Here.” She threw the letters at Applejack and got up. “I suggest you read the last letter she sent you.” She walked out and slammed the door after herself.

Applejack just started at the door, then she looked at the letters that was lying in front of her. She might just read the letter. She picked them up and searched for the last one, she took it and opened it up and started to read it.

“Dear Applejack, for two years I have send you a letter every month for two years and you have still not answered me. I tried to tell you so many times before I left that I hadn’t any choice to move, my father had gotten a new job in Sun shore city and I hade to move. But that is not what this letter is about. I’m writing this letter to tell you that if you want to me mad at me for something that isn’t my fault, then fine. Here’s the problem with you AJ, when you get stubborn you refuse to listen to anyone, even your best friend and I’m sick of it. If you don’t want to be my friend then fine, consider this friendship over.”

Blitz Wing

Applejack just stared at the letter with tears in her eyes, she had been an idiot. She couldn’t hold back the tears. “What haveI done?” She had to make it right, she grabbed her hat and ran out her door, out the main door of the house and into to the town to find Blitz.

She was standing outside Blitz’s house, she didn’t know where the house were but luckily, she ran into Fox and he told her where Blitz’s house were. Now, she was just standing there, looking at the house. She was terrified, terrified of what would happened. She swallowed the big lump she had in her throat and walked to the front door, she knock a few times and waited.

It didn’t take long before Applejack heard noises, then a voice. “Damn it Pinkie, how many times must I tell you? I don’t want a…” The door open and there as Blitz, she didn’t look happy. Then she saw Applejack, then her mod dropped even more. “You are not Pinkie, you look like a friend I had ten years ago.”

“Hello Blitz, how are you?” Applejack asked her.

Blitz leaned against the door frame. “What do you want Applejack?”

“I want to talk.”

Blitz couldn’t help but question what she said. “Are you serious? You didn’t want to talk to me before I left, you never answered any of my letter’s and now you want to talk?” She halve shouted.

“Look, I’m sorry, okay? I was just a stubborn kid back then and I feel bad for it.” Then she started to cry. “I’m SO sorry.”

Blitz couldn’t help but feel sorry for the crying mare, she sighed. “Would you stop crying?” Applejack tried but it was not easy. “Let’s talk inside, it’s getting could outside.” Blitz walked inside, Applejack wasn’t about to say no to this, she walked after her.

Once inside Applejack could see boxes that was open, clothe and other stuff on the floor. “I hope that Rarity doesn’t see this, she is going to flip if she does.” Said Applejack.

Blitz couldn’t help but laugh a little when she heard that. “Yeah, is remember the first time she saw my room. She past out thanks to my mess.” She said while working on the fireplace.

When Applejack heard that, she also laugh. “It wasn’t that bad.”

Blitz smiled a little, when she was finished she got up and turned to face Applejack. “You said that you wanted to talk, then talk.” Applejack took a deep breath, she tried to say something, but nothing came out. When Blitz saw that she slapped a hand on her face. “For fuck sake AJ, just spill it out already.”

That she did. “I’m sorry okay, I’m sorry for the way I acted all those years ago, I’m sorry for not reading your letters I am sorry for everything.” ‘Then Applejack did something Blitz never thought she would do, fell on the floor and started to cry. “I just have missed my best friend so much.” She managed to say between the crying.

Blitz said nothing, she just walked over to the crying Applejack and got down on the floor and gave her a hug. “I have missed you to Applejack.” Applejack returned the hug. “Let’s get together tomorrow, you, me and Rarity, like old times.”

Applejack smiled when she heard that. “I like that.”

Winter Story part 3

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The very next day Blitz, Applejack and Rarity got together at one of the local café. Applejack had asked Rarity if she wanted to come and she said yes right away, Rarity has suggested Sugarcube corner, but Blitz refused to go there, thanks to Pinkie.

They were sitting inside drinking coffee at one of the tables and chatting.

“So, Blitz darling. You have to tell us about Sun shore city.” Rarity asked her friend.

“There’s nothing much to tell, I worked as a waitress for ten years , it wasn’t the best job but it payed the bills.”

“That’s it?” Blitz nodded while taking a sib out of her coffee. “But, it thought that Sun shore was a city of opportunities.” Rarity said with some disappointment in her voice.

Blitz sat down her cup. “Rarity, I’m a pegasus who loves to fly and had a part time job with the weather team before I moved, Sun shore is a city with sun 24/7, there wasn’t a weather team there. I took the job I could get.” She then smack a had on the table. “But enough about me, I want to talk about you two and the elements of harmony.” That gave Blitz two surprised look. “What? I read the papers.” She said with a rolled with her eyes. Blitz waited for her fiends to say something but then she notice both of them had gloomy faces. “What wrong with you two? Why do both off you looks gloomy?”

That got both Rarity and Applejack to look at each other, both was surprise and confused at the same time. Rarity asked first. “Why are you gloomy?” She asked AJ.

“That was my question to you.” Was the answer Rarity got.

Blitz in the mean time was just confused. “Ok, what the hell is going on? Aren’t you two happy to an element of harmony?” She asked her friends.

Both of them was unsure to say, Applejack decided to speak first. “I was at first, but now it feels like something is missing. I don’t know if Rarity feels the same.”

“I agree with Applejack.”

Blitz was now even more confused. “Missing? What’s missing? What are you two talking about?” She asked her friends.

Applejack spoke. “Well, I had these dreams. It’s the day Nightmare Moon came back, we are running towards the library to get some information where the elements of harmony is, when we arrived there, somepony is finding a book but I can’t see that pony.”

Blitz tilted her head to the side. “What do you mean you can’t see that that pony?”

“It all blurry, also, the pony is trying to say something, but I can’t hear the pony. I don’t even know if it’s a stallion or a mare.”

Blitz looked over to Rarity. “Do you have the same dream?” Rarity just gave her a nod.

Blitz let Applejack continued. “Then we arrived at entrance at Everfree forest and there stands another figure, it’s same as first, I can’t see who it is or hear the figure. it’s same on our way to the castle that’s in the forest, I can’t see or heard the two figure that following us, but it feels like I know them. Then we arrive at the castle, the two figures stay outside while the rest of us walk in to castle to find the elements. After that, I can’t remember what happens.”

Blitz had listen to what Applejack had said and one thing is sure, she didn’t lie, she can’t. She looked over to Rarity who just gave her a nod that confirmed it, they had the same dream.

“Let me get this straight, you have the same dream when it comes to what happened the night Nightmare Moon came back, you both see two figures that you can’t see or hear, am I right?” They both nodded. “That can’t be a coincidence, I think something ells happened that night.” Blitz told her friends.

“Like what?” Rarity asked her.

“How should I know? I’m not an expert in dreams, do I look like princess Luna?” They just gave her a blank stare, she just gave them a confusing look. “What?”

“Why do we always mention a princess in a situation like this?” Rarity asked her.

Blitz just shrugged her shoulders. “Don’t know, I never thought about.” She took a sip from her cup. “Enough of that.” She put the cup down on the table. “I want to know about the fox that lives her in Ponyville.” She leaned on the table.

Rarity. “What do want to know?”

Blitz. “Is he single?” When her friends heard that they gave her an amusing look. “What? I’m allowed to ask.” Both of them had an amusing smile on their faces. “Oh, shut up, both of you.” Blitz just leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms.

Rarity couldn’t help but laugh of Blitz behaver, then her face became serious. “I’m not sure if Fox is interested in a relationship, is last relationship ended on a bad note.”

Blitz was now intrigue, “Oh? What happened?”

Rarity wonder of should tell her. “I might just tell you, you will found out eventually.”

Rarity started to tell, and Blitz listen closely, Rarity told her about Gilda and how she made mayhem throughout the whole day, then she came to the part and how Fox was the one to blame for Gilda’s black eye and how he got punch in the face by Dash and slapped in the face by his ex marefriend. Then she said what happened after the party.

Blitz listen, and she was shocked. “Let me get this right, this Gilda was angry at Fox because he interrupted her for punching a pony named Fluttershy, then she decided to give her self a black eye and tell Rainbow Dash that Fox gave her a black eye, which he didn’t. Nopony wanted to listen to him and after the party, Gilda blame him for what happened to her after he left and gave him the scar on his left eye. Did I get that right?” She asked Rarity.

“Pretty much.” Rarity answered.

Blitz was in shocked, she couldn’t believe that he got treated like that. “What’s wrong with ponies in this town? They heard on thing and that’s what they believe?” She stared to rub her forehead. “Unbelievable, I would never do that.” Both of her friends believe her in that last statement.

After that they talk some more and went home when evening came.

A Diffrent Kind of Winter Wrap up

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Winter wrap up. Once a year, the ponies in Ponyville must clear the snow in the town. Why? Apparently, the sun can’t melt the snow in this place thanks to a creature call Discord. Yes, I read books. Anyway, I think the hole thing is stupide, why can’t they just let the sun melt the snow?

Sleep, when you are sleeping in the night, it’s the only time of the day you can escape the reality we call life. I love to sleep in a warm bed, but not when someone is knocking on my door early in the morning, 5.30 am to be exact.

I turned over to look at my alarm clock and it read 5.30 am, why am I up so early? Because someone is knocking on my door. I toss away my blanket and I regret doing that, the cold struck me. I got out of my warm bad and grabbed my pants, I managed somehow to put them on, I open my door and walked out. Once I got down the stairs the knocking continued. “Alright already, I heard you the first time.” The last time I was up this early was when I lived at AJ’s farm.

I opened the door and the first thing I noticed was the cold, I love the cold but not five in the morning. When I had gotten over the cold I managed to see who it was, it was a purple unicorn. “Sparkle, you better have a good reason for knocking on my door at 5:30 am in the morning.” I asked her in a groggy voice.

“I’m here because Sunset kicked me out of the three house.” She said with some shame in her voice.

I tried to rub the tiredness out of my good eye. “Why did she kick you out?”

She looked down on the ground. “I might have woke her up.” I could hear the embarrassed in her voice.

“Why are you here?”

She looked up at me. “I was hoping to come inside.” Then I heard her stomach make some noise. “To eat breakfast?” She asked me with a blush on her check.

I let out a heavy sighed. I wanted to tell her to get lost but that’s not who I am. “Fine.” That made her smile. I walked in and she followed, she closed the door after herself. “Why don’t you go and started a fire, I’m going to get dressed.” She agreed with that, I went upstairs to get dressed while she went into the living room.

It didn’t take long the get dressed. When I walked downstairs I could see that Twilight was still working at fireplace, I decided to make breakfast. Once I was in the kitchen I decided to make french toast. I was almost finished when Twilight walked into the kitchen, she took a seat at the table.

It was time to get some answered. “Might telling me the reason why you are up so early this day?”

“Today is winter wrap up and I guess I got a little too excited.”

Ah yes, winter wrap up, the day when the ponies in this town ‘clear’ out winter. Apparently, a long time ago, a creature called Discord fucked up how thing’s work around here and now they have to clear out the winter instead of letting the sun do its job. I think it’s stupid.

“How can you be so excited for that? Didn’t you do that in Canterlot when you lived there?”

I couldn’t see but I could hear that Twilight put her arms on the table and laid her head in them. “No, we used magic to clear the snow. But here in Ponyville they do it the old fashion way, they clear the snow them self. Like the earth ponies did when this town was founded.” I couldn’t help but smile off how happy she sounded.

“It’s sounds like you have wanted to this for a long time.”

“You have no idea.”

I finished up the French toast and place some of them on plate for and Twilight, then I placed the plates on the table with accessories, like jam and other stuff. Then we eat, and it was good, I guess I was hungrier than I thought.

While eating I decided to ask Twilight something. “So, might telling me why Sunset kicked you out from the library.”

She blushed by that question. “I might have burst into her bedroom this morning.” She answered in an embarrassing tone.

I couldn’t help but chuckle. “You shouldn’t do that to your roommate, you shouldn’t do that to ANYONE.” I put a little force on anyone.

She gave me annoyed glance. “I know already.” I just chuckle again. “That I burst into Sunset bedroom wasn’t the worst part.” I stopped eating. “Big Mac was there with her.” That made me choke on the food I had in my mouth. I knew that they had been spending more time together, but not this fast. “You okay Fox?” I gave her a thumbs up.

I managed to swallow my food. “Are you sure you saw Mac in the same bed as Sunset?” She nodded. “Man, I knew that they were dating, but this is ridiculous.” I coughed a little. “Please don’t tell me that they slept together.”

Twilight just tilted her head to the side. “Of course, they slept together, they had to there wasn’t another bed there.”

I just slapped a hand on my face. “That’s not what I meant, I asked if they SLEPT together.”

That just confused her even more. “I don’t understand, what ells could two ponies do in the bed together?” I just started at her, then her eyes widen. “You mean….?” I just nodded. Then her face became red as a tomato. “No, they didn’t do that, I would have heard it.” That was something I didn’t want to hear.

“That’s good to hear, but you shouldn’t wake others so early in the morning.”

She looked down at the table in shame. “I know, I just was so excited for today.” She then looked at the stares. “I didn’t wake Shadow, did I?”

“No, she at Applebloom and having a slumber party.” I couldn’t help but laugh. “I swear, that pony can be friends with a Diamond dog if she wanted to.” That made Twilight laugh.

When I told the girls and Ace about Shadow I got mix reaction, Pinkie wanted to throw her a party, but I talk her out of it. I asked Shadow if she wanted one and she said no, that was it. The rest didn’t understand why I did but when I told them wat had happened to Shadow they understand, Fluttershy cried when she heard what happened to Shadow. When I introduced her to Applebloom, it was like they became friends right away and that made my happy. She need a friend.

We counited to eat and when we were almost done I saw that Twilight poking at her food, I decided to ask her what was wrong. “Something wrong Sparkle?” She shocked her head. “Alright, you know you can talk to me.”

She sighed. “I know, is just…” She leaned back in her chair. “You know what? Screw it, I just tell you. I have had some weird dreams lately.”

That peaked my curiosity. “What kind of dreams?”

She rubbed her face with both hands. “Alright, it’s the day Nightmare Moon returns, she shows up in front off us all and then she disappeared. Me and the girls run towards the library to find the book about the elements.”

“Sounds like a normal dream to me.” I told her.

“The next part is where it’s get weird. There’s a pony running beside me that I can’t see.”

That’s weird. “What do you mean you can’t see that pony?”

“I don’t know, back to the dream. We arrived at the library to find the book, the pony that I can’t see found it very fast, the pony started to read from it, but I can’t hear what the pony is saying.” I wanted to say something, but I let her finished. “Then I grabbed the book and started to read it myself, I told the girls about the elements, five were now but the last one was a mystery, then I told them where to find the elements. When we arrived at edge of the Everfree, there someone ells waiting there but I can’t see who it is.”

I decided to say something. “Let me get this straight, now there a two ponies you can’t see?” She nodded. “Ok, continue.”

“Right, we make are way through the forest, I won’t tell you what happened in there, but I still can’t see or hear the two ponies that follow me and the girls. When we finally arrived at the castle the dreams end, then I wake up.” She the looked at me for answered. “What do you think this dream means?”

It sounds like that the elements are trying to tell Twilight something, I can’t tell her that, she might tell Celestia. “How long have you had this dream?” I had to asked.

“It started about two weeks ago.”

I nodded. “I don’t what to say Twilight, there are just dreams, it might nothing.”

“I know it’s just a dream, but it feels so real.” She but both elbows on the table and rested her head in her hands. “I know what’s weird about the dream?” She looked at me. “I think the second shadow is you.”

I made a fake laughed when I heard that. “You know that’s not possible, I was with Cheerilee that night.”

She threw her arms to the side. “I know alright.” She put don her arms and lay her head on the table, missing her plate. “I don’t know what to think anymore.”

I might regret this. “Maybe you should ask Luna.”

She didn’t lift her head. “Maybe.” Not the answer I was expecting, I thought she would write to her. I just have to wait and see.

I better get her to think about something ells. “Let’s forget this dream and focus on today, Winter wrap up.”

That got her to look at me. “You are right.” She then smiled. “I have been waiting for this day ever since I was little. I’m not going to let a dream spoil this day.” Her mood was chance, from sad to happy.

After we finished up our breakfast, we head out the door. I hold it open, so Vixen could fly out and stretched her wings. Twilight just looked in awe as she flew out. “I still can’t believe that you have phoenix.” I could help put smirk of what she said.

On the way to the meeting at town hall, Twilight asked me a question I really didn’t want her to ask. “Hey Fox, what happened to Colastone?” And there it was.

I just shrugged my shoulders. “I have absolutely no idea, he bought a house in town, he lived in it for two weeks and then he disappeared.”

I wasn’t lying, he lived her for two weeks and disappeared. I tried to find after he left but he had just vanished, I tried to find some clues to where he had gone in his old cave but nothing. One thing is for sure, I’m going to miss him. I might have just know him for a few weeks, but I liked him. Twilight didn’t say anything more after that.

When we arrived at town hall we could see every pony in town and then I mean every pony, we could see Ace and Blitz standing at back of the group, so we walk over to them

Ace was the first one to notice us. “About time you showed up.”

I just rolled my eye. “You didn’t have a visit from an exited unicorn this morning.” I looked over to culprit who trying her best too lock innocent, it didn’t work. I just smirked at her behavior. I decided to have a look around and the first thing I saw was that the ponies was wearing different vests, pegasus was wearing blue, I could see Applejack and Mac wearing green once and tanned for the animal, I could see that Shy was wearing one. I looked over to Ace and Blitz, Ace was wearing a blue one and Blitz was wearing a tanned. “When did you two get your vests?” I asked them.

Blitz answered. “The Mayor asked us yesterday and we got our vest then.”

That got Twilight to react. “I didn’t know about that, why didn’t anypony tell me?”

Blitz just shrugged his shoulders. “How should I know?” Twilight just frowned of his answer. “Also, I’m not looking forward to working with Rainbow Dash. I heard that she can be difficult to work with.”

I just laugh off that. “Yeah, good luck with that.” I told him while patting him on the back. Ace is already on the weather team but not on Dash’s team, I think he’s on Cloud Kicker’s team. I looked over to Blitz. “Why are you wearing a tanned vest and not a blue one?” I asked her.

“I’m helping Rarity with the bird nest, I have some experience when it comes to sewing.” I just nodded.

I looked over to Twilight who look sad. “You okay their Sparkle?”

She sighed. “Everypony has a vest expect me.”

“So? I don’t have vest and I’m not sad.” I put a hand on her shoulder. “You will get yours eventually.” That made her smile a little.

“Yeah, if there was a vest in making your roommate crazy.”

That was Sunset but where the hell was she? I looked around a little, we all did and saw that she was standing right in front of us. She was wearing a blue west “Sunset, when did you arrive?”

“About ten minutes ago.”

I decided not to say anything more off that. Then Mayor mare came up and started to talk. “Thank you everypony for being her bright and early, we need every single pony’s help to wrap up winter and bring in spring.” That got everyone to cheer. ”Now, all of you have your vest and have been assigns to your teams so let’s do an even better then last year and have the quickest winter wrap up EVER.” That made everyone to cheer again. I don’t understand why they cheered, that was the worst motivation speech I had ever heard, and something told me that I would not work.

I looked over to Twilight and she was jumping up and down like a little filly, I didn’t think it was adorable, that’s for sure. “Alright everypony, find your team leader.” That was AJ, Dash and Amethyst Star? Huh, I didn’t know she was a team leader. I don’t know much about but she nice and that is good enough for me. “And let’s get galloping.” Galloping? Really.

The crowd cheered and dispersed leaving me and Twilight alone, then she started too look around. “Oh gosh, where should I go? I’m not sure where I would fit in.” She looked at the different teams. “What does exactly everypony do?”

I put a hand on her shoulder. “Relax Sparkle, you find out eventually.”

“I hope so.” She then looked at me. “What about you? Which team are you going to join?”

“None of them.” She looked at me as I had lost my mind, she was about to speak but I cut her off. “I don’t care about this stuff, I just think it stupide.” She still gave me the crazy look. “I’m not from around here, remember?”

She calmed down. “I guess that make sense.”

She was about to say something ells when Dash flew past us, she flew to some ponies. “Alright team, you are clear for take off.” Three flew off, to where? I have no idea.

Twilight decided to ask. “Rainbow Dash.”

“Oh, hey Twilight, what’s up?”

“What are you doing?”

“Sending of one of my flight crew retrieve the birds that had flew south for the winter.” I just smack a hand on my face, the birds need help? “Something wrong with that Fox?” I removed my hand and saw that Dash was looking at me with her arms crossed and sour face.

“Yes, it’s wrong. Birds don’t need help with that, they know when it’s time to come home, they shouldn’t need help with that.”

“Well, here they need. Now, if you would excuse me, I have to clear the sky.” She then took off.

If she uses more than ten seconds to clear the sky I’m going to make fun of her for the rest of her life. I looked over to Twilight who looked sad. “Something wrong Sparkle?” I asked her.

“I didn’t get the chance to ask if she need help.”

I put an arm on her shoulder. “That’s going to be little to help her considering you are missing wings, you need to be a pegasus or an alicorn to help. I suggest that stick to the ground.” It did help with her mood a little. “Come on, let’s see if Rarity need help with the birds nest.” I really hate this day.

When we arrived we saw Rarity and Blitz making bird nest by Rarity’s shop, are the birds so lazy in this world? I know that Fluttershy feeds animals, but this is just stupide, I don’t know why I didn’t say something. Rarity is putting a bow on one of them for fuck sake. I looked over to Blitz bird nets and here’s looked like a normal bird nets, which gave her a thumbs up in my book.

“Rarity, please tell me there’s something, anything I can help you with.” Twilight asked the white unicorn while we walked towards them.

“Well, how would you like help to create Ponyville finest birds nest, Fox can help to if he want’s to.” Say what? “There is now was I am doing that, I’m just here to watch, nothing more.” Making birds nest? When the birds are to lazy to it them self then I say to hell with it, I didn’t say that part out loud. Rarity didn’t say anything to me after that.

Twilight looked a little confused. “Birds nest?”

“Well, yes. When the weather team guides the birds back north from the springs they need a place to live and lay their eggs.” Drama queen.

Twilight took closer look at the nest. “Oh, wow Rarity. That’s one is really beautiful.” No, it wasn’t. It looked like something a five year old kid could do. It was brown with mix colors in it with a red bow.

Rarity put a hand on her chest. “Oh, why thank you most sincerely.” Oh brother. “Would you like to try and make one?”

Twilight became excited after that, Blitz on the other hand looked concerned. “I don’t know Rarity, does she have experience when it comes to this stuff?” She looked at Twilight “No offence.” Twilight just waved it off.

“Now, now Blitz. Let give her a chance.” This can’t end well.

Twilight was excited, that’s for sure. “Thanks, you Rarity, where do I begging?”

Rarity gave Twilight a basket with stuff that she needed to make a birds nest, I think it stupide. “Okay now, uhu, take some of the straw and hey over there and a little of branch.” Twilight took the stuff and lay it on the table. Blitz on the other hand, gave me a concerned look. I wanted to help but I decoded to just watch. Then Rarity tried to instruct Twilight and to be perfectly honest, I had no idea what Twilight was doing. She did way to fast, okay, I don’t know how you should make a bird nest. Something told me that you should do it slow and careful.

When she was finished, I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. It didn’t look like a birds nest, that’s for sure. It looked like a dog could dog up. twilight was happy. “There, it looks just like… yours… oh my.” She became sad when she saw the result.

Blitz just slapped a hand on her face. “I told you this wasn’t a good idea Rarity.”

“Now Blitz, it’s not that bad, maybe the birds could use it as a….?”

I decided to stop her there. “Rarity, you can’t use this…” I looked to Twilight’s ‘bird nest.’ “I don’t know what the hell it is but it’s not a bird nest and you can’t use it.” That made Twilight looked down on the table in sadness and I didn’t care, sometimes that truth hurts.

Rarity just looked at me with disappointing eyes, I just ignored them. Blitz decided to say something. “I have to agreed with Fox on this one, we can use this bird nest.” I’m glad someone agree with me, unfortunately it did help Twilight mod.

Rarity walked over to Twilight’s bird nest. “It’s just fine, it’s just a little rough around the edges.” That one way to but it. “Let me lend you a hand.” She pushed Twilight away from the bird nest, Twilight walked away with an awkward smile. Then Rarity started to try and make it better. We just untie this ribbon, untie these sticks here…” And we have lost her.

Blitz looked at Rarity and then at us. “I suggest that you find something ells to do Twilight, it’s difficult to talk to her when she is like that. I would like to help but I have to finish the rest.”

“It’s okay Blitz.” I walked to Twilight and put a hand on her shoulder. “Come on Sparkle, let find something ells you can do.” We walk away.

After some walking I decide to speak. “I’m sorry for what I said before Sparkle.”

“Don’t worry about it.” She sighed. “I guess making bird nest isn’t my thing.”

“Hello Twilight and Fox.” Somehow, we had managed to walk to the pond and there we saw Pinkie and she was skating on it, why? I have no idea. She then started to spin like crazy, well, she is crazy.

“Wow Pinkie, you’re quite the skater.” We made our way to the edge of the pond. “Probably the best skater I have ever seen.”

Pinkie skated to use. “Thanks Twilight, I have been doing this since I was an itty-bitty little little twinkie pinkie. It’s just comes naturally.” I have trouble believing in the pink pony, but this time I actually believe her. She then skate out again.

She somehow managed to jump into the air, how? I have no idea, she is Pinkie. “Which is probably why they designated me the lake scorer, I cut the lines in the ice with my skates. That way, when the rest of the of the weather team comes here to break the ice, it’ll be easy as pie.” Mmm, pie. Drooling.

“What am I then? Just for decorations.”

We looked for the voice and it was Sunset, she was sitting on a bench putting on her skating shoes. “Sunset, your helping Pinkie with the ice?” Twilight asked her roommate.

“What does it look like? I’m putting on skating shoes.” She showed them to use, she stood up and skated to use. “I did this in Manehattan, so it was just normal that I would do this.” Then she was in Twilight’s face. “Got it?” Twilight nodded. “Good.” She then skated out to cut it.

“What’s wrong with Sunset? She usually isn’t this cranky.” Pinkie asked use.

“She is cranky because Twilight visited her very early this morning.” Twilight looked down in shame. “Then she decided to wake me up.” Then she blushed.

“Oh, hey Twilight, I know. you want to help out?” She chance the topic fast.

That put a smile on her face. “Would I.” This can’t end well.

Pinkie then pointed at the bench where Sunset was sitting a minute ago. “Come on, put on those skates over there. I bet you’ll be a natural too.”

“Hold on.” Sunset skated over to us. “Are you sure about this Pinkie? We don’t know if she can skate at all.” She look at Twilight. “Have you ever skated before?”

Twilight started to look nervous. “Well, no. but…”

Sunset cut her off before she could continue. “There you have it, we should not let somepony who hasn’t skate in her life on the ice.”

I don’t think it got through to Pinkie, because she just smile. “Don’t worry about it Twilight, just put on skates and let get going.” That made Sunset smack a hand on her face, I understand why she did that.

While Twilight walk over to but some skates on, I decided to stay out of this, I walk to the nearest three and lean against it. I watch as Twilight put on the skates and was ready. She was a little wobbly. “Maybe this wasn’t a good idea.” That was all she could say before fell face first on to the ice, then it went from bad to worst. She lost control, she tried to steer but no such luck, then she head towards Sunset who hadn’t time to get out of the way and they crash, those two was now head towards Pinkie who also had no time to get out of the way. All three of them was heading towards a three, they crashed into it and snow fell on top of them, making a snowman. Sunset was on top while Pinkie was in the middle and Twilight was on the bottom.

I just started to clap. “Bravo, you tree make an excellent snowman.”

Sunset use her magic to clear away the snow, she look at me and she was not amused. “It’s not funny Fox.”

I just smiled back. “Sure, it was.”

Sunset got of Pinkie and gave her an angry look. “I told you we shouldn’t let somepony who hasn’t skate before do this, but did you listen to me? No, you only listen to the voice in your head.” Sunset sighed. “Who do I bother? Do as you want, I have job to do.” Sunset skated out on the ice.

I walked over to Twilight and Pinkie, Twilight was just sitting on the ice with her head down. “Sunset has pointed Twilight, why don’t you see if Fluttershy needs help with the animals.” Wow, Pinkie with a good idea? She must have hit her head.

I decide to help Twilight up. “Come on, let’s follow Pinkie’s advice and see if Fluttershy needs help.” I can’t believe I said that. “Don’t let what Sunset said get you, is just a little cranky today.” I’m not sure of it help but she smiled a little.

After the disaster on the ice we went to Fluttershy to see what she was doing, I had to admit I was curious how they was going to wake to wake the animals from their slumber. We saw Shy with her head into a hole in the ground. “Wake up little sleepy heads. I hope you had some wonderful dreams and a restful hibernation, but it’s time to get up now, spring is coming.” She then moved out of the way and a pair of hedgehogs came out, they were yawning and stretching their body.

“Aw, so cute.” Said Twilight. Sure, if you like this kind of stuff. I’m not.

“Aren’t they? This is my favourite task of the whole season when I get to see all my little animal friends again.”

“Well, you are the animal expert.” I told her, it made her blush. Not sure why she blushed, it wasn’t a big compliment.

“Thank you, Fox. Are you two here to help me?”

I ponied my thumb on Twilight. “She is, I’m here to watch how this winter wrap up works.”

Fluttershy walked over to another hole and took out a bell and rang it near the hole. “Wake up little porcupines.” She step back a little and then two porcupines step out, yawn and stretched their body’s and then decide to give each other a hug, which was a bad idea. They stung each other, I couldn’t help but laugh a little of what I saw. “Oh, but just look at all these warrens and dens, I’m worried I won’t be able to wake up every animal before springs comes.” I don’t understand why don’t anyone help her?

Then Twilight said something I hope she wouldn’t say. “Well, I’ll help Fluttershy.” And there it was.

That made Shy brighten up. “You will, oh, that would be wonderful.” She then gave Twilight the bell and I had a bad felling about this.

“Okay.” She looked over to one of the ‘homes’ here. “Let’s start there.” She walked over to one of them, she went down on her knees and started to ring the bell. “Hello, wake up little friends, spring is coming.” She rang the bell again and stop up. “I wonder which cute little furry little animals I’ve awoken.” Then three snakes came out yawning, that freak out Twilight. “AH snakes, SNAKES.” Twilight is afraid of snakes, you learn something new every day. She then decided to back up and went into another den, I have no idea what was inside but then she came out again, running and screaming, from some bats. She then ran straight into a tree and a bee hive, I think, landed on her head. They started to sting her and then she ran into another den, three skunks came out from that one, Fluttershy welcomed them.

I walk over to the den. “You okay in their Sparkle?”

She pop her head out and boy did she stink. “No, I am not okay. I have been scared by snakes, chased by bats, stung by bees and…” She then sniffed herself. …I stink. I need a bath.” I just nodded in agreement off that last part, while holding my nose. She stinks.

Back at the library Twilight went up to take a shower while I sat down on the couch to wait for her, I took her twenty minutes before she was done showering, I guess the smell was really bad. When she finally came out from the bathroom she had chance clothes, she walked down the stairs and sat down beside me on the couch, she leaned back her head and let out a heavy sight.

“I’m starting to think this hole winter wrap up was a bad idea.”

“Where did this come from? What happened to the energetic mare that appeared at my door this morning? That was so excited for this day?”

She looked into my good eye. “Have you even payed attention of what I have done today? I have ruined for Rarity and Blitz when it came to making bird nest, I ruined it for Pinkie and Sunset on the pond and I managed to scare the animals. I don’t think this is for me.”

I held up one finger. “First off, you ruined one bird nest.” I held up two. “Second, you didn’t do anything to damage for Pinkie and Sunset, you just crashed into them and made a snow man, that’s all.” Third finger. “And the last thing, you didn’t know that it was snakes you woke up. Look, it take time to find these things out. Something tells me that the ponies in this town didn’t know what to do when they first started with winter wrap up, you just haven’t found your place yet, you just can give up.”

That made her smile. “You are right Fox, I can’t let what happened stop me for finding my place in the winter wrap up.” She stood up. “I am going out there and try once more.” She then ran out the door leaving me baffle, that wasn’t my best speech. She then stuck her head through the door. “You coming? I have to lock the door or Sunset will be mad at me.” I just nodded and got up and walk out.

After we left the library I decided to ask Twilight something. “Say, Sparkle. Why aren’t you using your magic? It would be a lot easier for you.”

She shocked her head. “No way, this town was found by earth ponies and they have never used magic before. I am not going to break that tradition even if it’s kill’s me.” I admire her determination, but something told me that she wouldn’t do that.

We arrived at out destination, Sweet Apple Acers and what we saw was a bunch of earth ponies dragging some kinds of plows to clear the snow, I wanted to shout out that this was wrong, but I kept my mouth shut.

We walked over to AJ who was shouting at the other ponies. “Keep pushing Caramel, that’s it Bumpkin, I know it’s hard work, but you guys are doing great.” Caramel is here I haven’t talk to him for a while.

“Hey Applejack, how are things going?”

She turned around to great us. “Oh, just dandy. A little slow startin but peachy all the same. There’s a lot of ground to cover here. We can’t even start the plantin and waterin till we get this heap o snow cleared out of here.”

“Well, I like to help.” Oh boy.

AJ was shock, that’s for sure. “Well, I… I don’t know Twilight.”

“Just give me a chance.” She tried to give her a smile.

AJ look to me for advice, just shrugged my shoulders. She wasn’t happy by my answer but what could I say? Twilight just want to help.

“Well, I never turn down a hard worker but…”

Before she could finished that sentence, twilight walked over to a plow and started to push it, well, she tried. She wasn’t strong enough. She looked at us, I had disappoint look and AJ just hung her head and shock it. She then look over the earth ponies that was plowing , she then said something, but I couldn’t hear it. Then her horn started to glow. I tried to warn her “No, Twilight. Don’t do it.” It was too late, the plow started to move and then all hell broke loose.

Thanks to her magic she managed to catch up with some off the other earth ponies.

“Hm, she awful strong for such a little pony.”

“That’s because she is using magic to push that plow.” I told AJ.

Her eyes widen when she heard that. “She is using magic?”

“Yeah, I have to stop her.” I decided to run after her.

But before I could do that, her plow started to pick up speed and went faster and faster. The snow pill that she was pushing became bigger and bigger, and before I knew she was heading in my direction. I had to jump out of the way, so I would not end up in snow, after I had landed on the snow I saw that Twilight was heading towards Applejack. “AJ, get out of the way.” She managed to do that. Then Twilight crashed into a cliff and causing an avalanche, the avalanche was heading towards me and I didn’t have time got move. “Oh shit.” I was covered in snow.

I managed to dig myself out of the snow, thank good it was that much. When my upper body was up I looked around and saw that almost the entire Sweet Apple acers was covered in snow. “Why to go Twilight.” I dug the rest of my body up and headed towards where I thought AJ and Twilight was.

I saw their heads pop up from the snow not far from where Twilight crash and let me tell you, AJ did not look happy. “Nuts Twilight, you used magic.” She dug her self out and I help Twilight out. “That’s not how we do it around here Twilight, especially on my farm.”

I decided to try and calm AJ down. “Cut her some slack AJ, she just wanted to help.” That didn’t work.

“Help? Look around you Fox, it’s a completely mess around here, we have to do it all over again and it’s all thanks to Twilight.” Twilight had tears in her eyes as she ran away, I gave AJ and disappointing look. She the rubbed the back of her neck. “I guess I was a little hard on her.”

“You think? I’m going after her.” You can say that I was disappointing in both of them, Twilight for using magic and AJ for yelling at Twilight for trying to help.

I was hard to find Twilight, after what happened I saw her running towards the town but finding her was another matter, how difficult is to find a purple unicorn in this town? Apparently very hard.

I was about to give up when I notice a bush, that moved. I walked towards it and stopped a few inches from it. “So, this is your plan Sparkle. Hid in a bush until winter wrap up is over.” I said to the bush.

The bush talk back. “Leave me alone Fox, I’m a winter mess up.”

“No, you’re not, you are unicorn who just wanted to help.”

“Easy for you to say, you didn’t want to help with the winter wrap up.” Well, the bush has a point.

I was about to say something to the bush, but I never got the chance.

“Rainbow Dash.” It was AJ, when the hell did she arrive here? “You on the weather team need to melt the rest of the snow here on the ground and the trees pronto.”

They were standing not far from city hall. “Got it.” She flew up, but she did not get very far.

Shy. “”You can’t, my poor little animals homes will get flooded if you melt the snow too fast.”

“Got it.” She flew the other way, but AJ was on her way.

“I’m telling you Rainbow, you have to snow now.”

Dash then flew up, Shy stop her. “No, you simply wait.”

I could see that Dash was getting annoyed, I don’t blame her. “Okay.”

Then AJ. “Go.”

Shy. “Stop.”


“Stop.” This is ridiculous, if this keep up, Dash is going to go crazy.

She did, I think. “UGH, make up your minds.”

Then the mayor came to see what was going on. “Oh, what in all of Equestria are all arguing about? This sort of silliness is why we were late last year. And the year before that, and the year before that.” Damn, how many year has this gone on? “I was hoping my amazing inspiration speech would urge everypony to do better than last year, but now it looks like we’re going to be later than ever, I mean, just look at this catastrophe. The ice scorers made the ice chunks too big to melt. The nest designer’s is horrendously behind…” Say what? I looked over where Blitz and Rarity, Mayor mare was right, they where behind. Rarity was still working Twilight’s nest and Blitz had only made three. “And don’t get me started on the clouds still in the sky, the icicles on the trees, this isn’t good, not… at… all…” Again, damn. They are not organised, wait a minute, organised? That gave me an idea.

AJ. “And it’s going to a disaster if can’t get our seed planted.”

Dash. “Chillax Applejack, we’re bustin our chops as fast as we can.”

Shy. “No, not fast, you have to wake the animals slowly.”

Then Mac came walking with Caramel, I wonder what’s going to happened now. “Uuuh, AJ.”

AJ just slapped a hand on her face. “Oh, good gravy, Caramel lost the grass seeds, again didn’t he?” Grass seed? “Eeyup.” An easy answer, maybe I should say that. Nah, that’s Mac’s thing. Also, por Caramel.

Then a pegasus mare came flying. “Derpy Hooves accidentally went north to get the southern birds.”

Dash narrowed her eyes of that. “Gah, that feather brain, didn’t she learn her lesson last year when she went west.” Ah Derpy, she is one of kind.

Then they all started to argue, and Mayer had trouble with them all, I decided to help. I put two finger in mouth and whistled so har I could, that got them all to look at me.

“Would you all shut the hell up, arguing isn’t going to clear this winter. Lucky for you all, I have a solution.”

Dash gave me sceptical look. “You have a solution? What can you do? You haven’t done anything today, all you have is walked around and watch us work.”

I put a hand on my chest. “Oh Dash, you flatter me.” I wasn’t about to let her have that one. “It might be true that I haven’t done anything today, but I still have a solution.” I put my arm into the bush and pulled up the unicorn that was hiding in it. “Her.” I told them while pointing at Twilight.

Smiles wasn’t the reaction I got, it was confusion and Twilight was the most confused of them all. “You have to be kidding me, you want Twilight to help us? You know what she have done today.” Thanks AJ.

“I know that Twilight has done today but she has only tried to help, that’s all.”

Then Twilight decided to speak. “I don’t think this is a good ide Fox.” She got out of the bush. “All I have done today is make thing worst.”

“That may be true but what this winter wrap need is be organized, and you are the most organized pony I know. Just ask Sunset”

Now all eyes were on here. “As much I hate to admit it, Fox is right. We need Twilight’s help, she is the most organize pony I know. She even organize her underwear.” That was a little too much information.

Back to the pointe. “Listen all, you have two choices, you can keep doing this and be late again and next year, you can be late every year or. You can let Twilight help you and be done on time, I would take all the help I could get.”

They started to talk between themselves while Twilight still didn’t look convince. “I’m still not sure about this Fox.”

“Look, you have spent the hole day to help around here and you have fail and when you have the chance to help them with something you are good at you are just going run away?” She looked around, probably to see if I was right. “They are not organized, they need your help Sparkle, are you going to help them?”

She then look at me with determination in her eyes. “Alright, let do it. I just hope they let me help.” We got the answer right away.

Mayor mare walked towards us. “Alright Fox, we are going to let Twilight help us. You are right, we are not organized and at this pointe I’m happy to accept any help we can get.”

I was happy to hear that. “Alright then, let’s get this show on the road.” And that we did.

Twilight gave them their orders and they tried again. Mac gave the ponies that was making bird nest what they need, hay. With that they managed to make enough bird nest, I still think it stupide. Then it was the skating team’s turn, Twilight showed them that they should cut the is in squares, so it could melt faster, not a bad idea. When it came to AJ team, the once that plowed walk first then they planted the seed after that, why didn’t they do that to begging with? I decided to help to, I just planted seeds. Animals, they tied up a series of bells over their homes, so they could wake them all up at the same time. When the snake came out Twilight hide in a tree, I just smirked of that. Then a bird on Shy’s head cried out to signal the weather team, they did was they were supposed to do, they cleared the sky, along the y they also managed to clear the snow and ice, which was awesome.

We work through the night to get the job done. When morning came, the birds came and found finished bird nest ready. When everything was ready all us was gattered around town hall and let me tell you I was exhausted, working through the night is not easy. When I think about it, I have been up longer than this.

The Mayor walk up to Twilight. “I can’t believe it, spring is here, on time, and we have you to thank for it. if it weren’t for your organizing skills, we’d still be arguing.” She got that right.

“Eeyup.” That got them to laugh, I didn’t understand the joke. What was so funny?

Twilight smiled. “It was a team effort.”

Mayor. “And since you helped every team, we have an official vest for you.” Rarity came forward with a vest, it had the color of all the teams, not bad. Twilight haply accepted it, she put it on with a big smile on her face. ”We give you the tittle, all team organizer.”

“Gosh, I don’t know what to say, thank you everpony. But, I don’t think I would have earn this vest if hadn’t been for Fox, he was one that encourage me.”

Then they Mayor face became somber. “Ah, yes, Fox.” She looked over to me, I was just leaning against the wall. “I’m sorry that we don’t have a vest for you.”

I just shrugged and waved it off. “Don’t worry about Mayo, that doesn’t bother. Maybe next time.”

She just nodded of my answer. “If you say so.” She then address the crowd. “I hereby declare that winter is official wrapped up on time.” That made the entire crowd to cheer.

They didn’t notice me as I walk off the and headed home, I just wanted to go home and sleep, but I didn’t get far. “Wait up Fox.” I stopped and turned around to see Twilight run towards me.

“What’s it Sparkle? I just want to go home and sleep.”

She stop a few feet from me. “I just want to thank you, thank you for believing me when I didn’t.”

“Don’t worry about it, just remember. Sometimes you have to have faith in yourself.” I wonder if that help her memory.

“I will try and remember that.” Guess not.

I smiled. “Good.” I was about leave. “Oh, there’s one thing. “I grabbed both of her shoulder and look her straight in the eye. “If you ever comes to my door at 5.30 in the morning ever again, I’m going to forget that you are a mare for ten seconds and beat the living day light out of you. Got it?” She nodded like crazy after that. “Good, now if you will excuse me. I have an appointment with my bed.” I left a scared Twilight and headed home. Was I a little hard on her? Maybe, but you don’t wake others that early.

When I reached my home, I could see an earth pony trying to open my door. “Can I help you with something?” He turned around and when he saw me smiled. He had light blue fur, his hair war dark blue but was stood out was that he was red around his eyes, he look familiar. Then he walk up to me and before I could react he punch me in the face, he punch me so hard that I fell to the ground. “What hell.” I look up at him and smile had grown.

“You don’t know how long I have waited to do that.” He said in a cocky voice.

“Wait a minute.” I got up. “There’s only one ‘bird’ I know who say’s hello like that.” I studied him a little. “Falco?”

He spread his arm while smiling. “The one and only.”

My eye widen, and my jaw would have been hanging if it didn’t hurt. “But, that’s not possible. You and the other’s died, I saw it myself.”

“Well believe it, I am here.”

I didn’t are if he was a fake or not, my body moved on it‘s own and I gave him a hug. “You have no idea how much I have missed you.”

He returned the hug. “I missed you to buddy.”

We broke the hug. “How? How is this possible?”

He pointed his thumb at my house. “Can we talk inside?”

I nodded. “Sure.” I walk to the door and took out the key, opened the door and walked in, Falco walk in after me. “Make you self at home, it isn’t much but it’s home.”

I saw him walking to the living room. “Not bad, I have seen worst.”

I just rolled my eye. “Take a seat on the couch and I will get you a beer.” I told him while walking into the kitchen. “You have beer?” He almost screamed in a high pitch voice, I just smirked. “I have it imported from the dragon kingdom.” I told him while opening the refrigerator door and grapping a bear, I walk to the living room and threw him the bottle.

He managed to catch it. “Sweat.” He pop the cork and started to drink it, he then smack his lips a few times. “Not bad, not bad all.” I just smiled.

“Glad you like it. Excuse me for a moment.” I walked back to the door and opened it and as I predicted, Vixy flew through he door and into the living room.

“What the fuck.” I guess she cared Falco, I walk into the living room and saw that Falco was staring at her, I sat down in my chair. “What the…? That’s a phoenix, you have a phoenix as a pet.” Oh boy, Vixy didn’t like that, she let out a cry and gave Falco and evil glare. “What? What did I say?”

“She doesn’t like the p word.”

He look at me. “God it, don’t use the p word around the phoenix.” He then look back at her. “How the hell did you get a phoenix?”

“That’s not an interesting story, there’s one story I want to hear, how the hell did you end up here in Equestria.”

He look down on his bear. “After you know what happened I woke up in the snow outside a town called Manehattan, I stayed there for two months at pony named Coco Pommel.”

“Wait a minute.” He look up at me. “You have been here for two months?” He nodded. “Then why the hell didn’t you come here sooner?”

“I didn’t have the money, Coco said that she wanted to pay for the train ticket, but it didn’t feel right to take her money. So, I got a job as a busboy at a restaurant to make some money. Let me tell you, it was humiliating working there.” He tubbed his forehead. “From the best piolet in the Lylat System to a busboy, not what I had imagined.” I couldn’t help but chuckle off that, the best pilot? In your dreams “So, what has happened to you since you arrive in this world.”

“Well…” I told him everything, from what happened with elements, Gilda and how I got my scar, the parasites and the winter wrap up. I also told him what really happened with Celestia at the castle in Everfree, I trust Falco with my life and I am sure of that he will not tell anyone.

After I was finished he just sat there, taking in it all. “Wow, you have experience a lot since you got here and that part with Celestia, if I ever het my hands on her.” He slammed his right fist into his other hand.

“You can’t tell anyone about that”

He blinked a couple of times. “Why?”

“Because, me and Sunset are the only one that know what happened there and if we tell the other’s, there’s a chance that they will tell Celestia and if that happened, we will never know why she did what she did.”

He just snorted. “Fine, I will keep my mouth shut.”

“You better, it’s a very big mouth to keep shut.”

He just narrowed his eyes at me after that. “Haha, very funny Fox. Can I at least punch that griffon, Gild when I see her next?”

Just shrugged my shoulder. “I don’t see why.” That got him to smile. “Listen, I haven’t slept in twenty four hours and I am dead tired. You can stay here until you have enough money to buy yourself a house, the couch is all your considering I don’t have any spare rooms.”

“Hey, the couch is all fine by me, I have slept on worse things that this couch.” I’m not sure id that is an insult or not, I’m too tired to care.

“If you say so.” I got up. “I am going to bed.” I headed to the stairs.

“Have a good rest and, I can’t believe that you are a dad.” I didn’t answer, I just walk.

So, Falco is in Equestria. This should be fun.

Cutie Mark Is What She Wants

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A cutie mark, it represents a pony talent. They usually get early in life or they get it later in life, I think age twelve. I don’t really care about this stuff, considering I am not a pony. But, it’s important for the ponies in Equestria and it’s important for the young generation.

It’s been two weeks since the winter wrap up and spring is here, yay. When I introduced Falco to the girls it was mix reactions; Sunset, Twilight and AJ actually like him, which is good. Rarity didn’t like his attitude, which I counted on. He scared Shy, I knew that. He actually got along well with Ace, I didn’t see that coming. Pinkie like him, I did see that coming. Then we have Dash, those two did not get alone. As soon as Dash brag that she was the best flyer in Equestria Falco question her logic, he ask if she had challenge every pony in Equestria and won, Dash didn’t have any reply for that and they were enemies, in way. Pinkie threw Falco a party, there were no alcohol so he didn’t like the party.

Shadow wasn’t that happy that Falco was staying with use, but I assured her that he wasn’t dangerous, it help a little. When it comes to Shadow, she had to start school and there is where this story start, on the way to school.

When I told Shadow that she had to attend to school, she wasn’t that happy. She had try every method to not go to school, I won’t tell everything but what happened now was probably the worst. I was walking through the town, I was trying to. Shadow was clung to my leg for some reason. “Please Fox, I don’t want to go to school, why can’t Sunset and Twilight teach me?” She have been saying that for most part since we left.

“For the last time Shadow, you have to school. Education is important and besides, those two aren’t qualified to teach you.” I have been saying that ever since we left the house. I stopped, and she let go of my leg, I bent down, so I could see into her eye. “Listen Shadow, I am your legal guardian and that means I am responsible for you. You may think that school and education is a waste of time, I thought so when I was way younger that you.”

That got her attention. “You did?” I nodded. “Did you go to school?”

“Yes, there was something I wanted to be when I was old enough that needed an education. I didn’t like but I went to school, I got my education and eventually I achieved my dream.”

“What was your dream?”

“Even if I told you, you might not believe me. But back to the school part.” That made her groan. I had to think of something and then I got an idea. “Tell me, you want to be a Lunar guard when you are old enough, am I right?” She nodded. “Then you need an education, I don’t think they will take inn a bat pony who didn’t go to school.”

She thought about what I said. “I never thought about it that way.” She then look down on the ground for a couple seconds and then back to me. “Okay, I will go to school.” That made me smile. “But I don’t know anypony there.”

“That’s not true, Applebloom will be there and you are friends with her.”

She rubbed her arm. “That’s true.” She said with a smile.

“Come one.” I said while getting up. “You don’t want to be late for your first day.” And white that we walked towards the school.

When we arrived at the school, we could see Cheerilee standing outside the school house, we walk to her. “Hello Cheerilee, we aren’t late are we.”

She gave us a smile. “No, you are the last one.” She then look at Shadow, who was hiding behind me. Cheerilee gave her a warm smile. “Hello Shadow, my name Cheerilee and I am your teacher.”

Shadow didn’t answer her, so I nudge her. “Come on Shadow, say hello.”

“Hello.” She said it so love that she could be Fluttershy’s little sister.

“I’m sorry, I guess she a little shy.” I decided to push her in front of me, then I bent down. “Try and behave today and I promise that I will wait for you outside the school when it’s over and we will go and by something at Sugarcube corner.” I told her.

“Do you promise?”

“I always keep my promises.” I told her with a smile, then she did something I didn’t think she would do, she gave me a hug. I did the only thing I could do, hug her back. “You better.” I could help but chuckle off what she said.

Fox let go off Shadow and said goodbye to her and Cheerilee as he walk towards the town, leaving Shadow alone with Cheerilee.

Cheerillee look at Shadow. “Ready to go inside?”

Shadow wasn’t ready. “Not really.”

Cheerilee put a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry, you will be fine. Now, let’s go inside.” They went inside.

Once inside, Shadow looked around and what she saw was a bunch of different kids. She saw Applebloom, who waved at her, Shadow waved back. She didn’t know the rest of them, then she saw a purple earth pony with a tiara on her head. Shadow couldn’t help but question why she was wearing a tiara and how stupide it looked on her, and somehow Shadow knew right away that she would be trouble.

“Alright class, settle down.” Then all the kids looked at Cheerillee and Shadow, Shadow just wanted to crawl into a hole and disappeared when all eyes were on her. “This is Shadow, and she will be starting school today, I hope that you all will welcome her with open arms.” All the children look at her with curious eyes, Shadow just wanted to leave. “There’s a free seat beside Applebloom, why don’t you take a seat, so we get started.” Shadow just nodded and walked towards her desk.

As she walked to her desk the children gave looks and started to whisper between themselves. Shadow knew that bat ponies wasn’t infamous because they supported Luna a thousand years ago, but she didn’t know it was so bad. She sat down on the chair, put her bag bedside it and just rested her head on the desk. She didn’t even notice Applebloom worried look.

Applebloom was about to ask if she was okay but then Cheerillee started to talk. “Let’s quiet down please, we have a very important lesson to get to.” She told them while walking to a board, the children became quiet. “Thank you, today, we are going to be talking about cutie mark.”

When Shadow heard that she lift her head up from her desk, just as Applebloom, Shadow didn’t have hers and she want to learn everything she could how to get one. “Boring.” Shadow look to her left to see who said that and it was the pony with the tiara on her head. Shadow didn’t understand why learning about cutie marks could be boring. She then saw Applebloom find a pen and some paper, probably to take notes. Shadow just decided to watch.

“You can’t see my cutie mark but as all ponies, I wasn’t born with one.” She then showed them picture when she was little.

“Awwwee, sheth tho prehious.” Said a filly who was sitting in front of Applebloom, she was white whit red hair.

“Then one day, when I was about your age, I woke up to find that a cutie mark had appeared.” Then Cheerillee showed them another picture, this time Cheerillee was older, about Shadow’s age.

Shadow couldn’t help but giggle when she was her hair, it was sig saget and she was wearing bracelet on her teeth.

“Look at her hair.” Said a filly, then the class erupted in laughter. Shadow was glad that she wasn’t the only one that thought it was funny.

Cheerillee just rolled her eyes. “Yes, I know, but that’s how everypony was wearing their mane back then.” She then showed them a picture with three flowers with smiles faces. “This is my cutie mark and when I got it I decided to become a teacher, the flowers symbolize my hope to help my students bloom if I nurture them with knowledge. The smiles represent the cheer I hope to bring to the ponies while they were learning.” Shadow notice that Applebloom was writing on the paper, she also saw the filly on her right was just bored, she was looking at her nails. Shadow just rolled her eyes off her behavior. “Now, can anyone tell me when a pony gets his or her cutie mark?”

The filly in front of Applebloom raised her hand. “Ooh, ooh, when she dithcoverths that her thertain different from every other pony.”

“That’s right Twist. A cutie mark appears on a pony’s flank when he or she finds that certain something that makes them different from every pony.”

Shadow was trying to listen to Cheerillee but then she heard some noise to her left, she saw the pony with tiara hand something to Applebloom, it was a note. Shadow didn’t understand why but then saw the pony on her right wanted that note.

Applebloom took it and was about to pass it on to her when Cheerillee said something. “Applebloom, are you passing a note?” Applebloom dropped the note, she then had trouble saying something. “What could be so important that it couldn’t wait until after class.” Cheerillee asked her while walking towards her, she then picked it up. “It’s blank.” She walked back to her desk with the blank note.

Then the pony with tiara started to laugh. “Remined you of anypony.” Then the hole class started to laugh of Applebloom, Shadow just look at the pony with a shocked expression. Why would someone do that? They only thing Shadow could think of is that the purple pony had cutie mark, either way, that was just wrong. It was official, Shadow did not like that pony.

When it was lunch time, Shadow tried to see if she could find Applebloom. She saw her sitting under a tree with a sad face. Shadow walk over to her. “Hey, Applebloom. You okay?”

Applebloom shocked her head. “No, I don’t understand why Diamond Tiara did that to me. passing me blank note.”

Diamond Tiara, so that’s her name. “I think she did that because she already have gotten her mark.”

That made Applebloom’s eyes widen. “She already got her cutie mark?” She then threw her arms up in frustration. “Oh, come on.” That was the wrong thing to say.

Meanwhile on other side of Ponyville.

I had found one of the local restaurant to have a cup of coffee, I would have chosen Sugarcube corner, but I need some free from Pinkie. I have nothing against her but sometimes I need some time off her, she can be a pain in my ass sometimes or all the time.

I was enjoying my coffee when someone talk to me. “Hello Fox.” I looked up and saw Blitz standing not far from me, I just waved at her considering I was drink from my cup. “May I join you?”

I put my cup down. “Sure, I have no problem with that.”

That made her smile. “Thanks.” She walk to my table and sat down on the other chair, she put down a bag down beside the chair. She leaned her back and let out a heavy sighed. “Shopping for food is so exhausting.” I couldn’t help but laugh a little of what she said. She then looked at me. “So, what are you doing here?”

“Just killing time until school is finished, I promised Shadow to take her to Sugarcube corner when school is over.”

Blitz smiled when heard that. “Ah yes, I remember my first day. I was not popular, that’s for sure.” Then a waiters came over and asked if Blitz wanted something, she just order a glass of water. “It can’t be easy when you are a bat pony.” I know that bat ponies help Luna a thousand years ago, thanks to that they aren’t the most popular ponies in Equestria. It can’t be easy for Shadow.

“No, it can’t be easy for her or others, but I have a feeling how she feels.”

She tilted her head to the side. “What do mean?” She then put a hand to her mouth. “Oh right, that day you arrived here in Ponyville.” I nodded. “Applejack and Rarity told me about it, that couldn’t be easy.”

“No, it was not. But they warmed up to me instead of chasing me out of the town.” After that I didn’t want to talk anymore, I paid for my coffee and walked off. Blitz was confused when I walk off, that’s for sure but I didn’t care. I decided to walk around town before I was to pick up Shadow at school.

Once school was over Shadow, Applebloom and a pony named Twist was out of the schoolhouse, Twist was chipper while Applebloom hang with her head, Shadow was worried for her.

“You want some thweeths? I got thome peppermint thticks. I made them myself.”

Applebloom just shook her head. “Mm mm.”

Twist tried again. “They make you smile.”

“No.” Applebloom said with sadness in her voice.

This worried Shadow. “What’s wrong Applebloom?”

Before she could answer, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon came walking up behind them, talking. “I don’t see why we had sit through a lecture about getting a cutie mark. I mean, waiting for a cutie mark is so last week. You got your.” Silver Spoon held her head high as soon as Diamond Tiara said that. “And I just got mine, we all have them… well, almost all of us.” She just gloated over Shadow and the rest, it made her sick. “Don’t worry you three, you’re still totally invited to my cutecinera later today.” Shadow wondered what the hell was a cutecinera.

Silver Spoon. “It’s going to be amazing.”

“It’s going to be a party to celebrate me and my fantastic cutie mark. How can it not be?” Said Diamond Tiara. Shadow didn’t listen to them anymore, she was ready to throw up.

“Give me a break.” Applebloom said under her breath.

Silver Spoon said goodbye as she and Diamond Tiara started to walk off. “See you this weekend. Blank flanks.” They said that last part together while looking back at Shadow and the others.

Little did they know that they walked right into something, they stumbled back a little. “Hey, watch were…” Diamond Tiara’s word died in her mouth when she saw who they had pump into, Fox McCloud.

“What do we have here? A couple of bullies? That can’t be right, this town should be a place with nice ponies.” I place a hand under my chin to ‘think.’ “So, what are you two doing?” I look at the two brats in front of me and they were scared of me which is weird, considering I had normal face and not a scary one. I didn’t talk in a threatening voice.

Diamond Tiara recover fast. “What do you want fox? This doesn’t concern you.” Brave one, this one is.

“Oh really?” I bent down and grabbed both of them by their sweater and pulled them closer to me. “Now you two listen to me, I heard that you two decided to make fun of my daughter and her friends and there one thing I can’t tolerate is bullies. If you two don’t want me to do something I regret I suggest that you stop bulling them, got it?” I said everything in a threating voice but not to threating, they are still kids. It worked, both of them was terrified.

“Are you threating me? do you know who my father is?” Diamond Tiara is braver than I thought.

“I am fully aware who your father is and I don’t care, what I care about is when someone is bulling. Now, get lost.” I let go of them and they ran away, probably to tell their parents. Did it feel good to threaten children? No. I just hate bullies.

Then Shadow and the other came walking towards me, Applebloom had a big smile on her face. “That was awesome Fox, you really showed them.” Her smiled dropped when she saw that I didn’t smile.

“That wasn’t awesome Applebloom, nothing good comes out when you bulling others.” I don’t think that they understand what I said, they were just confused. “Enough of that, ready to go to Sugarcube corner Shadow?”

“Actually, I was wondering if I could hang out Applebloom.”

I did not expect that. “Sure, as long as you home before it gets dark, I don’t mind. Did you get any homework today?”

“No, we don’t get homework on the first day.” I should have seen that one coming.

“Okay then, let me take your bag and then you can have fun with Applebloom.” She gave me her bag and they went their separate ways. Twist went home to help her mom while Applebloom and Shadow went to Sweet apple, leaving me alone and a little hurt. I had actually looked forwards to spend some time with Shadow, I guess that’s not going to happened. There’s one thing I could do, so I walk off to do that.

After arriving at my destination, which was a house, I knocked on the door and waited. It didn’t take long before it Blitz opened the door, she was surprised to see me. “Fox, what a surprised, what are you doing here?”

“I am here to apologize for what I did before, I shouldn’t have storm off like I did.” Then I bowed. “I apologize.” After few seconds I lift my head a little and saw that Blitz gave me a confusing look, she was wondering what the hell I was doing. “What? Did I do something wrong?”

She shocked her head. “No, I just didn’t expect that kind of apologize, that’s all.” I got up. “What are you doing here anyway? You told me that you were taking Shadow to Sugarcube corner.”

“That was the plan but the plan chance when Shadow wanted to hang out with Applebloom.” She nodded in understanding. “Do you want to come with me to Sugarcube corner instead?”

After that, Blitz gave me a joyful smile. “My, are you asking me out on a date Fox McCloud?”

I knew she was teasing me, and I hate it when other do that to me, I just looked at her with half lid eye. “No, I thought I should buy you something to eat after what I did before, but if you don’t want to, that’s okay with me.” I started to ‘walk’ away.

“Wait.” I didn’t get very far. “I would love to join you, just let me get my keys.” I watch her disappeared into the house and while I was waiting, I kept think how beautifully she was. I haven’t have a real date since I broke up with Cheerilee and that was about eight months ago. I wanted to date someone again, but I am afraid to get hurt again and I haven’t have the best date record. Maybe I should try again and hope that I have better luck this time. “Here we go.” She said while walking out and locking the door, she then walk to me. “Let’s go.” I just nodded, and we walk towards Sugarcube corner.

Meanwhile on Sweet apple acers, Applebloom had dragged Shadow there and she had complained all the way there. Eventually they found Applejack and her little sister still complained.

Applejack was picking up apple’s from the ground and putting them in a basket, Shadow was helping her, Applebloom one the other hand. “It’s not fair, it’s just not fair.”

“Don’t get your mane in a tangle, you’ll get your cutie mark, everypony get one eventually.” Applejack told her sister.

It didn’t help. “But I don’t want one eventually, I want one right now. I can’t go to Diamond Tiara’s cutecinera without one and neither can Shadow.”

Applejack look at Shadow to find out what a cutecinera was. “Diamond Tiara it’s holding a party to celebrate that she got her cutie mark.” Applejack nodded.

She turned to her sister. “Off course you can go without a cutie mark. You know, I was the last one in my class to earn a cutie mark and I couldn’t be prouder of it. I knew my future was to help to run Sweet apple acres and my cutie mark seal the deal. Come to think about it, Granny Smith was the last one in her class to, so was Big Mac.”

That did not help Applebloom’s mood, she was walk to the basket and kicked an apple on the way there. “I really don’t see how that’s supposed to make me feel better.” She sat down and laid her head in the basket. “It probably means that being the last one in your class to get a cutie mark runs in the family.” Shadow had just watch and felt bad for Applebloom, then her friend lifted her head and Shadow could see that Applebloom had an idea. “Runs in the family? Runs in the family.” She got more excited with each time she said that. “Runs in the family.” She got up and ran to her sister. “You got apples for your cutie mark, Granny Smith has an apple pie, Big Macintosh has an apple half, my unique talent must have something to do with apples.” She then started to jump up and down while saying. “Apples, apples, apples.” She then knocked over the bucket with apples that AJ and Shadow had collect. “Apples.” She then ran over to Shadow. “What about you Shadow? Maybe your cutie mark has something to with apples too.”

Shadow started to panic when she heard that. “What? I don’t a want a cutie mark that contains an apple, I’m a bat pony, don’t want to live on a farm for the rest of my life.” She looked at AJ. “No offence Applejack.” AJ just shrugged it off.

Applebloom had a selfies smile. “Oh right, I forgot.”

Applejack walked over to her sister and put a hand on her head. “If you really want to try getting your cutie mark with an apple, let’s try it.” That but a big smile on Applebloom. “I have to go into town and sell apples, let’s try that. You can come to Shadow.” Shadow wasn’t sure what she would be doing there, but it wasn’t like she had anything ells to do.

Meanwhile outside Sugarcube corner had just Fox and Blitz taken a seat with one tables there, it was so nice outside that they decided to sit outside, that and they wanted to get away from Pinkie.

“I’m telling you Fox, Rarity was wearing green clothes when she was younger.”

“Oh really, where’s the evidence? I want to see it before I believe it.” I asked Blitz while putting my food on the table and taking a seat on the chair.

“You can’t see the evidence, Rarity has burn the photos.” Blitz said while doing the same thing.

“And that’s why I don’t believe you, I have lived here almost a hole year and I have never seen Rarity wear anything green, until I see it for myself, I can’t believe you.” After that I took a bite of my hotdog. Yes, they have hotdogs here.

Blitz just watch in disgust as I ate it. “How can you eat that? Do you know what it comes from?”

I blinked a couples of time. “What? I am a carnivore, I need meat, or I can get sick, it’s not like I eat meat all the time, I also can eat vegetables and fruits.” She just looked at me for a few seconds and then she just shrugged her shoulders and took a bite of her cupcake.

Why Sugarcube corner has hotdogs? I asked them to sell them to me, I know, selling them for just me isn’t the best they could do but I was desperate. I could not catch any fish, I blame Shy for that part. Anyway, I said that I would pay for everything, they were a little hesitated at first but when they heard that I would pay everything they agreed, weird. But hey, I’m not complaining.

“So, Fox. Where are your parents here? Do they live in Ponyville or somewhere ells in Equestria.”

Not the question I would like to hear, I guess is best to give her the truth. Something tells me she is going to find out in the future. “Both are dead.” Her eyes widen when I said, I guess she didn’t expect a direct answer like that. “My mother died when I was eight year old and my father when I was fifteen.”

Her ears dropped. “I’m sorry to hear that, it can’t be easy to lose your parents like that.”

I just shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t think about it anymore, I have accept their dead long ago. There nothing I can do to bring them back.”

Again, she started at me with widen eyes. “That’s a grim way to look at it.”

“That’s only way I can look at it at the moment, they are both dead and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“I guess so.” She took a bite off the cupcake she had bought. “Maybe you are the lucky one.”

This time it was my time to react. “Why the hell did you say? Why are I lucky that my parents are dead?”

After I said that, Blitz put both hands on her mouth. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it like that, I…” She started to panic.

I better calm her down. “Blitz, relax and give me an explanation why you said that I was lucky that my parents are dead. Just so we are clear, that explanation better be a good one.” It better be.

She manged to calm herself down. “You see, my mother died two years ago.” Mow I felt bad for yelling at her.

“Sorry to hear that, how did she died?” I hope I didn’t say anything wrong now.

“She died of lung cancer.” I did say anything, I just let her continued. “We both were effect by her death, but my father were effect more than me, he buried himself in his job and he almost never slept.” Wow. I could hear every word was filled with sadness. “But then she came along.” Sadness was replace with venom.

“And who is she?”

“His new marefriend, a unicorn. Six months ago, she just walked into his life and now she is taking advantage of him.” I could hear the anger in her voice, she must really not like this mare.

“How do you know she is taking advantage of him?”

Blitz slammed her hand in the table, scaring some of the other ponies around us. “Because, when she want’s something my father just by to her, she is spending all off his money and she don’t care.” She sat back in her chair and crossed her arms. “I tried to tell my father that she is using him but all he says is that she makes him happy.” She then snorted. “Yeah right.”

“Maybe it’s true.” She looked at me and tilted her head to the side. “Maybe she is making your father happy, why be angry at that. Your father is happy, isn’t that enough?”

She blinked a couple of times and then she sighed. “Maybe your right, maybe I am overreacting.” She took a bite of her cupcake, she just chewed, probably think of the whole thing. I decided not to say anything, jest let her think.

It didn’t take long before she decided to chance that subject. “Enough of me and my misery.” Your misery? Really? “How’s it going with you and Shadow? is doing alright whit you?”

“You can say that, she hasn’t called me dad yet, which is okay. Other that, she is doing well. Maybe still a little shy from time to time.”

“Give her time, she will come around.” Blitz then look at something behind. “Speak of the sun.”

I didn’t understand why she said that, so I decided to tool behind me and coming towards us was Shadow. She was dragging her feet with her and her head was hanging low, she also look sad.

“Hey kiddo, I thought that you were with Applebloom.” I asked her when she approached me.

She look at me with sadness. “I was but then she had to try and gey her cutie mark.”

Okay, that confused me. even Blitz was confused by that. “What do you mean by that?” I had to asked her.

“The whole thing started at school, but it really took off when we were going to help Applejack with selling apples…”

Shadow and the others had arrived at the marked in town to sell apples, well, Applejack and Applebloom. Shadow was just watching. They had set up shop not far from Sugarcube corner. Both sister was wearing a white apron.

Applejack was calling out to the ponies to buy. “Get your delicious nutritious apples here.”

Applebloom was just as enthusiasm as her sister, maybe even more. “Delicious and nutritious, and sooo many uses.” She tossed one apple up and then ate it with her mouth. “You can eat them, play with them.” She then took another apple and a tennis racket, where she got that from. She then threw it up in the air and then she hit the apple with the racket, unfortunately she hit someone. “Hey, watch it.”

She then took another apple. “Create fine art.” Threw it at blanked canvas, which a stallion was trying to paint, he was not happy for what just happened. “You have to be crazy for getting a bushel of your own.”

After that, Applejack pulled her back to her side. “She is so creative.”

Then a brown stallion walked by them, Applebloom sprang into action. “You sir.” She ran after the stallion. “Want some apples?” She asked with enthusiasm.

The stallion wasn’t interested.” No thanks.” He just keep on walking.

She then appeared in front of him. “Why not?”

The stallion was a little shocked that she appeared right in front of him. “I have plenty at home.” He told her while backing up.”

Applebloom appeared behind him, making him bump into her. “Are you sure?” She asked the stallion who started to get a little annoyed.

“Yes, am I pretty sure.”

He tried to walk away but Applebloom was right in face. “You are pretty sure, but you are not absolute positively super-duper sure are you.”

The stallion had had enough. “Alright already, I’ll by an apple.” He tossed some bites to Applejack who cladly took them, he then grabbed an apple and walked off with irritation on his face.

Applejack notice something, he paid too much. “You forgot your change.” It was to late, the stallion was already gone.

Applebloom cheered. “Woowoo, that is how you sell some apples and get a cutie mark.” Applejack look at her little sister with displeased, Applebloom didn’t notice. She was too busy. “I wonder what kind of cutie mark I got.” She open her pant to have a look, there was nothing there. “What? I didn’t get one? But I sold an apple.” Shadow, who was standing by the cart was not surprised. Applebloom place a hand to her chin. “Hmm, maybe we need to increase our sales figures first.” She walked over to Berry Bunch who was looking through some apples in a basket. Applebloom got in her face and managed to scare her at the same time. “You touch it you it, we take cash or credit.”

Applejack came up to a frighten Berry. “I am so sorry Berry.” I was no use, Berry ran away. “BERRY.” AJ sighed. “Now Applebloom, you can’t just…”

While AJ was talking, her sister was busy fill up Bonbon’s bag with apples. “That’s will be four bits.” Shadow just slap a hand on her face by the way her friend acted.

Bonbon wasn’t really happy by what Applebloom just did. “I didn’t put those in my bag.”

Applebloom gave her a suspicious look. “Likely story, four bits.”

Before her sister could say anything more, Applejack but both hands over her little sister mouth. “Applebloom.” She turned her attention to Bonbon. “I am really sorry about that, she is new. You just take those, no charge.” Bonbon was happy with that and walk away.

Once she was gone, Applejack look at her little sister with a disappointing look. “What?” Applebloom ask in confusion.

“I am sorry sis, but your selling days are over.” After she said that she grabbed the apron from her sister.

Applebloom was in shocked. “What? But how else are I am going to get my cutie mark?”

“Applebloom, home, now.” AJ stomp with one of her hoof on the ground with force, Applebloom just huff. AJ decided to try and say something. “Listen sugar cube, I know it’s hard to wait for your very own cutie mark, but you can’t force it. Besides, you’re not that grown up just yet. Aren’t there other fillies in your class that without one? Like Shadow.” Both look at the bat pony as she walked over to Applebloom and put a hand on her shoulder and gave her a smile.

“Twist doesn’t have her cutie mark yet.” Shadow told her.

Applebloom brighten up a little when she heard that. “There you go, you two can go with her at the party.”

“You are right sis, me and Shadow can go to the party with her. Come on Shadow.” Before Shadow could say anything, Applebloom grabbed her hand and dragged her towards Twist’s house.

When they arrived at Twist house, Applebloom knocked on the door and it didn’t take long before Twist opened the door. Well, the upper door. She gave them both a smile. “Oh, hey Applebloom and Shadow, whatth up?”

Applebloom was the one who answered. “So, we were think, maybe we could go to Diamond Tiara’s cuteciners together. We don’t have our cutie mark and you don’t have one.”

Then Twist started to look nervous. “Well, um…” Twist went back in and came back with a photograph that showed that she had gotten her cutie mark, it was cutie mark of two candy canes. Applebloom was in shock when she saw it while Shadow was just glad that she had panties on her when they took it. twist opened the rest of the door and walked out. “Ithny my cutie mark thwell, I’ve alwaythd loved making my own thweeth, but it took me thome time to dithcover it was my thuper thpecial talent.” She said with a big smile. “Pretty thweet huh?”

Applebloom’s mood drop when she saw and heard that. “Yeah, pretty sweat.”

Applebloom was maybe sad that her friend had gotten her cutie mark before, but Shadow was happy for Twist. “Nice work Twist.”

Twist smiled again. “Thanks Shadow.” Twist look at Applebloom who was sad. “Hey, this doesthn’t mean we can’t go to the cutcinera together, you’re still gonna come to the party, aren’t you?”

As on cue, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon walk by. Diamond Tiara was the first to say something. “Of course, they will.”

Then Silver Spoon continued. “It’s not like being the only two ponies without a cutie mark will be like, most embarrassing thing ever.”

Applebloom became even more sad, if it was possible and Shadow had enough of those two. She ran in front of them blocking their path. “What is wrong with you two, just because you have cutie mark doesn’t mean you can look down on those ponies who hasn’t got one.”

Diamond and Silver looked at Shadow then each other then, then they stared to laugh. “Just what a blank flank would say.” Said Diamond between laugh.

That made Shadow even more angry. “Stop calling me that.”

Silver wipe away some tears. “Do bat ponies even get a cutie mark?”

“Of course, we get a cutie mark.”

Then Diamond got an evil smile. “Oh really? Have you seen other bat ponies that have gotten their cutie mark?”

Shadow became very unsure what to answer to that, she was the only bat pony in Ponyville, so she couldn’t confirm anything that bat ponies got cutie mark. “No, but…”

“There you go, bat ponies don’t get a cutie mark. Come on Silver Spoon, let’s leave these blank flanks alone.” They walk past Shadow while laughing.

Shadow was just standing there, her entire body was shaking, and tears was coming out from eyes. She was angry and sad at the same time, every word that those two said hurt her to the core. Could bat ponies even get a cutie mark? She didn’t know. Could she get one? She didn’t know.

She then felt a hand on her shoulder, it was Applebloom and she had a concerned look on her. “You okay Shadow?”

Shadow look at her, still crying. “No, I am not okay. I am sick of those two mocking us, so what if we don’t have a cutie mark, that doesn’t make us less important than other ponies.” She took a few breath to calm herself down. “I have to go, I need to calm down. Don’t expect to see me on this party Applebloom, I don’t want have anything to do with those two anymore.” With that, Shadow walk away leaving Applebloom alone with Twist.

“And then I walk for a while and I ended up here.”

I was in shocked after hearing Shadow tell her story. “What’s wrong with those two? And what is a cutecinera?”

“Diamond Tiara is celebrating that she got her cutie mark.”

“Let me get this straight, Diamond is holding a party because she got her cutie mark?” Shadow nodded. I looked at Blitz. “Do ponies do that?” I asked her.

Blitz just snorted. “Maybe, I didn’t have a party when I got my cutie mark, my parents gave me ice cream and that was all I needed.”

Then Shadow asked something I had also wondered. “Say Blitz, what’s you cutie mark like?” That was a good question, I didn’t know that.

“t’s a pegasus wing and it’s on fire.” She said with a smile on her face, I could tell that she was proud off her cutie mark.

“That’s so cool.” I had to agree with Shadow on this one.

Blitz leaned forward on the table. “Listen Shadow, you should never rush when it comes to a cutie mark. I know how it means a lot to a young pony but when you find your talent, it will be worth it. Trust me on this.”

After blitz said that I looked over to Shadow to see if she understand it and it look like it. “Thanks Blitz, I just wish that Applebloom could hear you said that.”

“Well, it looks like I can tell her.” Me and Shadow gave her a confusing look after that, she nodded her head in the direction of the entrance Sugarcube corner.

We both look there, and we saw Applebloom walk in with Pinkie? “What the heck are those two up too?” I decide to find out. Shadow and Blitz followed me.

Once inside the store, I could not find those two anywhere. I decided to ask Mrs cake who was manding the store, I walk towards her with Blitz and Shadow behind me. “Excuse me Mrs Cake.” She look at me with a smile. “Have you seen Applebloom and Pinkie?”

“Yes.” She look towards the back. “They are in the kitchen, they said something about eating cupcake.” She looked back at me and the smile have been replaced with confusion. “Do you know what they mean Fox?”

“Not sure but if I have to guess, Applebloom is trying to get her cutie mare in earing cupcake.”

Mrs cake look at me as raised brown. “A cutie mark eating cupcake? Is that something the kids do?”

I just shrugged my shoulders. “Apparently, is possible we can go back there? To make sure that nothing bad happened.”

She guested her hand towards the kitchen. “Be my guests, the last thing I need right now is to clean my kitchen.” I hear that.

When we entered that kitchen, we saw Applebloom taking out some cupcake out from the oven, they were burned.

Then Pinkie walked over to them. “Ohh, those look much better than the last batch.” She then took one and eat it.

“Pinkie, what the hell are you doing?” She just gave me a confused look. “You can’t eat them like that.”

She tilted her head to the side. “Why not? They taste delicious.”

I slap a hand on my face. “You can get sick eating them like that.” I let my hand slide down my face. “Sometimes I wonder if you take anything seriously.” I then looked at Applebloom. “Might telling me what you are doing? Getting a cutie mark in eating cupcake?”

Applebloom kick the floor with her hoof. “I just want my cutie mark, that’s all.”

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, I wish I could say something to make her better but what? I am no pony and I can’t get a cutie mark. Then Blitz walked over to her, she bent down and but her hands on her shoulders.

“Listen Applebloom, I know how you fell. I was like you when I was your age, I wanted a cutie mark so bad, but my parents told that I takes time. You have to understand that you can’t rush it, why didn’t you listen your sister?”

Now it was Applebloom time to be confused. “How do you know what my sister told me?”

“Shadow told me.” Applebloom look over to me and she wasn’t happy, I didn’t understand why but then I saw that Shadow was hiding behind me. Blitz then turned her attention to Pinkie. “And you.” She walk over to her. “You are supposed to be the adult her and still you let her do this, why?” Pinkie opened her mouth to say something nothing came out. “PINKIE:”

That worked. “I did because Rainbow Dash was helping Applebloom to get her cutie mark.”

Why am I not surprised. Blitz couldn’t believe what she just heard. “You did because Dash did?” Pinkie nodded. “How old are you Pinkie?”

“Nineteen.” Doesn’t look like it sometimes.

“Then act like it. You coping what Dash did, only five years ponies does that. Grow up.” Blitz said all that in a little threating voice, it help, Pinkie became a little scared.

Then a new voice said something. “What’s going on in here?” It was Twilight.

“Pinkie has been helping Applebloom making cupcakes.” I told her while picking one up and crushing it in my hand. “it didn’t work.” The cupcake crumple into pieces.

That just confused her. “Okay? Why did Applebloom make cupcakes?”

I was about to answer when Applebloom walked over to Twilight. “Twilight, you have to help me.” You have to be kidding me.

“What’s the matter?”

Applebloom took a deep breath. “Diamond Tiara’s cutcinera is today and everypony in our class will be there and they’ll all have their cutie marks and I want to get my cutie mark but I am no good at selling apples or hang gliding or making cupcakes and I want to go to the party but how can I go the part if I don’t have my cutie mark which Blitz says it takes time.” How she manages to say all that in one sentence, I have no idea.

“Then just don’t go to the party.” That new voice scared all us. We looked behind us and there stood Falco.

“Falco, are you trying to give us a heart attack?” He just gave me a sly smile. “And how long have you been standing there?” I can’t remember seeing him in the shop. Come to think about it, I didn’t look around the shop.

“I have been standing here since the whole thing started and the solution here is, don’t go to the party. You are not going to get your cutie mark by doing random thing and I am guessing you are about to ask Twilight to use her magic to get one, that’s not going to work either.”

Wow, just wow. Falco isn’t the smart I know but he have his moments. “Falco is right.” We looked at Twilight. “I can’t use my magic to help you get your cutie mark.” Applebloom was about to say something but Twilight cut her off. “And I doubt that Sunset will help you, she will agree with me on this one.”

Applebloom hang her head in defeat. “I guess none of you want to help me.” She started to walk towards the door, before she walked out she look at Shadow. “Some friend you are.” She then ran out before anyone us could say anything.

Falco. “What a brat.” I gave him a glare after that. “What?”

“Don’t say that about Applejack’s sister.” I told him.

He just waved his hand. “Whatever, I just have one question; what the hell is a cutcinera? I heard that kid talk about it.”

“It’s a party to celebrate Diamond Tiara’s cutie mark.”

Falco blink a couple of times. “Are you serious?” I just gave him a nod. “I take it back, Applebloom isn’t a brat, this Diamond Tiara is.” He then turned around and started to walk out of the kitchen. “You aren’t going to that party, are you?” He didn’t answer me, just threw up an arm and waved it. Oh brother.

I then felt Shadow thug my arm. “Can we go home now?”

I gave her a comforting smile. “Sure.”

Blitz. “I am heading home to, thanks for the date Fox.” Before I could say anything, she had ran out of the store, laughing the hole way.

Pinkie and Twilight just looked at me with amusing smile. “Not a word.”

Twilight. “As much fun this have been, I think I will walk around before this party started.”

Me and Shadow was about to join Twilight out the door, but we didn’t get far. “Hey, who is going to help me clean this up before the party?” We look around and it was a mess her, floor on the floor and other stuff lying around.

“You are responsible for this Pinkie, you clean it up.” Her mouth fell to the floor when I said and before she could say anything we were out the door. Once outside I could see that Twilight was giving me disappointing look. “What? Did I do something wrong?”

“You could have help Pinkie.”

Now it was my time to ne disappointing. “Really? Are you angry at me for that?” I pointed at Sugarcube corner. “She made that mess she can clean up.” I just sighed. “Come Shadow, let’s go home before I get blamed for other stuff.” We walked away before Twilight could say anything.

On or was back, we walked in silences until Shadow decided to ask me something. “Fox.“ I was a little disappointed that she didn’t called me dad. She told me that it didn’t fell right to call me dad yet and I will respect that. “Do think I can ever get a cutie mark?”

“Don’t tell me what Diamond Tiara said affect you that much?” She nodded. I stood her and got down, so I could look her in the eyes, I was going to look her into her eyes but it’s a little difficult when you have only one good one. “Don’t listen to her, I might not be the leading expert in cutie mark, but I don’t understand why you should get one like the rest. You are a pony like the rest in this town, just be patience and it will come.” That sadness I saw was replaced with a hope. “Just hang in there.” I said while ruffing her hair.

We started to walk again. “What do you think I should about Applebloom?” A question I hope she would not asked.

“That is something you two should figure out yourself.” I know that was not the answer she was looking for but what should I say? Give up her friendship with Applebloom? What happened before is something they had to figure out.

Later that evening I was sitting in the living room reading a Darling Doo book, Shadow was up in her room and Falco was out doing, I don’t know what the hell he is doing, you can never tell what he would do. And besides, I am not his babysitter neither do I want to be. Anyway, I was getting to the god part in the book. Darling had just entered a temple deep in the jungle and then someone knocked on the door. I look over my book, hoping that I heard wrong and then someone knock again.

I couldn’t help but let out a frustration groan. “Why does this always happened at the most exciding part?” I placed the bookmark where I was in the book, place the book on the table and got up. While walking towards the door I wonder it was this late.

When I opened the door I was surprised, it was Applebloom and to be honest, I wasn’t too happy to see her. Not after what she said to Shadow. “What do you want Applebloom?” I said while crossing my arms.

She look down on the ground and kicked the ground. “Is Shadow here?”

I raised an eye brown. “Why do you want to know?”

She look up to me and I could see regret in her eyes. “I just want to talk to her.”

“Why? Why should I tell her that? After what you said to at Sugarcube corner.”

She started to cry after I said that. “I feel bad for that and I regret saying that, I don’t want to lost Shadow as a friend.”

I let out a sighed while pinching my nose, I hope I don’t regret this. “Okay, I’ll ask her if she want to talk but, if she don’t want to talk you will respect that. Got it?” She nodded. “Good, you can wait in the hallway while I go and ask her.” I let her in while I walk up to the second floor.

Once there I knocked on Shadow’s door, she answered right away. “Who is it?”

I just rolled my eye of the answer. “It’s Fox, you have a visitor downstairs.”

“Is it Applebloom?” Not bad.

“Yes, she want to talk to you.”

“Tell her that I don’t want to talk to her.” Somehow, I knew that answer would come.

“Don’t be like that Shadow, do you really want to lose her as a friend?”

She was silenced for a little while, then the door open and she walk out of her room. “No, I don’t want to lose her as a friend.”

I gave her a smile. “Good, she is downstairs.” We both walk down.

Once down stairs we could see that Applebloom was leaning towards the wall, when she saw us she got off the wall. Then they just started at each other, awkward. “Well, I’ll let you two talk. I be in my room reading my book.” I walk over to the table, gapped the book and bolted upstairs.

Once Fox was gone, Applebloom and Shadow just kept staring at each other. Then Shadow decide to speak. “Well, you want to talk, talk.”

“Right.” Applebloom took a deep breath. “I am sorry by the way I acted at Sugarcube corner, I just so frustrated that I didn’t get my cutie mark.” She hung her head. “I’m really sorry.”

“I forgive you for what you said.”

Applebloom looked at Shadow. “Really?” The bat pony nodded, that made Applebloom smile. “Thanks. I also have good new.”

Those words made Shadow a little scared. “What’s the good new?”

“At Diamond Tiara’s party I meet two ponies that also don’t have their cutie mark, so me and Rarity’s sister Sweetie Belle and Holiday niece Scootaloo is staring the Cutie Mark Crusaders. And I want you to join.” Applebloom said in an exciting voice.

Shadow didn’t know who Sweetie Belle was, but she knew who Scootaloo was. Scootaloo was an orphan that live the orphanage with Shadow, until one day she was adopt by her aunt. Shadow never knew Scootaloo, considering no of the children at the orphanage talk to her. When it came to Applebloom’s proposal, Shadow was a little concern off how excited Applebloom was.

“And what exactly are we going to do in this Cutie Mark Crusaders?” Shadow ask Applebloom.

“We are going to find our cutie mark, no matter what it is.”

“Let me get this right, you and two other’s are going to try and get your cutie mark by doing different things? Random things?”

“That’s right.” Applebloom said with a big smile.

Shadow couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Are you kidding me?” Applebloom’s smile disappeared and was replaced with confusion. “This is what your sister tried to tell you, what Blitz tried to tell you. You can’t rush when it comes to a cutie MARK.” Shadow didn’t mean to shout the last part but right now she was so frustrated by Applebloom. “To answer your question, I will not be joining your Crusaders. I will find my cutie mark my way and I will like you to leave.” She pointed at the door.

Applebloom was in shocked when she heard this. “What about or friendship?”

“I think that you care more about getting your cutie mark then our friendship and besides, you have two new friends you can bother with when it comes to your cutie mark. Now leave.” Shadow said in an aggressive tone.

Applebloom wanted to say something but when Shadow was in this mood it was impossible to reason with her, she decided to leave. Before she opened the door, she decided to say something. “Just so you know, I value our friendship more then getting my cutie mark.”

“It didn’t look like that today.”

Shadow was right, she cared more about getting her cutie mark then Shadow today. Applebloom storm out of the house with tears in her eyes.

Shadow watch as her former best friend ran out of the house, she just started at the door wondering if she did the right thing. Applebloom was her first friend ever and now she might have lost her, but what she supposed to do? The entire day Applebloom care about one thing and that was getting her cutie mark. All Shadow wanted was to spend time with her friend. She was confused. She decide to head up stairs.

Up on her perch, Vixy had seen and heard it all. She wasn’t that found of other ponies but in this case, she felt bad for what happened so Shadow. It couldn’t be easy to lose her best friend like that.

I was just lying in my bed with the book on my chest. “Wow, what an ending.” I had just finished it and I was still impressed by it, the writer know what he/she is doing. I was brought out of my ‘world’ by someone walking up the stairs, the footsteps sounds heavy. I got up, walk to the door and opened my door and what I saw was Shadow, she was crying. “Hey kiddo, what happened?”

She looked at me with tears in her eyes. “I just lost Applebloom as a friend.”

You can say I was shocked when I heard that, when those two first they became friends right away and, this was Shadow’s first friend, EVER. I bent down to give her a hug and she returned it, she started to cry on my shoulder. I guess she needed a hug. “I’m sorry to hear that, what happened?” I had to ask, I didn’t know.

“She care more about getting her cutie mark then our friends.” She told me between the crying.

I didn’t know what to say to her, so I just let her cry. Eventually she broke the hug and went into her room without saying anything, I hope that she will be okay.


View Online

Pinkamena Diane Pie, one of the most childish pony in Equestria. She says the most random things and does the most random things, why? I have no idea. And then we have the so called Pinkie sense, they are supposed to predict things or events. I think it’s still just crap, but I have accepted it, not Twilight, she want to find out why.

It’s been about three weeks since the hole cutie mark event with Applebloom and Shadow, they haven’t talk since then and Shadow have been sad every day. So, I decide to introduce her to Derpy Hooves little sister, Dinky Doo. Like Shadow, she doesn’t have a cutie mark. They became friends pretty fast and it’s a little scary.

Let’s get on with the story. I had volunteer to help Twilight practice magic, I am not sure why I did that but it’s not like had anything ells to do. At the moment I had a rock on my head, leaf around my neck and a long stick in my hand. Why? She was going to make a tuxedo of the stuff, I have no idea why. I just agreed to help.

Her horn started to glow and the leaf’s around my became a tuxedo, which was pretty awesome. Then the stick became a staff, nice. Then she started with the rock, but I was distracted by a noise and I unfortunately look in the direction where the it was coming from, not a good idea from my part. Twilight lost concentration and the top hat became a rock again and landed on my head. I fell face first on the ground. It hurt.

“Oh my gosh, are you alright Fox?” Twilight asked me while helping me up.

“I’m fine.” I told her while rubbing me head. I was lying, my head hurt like hell.

Twilight didn’t look convinced. “I am glad you are fine Fox but why did not look at me? You broke my concentration.”

“I was looking at her.” I pointed at pink blur that was sipping from a tree to under a porch while looking up, then she flew under a rock. Yeah, she in under a rock. She then lifted up the rock and started to look around. She had an umbral het on her. Then she zip away again. I don’t understand what Ace see in her. That’s right, Ace and Pinkie are dating. Why? I have no idea. Ace and Pinkie are the total opposite, Ace is the calm type while Pinkie is Pinkie. I know that opposite attract to each other but does two dating? It’s doesn’t add up. Maybe I should start dating again.

“It’s that all, it’s just Pinkie being herself.”

“I know that, it still got my attention.” I told her while rubbing my head, fuck that hurt.

“Maybe we should go and see a doctor.” Twilight said with concern in her voice.

“I’m fine Sparkle. This nothing compare to getting hit in the head by a horseshoe, which was thrown by Dash.” That hurt even more. We looked back the pink blur, she then stop for moment and her tail started to twist, which means something is going to fall from the sky. I wonder what.

Twilight then decided to go and talk to her, this can’t go well. I followed. “Pinkie, what in Equestria are you doing?” I knew what was going on, but I decided not to tell her, I wanted to see what was going to happened.

“Oh, it’s my tail, it’s my tail, it’s a twitcha twitchin and you know what that means.” She then showed her tail in Twilight’s face.

Twilight just pushed it away. “Actually Pinkie, I haven’t the slides idea.” I knew. I then notice Fluttershy coming towards us with a bunch of frogs in a cart, I knew right away what would fall from the sky.

“The twitching means that my pinkie sense tells me that stuff is gonna start falling, you should duck for cover.”

Twilight just smiled. “Oh Pinkie, it’s not going to rain, why there isn’t even a cloud in the…” That was all she could say before a frog smacked right in her face. Now, I am not the person to laugh at other when something like that happened, but this time I couldn’t help but smile. It was just to priceless, Twilight wasn’t too happy.

Then the frog let out a croak. “He just said, nice catch in frog.” I don’t know if Pinkie was right in that part, who knows.

I picked the frog of the Twilight’s face. “I didn’t know you were a frog pony Sparkle.” She just gave me an angry look, which I ignored.

Then Shy came towards us. “Oh, I’m so, so sorry. Are you okay Twilight?” We looked up and saw that she had flying with a basket and saddle bags which was full of frogs.

“So, what are you doing this day Shy?” I asked her while throwing her the frog that landed in Twilight’s face.

She managed to catch it and put it in her basket she had in her hands. “I’m taking these frog to Froggy Bottom because the pond in town was so over populated.” Makes sense.

“You be careful, Froggy Bottom isn’t the safes place around here.” I told her.

“I will, bye.” She waved at us as she flew of, I waved back at her.

While I was doing that, Pinkie had walked of leaving me alone with Twilight, which was looking where Pinkie had walked off to. “So, are you still going to practise magic?” I’m not sure is she heard me, she was still looking in the direction where the pink pony had walk. “Sparkle? You okay there?”

“I just don’t understand how she did that, how could she know that the frog would fall from Fluttershy’s basket?” It looked like she was think and then she gave up, she just shrugged her shoulders. “Oh well.” She then started to walk in the opposite direction. “Come on Fox, let’s find somewhere quite to practise.” I said nothing.

I was about to walk after her when the pink one came back. “My tail, my tail, twitcha twitch, twitcha twitch. Something else is gonna fall.” Her tail was twisting.

I look up and saw nothing, that means. “Sparkle, watch where…” That was all I could say before she fell into a ditch. “…your going.” Me and Pinkie look down in the ditch and saw that she had landed on her back, I looked over to Pinkie. “Is it safe to help her?” I asked her.

“Yep, my tail stopped twisting.” She took off her umbrella and just hopping off somewhere, I think is impossible to understand her.

I jump down in the ditch to help Twilight, I lifted her up very carefully. “You ok Sparkle?”

She rubbed her head. “Yeah, I think so.”

Then we heard a new voice. “Uh, why are you two in ditch?” We look up and saw it was AJ.

“We are in this ditch because Pinkie’s tail was twisting, and she predicted it.” I told her while helping Twilight up.

“Honestly Fox, she did not. Two coincidence in a row may be unlikely, but still easier to believe that twitchy tails that predict the future.”

AJ became worried after that .”Pinkie’s tail, pinkie sense?” She then hide under the nearest stand, she tried to shield herself with her hat.

Normally I would roll my eye of AJ’s behavior, not this time. “Don’t worry AJ, it’s not twitchy now.” That made her relax.

Twilight raised an eyebrow of AJ behavior when she was out of the ditch. “Don’t tell me you believe in this stuff to Applejack.”

AJ came out from the stand, stod up and wiped away dust from her clothes. “I know it don’t make much sense, but for those of us that have been in Ponyville a while have learned overtime that if Pinkies a twitchin, you better listen.”

“She is right Sparkle.”

Right after I said that, Pinkie came back. This time her ears was flopping up and down. “My ears are floppy, my ears are floppy.” She exclaimed. Her ears was flopping, what was that again. When I remember I back away from Twilight. “You should go home and take shower Twilight.”

“Huh, a shower, this thing keeps getting more ridiculous by the min…” She couldn’t finished that sentence, an old stallion hauling a cart ran over a pothole and got mud over Twilight. Her hair and most of her clothes was cover in mud, and she was not happy. “You got to be kidding me, I just bought these clothes. Now I have to go home and chance and take a shower.” She was about to go.

“Hold on there Sparkle.” She looked at me. “Sugarcube corner are much closer, Pinkie will take you there, so you can take a shower while I head to the library to get you some clean clothes.” I look at both Twilight and Pinkie. “Is that ok with you two?” Both of them nodded.

After that, Twilight and Pinkie went to Sugarcube corner, so Twilight could take a shower. AJ went back to the farm, she had chores to do and I went to the library to get some clothes for Twilight. I just hope that Sunset is home.

Once I arrived at the library, I walk straight inn. I don’t understand why the ponies knock when before they walk inn, it’s a public library. Once inside, I could see Sunset sitting on the couch, reading a book.

She look up from the book when she heard me entered, she gave me smile. “Fox, what can I do for you this day?”

“I am here to get some clean clothes for Twilight.”

She raised an eye brown of what I said. “Okay? Why?”

“It’s involved Pinkie and mud.” She blinked a couple of time, clearly confused. “Don’t asked.”

She then laugh a little. “So, Twilight has experience Pinkie’s twitchy.”

“Pretty much.”

She laugh some more. “I which I could see that.” She put away the book. “Let me get you some new clothes for Twilight.” She stood up and walked to the second floor.

“Thanks.” I am glad that she is the one who is getting the clothes, I don’t want to go looking through a mares clothing. I didn’t take long before she returned with a bag with clothes.

“Here you are.” She gave the bag to me and I gladly took it. “I found some new sweater and pants.” I smiled when I heard that. “I didn’t think that she needed new underpants and a bra, and something told me that you wouldn’t like to walk around with them.” She laugh a little of that last part, I just rolled my eye. I was about to leave. “Wait up Fox, can you give a message to Twilight for me?” I gave her a nod. “Tell her to give up when it comes to Pinkie and her ‘senses,’ it’s not going to end well for her.” With that said, she went back to her couch and book.

After exiting the library, I couldn’t help but look back at it. I had heard that Sunset did try and figure out how Pinkie’s senses work, and that she almost went mad thanks to that. I couldn’t help but shudder at the thought. I looked down at the bag. “Time to give Twilight her clothes.” I started to walk towards Sugarcube corner.

As I walked towards the shop, I couldn’t help but look around and watch as ponies in this town walk around with a smile on their faces. I couldn’t help but think how naïve they are, they just walk around not knowing what going on in the world. Is not their fault, it’s Molestia who crated this perfect Equestria. Yes, I called her Molestia, why? Because I am one of three that know that she is a fake, that’s why I am not calling her Celestia.

I was brought back to realty by someone talking to me. “Hey Fox.” It was Blitz. I smiled as she walked towards me. “What are you doing on this fine day`” It was a little difficult to listen to, considering what she was wearing. Summer was right around the corner and it had become warmer in the air and the mares was starting to wear less clothes, I hate hormones.

“I’m delivering clothes to Twilight.”

She tilted her head to the side in confusion. “Why?”

“The clothes that she was wearing became dirty thanks the pinkie senses.”

She now looked at me as I had gone completely mad, I can’t blame her. “What the hell is pinkie sense? Do the have something to do with Pinkie?” I just gave her nod. “How… what…” She had trouble coming up what to say and I can’t blame her, I was like that the first time too.

“Let’s walk and talk, I have to deliver the clothes to Twilight. I will try and explain.” She didn’t protest when I said that, we walk. “These pinkie sense is, well.” I had to think for a moment. “When different part of Pinkie’s body is staring to move, they make different predictions.”

She didn’t believe me, why? She looked at me if I was crazy and again, I can’t blame her. “Do you honestly expect me to believe that when part of Pinkie’s body ‘moves’, different things happens?” I just shrugged my shoulders. She then started to laugh. “You expect me to believe that?”

“You left before Pinkie moved here and therefore, you haven’t experience them yet and maybe that’s a good thing.”

She just stared at me a little then just shrugged it off. “If you say so.” That’s as quick.

Then we walk in silence and I notice that Blitz was looking a little nervous, she keep looking at me and when we had eye contact, she look away with a blush on her face. “Is there something ells you want to talk about?” I kind of knew what it was, considering she jump a fee feet in the air when asked her. It wasn’t a fee feet but centimetre, it almost look like feet.

“Well no… I mean yes…. It’s not a big deal….” She then started to hit her self with a hand. “Why is this so hard?” It was a little funny that she was struggling with it.

I decide to say it. “Blitz Wing are you trying to ask me out on a date?”

She blushed even more after I said that, she then look away from me. “Yes.” She said yes so low that I almost didn’t hear her, I am just glad I have good hearing.

I wasn’t sure if I should say yes, my track record hasn’t been the best when it comes to dating. Considering that the first two I date are now dead ad the third one, Cheerilee believe a lie and I haven’t forgiven her, which is weird, considering is has been like six months ago since the Gilda event. Back to Blitz. Maybe I will have better luck with Blitz.

“Sure, I would like to go on a date with you Blitz.”

She then gave me a smile that could rival Pinkie. “Great, what about this Saturday? I don’t work then, you can come and pick me at my home at 7.”

“Sure, I can do that..” That made her even more happier, which I didn’t think was possible.

After that she had to go, her break was over, and I had to get the new clothes to Twilight before it was too late. We said goodbye to each other and went our separate way.

Once I arrived at Sugarcube corner, I asked the cakes where Twilight was, and they said that she was taking a shower on the second floor, I headed up there. Once I arrived at the bathroom, I knock on the door. “Sparkle? You in there?” I couldn’t hear running water, so she was done showering.

“Yes, do you have clean clothes for me?”

“Yeah, I am going to open the door a little and drop the bag inside. Okay?”

“Sure, you can do that.” I open the door a little and drop the bag inside the bathroom and closed the door. “Thanks Fox.”

“Your welcome.” I told her. After that I went to Pinkie’s room, hoping she was there, and she was. She was just lying on her back in her bed, with her pet alligator, Gummy. Gummy is an alligator with no teeth, I have no idea how that is possible.

She smiled when she saw me. “Hey Fox, did find new clothes for Twilight?”

I leaned against the door frame. “Yeah, I just deliver them to her.” I crossed my arms. “Did you try and tell her about your pinkie sense?”

She sat up. “Yeep, but she didn’t believe me.” Her mood drop a little when she said that.

“Can you blame her Pinkie? I still think is weird, but I just accept it.”

She was about to defend herself when Twilight came out from the bathroom, with clothes on. She then arrived at Pinkie’s room, I had to move away. “Come on Pinkie, time to go.” I don’t like where this is going.

Pinkie tilted her head to the side. “Go where?” Somehow, I knew the answer.

“To the library, we are going to run some test.” I knew it.

“Sparkle, I have a message from Sunset. Don’t do this, is only going to end bad for you.”

Just looked at me and then she started to laugh. “Good one Fox, if you are trying to scare me, it’s not going to work.” She then walked in and grabbed Pinkie by the arm. “Come on Pinkie.” And with that she dragged Pinkie out from her room.

I just watch them go down the hall and then the stairs. I could only shock my head and decide to follow them, maybe I could save Twilight from Pinkie.

On out way to the library, Pinkie tried to explain about her sense and Twilight didn’t believe, I would like to say more but I zoned out from the most off them. Then she started to talk about combos, those can be difficult to remember. Then her ears started to flop, eyes flutter and then her knees started to twitch. That was door opening.

Twilight was heading toward the door to the library and before I could warn her, the door opened with a bang, and she was slammed against the wall. I couldn’t help but wince off what happened. Then Falco walk out. “Fox, crazy pinkie pony.” He said while walking past us with a book in his hands.

Me. “Falco.”

Pinkie. “Hey Falco.” She was totally oblivious that Falco called her crazy,

We then watch as Twilight fell to the ground. “You alright there Sparkle?” I asked her as she got up.

“I’m ok.” She then looked at Pinkie. “Pinkie, I thought the combo you just had said it would be a beautiful rainbow.”

“Oh no no no, your think about an ear flop, knee twitch and then eye flutter. This one was an ear flop, eye flutter and then a knew twitch, that mean look out for opening doors.”

Twilight wasn’t convince, she then looked at me. I just shrugged my shoulders. “She is right you know.” That didn’t help.

“I don’t believe this.”

Then Pinkie was in her face. “YOU DON’T believe because you don’t understand.” I am not sure if that make sense.

“And that’s why we are here, come with me.” She then gabbed Pinkie’s hand a dragged her into the library, I couldn’t help shake my head as I followed them.

Now, I could just tell Twilight that is impossible to explain how these pinkie sense work, but something tells me that she wont listen. And that’s because when Twilight set her mind to something, she won’t listen to reason.

Once inside I could see Twilight and Pinkie walked though a door and down to the basement, I looked around to see if I could see Sunset, maybe she could talk some sense into Twilight. No such luck.

Once I got down into the basement, I saw Twilight hook Pinkie up to some weird device. Pinkie’s hands was shackle on a table and she was wearing a metal hat with different lights? One question came to mind, where the hell did Twilight get this stuff? I know that it’s not Sunset’s, that’s for sure.

“Ok, when you get another twitch, we have all scientific information.” Twilight told Pinkie.

“Okie, dokie, lokie.”

I just walked down the stairs and lean against the wall and crossed my arms. You are probably wondering why I am not doing anything, I could but then Twilight wouldn’t learn anything, sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

I watch as the machine printed up wrinkle rolls and Twilight looking at it. “Any twitches yet?” No and I doubted that we are going to get anyone while she hook up to the machine. “Nopey, dopey.”

Twilight watch the paper some more. “Now, anything?” Probably not.

We watch as Pinkie narrowed her eyes. “Wait, hold on…. Uh, no.”

“Are you kidding me? after a hold day of none stop twitching, now that I got you hooked up, you’re not getting a single one?”

“I don’t control it, they just come a go." Pinkie said in her defence.

“That make no sense.” Twilight said in a frustrated tone.

“It doesn’t have to make sense Sparkle, just believe.”

“What Fox said.” Pinkie said in a happy tone.

“I will not believe in anything I cannot explain.” “Why do the geek has to be so stubborn?

“Wait, hold on, I’m feeling something.”

Twilight perked up after that. “Oh my gosh, what, what is it?”

We waited in suspense for what it was, and then Pinkies stomach made a growling noise. “It’s my tummy, that usually means I’m hungry, let’s eat.” I could help but laugh of the whole scenario, it was to funny.

Twilight growled in aggravation. “You know what?” She yanked out the wires from Pinkies ‘hat,’ making the machine shut down. “Just forget it, I don’t need to know if this is real or not, I don’t need to understand it, I don’t even care.” Twilight then threw her arms in the air in frustration.

In the meantime, Pinkie just took her arms out of the shackles and the helmet fell off. “Okie doike lokie.” She then bounced off after Twilight. I just shrugged the hole thing off and walked after them, this day can’t get any weirder.

When we reach the top of the stairs and Twilight was approaching the door, Pinkie started to twitch. Her ears started to flop, eye flutter, knee twitch. That means. “Sparkle...” That was all I could say before the door open with a bang and Sunset walked in.

She looked at me and Pinkie. “Have any off you two seen my roommate?” She asked us.

Pinkie just hopped by her. “Uh huh.” I pointed at the door which just confused Sunset. She pulled back the door and Twilight fell on the floor with a thumb. “Twilight, what are you doing back there?”

Twilight look up at Sunset with annoyance on her face. “Did you two plan this?”

Sunset was still confused, maybe even more then before. “Plan what with who?”

Twilight got up. “With Pinkie. Did you plan that I would be behind the door and that you could slam it in my face?”

Sunset just raised an eyebrow. “I did not plan this with Pinkie, I just happened to open the door to the basement because I was searching for you. Why would you…” Her eyes widen. “Are you trying to understand how Pinkie’s senses are working?” She then looked at me with narrowed eyes.

I put up my hands in defence when I saw her look. “Don’t look at me, I tried to tell her.”

Sunset nodded and look back at Twilight. “Listen Twilight I tried also to figure out how these pinkie sense work and it almost killed me, so I am asking you to stop, before it’s go to far.”

It didn’t help. “No, this is ridiculous, this can’t be happening.” She then got a serious face. “I have to figure this out.” She then ran out of the basement.

Me and Sunset could only watch. “Did she even listen to me?” She look at me with a worried face.

“Don’t worry’ I’ll follow her and try and keep her out off danger.” While walking after Twilight I thought about one thing, that I would not regret those words.

While they were doing that, Fluttershy was closing in on Froggy Bottom.

After leaving the library, I had to find Twilight which was easy. I just found a bush that was walking on two legs and I also saw Pinkie. Then I saw binoculars coming out from the bush which was potting at Pinkie, who was minding her own business.

I walked over to her while she was writing on a notepad. “What the hell are you doing?” That scared her, and she hid in the bush. She then bulled me into the bush. She was also wearing a safari hat?

She put her face right in mine. “Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

I push her away. “No, but that’s not a bad idea, then you can give this up. Didn’t you listen to Sunset warning?” She didn’t listen to me.

She looked out of the bush. “I don’t have times for warnings, I am doing scientific research, we’re observing Pinkie Pie, scientific name, Pinkious Piacous in its natural habitat.”

I just gave her a blanked stare. “That made no sense at all, would you just give it up and believe?”

She went back into the bush. “No, I refuse to believe. There something fishy going on with the hole twitch prediction thing and I am getting to the bottom of it. So, keep quiet.”

“I don’t know Sparkle, I don’t think Pinkie likes to fish.” It was my time to ignore her, which did not work, she ignore me. Why do Twilight have to be so stubborn when it comes to things she don’t understand?

She look up from the bush. “Come on, Pinkious Piacous is in the move.” She grabbed the bush and followed Pinkie. I just got up and followed her and also wondering what the hell I gotten myself into.

We had arrived at the school yard and I am just glad that it was done for the day, I don’t think that the children should watch what is happening, is just stupide. Also, she made me take notes. Which I am not, I am just drawing pictures in her notepad. I was bored.

Twilight watch Pinkie with her binoculars. “Hmm, itchy nose.” Say what?

I grabbed her by the shoulders and look her straight into her eyes. “Did you just say itchy nose?”

She became very nervous. “Uhm, yes?”

That’s not good. “We have move now, itch nose means that bees are coming so if you don’t want to get sting by them, we move now.” I got up and ran to safety while she just sat there, confused.

Once I had gotten away, I saw the bees heading towards Twilight, I tried to warned her, but I was too late, she got stung several time. Now, I should be worried about her but the only thing I could think about was if she was allergic against bees.

After that event, we ended up at AJ’s farm. She was sitting behind a ball of hay with her binoculars, she was also covered in patches. I was just leaning against the wall to the barn.

“She is smelling a flower.”

I couldn’t help but wonder what I am doing her. Oh wait, I am her to keep Twilight out of trouble and I am doing a terrible job. “I bet it’s smells nice.”

She didn’t listen to me, she just watch Pinkie. “ Wait, I am getting something, ear flop, eye flutter, knee twitch.”

“Watch out for open doors.” I told her in a bored tone, I was also drawing in her notebook, it was her in a hospital bed. Harsh, but why not?

She looked at me. “You don’t look worried.”

“That’s because I accept her pinkie sense, you haven’t.”

She laugh a little. “You really believe in this stuff, don’t you?” I just gave her a nod. “Why should I be worried? There’s no doors around here.” She got up and started to walk around. “See, there nothing that I…” That was all she could say as she fell down a door that opened form the ground, it was probably AJ’s new apple cellar. Now, I should be concern about her and I am but maybe, just maybe. She would stop this if she experience this herself.

I got up from the wall and walk towards the cellar. “Twilight, you came and visit my new apple cellar, how nice.” It was a moment of silence. “Uh, Twilight? You ok?”

I look down in the cellar and saw Twilight lying unconscious on the floor while Applejack was standing over her with a worried face. “AJ.” She look up at me. “Is the genius ok?”

She look at Twilight again. “I am not sure, I think she hit her head.”

Great. “Alright, you help up and carried her to house while I get that first aid kit.” She just nodded. I walk to the house to grabbed the kit while AJ help Twilight.

AJ had help Twilight to the couch in the living room, me and Twilight was sitting on it and I was tying bandages around her head, AJ was standing behind the couch. I also tied it a little hard. “Ow, carful Fox.”

“Whatever.” I just keep on bandaging her head. “Are you going to give up on Pinkie?”

“Never.” I just rolled my eye.

Then Applejack decide to say something. “Give up on Pinkie?”

“Twilight here has been following Pinkie around to try and understand her sense, which hasn’t gone well considering she has been sting by bees and fallen down the stairs in your cellar.” I told her. “Despite the warnings Sunset and I have given her.” I rape around the last bandage and tied a tie. “There, all done.”

She rubbed the side of her head. “Thanks Fox.”

“You are welcome, but you didn’t answer my question; are you going to give up on Pinkie?”

She slammed her hand on the table. “No, I refused to give up, I will figure out how Pinkie managed to what she does.” She stood up and walk out off the house leaving me alone with AJ.

“For all that’s holly in the world, her I thought you were stubborn one AJ. No offence.”

She just waved her hand. “Non taken, are you going after her?”

I stood up. “Yeep, even that I am doing a lousy job.”

“I will join you when I am finish with my work.” I just gave her a nod and followed Twilight.

Twilight continued to follow Pinkie, so we ended up in the park. She was hiding behind a bench with her binoculars. “Not a very good hideout Sparkle.” She just ignored me and keep looking through the binoculars. “Just give it up Sparkle before you get more hurt.” She still didn’t answer me. “Don’t say that I warned you.” I looked over to Pinkie who was just sitting on the ground, minding her own business. Then her tail started to twitch, I decided to step away from Twilight and when I did, a flower pot landed on her head, that had to hurt. I looked up and saw some pegasus moving furniture and one of the pegasus was Derpy, that explains the flower pot. That pony real need to find a safer job.

I looked over to Twilight again, who was lying with her head on the bench. “Give up yet?” Then I heard Pinkie talking with someone, it was AJ. “Oh, letting Twilight secretly follow me around all day without me knowing.” That got Twilight to look up with anger on her eyes. I kind of knew that Pinkie knew.

“You mean you knew all along? Why didn’t you tell me?” She asked the pink pony while walking towards her, I followed her.

Pinkie just giggled. “Oh silly, that would have ruined the surprise.”

“She have a point Sparkle.” She looked over to me and it looked like she was going to have a mental breakdown. “You ok there geek?” She was about to shout at me but then Pinkie entire body started to shake, I have never seen that before. “Pinkie, what is happening?” I had to know.

“I don’t know, this have never happened before, but whatever shudder is about it’s a doozy. Something you never expect to happen is going to happen is going to happen.” She then started to shake again. “And it’s going to happened at froggy bottom bog.”

What? ”There’s were Fluttershy is headed.” Thanks for the information AJ.

“Alright, you three head over there and make sure that she is ok, I will join as soon as I can.”

I was about to run. “Wait, where are you going?”

“I just have to get something Twilight.” They just stood there. “What are three waiting for? Get going.” That made them run towards at Froggy bottom bog while I ran home.

Once home I burst through the door and ran up stair to my room, I ran to my bed and look under my pillow and found my plaster. Yes, I sleep with my plaster, you never know. Once I check that it was working, it was. I ran downstairs, out the door and towards at Froggy bottom bog.

Once I got there, I froze, it was a bloody Hydra and it was huge. I had read that it was hydra in Equestria, but I never believe it. It was also walking towards Twilight and the others and they were trap, they had their backs to a cliff and down below is something that look like acid, I hope I am wrong about that. The only way I could save them was to do something stupid, I pointed my plaster at one of it’s heads and fired a few shots, they hit, and it turned it’s attention towards me. “Hey, if you are going to try and eat someone, try me.” Yeah, I know, I am idiot. But it worked, the hydra didn’t care about Twilight and the girls anymore, I was it’s targets. I might have not thought this through.

As it’s was headed towards me, I decide to fire some shots at it and it only made it even more angry. All of the heads roared at me, one of them tried to eat me, I managed to roll away in time, I manage to doge two more, not the last one. “Oh shit.” I could only watch as I was swallowed by the fourth head.

Twilight and the other girls could only watch in horror as they saw Fox get eaten by the one of the hydra’s head, he tried to save their life and he got eaten. None of them knew what to do.

Fluttershy was the first one to recover. “Give back my brother.” She tried to run to the Hydra, but Applejack hold her back. Twilight and Pinkie started to cry.

Then Twilight notice something. “Girls, what going on with it?” They all looked at the Hydra and saw that the head who swallowed Fox was making grimaces, it looked like the head was about to throw up.

I managed to not get eaten. I had stabilized myself in it’s throat with the help with my legs and arms. “You are nor going to get a meal out of me.” I aimed my plaster down towards it’s stomach. “Time to give you a stomach ache.” I fire off a couple of shouts and I think they hit the target, I didn’t have to wait long. I could hear some kind of noise under me and I understood what was happening. “Oh fuck.” Before I knew it, I flew up its throat.

The girls watch as the Hydra’s head threw something up and flew over them, it was Fox and he said something. ‘I can see my house from here.’ They watch as he landed in a pond just outside Froggy bottom, they rush to see if he was ok. The Hydra walk off with a stomach ache.

Once they reached the pond, the watch as Fox floated towards the shore. “I thought I was done being in a giant beats stomach.” I told them.

“You have been in Hydra stomach before?” Twilight asked me.

“Not a Hydra, another beast.” I said while getting up from the water. I could see that she was interested. “I am not going to tell you about it Sparkle.” She was disappointed, and I don’t care. Then Fluttershy was about to hug me but I stop her. “I understand that you want to hug me Shy, but I was just in a Hydra and I smell.” I sniffed myself and winced by the smell. I looked over to Pinkie. “Is your doozy over yet?”

She put a hand under her chin. “I think so.” I was happy when I heard that, it didn’t last long. She started to shake. “Nope, it’s not over. Whatever it is, is not the Hydra.”

“If it was not the Hydra, then what?” Twilight started to get desperate.

I put a hand on her shoulder. “Calm down Sparkle, I know what the doozy is.” They all looked at me. “It’s you.”

She pointed at herself. “Me? how can they doozy be me? I haven’t done anything.” Her voice rose for every word.

“You are they doozy because you don’t believe in Pinkie and her sense, just believe.” I really hope she will listen this time.

Twilight looked between all of use, unsure what to do, eventually she let out a heavy sigh. “Fine, I give up. I don’t understand how or why or what, but Pinkie’s sense somehow… makes sense.” It looked Pinkie started to shake even more. “I don’t see how it does but it just, just because I Don’t understand doesn’t mean it’s not true.”

Pinkie was really shaking now. “Yyyooouuuu bbbbbeeeilieilvvveee?”

“Yeah, I guess I do.”

After she said that, Pinkie stop shaking. “That was it, that’s the doozy. Fox was right.”

Twilight’s eye started to twitch when she heard that. “You mean that the doozy was me not believing in the Pinkie sense all long?”

I patted her on the back. “Told you. Now, let’s get out of here. I want to home and get a shower.” They all agreed with that.

On the way, Twilight kept staring at my plaster. “Something I can help you with Sparkle?”

“Yeah, what’s that in your hand? I saw you use it against the Hydra.” She was a little nervous when she asked.

“It’s a plaster, a weapon from my world.”

“Why do you need a weapon.”

This is a dilemma. I have already told her about the war in my world, but thanks to Molestia, she have forgotten it all. I’m just going to give her the short version. “I came from a world that is at war, you need something to protect yourself, our you are going to end up dead.” That shocked Twilight but not the others, they knew already.

“Is it possible that you could tell me more about this war?” I knew it.

“I don’t fell like it.” I wasn’t lying, I didn’t feel like telling her. Luckily for me, she didn’t ask anymore.

When we reached the edge of the town, I pulled Shy and Pinkie to the side, time to get some answer. “I have a question for you two and I want you to answer properly.” I look over to Pinkie while saying the last one.

“Why are you looking at me?”

“Because Pinkie, every time I ask you something you just answer randomly, this time I want you to answer like you mean it. con you please do that?” She just started at me for a few seconds and then she nodded. “Thank you, here’s my question. Have you two had any headache that only lasted a few seconds when it came to Sunset?” They didn’t answer right away, probably think about it.

Shy. “Yes, it was just before the winter wrap up. Sunset ask me to lunch and I said no, right after I said no, I got a headache that last a few seconds.”

“And what did you do after that?”

“We had nice lunch together.” That’s good to hear.

I look over to the pink one. “Mine happened when it was Sunset birthday, it was early morning and I was about to start planning when as Fluttershy, got a headache. it only lasted a few second, after that I got right back at planning her birthday and what a birthday it was.” She said that last part in a happy tone. “Why do you ask Fox?” Time to lie again, partially.

“The same happened with AJ, after the incident with Zecora. I don’t know if it happened to Dash or Rarity, maybe, maybe not.” They both had worried faces. “Look, you shouldn’t worried about it. It hasn’t happened to AJ ever since, I was just worried about you two.” I then scratched my head. “I am not sure why it took so long to ask.”

Both gave me a smile. “Thanks for asking Fox.” I just smiled back.

So, it has happened to Pinkie and Shy. Something tells me that it also has happened to Rarity and Dash, I hope that nothing ells happened to their memory’s.

The Date (Rewrite)

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I was so relieved when I got home, never thought would fight a Hydra, but I did. When opened the door I could see Falco lying on the couch, I walk over to him and he was staring at celling. “You ok there Falco?” I asked him.

“No, not really.” He answered me with no emotion in his voice. “I have done some math and I realise it’s going to take me at least two years before I have enough money to buy a house.” He lifted is upper body up. “I can’t live her for two years before I move out, I need another job.”

“Well, I think I have a solution. Are you still good at mixing drinks.”

“Of course, I am, you know who you are talking to, right?”

And there we have that ego of his, I am just glad it’s not as big as Dash. “Then you are in luck, the bar I work at needs a bartender, why not head over with me later tonight and we will ask the owner.”

He just started at me for a moment. “How often is this bar opened?”

“Four times a week, Thursday to Sunday.” I told him.

“I can work as a busboy at the daytime and as a bartender when the bar is open, yeah, that could work.” He said with a smile on his face. He then took a closer look at me. “Why are covert in slime?”

I took a closer look at me and saw that some slime was still on me. “I was in the throat of a Hydra.” His eyes widen. “The Hydra was going to eat Twilight, Pinkie, Fluttershy and AJ. So, I distracted it and ended up getting swallowed by it, I managed to make sure not to get eaten by holding myself in its throat, then I fire a few shouts into its stomach witch the Hydra throw me up and I landed in a pond.”

He just stared at me and I had no idea what he was think. “You fought a Hydra and you didn’t invite me? How dare you Fox.”

Now it was my turn to just stare at him, I should have known that he would say that, but it still took me by surprise. “Really? I almost got eaten by a Hydra and the only thing you can say that you weren’t invite? What the hell is wrong with you? We almost died, and you don’t care?” Sometimes I don’t understand this guy.

He sat up. “Of course, I care Fox, but you fought a blood Hydra so why didn’t you bring me alone?”

I just shock my head in disappointment. “Whatever, I going to take a shower and then I going to relax a little before we go, just get ready.” With that I walk upstairs. After taking my shower and I chance clothes, I decided to relax in my bed. And then it was time to go.

“How many times must I say I am sorry for what I said Fox.” After we left the house, Falco had constantly apologised to me and it was starting to get annoying.

“For the last time Falco, I forgive you. Can you just stop apologised already?” I told him with frustration in my voice.

“I know you did, but it didn’t sound real.” I just rolled my eye.

“Can you blame me, all you cared about that I was fighting a Hydra and didn’t care that four ponies were almost eaten by it and here’s the kicker, I got eaten by it.” He didn’t say anything after, he just looked ashamed. “Just forget about it.” We headed to the bar.

Once there, Falco read the sign. “The black pony? What kind of name is the for a bar?” I didn’t say anything, he would understand when he saw the owner.

Once inside we could that there were no customers there, which is normal when the bar isn’t open yet. the hole place is just your standard bar, a place where ponies and sit and drink, there also a stage there, but the only one who performs there is Vinyl and some others I haven’t learn the name of.

“Holy crap, that’s a big pony.” I looked in the direction where Falco was looking and saw that he had spotted the owner of the bar.

“That’s Boss, he own the bar.” Yes, his name is the Boss, he is a stallion with brown fur with black hair and tail, he also the tallest pony in the town, at least a few inches taller then Mac. I think, I never been good at math.

We walk over to the main disk where the Boss was, he was cleaning some classes. He then notice us. “Hey Fox, ready for tonight?” He asked me in a gruff voice, I just gave him a nod. “Good.” He then notice Falco. “Who’s your friend?”

“This is Falco.” I said while patting him on his back. “And he needs a job and I told him that you are missing a bartender.”

Boss look up and down at him and I could actually see Falco sweat, you don’t see that very often. “Can you make drinks?” Falco just nodded, he was actually afraid of Boss. “Alright, I’m not picky right now so I will give you chance tonight, and we will see how it goes, is that ok with you.”

“Sure.” Falco managed somehow to say that, Boss isn’t that scary. Is he? Sure, he’s big and have a muscles but he wouldn’t hurt a fly.

So, Falco spend the time until the bar open with Boss, learning how thing functions in the bar, I just got things ready. Then it was time to open, believe it or not but Mac was the doorman, if you are going to have a doorman you hire the biggest stallion in town. Then the ponies started to gather, I saw some of the girls, Thunderlane and the other guys. I don’t hang out with those anymore, I guess it wasn’t meant to be. After a while I saw Blitz arrive and it looked like she was going to have a panic attack. She was looking for AJ and Rarity, considering she walk straight to them. I was curious why, but I knew better to stick my nose in other business, especially girl’s.

I was standing by the door and I decided to scan the room, and everyone was behaving good time so far. Then I notice a certain mare back in the bar, Derpy Hooves. I always like her, she may be the most clumsy pony in town, but she have a good heart, if there is one who can top Fluttershy in kindness, is here. Right now, she look miserable. She arms on the table and her head lay on top, she had a glass in one of her hands. I got curious why she looked so sad , so I walk over to her.

“Hey Derpy.” She didn’t answer or look up at me. “Everything ok?” No answer, so I sat down on one of the chair by the table. It’s a little difficult see how she is felling thanks to her eyes, she has some illness that makes her eyes look in different directions, one goes up while the other is down. It’s a little creepy at first but you get us to it. “I can’t help you Derpy if I don’t know what’s wrong.”

She let out a sad sighed. “I lost my job.”

“Let me guess, moving furniture?” She nodded. Figure as much, considering she dropped a flower pot oh Twilight’s head.

“I don’t what to do, my parents expects me to have a job, but I get fired so fast.” She look at me with tears in her eyes. “What should I do Fox?”

A job for Derpy, that’s not an easy one. Thanks to her eyes she crash more than other pegasus, then I got an idea. “What about delivering the mail.” She look at me with interest. “Just think about it, it’s an easy job and you don’t have to hurt other ponies while doing it.” I could see that she was think about it.

She then smiled. “That’s a good idea Fox, I will try and apply for the job tomorrow. Thanks Fox.”

I smiled back. “You are welcome Derpy, just try and…” That’s was all I could say before we heard rackets by the bar.

We looked over there and what we saw was a stallion with black for and white hair slamming a glass down on the counter. “Not this guy again.” I looked over to Derpy. “Sorry Derpy, duty calls.” She just gave me a sympathetic nod, I got up and walked over to the bar.

“What do you mean I can’t have another drink?” The stallion shouted at Falco.

“You already had half the bottle, I think that’s is enough for now.” Falco told him.

“Don’t you tell me when I had enough.” He said while trying to stay on his feet, he was also very loud.

I saw Mac coming into the bar, I just pointed at the stallion with my thumb and he gave me a nod in return. We both walked over to him and grabbed him by his arms. “Alright pal, I think you had enough for one day.” We escorted him out.

“Girls I need help, I have a date with Fox on Saturday, and I don’t know what to do” Blitz told Rarity and Applejack when arrived at their table.

There was two different reaction of those words, Rarity was squalling like a little girl while Applejack was trying figure out if she hear Blitz right. “You know that Saturday is tomorrow, right?”

Blitz gabbed AJ by her clothes and pulled her into her so they were face to face. “Why do you think I am freaking out right now.” AJ was trying to bush Blitz away, but she was surprisingly strong.

Rarity put a had on her shoulder. “Calm down Blitz, try and explain without freaking out.” Blitz let go of AJ and managed to calm down “Now, tell us everything and don’t let out any details.” They all sat down by the table. “First, when did you started to have feelings for Fox.” Applejack gave Rarity a cold look for asking such a direct question, it didn’t help.

“I guess it started right after winter wrap up, I started to blush every time I saw him and early today, I asked him out.” She put both hand on her face and leaned against the table. “This isn’t like me at all, I usually don’t ask out the one I want to date.”

“Have you ever been on a date?” Asked AJ.

“One time, let’s just say it didn’t work out, the stallion was a jerk.” Her friends decided not ask about that anymore. “Back to the problem, where should we go tomorrow? I haven idea what Fox like and don’t like.”

“Just take him to something simple, like a café. Fox like that it’s simple, not like unicorn we both know.” Applejack said with a small smile on her face.

Rarity gave her an angry look which AJ ignored. “I am going to ignore that comment and agree with Applejack on this one, just have a simple date and besides, you don’t have the time to take him to one of the fancy restaurant, you have to make a reservation on those. Just don’t take him to Sugar cub corner.”

Blitz tilted her head in confusion. “Why not?”

“There’s a chance that Pinkie will interrupt you every minute.”

“Hey, that’s not true.” They all looked the table where that voice were coming from and a not far from them sat Pinkie with the rest of the girls and Sunset, Ace was also there, and Pinkie was not happy. “If Fox want to have a date at Sugar cube corner, I will not disturbed him.” When she said the word ‘date,’ the eyes of the rest of the girls almost pop out from their skulls, expect Ace, he was as clam as always.

“How did Pinkie know we were talking about Fox?” Blitz asked her friends in a scared voice.

“it’s just Pinkie being Pinkie, try not to think about it.” Rarity told her. Now, back to what we were talking about. There’s a restaurant north/east of town that you don’t have to make a reservation, it just a simple restaurant.”

Blitz nodded. “Yeah, I think I know which one you are talking about.” She was about to say someone but then they heard some ruckus at the bar, they could see a black stallion with white hair making some noise. Then they saw Fox and Mac escorting him out of the bar.

Once outside we let go off the stallion and he staggered out into the night. “You have to wonder who this stallion is Mac.” He said nothing just nodded. You are wondering what I am talking about. Well, this stallion just showed up a couple of weeks ago and here’s the weirds part, he doesn’t live in Ponyville. Pinkie can confirm it, she knows every pony in town.

Once the stallion was far enough from the bar. “So, Fox McCloud is one of the elementary of harmony in this universe interesting. I wonder if can save the other one.” He then opened a portal and walked into it and disappeared.

Saturday was here and the clock was almost seven at night, I was getting ready for my date, something I haven’t had since Cheerilee broke up with me or did I broke up with her? I don’t remember. After I had dressed, I walked down, I could see Falco and Shadow sitting in the living room.

Falco, who was reading a book, looked up from it. “Are you seriously going to use your normal clothes?” I didn’t bother to answer, I just walked to the mirror I had in the hallway to have one last check at myself. “Would you just relax Fox, is just a date.” I was about to comment on what he said, but Shadow bear me to it.

“Falco is right, you have to relax dad.” The entire room became quiet when she said that, I was surprised, Falco was surprised, even Vixy surprised. Shadow put both hands over her mouth when she said it.

“Did you just call me dad?” I said with a big smile.

She shook her head. “No, I didn’t.”

“Just say that you call him dad, or he won’t leave you alone with it.” Falco told her while he went back to his book.

Shadow didn’t know what to do, eventually she just shouted out. “Alright, I said it, it was just a mistake.” She then buried her head into the couch.

I couldn’t care that it was a mistake, hearing her call me a dad just made me happy. I decide not to push her further, instead I walked to the door to get to my date, first I let Vixy out and closed the door.

Once they were alone, Falco decided to ask the question. “Was it really a mistake that you call him dad?” He said behind his book.

Shadow just started at the door. “No.” Was her answer.

When I arrived at Blitz’s house, the clock was seven, I think. I didn’t knock at first, I wasn’t nervous, I just was wondering where we should go. Most of the restaurant in Ponyville you have to make a reservation, have I miss something? I just shrugged it off and knock on the door. After I knock, I could hear noises, some of them were cursing. Huh, you think you know a pony.

When they door finally open, I could see that Blitz was dress casualty, she smiled when she saw it was me. “Fox, your are right on time.”

“I am usually on time when I have a date.” That made her giggle, I don’t know why, I wasn’t funny. “What happened when I knock? I could hear you curse.”

She blushed a little. “Yeah, I hit the table when I stood up from the couch, with my foot.” Then came the awkward silence. “Shall we go?” Thank you good.

“Yes, show the way.” I step aside so she could walk out from her house, she locked the door and then we were on our way.

Little café, that’s the name of the café we went to and let me tell you, it lived up to the name. it was very small, when other café can have up to thirty people, or ponies. This one can host half of the number, I like it. The place didn’t have that much, just some table and chairs. Again, I like it.

“I’m sorry.”

I could help but blinked when she said that. “For what?” I asked in confusing tone.

“For not choosing a better place to have our date.” She told me as while we sat down.

“Don’t worry about, I like these type café, the one who does overkilled with stuff.”

That made Blitz smile, even the waitress who was a mare, smiled. “Thank you, sir. Here are you menus.” She handed them to us. “What would you like to drink.” We both order water. “Alright, I will right back with your water.”

It didn’t take long before she come back with glasses with water. “Are you two ready to order?” She asked us.

“Yes, I will just have salat, without flowers. My stomach can withstand flowers.” That made both of them laugh, I am glad that my suffering is a joke for everyone.

“I will have a hayburger.” That is something I always wanted to try, but then again, I don’t think my stomach can withstand the food. Then Blitz look over to me, probably wondering what to say. “So, how is work?” Probably the most commented thing you started with on a date, I would probably have said the same thing.

“Not bad, work at the bar can be troublesome at time, especially when it comes to drunks ponies. Working at AJ’s farm is more relaxing. What about you? How’s working at the weather team?”

She just groan. “I think it could have been better.” I couldn’t help but raise an eye brown of what she said. “I’m in same team as Rainbow Dash and she is my boss.” I couldn’t help but chuckle of that. “That’s not the worst part, she always brags that she can clear the sky under ten seconds, it drives me crazy. Why can’t she just shut up and do her job?”

After that we didn’t know what to say. Then I happened to look outside, and I could swear I could see pinkie hair duck behind a bush. “You got to be kidding me.”

Blitz just gave me a confused look. “What? Is something wrong?”

She was about to look out the window, but I stopped her. “Don’t look, just look at me.” She did that. “Try and stay calm but I think there is some ponies that are spying on use.”

That did not Blitz like. “What? When I get my hands on them.”

She was about to get up, but I stopped her. “Don’t, just sit here and act natural, while I will go to the ‘bathroom,’ instead I will sneak out the back door and confront the pony in the bush.” She nodded in agreement. I got up and walk to the bathroom, once there I slipped out the back door.

Outside the restaurant was a bush and inside the bush was three ponies, one pink, one blue and a white one. They were spying on the couple in restaurant with binoculars.

“I am not sure about this Pinkie, what if they see us?” Rarity asked the pink pony.

“Don’t worry Rarity, Fox didn’t see me, I was to quick for him to see me.” Pinkie told the unicorn.

“Why are you complaining Rarity? You wanted to come and spy on their date.” Dash told Rarity.

“I know that, but now I feel bad for spying on them.” Rarity said with some guilty in her voice.

Little did they know that giant fox had snuck out the back door off the café and managed to get behind them without getting notice.

So, they are curious to see how my date is going, is there one thing I hate in the world is that when other are spying on you, especially when you are on a date. Time to confront them.

I walked out from the corner of the house I was hiding and walked over to them, lucky for me they were busy arguing to notice me. I cleared me throat, which made them freeze one the spot, they turned around very slowly to a see a very angry me. “I have only one question; what the hell are you three doing?” None of them wanted to answer. “None? It looks to me that you three a spying on me and my date. Why?” Pinkie was about to say something, but I held up a hand to stop her. “You know what? I don’t want to hear it, because something tells me that two of you just want to see me fail, considering this is the first date I had in almost a year.” I then looked at Rarity. “And you, I expected Dash and Pinkie to spy on me but you? I just…” I didn’t have any words anymore, I just started to rub my forehead. “I’ll deal with two of you later and I think Blitz want to have a word with you tomorrow Rarity. I suggest you all get hell out of here before I lose my patience.” That made disappeared faster then Pinkie could eat a cake.

I didn’t see their faces, but I knew they felt bad and I didn’t care. I hate when other a spying on other’s, I let out a heavy sighed and walked back to the café. Once there I could see Blitz sitting at the table we had gotten, she was twirling her thumbs, she heard me come in.

“Well, who was spying on us?” She asked me

“Dash, Pinkie and Rarity.”

Blitz wasn’t affect by two of those names but when she heard Rarity’s “What?” She slammed her hand on the table, scaring some of the other guest. “Rarity was spying on us? When I get’s my hands on her…” She couldn’t finished the sentence because of she was angry.

“I suggest we take our food and eat is somewhere ells, those three kind of ruined it all.”

Blitz nodded in agreement. “Yes, let’s do that but where?”

I thought for a second and knew where, I just gave her a smile as answer, which off course confused her. We took our food, pay for it and left, I am just glad the waitress understood why we left. I led Blitz out of the town and into the forest, not the Everfree. I’m not mad.

I lead her to a small pond, some trees was around it and the sun made the water sparkle, there were also some flowers around the pond.

Blitz was amazed by the sighed. “Fox, it’s beautiful. When did you find this place?”

I sat down by a tree nor far from the pond, Blitz did the same. “It was early in the winter, I was out for a run, when I was closed to this place, I hear a bird cry out in pain, so I went to investigate and what I found gave me shock. I saw Vixy lying on the ground and she was hurt.” Blitz let out a gasp when she heard that.

“What did you do?”

“I help her, I had read in a book that a phoenix absorb fire, so I made a bonfire and it didn’t take long before she absorb the fire and she was healthy.”

“What happened after that? did she attack you?”

I shock my head. “No, I thought she was going to attack me, but it didn’t happened. She just looked into my good eye for a few seconds and then she flew away.” I took a bite of my salad. “I just watch her fly away and then I counited to run. The next day when I was going to the marked to by some food, when I stepped outside, Derpy told me that a phoenix was on my roof. At first, I thought she was joking, but then I saw that she was telling the truth, Vixy was on my roof and since then she has lived at my place.”

Blitz hah tears in her eyes. “That was nice of you.” She wiped away the tears. “Did you find out who attack Vixy?”

I made a somber face. “No, I have no idea who did it. the only thing I can think of is that someone did it for fun. To honest, I have no idea.”

Blitz just nodded, she then looked around. “Do you think Vixy lived here?”

“Maybe.” I pointed at one of the trees across the pond and there was Vixy, sitting on one off the branches. She was looking around, for what, I have no idea. “I found out at she sometimes comes to this place, maybe she is looking for someone or she think this place is special, because I rescued her here.” I shrugged my shoulders. “Who knows what a phoenix is think about, especially her.” Vixy is a wired one, that’s for sure. Then I felt Blitz kiss my check. “What was that for?” I asked her while touching where she had kiss me.

“For doing what you did with Vixy, nothing more.” She said with a smile.

Now, I don’t usually blush but this time I did that and that made her laugh. Bloody mare, making me blush like that.

The rest of time we just talk. I told her about my world, about our technology, I am not sure if she believe it. I didn’t tell about the wars we had been in, there no reason to worry her about that part. I also didn’t tell her about what happened before I got here.

Then she told me about growing about in Ponyville, she was mostly alone until she meet AJ and Rarity, she had some friends in Sun Shore city, but it didn’t last. She also worked as a waitress at one of the restaurant, apparently there were no need for weather teams there because the weather is moving on it’s on. Eventually we fell asleep.

When I woke up had to rub my good eye to wake up properly, then I felt something lying on my shoulder and it was Blitz. She was sleeping peacefully, she was pretty cute. I nudge her to wake her up. “Time to wake up Blitz.”

She moved a little but didn’t wake up, so I nudge her again and this time she woke up. she lifted her head away from my shoulder and stretched her upper body. “What’s the time?” She asked me.

I looked up at the sky and saw that the sun was setting. “I am not sure, if I had to guess I would say after six o’clock in the evening. Maybe it’s time to head home.”

She rubbed her eyes. “That’s sound good, I going to have a talk with Rarity before I head home.”

I smirked when I heard that. “Try not hurt her too much.”

She got up. “I make no promise. Either way, this was nice date and I had good time. Do you want to do this again sometime in the future.”

I gave her a smile. “Sure, I would like that.” That made her smile.

We decided to walk together back to Ponyville and when we got there, we went our separated way.

On my way back home, I couldn’t help but smile. Maybe my luck when it comes to women are going to chance, maybe I have a chance with Blitz.

When I opened the door to my home, I could see Falco sitting in couch reading a book. He looked up from it when he heard me enter. “Hey, how was your date?” He asked me.

I just gave him the biggest smile I could mustered. “It went great, I think I have chance with Blitz.”

He smiled back. “That’s good to hear, considering what has happened before you deserve happiness.”

“You know. Normally, that would get me in a bad mood but this not this time.” I told him with a smile.

Before I went to bed, I decided to check on Shadow. I knock on her door. “Come in.” I walk in. Once inside her room, I saw that she was lying in her bed, reading a book. ‘Famous Wonderbolts,’ I didn’t think that they published books.

“How’s the book?” I asked her.

She shrugged her shoulder. “It’s ok, the only think I don’t like about it id that here is no bat pony Wonderbolt.”

“That’s stupid.” I said while sitting down on her bed.

She let out a sighed. “I guess so.”

I couldn’t help but wonder one thing as I sat one her bedside, that she was oblivious that I was there and that she called me dad just before I left on my date. Time to find out if she meant it or not.

“So, dad?” She actually froze when I said it, she turned her head towards me and had an innocent smile. “Did you really mean it or was it just a fluke?”

“Are you made at me?”

Ok, not what I expected. Confused. “No? why should I be mad at you? I was happy that you call me dad, so why would I be mad?”

She just blinked a couple of times. “I don’t know, I don’t know why I said it.” She lower her head and with ears folded.

I grabbed her shoulder and pulled her closer and gave her a hug. “Listen Shadow, I am not mad at you or angry, I am just happy that you called me dad. Nothing more.” She returned the hug

“Thanks, dad.” I didn’t get to enjoy the moment last time, it felt good that she called me dad.

“So, the Wonderbolts? You want to be one.” We broke the hug.

She want back to the book. “I don’t know, maybe. I want to become a Lunar guard but I really like the Wonderbolts.” She let out a sighed. “I just know.”

“Well, your dream is to become a Lunar guard but you can be the first bat pony to become a Wonderbolt and that’s something.” I don’t think that help, she was more confused then before. “Look Shadow, I can’t tell you what you want do with your life only you can do that, so listen your heart.” I gave her a kiss on the head. “Try and get some sleep.” I got up and walked to the door.

“Dad.” I stopped as I was about to opened the door, I looked back at her. “Thanks.”

I gave her a smile. “You are welcome.” I walked out.

Out in the hallway I couldn’t help but smile, this day may just be one of my best ever.

Blitz and Rarity Has a Talk

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After Fox had caught them in spying, Rarity headed home with guilt on her stomach. She felt bad for spying and she has no idea how Dash and Pinkie managed to convince her to join them.

After she got home, she had made herself a cup of tea, but she hasn’t touch it, she just looked at it, felling bad for spying on Blitz’s date.

Then she heard someone knocking on her door, very hard. “Rarity, if you don’t opened this door right now, I will kick it down and you will sleep with no door this night.” Rarity knew better and to take Blitz threats for granted.

She got up pretty fast and head to the door, when she opened the door, she could see a very unhappy and angry Blitz. “Hello Blitz, what can I do for you this fine evening.” She was trying to be polite, but it didn’t work.

Blitz hold up one finger. “I will give you one chance to explained why you was spying on my date.” She told Rarity in a threating voice.

Rarity swallowed that big lump she had in her throat. “Do you want the truth?” Blitz nodded. “I was afraid that Fox would hurt your feelings.”

“Then explain to me why you were with those two other idiots in a bush outside the café.”

“I don’t know ok, I never meant to spy on you but then Pinkie somehow managed to convince me to join them and before I knew it, I was in a bush outside the café.” She then look down on the floor. “I am sorry for ruining your date Blitz.” She then looked up with tears in her eyes. “I promise to never do it again.”

Now Blitz felt bad, she was just going to yell at Rarity a little not make her cry. She let out sigh. “Look Rarity, you and the two other morons didn’t ruining my date, Fox took me to a place, which I am not telling where. And we counited our date there, but I am still mad at you for doing what you did. I thought you were my friend Rarity.”

“I am your friend Blitz.”

“Then why did you spy on me? Friends don’t do that, I would never do that to you.”

“I already told you, I didn’t wanted him to hurt your feelings.”

“Hurt my feelings? You know Fox better than I do, do you really think that he would hurt my feelings?”

Rarity shocked her head. “Of course not, he would never do that.”

“Then why did you spy on my?” Blitz snapped at her friend.

“Because what happened to Fox and Cheerilee.”

Blitz raised an eye brown when she heard that. “Cheerilee? You mean Fox’s ex?” Rarity nodded. “Why would he act like a jerk and hurt my feelings for something that wasn’t his fault?”

“I don’t know, I just overreacted, and I didn’t wanted you to get hurt.” She placed both hands over her face and started to cry again. “I am SO sorry.”

Is there one thing Blitz hated and that was to see Rarity cry. “Would you stop already.” Rarity manged to stop, she wiped away the tears. “I will forgive you one condition, that you stay out of my love live.”

“I can do that.” She said between tears. “Are you going to talk to Rainbow Dash and Pinkie?”

Blitz shocked her head. “No, I don’t know them good enough to do that, but I am going to asked to be transferred to another group on the weather team, there no way I am working with Rainbow Dash anymore.” Rarity laugh a little when she heard that. “And besides, I think that Fox is going to have a talk with her and Pinkie.” Rarity shivered when she heard that, she knew how angry Fox can be when he is angry.

Then blitz let out a yawn. “Look, I am tired and yelling at you isn’t helping my mood right now. Let’s talk this another day, with AJ.” Rarity nodded in agreement. “Good.” They said goodbye to each other and then Blitz left.

Rarity closed the door, she then leaned against it with her back and slide down it. she place her arms arounds her legs and pulled then closer to her. “Why did I listen to Pinkie?” She told herself.

No Sonic Rainboom (Rewrite)

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A sonic rainboom is something only Dash can do, when she managed to break the sound barrier, she then creates an explosion that makes a rainbow circle around her and makes a rainbow trail as she flies. To be honest, I don’t believe any of it but then I saw it.

It was another beautiful day in Equestria, the sun was shining and the birds singing their song. On the road to Ponyville walked a lonely pony, a unicorn stallion with red hair and so was his tail, his fur was grey. He was wearing a white t-skirt with a black jacket and some grey jeans he had a sword strapped to his hip.

“What a lovely day.” The unicorn said to himself. Along the road was a river so the unicorn decided to refill his water bottle, he walked over to the river it and took out a bottle from his bag, he bent down and put the bottle into the river to gather the water. He decided to take a deep breath. “It’s days like these that you appreciate life.” He finished filling up, he then placed the bottle back into the bag.

The unicorn got up and was about to start walking again, then he saw something he had never seen before. It was fox, sitting by a tree, fishing. Out of instinct, he went for his sword.

“If you are going for that sword, be ready for a fight.”

The unicorn’s eyes widen. “You can talk.”

“Yes, I can talk, I bite, and I can put up one hell of a fight.” I turned my head to face him, it was a unicorn with a sword. Yes, a unicorn was about to attack me. “Is there something I can help you with or are you going to attack me?”

“That depends, are you dangerous.”

I wasn’t sure if I heard right. “Did you just ask me if I was dangerous?”


My eye started to twitch. “No, I am not dangerous, I am sitting here, and I am fishing for fuck sake. How can I cause trouble if I am doing that? I am also an intellect being who knows that different between right and wrong.” I am not sure if it help, his hand was still hanging over his sword.

He then removed it. “I am terribly sorry I saw a giant fox my instincts told me that you were dangers.” He bowed. “Again, I am sorry.”

I don’t like this guy. “Whatever don’t jump to a conclusion. Also, don’t judge a book by its cover.”

“Wise words.” He walked a little closer to me. “My name is Abyssal Shield.“ He then just waited. “This is the part where you tell me your name.”

“After what you almost did, hell no.” I could see that I hurt him, but I didn’t care. I was about to go back to fishing, but then I looked at the five fish I had. “I better call it a day, before Shy finds out.” I gather my fishing pole and my fish, I then headed back to town. As I walked back, I look back and saw that the unicorn was following me. I stop and so did he. “Is there something I can help you with?”

He shocked his head. “No, I was on my way to Ponyville.”

Great. “If you say so, just don’t reach for that sword, I don’t want to be stab in the back.” I know I was cruel, but I didn’t care and besides, it did face him at all.

As we came closer to the town, I heard a sound, wings flapping. I look up and saw Dash doing something. “What are you looking at?” The unicorn asked me, I just keep looking up.

Dash was flying around some clouds, why? I have no idea. She flew so fast that she made them spin, sometimes I hate this world and what the ponies can do here. She then flew up very high. She then took few loops and then started to fly towards the ground. “What is that pegasus doing?” The unicorn asked and I had no answer because I didn’t know.

She then flew faster and faster. “Is she trying to break the sound barrier?” The unicorn just gave me a confusing look and I was a little confused myself. She then went faster until she suddenly stopped, and she rocket through the air towards Ponyville and I knew where she was going. “Crap, she is going to hit the library.”

“How can you possible know that?” I didn’t answer him I just ran towards town and he followed me.

Once I arrived at the library, I looked through the window and I saw that Sunset was strangling Dash. Why? Books was lying on the floor and something tells me that Dash is the reason why. I place my fishing rod and fish on the ground and walked over to the door to opened it, it didn’t work. Books was probably blocking it, where’s AJ when you need her.

“What are you doing?” I saw Abyssal Shield coming towards me.

“I trying to prevent a murder.” I said as I tried to use my shoulder to open the door, it didn’t work, I wasn’t strong enough.

Abyssal Shield was confused when I mention a murder, so he walked over to the window and looked into one of them. “Oh, my lord, a unicorn mare is trying to strangle that pegasus we saw.” No shit genus.

“I know and I am trying to get the door opened so I can stop her, can’t you teleport inside?”

“I’m not going to get involved, I don’t even know those two.”

I was about to say something. “Fox, what are you doing?”

I look in the direction off the voice and it was Mac. “Mac, I am glad you are here. I need you to get the door opened, Sunset is trying to kill Dash.” That just confused Mac, but he didn’t question what I said, he just walked to the door and managed to get it opened. I really hate that he and AJ are so bloody strong.

Once inside the library, I saw that Mac had managed to pry Sunset of Dash, who was on the sitting on the ground trying to catch her breath. I walked over to her. “You ok Dash?” She nodded.

“Ok? She won’t be when I am done with her, look at what she has done to this place.” I looked around I could see every book lying on the floor. “It took me two days to place every book alphabetized and she managed to destroy it in two seconds, so why are you asking her if she is ok?”

“Because you were strangling her Sunset, killing her isn’t going to help.” I told her.

“Maybe not but it will make me feel better.” She tried to attack again but luckily for Dash, Mac was holding her back.

“Why don’t you try and calm Sunset down Mac, I will take Dash outside, away from her.” Mac nodded and I lead Dash out.

Once outside, Dash sat down on the bench that was by library. She was rubbing her neck. “Ok Dash, now that your life isn’t in danger anymore, might telling me what the hell you were doing.”

“I was trying to break the sound barrier.”

“The sound barrier? Why?”

“Dash was trying to create a sonic boom.” That was Pinkie who just pop out of a bush. “When Dash fly fast enough, BOOM.” She jumped into the air. “A sonic boom and a rainbow happened all at once.” I want to tell her that it is impossible, but considering we live in this crazy world, I am don’t know anymore. “And Dash here is the only one that have ever done it.”

“It was a long time go.”

Then Fluttershy arrived. “Rainbow Dash, you rock, woo who.” She said in her normal quiet voice.

“Why are you cheering for her?” I asked her.

“She is coming to Cloudsdale with me tomorrow and cheer for me when I am competing in the best young flyer competition.”

“And what is this competition?” I asked her.

“It’s when the best pegasus flyer get together and show off their different flying styles and winner get to spend entire day with the Wonderbolts.”

Everyone was silence, it wasn’t Pinkie who said it but Abyssal Shield. Dash managed to say something. “Yeah, that’s right. Who the heck are you?”

He wanted to answer but I beat him to it. “He is the unicorn who tried to kill me.” Everyone eyes widen when I said and Abyssal Shield started to sweat, me? I just had a goofy smile.

Shy was the first one to say something. “You tried to kill Fox? HOW DEAR YOU. He is the most kindest fox around and what give you the right to try and kill him.” She was about to punch him, and I had to hold her back.

“Take it easy Shy, I was only joking.” They weren’t happy by that. “It was a joke, a bad one.”

“You shouldn’t joke about this stuff.”

“No, Shy. I shouldn’t. But he thought about it.”

Abyssal Shield but up both hands in defence after I said that. “That’s because I am a mercenary and adventurer, I see a lot of different thing and a fox on two legs was something I had never seen before. So yes, I reached for my sword, it was pure instinct.”

After he said that, Pinkie was in his face. “I am watching you mister.” She said in some sort of threating voice. “I am also going to throw you a party since you are new in Ponyville.” And then she was gone.

The unicorn just stood there. “What just happened?”

I walked over to him and patted him on the shoulder. “Trust me, it’s better not knowing.” I looked over to Dash. “Are you going to be ok?” She nodded. “Good, try not to crash into the library in the future.” She just rolled her eyes of what I said. “Well, if you all will excuse me.” I walked over to my fish. “I have some fish to gut.” I heard Shy gasp when I said that. “Yes Fluttershy, I have catch fish. I need meat and considering the cakes won’t let me order meat anymore, this is the only way I can get protein.” I didn’t let her answer I just grabbed my fish and headed home.

After I got home, I gutted my fish and after wards I headed towards the couch, lay down in it and let out heavy sigh. You might wonder why I acted so weird the reason is that Blitz broke up with me after a week of dating. A fucking week, I think I sat a record when it come to the shortest relationship, ever.

I don’t know how long I lay there but it had to been while considering that Shadow walked in the door. “I’m home.” She walked into the living room she then saw me lying on the couch. “Dad, are you ok?” I just shock my head. “Are you still sad because Blitz broke up with you and left Ponyville.” I nodded. “I am sure you will find the perfect mare, someday.” That made me smile.

“Thanks Shadow, I needed that.”

She then gave me a hug. “Your welcome Dad. I am heading upstairs to do my homework.” She did that.

Right after I heard her door closed, I heard the front door opened and in walked Falco. “I fucking hate my job as a busboy, today I cleaned the hole fucking kitchen and I didn’t even get paid for the job.” He closed the door and walked into the kitchen, then I heard he opened the refrigerator door. “Do you know what I did next?” He closed the door and came out with a beer. “I quit and to make sure that they didn’t hired me again, I bunched my boss in the face.”

I used my arms to look up. “You punched your boss in the face?”

“Dame straight I did.” He sat down in my chair. “He was a loosie boss and the perfect way to lose your job is to bunch your boss in the face.” He said the whole thing with a smile on his face.

I laid back in couch. “You are one of kind Falco.”

“Dame straight.” He sounded proud of what I said, only Falco. “What’s wrong with you?” I didn’t answer him. “Are you sad that Blitz broke up with you and left town?”

“Why do you ask question you already know the answer for?” I told him with irritation.

“Hey, don’t bite me head of just because she broke up with you.”

“She didn’t break up with me, she he had to go home and we weren’t actually dating, we had one date.” I told him.

“She broke up you.” I let out a heavy sigh. “Hey, there’s plenty of mares out there, I am sure there’s one for you out there.”

“Forget it, I am done with dating. I am going to grow old alone and die alone.” I leaned up again. “And what about you? I thought you would have a harem by now.”

He looked at his beer. “I have been looking at some mares but none yet.” He took a sip of the beer. “But a harem sound like an idea.” I just gave him an amusing smile. “Oh, ha ha ha. Falco is trying to date many mare’s, just laugh it off.”

I lay down again. “You can probably hit on mare at Pinkie’s party this later today.”

“Pinkie is having a party.” I nodded. “That’s mean there’s a new pony in town.” Oh, there is. “I wonder if she’s finish with the decoration yet.”

“Knowing her, yes, she is done.” I heard him getting up. “You’re going now?” I asked him without looking at him.

“No, I am going to take a walk and then I am going to the party. Are you coming?” I gave him a thumbs down. “Suit yourself, more food for me.” I heard him walked into the kitchen before he went out the main door. “That guy.” I went back to staring at the celling.

Later that evening, ponies where gathering at Sugarcube corner. When Falco walked in, he could see most of the town had showed up. He noticed that some of the mare where looking at him as he entered, they looked away and blushing when he looked at them, he couldn’t help but smile.

Then a pony he didn’t want to talk to came bouncing towards him. “Hey Falci, where’s Fox?” Pinkie said with a smile.

“My name is Falco and if you want to stay on my good side, I suggest you say it right.”

Pinkie just keep her smile. “You got it.”

Falco saw that he didn’t take it seriously. “To answer your question, Fox wasn’t in the mood for a party." He look around. "By the way, who is new pony in town?” Falco asked party pony.

“He’s name is Abyssal Shield and he is standing by the wall over there.” Pinkie said while pointing at a pony.

Falco looked where she was pointing, and he saw a unicorn. The unicorn hair and tail were red, his fur was grey. He was wearing a white t-skirt with a black jacket and he a pair of grey jeans. It looked to Falco that this Abyssal Shield didn’t want to be here, at all. Falco decided to have talk with this new stallion.

Abyssal was just leaning on the wall, not understanding why this Pinkie wanted to throw him a party. He told her that he wasn’t going to stay in Ponyville but she didn’t listen, so he decided to stay for a little while and leave. He then noticed a stallion walking towards him, the stallion had light blue fur and his tail/mane had darker blue. What caught his attention was the stallion was red around his eyes, Abyssal had never seen that before.

“So, you’re the new pony in town.” Said the stallion as he approached.

“That’s right, my name Abyssal Shield.” He reached out a hand. “Nice to meet you.”

The stallion stopped not far from him, he didn’t shake his hand he just crossed his arms. “Falco Lombardi.”

“You’re the first pony that hasn’t shake my hand.” He said with some disappointment.

Falco just ignored it. “So, what’s your story? Why are you here?”

“My story isn’t that exciting I am just a traveling mercenary and adventurer”

The word mercenary got Falco’s attention. “What’s a mercenary doing in Ponyville?”

“I am going to answer you like the others, I am just passing through. Now, if you will excuse me.” He got off the wall. “I am tired and going to bed.” He then walked past Falco and exit the building.

Falco just watch as he left. One thing was sure, something was off with that pony. There was no way a mercenary was just ‘passing through’ town, that guy was up to something. That Falco sure off.

“Falco dear, is it possible we can ask you something?” Falco couldn’t help but groan when he heard that voice, it was another pony he didn’t want to talk to, Rarity.

He looked in the direction where her voice where coming from, she was sitting by a table with Applejack. He didn’t understand why Rarity wanted to talk to him, she wasn’t his biggest fan. Considering she didn’t like that he cruse. He liked Applejack she didn’t mind the cursing.

He decided to find out what they wanted. “What do you want Rarity?” He asked her while walking towards them.

Rarity could hear that he wasn’t please. “We just wanted to ask you something, that’s all.”

He stopped by the table and crossed his arms. “What?” He said annoyance in his voice.

“You don’t have to take that tone we just want to talk. Nothing more.” Falco groan again, he just which that she would ask the question.

“How is Fox?” Applejack asked him. Rarity looked at her friend with narrows eyes, which Applejack ignored.

“He is doing ok for someone that was pump by his marefriend after one week. “Falco answered her. Applejack nodded. “You two don’t blame him for this?”

Rarity put a hand on her chest. “How dare you? It wasn’t Fox’s fault that Blitz had to move back home.” Falco just rolled his eyes of the dramatic way she said it.

“I was just asking you don’t have to become all high and mighty on me.”

Rarity gasp when she heard that. “I am not high and mighty.”

Falco rubbed his tempest. “Whatever, look. He doesn’t want to admit but he isn’t doing well, he really like Blitz and it hit him hard that she had to move back to Sunshore city.” That made AJ and Rarity to looked down on the table. “What? Do you two blame yourself?” They nodded. “Oh, come on, it’s not your fault that Blitz had to move back. If you two really want to feel better, then fine a date for Fox.”

AJ looked up at him. “How? The mares in Ponyville don’t want to date him because he is a fox.”

“Then looked outside Ponyville, think outside the box.”

“We don’t know any other ponies outside Ponyville, we haven’t been to another town yet.” Rarity told him.

Falco couldn’t help but slap a hand on his face when he heard that. “That’s just great.” He let out a sighed. “Then we have to wait and see if the perfect mare to Fox just happened to walk into town.” He then rubbed his eyes. “As if that is going to happened.” Falco then looked at AJ. “Let’s talk about something ells, are you hiring?”

AJ raised a brow when he said that. “Why are you asking?”

“Because I quite me job as a busboy and I was hoping you were hiring.”

Applejack thought for a moment, she needs more help on farm since Fox can’t help her with apple bucking. “I don’t know, do you have strong legs?”

“I don’t know, I have never used them to apple bucking before, all I am asking that you will give me a chance.”

Applejack bite her lover lip, she was unsure. She didn’t know Falco that well, but Fox trusted him. “Fine, show up at farm on Wednesday and we will see how it’s goes.”

That made Falco smile. “Thanks Applejack, you won’t regret it. Also, heard that you guys are going to Cloudsdale tomorrow, can I join you guys?”

Applejack and Rarity looked at each other, confused. Then back at Falco “Why?” Applejack asked him.

Falco just shrugged his shoulders. “No reason, I just want to see the city, that’s all.”

“If you want then I am not going to stop you, we are leaving tomorrow morning from the library.”

“Thanks AJ.” He then looked at some mares. “Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to flirt with some mares.” He then walked off.

Rarity looked as Falco walked from then and then she looked at her friend. “Are you sure you want to hire the brute?”

“I admit that he swears a lot but Fox trust him and for that, I am willing to give him a chance.” She was hoping it wouldn’t come back and bite it her ass.

I hate waking up in the morning now these days, ever since Blitz left, I have felt like carp and the morning is the worst. I had just finished getting on some clean clothes, I was then walking down the stairs to get some breakfast. To my surprise, Falco was already having breakfast. Falco isn’t the one you would call a morning bird, or pony. He was eating cereal.

He looked up from his bowl when he saw me. “You look like crap.”

I just rolled my eye. “Thanks, I needed that.” He was right, I felt like crap.

I walked over to get a bowl of my own. “Did you even sleep last night?” He asked me as I opened the cupboard door.

“Somehow.” I fix myself some cereal and sat down by kitchen table. He kept looking at me with a worried face. “What?”

“You need help.”

“I am fine.”

“You are not fine Fox, ever since Blitz left you have been acting weird. You have trouble sleeping, you have distance yourself from your friends…”

I hit my hand on the table. “Then find me a girlfriend that won’t leave me, judge me or die.” That made him shut up.

We went back to our breakfast, not talking to each other. We were almost finish without food when Shadow came down the stairs

She walked into the kitchen, she let out yawn. “Hey kiddo, ready for school?” I asked her.

“I guess so.” She sat down by the table, she laid her arms on the table and put her head on them. “It’s so boring.”

“School is meant to be boring.” I looked at Falco with narrow eye. “What?”

“You are not helping.” I got up. “Let me get you breakfast Shadow.” That made her smile.

“Hey dad.” Dad, I am still getting used to that. “Is it possible me and Dinky can go to Ruby’s house after school.”

Ruby Pinch, earth pony and little sister to this town drunk, Berry Punch. Shadow and Dinky became friends with her not long ago and have become good friends since.

“Sure, as long as you are home before dark.”

She got up and gave me a hug. “Thanks dad.”

Then Falco was finished. “Well, I am off to Cloudsdale. See you two later today.” He walked out.

“Why are Falco going to Cloudsdale?” Shadow asked me.

“I have no idea.” She was happy with my answer I really did not know why was going to Cloudsdale. He wasn’t to cheer for Dash, that’s for sure. “Eat some breakfast and get ready for school.” She did that.

After Shadow left, I decided to get ready for the day. “Time to capture a unicorn.” I went to the basement and got some rob, left the house and started to walk out of town.

When Fox exited his house, a couple of eyes followed him. Ass the fox walked out of town, a shadow figure followed him. The figure followed him. “Where is he going?” The figure asked himself.

It didn’t take long before both were in the woods outside Ponyville. The figure stopped by a tree when Fox stopped. ‘Should I do this? He is a father after all.’ He looked down on the ground. ‘It’s wrong to kill a father, I am not going to do it.’ The figure looked up and notice that Fox was gone. “Where did he go?”

“Right behind you.” Before the figure could react, he saw a tree stump heading towards his face, then everything went black.

After I had tied up him up, I decided to wake him up, by slapping him the face. “Wake up Abyssal Shield.” I had tied him up against a tree, he was sitting on the ground. I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable. I am getting to soft for my own good.

The unicorn groaned. “My head, what hit me?” He then tried to move. “What the? Why am I tied up?”

“You are tied up because you were trying to kill me.” I told him.

He looked up at me and boy was he shocked. “How did you know?”

“Easy, I just be a mercenary myself once and I can spot one when I see one. Now.” I pointed his sword at him. “You are going to tell me who hired you and why and don’t lei to if you want to keep that horn off yours and your life.”

He started to panic when I said that. “I don’t know who hired me, I never see the ponies face. I don’t even know if it was a mare or a stallion.”

“How the hell don’t you know that? It’s pretty easy to tell the different between a mare and a stallion.”

“I don’t know because the pony was wearing a hood and he/she had put a spell on the voice so I couldn’t tell. Please, don’t kill me.”

“Why shouldn’t I? Someone hired you to kill me.”

“I am not going to do it anymore.” Ok, that caught my attention. “I can’t kill a father.” “How about that, if I hadn’t adopted Shadow, I’m might be dead now. “I swear on my mother and father name that I have no reason to kill you anymore.” He meant every word, I could tell. I might regret what I am about to do next.

I lifted the sword over my head, he closed his eyes when I did that. I didn’t kill him, I just cut him free. He opened his eyes and was confused, that’s for sure.

“You are letting me go?” He looked up at me. “Why?”

“Because, you are a mercenary with honour, and I respect that.” I tossed his sword beside him. “Just don’t make me regret it.”

“You won’t.” He picked up his sword and stood up. “I swear that I somehow will make it up to you.”

I just gave him a blanked stare after he said that. “Whatever you say.” Then a thought hit me. “Who much?”

He gave me a confused look. “Excuse me?”

“How much did that pony pay you to kill me?”

He let out a oh. “Fifty thousand bites.”

I think my brain just shut down. “Fifty thousand bites?” He nodded. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

He then shocked his head. “I met the pony in Canterlot where I was given the money, I was then told who my target and where it was, I left for Ponyville.”

Fifty thousand bites, I would be cheering for that kind of money. Unfortunately, that was my bounty. I have a felling who but that price on my head, but I don’t have any evidence.

“What are you going to do now?”

“I am going to send a letter to the one who hired me and tell him/her that I was unable to kill my target.”

I couldn’t help but question what he just said. “Send a letter? How are you going to do that? You don’t know who it is.”

“The pony gave me magic fire that I could use when the job was done.”

I should have known, magic, I hate magic. “What about the money?” I had to know.

“I am not sure, maybe buy a house in Ponyville and give away the rest to ponies that need it.” Not what I expected, at least he has a good heart, for a mercenary. After this, we went back to town. I head towards AJ’s farm to blow of some steam, by hitting the punching bag they have there. “Wait.” What now? “Are you going to tell the rest of the town of my action?” Now, that’s is a question.

I could tell them what he was paid to do and hope that they believe him that he didn’t do it, or there’s a chance that they would drive him out of the town. That’s not the what he wants to know.

“No, I am not going to tell them.” He was shock when I said that. “That’s something you have to do, you accept the contract, you can tell them.” He ears fell when I said that. “Look on the bright side, you didn’t kill me.” Probably not what he wanted to hear but I told him the what I thought.

After my talk with him, I went to the farm. Mac had no problem that I used the punching bag, I had used it either way. I don’t know how long I had been there I was just so frustrated, Blitz leaving and now someone want’s me dead. This is not what I imagined what would happen in this world, I didn’t imagine too become one of the elements of harmony either, but it happened.

I was about to punch the bag again when I suddenly heard an explosion, it sounded like one. The hole thing was funny, the ground didn’t shake but the sky did? I hurried outside to find out what the hell happened and boy I got a shock, I saw a giant rainbow circle that spread out over Equestria. “What the hell?” That was the only thing I could say. I also saw Mac not far from me who also had the same expression that I had. There was only one pony who could have done this and that’s Dash.

After the show, I head home to have a shower. I was sweating like a pig I had no idea how long had been punching that bag. I took a shower, put on some new clothes and lay down on the couch, again.

As soon as my ass hit the couch, the door opened, and Falco walked in. “What a day, Rarity getting butterfly wings and Dash breaking the sound barrier, can this world get any weirder?” Trust me, it can. He then saw me, lying on the couch. “Seriously? Again?” I just waved him off.” You seriously need to get laid.”

I bolted up when he said that. “What does my sex life have to me being depressed?”

He shrugged his shoulders. “Don’t know, it just looked like you need to get laid.”

I just started at him. “Sometimes I wonder if I know you at all Falco.”

I he sat down I the chair. “Yeah, me to.”

I just shock my head. “You said something about Rarity getting butterfly wings.”

He blinked a couple of time. “Oh, right. Apparently, Twilight gave Rarity wings yesterday.”

“Why did she give Rarity wings?”

“They needed some way get to Cloudsdale so, Twilight found a spell that gave a pony wings. But that was pointless.” I couldn’t help but raise an eye brown of that. “Sunset then told them about a spell that made unicorn and earth ponies walk on clouds, which was pretty cool by the way.”

“Ok, I can see that. What happened at the competition? I am guessing that Sunset didn’t kill Dash.”

Falco snorted. “Hell no, I would admit that would be cool. No, Sunset stayed behind to fix the mess Dash did to the library. Sunset did say something about letting Dash pay for what she did.” He looked uneasy when he said that. “Somehow, that scared me.”

I just smiled. “Yeah, Sunset can be scary at times.”

“I am not denying that.” He leaned back in the chair. “Anyway, we walk through the rainbow factory and Pinkie tried to eat the rainbow. I am possible it didn’t taste good, considering her face change colour multiple time. We meet some ponies that went to the same school as Dash, they were bullies.”

Oh no. “Don’t tell me you hurt them?”

“I almost, I am not sure why I let them bully her.”

I sat up. “Wait a minute, are you telling that they still bullied her?” He nodded. “Oh my… crow up will you.”

He laughed. “I thought the same thing. Then it was time for the competition, and I didn’t help Fluttershy made Dash nervous.” Why am I not surprised about that? “And that Rarity decided to compete.”

“Come again?”

“Some ponies said that Rarity should enter because she had ‘pretty’ wings, that made Dash even more nervous.” Way to go Rarity. “Then the whole thing started and Celestia showed up.”

That was first time Falco saw Celestia. “What do you think about her?”

He taped his chin. “I don’t know, there was something about her that rubbed me the wrong way. It was like she was hiding something.” I thought so. “Then he Wonderbolts showed up, making their enters with black smoke, show off.” I could help but smirk when he said that. “Then they made an explosion in the sky.” He then rolled his eyes. “I could do better if I was a Pegasus.” Something tells me he could. “But here’s the funny part, one of them look kind of familiar, like have seen the pony before.”

“Who?” I had to ask.

“I don’t know, it was kind of hard to tell thanks to that stupide costume they were wearing. Blue with some yellow? Come on, those two colours don’t match.” He just threw his arms up in frustration.

“Beside bad costume, what ells happened?”

“There were many pegasus who tried to win, many was pretty good but not all and Dash was a nervous wreck.” I am not surprised about that. “Then it was Dash and Rarity’s turn.”

“Wait, they did at the same time?” Falco nodded. “Why?”

“They were the last two and let me tell you, Rarity look ridiculous. Am not going to explain how she looked, I just want to forget it all.” That’s fair. “Rarity did some ballet dance in the air, I almost puck just looking at her. Then I was Dash, she started to fly zigzag around some clouds, but she crashed at the end. I felt bad for her when that happened.” That surprised me. “Rarity did whatever she was doing, I was more focus on Dash then her. Then Dash flew up and started to fly around some clouds and that made them spin.” Now that sound familiar. “Unfortunately, she was hit by a smaller cloud and that send the bigger cloud towards Celestia, she manged to duck and the cloud missed her. I had hope that cloud hat hit her.” I bet.

“Man, I am thirsty.” He stood up. “I am going to get some water.” He walked to the kitchen and came back with a glass of water he sat down and took sip from it. “Now, where was I? Oh yes, cloud and Celestia. While Dash a trouble, Rarity was wowing the hole crowd. Then they flew up and when they were high enough up, Rarity’s wings started to disappear.” I was confused when he said that, and he saw that. “Twilight said something that the wings weren’t supposed to get hot or something, if they did, they would disappear, I am not sure what she said, I kind of tuned out when she started to talk.” That don’t surprise me at all.

“Then she started to fall towards the ground and before you ask, no. I didn’t do anything.” I gave him a disappointing look. “What was I suppose to do? Fall to my death? I don’t have wings.” I’ll give him that.

“Then what happened?”

“The Wonderbotls flew after her.”

Say what. “What about Celestia? Didn’t she tried to save Rarity?”

He shocked his head. “Nope, she just stood there, it looked like she didn’t care at all.” That doesn’t sound like a ruler. “Back to the story, the Wonderbolts flew after but they didn’t manage to save her, she knocked them out cold while they were trying to save her.” Of course, she did. “Then Dash flew down to save them and then it happened, she flew so fast that she managed to break the sound barrier and create…”

I cut him off. “I saw that part I am pretty sure half of the planet saw the rainbow.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” He took a slip of his water.

“What happened next?” I asked him.

“Well, Dash won, Rarity apologized and the Celestia started to talk about friends and all that crap, I kind of stop listing.”

“Tell me you didn’t ask her why she didn’t save Rarity.” He just gave me an evil smile and I couldn’t help but groan. “Damn it Falco.”

“What? She is the ruler and she didn’t bother to save Rarity at all, of course I asked her.”

I rub my face. “What did she do?”

“Nothing.” I looked at him with a surprised face. “She did nothing, she didn’t even bother to answer me. She just gave me a creepy smile that made me almost puck.”

I didn’t not expect that, the part that Celestia didn’t do anything not the puck part. “I guess you had a normal day?”

He snorted. “A little to normal for my taste.” He stood and stretched his body. “Well, I am going to take a shower.”

“You do that.” I laid my body down on the couch again.

“I have a date tomorrow with Octavia Melody.” He said while walking towards the shower.

I couldn’t help but smile, Falco has a date with… I bolted up again. “What?”

The Race

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It’s been one week since Dash won the best young flyer competition and that was a mistake. Ever since she won, she has been bragging about how she won and how she is the fast and best flyer in Equestria, in fucking Equestria. Has seen challenge every pegasus and beaten them? Hell no. Anyway. It’s been driving every pony crazy, especially the pegasus in town. I guess they don’t like her bragging that much and I can’t say I blame them. I wish I could challenge her and win so she would shut up but that’s not going to happened.

Then a pony challenge her, Ace and boy was I surprised. Ace isn’t the type to do this, but I guess he’s tried of Dash’s boasting, like the rest of the town. Being Dash, she accepted his challenge.

Me and Falco was walking towards Sweet Apple acres, I was trying to enjoy the day but it’s a little difficult when Falco won’t shut up. “I am just saying Fox, this thing you are doing isn’t healthy for you.” I wish he could shut up he sounds like me dad and it’s creeping me out. “What about that mare?” Ever since Blitz went back Sun shore city, Falco had trying to get me to date a new mare and let me tell you, it’s getting tiresome.

I had to plink a couple of times when he said that. We had arrived at the farm and I had no idea when we arrived or what Falco was talking about. “What? Who?” Was all I could say.

“That mare over there.” He was pointing at mare, so I decided to have a look. I think I almost had a heart attack when I saw her. She was unicorn white snow white fur, her hair and tail was two shades of pink. She was wearing a white t shirt and a blue skirt. I had to admit it, she was beautiful. She was standing a little father from the main crowd. “It’s about time.”

I look at Falco. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“That you are taking interest in another mare.” I looked at him as he had gone mad. “Don’t give me that look, just go and talk to her.” Before I could react, he grabbed my arm and almost threw me at her. he might have been working at AJ’s farm for a week, but he is strong.

Somehow, he managed to make sure that I ‘bumped’ into her, that made her lose balance and fell to the ground. “I am so sorry miss I didn’t mean to do this.” I told her while helping her off the ground. “Someone pushed me into you, and I am going to kill that pony later.” I looked over to where Falco had run towards, he was laughing while running towards where the crowd.

“It’s ok, I usually don’t meet other like this. I guess it’s a first time for…” She stopped talking when she saw me.

She just kept looking at my face. “What? Do I have something on my face?”

“What happened to your eye?”

“Oh that, a griffin did that.” That just confused her. “Long story short, she blamed me for something I didn’t do and gave me this scar.” I told her while pointing at my bad eye.

“That’s not very nice.”

I couldn’t help but smile of what she said. “No, I guess not.” I decided to give her a hand shake. “Fox McCloud.”

She shook it. “Fleur de Lis.” Where have I heard that name? Who cares? “Now that we know each other names, might telling me why your friend, which you are going too kill later. Pushed you into me and managed to knock me to the ground?”

Should I tell a stranger why Falco did what he did? What hell not. “He is trying to sett me up with a date with a mare, I just broke up with another mare.”

“That’s nice of him.” I wouldn’t say that. “Just out of curiosity, how long since did you break up? You don’t have to answer.”

“Two weeks.”

Her eyes widen when I said that.” “That’s not very long.” I just nodded when she said that. “And he want’s you to ask me out?” She hit the nail on the head there.

“Yeah. Look, you look like a nice mare, but I am not ready for dating right now, that if you had said yes.”

She gave me a smile. “I understand.” She then looked at the crowed. “Mind telling what’s going on here?”

That just confused me. “You don’t know?” She shook her head. “I don’t mean to be a jerk, but where have you been the last week?”

“I just moved her three days ago.” That explain it.

“The short story is.” I started to explain as we walk towards the start line. “A week ago. Dash, the one with rainbow hair, won a competition and that went to her head. She has been bragging for a week now and we are feed up with, then Ace, he the one with ice wings. He challenged Dash to a race and here we are.” I am not sure if she believed me or not, but she nodded.

When we arrived I could hear Sunset talking. “Alright you two, this is a race around Ponyville and the first one who has flown around the town, and back, is the winner.” She then stood in front of Dash and Ace, who was standing under the entrance. “There are ponies around edge of town to make sure that none of you are talking short cuts, that’s mean no flying through town to get a head of the other.”

Then Dash had to say something. “Oh, please Sunset, I don’t have to cheat to win this.” Why does she have that ego?

“She thinks highly of herself.” Said Fleur.

I looked over to Fleur. “No, she just has a big ego.” That made her giggle a little which is weird, I didn’t try to be funny, just honest.

Back to Sunset. “I don’t care Dash, you are not allowed to cheat in the race and if you do you will lose automatic, that’s also will happened if you are using your sonic boom.”

Dash just waved her hand back and forward. “I don’t need the sonic boom to win, I am the fast around her.” She then looked over to Ace, who had gotten ready by bending down in a running position. “I see you are ready to lose.” She got ready herself.

I know Ace a little, but I don’t know if he’s fast enough to Dash. Best to go to a source. “Pinkie.” Right after I said that, she appeared in front of me.

“Yes, Fox?” Fleur just started at Pinkie with widen eyes, probably wondering how she did that.

“Do you think Ace can beat Dash?”

She put a hand on her chin.” I don’t know, we have date a dew times, but he doesn’t talk about himself that much, I have seen him fly but not as fast as Dash. Who knows what will happened.” That didn’t help much.

“Thanks Pinkie.” It didn’t feel like she help but I thank her anyway, she gave me a smile, as she always does. She took one look at Fleur before going, she didn’t look happy. “Did something happened between you two?” I asked the unicorn.

“I am not sure, I think so. When I moved here, this Pinkie came to my house and said that she would throw me a party which I thought was pointless.” That’s new. “I then told her that I didn’t want a party, but she insisted. Then I told her that if she threw me a party I won’t show up.”

“You told her that?” Fleur nodded. “What happened?”

“She kept on insisted and I told her that it was pointless, eventually she gave up and she haven’t talk to me since then.” Wow, I didn’t think it was possible, but it has happened, Pinkie didn’t throw a party. But something told me that it was more to this. Just who is the unicorn.

I had to think about this another time, the race was about to started. I watch as Sunset raised both of her arms. “Alright, you both know the rules. If you are both ready.” They nodded. “Then… GO.” She dropped both arms and both pegasus was on their way, they flew so fast of the started line that they almost knocked some ponies over. “Come on, I just had gotten my hair like I wanted it.” Well, Rarity is here.

“Where is every pony? This town looks like a ghost town.” Asked a female pegasus no one in particular as she walked down the street of Ponyville. “I wish I had come sooner.” She stopped to have a look around, she then spotted some ponies standing not far from her, she decided to ask them what was going on.

When the Pegasus reached them, she saw that they were standing not far from the town’s border. She walked over to another Pegasus, which had grey fur white blond hair and tail. “It can’t be, Dizzy?”

The pegasus turned around when her names were spoken. “Dawn Star? What a pleasant surprise, what are you doing here?” Dizzy said with a smile.

“I am here to have a talk with Dash, do you know where she is?”

“Yeah, she is racing another pegasus around Ponyville.”

The pony Dawn Star raised a brown when she heard that. “Why is Dash racing another Pegasus around this town?”

“Because he challenger her.”

Dawn Star couldn’t help but smile of what Dizzy said. “You have a point there.” She was about to ask why this pegasus challenge Dash when she heard cheering to her left, she then saw two Pegasus fly past her, she recognized one of the as Dash thanks to her hair and another one she hasn’t seen before. “Dizzy, do you know where the finishing line is?”

“Yes, it’s at Sweet Apple acres. Just head in the opposite direction.”

“Thanks Dizzy.” Dawn thanked her and flew toward the farm. ‘I hope I am no too late.’ She thought.

It didn’t take that long before those two were in sighed again, both are fucking fast. I think it took them about three minutes, to be honest, I had no idea. When I could see them, I saw that Dash was first and she had a smug smile on her face, it was like she had won already. Then all of sudden, Ace flew right past her like it was nothing. He just left her in the dust, or snow in his case, he flew over the finishing line leaving everyone speechless.

He then took a loop and then landed not far from me and the others. I don’t know of the other, but I trouble processing what just happened, I looked over the crowed and they were speechless. There were around fifty here and half of them had their mouths hanging wide opened.

Pinkie was the first one to recover, she ran over to Ace and gave him a hug. “That was amazing, you just flew past Dash like it was nothing.”

“It was nothing.” He said in his humble voice.

“Nothing? You just flew past her like that.” I told him while snapping my fingers. “Unfortunately, by beating Dash, you have no created another problem.” That created confusion around me, I just pointed my thumb towards an unhappy pegasus, Dash. She was angry, is there one thing I know about her and that she hates to lose. She just flew of, angry as hell.

“Should we go after her?” Shy asked.

“There’s no point, when she is like that there’s no point talking to her. Let her cool of then we can try and talk to her.” They didn’t like it, but they knew I was right.

Dash had landed far from Ponyville, she was angry that she had lost to Ace. “Damn it, I was supposed to be the fastest, not him.” She was on her knees and she was hitting the ground with her fist, tears were starting to from in her eyes. “It’s not fair.” She hit the ground. “I wasn’t suppose to lose.” She hit the ground again.

“So, this is was happened to the best student I had in years, she a cry baby.” Came voice behind Dash.

“Get lost you…” Her words died in her mouth when Dash saw who it was, standing behind her was a pegasus mare with dark green fur, her mane and tail was light green. “Dawn Star.” Dawn was standing there, whit her arms crossed, and she had a disappointing look on her face. “What are you doing here?” Dash asked her former teacher.

“What am I doing here? I came here to congratulate my former student with her victory in the best young flyer competition and make sure that it didn’t go to her head, unfortunately I was to late. Didn’t I teach you that it’s ok to lose once in a while?” Dash looked down on the ground. “Apparently not.”

Dash got up. “You know that I hate to lose.” Dash shouted at her former teacher.

“Of course, I know that, you got mad every time lost in flight school and I had to remind you every time it was ok to lose, that’s part of life.” Dawn let out a frustrated sigh, she pinched her nose. “I saw that you lost to that stallion and I wish you remember what I taught you all those years ago but apparently that was a waisted off time, you are so much better than this Dash and I hope that you would understand that.” She looked at Dash, who was looking at the ground again, with her ears folded. Dawn put a hand on her shoulder. “You were my best student and I hope you would honour what I taught you but this, this it not the way.” Dawn took a few steps back and then she flew away, leaving Dash alone with her thought.

What a day, Dash loses to Ace, I almost got a date thanks to Falco, who I am going to kick out of my house when he arrives. after the race I decided to go back to my house, before that. Fleur suggested that we should go out for a café, I said I need to think about it. I think she was a little disappointment, but I didn’t care at the moment. I was lying on my couch, again. This time I was waiting, waiting to go to work at the club. It was Friday and that means work. I was also waiting for Falco to come back I hope he did, so I could kick him out of my house.

I got up when I heard the door open, I knew it wasn’t Shadow, considering she was having a sleepover at Dizzy’s house. I saw that bastard walk in and it didn’t look like he was in a good mood, but I didn’t care.

He sat down in the chair. “What the hell do you think your doing?” He just gave me a confused look. “Do you think your welcome after what you did to me today?” I said while sitting up.

“Look, I was trying…”

I held up a hand to cut him off. “I don’t want to hear it I want you out of this house right now.”

“Your kicking me out?”

“Hell yes, do you really think I want you in this house after what you did? I want you out right now.” I told him while pointing at the door.

“Where am I supposed to go? I don’t know anyone here.”

“I don’t give a fuck I just want you out.”

“Oh, come on.” He got up. “I was just trying to help you.”

“Help me?” I got up so we were face to face. “You pushed me into a mare I didn’t know and then you ran away, I don’t call that helping me, I call that to humiliate a friend.” I almost shouted everything, but I managed to hold back.

He took a step back. “I admit that I did was wrong, but I am just worried about, ever since Blitz left you have only been lying on the couch. You barely leave the house and the girls are worried about you, especially Fluttershy.” I was taken back when I heard that. “She keep asking me how you are doing and I have to keep lying to her that you are fine, when you are not.” I sat down on the couch.

“I didn’t think they care that much.”

“Well, they do.” He sat down. “Even Ace and the pony that was hired to kill you have asked me how you are doing.”

I was sure if I heard him right. “Did you just say that Abyssal is worried about me.” He nodded. “Why? I don’t know him, why would he care about me?”

Falco shrugged his shoulders. “Beats me, he has ask about you. Maybe he wants to be friends with you, I don’t know. Beside this, are you still going to kick me out?”

“No, just don’t that crap you did early today.”

“Got it.”

Then the silence came, to break it I decided to ask him something. “How did your date with Octavia go?”

He sighed. “Not good, she said I wasn’t her type and I don’t blame her. Maybe my luck in the opposite sex is just like you.” Thanks for that one.

I had another question. “Say, you never told me what happened those two months you were staying in Manehatten.”

He put a hand to his chin. “Well…”

Falco's Story

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‘I feel so cold, am I dead? Should I opened my eyes to see?’

Lying in the snow, on his back was a blue pony. He had only one question, was he dead.

“Screw it.” He opened his eyes and the first he saw was snow falling down on his face. “Huh, I didn’t think it would snow in hell.” He decided to sit up he then took a look around. “Where the hell am I? Did that blast send me to Fichina?” He rubbed his head. “No, that’s not possible. Think Falco, think.” He did and… “I got nothing.” He rubbed his face with both hands, he then shouted out. “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?”

He then felt something wrong with his face. “Where’s my beak?” He touched his ‘nose’ and found out that his beak was gone. “What the hell? What happened to my beak?” He asked himself. “Do I have a ‘normal’ nose?” He look down and he did. He then decided to touch his head to fell if he had ears, he did. “What the fuck.” He then look at this ass. “I have tail. What the… am I horse? Pony? Too much information.” He rubbed his head again. “Don’t panic Falco, that’s not going to solve anything.” He then felt a gust of cold wind hitting his back. “I better find a city and get the hell out of this cold.” He stood up and looked around to see if he could see civilization, in the distance he could see buildings. “Let’s hope their friendly.” He started to walk.

Falco eventually manged to find a city. “Manehattan.” It stood on a sign. “It’s official, I am not in Lylat anymore.” He looked at the city. “Let’s hope there someone who can tell me where the hell I am.” He started to walk towards the city.

When he finally reached the city, it was dark. He looked at the sun go down and it looked like the sun stopped for a moment. “What the hell? Does someone control the sun and mon?” He rubbed his head with both hands. “No Falco, that’s not possible.” He decided to ignore it for now and explore the city.

As he walked through the city, he notice there was no one outside. “Man, where did everyone go? It feels like there a crime wave or something.”

Falco was about to walk when he heard something in alleyway, he went to investigate. When he arrived, he something that made his blood boiled, he saw a stallion trying to rape a mare. He couldn’t see what they looked like considering it was too dark.

“Come one bade, don’t you want to have fun?” Said the stallion in a sleazy voice, the pore mare had her back against the wall, and she was terrified. “I don’t want to. Please, just let me go.”

Falco want only thing now, and that’s to beat the living daylight out of that stallion. “I guess there assholes in this world.” He told himself. He then walked towards them. “Hey, get away from her you asshole.” He told the stallion.

Both ponies looked at the newcomer. “Beat it pal, I am just having a little fun.”

“Fun? You are scaring her, and I don’t considering that fun. Now, beat it or I make you.” Falco told the stallion as he stopped just a few meters from them.

That made the stallion laugh. “You’re going to make me?” The stallion walked over to Falco, so they were face to face. “I’ll like to see you try.”

Falco just smiled. “Oh, I will. But I am going to let you take the first punch.” He stepped back a little, he then closed his eyes, leaned his forward a little and pointed at his right check. “Right here.”

The stallion and the mare looked at the new pony as he had gone made, eventually the perverted stallion smiled. “I am going to enjoy this.” He got ready a fist and then he swung with all his might, but nothing happened. The new pony didn’t even flinch.

Falco opened his eyes. “That’s it? it felt like a mosquito bite a woman could slap hared then that. This is how you throw a punch.” Before the stallion could react, Falco punch his so hard that he went down right away. The stallion was knock out. “And that is how you throw a punch.” Falco looked down on the unconscious stallion. “I guess you didn’t catch that.” He then looked at the mare, who was still scared. “You ok miss?” She managed to nod. “Good, see you around.” Falco turned around and started to walk.

The mare wasn’t sure what just happened, one minute she was almost rape by a stallion and then another stallion saved her. One thing was sure, she wanted to know why he saved her. “Wait.” The stallion stopped and turned around. “Why did you do it?”

“Why did I do what?” He asked her.

“Save me, why did you save me?”

He blinked a few times. “You needed help, so I help, nothing more.”

“Nothing more? Most ponies don’t give a dame about when a mare is getting rape, so what makes you so different?”

“What should I do? Just walk by and ignore the whole thing? Hell no, I don’t do that, when I someone in trouble I help. It’s that easy.”

The mare wasn’t sure if she heard right, she had never come across a stallion who wants to help before. Maybe it’s common in others city and towns in Equestria, but not in Manehattan.

“What’s your name?” She asked him.

“Falco Lombardi.”

She got off the wall and walked to him. “Well, Falco Lombardi, as thanks for saving me, let me give you a place to stay for the night.”

Falco raised an eye brown when he heard that. “Just like that?” The mare nodded. “How do you know I won’t do anything to you when you are sleeping?”

“I don’t but something tells me that you are a nice pony, otherwise you didn’t save me.”

Falco was pondering, wondering if he should take her offer, he didn’t have any other option. “Alright, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Great, follow me.” The mare started to walk down the street and it was then Falco could for the first time see what she looked like, she was earth pony with an off white coat and her hair/tail had two tone blue in them.

He followed her. “I didn’t get your name.”

“My name is Coco Pommel.”

When they finally arrived at her apartment, Falco saw that it wasn’t anything special. The living room and kitchen was one, a sofa and table. A couple of books in bookcase, light. It was an ordinary apartment.

“Let me make something, something tells me your hungry.”

She wasn’t wrong about that, Falco was hungry. “Yeah, you do that.” She went into the kitchen while Falco sat down on the couch, he buried his face into his hands. ‘What a day, I died and now I am a pony in a different world. Well, at least I am not dead.’ He leaned against sofa back. ‘I wonder if the others are alive.’ He let out a sigh. ‘I really hope so.’ He then closed his eyes.

“Um, Falco?” Coco tap his shoulder to try and wake him up.

Falco’s eyes opened. “What?” he then rubbed his eyes. “I guess I fell asleep.”

“Yes, you did. I just wanted to tell you that the food is ready.”

“Just give me a minute.” Coco nodded and then head to the kitchen. Falco stood up and stretched his body, he could fell some of his joint pop into place. “Dame, that felt good.” He went onto the kitchen.

When he arrived at kitchen, he could see Coco eating a sandwich. “Sorry, I am not a good cock.”

Falco just sat down. “Don’t worry, I have eaten worse things than a sandwich.” That made Coco’s eyes widen. “Sorry, I not sure why I said that. Guess is been a long day.” He took a sandwich and started to eat. “Hey, this isn’t bad.”

Coco smiled when he said that. “Thanks, it’s just butter and flowers.”

Falco almost choked when Coco said flowers. ‘I'm eating flowers, what the hell?’ He then looked at himself. ‘I guess I am REALLY a pony.’ He just shrugged it off and continued eating.

Coco saw that something was wrong. “What’s the matter? Is food bad?”

Falco shocked his head. “Nothing is wrong, I am just surprised that’s all.”

Coco was now confused. “Surprised? Why?”

“Trust me, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

Coco decided not to ask, she decided to ask another question. “So, where are you from?”

“Corneria.” Coco tilted her head to the side in confusion. “As I just said, you wouldn’t believe me.”

She place her sandwich on the plate. “This is just stupide you aren’t given me a straight answer, why?”

“Do you real want to know where I am from?” She nodded. “You might think I am crazy.”

“Tell me your story and we’ll see.”

Falco had to give it to her, she had guts. “Alright.” Stopped eating to tell his story. “My name is Falco Lombardi. I am 37 years old and I was born on a planted call Corneria, I never knew my parents, considering I was found as little child on the door step on a orphanages.” Coco gasped when she heard that. “I know, don’t make a big deal out of it, I don’t.” She wanted to say something but decided not to. “When I was old enough, I enlisted to Corneria air force, I become one of their top pilots. When I was nineteen, I joined a mercenary group called Star Fox with my friends Fox McCloud, Slippy Toad and Peppy Hare and we have save my world at least four times and before you ask, yes. I have killed before because in my world it’s kill or be killed. When it’s comes to how I got here, I have no idea. I was on a mission and something went wrong, I was killed and then I woke up not far from this city in the snow.” He started to eat again. “I was also a bird before I became a pony.”

Coco tried to comprehend what Falco just said, if he was telling the truth then she was talking to ‘bird’ from another world or, a pony with a wild imagination, or he’s crazy. He didn’t seem like he was lying. “Let me get this right, you were a ‘bird’ from a planet called Corneria that apparently are extremely violent, you were a mercenary, you were killed on a mission and ended up here in Equestria as a pony. Did I get it right?”

Falco nodded. “Pretty much.”

Coco started to rub her tempest. “Do you have any idea how crazy that sounds.”

“From your perspective, yes. From mine, not so much.” Coco couldn’t help but stare at him after the answer she got. “Hey, you want to know where I am from and I told you the truth.”

“Your truth is absurd it sounds like you are an alien.” Falco didn’t answer, he just keep eating. Coco let out a frustrating sighed. “Look, it’s not I believe you it’s just hard to swallow it all.”

“No, it’s not, you just swallow it and you’re done.” That made Coco laugh a little. “Look, I don’t expect you to believe me, you may think that I am crazy, but I told you the truth.”

Coco just looked at this pony that claimed he was from another world and was turned into a pony, she still didn’t believe but at the same time, she was pretty sure he wasn’t lying.

“Alright, let’s say that I believe you, you are taking this hole turning into a pony very good. I would have freaked out if I had been turned into a bird.”

“What should I do? Run around screaming like crazy? Sometimes you have to accepted what’s happened to you even if you don’t like it or not.” He had a pointed there, a weird pointed but a pointed. “Enough of about me, what about you Coco Pommel. Who are you and what do you do for a living?”

Coco was a little surprise that he asked. “Me? I no one special.” She said with a blush on her face.

“Nonsense, have told you mine story, you should tell yours.”

“I guess it’s fair, you have told me your story.” She took a deep breath. “My name is Coco, but you already know that, I am twenty five years old, I was born here in Manehattan and I have lived here all my life, my parents live on the other side of the town, I work for a fashion designer named Suri Polomare.” She said that last part with some annoyance in her voice, Falco noticed that.

“Is there something wrong working for her?” He asked her.

“You can say that she is a difficult boss to work for.”

“Then why don’t you quit?”

“I wish I could, but there aren’t many ponies in Manehattan that would hired me, Suri did.” She said with some frustration in her voice.

Falco put up both hands. “Alright, take it easy I was just asking. What do you for her?”

“Suri create the designed while I make them.”

Falco wasn’t sure if he hurt right. “Hold on, are you telling me that a fashion designer can’t make her own dresses?” Coco nodded. “Is that right? Is that way it work?”

“Normally, no. She is good at make the designed but terrible at making them.” She looked down at the table with sadness. “My special talent is that I make dresses, but I have absolutely no talent in designing a dress.” Then she started to cry a little.

Falco felt bad for her. “Hey, I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

She wipe away some tears. “Don’t worry about.” She then stood up. “I’m going to wash the up.” She took the plates from the table and walked over to the sink.

Falco wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what. Truth be told, he suck at comforting others. When he tried, he always said the wrong thing and that usually ended up with him getting punched in the face so eventually he gave it up. He decided to go the living room.

When he arrived, he notice that she had a heater. “Where did that come from?” He walked over to it and felt the heat from it. “Well, at least it won’t get cold in here.” He then looked out the window and saw that it have gotten dark. He then sat down on the couch, waiting.

It didn’t take long before Coco entered the living room. “I’m just going to fetch a blanket and a pillow.” Falco watch her disappeared into another room, probably her own room. She came back with a blanket and a pillow. “You have to sleep on the couch, since I haven’t a spare room.” She handed him the blanket and pillow.

Falco took them both. “Don’t worry, I have sleep on worst thing then a couch.”

“Well, good night.” Coco left again leaving Falco alone. ‘What was that about?’ He thought as he watch her go. She entered her room and locked her door. ‘I guess she is being cautious.’ He then decided to get comfortable on the couch.

Falco had no idea how long he had been awake he just lay on the couch staring up at the celling. ‘I wonder what happened to the gang, are they alive like me?’ He let out a heavy sighed. ‘I really hope so.’ He then thought about their leader. ‘Man, I hope that Fox don’t blame himself for happened, I don’t blame him. He couldn’t have known about that trap those bastards had laid out.’ He let out a yawn. ‘I can think about this another time.’ He then fell asleep.

Falco woke up the next morning when the sun shined straight into his face. “Stupide sun.” He covered his face with the blanket to try and go back to sleep. Then Coco stepped out of her room and entered the bathroom, she then started to take a shower. Falco moved the blanket away from his face. “I am not going to get anymore sleep, that’s for sure.” He sat up and stretched his upper body, he could feel some of his jointed pop into place. He then looked around and then at his own body. “Great, I guess it wasn’t dream, I am really a pony now.” He just lay back in the couch letting out a frustrating sighed.

He just looked at the ceiling, wondering what to do next. Should he look for the others? Were they even alive? If they were alive, were they even here in Equestria? So many questions no answers.

He then heard a door open and he saw Coco walked out from the bathroom, wearing a towel around her waist. He could see that she had a nice figure and D cup breast, Falco could just say one thing. “Hot damn.” He slapped both hands when he said that, hoping that she didn’t hear him.

He watch as she walked into her bedroom. He then decided to take sniff at himself, he almost gagged when he smelled the stench. “I hope it’s ok for her that I use the shower, I could use a cold one.” He got up and walked to the bathroom to take a shower.

After the shower, Falco just stood in front of and started into it. He could see was a pony with light blue fur, his hair had a darker blur colour and he was red around his eyes, it was like looking into a stranger’s eyes. He knew that it was him, but still. He let out sighed. “I guess this is my life now.” He decided to get dress and see if he could get some breakfast.

When he entered the kitchen, he could see that Coco had already started to eat. “Hey.” She looked at him. “Look, I am sorry about yesterday, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

She just gave him a smile. “Don’t worry about it.” He didn’t believe her but decided to talk about anymore. “There’s cereal, if you are hungry.” Falco wasn’t about to say no to food.

He grabbed himself a bowl, help himself with some cereal, sat down and started to eat. After some silence, Falco decided to ask Coco something. “So, I guess I have to leave.”

She raised an eye brown. “Why do you have to leave?”

“You said that I could only stay one night.”

“About that.” She stopped eating. “I guess I can’t just ‘kick’ you out in the cold, you can stay until you have enough money to buy your own place.”

Falco was a little surprise. “Really?” Coco nodded. “Well, thanks. I promise that I will not be a burden, I will get a job and earn…” He had no idea what the currency was in this place. “…whatever you use a money.”

“Bits, we use bits.” Not the worst thing he could think up.

After breakfast, Coco had to go to work while Falco decided to see if he could find some work.

“And that’s where I ended up.”

I had listen to Falco story and I had to wonder how he ended up her in the first place. “Did you ever meet Coco’s boss?” Not the question I should be asking but something told me he didn’t know how he ended up in Equestria.

He shocked his head. “No, I never meet her, I only heard from Coco that she wasn’t the best boss to work for.”

I nodded. “What happened before you came to Ponyville?”

“I managed to find a job you already know what. Nothing really happened, I found a bar I went after I was done with the job for the day. Then one day I heard a rumor about a fox that was walking on two leg and was talking and was living here, when I managed to confirm that I gather my things and took the next train to this town. You know the rest of the story.”

“I see, what about Coco? Was she upset that you left?”

“I think so, I am pretty sure that she develop a crush on me, considering that she saw me naked once.” My eyes widen when I heard that. “It was my own fault, I forgot to lock the door to the bathroom, and she walked in on me while I was drying myself.” I just gave him a goofy grin. “Would you stop, it could happened to anyone.”

“That’s true but this time it happened to you.” I tease him. Falco just rolled his eyes. “Do you think you will ever see Coco again?”

He shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know, I haven’t planned a trip to Manehattan yet, I wanted to buy a house before I did that. I don’t think she will come here to see me, considering it’s her home and her job is there.”

Then someone knock on my door. “Who can that be?” I asked no one in particular while getting up.

“It’s probably Rarity who is here to complain about my language.” Said Falco. I highly doubt it.

When I opened the door are mare stood there, she had an off white coat and her hair/tail had two tone blue in them. It was Coco Pommel. I think she was in shock when she saw who opened the door. She was about to say something, but I beat her to it.



“When you thought that Coco would probably not come here.”

“Yes?” I could hear that he was confused.

“Then you are in for a shock.*

I could hear he got up from the chair and started to walk towards the door. “What the hell are you talking about?” He stop dead in his track when he saw what I was talking about. “Coco? What are you doing here?” He was now even more confused.

“Hey Falco, aren’t you happy to see me?”

“Well, yes but you didn’t answer my question, what are you doing here?”

“I quit my job and decided to move here.2”

“You quit your job?” She nodded. “Why? I know that you didn’t like working for Suri but isn’t this a little extreme?”

“Yes, I never like working for her, so I decided to quit my job, leave my old life in Manehattan and start a new one here.”

“Don't tell me you didn’t follow me like a stalker becuase if you did, I will be pretty mad.”

She put her hands in defence. “Oh no, it’s nothing like that, I wanted to move here for a while I just haven’t had the guts to do so.”

While they talk, I felt just awkward just standing there. “I don’t mean to ruin this reunion, if you two want to talk inside, that’s ok with me.”

Coco looked at, up and down. “I guessing you are Fox McCloud.”

“I think so, I don’t think there are other fox’s out there that are walking on two legs and talking.”

“I didn’t mean to offend you is just that Falco has talk a lot about you, he wasn’t sure if you were dead or not.”

I spread out my arms. “Well, I am alive and well.” I looked back and forth between them. “If you want to use the living room to talk, I don’t mind. I was going to take a walk anyway.” Then I left them alone.

I said I was going for a walked and I was, to Fleur de Lis house, I can’t believe I am going to ask a supermodel for a café. Yes, I know who she is. I also understand why she didn’t want a party she don’t want the attention.

I just stood there, trying to build up the courage to knock on the door… when did I became such a coward? I am probably afraid that she is going to leave me like the last one did or be mad at me for something I didn’t do, maybe she is different. I took a deep breath, only one way to find out. I walked to door and knock on it.

It didn’t take long before I heard footsteps inside, I am just glad that she was home. when she open and saw that it was me, she gave me a heart warming smile. “Fox, was a surprise, what are you doing here?”

“I was wondering if still want to have that a coffee.”

“Sure, like that, let me just let me get my keys so I can lock the door.” That didn’t take long. “There, let’s go.” And we did. Maybe this time it will work.

A Sleepover

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It’s been two weeks since the race between Dash and Ace, and I don’t know what happened after the race, but Dash actually apologize the day after, she even congratulated Ace on the victory. I don’t know what happened, Dash never told use what happened, but I want to know what happened. Apparently, some pony must have talk to because there’s no way Dash would have congratulated Ace on her own will, that’s for sure.

I have been dating Fleur for those two weeks and it has been going well, we even had a double date with Pinkie and Ace. I won’t go into detail what happened but let’s just say that Pinkie managed to behave as a normal pony, I didn’t even thought that was possible. But there was one thing that bothered me, she keep given Fleur looks for time to time, like she was not happy with her. What the hell did happened between those two?

Now, on with the story.

Shadow has had one at Apple Bloom, one at Dinky and Ruby. Now it’s her turn and I am not looking forward to it. What am I talking about? A sleepover.

Me and Shadow was sitting in the living room, waiting for Dinky and Ruby to arrive, I was just sitting in my chair relaxing with a book while Shadow was very nervous, she keep looking at the door.

“Would you relax Shadow.”

“I can’t, this is the first time I am hosting a sleepover, can’t help be nervous.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle of what she said. “Just treat it as normal sleepover and you be fine.” I think what I said help, considering she relax a little.

“By the way, are you going to join the sleepover? Dinky and Ruby’s sisters help them.”

I knew that question would come. “Heck no, I am going to lock myself in my room, there’s no way I am going to join the sleepover.” She became a little sad after I said that. “But don’t worry, I have made sure that there is someone here to help you.” After I said that, there was knock on the door. Spooky.

Shadow got up pretty fast. “I get it.” She ran towards the door, I heard there was talking but not what was said. Shadow came back. “Dad, Fleur is here for you.”

That got me to place my book on the table. “Actually, she is here to help with the sleepover.” Shadow was confused. “I asked her, and she said yes.” Shadow just gave me planked look. “If you really think I am going to have three young ponies running around here without an adult, you are wrong.”

Shadow sighed. “Fine, I guess she can stay, conspiring I don’t have much choice.” She sat down on the couch while Fleur walked into the living room, this is the first time she is in my house, which is a little wired.

She smiled when she saw me. I got up and walked to her. “Thanks for doing this.”

She waved her hand. “No problem, I know how important a sleepover is for the little mare. I remember my first time, me and my friends drove my mother crazy.” She sighed with a smile. “Ah, good times.”

I wasn’t sure how to feel right about now, I am going with scared. “That’s good to hear? If you need me for anything, will be in my room reading.” I walked over to pick up my book. “Just so we are clear, I am not going to join you for truth or dear. I did that once and I will not repeat it.” I said while walking to the stairs.

“You played truth or dear?” Shadow asked me.

“When I was at you age and it something I won’t do again. Got it?” They both nodded. “Good, have fun.” With that said, I headed to my room. Leaving Fleur alone with Shadow.

Fleur decided to have a talk with Shadow, she sat down on the couch next to the bat pony. “So, how are you?” Not the most original but it was the only thing she could come up with.

Shadow shrugged her shoulders. “I’m fine I guess.”

“You guess? What kind of answer is that?” Fleur saw that Shadow didn’t like what she said. “I’m sorry Shadow, I didn’t mean to say it like that. I just want to get to know you better, I am dating your father after all.”

Shadow looked Fleur in her eyes. “If you want to know me better, then answer me this; are you going to hurt my dad’s heart like the other two?”

Fleur shock her head. “Never. I am not going to break up with him like Cherrliee did and I am not going to leave him, I have been dating him for two weeks now and he way nicer then my two exes.”

Shadow tilted her head. “Really?” Fleur nodded. “What were they like?”

Fleur had to choose her words carefully. “I don’t want to go into details, let’s just say there were both jerks.” Shadow decide not to ask any more about that.

“I can I ask you something, is it possible that I can call you mom?” Fleur eyes widen when she heard that. “I never knew my real mother.” Fleur understood why.

Fleur put her arm around the bat pony. “Shadow, I am honoured that you think I could be your mother, but I think you are rushing things.” Shadow looked down in sadness. “Tell you what, if Fox decided to propose to me you can call me mon.”

That made Shadow smile. “You mean it.” Fleur nodded. “Thank you.” Shadow gave her a hug with Fleur return it. They were interrupted by a knock on the door. “It’s them.” Shadow let go of Fleur and ran to the door, when she opened the door, she could see Dinky and Ruby with their sister. The kids gave each other a hug and they ran back into the house.

The three fillies ran past Fleur as she walk to the door, where Derpy and Berry was standing. Barry’s eyes widen when she saw Fleur walked towards her while Derpy was her normal self, not caring who Fleur is.

Fleur got ready a handshake. “Hey, my name is Fleur and I am going to watch over the girls this sleepover.”

Derpy gladly shock Fleur hand. “Hey, my name is Derpy and I am glad that you are looking out for my little sister. Just a warning, she can be a handful.”

Fleur just smiled. “Don’t worry, I think can handle them.” She then looked at Berry, who’s mouth was now open. “You know, that’s a good way to catch flies.” It didn’t help, her mouth still hang open.

Then Derpy nudge her friend. “Berry, you are beginning rude.” That made Berry shook her head.

“Derpy, do you know who she is?” Berry ask her friend while pointing a finger at Fleur.

“Yes, I know who she is, and I don’t care. I only see a normal pony, not a celebrity.” What Derpy said warmth Fleur’s heart. “And it’s rub to point.” She told Berry while smacking her hand Berry had to rub her hand after that

Fleur couldn’t help but giggle. “Thank you Derpy, I appreciate it.” Derpy just smiled. “And don’t you worry, I’ll make sure that those three will have a good time.” That was all Berry and Derpy could ask for, they said goodbye to Fleur and went home. Once Fleur had closed the door, she wonder what she had said yes to.

It went better than she expected, Shadow and the girls behaved very good. They play games, ate, played truth or dare and told ghost stories, which wasn’t too scary. Fleur was relieved when they finally was asleep, she walked very quiet to the stairs so she wouldn’t wake the girls.

When she reached her destination, which was Fox’s room, she knock on the door. She then heard something fall on the floor and then… “Son of a bitch.” Fox had fallen on the floor, she then heard him get up and walk to the door.

I opened the door while rubbing my head. “What’s happening? Is there something wrong?” I asked Fleur in a tired voice who had a concerned look.

She shook her head. “No, nothing is wrong. What just happened, I heard you fell on the floor.”

I blinked a few time. “Oh, that. I had fallen asleep and I was lying very close to the end of the bed and when you knock, I fell of.” I had to rub my good eye a little. “Are they asleep.”

Fleur nodded. “Yes, they are sleeping peacefully on the floor and was about to head home, I just wanted to tell you that.”

“Home? It’s not that late? Is it?” I looked out my window and saw that it was dark outside. “Huh, I guess it is.” I looked back at her. “Well, thanks for keeping an eye on those three, I appreciate it.”

“Don’t worry about it, it was fun. Weill I am heading home, talk to you tomorrow?” I just gave her a nod as an answer.

I decided to walk her to the door, I had to lock it.

“Just one question, what happened to your roommate?” She asked me before she left.

“Falco?” She nodded. “He bought a house with a mare Coco, they are living together, as roommates.” That was good enough for her.

She gave me a kiss on the check before she left, I didn’t expect that, and I didn’t mind. After I had locked the door, I walked over to the living room and saw three young ponies sleeping on the floor, to be young. I remember that Apple Bloom and her friends also had a sleepover at Rarity, I wonder how that went.

The next day me and Fleur meet up with Twilight at local café where she told us what happened to her last night.

“She did what?” I was currently sitting at the local café in town with Fleur and twilight and the purple unicorn had just told us what Fluttershy had done last night.

“She actually turned a cockatrice into stone.”

Cockatrice, a creature that can turn you into stone if you look into its eyes and somehow, Shy managed to reverse the effect.

I didn’t believe it. “I don’t believe you.” I have seen many wired things in this world, but this is pushing it too far.

Then Fleur decided to speak. “I have to agree with Fox on this one, it doesn’t sound possible.”

“Believe it or not, it happened, I was there.”

“Huh, and why where you in the Everfree Forest?”

“I was on my to Zecora to get some tea and then happened to run into the cockatrice.” She then looked down on the table in shame. “And I happened to look into its eyes.”

I don’t know why, but I couldn’t help but chuck a little. “Well, I am glad you are ok Sparkle. Maybe you think twice when you venture into that forest, mind your surroundings.” She just gave me an annoying look when I said that, I just ignored it.

If what Twilight said was true, then Fluttershy can be more dangerous than we think. That’s a scary thought.

Curtain Call

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A cutie mark, I have mention this before but this time, I just going to mention this; there’s the right way to earn one and the wrong way, the CMC chose the wrong way. This time.

It was a normal day, me and Fleur was just having a walk through Ponyville, I was telling her about what happened before she got here.

“Are you telling me that Apple Bloom, Applejack’s little sister was so desperate in getting her cutie mark that she tried different thing, things that she had no talent in?” Fleur asked me.

“Pretty much, I heard it from Shadow, but I doubt she was lying, and AJ confirmed it.” Was the answer I gave her.

She just shook her head. “That’s not the way to get a cutie mark, you have to find out what your talent is and what makes you happy, not do random things.”

I was about to say she was right when I heard wings flapping, very fast and that meant that Scootaloo coming and fast. I had gabbed Fleur by the shoulders and pull her off the way so the speedster wouldn’t hit her. Before we could react, Scootaloo drove past us and she was heading towards something that looked like a ramp made by different boxes, just who put them there? She then drove up the ramp and managed to jump over serval ponies and spin herself and her scooter around one time before landing on the ground. She then drove away.

“Now, that’s something Scootaloo could earn her cutie mark in. It looked like she was enjoying herself and she was very good at it.” Said Fleur after seeing what the orange pegasus did.

“That may be true, but she would probably never realise it.” I really hope that she would but the way those three was acting when it come to a cutie mark, I don’t think so.

“Are you going to let me go or are you enjoying yourself by holding me close to your body?”

I had no idea what Fleur was talking about, then I happened to look down and saw that her breast was touching my chest. She had amusing smile on her face. “Maybe I am enjoying myself considering I am dating a sexy mare.”

“Well, aren’t you a charmer.”

I just shrugged my shoulders. “I try.” Then she did something I didn’t expect, she gave me a kiss on my mouth and it felt like heaven. I have no idea how long it lasted, it felt forever, and I didn’t want it to stop. It did eventually. She broke the kiss. “What did I do to deserve that?”

“For being who you are, isn’t that enough?” I had no idea and I didn’t care so I gave her a kiss myself and I think she like it, considering she closed her eyes and moaned a little. When we eventually broke the kiss, she said one thing. “Wow.” And she was blushing. We eventually continue our walk and this time we were holding hands.

After some walking, we decided to head to the library and see if Sunset and Mac wanted to join us for lunch. When we arrived there, we saw that the door was opened. “That’s weird, the door is usually closed.” We went to investigate.

When me and Fleur step into the library, we both got a shock. Lying on the floor was books, many, many books and on top of all the books was the CMC and they were reading?

They didn’t notice that we had walked in, that’s for sure. “Well, we aren’t getting out cutie marks for being librarians.” Said Apple Bloom.

“What in the name of the holy good are you three doing?” I asked them.

“What does it look like? We are trying to get our cutie marks.” Said Scootaloo with a deadpan voice.

I decided to say something, and boy were they surprised, I don’t think they realized I was there. “In what? Making a mess? If Sunset sees this, she is going to kill you three, it doesn’t matter that you are young, she will kill you and then she will hide your body so no one will find them.” I might have scared them, but it was possible that she would eventually kill them.

“Aren’t you overreacting a little Fox? Sunset wouldn’t go that far, would she?” Fleur asked me.

I looked at her and said. “You haven’t know Sunset as long as I have, and she takes pride in her work.” I looked at CMC who was now worried. “And by the way, how did you three get in here? She usually lock the door when she is out.”

“The door was unlock so we walk straight in.” Sweetie Belle explained to me.

“The door was unlock?” I asked them, they all nodded at the same time. “But that means…” I never got to finish that sentence.

“What’s going on here?” Twilight had walked in and she had a horrified look on her face, probably when she saw the mess CMC had made. Why was Cheerilee with her? “Why are there so many books on the floor?” She said while walking towards the mess. “If Sunset sees this, she is going to kick me out and I won’t have place to stay anymore.” She looked at young files with anger. “I leave the library for a couple of minutes and you three managed to wreck it in seconds.”

They all looked down. “Were sorry Twilight, we were just trying to get our cutie marks.”

“In what? Making a mess.” She took a few breaths to calm herself. “Let’s just get books back to where they were before Sunset gat’s back.

Too late. “What the hell happened here?” Twilight froze like statue and started to sweat. We all look towards the door and there was Sunset with Mac and she was not happy. “I leave you alone with the library Twilight and you managed to mess it up.” She walked over to the CMC and the books they had tossed on the floor. “What happened here?”

“Apple Bloom and her friends tried to get their cutie mark in beginning a librarian.” I told her.

Sunset’s eye started to twitch. “In beginning a librarian? That don’t mean they can make a mess of MY library.” She then started to breath very heavy.

I placed a hand on her shoulder. “Calm down Sunset, they are just kids.” It didn’t work.

“That doesn’t give them the right to make a mess of the library just so they can get their cutie mark.” I think I saw steam coming out of Sunset ears.

I looked over to the girls. “I can I get an explanation why you three did this.”

Apple Bloom spoke up. “We were just trying different things to get out cutie mark, that’s all.” They walked out of the pill of books with their heads lowered.

“Different things? Why don’t you try something you are familiar with, not some random stuff.”

Then Cheerilee step forward. “And I have the perfect place to start.” She pulled out a flyer from her jacket, it was a flyer for a talent show. This can’t end well.

Apple Bloom took the flyer and started to read. “Show case your talents.”

Scootaloo. “For all to see.”

Sweetie Belle. “Perform in the Ponyville school talent show.”

“There will be all sorts of awards. Best dramatic performance, best comedy act, best magic act, surely you cab find your talent.” She said every thing with a smile on her face.

Apple Bloom. “This would be the perfect place to discover our talents.” Somehow, I doubt that.

Then they started to list different things they were going to do. “Would you three just stop listing things.” They stop. “What I think Cheerilee meant that you should things you are already good at, not try things you can nothing about.”

“Fox is right.” Wow now am right I wasn’t right the last time, that time I got slap in the face.

Scootaloo. “Sure, we can do that.”

Sweetie Bell. “Yeah, sure we can.”

Apple bloom. “Well, whatever we do, we’ll do it as...” They all cheered out. “THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS.” Then they all gave each other a high five and was headed to the exit but they didn’t get very far.

A yellow light closed the door. “Not so fast you three.” They all faced Sunset. “Before you do anything, you are going to clean up this mess you made.” She pointed at the pill of books. “And Twilight is going to help you.”

That snap Twilight back to reality. “What?”

“You are the one who let the door opened, you help them.” Sunset walked to Twilight and pointed a finger at her. “And don’t you dare arranger them the way you want, I want them as they were before, got it?” Twilight nodded. “Good.”

While they were talking, Apple Bloom was talking to her brother about cleaning up all those books.

“Come on Mac, you can’t expect us to clean up all these books?”

Mac crossed his arms. “And why not? You made this mess you clean it up.”

“I think you are letting Sunset walk over you.” Apple Bloom mumble to herself.

Mac heard her. “Watch your mouth young lady or you wont be gong to the talent show.” That got Apple Bloom to shut up.

After that, Twilight and the CMC cleaned up the mess while the rest of us went outside. Once outside, I looked over to me ex. “Why are you here Cheerilee?” Yes, I had to know.

“Twilight had invited me to the library for lunch but that’s not going to happened.” She just walk away, probably awkward for her, it was for me to.

Then Sunset spoke. “Now that’s taken care of, who wants lunch?” We all wanted lunch, me and Fleur was going to invite Sunset and Mac anyway.

After we arrived at the café, we started to talk about cutie mark and the first thing they ask me if Falco had one and I said yes, and they wanted to know what it was. I was currently drawing it on a napkin. “And done.” I showed them the Star Fox logo, which was his cutie mark.

Sunset took it. “What’s does it mean?” I just shrugged my shoulders I had no idea. “You don’t know?”

“No, I don’t know. He just showed it to me one day, and how should I know? I know a little about cutie marks, but I am no expert.” That’s for sure. “What about you guys? What does yours means.” I said while looking at one at the time.

Sunset. “Mine means I am good with fire spells.” I knew that was a lie, but I said nothing.

Mac. “Farm work.” A short answer, just as I expect with him.

Fleur. “Modelling.” That got us all to look at her. “What? It’s true.” We just kept staring at her. “Can we talk about something ells? Are those three young once going to be alright in the talent show?”

I took a sip of my water. “Knowing those three, probably not.” I said in a calm voice.

That made Fleur worried. “Aren’t any of you worried?” We all shock her heads. “Am I missing something?”

“You are new to this town and you have missed most what the CMC have done to get their cutie mark, after they are done with the talent show , they are back to their normal self.” I told her.

Fleur just blink a couple of time. “I am not sure if I should be worried or not.”

“Don’t worry, they will be fine.” I am not sure if it help, we’ll see.

After that, we pay for our food and went our separate ways. I went home to relax, considering I had to work tonight at the club. It was a quiet evening at work, nothing major happened and that means no drunk ponies. Fleur was there to visit me, that was nice.

Then the next day arrive, a Saturday and it was time for the talent show. When I exited my house, I could see the CMC riding by my house with a bunch of fabric? Scootaloo was driving with her scooter with Bloom and Belle was sitting in the wagon with the fabric, they had to get that stuff from Rarity, considering she is the only dress maker in town, and they come from there. Also, I could see Rarity in the distance, shouting at them. I had to find out what was going on, so I walked towards the angry unicorn.

Once I arrived at the shop, Rarity had already walk inside. I opened the door and walked in. Once inside, I could see that she was not in the main room, then I heard Rarity talking, she was in her work room.

Once I approached the door, I could see Rarity walk back and forward and she was not happy. “I can’t believe those three, taking my material like that, I need it to work…” I stop listing.

I looked to my left and saw Coco sitting by a sewing machine, looking worried at Rarity. That’s right, Coco is working for Rarity now. She got the job right after she got here, Rarity had been impressed by her design and offered her a job, Rarity had also been teaching her to sow.

“Those no good kids, when I get my…” I better stop this.

“Rarity.” She didn’t hear me, just keep rambling. I put two fingers in my mouth and whistle, that got her to stop. “Oh, Fox. When did you get here?” I just rolled my eye. “I got her just now, but you were to busy rambling that you didn’t notice.” She blushed a little after I said that. “Now, can one of you tell me what has happened.”

Rarity. “I’ll tell you what happened, my little sister and her friends stole some of my fabric.”

“They stole your fabric?” She nodded. “Then you better call the guards, it’s a crime spree in progress.” Yes, I was trying to be funny, Rarity didn’t laugh considering she gave me deadpan look.

Coco. “They weren’t stealing it, they just said that they wanted to borrow it for the talent show.” Well, that explains a loot.

“I know that Coco, that doesn’t give them the right to take the fabric without asking. If they had just asked, I would have given them some but no, they had to sneak in and take it without permission.” She said all that in a frustrated tone.

Time to ask. “Here’s a question, how did they get the fabric? You usually lock this room when you are not using it.”

She became red. “We were having lunch and I forgot to lock the room.” She said in embarrassing tone.

I wanted to laugh when she said that but I better not. “I am sure you will get your fabric back after the talent show, if they don’t destroy it.” Her eye started to twitch when I said that, time go. I bolted out of there before she could say anything ells.

Apparently, that was not the only thing they had borrowed. A fan, six wooden planks, 4x8 plywood, a box of nails, four cans of paints and four brushes. What the hell? That was not the end of it. A book of Ghosts, Goblins and ghoulish figures from the library? That’s it, I am totally confused and so was Sunset when she told me about the book, and she is pretty smart.

Then it was time for the talent show and boy was I excited to find out what the heck the CMC was planning. The only one that had heard that was AJ and she said they were dancing and singing, I really hope that Sweetie Belle is doing the singing, she has a beautiful voice.

The whole show was outdoors and that was actually nice. They had made a stages so ponies could perform. When I arrived, I saw that most of the ponies in town had showed up, there was one pony there I didn’t expect to see, Abyssal Shield. He was leaning ageist a tree, watching the stage. I decided to walk over to him and have a talk.

“Funny seeing you here.” I told him while walking towards him.

He didn’t move his head, he just looked at me with his eye. “I am the towns guards and it’s my job to make sure that everypony is safe.” That’s right, Abyssal has become this towns guard. How he managed that, I have no idea. “And besides, I am little curious about the performance today.” He then turned his head towards me. “Are your daughter going to perform?”

I just snorted. “Heck no, Shadow is shy around new ponies, there now way she is going on a stage. She is just going to watch with her friends.” I looked at the crowed and saw that she was already there with Dinky and Ruby.

Then we heard a new voice, Falco. “Well, well. Isn’t the pony who wanted to kill Fox.” Me and Abyssal watch as Falco walked towards us, he wasn’t very happy.

Abyssal looked at me with some anger. “You told him?”

“Yes, I told him. He is my best friend and I tell him everything.” I told him with a straight face.

Falco stopped not far from the unicorn. “Listen up pal, the only reason that you are alive is that Fox wants you to, if I had my way I would have snapped of your horn and kill you with it.” That made Abyssal very nervous and he started to sweat.

Falco then walked of and headed towards the crowd. “He is very scary.” He said in a shaky voice. That he is.

Then I saw AJ walking towards us. “What’s up AJ, here to see Apple Bloom?” I asked her.

She nodded. “Yeah, but I am a little concerned about their performances.”

“You told me a little about what thy are going to but not all, who is doing what?”

She scratched her head. “Well, they are going to dance, and I think that Scootaloo is going to sing.”

Say what. “Are you telling me that Scootaloo is going to sing?” She nodded. “Oh boy.” I said while placing a hand on my face.

“Is that a problem?” We both looked at Abyssal like he had gong crazy. “What? I don’t know those kids.”

“No, you don’t and considering that Scootaloo can’t sing at all, it’s a problem.” Right now, I was worried about them. I still don’t understand why Scootaloo is singing, Sweetie Bell is way better. I have heard Scootaloo and she is not very good.

We didn’t get to say much more because he show was about to start. First up was Snips and Snails and they were doing some kind of magic trick, it didn’t go well. They were trying to conjure away a little bunny rabbit and replace it with carrots, they almost did it. The rabbit disappeared but Snails was eating the carrots. I don’t understand those two at all. Then Cheerilee walked out on the stage and said that we were going to give them applause, hell no.

Then there was two ponies by the name of Sunny Days and Peachy Pie, who was going to read poems about roller skates? Their fur was the same color, yellow. Sunny had white hair and Peachy had normal and light orange in her. I think I have seen them before, the whole poem thing was ok. Then it was the CMC turn and I not sure what I saw.

After they were done, I had no idea what to think. Scootaloo couldn’t sing, Apple Bloom couldn’t dance, and Sweetie Belle was in the background fiddling with the sets and props. I tried to say something but now words came to mind and if they did, I am not sure if they could come out. It was a bloody disaster. The crowd, they started to laugh. That made the girls walk out in shame and I felt bad for them. Abyssal and AJ didn’t laugh at them and I guess that was something. Then they had to walk back out, for the awards.

“Let’s hear it for our all our talent fillies and colts.” Then the crowed started to clap, I didn’t fell like clapping at the moment. ”Our first award goes to…” She gesture her hand towards two ponies. “Snips and Snails, for best magic act.” What act? It was only half the act they made the bunny disappeared. Where did that bunny go anyway? Then those two started to argue about something, I have no idea what. Cheerilee place awards around their necks.

“The next awards goes to, Sunny Days and Peachy Pie for best dramatic performance.” They also got their awards.

Then came the last award, the big shocker. Not really. “The Cutie Mark Crusaders.” Oh boy they were shocked when they heard that. “For best comedy act.” That didn’t surprise me at all.

When they got their awards, they actually looked placed and they bowed. I don’t understand those three at all. After that, I said goodbye to AJ and Abyssal, then me and Shadow started to make our way home. While walking, I couldn’t help but wonder if CMC learned something to night. Something told me, no.

Bloody Diamond Dogs

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Diamond Dogs, greedy bastards who looks like dogs and they walk on two legs. They aren’t as smart as the dogs in my world, that’s for sure and they like gems.

It was a beautiful day the sun was shining, and it was a perfect day for relaxing. Too bad that I had agreed to help Rarity digging up gems in a hill not far from the town. She needed them to make dress for a pop star named Sapphire Shore, I have heard about her never seen her before. Shadow likes her.

Me and Rarity was currently walking up a hill to where we are going to dig for gems, it wasn’t far from Ponyville. I could even see that stupide castle to Celestia.

“Thank you for helping me with this Fox.” Rarity said with gratitude in her voice.

“No problem Rarity, but why me? Wouldn’t AJ or Mac be better? Considering they are way stronger than me.” I told her while dragging a cart behind me, a pickaxe and shovel was lying in the cart.

“Sadly, they were busy at the farm and couldn’t help me.” Well, she ask them, that’s something.

“What about Falco? He’s stronger than me.” Wrong words.

She huffed at that. “That brute? Why would I ask him for help? Ever since he arrived to Ponyville he have been rude to me.” She stopped and turned around to look at me. “I don’t understand how you can be friends with a pony like him.”

I stopped. “Look, I understand that you don’t like him. Yes, Falco can be a little straight forward but that just who he is. He have always spoken what’s on his mind. Hell, he could probably give AJ a run for her money when it comes to speaking the truth.”

That made her smile. “You have pointe there but still, I wish he could watch his mouth, especially around Sweetie Belle and the other young one. Some of the things he says aren’t meant for their ears.” She has a point there. “Enough of that, let’s find some gems so I can finish my dresses.” And we walk again.

We eventually arrived at the place where Rarity’s horn had led us, that sounded weird. But, that’s Rarity’s talent for you, she can detect where gems are. That’s what her cutie mare is for, that her special talent. That sounded even weirder. I’m idiot.

Rarity’s horn started to glow, and she started to search for the gems, it didn’t take long before she found them, I started to dig with the shovel. I found about seven and placed them in the cart. Then she started to search again. We did this for a while, and I couldn’t help but feel like someone was watching us. I looked around once in a while, but I couldn’t see anyone, maybe I am just paranoid. Considering what I just to do, can you blame me.

We eventually managed to fill that cart up. “That’s it Rarity, the cart can’t take anymore.” We had gathered so many gems that the whole thing was almost as tall as me.

Rarity looked over the pile. “I guess you’re right.” You guess? “I just hope it’s enough, let’s head back.” We were about to go when Rarity’s horn started to glow again, she then started to walk towards a tree.

“Where are you going?”

“My magic is telling me there another gem in the tree.” In the tree? That makes no sense at all.

When she reached the tree, a head pop out from it, it was a Diamond Dogs. Rarity was shock when she saw the dog. “Uh… uh… good day gentle… fellow, I’m Rarity and this is my friend Fox.” Why did she gave away my name? I don’t want this mutt to know my name. “And you are?”

The dog then jump out of the tree. The mutt was walking on two legs, had grey fur and was wearing a red west? What the hell? “A Diamond dog.” I know that they are stupide greedy bustards and this one was approaching Rarity.

I stood between them. “That’s far enough you mutt.”

He didn’t like that. “Me not a mutt, me Diamond dog.”

“Mutt or dog, it’s same.” He keep walking towards us. “I suggest you keep your distance mutt, or my fist will be in your face.”

“Now Fox, there’s no need for violence.”

“In this case, it is. He want you Rarity.”

I couldn’t see it, but I know that her eyes widen. “Me? Why does he want me?”

“He want you to find gems for him, Diamond dogs love gems.” That made the mutt smile. “Forget it mutt, I am not letting you kidnap her.” I gotten is a fighting stand.

He just keep on smiling. “Not me, us.”

I had no idea what he was talking about and before I understood it, me and Rarity heard some noise underground. Then another Diamond dog amerced up from the ground and punch me right in the face. I was out.

When I finally woke up, I saw that I was lying on my stomach. I sat up and rub my left cheek. It hurt. “Man, I can’t believe I let a Diamond dog punch me.” I looked around and saw that mutt, Rarity and cart with gems was gone. Rarity has been kidnap by a dog version of Dash, that’s just great.

I stood up and wonder what I should do. I could head back to town and get help but that could take a while and I don’t know what those dogs will do to Rarity, I guess I have to be the hero. There’s one problem, I have no idea to look.

Ok, I need to calm down and think. What I have read about Diamond dogs that they aren’t very smart, but they love to dig tunnels and where there are tunnels there’s had to be an exit, I started look around and it didn’t take me long before I found one. It wasn’t very far from where I was knock out. As I looked into the cave, I wonder how many Diamond dogs there was, I know of two but there could be more, I guess I’ll find out. I walked in.

As I walked into the cave, I saw that it was light up by torches that was hanging by the wall, I guess they are smarter than I thought. I walk further into the cave, very carefully, there was no way I was going to let them get drop on me this time, that’s for sure.

Ok, I am lost. I have been walking for a while and I have no idea where I am, it’s a bloody maze in the cave and I am the fucking hamster, I had no idea where I was and where Rarity was. I need to calm down and think, if I can’t see where I am going then I better listen. I closed my eye and started to listen and eventually, I found out where they were. I started to walk again.

I walked towards my destination and as I got closer, I could hear voices, one of them was Rarity’s. “If you think for one second, I am going to find gems for you, you are out of your mind.”

“Why not pony.” That was the first Diamond dog we saw.

“You punch my friend in the face, that’s why.” I am her friend? That warms my hear.

“He was in our way he needed to go.” Bloody mutt.

I came closer to a corner so I walk slower so they wouldn’t hear me, when I reached the corner, I look around it and saw that Rarity was in some sort of prison cell, there was two Diamond dogs standing on the other side of the cell, talking to her. If you could call it talking, they aren’t very smart. The other one had brown fur and was wearing a brown west. I recognised him as the one who punched me.

“We go eat now, when we get back, annoying pony will find gems for us.” I could help but snicker of what he said.

Rarity didn’t think it was funny, she was just frustrated. “I am not annoying.” Yes, you are.

They said nothing, just walk away, leaving Rarity alone. She tried to force up the bars, it didn’t work. “Right now, I wish I had learn more magic.”

“Or, I Fox is coming to your rescue.” I said while walking towards her and boy, she was happy to see me.

“Fox, I am happy to see that you are alright. How are you felling?”

I stopped in front of her cell. “My face hurts like hell, other than I feel fine. Annoying pony want out?”

She didn’t like my joke. “I AM NOT ANN…” I place a hand over her mouth.

“Would you keep it down, I don’t want to alert the Diamond dogs.” I saw that the cell had a door that need a key. “Where it the key to this door.”

“One of the Diamond dogs have’s it.”

My eye started to twitch. “Are you telling me that they took the key with them?” She nodded. I placed a hand on my face. “Great, they can’t speak properly but they can keep a key.”

“We not stupid.” Crap. I turned around and I saw the one who came out of the tree and the one who punched me in the face and a third one. “Oh look, it’s the Three Stooges.” I then pointed a finger at the one who punched me. “You.” I cracked my fingers. “I owe you fist to the face.”

He just smile. “We not fight you, the boss do.” They step aside from the entrance.

Then me and Rarity felt the ground shack a little. “What the fuck.” Out of the entrance to the room, came another Diamond dog and he was big, he was at least twice my size. He had grey fur and was wearing a blue west, he looked angry. When he was right in front of me, I could see right into his chest. “Your big, but I have fought bigger.”

That made the big guy laughed. “Me the boss around here, me is bigger than you. You not take pony.”

“Well, she is my friend and rescuing my friends is kind of a hobby of mine. I have a suggestion, you let us go and I won’t hurt you and goonies over there.”

I tough he would laugh at that, I was wrong, he got mad. “Fox not funny, fox thinks he’s better than the boss, you are not.” And before I could react, I felt a giant fist hit my left cheek and was sent flying towards the wall. I hit the wall with my back, hard. I passed out.

Rarity watch in horror as Fox landed on the ground. “You brute, how dare you hurt my friend like that.”

The big one just looked at Rarity as nothing had happened. “The fox was in my way, he had to go and…” The words died in his mouth as they all heard movements over where Fox’s was lying.

All looked and what they saw shocked them, Fox just got up like nothing had happened. “Fox, you are all right.” Rarity said with joy in her voice, he didn’t answer. “Fox?” Now she started to get worried. Fox just stood there, his head was hanging down and he was breathing heavy. He then looked at the crowed and boy were they shocked. Rarity could see that his scar was glowing, and his right eye was completely white, and his entire body was glowing. “Fox?” She asked, in a scared voice.

The big Diamond dog just snorted. “Fox is tougher than I thought, does not matter. I will make…” That was all he could say as he got a fist in his stomach. Faster than anyone could react, Fox just appeared in front of the giant Diamond dog and punched him in the stomach. “How…?” Was the last thing the boss said before he collapsed on the ground.

Rarity could only watch as Fox managed to take down someone that was twice the size as him like it was nothing, but what worried her the most was the energy that was coming from him it was magic. Rarity might not be the most powerful unicorn, but she knew magic when she saw it and Fox was oozing with it.

Fox then turn his attention towards the tree scared smaller Diamond dogs who was now scared, very scared. They were trembling with fear and one of the actually piss himself. Fox took a step towards them he was still breathing heavily and now it felt like he had blood lust.

“Fox, what are you doing?” Fox didn’t answer Rarity, he wanted to hurt the Diamond dogs and she knew it. “Fox, you can’t hurt them, they haven’t done anything wrong.” It didn’t work, he didn’t listen. “FOX.” That work.

I opened my eyes and saw that I was looked at the three Diamond dogs. “What? Where am I?” I looked around and saw that I wasn’t on the ground anymore. “How did I get here?” I then saw that the big boss was lying on the ground, unconscious. “When did that happened?” I then looked over to Rarity, who had a shocked look on her face. “Rarity, I have just one question, what the hell has happened here?”

“You don’t remember?”

I just looked at her with confusion. “Remember what? All I remember is that I was hit hard by the big guy, I don’t remember anything after hitting the wall. Can you tell me what happened?” She never got the chance because the three Diamond dogs ran over to me and then the bowed right in front of me, I am not kidding. “What the hell are you three doing?” I was just confused.

“Fox managed to beat big boss, now fox is the new boss.” Said the one with red west.

I wasn’t sure if I heard right. “Did you just said that I beat the big guy?”

“Yes.” Said the same one.

I looked at Rarity again. “Are they telling the truth?” I asked while pointing the three who was bowing.

“Yes, you hit him so hard in the stomach that he went down with only one punch.”

I wasn’t sure if I believe her or not, but I don’t think she was lying. I look at three Diamond dogs. “So, I am your boss now?” They looked up at me and nodded. If it’s true, then I’s kind of cool. “Ok, then stand up.” They did. “Since I am your boss now, can the one of you that have the key to the prison cell, let Rarity out.” The one with brown west walked over to the cell and opened the door.

Rarity walked out, with caution. I can’t blame her. “Thank you?” She then walked over to me. “Are you alright Fox?”

“Other than I really confused right now, I fell fine.”

“That’s good to hear, can we leave now?”

That was a good idea, I looked around the cave we were in and saw three giants metal carts, which gave me an idea. “We can’t leave just yet.” She became confused. “You still need gems.” I looked at three dogs. “I want you three to fill up those three carts with at much gems they can take, NOW.” They got to work right away.

After they had filled them up, I told them to pull them out of the cave so me and Rarity could leave this place. I had enough of caves for one day. When we got out and was walking towards Ponyville, Rarity told me what happened.

“Are you telling me that I was using magic?”

She nodded. “I am pretty sure.”

“That’s not possible Rarity, my body doesn’t like magic.”

“I am telling you the truth Fox and you were faster and stronger than normal.” I had a hard time in believing in her, me and magic doesn’t fit well together.

“It’s true, we saw it.” Said the dog with red west.

I looked over my shoulder. “No one ask you.” That got him to shut up. The Diamond dogs was currently pulling the metal cart while me and Rarity was walking in front of them. I told them to pull the carts to Rarity’s shop and listen to her when they got there.

When we reached Rarity’s shop, she told the mutts where she wanted the gems. After they were finished, I told them to get lost and they disappeared back to their home, doing whatever they do. I said goodbye to Rarity and walk home.

While walking, I couldn’t help but think about what happened in the cave. I don’t remember anything, if Rarity was telling the truth, then there something wrong with me and the worries me. I better ask Sunset about this.

Green Is Not Her Color

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Modelling, I know absolutely nothing about it, just that the girls are super thin. Fleur isn’t that so that’s something. But I know this, there’s one pony in Equestria that shouldn't be a model and that’s Fluttershy.

It’s have been a week since I help Rarity with gems, and she managed to make enough dresses for Sapphire Shore. That’s something, and I guess I have to thank those three mutts… hell no.

I went to see Sunset and told her what happened to me with the Diamond dogs and she had no clue of what happened, she had never heard about someone who isn’t magical to do what I did. The only conclusion she came up with was there was still some magic in my body that gave me a power boost, she didn’t say power boost, she said magic boost, power boost sounds cooler. I then ask her if the magic was dangerous, considering she couldn’t scan me, her answer was that she didn’t know. That’s just great.

I was currently walking to the spa with Fleur and Rarity, the last one had a ridiculous hat on her head, it has peacock on it. Animals vandalizing, that’s all I have to say about it.

The two ladies was walking in front of me, talking. “I can’t believe that you managed to get Fox to go to the spa Fleur.” I am not sure how she managed to do it either.

“It was easy, I just told him that if he didn’t, I would be mad at him for a while.” That was the reason, bloody mare.

“I agree to ONE massages and that’s it.” I told them as I crossed my arms, I then looked at Rarity. “Are you sure that Shy is ok with that me and Fleur are joining you two?”

“I haven’t asked her yet, but I am sure she is ok with that.” I’m not so sure about it.

When we finally arrived, we went in and we could see that Shy was already there, reading a magazine and she was surprised to see me and Fleur, that’s for sure. “So sorry that I am late Fluttershy, I ran into Fleur and Fox who was also on their way to the spa. I hope you don’t mind that I invited them.” I somehow felt violated just begging here, a spa isn’t for guys, in my option.

I could see Louts behind the counter, she was a pony with blue fur, her hair and tail was pink and see was surprised to see me, I don’t think she surprised to see Fleur, considering she had been here before. Back to Shy. “I don’t know Rarity.” She said while rubbing her arm.

Rarity was about to respond but Fleur beat her to it. “Don’t worry Fluttershy, I am not going to get in your way for your weekly spa day. I usually do this by myself but not today.” She then looked at me with a sexy look? I don’t know why, probably for mud on my face.

“I agreed to a massages and nothing more, there no way in hell you are putting stuff on my face.” Rarity didn’t like my languages but at this moment I didn’t care at all.

“Relax Fox, I am just having a little fun.”

“It’s not funny.” I rub my forehead. “Can we get this over with? I want to do this before Falco finds out or I won’t heard the end of it.”

Louts smiled. “Of course, Aloe.”

We heard some noises in another room. “One moment.” Another pony walked into the waiting room and it was Aloe, twin sister to Louts. She had pink fur, her hair and tail was blue, the exact same colour as Louts but just reversed. She was surprised to see me just like her sister. “Louts, why is Fox here?” I have asked myself the same question.

“He is here for a massages, can you take care of him while I help Fleur and the others.”

“Yeah, sure.” She wasn’t entirely sure I could hear it, she said it low.

That made her sister smile. “Great, if the you three will follow me.” She told the girls and walk off with them. To where, I have no idea and I don’t care.

That left me alone with Aloe and boy was it awkward, considering I had never talk with them before and knew absolutely nothing about them. I think I heard that Aloe had a crush on me, but she was too shy to ask me out. Oh well.

We just stood there, looking at each other. Then I decided to ask her “Well? Where are we going?”

That made her jump a little. “Oh right, if you will follow me.” She walked back into the room she came out of and I followed her.

Once I steep inside the room, I could see something that look like a massage table, I am not an idiot.

Aloe walked over to the table. “You can take of your clothes.”

I raised an eye brown of what she said. “Excuse me?”

She found some bottles. “I need you to take of your clothes so I can give you are a massage.” What? All my clothes?

“Do you even know what kind of massage I want?”

That just confused her. “I thought you wanted a full body massage.”

Hell no. “No, I just want an massage of my back, I am not striping every cloth I have on me.” That made her blush and I didn’t care.

She recover fast. “Fine, then take of your jacket and shirt and lay down on the table.” She was now a little annoyed, whatever.

I did as she said and took of my clothes on my upper body, then I lay down on my stomach. I place my arms to my side and my head in the hole that was made for once head. I then waited but nothing happened.

“Are you going to give me a massage or are you just going to stand there?” I asked her with some irritation.

“Yyyes, of course.” She stutter a little and I think I know why but I said nothing.

Then she started and she began with my shoulders and it felt like heaven, I have never gotten a massage before and it felt good.

“Your muscles are tense Fox, when were the last time you get a massage?”

“Never.” I somehow managed to say that.

I am not sure what happened after that, I enjoyed the whole thing so much that I lost contact with reality. I came back when Aloe said something.

“There, we are finished.”

I am not sure how, but I managed to get up from the table and boy I felt great. For over ten years I had felt like hell in my back and now I felt light, I sat up and rubbed my shoulders, they felt good.

“Wow, you know of to give a massage.” I wonder how long I lay there, oh well.

I was sitting with my back to Aloe, so I didn’t see her, but I knew she was smiling. “Thanks, I am proud of my talent.”

She is modest, I like that. “How much do I owe you?”

She walked to the door. “This one is on the house.”

I was surprised, that’s for sure. “Are you sure about that?” She just nodded. “Alright.” I jump of the table and grabbed my clothes that I had placed on a chair. “I have never said no to things that is free.” I told her while walking out the door and into the waiting area.

Aloe watch as Fox walk out of the room, once he was out, she closed the door and walked over to another one. She open it and walked through it to another room where she could see her sister helping the girls with a mud bath. Fleur was just relaxing while Rarity was talking with Fluttershy, if you could call it talking with each other. Rarity was doing most of the talking.

Louts heard her sister enter the room. “Aloe, how did it go with Fox? Did he enjoy the massage.”

Aloe didn’t listen, she walked straight to Fleur. “Fleur.” The ex supermodel opened her eyes. “How well do you know Fox?”

Fleur tilted her head to the side. “Well, I have date him for a month now, but he doesn’t talk much about himself, why do you ask?”

Aloe bite her lower lips. “His back, it covert with scars.” That made Fleur’s eyes to widen, Rarity stopped talking and let out a gasp, Fluttershy was in shock and almost past out, while Louts dropped a bottle on the floor, and it shatter.

Then Fleur asked. “What do you mean his back is full of scars?”

Aloe just gave her a deadpan star. “It just what I said, his back is full of scar and I am sure he have had them for a while. Do you know how he got them?”

The girls didn’t know what to say, Rarity and Fluttershy have known Fox the longest and they didn’t know. It was a little difficult when Fox never talks about his past, they have tried a few time but he refuses to talk about it, so they stop asking.

“I don’t know, as I said before, he doesn’t talk about his past and I have never seen him without a shirt before, the only one who know what has happened to him must be Falco.”

That made Rarity snort. “That brut, how can he know about Fox’s scars?”

That made Fleur roll her eyes. “I know that you don’t like him, but he has known Fox since childhood, they are best friends after all.”

Rarity tried to say something, but nothing came to mind. “You have a point there, but I still don’t like taking to him. He’s always so rude when I am around.”

Fleur couldn’t help but giggle a little ‘I wonder why.’ She thought for herself.

They finished up, got dress and went out in waiting room, there they saw Fox sitting on one a chair reading a magazine for mares. “My dear Fox, I never thought you had in you.” Fleur couldn’t help but teas him for that.

“Oh, haha. What ells are I am going to read? This meant for female not boys.” I told her in annoying voice.

“You have a point.”

I place the magazine on the table. “Are you three done?” They nodded. “Good.” I stood up. “Anything happened in there?” I was curious.

Rarity said. “Nothing big, Fluttershy have agree to model for me for a famous photographer.” That made me and Fleur look at Rarity as she had lost her mind. “What? Did I say something wrong?”

I pointed a finger at Shy. “You are going to model…” I then pointed at Rarity. “…for her?” I hope I was wrong.

Shy nodded while Rarity but both hands on her hip. “I don’t see what the problem is, Fluttershy have a perfect body for modelling. Just ask Fleur.”

“Don’t drag me into this, I don’t do modelling anymore.”

“I know that, and you have refuse to help me.”

“That’s because you have asked me almost every day since I moved here, you can’t take no for an answer.”

Then they started to argue, I better stop this. “Would you both shut up.” They did. “Let’s get back to the part that Shy is going to model for you, and I have only this to say, I don’t think she wants to do it.”

“And how can you possible know that?” Really?

“That’s because she is the most shy ponies in town, she hates begging the centre of attention.”

Rarity crossed her arms. “That might be true, but she has still agree to help me.”

I wasn’t sure if I believe her, so I decided to ask Shy. “Are you sure you want to do this Shy?”

She hesitated a little. “Yes.” That was all I got.

I sighed. “Fine, if you want to do this then I am not going to stop you.” Something told me that this isn’t going to end well.

“Who is this photographer?” Fleur asked Rarity.

“That would be Photo Finish.” She said that with some pride in her voice

Photo Finish, where have I heard that name before. “Photo Finish? That pompous mare is going to take the pictures?” I guess Fleur have work with her before.

“I don’t know what the problem is, Photo Finish is one of the most famous photographer in Equestria.”

Fleur rubbed her forehead. “Yes, but she is almost one the most demanding ponies you will ever work me, trust me on this.” Somehow, I believe her on that part.

“That might be true but Fluttershy is still going to model for me.” Rarity then grabbed Shy’s arm. “Come along Fluttershy, we have to get you ready before Photo Finish arrives. I hope that some of the girls to help me.” She then walked out of the spa with Shy right behind her.

Leaving me with Fleur. “Is this Photo Finish really difficult to work with?” I had to know.

Now she rubbed her head with both hands. “Yes, I work with her before I moved here and it was a living hell. Let’s just leave it at that.” I decided not press the issue.

“So, do you want to get something to eat?” I was hungry and I was hoping she was to.

“No, I think I am going for a walk. If Photo Finish is coming to Ponyville, I really don’t want to be near her.”

I nodded. “Alright, see you later.” She gave me a kiss and walked off, I decided to head to a café and get something to eat, that massages made me hungry.

Fleur arrived at her destination, Sweet Apple Acres. She wanted answered about Fox’s pat and there was one pony, that have been a bird, that can help her. She walked through the gate and towards the main house were see could see Applejack who was sitting on a chair.

AJ was taking a break from the morning chore and then she notice someone coming towards the house and she was a little surprised when she saw who it was. “This is a surprise, what are Fleur de Lis doing on my farm? Now that I think about it, this is the first time I have seen you’re here.” Applejack greeted her. Applejack was the first ‘real’ friend Fleur made in Ponyville, her and Fluttershy.

Fleur walked toward her. “Hello Applejack, I was hoping to talk Falco, is he around?”

“Yup, he’s painting the barn with my brother.” She pointed her thumb towards the barn.

Fleur thanked AJ and walked towards the barn. It didn’t take long before she got there and they were not painting the front of the barn, so she walked to right to see if they were there, they were. She rounded the corner and could see Mac and Falco with paintbrushes, cans of paint and they had also lay down plastic on the ground so they wouldn’t spill on the grass.

“Man, this is boring.” Falco said in annoyance while moving his brush up and down.

“Your that one who wanted to work here.” Mac told him.

“Yeah, I know but this was not what I had in mind. I was hoping to work in the field and kicking down apples from trees, working on my strength, not painting a barn.” Mac decided not to answer, just rolled his eyes.

Fleur coughed to get their attention. “Hello, miss Fleur, what can we do for you today?” Mac asked her.

“Hello Mac, I was hoping to have a talk with Falco in private.”

The stallions gave each other a glance before Mac just shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t mind, I have to take a bathroom break anyway.” Said Mac while putting his brush in one of the cans, he then started to walk.

“I like you better when you just say one word.” Falco told him. They both heard Mac say ‘eyup’ as he disappeared around the corner. “I have no idea what to think about that guy.” Then it was just Falco and Fleur. “So, what can I do for you Fleur?” He asked her while painting.

“Yes, I was hoping you could tell me about Fox’s past.”

“Why do you want to know about his past?” He asked while not taking his eyes from the wall.

“Every time I ask about his past he refuses to answer, what happened to him that he won’t talk about it.”

Falco was silence for a few seconds before answering. “I can give you one word, pain.”

Fleur raised an eye brown of his answer. “Pain? What do you mean pain?” Not the answer she was expecting.

“Listen.” He stopped painting to looked at her. “I understand that you want to know about his past and I could tell you, but I promised not to do and the only thing I can say that there’s more pain then happiness in his past, he has gone through a loot and when he’s ready, he will tell you. You just have to be patience.”

Fleur was shock when she heard that most of Fox’s past was bad, now she felt bad for asking about his past.

“Is the scars on his back also a pain?”

This time it was Falco turn to raise an eye brown. “How do you know about his scars? I don’t think he has taken of his shirt when others were around, ever.”

“Aloe saw them and she…”

Falco hold up a hand to cut her off. “Wow wow, did you just say that Aloe saw them?” Fleur nodded. “That means that he went to the spa, is the correct?” She nodded again. “Why didn’t anyone tell me? I wanted to see him at the spa, so I could make fun of him and now I have missed that chance. Dame it.” He then started to jump up and down in frustration.

Fleur wasn’t sure what to believe right now, a few seconds ago she was talking to and adult, right now it looked like she was talking to an eight year old foal. A thirty seven years old foal.

“Can we get back on topic here?” Fleur asked him.

Falco managed to calm down. “Sorry. Like I said before, I promised him not tell anyone, so you just have to be patient.” It was the same answer and she was still not happy, and Falco saw that. “Look, I have never seen Fox so happy when he’s around you and I am pretty sure he trust you. You just have to be patience and he will tell you.”

Fleur was happy when she heard what Falco said. “Thanks, I appreciate it. I think I will just wait for him to tell me, thanks for the talk Falco.” She waved him good bye and walked towards the town to find Fox.

It didn’t take long before she found him, she just asked around. He was sitting by one of the tables at the local café, reading the paper.

She sat down at other side of the table. “Did you have a good talk with Falco?” He asked her without taking his eyes of the paper.

Fleur’s eyes widen when she heard that. “How did you know?”

“I didn’t, you just told me.” Fleur smacked herself in the face for that one. “I also figured it out.” Before she could ask how. “When I had my massages Aloe, she hesitated with the massages, probably because of my scars. Then I am pretty sure that she went and told you about them, asking if you knew about them, which you don’t. And the last part, you were coming from AJ’s farm where Falco is working.” He place the paper on the table. “So, you want to know about my scars and my past?”

She hesitated before answering. “Well, yes. You don’t talk about it and I would really like to know, you know about my past so why can’t I know about your, don’t you trust me?”

She had a point. “Look, it’s not I want to talk about my past, it’s just mostly bad memories and I will tell you when I am ready, alright?” She just nodded in understanding. “Also, I do trust you.” She smiled when I said that. “On to other things, I saw a pony with the most ridiculous outfit I have ever seen, it was combination of black, white and purple and she was also wearing glasses with was black which had purple lenses.” Fleur just gave me blank look. “I am guessing that was Photo Finish.”

“Yes.” A short answer which I expected.

“I also looked like she didn’t expect to see me, considering she just huffed, and they carried her away?”

Fleur placed both hands over her eyes. “You got to be kidding me, are they still carrying her around? She did that last time.” She slammed a hand on the table. “She have two legs and she can use them.” Wow, I didn’t know that this Photo Finish was this demanding.

Then I spotted her. “Well, you can talk to her yourself.” She just gave me a confusing look. “Considering they are carrying her towards the park.”

“What are you…? I just pointed at them behind her, she turned around and she saw Photo heading towards the park. “What the hell is that pony doing?” She got up. “I better find out.” She walked towards the park.

Now, I normally don’t care about fashion and that stuff, but this was something I had to see. I got up and followed them.

When we arrived, I could see that they were getting ready to take some photos. I don’t know, I have no idea how this crap work. Rarity was standing by a coat stand which had different dresses and Flutershy, who was wearing a green dress with some flowers? She was wearing a headband which also had flowers. Also, Rarity looked sad, I have no idea why.

They were talking. “I can’t Rarity.”

“Oh, but you must Fluttershy. Photo Finish wants to make you a star, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. I know we we’re all hoping it would be my lifetime, but none the less, you can’t throw it away this chance. You must do this for me. You must, you must, you must.” That was probably the most bullshit I had ever heard, I want to say something, but Fleur beat me to it.

“What are you doing Rarity?” They both looked din our direction. “That’s not how modelling works.” She walked over to them. “You can’t force Fluttershy to do this, she has to want to.”

“But, he has to do it for…” Fleur raised a hand to silence her.

“No, I will not allow this.” She then looked at Shy. “Fluttershy, I want you to look me into my eyes and tell me that you want to do this, if you say yes then I won’t stop you.”

Before Shy could do that. “Fluttershy, it is time to make… de magics.”

“Not now Finish, I am trying to have a civil conversation here, something you can’t.”

Photo Finish wasn’t that happy to see Fleur. “Fleur, what are you doing here?” She asked while walking towards the three mares.

“I am here to try and prevent you for destroying Fluttershy’s life.” Destroying Shy’s life? That sound bad.

“I am not destroying ponies life, I create magic.” She said that while raising an arm? Drama queen. “If we are to talk about destroying life, let’s talk about that you move to this town and are dating…” She looked me up and down. “…this thing.” Did she just call me a thing.

Fleur was no in Photo Finish face. “Call Fox a ‘thing’ one more time and I will break both of your arms.” She went back to Shy, leaving a terrified Photo Finish.” Now, back to what I was doing before I was interrupted.” She looked at Shy one more time and into her eyes. “Fluttershy, do you want to be a model, yes or no?”

At first it didn’t look like Shy wanted to answer at all, but she did it eventually. “No, I don’t want to be a model.” She told Fleur while shaking her head.

Fleur was happy by the answer she got. “Good to know.” She then turned her attention to Rarity. “And you.” Rarity froze. “How dare you try and live your dream through her, that’s something you don’t do to a friend, especially the one you say that’s your best friend.”

Rarity look down on the ground with folded ears. “You are right Fleur I shouldn’t live my life through Fluttershy.” She look up with some tears in her eyes. “I hope that you are not mad at me Fluttershy.”

Shy walked over to her and gave her a hug. Ponies and hugs, I still don’t understand it. “Don’t worried about it Rarity, the reason I said yes was because you wanted me to do it.”

They broke the hug. “I appreciate it Fluttershy, but as Fleur said I shouldn’t live me dream through you. I will get famous another way.”

“Wait a minute.” We all looked at Photo Finish, who didn’t look happy. “I still have to create the magic.”

Fleur walk to her. “No, you don’t, I am pretty sure that Fluttershy didn’t sign a contract with you and therefor you don’t have any power over her, so I suggest you take your ‘magic’ somewhere ells.”

They just started at each other I was just wondering who would throw the first punch. “Fine, I will find another pony to create my magic.” Photo Finish turned to her assistant. “We go.” Two stallion came and lifted her up on a platform and walked away, oh brother. Wait, no fight? Dame it.

Fleur huffed after she was gone. “Good riddance.” She walk back to use. We had watch the whole thing and I don’t know about the girls, but I thought the whole thing was pretty impressed. “Now, let’s get you out of that dress and back to your normal clothes, something tells me that you are uncomfortable in it.” Fleur said the Shy.

Shy looked down on the dress. “Yes, this isn’t something I like to wear.”

Fleur smiled at that. “Come on, I walk you home.”

Shy look at Rarity. “Talk to you tomorrow Rarity.” She said while walking away.

We waved good bye to them, leaving me alone with the fashion diva. “Are you going to be ok Rarity?” I asked her.

She let out a sigh. “Yeah, I think so. Fleur was right, I was about to live out my dream through Fluttershy.” She rubbed her arm. “I guess I was a little jealous that Photo Finish chose her and left me out of it.”

“It’s sounds you learn a lesson, don’t use your friends for your own ambitions.”

She actually chuckled a little of what I said. “You are so right Fox.” She then looked in the direction where Fleur and Shy. “But, I couldn’t help but see that there were some tension between Fleur and Photo Finish.”

“You don’t know?”

She just gave me a confusing look. “Know what?”

“Photo Finish is the reason that Fleur gave up modelling.”

Rarity’s eyes widen when I said that. “What? Did she tell you?”

I shocked my head. “It happened right after I arrived here, so it was in the newspaper from Canterlot. I am surprised that you didn’t read it” Yes, I knew who Photo Finish was but it was so long ago that I forgotten it.

Her face became a little red. “I usually don’t read paper form Canterlot.” That explain it. “Why did she quit?”

I had to think for a moment. “I don’t remember everything, but I think it I read that Photo Finish said something that Fleur was too old to be a model.”

Rarity gasp when she heard that’ “That’s not very nice, I don’t think that she is too old to be a model.”

I smiled when I heard that. “I think she would appreciate those words.”

“Yeah.” She then look at her stag of clothes. “I better get go home I think I am going to take a long warmth bad, talk to you tomorrow Fox.” We waved good bye to each other.

Then it was just me, alone. I just stood there, think that we prevented something, I am not sure what. Just shrugged my shoulders and decided to head home. Before I started to walk, I just realized something. Falco knows that I have been at the spa.


Trouble With Bufflaos

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Buffalos, I actually don’t know much about them other than they live in the dessert and have quarrel against the ponies of Appleloosa. This should be fun.

It’s been a month since Fleur prevent Shy to become a model and that’s all there’s too that part. It’s also office, me and Fleur is now a couple. I have a girlfriend or a marefriend as its call in Equestria, I am sticking with girlfriend.

Me and the rest of the gang were currently on a train that was heading to a town called Appleloosa, these names. We were delivering a tree to AJ’s cousin Braeburn, I am not sure why, but I didn’t really care, I just wanted to visit another town.

The ones who was on the train was the girls, Falco, Ace, who was still dating Pinkie. Sunset, Fleur and Abyssal. I invited the last one. I have gotten to know Abyssal since he moved to Ponyville and the same goes for Ace, there are ok ponies. I could tell their back stories but that’s for another day. If you are wondering why Mac isn’t with us, he had to stay back at the farm.

The story starts with Rarity, complaining, as usual. “I can’t believe that I have to sleep in here while Applejack gave a tree a single bed.” I was lying in my bed as I watch Rarity came out from the caboose.

“What did she do this time?” I asked Rarity as she walk by.

She stopped and looked back at the door. “She is actually reading a story to the tree, it’s just a tree.” She said the last part with frustration.

“Just let her do it, you know how her family is when it comes to apple trees.”

That didn’t help. “I know that they like apple trees but reading a story is taking it to far.” This time she said the whole sentence in frustration.

“I have to agree with high and prissy on this one.” I stuck my head out of the bunk bed, yes we were sleeping a bunk bed. The whole train cart was with bunk beds and Falco was sleeping in bed over me. “Reding a story to a tree is taking too far.”

Rarity was pleased that someone agreed with her, even if it was Falco. “Thank you, Also, would you stop calling me ‘high and prissy,’ it’s not funny anymore.” She angry this one.

I could only hear Falco snort. “Hell no, if I stop making fun of others then what do I have? It’s all I have.”

Rarity just shook her head. “Why do I bother.” She went back to her own bed, which was oddly on the top bunker. Oh well. Then AJ came back with a happy smile on her face, I have no idea why.

Then night came and we were trying to get some sleep, but it was not easy thanks to Dash, Shy, Pinkie and Twilight who wouldn’t stop talking. When I mean sleep, I mean the girls. Me, Falco, Ace and Abyssal. We were playing poker in my bed. Well, Abyssal was trying to, he keep looking at AJ. He has been living in Ponyville for almost two months and he still hasn’t ask her out, he is either afraid to do it or he’s afraid that she will find out that he tried to kill me. Maybe I should tell them if Abyssal agree to it.

Falco. “Yo, Abyssal. How many cards do you want?” No response, which isn’t weird considering he was looking at AJ’s bed, who was sleeping. How she is sleeping when the girls are talking is a mystery.

Falco then nudge him, Abyssal looked at him. “What?”

"I asked how many cards you want.”

Abyssal look at his cards. “Uh, two.” Falco gave him two cards.

We all had been given the cards, it’s was time to reveal them. Falco was first.

He placed them on the bed. “I have three eights.” Both Ace and Abyssal slammed their cards down, guess they didn’t have any better.

Falco just smiled like Pinkie. “Sorry to disappoint you Falco.” I showed them my cards. “Flush.” Falco’s smile fell pretty fast when he saw that.

He then crossed his arms and started to pout. “I hate you.”

I patted him on the back. “I hate you to.” That just made him pout even more.

“Would you all please shut up, a mare needs her beauty sleep.” We all look over to Fleur was had the bed under Rarity.

Then Twilight decided to speak. “Uh, maybe it’s time we all got a little shut eye. We got a big day ahead of us tomorrow.” She had a point.

“If you mean by trying to get a giant apple tree out of the bloody car, I am not looking forward to that.” Falco said while getting out of my bed, he then looked to a yellow unicorn. “Hey Sunset, why isn’t Mac here?”

She was sleeping in the same bunker as AJ, she was on top. “He said that someone had to stay on the farm.” She answered without looking at him, I guess she was trying to sleep.

“Lucky son of a bitch.” He then climbed up to the top bed while Ace and Abyssal walked to their beds. Then we blew out the candles that lit up the room and we went to bed. Well, not all of us.

Dash. “Psst, Pinkie you asleep yet?” You got to be kidding me.

Pinkie. “No, are you asleep?” Typical Pinkie.

I open my good eye and saw that Dash and Pinkie was right in front of my bed, why? That’s a good question. “If I was sleeping, how could I have asked you if you were asleep.” “That made Pinkie laugh. Also, Dash had a candle in her hand that was light.

“When we get to Appleloosa, do you think we’ll have to carry that big heavy tree from the train station all the way to the orchard?” I didn’t understand why she was complaining about that, she didn’t do anything when we had to carry it from AJ’s farm to the train station and on to the cart. She just flew above us.

“What tree? You mean Bloomberg?” Bloomberg, that’s the name of the tree. What a stupide name for a tree… why am I complaining? I am no better at that stuff.

“No, Fluttershy.” That’s weird.

“Fluttershy not a tree silly.” A very good point.

Then Twilight decided to join in on the conversation. “What’s going on?”

“Dash think that Fluttershy is a tree.” Pinkie answered.

“I do not think she’s a tree I was just…”

Twilight cut her off. “Did you say she was a tree?”

“No… well yes, but…”

“You know she’s not a tree right?” A pointe to Twilight.

Then Pinkie. “She’s not a tree Dash.”

Then Shy entered. “I’d like to be a tree.”

That was the last straw for Falco. “For fuck sake.” I could hear some movement in bed over me and I could see that the four girls was looking up. “Who care who is a tree, is late and we all want to get some sleep. I don’t know what you four have against sleep, considering you did nothing when it came to moving the tree this morning. So, unless you want me to kick you all of this train in moving speed, I suggest you all shut the hell up and got to bed.” I could see that Dash was about to say something. “Don’t you dear say anything skittles, you did not lift that tree at all, all you did was fly around and complaining and if you so much say anything I will kick you off first.” That got Dash to blow out the candle light and I could hear them all go back to their beds.

I could hear Falco huff as he went back to bed. “Nice work.” I told him.

He answered. “Thanks.”

Now, I could have stopped them myself, but I wanted to see where the conversation was going, I am not going to get that chance any more. I eventually feel asleep.

Have you ever been woken by someone that manged to shake your entire bed? That happened to me and the others the next morning. What happened was the whole cart moved and I was flung to the side of my bed, I was just lucky that it was the window and not the floor.

“What the hell was that?” Said Falco.

“I have no idea…” That was all I could say before was flung one more time and this time I landed on the floor with Falco on top of me. “Get of me.” I managed to push him off. “What hit us?” I asked while getting up, I also saw that the rest of the gang had been awoken the same way.

We all looked out the window and saw Buffalos running beside our cart.

Twilight. “A buffalo stampede.”

Falco. “No shit sherlock.” Twilight just looked at him with narrow eyes, which he ignored.

They were very muscular, that’s for sure. They had muscles on their upper body, and they could run fast but the question was, what do they want? Then Rarity had to say something about what they were wearing, we just ignored it. They smack into the cart a few more time and it was not pleasant, considering we was tossed around like ragdolls.

Then Pinkie said. “Ooh, lookie, now their doing trick.”

I had no idea what the hell she was talking about, I looked outside and saw that a buffalo jump up on the shoulders to another buffalo. “What the…” Then a smaller one, which was female, jump up on them and on the roof of the cart. Then she started to move backwards. It was pretty obviously what they wanted. “They are after the tree.” That made Dash spring into action, literally. She took off. “Dash, wait.” She didn’t listen to me, so I ran after her. Yes, I am an idiot.

It was not easy, but I managed to get to last cart. Why wasn’t it easy? A bunch of buffalos knocking the train and that made it difficult to run. When I arrived there, I could see the female one standing on the roof of the cart where the tree was, she had a smile on her face. “What do they want with…” That was all I could say before I lost my balance and fell of the cart, I landed on the ground and rolled a few times before I hit my head on the train track and past out.

The first thing I saw when I woke up was Dash’s face and she looked worried, probably about me. I didn’t think she could do worried. I sat up and rubbed my head. “What happened?” I had an idea, but my mind was not working probably at the moment.

“The buffalos got away with the tree.” Dash told me.

“I thought so.” I said while getting up, while rubbing my head. “Do you know where they went?”

Dash never got the chance. “Yeah, they went in the opposite direction.” Said the pink pony. I hade no idea why she had jump off the train, I didn’t ask because she is Pinkie.

“Thanks Pinkie.” I started to walk. “Also, nice Wonderbolt t-shirt Dash.” Yes, she was sleeping with a Wonderbolt t-shirt while I had just boxer short on me. I could be sleeping with a t-shirt to, but I don’t like it.

“How did you know it was me?” Pinkie asked me as she came up beside me.

“Call it a hunch.” She was Pinkie.

Then Dash landed right in front of me. “Where are you going?” Really?

I stopped. “I am going to find the buffalos and find out why they want with that tree, there’s a reason why the stole it and I want to find out why.” I pushed her away and started to walk again. I didn’t really care if those two followed me or not, right now I was in a bad mood. Why? You have your morning be ruined by buffalos and see how that affect your morning.

I have no idea how long I had been walking in the desert, in my underwear. But I managed to find the cart where we had placed the tree, I just followed the train tracks. I started to look for tracks to see where the buffalos had gone with the tree, which was easy considering it was very easy to follow the tracks in the sand. They were going south, I want south.

One thing was for sure, I hate the desert. I was sweeting like a fucking pig, and it was not fun. Then I finally managed to see what looked like Indian tent, but I never managed to get closed to them. I was surrounded by buffalos and they had bow and arrow, they were pointing them towards me. I just raised my arms and said some words. “Take me to your leader.” I always wanted to say those words.

So, there I was, walking towards their villages with my hands tied behind my back in the desert. I don’t understand why they had tied my hands I wasn’t going to hurt them. When we arrived there, I could see a sighed that almost made me laugh. Dash and Pinkie was tied up to a pole and their mouths was gaged, they tried to say something, but I just ignored them. Something told me that they deserved it, maybe not Pinkie but I guess it’s Dash’s fault.

We arrived at a tent where a buffalo who was much bigger than the others, he had a war bonnet on his head, so he had to be the boss of these buffalos. Yes, I know stuff. He was currently sitting he was sitting on his legs.

Then one of the buffalos started to talk. “Chief Thunder Hooves, we found this intruder outside the villages.” Chief Thunder Hooves? Not bad.

Chief Thunder Hooves look at me up and down, he then narrowed his eyes at me. “Are you with those we catch before?”

“If you are talking about those two you have tide up to a pole, not for the moment.”

I could see that just confused him. “Not for the moment? What does that mean?”

“I don’t know what those two did to deserved to get tied up like that and I don’t care, all I want to know why you buffalos took the tree.”

It then looked like he was think. “Are you a threat to us?” I shook my head. “Why should I believe you?”

“Because Chief Thunder Hooves, I could have attack you as soon as I arrived.” I shoved him my hands and they were free I then tossed the robe at his feet. “I try to come up a peaceful solution, I use violence as a last result.” He was shock to see that I managed to cut myself lose and it was easy, they weren’t that good when it came to knots.

He then did something I never thought he would do, he started to laugh. “I like you fox you are brave.” He nodded to the buffalos that was escorting me and they left. “Do you want us to release your friends?”

I looked over to them. “You can release the pink one, something tells me that the pegasus deserved being tied up there.”

“Yes, she did attack one my buffalos.” Why am I not surprised.

They unties Pinkie and as soon as she was free, she was hugging me. “Oh Fox, I was worried. Right after you left the buffalos surrounded us and then Dash attack one of them and the next thing I knew were both tied up and dragged back her and then…” That was all I let her say.

“Alright Pinkie, I get the picture.” I managed to pry her off me. “I wish you would stop hugging me like that.” For a pony who don’t exercise, she is very strong.

Chief Thunder Hooves just laugh, I am glad someone thinks it’s funny. “I think I never have seen my father laugh this much before.” That was a new voice. I looked to my left and there was a female buffalo, she was wearing brown boots with a brown west.

“I know you, your that buffalo that jump on the roof of out cart.”

Chief Thunder Hooves then spoke. “This is my daughter, Little Strongheart.”

She waved at me. “Hello.”

“Hello Little Strongheart, my name is Fox McCloud, the pink one is Pinkie Pie.” Pinkie just gave her a smile. “And the one given you an angry look is Rainbow Dash.” We all looked towards the pole and saw that Dash was not happy to see Strongheart.

“She can thanks herself for that, she attack one of our warriors and she tried to stop me.” I am not surprised at all.

Chief Thunder Hooves. “We can talk about that later for now sit and let’s talk.”

I was about to. “Is it possible I can borrow some pants? I only have boxers on me.” They then all looked at them. “Why the hell are you all looking at them at the same time?” I asked in an angry voice.

Then Pinkie spoke. “Don’t worry Fox, I have your pants right here.” She then held out a pair of pant, which was mine. I just took them. “Thanks Pinkie.” She just smiled.

Chief Thunder Hooves and his daughter was just in shock of what just happened, they had just witness that Pinkie had pule out my pant out of nowhere. “Don’t ask, just accept it.” I told them while putting my pants on, I am not sure if it help.

Once I had pants, I sat down with Pinkie. Strongheart sat down beside her father. “So, Fox McCloud. You want to know why we took the tree?” I nodded. “It’s because we don’t want the ponies of Appleloosa to plant anymore apple trees.”

“And why is that?”

“For generations our tribe have lived here in the desert and for generations the buffalos have stamped upon these grounds but that’s not possible any more. It is a sacred tradition to run the path every year. But this year, these settler ponies, these….Appleloosians.” The chief started snorting in anger.

“That’s not very nice.” Pinkie had point there. I can’t believe I agreed with her, I hate my life sometimes.

Strongheart. “The ponies of Appleloosa refuse to move their trees so we are stuck here, and it is not fair.”

“So, let me get this straight, Appleloosa has planted trees in your holy stamping ground without permission considering you were here first, am I right?” They both nodded. “I see, and I think I have a solution to your problem.”

That brighten up their faces. “You have?” Then Pinkie said the same thing, but she was just confused. “You have?”

“Yes, I have. Chief Thunder Hooves, is it possible to get to Appleloosa before it gets dark?”

He nodded. “Yes, but what is your solution Fox McCloud?”

I just gave him a smile. “When we arrive at Appleloosa I will tell you.” I then got up. “Why don’t you and the rest get ready while I have a talk with Dash, see if I can calm her down.”

I stared to walk towards where they had Dash. “Hey, what about me?” Pinkie asked me. “I don’t know, just be Pinkie.” I told her.

When I arrived at pole where they had tied up Dash, I saw a buffalo guard. Where did he come from? Oh well. “I am here to talk to her I am not going to set her free.” He just gave me a nod.

I bent down and removed the handkerchief from her mouth. “What the hell took you so long? You have to untie me.” She told me while trying to free herself.

“Nice to see you to Dash.” Probably not what she wanted to hear but I didn’t care.

“Yeah, yeah. Nice to see you to, can you cut me lose?”


She was not happy by that answer. “No? What do mean no?”

“Because Dash, the moment I set you free you will cause problem, something we don’t need now.”

“Of course, I am going to cause problem, these buffalos tied me and Pinkie to this pole.”

“They did that because you and Pinkie were on the train with the tree and you attack one of their warriors.” I don’t think she heard that last part.

“They were going to steal it for themselves.” Typical Dash.

“Is that what you think?” Dash nodded. “They took the tree because they don’t want the ponies of Appleloosa to plant anymore trees.”

She just snorted of that. “Yeah right.”

“Then tell me Dash, why did they steal the tree?”

“I don’t know, probably to anger Appleloosa.”

“Let me tell you something Dash, these buffalos has been here for a very long time, they were here long before Appleloosa was build. Their ancestors used to run where Appleloosa is now, they planted trees over what is holy ground for these buffalos. That’s why they took the tree.”

Dash hung her head and her ears folded. “I didn’t know.”

Wait a minute. “Hold on, did you just believe me?” I couldn’t help myself.

She just gave a me deadpan look. “Yes, I believe you. You aren’t the one who lies.” If you only knew Dash.

“Now you know the reason, are you going to cause trouble if I free you?”

She became a little angry. “What about the one who stole the tree, the female one?”

“That depends on what she did to you.”

“She made me hit my head in one of those signs that is on the train tracks.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure? Maybe it was your own fault.”

She looked away and mumbled. “Maybe.”

I rubbed my forehead. “Let me guess, you didn’t look where you were flying.” She look down on the ground again. “Look dash, I really don’t care at the moment. This day have not been my best, but I have a solution for all that has happened and the last thing I need is you causing trouble, so can you please control that ego of yours. If you do I will cut you free.” She nodded. “Good, my legs are now asleep, and I am not sure if I can stand up.” I tired and it was not easy, I almost lost my balance.

“Have you talk to her?” I look over my shoulder and saw Chief Thunder Hooves walking towards me with the others and some other buffalos, I gave him a nod. “Very well, I trust you Fox McCloud.” He then nodded to the guard and he took out a knife, he then cut of the robe that was holding Dash. She got up and rubbed her wrist. “It will take us at least thirty minutes to walk to Appleloosa.”

“Then we better get going then.” So, we did.

The walk was a weird one, Dash and Strongheart kept looking at each other, it was like they were going to fight at any minute, I just hope that Dash could keep her cool. Pinkie was just Pinkie, talking to every buffalo. I just walk in front with Chief Thunder Hooves. I don’t know if Chief Thunder Hooves was lying or not, it felt longer than thirty minutes, but we finally arrived at Appleloosa and it look like an old western town I saw in theatre when I was younger.

When we entered the town, bunch of ponies just stared at us, probably the company I had. When we arrived at what look like the centre of town I could see gang, AJ and Fleur was arguing with a pony. His fur was light yellow, he was wearing a vest and he had a hat on his head, I guessed that he was Braeburn. I told the buffalos to wait so I could talk to the ponies.

When I arrived at the quarrel. “For the last time, my coltfriend is out there and I want to know why you won’t do anything.”

Braeburn held up his hands. “Miss Fleur, you ned to calm down.”

“If you tell me to calm down one more time I will kick you in your private parts so hard it will hurt for a month.” Ok, that’s scary.

“What about Bloomberg? His still out there.”

Unbelievable. “Really? You care more about a stupide tree than me? Now I don’t want to help you get the tree back.” My voice got everyone to look at me in shock, Fleur was just glad to see me.

“Fox, you’re ok.” She ran to me to give me a kiss, but stop few inches form me. “And you are all sweaty.”

“I have been in the dessert ever since this morning, can you blame?” She didn’t answer, she just gave me shellfish smile.

Then Braeburn walk over to me. “So, you are Fox, the one your friends have talk about.” He looked closer at me. “I didn’t expect you to be a real fox.” He then stuck out his hand. “My name is Braeburn, nice to meet you.

I did not shack his hand. “Whatever, I need to talk to whoever is in charge around here and I am guessing it’s not you.”

“That would me sonny.” Walking towards me was an earth pony with brown fur, which I guest was the sheriff. Considering he had a badge on his vest, and he had a mustache. Why not.

“Are you the one in charge here?”

“That’s right, the name is Silverstar and I want to know why you have arrived with a bunch of thieves.”

Yeah right. “They are not thieves, you are.”

That got his eyes to widen, then AJ had to speak. “You can’t be serious Fox, they kidnap…” I was not going to let her finish that sentence.

“Don’t you dear mention that stupide tree AJ or I will not talk you ever again.” That got her to shut up. I then look at Silverstar. “Before you accuse me for anything, the reason I called the ponies of Appleloosa thieves is because you have planted trees at their holy stamping ground.”

“I know that sonny, they have told us that, but we can’t move the trees, were they are standing is the only place where they can grow.” Somehow I knew he would say that.

“Then just move the trees and clear a path so the buffalos can run.”

He opened his mouth and closed his mouth a few time, unsure what to say. “That’s actually not a bad idea.” He look at Braeburn. “Can it be done?”

It look like Braeburn was think. “Yes, it can be done.”

I threw my arms up in joy. “Hallelujah, let’s tell the buffalos already so I can leave this place.” I had enough of dessert for the rest of my life..

“Hey Fox.” I saw Dash walking towards me. “The chief is getting Impatient.” She told us.

“Don’t worry Dash, we were about to go and talk with him.” And we did.

We told them about my idea and they gladly accepted, Braeburn promise that he would clear a path so the buffalos could run. When it came to me and AJ, I was really pissed that she care more about a tree than me, I didn’t talk to her at all for the rest of our stay there. Then me and Fleur took the first train home while he rest stayed a little longer, I just wanted to get away from that place.

A Phoenix

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A Phoenix, a mystical bird that lives in Equestria. They have the power to hell a wound with their tears and when its ‘dies,’ it just get reborn. I know of two Phoenix in Equestria, Vixy and Philomena, which is Celestia’s Phoenix. I know two ponies that doesn’t know anything about them and that’s Twilight and Fluttershy, which is weird.

It’s been around two weeks since we were at Appleloosa and since I left early I never got the chance to hear that the buffalos had made me an honour member of their tribe, they didn’t have to do it, but they did. I'm just glad the ponies of Appeleloosa made a way so the buffalos could run like they have done for generations.

Where was I? I was sitting at a café having a nice cup of coffee with my girlfriend, I'm still calling her that and she don’t mind. We weren’t the only once there, Mac and Octavia was sitting by the same table as me and Fleur. Ace and Abyssal was sitting by another table, just by us. And then we have Sunset and Falco, who were playing chess at a different table. They were at their third game.

“Would you just stop Sunset you are not going to beat him.” I know it was pointless, so I am not sure why I said it.

She didn’t look up from the chessboard when she answered me. “No Fox, I will not stop. I refuse to be beaten by a pony who is more annoying than Dash and Pinkie put together.” That’s a scary thought.

Falco just smile while looking at the board. “I’ll take that as a compliment.” I couldn’t help but roll my eye of that, only Falco would say that. “Checkmate.” I didn’t see which piece Falco move I was drinking from my glass.

I know that Sunset didn’t like that she lost. “Damn it, I lost again.” She threw her hands up in the air. “I was the school champion for three years at my school so how I am losing to Falco?” That’s a good question. “I want to play again.”

Falco leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. “Then find someone ells to play with, I’m done.” Sunset eye started to twitch.

Fleur, who had her elbow on the table and was resting her head in her hand, decided to speak. “Are they always like that when they play chess?” She asked me.

“Pretty much.” Sunset is like Dash sometimes both hate to lose, Dash hate to lose in everything and Sunset in chess.

She shook her head. “Unbelievable.” She then look at Octavia. “How can you date him?”

Octavia was as calm as ever. “He might have unique personality but he’s a decent pony, more or less.” Yeah, that’s sounds like Falco.

Then Fleur decided to ask something. “Hey, why aren’t you, Sunset and Falco having brunch with princess Celestia?” She asked me.

We all gave her a confusing look. “Why would we?”

“Well, I thought you three were her friends with Twilight and the rest and you were invited.” She look at all three of us. “Weren’t you?”

“I didn’t get an invite and besides, I am not sure I want to have brunch with the princess, I have never been comfortable around royalty.” I told her.

You are probably wondering what we are talking about. Well, Celestia is visiting Ponyville and having brunch at Sugarcube corner with Twilight and her friends. Why? I really don’t care what Celestia do.

Sunset. “Me and Twilight are roommates not friends, I still haven’t forgiven her to try and kick me out of the library.”

“That happened over eight months ago, how can you hold a grudge after all this time?” Falco ask her.

“She tried to make in homeless, I don’t take that lightly.”

“I’ll call that petty.”

“Call it what you want Falco.” She got up. “I’m heading back to the library.” She then just left.

I look over to Mac who hadn’t said anything and what could he say? When Sunset is in a bad mood you better wait until she have cool down. Then the silence came, none of us knew what to say.

Maybe I should tell about Abyssal Shield and Arctic Ace, who haven’t said anything the whole time.

Arctic Ace is a pegasus from Cloudsdale and he was born with wing that was made of ice, which can actually make snow when he is on a cloud. He never said what he parents did for a living, so I am guessing they work as weather ponies in Cloudsdale, he moved to Ponyville just before the winter which he loves. His cutie mark is a snow flake.

Abyssal Shield, a unicorn from Canterlot. Both of his parents are guards, his father is a night guard while his mother is a solar guard. His father is actually a bat pony and that’s why he have eyes that glows in the night, I saw him one night and he managed to scare the crap out of me. His cutie mark is a silver sword and gold rimmed shield, no he didn’t drop his pants and showed it to me, he told me about it, and I believe him. He likes battle magic and he went to Celestia school for gifted unicorns, he said he, I think he left the years Twilight became Celestia’s student. Also, Celestia school for gifted unicorns? I really hate that name, what about earth and pegasus ponies? I guess they dosen’t matter in her eyes.

Anyway, back to the story?

“Why aren’t you at the brunch Ace?” I ask him.

That just confused him. “Why would I?”

“Your dating Pinkie and I thought she would invited you to the princess brunch.”

“She did but when we got there I the guards didn’t let me enter, Pinkie didn’t like that and started to shout at the guards, then I told her that it was ok and here I am. Although, she wasn’t very happy about it.” That sounds like Pinkie.

I could see that Fleur was shocked after hearing that. “Why would princess Celestia say that they aren’t allowed to bring guest? That dosen’t sound like her.” I know why but I am not telling.

Ace said more “That’s not all, I could see other ponies in Sugarcube corner, which I am certain on that Twilight didn’t know.” Ok, that’s weird. Why invite ponies she don’t know but Pinkie isn’t allowed to invite her coltfriend? I couldn’t help but shook my head.

I then happened to look in the direction of Sugarcube corner and then I saw two ponies walking towards us. “Speak of the pony.” They were all confused of what I said, I just nodded my head towards the two ponies walking towards us, AJ and pinkie, they both look gloomy.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you two and why aren’t you at brunch with Twilight and the others?” I ask them when arrived at out tables.

AJ sat down with her brother and Pinkie sat down by Ace, who put an arm around her, and she leaned against his shoulder.

AJ. “We were but after a while it didn’t feel right to be there any longer, I don’t know how to describe it but there was something missing, I’m not sure what.” She then placed her arms on the table and placed her head in them.

I look at Pinkie. “Same here.” She then gave Ace a kiss on the cheek. “It felt wrong that Ace wasn’t allowed inn when other where there.” Fleur just said ‘aww’ to that, mares.

“Did something happened before you two left?” I was curious.

“You mean other than Pinkie eating all the food.” We all look at the ravenous pony who had an innocent smile. “Not really, we weren’t there that long before we left. Also, Rarity was wearing a ridiculous dress.” Falco couldn’t help but laugh a little when he heard that.

I then I happened to look towards Sugarcube corner, and I saw Shy leaving with a bird cage? What is that pony up to? Yes, the café isn’t far from where they have the brunch.

Me and the rest left the café not long after Sunset, Pinkie and Ace went for a walk, AJ and Mac went back to the farm, Abyssal went for a walk, Falco and Octavia stayed at the café. Me and Fleur decided to check on Sunset and hoping that she had calm herself down.

When we reached the library, we could see Sunset sitting outside on a bench, she had her eyes closed and was resting her head against the head rest.

“Have you calm down.” I ask her as we approach.

Sunset. “More or less.”

Fleur. “That’s not really an answer.” She got that right.

Sunset let out a sighed. “Yes, I have calmed down.” I sat down beside while Fleur sat down beside me, I was now in mare sandwich and it felt a little weird. “I am sorry for my outburst.” She opened her eyes and sat upright. “Every time I get angry I can’t control myself.”

I patted her on the shoulder. “Here’s a tip, try and take a few deep breaths when you are angry, it works for Falco.” That got them both to look at me with confusion. “What? You two might not have seen it yet but he can scary when he’s angry, even more scary than Sunset.” That made the colours drain from their fur, I didn’t think that was possible. “Don’t worry, his is more calmer now days, he was worse.”

Sunset. “That’s reassuring, I guess.” I couldn’t help but smile of what she said.

Fleur then lifted a hand. “I would like to chance the subject.” Me and Sunset look over to her. “From anger to what Twilight and Fluttershy is doing.” She then pointing at something so me and Sunset look what.

I am not sure what I saw, they were chasing a featherless bird, the bird just ran past us and the Twilight and Fluttershy ran after it. “What the hell are those two doing?” I had to ask.

Sunset. “It’s looks like they are chasing a featherless bird.“ No shit genius, I am not going to say that out loud, she would kill me.

I got up and followed them, I was curious on what was going on, Sunset and Fleur followed me. We arrived at the town square, where the fountain was and on top of that was the featherless bird, it looked sick. I knew now what was going on. Twilight and the rest was also there with two of Celestia’s guards, Ace and Abyssal was also there. The bird then lost his last feather and then it made some dramatic movement and then it died? Oh brother. The bird then started to fall towards the ground and it just incinerated into ashes.

Shy tried to save it but was horrified when she saw what happened to the bird, the rest to. Shy then started to cry.

Fleur leaned towards me. “Why are they acting like that? don’t they remember what happened last week?” She ask me.

I just shrugged my shoulders. “I have no idea what’s wrong with them.” I knew but I keep my mouth shout because Celestia was coming.

“What is going on here?” She asked as she walk in all her glory, it made me sick.

Twilight and her fiends bowed while me and the two mares didn’t, what was she going to do? Arrest us if we didn’t? Yeah right.

“Twilight.” Sparkle then got up.

“Yes, your majesty, there’s been a terrible accident.” No there hasn’t.

Then shy step forward. “It’s all my fault.” No, it isn’t. nothing has happened.

Then Shy and Sparkle started to argue with one was to blame and then Pinkie pop up and took the blame? Why does she do that?

Then Shy step forwards to take the blame and that was the last straw for me. “For fuck sake Fluttershy, you haven’t done anything wrong.” That got everyone too look at me and I didn’t care. “The bird isn’t dead because it’s a Phoenix.”

She just looked confused. “A Phoenix?” Twilight and the rest was also confused.

I just gave her a deadpan look. “Yes, Phoenix. Don’t you remember what happened last week?” They just looked even more confused and my eye started to twitch. “You know what? Fuck it, I am not going to tell you. I am leaving before I do something I regret.” I then left.

After I had gotten home I decided to walk around in my backyard, I had to calm down and I wasn’t about to do this inside, I would probably break everything I had.

“Fucking Celestia, making them forget things that has already happened.” I had been ranting about that pitch ever since I got home and I didn’t care that I was talking out loud, I needed to get some frustration out of my system, and it wasn’t working.

“Huh, Fox?” That was Twilight.

I stopped what I was doing and saw two ponies I didn’t want to see, Shy and Twilight. “What the hell do you two want?” I ask them with anger in my voice.

“We came over to apologize.”

Now it was my time to be confused. “Apologize for what.” I spat her the unicorn.

“For not coming to you earlier.” Unbelievable.

I put two fingers in my mouth and blew as hard as I could, it didn’t take long before Vixy landed on one of the branches in the tree. “What I want to know why you two don’t remember that I have a Phoenix and her name is Vixy and here’s the weird part, you don’t remember that she has to renew herself for time to time and here’s the best part, it happened to Vixy last week and you two had forgotten about it.” I shouted that last part.

Right now, they were horrified, and I didn’t care I knew why they didn’t come to me, but I was too angry to care. It was bad move from me, but I didn’t care.

“Look, we are both sorry for not coming to you and we have no idea why we didn’t but that dosen’t give you the right to yell at us.”

I walked right up to Twilight. “Don’t push me Sparkle or I will do something I will regret.” She wasn’t scared anymore, she was disappointed. She then left without saying a word so did Shy, she was also disappointed in me. Well, that was that friendship. Vixy then took off.

I sat down by the tree to calm myself, think about what just happened. How the hell did Celestia do what she did? I thought the elements fix whatever she did, apparently not.

“Anger can be a dangerous enemy.” I look up and saw Abyssal standing there.

I snorted. “Tell me about it.”

He sat down beside me I wasn’t about to chase him away. “Want to talk about it?”

I shook my head. “Not really, I was just frustrated.”

He nodded. “Aren’t we all.” That made me smile.

I look at him. “What happened after I left?” I was curious.

“Well, after you had stormed off, all the ponies was in shock.” Not surprised. “Then princess Celestia walked over to where the Phoenix was, she then said some words, I didn’t listen.” Huh. “Then the Phoenix did the same thing that Vixy did, the ashes flew up into the air and then Philomena appeared.” That’s the name of Celestia’s Phoenix. “Then Celestia’s had a smug smile.”

“Come again?”

“I wasn’t looking at the Phoenix, I was looking at the princess and she had smug smile, like she was waiting for something. I guess it never happened because no pony reacted to what happened to Celestia’s Phoenix, we had already seen it with Vixy last week. When she didn’t get attention she was expecting, she just left.” Ok, that’s just weird. That’s not the kind ruler I have read about.

“She just left?” Abyssal nodded. “Without saying a word?” He nodded again. “That’s just rude.”

“You got that right I still don’t understand how my mother can be a guard for her.”

“Your father is a bat pony and your mother is a unicorn, right?” He nodded. “Then I am guessing you got your eyes after him.” He nodded again. “And if I remember, you said that your mother is a night guard and your father a solar guard, then why aren’t you a guard like your parents?”

He just shrugged his shoulders. “I tired but it never felt right.” He then look at me. “How did we managed to talk about my parents when were we talking about you and your anger?”

“It was you who mention your mother.” I told him while smiling.

He smiled back. “You got me there.” He then stood up. “Want to go bowling?” A little surprise that he said that.

“As much fun it sounds, I think I will stay here a little longer. I am going to think of what happened today, we can go bowling another time.”

“I’ll hold you to that one, see around Fox.” He then walk of waving at me, I waved back.

After he left, I just stared up in the sky. “What a day.” The whole thing starts with Shy stealing Celestia’s bird, she was coming out from sugarcube corner, she and Twilight was also chasing the bird, it’s pretty obviously. Then they forgot that Vixy had to ‘born’ a new, probably thanks to Celestia but just how did she managed to do that? I place both hands on my head. “I wish I was wiser when it came to magic.” I let out a frustrated sighed. Also, something told me that Celestia would show her true colours soon.

I am also pretty sure that I ruined my friends with Twilight and Fluttershy, can it be fix? I have no idea.

Friends and Family

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The conductor was sitting in the cart closest to the locomotive, waiting for the train engineer to tell him that they are approaching Ponyville so he could tell the passengers like they always do. It wasn’t a perfect system, but it was a system.

The door open and the train engineer pop his head out. “We are approaching Ponyville, about five minutes to arrival.” He told the conductor who got up, nodded and went to tell the passengers.

Arriving at the first cart, he could see around ten ponies, it was early in the day so there’s not that many passengers. “We will be arriving at Ponyville in five minutes.” That got the passengers who were getting off at Ponyville to gather their stuff.

While they were doing that, the conductor was walking to the back of the cart, there a pony was who sleeping there, his head was resting towards the window while sleeping peacefully, the conductor then put a hand on the pony’s shoulder who was a stallion.

“Sir, we will be arriving at Ponyville soon.” He said while shaking the stallion.

The stallion began to stir, he opened his eyes and decided to stretch his arms. The stallion had black fur, tail, mane and even his eyes were black, he was black from top to bottom.

“Thanks.” He rubbed his eyes, he got up and grab his bag which was lying beside him.

The train stopped at train station and some ponies walk of while other got on the train, the stallion step of the train and look over the town. “So, this is Ponyville. It’s a lot smaller then Manhattan, that’s for sure.” He started to walk towards town. “Time to find out where Pinkie work.”

It was easy for the stallion to fin where Pinkie work, he just ask ponies that lived in town and they said Sugarcube corner. When he arrived at the building he saw that it look giant gingerbread house. “Huh, I didn’t expect that.” He just shrugged his shoulder and walk in.

Once he step inside was bombarded by all kind of smells, cake, muffins, all of them right in his face. “Holly crap that smells good.” He look around in the store and saw that a few ponies there, it was still early in the day. He walk over to the counter and saw mare with blue fur and her mane was pink, she was currently siting behind the counter reading a newspaper.

He coughed to get her attention, she look over the paper and smile when she saw the stallion, she put away the paper. “Welcome to Sugarcube corner, my name is Cup Cake, but everyone calls me Mrs Cake, what can I get you.” She ask the stallion with a smile.

“I am looking for a pony by the name of Pinkie Pie.”

Before Mrs Cake could answer him, they both heard something in back, like someone dropped something on the floor. Then they heard footsteps and before they knew it, Pinkie was standing in the door way. “Cousin Obsidian.” Before the stallion could react, Pinkie was on him giving him a hug. “It’s so good to see you.” She almost knock him over.

Obsidian return the hug. “It’s nice to see you to Pinkie.”

Mrs Cake, who had seen it all just look clueless. “Pinkie.” They let go of the hug. “I didn’t know you had a cousin.”

“You never ask.” Pinkie said with a smile.

Mrs Cake opened her mouth to answer that, but nothing came out. She then smiled. “You have pointe there.”

Obsidian offer her a hand. “Hey, I am Obsidian Twilight and I am Pinkie cousin from Manhattan.”

Mrs Cake gladly shock his hand. “Hello Obsidian, you already know my name, but everyone calls me Mrs Cake and I am Pinkies boss.”

“Nice to meet you and thanks for giving Pinkie a home and a job.” He said with a smile which made Mrs Cake to blush.

“Hey, Mrs Cake. Is it ok that I take my break now? I want to catch up with Obsidian.”

“Tell you what Pinkie, take the day of. It’s Tuesday after all and it’s usually a slow day.”

That made Pinkie smile. “Thanks, Mrs Cake. Let’s sit outside Obsidian.” Before even one of them could blink, she was gone.

Obsidian couldn’t help but smile of her behaviour. “She hasn’t change that’s for sure.” He followed her outside.

Once outside, he sat down by the table that Pinkie was sitting, then he was bombarded with questions. “So, how are you? How are the family? Are you sister’s dating anypony?”

“Slow down Pinkie and I will tell you I am fine, my family is fine, and my sisters are not dating anypony, considering only two of them are old enough and that my father won’t let them date. What about you? How’s my cousin?”

“I am great, I have many great friends, I have great job and I am also dating a pegasus stallion named Arctic Ace.”

“That’s great, where is he?” Obsidian ask while looking around.

“He’s currently at work, he works with the weather team.” Obsidian just nodded.

Before they could say something ells, Mrs Cake came out with two milkshakes. “Here you two go.” She placed the milkshakes on the table.

Obsidian was just confused while Pinkie gladly started to drink her milkshakes. “Huh, we didn’t order anything.”

Mrs Cake just smiled. “This is on the house, considering you are Pinkie’s cousin.” She then walk back in.

Obsidian look at the milkshakes not sure what to think, the ponies in Manhattan is never this nice. He eventually shrugged his shoulders and took a sip from drinking straw, his eyes widen when he tasted it, it was good.

Pinkie couldn’t help but smile that her cousin like the milkshakes. “Good, huh?” Obsidian just nodded. “That’s what I thought, we make the best milkshakes in town.”

He stop drinking. “I can taste that.” He said while liking his lips.

Then Pinkie decided to ask a question. “So, how’s the rock farm?”

“It’s going good, many ponies want’s use to buy diamonds and other’s stones from us, which remind me.” He pick up his bag and placed on his lap, he then started to search through it. “Where did I put it?” Pinkie watch in suspense Obsidian was looking through his bag. “Ah, here it is.” He took something out from his bag.

Pinkie’s eyes widen when she saw what he took up from his bag. “Is that…?”

It was a pink sapphire that was as big as his hand. “A pink sapphire, found about a week ago and thought to myself, this would be a perfect gift for my cousin Pinkie.” He then handed the sapphire to Pinkie. “Here you go.”

Pinkie hesitated. “Are you sure you want to give that to me? Don’t you want to sell it? I bet you can make a lot of money with it.”

“True, but I love my family more than money and I want to give this to you and beside I will be really sad if you don’t accepts it.”

Pinkie just look at the sapphire, still not sure if she should accept it. She loved Obsidian as much as she loved her sisters and parent, but this was a little too much. She also knew that Obsidian would not take no for an answer.

“Alright, I’ll take it.” She took the sapphire from his hand.

Obsidian couldn’t help but smile. “That’s warms my heart, you were think about not taking it?” She nodded. “Why? It’s a gift from me.”

“Come on Obsidian, I know how much this is worth and…”

“Oh, my Celestia, that is beautiful.”

Pinkie and Obsidian look at who the new voice and what Obsidian saw was the most beautiful pony he had seen. She was a unicorn with white fur, her mane and tail was purple, and she was wearing a white dress. Obsidian couldn’t take his eyes of her.

She was walking towards them, she stop right beside them. “Pinkie dear, what is that?” Rarity ask while pointing at sapphire.

“It’s a pink sapphire, my cousin gave it to me.”

Rarity tilted her head to the side. “You have a cousin?”

“Yes.” She look over to Obsidian who was still glaring at Rarity. “Obsidian, are you ok?”

Pinkie shook him, making him blink his eyes a few times. “What? Is there something you want Pinkie?” He ask her.

“Yes, I want you to meet one of my friends.” Pinkie gestured to Rarity. “Obsidian, this my friend Rarity. Rarity this is my cousin Obsidian from Manhattan.”

Rarity. “A pleasure.”

Rarity she held out a hand, Obsidian got up and kissed Rarity’s hand. “The pleasure is all my lady Rarity.”

That made Rarity blush.” Oh my, what a gentle stallion.”

“My mother told me to threat mares with respect if I didn’t, she would probably ground me for months.”

“That’s sounds a little extreme.”

Obsidian just shrugged his shoulders. “It’s true, just ask Pinkie.

Rarity look over to the pink pony who just nodded. “If you say so, but you have to tell me where you found that sapphire, I have never seen one before.”

“I found it while digging in the quarry that my parents own, just outside Manhattan. We find them and sell them to those who want to buy it, it’s mostly ponies from Canterlot.”

“Sounds exhausted.” Rarity said while shaking a little.

Obsidian just smiled. “Not really, I have been doing it as long as I can remember, and I love it.” He then look to his bag. “Should I?” He look at Rarity who was confused. “You know what? Screw it.” He started to search through it again, he eventually found what he was looking for. “This is for you lady Rarity.”

Rarity gasp when she saw what was in his hand, it was a white sapphire. It was a little smaller then Pinkie’s, but it was shining in the sun.

“What…? Your giving this to me?” Obsidian nodded. “Why?”

“Why? Aren’t I allowed to be kind? You are one Pinkie’s friends and I want to give it to.”

Rarity just started at the sapphire in his hand and this was very weird for her, usually she was the one who is generous not the other way around.

“I can’t take this you probably work hard to find it.”

Obsidian just snorted. “Oh please, I have found four of them before so I can afford to give one or two of them away.”

Rarity was still not sure. “You should take it Rarity Obsidian won’t take no for an answer and it will hurt his feelings.” Pinkie told her friend.

Rarity let out a defeating sighed. “Very well, if it means that much to you, I will gladly take.” She took the sapphire from his hand and place it in her purse. “Now, if you will excuse me, I have to buy more fabric. It was nice to meet you Obsidian.”

He bowed. “The pleasure is all mine lady Rarity.” Again, Rarity blushed. She said good bye to both of them and left. Obsidian couldn’t help but help but watch her go, he then look at Pinkie who had a goofy grin. “Not a word Pinkie.” He told her while sitting down, he then drank from his milkshakes.

“You like her, don’t you?” She said in a teasing voice.

Obsidian just rolled his eyes as he placed the milkshake on the table. “Oh please, I just meet her.”

“Don’t try and denied it, you like her. You were flirting with her just a few seconds ago.”

“Even if I did like her my parent would never approve it, you know how they are especially my mother.”

“Right, I forgot.” Obsidian’s parents was or the old sort, he could only date mares that approved by them and it should be a female earth pony.

Obsidian let out a sighed. “Can we please talk about something ells.”

Pinkie tap her chin. “I got it, are you still good when it comes to destroying big boulders?”

Obsidian raised an eye brown by the question. “Yes, why do you ask?” He was now curious.

“There’s a big boulder on my friends Applejack’s farm and she had no luck in removing it.”

“And let me guess, you want me to destroy it?” Pinkie nodded. Obsidian shrugged his shoulders. “Why not, it’s been a while since I've have destroyed a boulder, let’s do it.”

That made Pinkie smile. “Great, follow me.” She got up and started to bounce towards town. Obsidian stood up, grabbed his bag and followed his cousin.

They eventually arrived at Applejack’s farm, it read Sweet Apple acres on the sign that was the entrance. Obsidian look around and the first thing he saw was apple trees, many of them.

“Wow, that’s a lot of apple trees.”

“Of course, there’s apple trees, their name is Apple.” Obsidian couldn’t argue with that. “Come on.” They walk towards the main house. “Hey Applejack, are you around here.”

It didn’t take long before they got an answer. “I’m here Pinkie, you don’t have to shout.” Said a female voice that was coming from the barn, out came a pony with orange fur, har tail and mane was yellow, she was wearing some sort of working cloths and she had a hat on her head. “Is there something you want?” The new pony then notice Obsidian. “Who is the stallion?” She ask while walking towards them.

“Applejack, meet my cousin Obsidian Twilight from Manhattan, Obsidian this my friend Applejack.”

“Nice to meet you Applejack.”

They shock hands. “You too.” Then they started to test their strength with their handshake, Applejack actually had some trouble standing up, Obsidian was actually strong than her. “Quite the grip you have there.” She told him once they let of, she had to rub her hand.

Obsidian just smile. “Years of living on a rock farm and working in a quarry.”

“I felt it. So, Pinkie. What brings you two here?”

“Well, I know that you had problem with a giant boulder ever since this farm was found and I have your solution.” Pinkie but and arm around Obsidian. “My cousin.”

AJ just gave her a blank look. “Are you telling me that you cousin is capable to remove the boulder in south field? The very same rock that none of us has managed to move?” Pinkie nodded her head. “I don’t believe you.”

“Then you are in for a shock.”

Applejack look over Obsidian who actually look bored, she knew that he was strong considering their hand shake but she didn’t believe that a pony couldn’t move that boulder, not even Sunset managed to move it and she is one of strongest unicorns on town. “Alright, if you think that you cousin can do it then I will give him a chance. Follow me.” All three started to walk towards the south field.

When they arrived there, Obsidian could see a stallion with red fur, yellow mand and tail picking up some rocks. He then saw the boulder and it was big and hug, it was bigger than Obsidian that’s for sure. He walk over to the rock he placed his bag on the ground and started to study it.

Mac watch as a black stallion walk over to the boulder and started to study it, he then look over to his sister for answer. “Mac, this is Pinkie’s cousin Obsidian and apparently he is our solution to when it comes to the boulder, which I still don’t believe.” Mac just nodded.

Pinkie gasp when she heard that Applejack didn’t believe her. “How dare you Applejack? Obsidian knows what he is doing.”

“How can I believe you Pinkie when even you can’t remove it or destroy it and you live on a rock farm and what is your cousin doing?”

They all look at Obsidian who had put his ear against the rock, he then started to move around it while tapping it with knuckles against it. “Have you found it yet?” Pinkie ask him.

“Not yet.” Was his answer.

Applejack just stood there, confused. “Found what?”

“The boulders weak point, silly.” Applejack just look at Pinkie and Obsidian in disbelieve, she didn’t know what to think at the moment.

Obsidian walk around the rock with ears still against the rock while tapping the boulder with his knuckles, he went almost an entire round before he stopped. “Found it.” He took a few steps back and got ready to punch it.

Applejack and Mac just stood there, confused. While Pinkie had smile on her face. “This is going to be good.”

Then Obsidian punched the rock as hard as he could, then nothing happened. “There, that should do it.” He pick up his bag and walk back to Pinkie.

Applejack look at Obsidian, then boulder and the back to Obsidian. “Do what? You didn’t do anything you just punch the…” Then they started to hear something crack.

All four ponies look at the boulder and saw that it started to appeared cracks where Obsidian had punched it, then more cracks started to appear on it and before they knew it, the entire boulder was covert with cracks. Then to Applejack and Mac shock, the entire boulder collapsed on the ground in pieces, then the siblings mouth feel to the ground.

“It’s easy to destroy a boulder when you can find it’s weak spot.” Obsidian said in a calm voice while looking at two shocked ponies. “Now, you can just collect the rock, or in the case, rocks.” He then look at his cousin. “Care to give me a tour of Ponyville.”

Pinkie gave him a smile. “Sure, follow me. See you later Applejack and Mac.” They didn’t answer, they just stood there with their mouth open.

On the other side of town, two pegasus mares was walking through town. One had brown fur with black hair and tail. She was wearing a purple suit, a cray jacket and around her neck she had green scarf, she also had a pair of pink gloves on her hands.

The other pegasus was white from top to bottom, she was wearing a light blue suit, a cray jacket and around her neck a red scarf, she had a pair of pink gloves.

“Are you sure this is the town Miyu?” The white pegasus ask her friend.

“For the last time Fay, yes. This is Ponyville and it’s where Fox’s lives. We also bought a house here remember?” Myiu told her friend with annoyance, Fay just rolled her eyes of her friend behaviour. “You have been asking me ever since we landed here and beside, you were the one who saw Falco at the young flyer competition.”

“No, I thought I saw a pony that look like him, not that I saw him.” Fay told her.

Myiu tried to argue with her but nothing came to mind. “You have pointe there, let’s just try and find Fox, just how difficult is to find a 6 feet fox in this town?” She said while throwing her arms up in frustration.

“Maybe we should ask someone, like her.” Fay said while pointing at someone.

Myiu look in the direction where Fay was pointing and a mare came out of a house, the mare had cray fur, yellow mane and tail. The mare than bump into her own mailbox as she walk out of her house.

Miyu shrugged her shoulders. “Sure, why not.” Miyu walk over to the cray mare. “Excuse me miss, can you tell me…what the hell is wrong with your eyes.” The mare had turned to look at Myiu and then he saw the mares eyes, one was looking up and the other was looking down. Fay then slap Miyu in the head. “Ow, why did you do that?” She ask her friend while she was rubbing her head.

“You shouldn’t had said what you said about her eyes, you could hurt her feelings.” Fay scolded Miyu.

“It’s not my fault her eyes is like that, they took me by surprised, that’s all.”

“Either way, you should watch what you are saying."

Derpy wasn't listing to Fay and Miyu, she was trying and remember where she had seen them before, they look so familiar to her, then it dawn on her.

“Oh, my Celestia, you are Fay and Miyu, Wonder…” That was all she could say, Miyu but a hand over her mouth.

“Shh, we will sign ever poster you have just don’t tell others who we are, the less ponies know that we are here the better. Got it?” Derpy nodded. “Good, I am going to remove my hand so we can talk.” She removed her hand.

Derpy couldn’t help but smile. “I can’t believe I am talking to ‘you know who’ right know, this is the best day of my life. I’m Derpy and I am a big fan.”

“Hello Derpy, my name is Fay and this grumpy pony is my friend Miyu.” She said while pointing her thumb at Miyu.

“Hey, I am not grumpy.” Miyu didn’t like to be called that.

Derpy couldn’t help but giggle. “Anyway Derpy, we are looking for Fox McCloud and we were wondering if you knew where he was living.” Fay ask her.

“Why are looking for Fox?” Derpy ask them.

“We are old friends.”

Derpy blink a few times. “I didn’t know he had friends before he got here, there’s Falco.”

Fay look over her friend. “Told you I saw a pony that look like Falco.” She said with a goofy grin, Myiu just rolled her eyes.

“Wait, you know Falco to?” Derpy ask them.

“Yes, he is also an old friend.” Fay told her.

Myiu was now getting impatient. “Look Derpy, as much as I like to chat, is it possible you can tell us where Fox is living? We have bought a house here and we like to unpack before it gets dark.”

Derpy look between them. “Sure, just keep going down the street and look for number 64, it isn’t far. He is probably in the back yard with his daughter.”

Fan and Miyu eyes almost pop out of their skulls when they heard that. “Did you just say that Fox has a daughter?” Myiu ask her, Derpy just nodded.

"Yes, he adopt her a few months ago." She told them.

That warmed both of the girls heart, they always knew that Fox had a good heart. They still can't believe that Fox has a daughter. “Thanks, Derpy. Will come back later to sign some autographs later.” That made Derpy smile. She then watch them go. “I can’t believe I got to meet Fay and Myiu from the Wonderbolts before Dash she is going to be so jealous.”

“I’m not sure if I can do this dad.”

Shadow was currently lying on her stomach on the grass in back yard, why? I am trying to teach her to fly but first she need to build up her strength in her wings, she hasn’t used them, and I told her that she need to work on her muscles in her wings before she could start flying.

I bend down. “Listen Shadow. You haven’t used your wings and that means your muscles has become weak, if you try and fly now you will fail. I no it’s not what you want to hear but it’s the truth.”

“You should listen to you dad, he’s right.”

I look in the direction of the voice and I could see two pegasus, one had brown fur, the other one had white fur, they were both female and they look very familiar. Before I could say anything, I heard a gasp coming from Shadow and the she ran inside the house.

“Shadow, where are you going?” I got up and look at the newcomers. “Alright, who are you two and where I have I seen you before? You look familiar.”

“Aw, you don’t recognize us. I’m hurt.” The brown said in a dramatic tone, while the white one just rolled her eyes.

“There’s only one person I know that has that attitude but it’s not possible considering she is dead and it’s my fault.”

“We never blamed you Fox.” Said the white one.

As soon as I heard her voice it all dawn on me but before I could say anything, Shadow came out from our house and ran straight up to them while holding a poster in her arms.

“You are Miyu and Fay from the Wonderbolts, can I have your autograph on this poster?” She ask them both.

Miyu just smiled. “Sure kid, but let’s go inside first.”

Shadow just smiled as she led Myiu inside while Fay walk towards me. “Fox? Are you ok?” Was I? I wasn’t sure, here was two friends I thought was dead but they were alive and well. I did the first thing that came to mind and that give her a hug, she was surprised.

“Oh, I didn’t expect this.”

“Just shut up and return it.” She did. We eventually broke the hug. “How?” Was all I could say.

“Maybe we should talk inside with Myiu, I also have to sign a poster.” I just nodded.

Once inside we saw Miyu and Shadow by the table in the living room, Miyu was signing the poster that was lying on the table while Shadow was grinning like a maniac. I know one should write that about his daughter, but she was grinding like maniac.

Myiu heard us walk in. “Your turn Fay.” She told her while handing her the pen she was using.

“I didn’t actually agree to this, but I’ll do it anyway. Considering it’s Fox’s daughter.” She took the pen and sing the poster.

When she was done, Shadow pick it up and studied the signatures. “This is so cool I have to show this to Dinky and Ruby.” She folded the poster and ran out the main door.

Fay and Miyu watch as she ran out. “She can’t sit still, can’t she.” Said Miyu. Then Fox suddenly gave her a hug which surprised her. “Uh, what did I do deserve this?” She ask me.

“Just shut up and let me do this.” I broke the hug and look at her. “How are you two alive? I thought you were dead.”

“We thought that as first when we woke up in a park in Cloudsdale, that was seven years ago.” Said Fay.

My eye widen when I heard that. “You have been here seven years?” They both nodded. “What have you two been doing this time?” I ask them as I sat down in my chair, they sat down in the couch.

Fay started first. “Well, after we awoken we both thought it was some sort of dream considering we were both pegasus and that we could walk on clothes.”

“Now, that was surprise.” Said Miyu, Fay nodded in agreement. “Then we found out that it wasn’t a dream.”

“Where did you two live? You both were in a different world after all and had no place to live.”

Miyu. “We actually lived on the street for a while until a mare named Spitfire took us in, she gave us a home until we could find a job. Then we decided to learn everything we could about Equestria.” She laugh a little. “I still think that name sound stupide.”

Fay continued. “Anyway, after we had leaner about this place and learned to fly we decided to join the Wonderbolts, we flew with them for seven years, we became very popular and now we have retired, then we decided to buy a house in Ponyville and here we are.”

I nodded. “I guess that’s the short version, which one of you saw Falco at the young flyer competition?”

Myiu pointed her thumb at Fan. “That would be me, Soarin had eaten to many pies before the competition so I decided to step in for him. It was my last thing for the team. I swear, that idiot care more about pies then his health.” Fan told him.

Then Miyu snorted. “That idiot, knew that those pies would be the end of him.”

Fan look at Miyu with an angry look. “He is not dead yet.”

“Maybe, but it will be his death if he dosen’t stop."

I was going to ask them more but then the door open, I look over my shoulder and saw Shadow walk in with her hanging down. “Hey kid, weren’t you supposed to meet your friends?” Then I saw something missing. “Where’s your poster?” She didn’t have it with her.

She look up at me with tears in her eyes. “Diamond Tiara took it.”

That got my blood to boiled. “What happened?”

“After I left the house, I was stop by her and Silver Spoon, they then saw my poster and took it from me. After they saw that it was signed they said that a filthy bat pony didn’t deserve a poster with Wonderbolts signatures, then they pushed me into the ground and walk away with my poster.” She said between crying. She wasn’t lying, her clothes was dirty.

I got up and gave her a hug. “I’m sorry to hear that Shadow, I am going to get back your poster.”

“But, you know who their father is.”

I broke the hug and look her in the eye. “I am fully aware who he is and right now I don’t care, no one steals from my daughter.”

Then we heard a bang and I saw that Miyu was now standing and she was angry, very angry. “Where does this Diamond Tiara lives?”

Fay got up and place a hand on her friend shoulder. “Miyu, calm down.”

Miyu swapped away the hand. “I am not going to calm down Fay, that poster was for Shadow and I am not going to let some bully steal it. Fox, either show me where this Diamond Tiara lives, or do I have to knock on every door in this town?”

I had better do as she said, there’s no stopping Myui when she is angry and set her mind to something. “I will show you.”

I showed Miyu and Fay where Diamond Tiara lived, their house were a little fancier than the rest of houses in Ponyville but that because Diamond Tiara’s father, Filthy Rich was very rich. I had told Miyu that, but she didn’t listen considering she went straight to the door and knock so hard that she almost knock down the door.

It didn’t take long before the door opened and Filthy step out. “Who in Celestia’s name…” That was all he could say.

Miyu grabbed him by his shirt and pushed him against the wall. “Where is that daughter of yours?” She ask him with venom in her voice. It didn’t face Filthy, was as calm as ever.

“Do you know who I am?” He ask Miyu.

“No and I don’t care but something tells me that you know who I am.”

Filthy nodded. “Yes, you are Miyu a former Wonderbolt.”

“That’s right and your daughter stole a poster from Shadow that me and Fay a signed and I would like it back.”

Filthy raised an eye brown. “Is that so.” He look over to the rest of us, he wasn’t happy to see me, long story. “Is this true Fox?”

I was a little surprised that he ask me. “Apparently your daughter and Silver Spoon took my daughter’s poster, they called her a filthy bat pony then they push her into the ground.”

Filthy was as calm as ever. “I see, do you have any proof that this happened?” I am not surprised that he said that, but it pushed Myui over the edge, she was about to punch him.

“What’s going on her.” We all look over to the new voice, it was Abyssal Shield.

Filthy smiled when he saw him. “Abyssal, I am really happy to see you. I would like to arrest this mare for assaulting me.”

“If there’s anyone who should be arrest it’s your daughter for theft.” Miyu said with anger in her voice.

Abyssal walk over to Miyu. “I don’t know who you are, but you can’t go around threating ponies.”

She didn’t look at him. “I don’t really care all I want is the poster that his daughter stool from Fox’s daughter.

Abyssal look at Filthy. “Is this true Filthy?”

“I don’t know, I never got the chance to find out thanks to this mare.”

I grabbed Miyu and pried her of him. “Can you calm down Miyu, You aren’t making this easy.” She was breathing heavily when I got her to let go of Filthy.

Then Abyssal spoke. “Alright, can someone tell me what this is about and maybe we can come to a peaceful solution.” I decided to tell him what Shadow told me. “I see, does Fox tell the truth Filthy?”

He straighten out his jacket. “There’s no way that my daughter would steal something from anyone, and I will prove it, Diamond Tiara.”

It didn’t take long before she showed up and she wasn’t happy to see us, especially me. “Daddy, what are they doing her?” She asked him while pointing at us, I really don’t like her.

“Fox here said that you have stollen a poster from his daughter, is this true.”

I could see that it surprised her a little, but she recover quickly. “I have no idea what they are talking about.” She told us while pointing her nose up in the air.

“Why you little…” Miyu went on the offence again, me and Fay had to hold her back and it was not east, she as very strong. Diamond Tiara back away in fear.

Then Abyssal stood between them. “Can everyone calm down I really don’t want to arrest anyone.” He look over to Filthy. “Is it ok for you that I search through your daughter room? Too see if she stole the poster or not.”

Filthy thought for a second. “Go ahead, I am certain that my daughter is telling the truth.” Diamond was about to argue but Filthy gave her a look at made her shut up. “It’s up the stairs and the second door to your right.” Abyssal nodded and went in.

“Who is that unicorn?” Fay ask me.

“His name is Abyssal Shield and he is this town’s guard.” She nodded in understanding.

While we were talking, Diamond Tiara was complaining to her dad. “Daddy, you can’t be serious? You actually believe them?” She said while pointing at us.

“A pony would not threaten me like that and make falls accuses, if you really didn’t steal Shadow’s poster as you said, then you have nothing to worried about.”

It didn’t take long before he came back out with a poster in his hand. “Tell me Filthy, have you ever bought you daughter a Wonderbolt poster?” Filthy shook his head. “Then your daughter is a thief.” Abyssal folded out the poster and it was the same as Shadow but there was one different, she had used black marker over the signature. Abyssal used his magic on the poster. “The writing says; To Shadow, aim high and your dreams will come true, the signature is from Miyu and Fay.”

We all look over to Diamond Tiara who was now very nervous. “You little brat.” Myui went to attack her again, me and Fay had to hold her back again.

Filthy closed his eyes and started to rub his forehead. “Why Diamond? Why did you steal Shadow’s Wonderbolt poster?” She didn’t answer. “Answer me.” He said with some more force in his voice.

“I took it because she doesn’t deserves it, she is nothing but a filthy bat pony.”

It took ever will power in my body not to attack that little piss of shit, if you think that Sunset is dangerous when she is angry, then you haven’t seen me angry, very angry.

Filthy let out a disappointing sigh. “I am very disappointed in you young lady, I thought that me and your mother had raised you better than this, I guess I was wrong.” He opened his eyes and look her straight in hers, which made cover in fear. “You are ground for a month, that’s mean you have to come straight home from school. You are not allowed to speak with Silver Spoon.”

“But daddy.”

“And if I find out that you have been bulling other in the school or on the way home, I will extend your house arrest a week every time you are bulling others. Do I make myself clear?”

Diamond Tiara look down on the ground. “Yes daddy.”

Filthy nodded. “Good, now go to your room and think about you have done today.” We all watch as Diamond Tiara walk back inside, then Filthy look at me. “I promise you Fox that my daughter won’t bother Shadow anymore.”

I didn’t believe him. “You words don’t mean jackshit to me Filthy, but they are I have right now, so I take it.”

He nodded and then look at Abyssal. “Thank you for resolving this without any violence.”

“Sure, it’s my job after all.” Filthy said nothing after that, he just walk in and closed the door.

We then stop the in silence, until Miyu said something. “What a jackass.” She had point.

“He’s rich, that’s why is like that and his daughter.”

“It’s no excuse to act like that.” Said Miyu, she then took a couple of breaths. “Fay.” She look at her friend. “Do you think you can move some out stuff into our house by yourself for a while.”

“Sure, where are you going to do?”

“I am going to visit someone.” Before we could ask her she spread her wings and took off.

“I really hope she isn’t going to do something stupid.” I said while watching her fly off.

“Don’t worry, I think I know where she is going.” Fay said with a smile.

Then Abyssal spoke. “Well, this have been fun but have to get back to my job.” He handed me the poster. “I don’t know if Shadow will have this back, but I think you should have it.”

I took the poster. “Thanks for getting it back Abyssal.”

He smiled. “No problem, are we still up for poker this weekend?” I just nodded. “Great, I’ll see you, Ace and Mac then.” He then walk off.

“Well, I better head to out new house and start unpacking.” Said Fay.

“I can come by and help you if you want.”

That made her happy. “That would be great, it’s not far from the library, you can probably see thanks to all the boxes that’s outside.”

“I’ll be there after I have deliver the poster to Shadow and told her what happened.”

Fay smiled and walk off to her house. I couldn’t help but smile too, it was good that Fay and Miyu is here. Falco is probably not like it, he and Miyu never got along. I decided to head home.

On the other side of town, by the train station was Pinkie and her cousin Obsidian Twilight. Pinkie wasn’t very happy at the moment considering that Obsidian had to go home.

“Do you really have to go?” Pinkie ask her cousin.

“Unfortunately, yes. You know how my parents will react if I am not home today.”

Pinkies ears dropped. “I understand.” She then gave him a hug. “I am going to miss you.”

He return the hug. “And I am going to miss you to Pinkie.” They broke the hug and he look into her eyes. “I promise that I will return, you have some interesting friends to bad I couldn’t meet them all and that coltfriend of yours, you better take good care of him.”

That made her blush. “I will. I am sorry you couldn’t meet Fox, he said he was busy, and he would not be disturbed while training his daughter, which I would honour.”

Obsidian was surprised when he heard that, he never thought that Pinkie would do that. “Wow, I never thought I would hear you say that Pinkie. I can see that you have grown since the last time I saw you.” That made Pinkie blush again. Then they hear the whistle to the train. “I guess that’s my cue, it was nice seeing you again Pinkie.” He walk on to the train, when he sat down he waved to Pinkie as the train left the station and she waved back.

Pinkie watch as the train diapered into the horizon. “I’m going to miss him.” She the turned towards the town. “Well, time to invite the two new ponies to a party.” She then bounce towards the town.

Chaos And Harmony part 1

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There’s a saying that harmony can’t live without chaos, I am not so sure about that.

It’s been two weeks since Miyu and Fay had moved to Ponyville, they have gotten along with the girls except Dash. All she have done is ask them to teach her some tricks so she can impress the Wonderbolts and the answer she has gotten every time is, do it yourself. But begging Dash, she didn’t listen so it eventually Mitu had to threaten her and that got her to shut up.

When it came to Miyu and Fay arriving in Equestria, the had somehow age backwards. I have no idea how that works, they were around thirty before they arrived here and when they arrived, they were twenty two. That was seven years ago and now they are twenty nine, my head hurts. Falco wasn’t too happy that they were both pegasus, that’s for sure. He always complain that he is an earth pony not a Pegasus.

And here’s the pest part, after what happened to Diamond Tiaras and Shadow, Miyu had flown to Cloudsdale to get the entire Wonderbolt team to sign a poster to Shadow. Shadow was probably the most happies bat pony in Equestria when she got that poster, Miyu and Fan also signed it. I don’t think she will let Diamond get that poster.

I am currently walking towards Rarity’s place, I had her working on a little project of mine, crystals you can talk through like a walk talkie. If there’s anyone who can make that happened, it’s her. There’s was one problem and that was crystals but luckily for I knew three Diamond dogs that can help her, I can still believe I am their boss, considering I can’t remember beating there leader.

When I arrived at her place, I open the door I was meet by that bloody smell that is perfume, I still don’t understand why she has to have so much of that stuff. “Rarity, are you in here?” I said out loud.

“I am in here darling.” That came from her work room and why that darling talk? I hate it.

I entered the room and saw her sitting by her desk working on a crystal, I decided to wait until she was done which didn’t take long.

She was sitting with her back to me, she then turned around to face me throwing her arms up in the air. “I have done it.” She stop for a moment. “I think.” She went back to her work bench. “I really hope that they will work.”

I walk over to her. “Did you do it, yes or no?” On the bench lay two purple crystals.

“To be perfectly honest, I have no idea. I haven’t test them yet.” That make sense.

You are probably wondering what we are talking about, I ask Rarity to make some communication crystals that we could talk through. I have been wanting to ask her to make some for a while, but I have never done it, I am not sure why.

“Why don’t we test them now, I’ll take one outside and you will keep the other one, once I am outside I will use mine and then will we see if they work or not.”

Rarity nodded. “That will work.” She handed one of them to me, I took it. “Once you are outside just hold it in your hand and just think that you want to talk through it, then talk and I should hear you.” I nodded and went outside.

Once I was outside, I did as Rarity said then then the crystal start to glow. I spoke. “Rarity, can you hear me?” I waited in suspense.

“YES, I CAN HEAR YOU, IT WORKS.” That was a little too loud for me.

“Did you really had to shout?” I told her through the crystal.

“Sorry, I was so happy that it work.” She answered in a much calmer voice.

“I am glad you are happy I’m coming back inn.” I walk back inn.

Once inside I walk into her work room I could see that she had the big smile on her face. “I can’t believe it work we talk through the crystal.”

I look down on the crystal. “I got to admit it Rarity, I’m impressed that you managed to do it.” I told while looking at her.

She placed a hand on her chest. “I take bride in my work, but I am curious why you didn’t ask Sunset or Twilight, they are better than me when it comes to magic.”

“That might be true but when it’s comes to crystals, you are probably the best.”

That might her smile. “And I am grateful that you chose me.” She then look at the crystal in her hand. “Where did you come up with the idea to use crystals like this? I would never have thought about this.”

“Well, back in my world we just radio waves to communicate which each other’s, and…” I could see that confused her. “Right, you don’t know what radio waves is.” I wasn’t sure how to explain this, then I look at the crystal again. “Ok, you used magic to make these crystals, correct?” She nodded. “Then you can say that radio waves are like the way we talked through these, it’s like magic waves. Does that makes sense to you?” I hope it did, I am not sure if I understood it.

“What’s your saying that the magic is this radio waves you are talking about.” I guess that’s work, I just nodded. “I am not sure if I understand it, so I am going you say that this radio waves makes that you can talk to others over great distances.”

“That about sums it up by the was Rarity, what’s the ranges of these crystals?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “I have no idea.” She tossed the other one to me and I managed to catch it. “You have to find that out for yourself.”

I placed both of them in my pockets. “I’ll figure something out, what do I owe you for this?”

She waved her hands. “You don’t own me nothing Fox, just working on these and knowing that they work is enough for me.” I really wish she would stop begging so generous.

“Rarity, I don’t care what you are saying, I am paying you for these crystals, end of story.” AJ isn’t the only one who can be stubborn.

She wanted to protest but I gave her a look that said don’t, she then threw her hands up in defeat. “Fine, you can pay, 50 bites.”

I had no idea if that was right or not. “Alright, you have your money in a few days.” I told her.


Then we heard the door open. “Rarity, are you here?” That was Twilight.

“I’m in here dear.”

Twilight entered the room and she was surprised to see me. “Fox, what are you doing here?”

“What? I’m not allowed to visit a friend anymore?”

She was taken back of what I said. “Of course, you are I just thought Rarity was alone.” I could see that she was nervous, why? I have no idea.

“Twilight dear, is there something you want?” Rarity ask the book worm.

She nodded. “Yes, princess Celestia send me a letter and told us that we had to come to Canterlot, it’s stood in the letter that it was urgent.” Urgent? Interesting. “She is sending a chariot and it will land near Fluttershy’s house.”

“Very well I will meet you there, I just have to finished up here.”

That made Twilight smile. “Good, I just have to get Pinkie and Dash.” She then ran out the door.

“Well, that was strange.” I said while looking at the door.

“What do you mean Fox?”

I look at her white unicorn was busy putting away her stuff. “Don’t you think it’s a little weird that Celestia suddenly summoned you and the rest of the girls, she hasn’t done that before.”

Rarity started to put away the stuff she had been using. “I think you are you overacting Fox, maybe the princess just want to see us.” Somehow I doubt that.

“Can I come, to see you off?”

She blink a few times. “Sure, I don’t see why not.” I gave her a nod.

Once me and Rarity arrived at Shy’s house, we could see the rest of the girls there, even Ace and Abyssal was there. I could understand Ace but not Abyssal, Ace is dating Pinkie but Abyssal isn’t dating any of them, I know he likes AJ but that’s it.

As we walked towards them I could see that the girls was talking probably what Celestia wanted with them, the chariot had not arrived yet. Ace and Abyssal was standing not far from them, they were also talking.

The first one to notice us was Twilight and again she was surprised to see me. “Fox, what are you doing here?” Again? What’s wrong with her.

“Why do you keep saying that? I’m allowed to see you all off.” I then look around. “Why aren’t Sunset here?” I knew that would confused them, but I had to try.

Twilight tilted her head to the side. “Why would Sunset be here? She is not one of the elements.” That’s one side of the story, the wrong one.

I stretched out my hand. “Well, good luck out there Twilight.” She hesitated a little, but she took it and when she did I pulled her in and gave her a hug. “Hope you all come back safe.” I let her go and then I want back to the town, leaving the very confused. Also, the chariot was arriving.

Ace and Abyssal just was as Fox gave Twilight a hug and then walk away.

“What was that about?” said Ace.

“You didn’t see it?” Ace look at Abyssal with a confused face. “Fox dropped something in Twilight’s pocket, I don’t know what.”

“Why would he do that.” Ace ask him.

“I don’t know but I am going to find out.”

As Ace and Abyssal went after Fox while the chariot took the six girls to Canterlot.

Once I got back into to town I went straight to the library, if there was one pony in town who wanted to know what was going on the castle, it would be Sunset. As I walk I just remember something, Shadow’s class was on a field trip to Canterlot, I just hope nothing bad happened to them or Shadow.

Once I arrived at the library I sat down in one of the benches that Sunset had placed there, I then took out the crystal from my pocket but before I could test it. “What’s that?” I look up and saw Ace and Abyssal looking at me and the crystal.

“This is are communication crystals and right now I am going to test if they work, I’m going to listen in on the girls and see how far I can hear with these crystals.” I told them.

They gave me a blank look. “So, you are spying on them?” Abyssal ask me.

“I wouldn’t say spying, I’ll call it gathering information. I‘m just curious why Celestia summoned them to the castle.”

Abyssal was about to say something when the door to the library open and Sunset step out. “What are you three doing here?”

“Fox is spying on Twilight and the others in Canterlot with a communication crystals.” Abyssal told her.

That made grin. “Anything juice?” She ask me as she sat down beside me.

Abyssal just shook his head. “I’m leaving, I don’t want to hear something I wasn’t supposed to hear.” He then left.

“I have to go to I have to get back to work.” Ace spread his wings and flew off.

That left me and Sunset. “So, I’m guessing princess Celestia summoned Twilight and the others to Canterlot because of the elements of harmony.”


“You know that’s not going to work considering they need us.”

“I know that Sunset but what should we do? Join them? Who knows what Celestia would do to us, don’t you remember what happened at the castle in Everfree?”

Sunset rubbed her forehead. “All too well. Alright, I get what you are saying.”

“Good. Since you are the smart one, how long will it take them to get to Canterlot?”

She placed a hand on her cheek. “Well, if they were traveling with train it would take them about forty to forty five minutes. But, if they are traveling with chariot, which they probably are doing, I would say ten minutes.”

I nodded. “Alright, let’s see if this crystal works.”

Before I could active it. “How well have you test them?” Sunset ask me.

“Not much, only a few meters.” I confessed. Sunset was about to say something, but I cut her off. “But, I trust Rarity and I am pretty sure she knows what she is doing.” That made her shut her mouth. Rarity might not be on Sunset and Twilight’s level when it comes to magic, but I trust her in this.

Time to test them. Rarity said that I had to focus so I did, I focus that I wanted to listen the crystal started to glow and then…

“I wonder what the princess want with us.” That was Dash, it worked.

I look at Sunset with a winning smile, she just rolled her eyes. “Alright, they work. Let’s just listen to them.” She wasn’t happy and I didn’t care.

We listen to them and they mostly talked about what Celestia wanted with them, which they didn’t know, it was boring. Then they finally landed in the garden at the castle, then they were brought in to Celestia’s throne chamber.

Twilight. “Princess Celestia, we came as fast as we could.” This should be interesting.

Celestia. “Thank you Twilight, thank you all.”

Twilight. “What’s going on? Why did you summoned us?”

Celestia. “I summoned you all because I need your help. Follow me.” They were walking a bit. “I’ve called you all here for a matter of great importance. It seems an old foe of mine, someone I thought I had defeated along ago has returned.” That sounds bad. “His name… is Discord.”

I look over to Sunset. “Have you ever heard that name before?” She shook her head. “Me neither.”

Celestia continued to speak. “Discord is the mischievous spirit of disharmony. Before my sister and I stood up him, he ruled Equestria in a state of unhappiness and unrest.” Why do I feel like that Celestia isn’t telling the whole truth. “Luna and I saw how miserable life was for earth ponies, unicorns and pegasai alike.”

I look over to Sunset. “Do you believe what she is saying?” I ask her.

She shook her head. “Not really, I got the feeling she is hiding something.”

“I’m glad we agree on that.”

We were about to listen more. ”What are you two doing?” It was Falco.

He was standing in front of us. “Twilight and the girls are in Canterlot with Celestia and we are listing on them.”

That made him smile. “Anything juice.” He ask while standing beside me, typical Falco.

“Just that someone named Discord the mischievous spirit of disharmony has returned.”

Falco snorted when he heard the name. “Discord? What kind of name is that.”

I just ignored him and went back to listening on the girls and Celestia. “This is Canterlot tower, where the elements are kept inside, ever since you all recovered them. I need you to wield the elements of harmony once again and stop Discord before he thrusts Equestria into eternal chaos.”

“Hold on a minute.” Me and Sunset look at Falco. “The elements aren’t in Canterolt, you told me you and the others hid them after you saved Luna.”

“We did and I have no idea why she is telling the girls this.” I told him.

Back to the crystal. “You six showed the full potential of the elements by harnessing the magic of your friendship to beat a might foe. Although Luna I once wielded the elements, it is you who now control their power, and it you who must stop Discord.”

Those words made Falco gag. “That might be worst speech I have heard in my life, those she really think that friendship is magic or something? What an ego.” I was about to say, ‘you’re the one to talk’, but I didn’t.

Let’s hear more. “Have no fear ponies, I have total confidence that you will be able to defeat Discord… with these.” We heard them gasp and then few moments of silences.

Then Twilight spoke. “The elements, they’re gone.”

Before we could say anything, we heard a new voice through the crystal who was laughing. “My dear Twilight Sparkle, the elements was never there to begin with.” It was Discord.

Celestia. “Discord, what have you done with the elements?”

Discord. “Really Celestia? Are you going to play this little game of yours.” Then we heard a sighed. “Fine, I guess I’ll play along to, for my amusement and for those three who are listing on us.” All three of eyes widen, how the hell did he knew?

Twilight. “Listing? What are you talking about.”

Discord. “It’s dosen’t matter, let’s get on with the show. If you can solve my riddle then you find your elements.” Why is he doing this? I told the girls to hide their elements after we saved Luna, I just hope they did it. “To retrieve your missing elements, just make sense of these change of events. Twists and turns are my master plan, then find the elements back where you began.”

We are not sure what happened next, we heard Shy talk then Twilight “Twists and turns, twists and turns.” We heard her walk. “Twist and turns, that’s it. I bet Discord hid the elements in the palace labyrinth.”

Right after she said those word, Sunset smack herself in the face. “You got to be kidding me.”

I raised an eye brown. “Are they not in the labyrinth?” I ask her.

“No, they are not. Didn’t Twilight listen to what Discord said? To retrieve your missing elements, just make sense of these change of events. Twists and turns are my master plan, then find the elements back where you began.” Me and Falco were lost. “Discord never said the elements were in the labyrinth, we have to go back to where we began. The book.”

Falco. “Which book?”

Sunset was about to yell at him. “Easy Sunset, Falco wasn’t here when it happened.” That made her calm down. “She means the book they used to learn about the elements of harmony.”

Falco nodded. “Ok, make sense that he would hide them there, but why? Why is Discord doing this? What does he get out of all this?” That was a good question.

Then we heard Twilight talk again. “Alright girls, let’s go int the labyrinth and find out elements.”

That made Sunset react. “Oh my… are they really going into the labyrinth, are the stupide or something? Fox, can I talk to them?”

I nodded. “Yes.” I handed het the crystal. “Just think that you want to talk through it and then speak.”

She took the crystal and started to speak. “Twilight, can you hear me?”

There was a moment of silence before we heard them respond. “Did we just hear Sunset?” Said Twilight.

“Yes, you heard me in the crystal that’s…” She look at me. “Where did you place the crystal on here?”

I blinked a few times. “Oh right, right front pocket.”

She went back to the crystal. “Check your right front pocket.”

We waited. “Hey, when did this crystal get there?” She found it.

Rarity. “That’s one of the communication crystals I made for Fox.”

“Fox? When did he place this in my… he did it when he hug me. They have been spying on us.” That made the other gasp.

“Yes, we are all horrible and we are going to Tartarus. That dosen’t matter right now, what’s matter right now is that you are making a mistake, the elements are not in the labyrinth.”

There were silence again. “Of course, it is Discord said it.” Said Twilight.

Sunset was getting a little impatient. “No, he didn’t, did you even listen to what he said?” Silence. “Oh my… To retrieve your missing elements, just make sense of these change of events. Twists and turns are my master plan, then find the elements back where you began. He did not mention that the elements are in the labyrinth, they are in Ponyville, more specific the library.”

Again, silence. Then Twilight spoke. “No, I refused to believe you, the elements are in the labyrinth not in Ponyville and I will not fail the princess.” Then the crystal stop glowing.

“Twilight, can you hear me?` What hell happened?” Sunset ask me.

“She must have destroyed the crystal.” I told her while taking the crystal she had. “The crystal should be glowing when it’s working.” I tried the crystal, nothing.

“What do we do now? They are in the wrong place, probably walking into a trap.” Said Sunset while looking at me.

“Why are you asking me?”

“Why not? You usually know what to do, you have solved most of the problems in the town since you got here.”

I hate to admit it, but she is right, I have solved most them. The winter wrap up and the Parasprites, Pinkie did most of the job on that one, but I believe her.

“Fine, go and get your element while I head home to fine mine and Twilight’s.”

We stood up and were about to go when Falco spoke up. “What about me? I might not be one of the elements, but I want to help.”

“Head into town and see if any pony needs help, we haven’t seen it yet, but something tells me Discord is going to create chaos.”

He saluted. “Got it.” He ran into town while I walk home, Sunset walk back into the library.

Meanwhile with the girls. Twilight had just shattered the crystal on the ground. “Twilight, why did you do that? It took me three days to make it.” Said Rarity as she bent down to collect the remaining of the crystal.

“I did it because I didn’t want to listen to her lies, the elements are in the labyrinth not the library.” She turned around and was about to walk into the labyrinth.

“Are you sure about that Twilight.” The purple unicorn stop dead in her track. “Did you even listen to what Discord said.” Said the farm pony.

Twilight turned around to face Applejack. “You can’t be serious? Do you really believe Sunset?” She asked her friend.

“I don’t doubt you Twilight, but Sunset word make sense Discord never said that the elements are in the labyrinth.”

Twilight look at AJ in disbelief. “What’s wrong with you? Don’t you trust me?”

“I do trust you Twilight, but I have known Sunset longer that you and she had never lied to me before.”

Twilight couldn’t believe what she was hearing, she look at the rest of the girls. “What about the rest of you? Do you believe me?” She ask them.

Rarity stood up after collecting the pieces of the crystal. “Is not that we don’t believe you Twilight but what Sunset said makes sense, Discord never said that the elements are in the library.” Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie nodded in agreement.

“I can’t believe it, I never thought that you five would turn on me, my best friends.” Some tears came from her eyes. “Fine, if you all want to leave then do it, I will find them on my own.”

Twilight was about to walk into the labyrinth when they heard Discord spoke. “Oh boy, this is to good. I had something planned for you all, but Twilight is doing most of the job for me.” He then appeared over them. “I think you all need a little push.” He then snap his claw and the labyrinth appeared around the, then wings of the pegasis disappeared and the horns to the unicorn. “Now you don’t have a choice, if you all want to find the elements you have to solve the maze.” He then gave them a smile that made the shutter. “Good luck.” He then disappeared.

The walk home was a weird one because I saw pink clouds in the sky and the weather team was chasing them? If this Discord is the mischievous spirit of disharmony, he doesn't have a vivid imagination. Pink clouds? That’s something a kid would come up with.

Once I entered my house, I went straight to the door that lead to the basement and walk down the stairs. Once down there, I took the crowbar and the shovel I had down there, I then walk over to a loose plank I pride it opened with the crowbar and then I started to dig with my shovel. Ever since that day we save Luna from the nightmare, when Celestia blasted me with a magic beam. I took Twilight’s and mine element and decided to hide them in them in the basement in a box, I thought that would be the safes. That was after I moved out from AJ’s house.

I didn’t took long before I found the box, I bent down and picked it up. When I opened it I was shook, Twilight’s element was missing. “What the fuck?” Then I heard laughter around me, then I understood who took it. “I guess you took Twilight’s elements, Discord.” I said while standing up.

“Aren’t you the clever one.” Right in front of me appeared a creature I knew was him, he had many different animal parts. A dragon tail, his legs was different with his arms, one of them was a lion paw I’m not sure what the other was. he then held out his lion paw towards me. “Discord, the mischievous spirit of disharmony. A pleasure to finally meet you Fox McCloud.” I wasn’t surprised that he knew my name.

“What do you want?” Also, I didn’t shook his hand.

He then crossed his arms and started to pout? “You are no fun, and here I thought I would introduce my self and make a new friend.” Friend? I this thing for real? He then shrugged his shoulders. “Oh well. I might tell you what I want or rather what I have done with Twilight and the others.” That made me raise an eye brown. “You see my dear Fox, a very long time ago I was imprisoned by Celestia and Luna.”

I didn’t let him finish. “I already know this part, what’s your point.”

“My point dear Fox is that I don’t want that to happened again, so I had to corrupt Twilight and the other, that also include your friend Sunset.” I wanted to say something, but I didn’t. “The last thing I need is the power of harmony and friendship to seal me in stone again.” I could help but chuckle of what he said. “What’s so funny?”

“You really don’t know?” He just gave me a blank look, the made me laugh a little. “Harmony and friendship has nothing to with the elements at all, you claim that you know a lot of things, but you know nothing.” That made him mad. “Let me ask you a question, why haven’t you corrupt me yet?”

He then started to float around me. “Oh, I really wish I could but sadly I can’t. your element isn’t an emotion like the other, it is a characteristic.” He then stopped right in front of me and look at me. “Do I know you from somewhere?” How the hell can he know me? This is the first time I have meet this freak, he then just shrugged his shoulders. “Oh well, if you will excuse me I have places to be and chaos to create.” He then disappeared.

“Well, that was something.” I said while picking up my element and placed in my pocket for now. He said he had corrupt Sunset and the others I better find out if that’s true.

Discord wasn’t lying, the girls had changed. Rarity was greedy, Pinkie wasn’t happy, Shy was mean, AJ was lying, Sunset just sat on the couch in the library doing nothing and Twilight was somehow scared. That left Dash, I found her lying on a single cloud like she didn’t care what was happening around her.

“Dash.” I called out to her she didn’t react. “For fuck sake Dash, I know you can hear me.”

She then look down at me. “What do you want Fox?”

“I want to know what do you are doing on that cloud, you know that Discord are running lose.”

“So what? That’s not my problem, I fine here in Cloudsdale.”

I couldn’t help but question what she said. “You think that cloud is Cloudsdale?”

She laid back on the cloud. “Yeap.”

Oh brother. “The real Rainbow Dash, the one I know would never abandon her friends when they needed help.” She didn’t answer me, just waved her hand. “Listen Dash, I am going to challenge Discord and if I don’t make it I want you to help the others to come back to their senses. Discord may have done something to you, but I still believe you.”

“Whatever.” I took out my element, placed it around my neck, I activated it and started to walk towards where Discord was.

Dash couldn’t help but snort of what Fox said. “If he really thinks I am going to help the others, then he’s mad. I am fine right here.” She closed her eyes and tried to relax.

“DISCORD.” Dash’s opened her eyes..

“Well, well, what do we have here? The leader himself and he’s all dressed up, what can I do for you me dear Fox?”

“I want to challenge you, a battle one on one.”

“He is going to challenge Discord? This I have to see.” She look over her cloud and saw that Fox was standing not far from Discord who was sitting on a throne.

“Really know? This little play get’s more and more interesting, I am not much of a brawler, but I guess I can make an exception this time.”

Then Dash saw both of them running towards each other’s, then their fist meet and then a bright light appeared. The light was so strong that Dash’s had to cover her eyes, when light disappeared she saw that Fox was gone.

Chaos And Harmony part 2

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Dash just watches as Fox disappeared then Discord started to laugh.

“This is too good to be true, I had a big plan that would take care of him but instead he did it to himself.” He look at his claw. “I guess our magic dosen’t like each other.” He then shrugged his shoulders. “Oh well, his is gone and that’s all that matters.” He then went back to his throne.

Dash just watch in shook of what happened. “Fox is gone?” Then she got a natural look. “Who care.” She went back to lying on the cloud. “I never liked him anyway.” She closed her eyes to try and sleep. ‘I am counting on you Dash.’ The memory of Fox flashed through her mind and it hurt so much that she placed her hands on her head. “What the hell?” Then a memory came back.

Dash walking beside Twilight and the other towards the Everfree forest to find the elements of harmony, she look at the others to see if they were nervous, only Fluttershy and Rarity was a little nervous. Rainbow then saw a pony that was all fuzzy, she couldn’t see who it was, but one thing was for sure, it was a unicorn.

Once they arrived at the entrance at the forest she could see another pony, at least she thought it was a pony, she couldn’t see who it was because the pony was all fuzzy. ‘Who is that?’ As they walk through they were attack by a manticore, they almost died in a landslide, Pinkie laugh and sang, Rarity calming a sea serpent. Then were the times those pony she couldn’t see right they were doing something but what?

Then they used the elements of harmony to defeat Nightmare Moon, which was princess Luna. then Celestia appeared and blasted Fox with magic.

Dash opened her eyes horror. “It was Fox and Sunset who were with us, there are eight elements of harmony not six.” She look at her hands and saw that her natural colour return to her. “Oh buck, what have I done?” She clenched her fist. “Fox trusted me to fix what happened to the girls and I am not going to let him down.” She then stood up. “But I need help.” She jump of the cloud and flew towards the library.

Once Dash entered the library she saw Sunset just sitting on the couch, just staring at a bookshelf not moving at all. She didn’t have her natural colour, she was grey.

“Sunset.” She didn’t answer, she didn’t move at all. “Sunset, can you hear me?” No response. Dash then walk over to her bent down so she could look Sunset in the eyes and asked again “Sunset, can you hear me?”

“Is there something you want Rainbow Dash?” Sunset answered with no emotion in her voice.

Dash knew that something was wrong, Sunset has only called her by the full name when they first meet, after a while she just called her Dash.

“Yes, I need your help. I need your help with the girls so we can stop Discord.”

Sunset didn’t move at all. “Stop Discord? There’s no point in stopping him.”

Dash couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “What’s wrong with you? The Sunset I know would never give up like this, what do you think Fox would say if he saw you like this?”

Sunset look Dash in the eyes when she mention’s Fox’s name, it looked like they were shining. “Fox? I don’t know, I think he would be disappointed.”

“That’s right, he would be disappointed in you. Listen Sunset I need you help I saw Fox disappeared when he fought Discord.”

When Dash said that she could see something in Sunset’s eyes. “Fox challenged Discord alone?” Dash nodded. “That idiot, he shouldn’t have done that alone.” Then Sunset’s natural colour return, she the clutch her head with both hands. “Holly crap that hurt’s, it feel like a hangover.” She look over to Dash who was now smiling. “Dash, what just happened?”

“I think Discord messed with you mind, he portably did that with the rest of girls.”

Sunset nodded. “He actually make sense, which is weird considering it came from you.” Dash just rolled her eyes. “Help me up will you.” Dash did that. “Dash, I need you to tell me what happened between Fox and Discord.” Sunset asked once she was up.

“I saw Fox activate his armour, he then challenged Discord, their fists meet and then Fox just disappeared. I don’t know if is dead or not.”

“I don’t think he is dead my guess is that the elements and Discords chaos magic send him away somewhere.” Sunset walked towards the shelves and picket a book. “Right now, we need to find the rest of the girls and get them back to normal.” She opened the book and it reviled the elements of harmony.

Dash couldn’t help but stare at them. “You were right, they elements is in library. What kind of book is it.” Sunset showed Dash the cover. “The elements of harmony a reference guide, that’s the book we read to get information about them.”

“That’s right.” She opened the book again and handed Dash her element. “Here, but it on it will protect us against Discords chaos magic.”

Dash took the necklace and placed it around her neck, Sunset did the same. “How do you know so much about the elements?” Dash asked the unicorn.

“I have spent almost a year studying my element, you can say that I know a lot about them.” Dash wasn’t about to argue about that. “Come on, Twilight is sitting in her room.” They both walk to the purple unicorns room.

Once they entered they saw Twilight sitting on the floor with her back against the wall and she was shaking.

“Is Twilight scared?” Said Dash.

“It looks like it.”

They then heard Twilight speak. “There no way I can do this, I have failed Celestia, Discord is to strong.”

Dash walk over to her and waved a hand in front of the scared unicorn, no reaction. “Wow, she is really lost right now.” Dash looked over to Sunset. “Can’t we just placed her elements around her neck? Won’t that fix her?”

Sunset shook her head. “It doesn’t work like that the elements can only protect her not help her.” Dash nodded.

The pegasus look back at Twilight who was just babbling to herself, she then bent down. “Twilight.” No answer. Dash placed both hands on her friend shoulder. “Twilight, look at me.” The unicorn did. “You need to snap out of whatever Discord did to you, we need your help.”

“There’s nothing I can do, I’m useless. I didn’t listen to Sunset and now Equestria is in chaos.”

Dash had to help her somehow. “Everyone makes mistakes, I even beet that Fox has made mistakes before he came here to Equestria.”

When Dash mention Fox, she could see something in Twilight’s eyes, it looked like something was shining. “Fox? I remember him, he help me when I didn’t know what to do when I couldn’t send letters to the princess.” Twilight look Dash in the eyes. “Where is Fox?”

“I don’t know, he went to challenge Discord and then he disappeared.”

“Fox’s gone?”

Dash shook her head. “I don’t know but what I know is that he would never accept that you are just sitting here feeling scared, he would said that you have to have faith in yourself and your friends.”

Twilight blink a few times. “Your right, he would never accept that.” Her colour return to normal, he clench her head. “What happened and why does my head hurt?” Twilight look up and saw Dash and Sunset. “Discord did this to us, didn’t he.” Dash help her up.

“Yes, he did and now we have to help the other.” She gave Twilight her element, she didn’t take it. “What are you waiting for?”

“I don’t know, do I really deserve this after what I did? It’s my fault that everyone was corrupted by Discord’s magic.” She hung her head. “I don’t deserve it.”

Before Dash could say something, Sunset walk over to Twilight and slap her in the face. “Would you stop feeling sorry for yourself? You made a mistake, we all do mistakes and it’s part of life. Me, Dash, Rarity and the other makes mistakes, even Fox. It’s what we do after what’s counts, so stop feeling sorry for yourself and help us stop Discord.” Sunset took Twilight elements from Dash’s hand and placed it around Twilight’s neck, she then stormed out the door.

Twilight rube where Sunset had slap her. “I have forgotten how scary Sunset can be at times.” She said while Dash just nodded in agreement.

After getting the rest of the girls, they all meet up at Applejack’s farm, they took her last. They managed to break the spell that Discord had placed on them by mention Fox, which was a surprised to them all, they didn’t think that Fox had so big influence in their lives.

“What do we do now? Now that Fox is gone?” Asked Fluttershy.

“What Fox wants us to do, stop Discord.” Said Dash.

“Who died and made you boss?” Asked Applejack.

Dash just look at her friends with narrows eyes. “Very funny AJ. Look, I know that you don’t like taking orders from me, but Fox trusted me with this, and I am not going to let him down.” She then look down. “And besides, I saw Fox disappeared and I didn’t do anything.” She look up with tears in her eyes. “I owe him this much.”

The girls look at each other in wonder, they had never seen Dash like this and wasn’t entirely sure how to react.

Then Fluttershy walk over to her and placed a hand on her friends shoulder. “If Fox said that you should lead us until he comes back then I have no problem with that.”

That made Dash smile. “Thanks Shy.”

Other girls nodded in agreement except Applejack and Sunset, they gave their friends a disappointing look for that. Applejack eventually gave up.

“Fine, I will listen to you whether I like it or not.” They then look over to the yellow unicorn who was just staring into the distant. “What about you Sunset?” Asked AJ, Sunset didn’t answer so the farm pony nudged her in the shoulder.

Sunset blinked a few time. “What?”

“Weren’t you listing?”

“No AJ, I was thinking.”

“Thinking? About what?”

“Where Fox’s is.”

That intrigued the rest. “Where he is? You mean he isn’t dead?” Asked Dash.

“No Dash, I don’t think he’s dead. I think he disappeared to somewhere when his elements collide with Discord’s magic.” The other was about to say something but Sunset cut the off. “That dosen’t matter right now, what’s matter is that we delay Discord until Fox arrived.”

Those last words made the others worried, “We can’t defeated Discord, only delay him?” Said Twilight.

“That’s right teacher’s pet, our elements can’t work at one hundred percent without Fox. It’s a reason he’s the elements of leadership.”

Twilight walk over to Sunset, so they were face to face. “Did you just call me ‘teacher’s pet’?” She said as her horn started to glow.

Sunset horn also started to glow. “That I did, do you have a problem with that?”

Twilight was about to blast Sunset when Dash step between them and pushed them apart. “Would you two knock it off, this is not the time for you two be fighting, we need friendship to defeat Discord.” Sunset couldn’t help but laugh when she heard that. “What’s so funny?” Dash asked the yellow unicorn.

“Do you really think that friends and harmony is the key to stop Discord?” All off them nodded, Sunset just slap a hand on her face. “Oh brother, you six are clueless. If you think that friendships is the answer then you are wrong and let me tell you why, there are some of you I can’t stand.” That confused them all. “Dash, you always brag about you are the fastest pegasus in Equestria but let me ask you something, have you raced every pegasus in Equestria?” Dash shook her head. “Then how do you know that you are the fastest pegasus? Also, I’m sick of hearing you brag about it and if I remember Ace managed to beat you.”

Sunset then look at the party pony. “And you.” Pinkie became a little nervous. “Do you take anything seriously? When a new pony comes to town do you even ask them if they want a party? No, you just do it anyway and you almost laugh at everything that happened, I’m surprised that you didn’t laugh when Fox lost his eye.” That made Pinkie just look down on the ground with folded ears, she didn’t want to hear that. “Maybe I went too far with that last one my point is that I don’t think all you as my friends, I can tolerate you.” That made half of them sad. “Just forget I said anything, let’s just get this over with.” She started to walk towards town.

Dash watch her go. “Come on, let’s help her.” They all nodded and walk after the unicorn except Pinkie, she just stood there looking down on the ground. “Pinkie, what wrong?” Dash asked her friend.

“Is Sunset right?” Pinkie look up with some tears in her eyes. “I’m I childish?” It wasn’t what Sunset said but close enough. Dash hesitate a little. “Please Dash, just be honest with me.”

Dash let out a sighed. “Yes Pinkie, you can be a little childish at sometimes.” That made Pinkie’s ears to fold again. “But that’s who you are, don’t let Sunset words get to you.” Pinkie didn’t say anything she just walk after the other, Dash followed her

While walking towards town, Sunset explained to the rest of the elements worked, they work by using the mind. That confused all of the expect Twilight, understood it right away. Sunset had to explain it, basically you just thought about a weapon and then a weapon would appeared that would fit the user. Sunset summoned a katana in her hand, the other try the same. Twilight got a staff, Rarity a whip, Shy a bow and arrow, Dash a couple of daggers, AJ an axe and Pinkie got a giant hammer, which she was going to bash Discord’s head with. The girls couldn’t help but laugh of that, even Sunset smiled.

When they arrived in Ponyville, they could see Discord sitting on a throne while the town went crazy. They watch him laugh and then poured himself a glass of chocolate milk. “Chaos is a wonderful, wonderful thing.” He then drank the glass and then he threw the milk away which explode. The girls couldn’t help but wonder what was wrong with him.

Then Sunset decided to speak. “Man, your one sick thing.” The others just look at her as he had gone mad. “What? He is.”

Discord look over to them with a bored look on his face. “Well, I can see my magic isn’t as perfect as I hope. Bravo Twilight Sparkle, I guess I underestimated you.” He closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair.

“Actually, it was Rainbow Dash who help us all, not me.”

That made Discord’s eyes to bolt up. “What? Who is that possible? She can’t use any magic.”

“It dosen’t matter how I did it, do it Pinkie.” Said Dash.

Before anyone could react, Pinkie jump into the air and headed towards Discord with her hammer over her head. “It’s clobberin time.” She smash her hammer on Discord throne, but he was gone. “Where did that bastard go?” She said while looking around to see if she could spot him.

She then got blasted in the back which made her fly a few feet, she was glad she had her armour on. “That could really have hurt me.” Said Discord while pointing his lion paw where Pinkie had been standing. “I’m more of a lover not a fighter type but if you girls want to rumble.” He then cracked his finger. “Bring it on.”

Before Discord could do anything something was rap around his body, it was Rarity’s whip. “You need to be shut up.” Discord just smirked as he grabbed her whip and send away electrics through it shocking Rarity, she screamed in agony as she collapsed on the ground.

“Two down, five left.”

“YOU MONSTER.” Discord saw an arrow fly by his head, he look who was shooting and it was Fluttershy and she angry. “You stay away from my friends.” She fired more arrows but all of the missed.

“You really need to work on your aim.” Discord said to Fluttershy as he fired away a black ord towards her that hit her right in the chest. “This is boring, are all of you this bad?” He said with annoyance.

“Try my you freak.” Discord had to duck when saw a swords swing towards his head it was Sunset with her katana.

“Finally, a change.” He summoned his own sword so he could have a swordfight. “Let’s do this.” Sunset swung her sword towards Discord, but he just block the attack which she didn’t expected. “Did you really I was going to bad at this? I have spent years in that statue training.” He said with a smirk. He then managed to push Sunset away and then he slash her in the chest sending her down on the ground, he then look at the three reaming girls. “Who is next?” He asked them.

Applejack got ready her axe. “This is not going well.” She then ran towards him leaving Dash and Twilight alone.

Dash was furious of what she saw while Twilight sat on the ground shaking in fear. “This is bad, we can’t win we aren’t strong enough. It’s pointless.”

Twilight then was lifted up by Dash. “Pull yourself together Twilight, all we have to is wait for Fox to show up then we can beat him.”

“Wait for Fox? Are you crazy? He’s gone and there’s no way we can beat Discord alone, just look around.” Dash did that and she saw her friends lying on the ground in pain. “If they can’t hurt him what can we do?” She just feel down on the ground again.

Dash just stood there looking at the purple unicorn and all she could say was. “Your pathetic.” She then got ready her daggers and ran towards Discord.

Twilight started to cry when she heard Dash call her pathetic and maybe she was that, she had apparently been living on a lie for the last year, maybe even longer. After she got her memory back she remember what happened after they defeat Nightmare Moon, Celestia shooting Fox in chest, the princess manipulate herself and her friends in believing that Fox and Sunset had nothing to do with whole thing. Twilight didn’t know what to believe but she knew one thing, she didn’t deserve to be an elements.

“Well, this is special.” Twilight look up and saw Discord looking down on her with an evil smile. “Normally I’m the one who makes all hope disappeared but not this time, you did that all on your own.” He pointed his palm towards her.

“Go ahead, I don’t care.”

“Normally I don’t kill my victims but considering how pathetic you are right now Twilight Sparkle I will make an exception.”

Twilight closed her eyes and wait for the end, but it never came. “Get away from her you asshole.” Twilight opened her eyes to see Discord get punch in the face by someone, it was Falco and he was pissed off. Falco’s punch made Discord fly a few feet away from them. “You ok Twilight?” She was a little surprised that he ask her that.

“Yyyyes, what are you doing here?” She asked him.

“What does it look like? I’m saving your ass.” He look down on her. “Why the hell are sitting on ground crying? Why aren’t you fighting this asshole?”

“I can’t, there’s no way we can stop him.” Falco could see that she was afraid.

“Listen Twilight, I know you’re afraid hell, I’m afraid but if you give up then Discord will win and then he will rule Equestria. Is that what you want?”

“But, I been living with a lie, princess Celestia chance my memory.”

Falco grabbed her shoulder and pulled her up, so they were face to face. “So, what if that pitch messed with your memory, as long as your friendship with the girls and Fox are real dose it really matter?”

“Oh, it does matter.” Falco and Twilight look in direction where Discord landed, he was getting up. “Friendship is nothing but an illusion, it isn’t real I know that all too well.” Discord touched where he was punched. “I never thought that someone would managed to punch me.” He look at Falco with anger in his eyes. “That hurt.”

“Buh uhu, so you got hurt, I got hurt way more than you before I got here.” Falco mocked him.

Discord gritted his teeth, there was no way he was going to let this freak talk to him like that, he trusted his lion paw towards Falco and send away a chaos beam towards Falco that was strong enough to kill them both. Falco pushed Twilight out of the way and crossed his arms, he took the beam head on. It wasn’t what Discord had hope for but as long as he took out Falco he was happy, so he put more power into the beam.

Sunset and the other manged to gain consciousness and saw was happening. “Falco, MOVE.” He didn’t, there was no way he was going to let Discord win.

Then all of sudden an explosion appeared, and Falco was caught in it. Discord had winning smile on him while the girls a horrified that Falco was gone. “What hell are you smile for, you prick.” Every one of them was shocked when they heard Falco talk. When the smoke cleared, they could see Falco standing there with armour around him and he was fine, he also had a shield in his right hand. Falco look at his new wardrobe. “Ok, now this is cool.” He said with a smile on his face.

The girls couldn’t help but look at him with wonder, while Discord was horrified. “No, it’s not possible, you’re not supposed to exist.”

They all look at him. “What the hell are you talking about?” Falco asked the chaos.

“The guarding of the elements, you’re supposed to be a myth.”

“I have no idea what the hell you are talking about, but it looks whatever you are afraid of is real.”

Discord was not going to let this ruined his plans, he fired another beam towards Falco who just held up his shield and it took the beam, nothing happened.

Discord let out snarl. “It dosen’t matter, as long as Fox isn’t here there nothing you can do.” He was right but Falco just smiled. “What are you smiling for?”

“I don’t know, maybe you should look behind you.” The girls had no idea what Falco was talking about but when they look behind Discord, they couldn’t help but smile to.

“Do you take me for a fool?”

“Really? I thought you were an asshole, I guess I was wrong.”

Discord froze when he heard my voice, he turned around very slowly to face me. “What’s up dipshit.” Before he could answer, I punch him in the face with my right hand so hard that it got him to flee backwards a couple of meters before he slip to a stop in the ground. I also had my armour on, so it probably hurt more than usual. “I know that was a sheep shot but I don’t care.” Then I saw Falco. “What the hell are you wearing?”

He look at his armour. “I have no idea, Discord call me the guarding of the elements, whatever hell that is.” I don’t remember AJ mention that.

I was about to ask the girls if they were alright when Pinkie gave me hug. “Fox, you are alive.”

I tried to pry her of me, it wasn’t easy. “I’m glad to see you to Pinkie, get the hell of me.” I pushed her off me. “I wish you would stop hugging me.” She just gave me an innocent smile.

Then Sunset and the rest walk over to me. “I’m glad that you are ok Fox. I have just one question, Where the heck happened to you.” Sunset asked me.

“I will gladly answer that question after we have beaten Discord.”

I have to rub my eye and yawn a little, that made Shy worried. “What’s wrong Fox?”

“I’m just a little tired, the last couple of days has been exhausting.”

That just confused them all. “Couple of days? You only have been gone for an hour.” Said Falco.

“Like is said, I will tell you what happened to me after we defeat Discord.”

Falco crossed his arm. “That is going to be difficult considering Twilight has lost her mind.”

This time I was confused. “What do you mean?” He just pointed at the purple unicorn who was sitting on the ground hugging herself and talking to herself, I bent down. “Twilight?” I got no answer. “What the hell happened to her?” I asked Falco.

“I have no idea, she just started to act like this.”

I look at the girls. “Does anyone of you why she is acting like this?”

Sunset was the one who answered. “She got her memory back and the remember what Celestia did to her.” I couldn’t help but feel bad for Twilight when I heard that, almost all her life she has believed on Celestia’s teaching and now she discovered that it might all be a lie.

I looked back at the purple unicorn. “Twilight.” No answer, she just keep talking to herself. Time for another approached. “Twilight, I know I haven’t been really good friend for you or Shy since Celestia visit Ponyville but right now, I need your help, we need your help. I understand that you are hurt that the princess tamper with your mind and your felling betrayed, trust me I have felt the same once.” Twilight look up at me when I said that. “When I was young I admired a man, I look up to him but that changed once I saw his true colours. Right now, that dosen’t matter it’s in the past what’s matter now is the future.”

She then closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. “Your right, I can’t worry about the past right now I have to focus on defeating Discord.”

We both got up. “That’s what I want to hear.”

The girls was a little surprised that I managed to convince Twilight like that, especial Sunset. “I can’t believe you did that considering how Twilight gets when she panic.” Somehow, Twilight blushed when she heard that.

“You just have to say the right things. Now, let’s focus on Discord.”

“What’s the plan?” Falco asked me.

“We hit him har and fast, we don’t let him use his magic and we need to weaken him before we use the elements to help him.”

That just confused them all. “Help him? What do you mean Fox?” Rarity asked me.

“Just wait and see. Now, will you girls listen to me?” They all nodded. “Good, me, AJ and Dash are going to attack him head on considering you two can do that. I want the three unicorn to attack him from a distance with magic, I know that Rarity isn’t the strongest but just try your best.” She nodded. “Shy, I want you also to stay back and hit him with that bow, I know you don’t like violence so try and wounded.”

“I’ll try.”

That made me smile. “Falco, try and protect everyone with that shield of yours.” He nodded. “And Pinkie, do whatever you do.” She saluted.

While they were talking, Discord was getting up. He touched where Fox had punched him, and he winched when he did. “That hurt, how did he managed to do that?” He got up. “No matter, I’m not going let them spoiler my fun.”

“It’s hammer time.”

Discord look up and what he saw was Pinkie coming towards him with her hammer over her head ready to smash him. “Crap.” He managed to roll out of the way before she smashed him with her hammer, the impacted create a small explosion. “Would you stop moving around, I want to hit you.”

Discord wasn’t going to let that happened, he pointed his arms towards Pinkie and fired a beam at her. “Not this time.” Before the beam hit her, Falco was there with his shield blocking that attack.

“Thanks Falco.” Pinkie said with a smile.

“This does not makes us friends.”


Discord couldn’t help but curse, this wasn’t going as he had planned. He then felt a something rap around his wrist, it was Rarity. Before he could do anything, she send away electricity through the rope which shook Discord, he was smoking when it was done.

“How do like it you bastard?” Rarity wasn’t the one for swearing but this time it felt good.

Then Twilight blasted him with a beam with the help of her staff. “I got a lot of anger in me and I’m going to take it on you.” She told him.

Discord flew a few feet by the beam, when he landed on the ground he saw that Fox was above him ready to blast him with another beam. “Oh crap.” Before he could react Fox shoot him with a golden beam that create an explosion.

When I landed on the ground I was breathing heavily, I had forgotten how magic affected my body, so I deactivated my armour and took of my necklace. “Can one of you take this away from me before it kills me.” I asked them while holding it in my hand.

Sunset took it, then Falco walk over to me. “Way to go, you managed to kill Discord and take the glory.”

“I didn’t kill him, and I didn’t take the glory I’m the only one who could cure him.” I said while getting up.

That just confused them all. “What do you mean you cured him?” Falco asked me.

I pointed where Discord was lying and when the smoke cleared we all saw an alicorn lying there, he had brown fur and his tail/mane was black. “That is Ataxia and that’s how he look before Celestia messed with his mind.” I told them all.

They all walk over to the alicorn who was lying unconscious on the ground. “How do you know this?” Dash ask me.

“That dosen’t matter right now, what’s matter is that we are going to save the real Celestia which is the old castle in Everfree forest.”

I started to walk towards the forest, but Dash landed in front of me blocking my way. “Wait a minute Fox, before I follow you I want to know what happened to you and how you know this.”

Then Sunset spoke. “I think we all want to know.” I look at the rest and nodded in agreement.

“If you all want to know so badly then fine, when my fist connect with Discord’s I went back in time, I time travelled.”

I’m pretty sure that they didn’t believe me considering they all look sceptical, they only once who did believe me was Twilight and Sunset, considering they

“Do you expect us to believe that?” Dash ask me.

“No, I didn’t expect that and so you know, the one who told me about the real Celestia was AJ.”

Now all eyes were on her. “No, I didn’t, I never told him that.”

“Well, not you future you.” Now they all were sceptic I could help but rub her my head. “Look, I know how crazy this sounds like, but I promise I will tell you all when this crap is over, right now I want to save the real Celestia.” I pushed away Dash and started to walk towards the forest.

I don’t know what they talk about before they joined me while I was walking towards the forest, we didn’t say anything while walking through the forest. Once we arrived at the castle I walk straight towards where they found the elements for the first time.

Once inside I started to search the floor with my foot. “What the hell are you doing?” Falco ask me.

“I’m looking for a lose panel that is the switch for a secret entrance to the basement.” I told him.

Then Sunset walk over to me. “Fox, we have search this place a dozen times already, there’s no secret entrance here.”

Then a new voice spoke. “I must agree with Sunset Shimmer, there are no secret entrance here.” We all look up and there was princess Luna hovering above us, once she landed on the ground everyone bowed, except Falco, Sunset and me, I was too busy. “You might all raise.” She said once she landed, they did.

She then notice me. “A fox, I heard rumours that one was living in Ponyville.”

I look at her with a smile. “Nice to see you again, Nightmare Moon.” The gang’s eyes widen when I said that.

She wasn’t too happy to be called that. “You better watch your mouth fox my name is Luna not Nightmare Moon. Also, I have never seen you before in my life.”

“So, Celestia’s spell has affected you too.” I went back to the floor. “I wouldn’t expect you to remember me, you were a child when we first meet.” Then I found it. “Bingo.” I pressed panel and then the floor started to move revealing a secret entrance. “Sometimes I love it when I’m right.” I started to walk down the stairs I stop to see if anyone was following me, but they were just staring at me. “Who’s coming?” I asked them, they started to follow me.

Falco didn’t follow at first. “So, what’s your reason to come here tuts?” He asked Luna.

She wasn’t too happy to be called that. “Did you just call me tuts?” She asked with anger in her voice.

Falco was affected at all. “Yes, I did, and you still didn’t answer my question.

Luna wanted to punch him in the face right now, but she didn’t. “If you really want to know, I went to Ponyville to try and stop Discord but when I got there his magic signature disappeared, then I saw you and your friends walk into the Everfree forest. I decided to follow you all and see what you were doing.” She told him.

Falco just smirked. “So, even the princess is curious at times.” He started to walk towards the stairs. “That’s just hilarious.” Luna wasn’t expecting him to say that as she followed him.

Once they arrived at end of the stairs Falco got real shock when he saw what was there, he saw Fox standing over a computer taping something on a keyboard and a pony that look like Celestia in a tub. Luna had no idea what these things was.

The girls was standing by the tube. “Is that cryotube?” Falco asked no one in particular.

“That it is.” I told him while not talking my eyes of the screen.

“How the hell is that possible? This world isn’t advance enough to make that.”

“And yet there it is.”

While they were talking, Luna had walk over to the tube. “I don’t understand, who is this and why does she look my sister.” She asked them while looking at the Celestia who was floating in some liquid.

“That Celestia is your real sister, the one in Canterlot is a fake.” I told her.

“You are lying, this one is the fake.” She said while pointing at the tube.

“We will find out right now.” I pushed enter and the tube started to drain of the liquid. “AJ, catch her.” Then the glass door opened and the Celestia feel out, AJ managed to catch her and place her carefully on the ground.

“I don’t understand, if this is the real princess Celestia then who is the one in Canterlot that have been my mentor for the last ten year.” Twilight asked me.

“As I told Moon, the one in Canterlot is a fake and this one is the real Celestia.”

“Yeah right, you expect us to believe that?” Said Dash while crossing her arms.

I walk over to the sleeping princess. “AJ told me in the future, and it’s written on the computer.” I bent down to see if she was alive, she was.

“Wait, you have been to the future?” Twilight asked me.

“A possible future.” Then Celestia started to stir when she opened her eyes she saw me and smile. “It’s been a while.”

“Fox.” Her voice was weak which is normal when you are been in a cryotube. “What did I say when you said that you were going to have a baby sister.”

She forced a smile. “You told me to be nice to her.”

I couldn’t help but smile myself. “That’s her, the real…” That was all I could say before someone shot me and I flee into the wall and everything became black.

“FOX.” Fluttershy and Falco ran over to Fox’s unconscious body. “Buddy, speak to me.” Every pony was in utter shock when they saw what just happened.

Then they heard clapping. “Bravo, I never thought you would find this place.” Every pony look towards the entrance and boy were they in for a shock, there stood Celestia.

“I… I don’t understand, who is the real one?” Twilight asked while looking between both Celestia.

“It’s really simple my dear Twilight, the one lying on the floor is the real Celestia and I have been draining her magic for the last one thousand five hundred years, give or take a few hundred years, I can’t really remember when I managed to take her place.” She said with laughter at the end.

“Why? What was the point in this?”

The fake Celestia couldn’t help but shook her head. “Oh Twilight, you might be smart, but you are so short sighed. My master placed me here so I could turn you into an alicorn but that all chance thanks to Sunset and Fox becoming an elements bearer each, so I decided to have some fun with you all and change your memory but that didn’t go as plan thanks to the elements.” She let out tired sighed. “To bad I have to kill you all.”

Before she could do that, Luna step forward and she was very angry. “How dear you play with someone life’s like that you are a princess it’s your duty to protect them not play with them.” She said with anger in her voice.

“Oh, Nightmare Moon, I didn’t see you there.”

Luna was taken back when she heard that. “What? That’s not my name.”

“Oh right, I forgot that I played with you mind as well. A thousand years ago I convinced you that the ponies of Equestria was ignoring your night, which they weren’t, then you went berserk and then I sealed you into the moon so Twilight and her pathetic friends could ‘save’ you with the power of friends.” She said in a mock tone. “Friends is magic, who believes in that crap?” She said while sticking pout her tongue.

Luna wasn’t angry anymore, she was furious. “You are not my sister, but a monster and I will stop you.”

Luna fired beams from her hands towards the fake Celestia who just yawned as she held out a hand cancelled the attack, every pony in the room was in shock. “Did you really believe that you could defeat me? I used a spell on you making you into what you are now, with half the power.”

“Your just a big meanie.”

The fake Celestia started to clap sarcastic. “Wow, just what I imagined what the element of laughter to say. You are so chi…” that was she could say when she felt something in the air. “What the hell?” She look over to where the energy was coming from and what she saw was Fox getting up, he’s scar was glowing and he’s good eye was white.

Falco and Fluttershy step away from him. “Can someone tell me what the hell is going on with Fox.”

Every pony had worried face, but Rarity became afraid. “Oh no, not again.

Before anyone could ask what she was saying, Fox disappeared of where he was standing and reappeared right in front of the fake Celestia. Before she could react she got punch so hard in the jaw that she managed somehow to fly up the stair, then Fox ran up them.

“What the hell happened?” Falco asked.

None of them knew expect Sunset. “It’s the magic in him, it somehow took over him making him faster and strong.”

“Are you saying that magic did that to him.” Twilight asked her roommate, Sunset just nodded. “How? Magic shouldn’t do that to him, magic is deadly to him.”

“I don’t know why the magic is doing that Twilight, I did some test on him, but I never manged to figure it out. But after seeing it, I think it’s pain or something ells is triggering it.”

Before the purple unicorn could say anything ells. “Look, we can find out this later right now we need to help Fox.” Said Falco. “AJ and Dash, you two carried the real Celestia out here while the rest of us can see if we can help Fox.”

Before they could react, Dash spoke up. “Who died and made you boss?”

“Nobody did but hey if you want to start to argue with me then go ahead, I will gladly comply.”

Dash was about to do it when AJ grabbed her shoulder. “Would you stop this and help me with the princess.”

Dash wanted to argue but decided it was pointless. “Fine.” She and AJ walk over to Celestia who was still lying on the floor, they both took an arm and placed it on their shoulders while the rest ran up the stairs.

Not everyone moved, Luna just stood there with an empty look staring at the wall. She had just learned that her sister she had known for most of her life and send her to the moon was a fake, she didn’t know what to believe at the moment. “Moon?” The real Celestia said in a hoarse voice, it brought her back, but she couldn’t answer because she didn’t know what to think right now. She just walk up the stairs.

Then Applejack and Dash started to walk. “Come your highness, let’s get you out of here.” Celestia didn’t complain on that.

Once all four was out of the hidden room, they didn’t see the others in the room, but they could hear sounds coming from outside, so they headed there. Once outside they saw the rest of their friends just standing there.

“What’s going on? Why aren’t you guys helping Fox?” Dash asked them.

Rarity turned around. “We can’t considering he don’t need our help.” She answered her.

AJ and Dash look at each other with confusion. “What do you mean he doesn’t need you help?” AJ asked her.

Before Rarity could answer they saw the fake Celestia fall from the sky and landed on ground while creating a small crater. “I will destroy you.” She got up and fired a beam towards the sky, but it didn’t hit anything. Before she could react, Fox appeared in front of her and he punch her in the face so hard that she flew towards the nearest tree and collide with it, when she hit the tree and landed on the ground Fox was right there, he then punch so hard that it went right through her fur and more.

When the girls saw that they couldn’t help but gag, they had just watch Fox kill someone. Then they saw that the face Celestia didn’t react at all and then they saw Fox rip something out from her which was metal.

“What the hell is she?” Dash asked no one in particular.

None of them could answer her because they didn’t know, Falco knew but he was too busy running towards Fox who was ready to attack again. Falco put his arms around his friend. “Fox, I don’t know if you can hear me, but you can’t kill her we need answer.” Falco tried to stop Fox’s arm, but the fox was too strong for him. “FOX.” That worked.

I blinked a few time and saw that I was outside. “What the…?” I then felt that someone was hugging me, I look over my shoulder and saw that it was Falco. “I know that you like me Falco, but this is a little too much.”

“I see you are back to normal.” He told me while releasing me.

I look at him confusion. “Back to normal? What are you talking about?” Then I noticed that we were outside. “How did I get here?” I asked him while looking around.

He tilted his head to side. “You don’t remember?”

“Look, all I remember begging shout at and then I am outside.” Then it dawn on me. “Wait, did my scar glow?”

“It did.” It was Rarity, she and the rest walk over to me. “It was the same what happened with the Diamond dogs.”

“Huh, no wonder I don’t remember.”

“You pish of shit.” We all look over to the fake Celestia, her right eye were gone, and it was red, she had a hole in her chest which I probably punch her. “If you think you won then you are wrong, my master will eventually destroy you all…” Then her eye stop glowing, she was dead.

Then Sunset asked what they all probably was wondering. “What the hay is that thing?”

“It’s an android, something it’s should impossible to create in Equestria.” Falco told them.

“Well, somepony created that thing.” Said Sunset.

I was about to tell that it was impossible to but then we heard screaming, we all look who was screaming and it was Luna. She was clutching her head and then she started to glow, we all had to cover our eyes because of the light and when it was gone she had changed back to Nightmare Moon. Everyone was confused by what just happened.

“What’s going on? Why did princess Luna turn into Nightmare Moon?” Asked Dash.

“She just turned into her normal self, this fake Celestia just some spell on her a thousand years ago to mess with her mind.” Then I saw Falco walk to the android, he had a worried face. “What’s wrong?” I asked him.

He bent down over the body. “I think I hear something.” I tired to listen, but the girls had started to argue for some reason. “WOULD YOU ALL SHUT UP, I’M TRYING TO HEAR SOMETHING.” That work. Falco then started to remove the fur on the fake Celestia which made Rarity and Shy to throw up, he then removed a panel in her stomach and when I saw what was under it I almost crap my pants. “Holy shit.”

“It that what I think it is.” Under panel was a time and it was ready to blow under two minutes.

“That is a nitro X bomb and it has enough nitro to take out half of this forest and Ponyville.”

“Can you disarmament it?” Falco was the bomb the bomb expert and I really hope that he could.

“Yes, if I had more time. Whoever made this bomb knew what he was doing.”

Then Sunset walk over to me. “What are you talking about and what is a bomb?”

I pointed at the fake one. “You see that timer the one is ticking backwards?” She nodded. “That’s a bomb and when that clock hit zeros it going to explode killing us all and all of Ponyville.”

When they heard that the colour of their face was drain, then Shy walk over to me and grabbed my arm. “You can stop it Fox? I don’t want to die.” She asked with tears in her eyes.

I couldn’t. “Falco, please tell me you have a way to stop it.”

“I’m thinking.” He was quiet for a second. “Alright, I can’t disbarment it, we can’t move because the blast will still kill us, we need to contain it. Wait,” He stood up and look at Sunset and Twilight. “those two can use their magic to create some sort of magic container bubble.”

“You think that will work?” I asked him.

“You told me once that Sunset and Twilight are the two of the most powerful unicorns in Equestria, if they are then they should contain the blast.”

I look at the clock and we had less than a minute. “What do you think Sunset? Do you think you can do it?” I asked her.

“If I can save us, then I will do but I’m not sure about her.” She said while pointing her thumb at Twilight, she then walk over to the bomb.

“You need to wait until there is at least five second left, so you don’t use your magic to soon.” Falco told her.

Sunset nodded. “Got it.”

While they were doing that, I walk over to the purple unicorn and she was shaking with fear. “Twilight.” She didn’t look at me, so I grabbed her shoulders. “Twilight, you need to help Sunset in stop that bomb or every pony here while die.”

She started to panic. “I can’t, they are not my friend everything I have learned has been a lie.” She then sat down on the ground, she then hug her legs and started to rant. “You got to be kidding me. Not this again.” I went down on my knees and then I slap her on the face which shock everyone around me, especially Twilight.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Everything you had learn has been a lie? That’s bullshit. The fake Celestia might have messed with you mind but you are the one who forge a bond with the others, not her. The slumber party, the Parasprites and winter wrap up, that all you.” I pointed at the bomb. “If you don’t help Sunset then all you friends will die, every pony in Ponyville will die.” I pointed at Celestia. “The real Celestia and so will her sister, are you going to let that happened or are you going to pony up and save us all?”

I could see the conflict in her eyes, she didn’t know what to do. I just hope she came back to her senses and made the right choice.

She eventually stood up. “Your right Fox, what I have learned over the past months had nothing to do with this fake princess, it was me.” She then walk over to Sunset to help her.

Not the answer I was looking for, but it had to do, I stood up and look at Rarity. “Why are you looking at me?” She asked with a scared voice. “You don’t expect me to help? I’m not as powerful as Sunset or Twilight.”

“Right now, we need all the help we can get Rarity, I know you aren’t as strong as those two, but we need your help or all the ponies in Ponyville will die and the includes your sister.”

She gulp. “So, no pressure. You’re a real motivation speaker Fox.” She said to me as she walk past me.

Then we waited as the clock went down and eventually five second was left. “Now, do it now.” Once those words left Falco’s mouth, the girls used their magic to contain the bomb and then it went off. We could actually fell the pressure of the explosion even when they had it contain.

“Don’t give up, keep it up.” Falco told them.

“Easier said than done, the force of this bomb is massive, I can barely keep up the force field.” Sunset said with trying to hold it.

Then all off sudden Rarity fell on knees, “I can’t do it, I’m not strong enough.” I guess she was to weak.

Then something happened that we didn’t want to happen, the barrier they had created started to crack. That’s right, the bomb was too much for them.

“We can’t hold on for much longer.” Said Twilight while trying to keep it together.

I wanted to tell them that if they stop we would all died but that just pointless, I guess this is it. Then something happened, a new barrier was created around Twilight and Sunset’s, it was brown.

“What’s going on?” Shy asked a good question.

Then we heard someone walking towards us and boy were we surprised, walking out of the forest was none other than Ataxia and his horn was glowing. “You two can stop now, let me handle this.” They didn’t trust him but both girls was exhausted, so they eventually collapsed on the ground next to Rarity. Then Ataxia did something to the explosion and it just disappeared.

“What did you do?” I asked him.

“I send it above the planet far enough so it would hurt anyone.” He then look over to where Celestia was. “Celestia, are you alright?” He asked her while running over to her.

Applejack gave me a sceptical look, I just nodded. She then let Ataxia hold her. “Yes, I’m fine, just a little tired that’s all.” She answered in a hoarse voice.

“What’s going on? Why is Discord acting like he know Celestia?”

“His name is Ataxia and not Discord, Dash. He have return to normal and since the there’s no more danger, I’m going to take a nap, good night.” I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

A Fox in Time part 1

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Five ponies walk out of the castle gate after helping Nightmare moon coming back to her sensesand sending their friends to the future.

“So, do you girls think that Fox managed to chance the future?”

“I don’t know Dash, we just have to wait and see.”

“Excuse me AJ for not wanting to live in this time line, I want my wings back.” Said Dash while looking at her back where her wings should be with a sombre look.

“I know Dash, I want my left arm back but complaining about it doesn’t help us.” AJ then rubbed her forehead with her right arm. “I wish Sunset and Twilight were here so they could explained how this work.”

“I know what you mean Applejack, I wish they were here, I even missed Falco.” Everypony there look at Rarity after those last words, while her eyes widen after saying it. “I can’t believe just said that.”

“At least you girls can see, I lost my eyes if you all remember.” Said Fluttershy who was leaning on Rarity for support.

Rarity placed a hand on her friend shoulder. “I’m sorry Fluttershy, I forget sometimes.”

“It’s ok.” She let out a heavy sighed. “I might not see but I believe in Fox, if there’s anyone who can fix this it’s him.” That could the rest of the girls agree on.

Then the last ponies of the group who happened to be Pinkie Pie, she looked towards Canterlot and saw that the houses started to disappear. Usually one could see that life in the street of the town and ponies waling in and out of the houses there but thanks to Nightmare Moon had taken over, the buildings was not destroyed.

Pinkie started top jump up and down while pointing at buildings, Dash was the first one to notice. “For pet sake Pinkie, if you must go to the bathroom then just go already.” Pinkie stop, she then slap a hand on her face while letting in slide down. The pink pony walk over to Dash and turned her head towards the city. “Pinkie, what are you… holly crap.”

The rest of her friends look at the city and they couldn’t believe what was happening, Fluttershy didn’t know.

“Girls, what’s happening?” She asked her friends.

“The city, it’s disappearing. Fox, he did it, he managed to stop Discord.” Said Rarity with a smile on her face.

“Yeah, I guess he did.” Said Applejack. She then felt something, it was something happening with her body.

“Applejack, your also disappearing.” Said Dash.

The farm pony look at her and saw that it was vanishing, she couldn’t help but smile. “Way to go Fox, I’m sorry I doubted you.” She watch as her friends and herself just disappearing.

Have you ever woken up from something that felt likes you have slept for an entire week? I have. I opened my good eye and the first thing I saw was my own roof. How the hell did I end up here? The last thing I remember that I was in the old castle in the Everfree, I can figure it out after I gotten out of my bed. I got up and look out the window and saw that it was morning. “Just how long did I sleep?” I said while rubbing my good eye, I just shrugged my shoulders and got out of the bed, time to take a shower.

After taken that shower I headed downstairs, once I enter the living room I could see Falco sleeping on the couch. “Huh, déjà vu.” I walk over to him and kick him on of his legs that was hanging outside. “Hey, wake up you lazy fucker.” He didn’t wake up just moved a little, so I decided to slap in the face, that got him to wake up.

“What the hell Fox, did you just slap me?” He asked me while getting up and rubbing his eyes.

“I asked you to get up, but it didn’t work. Why are you here by the way?”

“After me and AJ carried you back here, I decided to stay and make sure that you were ok.”

That’s nice of him. “Thanks for that, just how long did I sleep.”

He look through the window before answering. “I would say around fifteen hours, maybe sixteen.”

I was shocked when I heard that. “That long?” He nodded. I scratched my head. “Wow, no wonder I fell so refreshed.” Then my stomach made some noise. “And hungry.” I said with a blush on face.

Falco just laugh. “It sounds like it.” He got up from the couch. “I think should head back Coco is probably worried about me, I didn’t tell her where I went yesterday.”

I just nodded. “Sounds good to me and can you do me a favour when your done eating.”

He looked at me curiously. “What kind of favour?”

“Gather the girls at AJ’s farm, I promise them that I would tell what happened to me, remember.”

He nodded. “Right, you said that.” He then just shrugged his shoulders. “Sure, I can do that.”

He started to walk towards the door. “And can you also say that to Fay, Miyu, Ace and Abyssal?”

He stop to turn around to face me and boy was he confused now. “Why them? They weren’t part of what happened yesterday, they don’t have any ‘elements.’”

“I know that Falco, but they are my friends and I want to tell them what happened.”

He didn’t say anything at first, just stared at me. He then let out a sigh. “Fine, I’ll tell them.” He walk towards the door. “I still don’t understand why you want to tell someone who tried to kill you.”

For peat sake. “Abyssal never tried to kill me.” It was too late, he was already out the door. I couldn’t help but rub my face. “What a guy.” Then my stomach made some noise again. “Time to get some food.” I walk to the kitchen to make some French toast.

After eating I decided to head to AJ’s farm to see if Falco had gather them all, when I step out I didn’t get very far. “Fox.” Running towards me, it was Fleur and she had a worried look. She the lunged at me and gave me a hug. “I was so worried.” I was very confused right now. She then let go of me and then she slap me in the face.

I touched where she slap me. “What did I do to deserve that?” I didn’t know.

“You made me worried.” I still didn’t understand. “I had a talk with Applejack before I got here, and she told me what happened.” Say what?

“Wait a minute, you slap me in the face over something that happened when you weren’t here to witness it?” She actually blushed when I said that. “That’s not fair.”

Then a new voice spoke up. “He has a point there Fleur.” Walking towards us was a pony I had never seen before. It was a male unicorn with white fur and blue hair, he was dress kind of fancy? He was also wearing a monocle that didn’t really suit him.

He look familiar so I decided to ask him who he was “No offence but who the hell are you?”

Fleur punch me on my arm, it wasn’t that hard. “Fox, that’s my brother, Fancy Pants.” Right, she mention him a few times.

He walk over to me with hand out, probably want me to shake it. “It’s a pleasure to finally met Fox, I read about you in the letters my sister send to me, she can’t stop bragging of how good stallion you are.”

I look over to Fleur who was now blushing. “You don’t say.” I decided to shake his hand. “Nice to meet you too, I guess.”

“Now that we got that out of the way, we were wondering you want to join us for a walk around town, I wanted to visit Ponyville for a while now.”

“As fun as that sounds I am heading for Applejack farm, I promised the girls what happened to me when I faced Ataxia.”

That just confused hem both. “Who is Ataxia?” Fleur asked me.

I slap a hand on my face. “That’s right, you weren’t here when it happened, Ataxia is Discord’s real name.” That didn’t help, they were still confused. “Just follow me to AJ’s farm and then I will tell you what happened.” Then I just walk off leaving the alone. The siblings just look at each other, they just shrugged their shoulders and followed me.

Once we arrived at the farm I could see Falco standing outside the barn, he was leaning against the wall. “Are they all here?” I asked him as we approach him.

He got off the wall. “No, Fan and Myiu aren’t here yet.” He then notice Fancy. “Who the hell are you?”

“My name is Fancy Pants and I’m Fleur older brother.”

Falco just stared at him. “You look ridiculous with that monocle.” Way to point at the obvious.

Fleur just had a smile on her face. “Ha, I told you Fancy that monocle look ridiculous on you.” She told him while pointing at him, Fancy just rolled his eyes.

“Hey, what’s going on here?” We all look up and saw Fan and Myiu landing beside us. “We heard you talking about something.” Myiu then saw Fancy. “I don’t know who you are, but you look ridiculous with that monocle.”

That was all Fleur needed to hear, she started to laugh so hard that she needed to rap her arms around her waist. “So, I heard.” Fancy just took the monocle off and placed it in one of his pockets. “As for who I am, I’m Fleur big brother, Fancy Pants.”

Myiu just put up her hands. “Hey, I am not judging you.” She then walk towards the barn.

We just stared at her. “Who is that mare?” Fancy ask her.

“That’s just Myiu begging Myiu, don’t worry about it.” I told him while walking after her.

Once we entered he barn I could see everyone there, most of them were talking to each other while AJ and Dash were doing arm wrestling which didn’t surprised me at all. The only one who wasn’t talking to anyone was Sunset, she was standing alone in the corner. They all notice that we entered, and that made Dash lose, which I didn’t mind.

“Thank you all for coming, I promise that would tell you all what happened to me with Discord. If you all would take a seat and I will tell you.”

I was about to start when Dash decided to speak. “Why have invited those who weren’t there?”

“Because I asked them to come Rainbow, do me a favour and shut up so I can tell what happened.” She just huffed and crossed her arms, you may wonder what crawled up her panties this morning. “This is what happened.”

A Fox in Time part 2

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After my fist connect with Discord’s, I black out and the next thing I knew I was lying face first on the ground. I used my hands to push myself up. “Huh, that’s weird.” I had no idea how I ended up like that, then I threw up which happened when I exposed to magic. Once I was done with that, I turned around so I could look up at the sky and it was night. “What the…?” then I notice my armor was gone. “Ok, what’s going on?” I sat up and notice that Ponyille was missing. “Where’s the town?” I was clueless.

I decided to stand up which wasn’t easy, I was a little dizzy thanks to whatever happened to me. Once I was up I took a look around and I saw that I was in the same place I fought Discord, but I still couldn’t see the town. I scratch my head. “Did he destroyed the town or something?” That was my first thought but if he did there would be destroyed buildings so no. Then I notice light in the distances, un the direction towards the Everfree. “Let’s see who lives there.” I started to walk towards the light.

Once I arrived I decided to hide behind some trees so I didn’t scared whoever lived there, I could see a single house and it look like it had just been built and, it look kind of familiar. I just shrugged it off and decided to sneak towards the forest, why? I was thinking, if my elements brought me to wherever I am maybe another one can bring me back if I knew where I was.

Now, thanks to me begging a fox I can see pretty good in the dark, so I managed to see where I was going, I made sure that I didn’t hit anything while walking. I had almost reached the forest when the door to the house open and then I started to panic, I had nowhere to hide and I could see someone closing on me. The pony couldn’t see me, but I could see her, her fur was light green and her hair/tail was white, she also look kind of familiar.

I started to panic even more as he got closer and closer, and before I knew it, it was too late. Thanks to the moon was up she finally saw me, and it felt like time stop moving. She look at me with a mixture of wonder and fear, I think she was more afraid me.

I have no idea how long we stared at each other, I was the first one to talk. “Don’t be afraid, I not going to hurt you, I’m just passing through.”

She was surprised that spoke, I could see it. “Holly molly, you can talk?”

I couldn’t help but roll my eye. “Yes, I can talk and so can you.” She could probably hear that I was being sarcastic.

“Hey, there no reason to be rude. It’s just, I have never seen a fox walking on two legs and can talk before.” I haven’t heard that before in a while. “If you are passing through I’m guessing your heading into Everfree forest.”

“You can say that.”

“You know it’s dangerous.” A real smartass this one.

“I know it’s dangerous and it looks like your heading towards the forest too.”

She became a little sombre. “I have to, my family is starving, and I have to find something to eat or we will starve to death.”

Now I felt bad for this pony, whoever she was. “What’s your name?” I shouldn’t have asked for her name.

She placed a hand on her chest. “My name is Maria Ann Smith and I am a proud member of the Apple family.” I almost past out when I heard that.

“Hold on a minute.” I stop talking a minute because AJ interrupted me. “Did you just say Maria Ann Smith?” I just nodded. “Please tell me your joking.”

“You know me better than anyone AJ, I don’t joke.”

AJ just had a disbelief look. “I don’t believe you.”

None of the others knew what we were talking about, then Falco spoke up. “Can one of you tells us who this Maria Ann is? Because we don’t know.”

AJ answered him. “Maria Ann Smith is Granny Smith.” Everyone was shocked when they hear that. “Somehow Fox managed to travel fifty years back in time.”

Then Sunset spoke up “Fifty five.” We all look at her. “He travel fifty five years back in time.

AJ just stared at her before talking again. “Whatever,” She look back at me. “do you expect me to believe that you travel back when Granny was just a young pony?”

“No AJ, I don’t expect you to believe me, I am just telling what happened to me after my encounter with Discord. Can I get back to telling my story?” She just started at me with doubt in her eyes, eventually she just sighed and let me continue. “As I was saying.”

I have no idea how long I was in shock, I came back to reality when young Granny Smith waved a hand in front oy face. “Hey, you ok fox?”

I shook my head. “Sorry, I spaced out a minute.” This just great, I’m in the past with a young Granny Smith, can this get any worse? I look at the forest and the first thing I thought about was to help her, maybe not a wise decision. “You are really going into the forest to find food for your family?” I asked her.

“That’s right.”

I let out a heavy sighed, I am going to regret this, and I don’t know why. “Come on, I can show you were you can find some food.” I told her while looking at her, she was surprised to hear that, that’s for sure.

“You mean it.” I just nodded, she then gave me a hug. “Oh, thank you.”

I had to pry her off me. “Alright already, let’s just get going before I regret this.” She was strong so I had trouble getting her off me. When I did, we walk into the forest.

After some walking in silence younger Granny decided to speak. “So, where are we going?”

“I am not sure if you believe me if I told you, don’t worry were almost there.”

“Oh.” She was quite a few seconds before speaking again. “You never told me your name.”

I was afraid that question would come up, so I decided to only say my first name, I don’t want to creat some time paradox. Do you get that for name? Nah. “It’s Fox.”

That made her giggle. “I know you’re a fox.”

I want to slap a hand on my face. “I know I am fox, my name is Fox.”

“That’s just weird.” She isn’t the first one to say that.

We finally arrived at our destination. “Here we are.” We were standing in front of apples trees. “These are Zap apples and let me tell you, they are good.” I look over to young Granny who had a wary look. “These will feed your family.”

“Are you sure? They don’t look tasty.”

“Yeah but looks can be deceiving.” She wasn’t convincing. “Look, I know we just meet but trust me, these are the answer.”

She look at me and then at the trees, she eventually let out a sighed. “If you say so, I’m not picky at the moment.” She walk over to one of the trees. “I hope I can pick them.”

I just smiled. “Well, I have to be going now, I have my own destination and it’s not here.” I started to walk deeper into the forest. “Before I forget, just remember that when the Timber Wolf’s are howling, then it’s time.”

That just confused her. “What in sam hill does that mean?”

“You know when it happens.” I started to walk, I waved my hand at the same time. “See you atound Maria Ann Smith.” I don’t think I will ever get used to that name.

I finally reached my destination, which was the old castle in the forest and your probably wondering what I am doing here. If my element send me back in time then maybe one of the other could send me to my own time line, it was a theory, but it was all I had. I found the room where the elements was and I touched the first stone I saw and then I black out, again.

When I gain consciousness, I saw that I was lying on my stomach again. I lifted myself up and then I threw up again. I rolled over to my back. “I think I never will get used to that.” The first thing I noticed that I could see a celling and not the sky, then I saw a bunch of ponies pointing swords at me. “Hold it fox, you are under arrest.” I could help but give them a goofy grin and say.

“Take me to your leader?”


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A Fox in Time part 3

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“Hey, I said take me to your leader not put me in jail.”

After waking up to my lasted trip, I found out that I had travel even further back in the past, to where Celestia and Luna’s parents were rulers of Equestria. Now, you are probably wondering how I know that, the guards said that I was trespassing into king Solaris and queen Gaia’s castle, I put two and two together.

So here was, in jail and no way to get out. I sat down on the bed in bed in the cell and let out a heavy sighed. “This is just great.” I look out of the cell and saw some guards there. “Hey, can I get some food here? I’m starving.” I wasn’t lying, I was starving. They didn’t move a muscle. “Is this how you treat prisoners?” Still no answer, I just lay on the bed and started up at the celling. All I could do was wait.

I don’t know how long I wait but eventually I could hear the door to the prison open and in walk a male alicorn and here’s the creepy part, he kind of look like a male version of Celestia. He had white fur, the colour of his mane/tail was composed of three different version of the colour red, he also had a beard. He walk to my cell and look at me in my good eye and let me tell you, I was actually terrified. I could actually fell his magic aura and it was hug, it was more powerful than the sisters. I sat up in my bed.

He walk to my cell and stop not far from it, he study me a little before he spoke. “So, you’re the fox who magical appeared in my throne room.” That was the place I landed, weird. “If you were going to kill me then you should done a better job.” Say what?

Then Falco interrupted me “So let me get this straight, you landed further into the past and Celestia’s father thought you were there to kill him. Did it get that right?”

I nodded my head. “Pretty much.”

That made him laugh. “Oh man, you have the worst luck.”

I couldn’t help but snort of what he said. “You have no idea.”

I just started at the king as he had gone mad. “You think I am here to kill you? Why would I do that? I don’t even know who you are.” I knew his name but that was it.

“My name is king Solaris and I am the ruler of Equestria and you will address me like that.” Oh no, a ruler with an ego, just my luck.

“Yeah, that’s not going to happened.”

That just made him angry. “Then you can rot in your cell unless you tell me who send you to kill me.”

Is this guy serious? “No one send me, I ended up in your throne room by accident.” I doubt he would believe me if I told him I was from the future.

“Then you can stay here for the rest of your life.” He turned around and walk out of the dungeon, I just stared out of my cell. “Great, just great.” I lay back in my bed.

Again, I have no idea how long I was in the cell, but I was getting hungry, I hadn’t eaten for a while and throwing up kind of made me even more hungry. I happened to look out my cell and saw the two guards leave the dungeons, one could only wonder where they were going, probably to eat. Man, I could go for some meat.

Right after the guards left the door open again and this time a little filly step into the dungeons and I recognised her right away, it was Celestia, filly Celestia. She was just like the grown up one, just that her hair/tail was pink.

She walk to my cell and look at me with curiosity, I couldn’t see fear in her eyes which was weird.

“Should you be in here?” I asked her.

Her eyes widen when she heard me talk. “You can speak?”

I couldn’t help but roll my eye, I haven’t heard that in a while. “Yes, I can speak. What did you think I would do, make some weird noise when I spoke.”

She actually started to pout. “I don’t know, I have never seen a fox walk on two legs and talk before.” I have to give her that one.

“Alright the, what are a princess doing here in a dungeon?”

Her eyes widen again. “How did you know I was a princess, are you a spy?”

I just rubbed my forehead. “No, I am no spy, it’s bad enough that your father thinks that I am one.” Now she just confused. “Your fur is the same colour as Solaris and you’re an alicorn, I just put two and two together.”

She just nodded her head. “I guess that makes sense.” I guess so too.

“You still haven’t answered my question, what are you doing in here?”

“I’m here because I heard a rumour that a giant fox that appeared in the throne room and was arrested,” She then look away. “I am also hiding from my mom.”

Curious. “My I ask why your hiding from your mother.”

She then look down on the ground and then she kick up dust with her feet. “My mom is pregnant and now is like I don’t exist anymore,” She then look at me with tears in her eyes. “all she talks about is a pony that hasn’t been born and she ignores me, I hate it.” Now I felt bad for her, if I could, I would hug her, but it was a little difficult at the moment.

So, I did what I could, I walk to the bars and patted her on the head. “Having a little sister doesn’t sound that bad.”

“Maybe, but I worried that my parents would just forget me.”

“That’s just not possible.” She look up at me. “You are their daughter and they will never forget you. Sure, I don’t have any sibling myself but if they forgot you, then they are really bad parents and beside, you are going to get a young brother or sister, you have to be a role model for that pony.” I know who the baby is, but I am not going to tell her. “And you also have to be nice to your younger sibling, if not then your parents will definitely hate you.”

Now she was scared. “I don’t want that to happened, I don’t want my parents to hate me.”

“Then stop fell sorry for yourself and talk to your mother.”

That got a determined look in her eyes. “You are right, I am going to talk to my mother right now.” She then ran out the door, could help but shake my head. “Kids.” Then I just realized that I could ask her to open my cell door. “Crap.”

I have no idea how long I was in the cell when I got another visited, it was night, so it have been a long time. I was just sitting on my bed when a female alicorn was standing in front me, she has blue fur and her tail/mane was light blue and it look like the night sky, she kind of look like Moon and I could see that she was pregnant.

“Let me guess, your Solaris wife.”

She nodded. “That’s right, my name is Gaia and you’re the fox that landed in the throne room.”

“Yes, I did, and I didn’t mean to it.” I wasn’t about to tell her how I ended up there.

“According to my husband you are here to kill him.”

Oh brother. “No offence to your husband but I think he’s a little paranoid.”

She actually became sad when I said that. “Yes, over the years he has become more and more paranoid, I think the years as king has affected him. He used to be a kind ruler but now, I don’t know.” Then she got a serious look in her eyes. “Now, might telling how you just appeared in the throne room.”

I still wasn’t sure if I should tell her. “Even if I told you I’ not sure if you would believe me.”

She leaned closer to the cell door. “Try me.”

Is it a good idea to tell her? If she believe me then she might set me free and let me leave, but on the other hand, she could think I was crazy and make sure that I was look away forever.

“Fuck it, I’ll tell you.” Yeah, I decided to risk it. “I came from the future thanks to the elements of harmony.”

I wasn’t sure if she believe me or not, is was a little difficult to read her. “Are you telling me that you are from the future and you ended up in the throne thanks to the elements of harmony?” I just nodded, she just crossed her arms. “Prove it, tell me what happened to me in the future.”

I kind of expect that. “I can’t do that because if I did it could alter the future, I almost did that before I got here.”

She wasn’t impressed by my answer. “Didn’t you just tell me that you came from the future?”

“Yes, but I just travelled about fifty years into the past the first time, I have no idea how long I have travelled this time. If had to guess I would say at least over two thousand years, maybe even more.” I placed both hands on my face and started to rub it. “Look, I don’t expect you to believe me I just need to get to the elements and then maybe I can get back to my own time. If not, then I going to stay here for something I haven’t done.” I let out a heavy sighed, I hope she believe me.

“Open the door.” I was shocked to hear those word, I watch as a bat pony opened the door to my cell. “I will take you to the elements so you can return to your own time.”

I was confused right now. “You actually believe me?” I said while getting up from the bed.

She nodded. “Yes, you don’t look like the lying type and I am pretty sure that you are here by mistake and not to kill my husband.” She got that right. “Follow me and stay close to me, if my husband’s guard see you there will be trouble.” I really don’t want that.

I just had one question; “Why are you helping me? You don’t know me at all.”

“When I heard my husband say that fox that was walking on two legs was send here to kill him and that he placed you in prison for it, I couldn’t help but question his decision. After hearing you tell your story, I believe your just lost fox that wants to go home.”

I was stun of what she said. “Wow, your good.”

She just shrugged her shoulders. “It’s a gift. Now, come on, I don’t want my husband to find out.” I got out of cell pretty fast. “Go and see if the coast is clear.” One guard saluted and headed to the exit.

He then opened the door and took a look. “It’s clear my queen.”

“Good, let’s go.” She walk first and I followed. Man, I can’t believe I’m trusting my life Celestia and Moon’s mother, considering their father has a screw loose.

Now were walking through the hall of the castle and I just had to ask about her pregnancy. “So, how long are you?” I have no idea if that was the right question.

“If you’re talking about my unborn foal, four month.”

“I guess you’re happy that you are getting a baby.” I wasn’t about to tell her that Celestia had visit me, not yet.

I was walking behind her, but I knew that she smiled. “That I am.”

It’s time. “What about your other child?”

That got her to stop and turn around to face me. “Are you talking about Celestia?” I nodded. “How do you know her?” I could tell her I meet her fake one in the future, but I decided not.

“I got a visit from her while I was in my cell and she told me that you care more about your unborn child then her, is that true?”

“She told you that?” I nodded, again. Her face then became sombre. “I didn’t know that she felt like that, did she say anything ells?”

“Yes, she was worried that you and your husband would forget her.” She didn’t say anything, she was just shocked. “I suggest you and Celestia have talk later.”

“Yes, you are right.” She then just smiled? “You talk like you’re a father.”

I just shrugged my shoulders. “I am, I have a daughter that is fourteen.” She just keep on smiling as she started to walk again, and I followed her.

We finally arrived at our destination, I giant door that had six different cutie mark I hadn’t seen before, it was obviously that they had the elements lock up in that room. Before I could take look at the marks, Gaia open the doors with her magic.

“Don’t let anyone in, not even my husband.” She told one of her guard.

The guard saluted. “Yes, my queen.” Me and Gaia went inside.

Once inside I could see the elements in their stone form. “Here they are, the elements of harmony.”

“Yes, I can see that.” That was sarcasm. I walk over to them and started to study them, considering who to touch

“What are you doing?” Gaia asked me.

“I’m thinking, last time I used them I didn’t see which one I touch.”

“So, you think that each elements does something different depending on which it is?”

I gave her a thumbs up for that. “Bingo. Well, that’s my theory at least.”

I didn’t see it, but I knew that her mouth fell open when I said it. “Your theory? Are you telling me you don’t know?”

I turned around and I was a little annoyed. “How could I? I don’t how they work, a friend of me have been studying them for almost a year and she is still clueless, for he most part. Tell me, do you know how they work?”

She opened her mouth a few time to answer but she said nothing. “No, I don’t know how they work. The elements of harmony are a mystery and I guess they are still that in your time.” I didn’t question what she said.

I was about to touch one of them when a guard came in. “Sorry to bother you my queen but your husband is on his way here and he is not happy.”

She actually groan when she heard that. “I was afraid of this, that paranoid fool. Delay him at all cost.” The guard just saluted and headed out the doors. “You better leave before he arrives.” I was about to argued with that.

I touch the closet one and as I did the doors open and a pissed off Solaris walk in, I just said. “See you later alligator.” And then he disappeared.

Solaris just watch as the fox disappeared into thin air, he then look at his wife with anger in his eyes, Gaia wasn’t affected at all. “Care to explain why you let the prisoner escape.” He said with anger in his voice.

“I didn’t let him escape, I let him out. He might look like an enemy to you but not to me, I saw a fox that didn’t belong here, so I send him home. If you have a problem with that then find someone who care,” She walk past him. “you paranoid fool.” Gaia left the room leaving a pissed of Solaris alone.

When I finally could feel again, I was once again lying on the floor face first. I pushed myself up and threw up again. “This can’t be healthy for me.” I rolled around so I was lying on my back and I look up at the celling, it was intact. “Crap.” I wasn’t in my own time, then I saw swords pointing at me, again. “Not this again.” Déjà vu.

Then one of the guard spoke. “Halt creature, you are trespassing in queen Gaia’s castle.” Queen Gaia’s castle? That catch my attention.

Then a female voice spoke up. “Stand down solider.” It sounded like Celestia. “Fox is my guest.”

The guard in question, look over his shoulder. “But, princess Celestia, he just appeared out of nowhere. He could be a spy for all we know.” Not the first time I been called a spy, it’s better than an assassin who is trying to kill the king.

“He is no spy captain, he is my guest and I be happy to tell my mother that you threat him.”

That got every guard to sweat, the actually started to sweat. “As you wish princess.” They actually put away their swords.

“Good, get back to work all of you.” They walk away.

I just lay there as I heard footsteps, Celestia was walking towards me. Shen then look down at me and I could see that she was much older than last time, her mane was still pink.

She then gave me a smile. “Good to see you again Fox, how are you?” I felt like crap.

“How long?” That just confused her. “How long has it been?”

“Oh, it’s been ten years since you first appeared her.”

I couldn’t help but placed both hands on my face and groan. “You got to be kidding me, I only travelled ten years into the future. I’m going to die before I get back to my own time.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Considering that I throw up every time I travel in time.” I sat up and that made me burp. “Sorry, I have throwed up three times already.”

Celestia just giggle. “It seems that magic dosen’t like you.” You have no idea.

I stood up and took a look around I saw that I had ended in the throne room, then I notice only one throne. “Where is your parents?” I had an idea, but I had to ask.

“My father left right after my sister was born, he said he didn’t want to live with my mother anymore.”

I knew it. “I’m guessing that’s my fault, sorry.”

Celestia shock her head. “Don’t be, I never like my father and besides, he wasn’t actually the king.”

“What do you mean?”

“You see, after the three tribes founded Equetria, they let my mother ruled over the land considering they can’t live forever, and she eventually fell in love my father. Then they got married and he became king.” Gaia was the original ruler, that’s cool.

Who knew. “You don’t say…”

She then smiled. “Come, let me show you to the room where you be staying for the night.” She started to walk towards the door.

That just confused me. “What do you mean by night?” I look out the nearest window and saw that it was actually night time.

“I have heard enough.” I stop talking and everyone in the room look at Twilight was furious right now. “I can’t listen to this anymore, you have messed with time itself. Travel back in time and changing the past.”

She then started to ramble which made Sunset to walk over to her and slap her on the head. “Would you just shut up, it’s not like he did it on purpose, it just happened.” The yellow unicorn told the purple one.

“Maybe, but…”

“And besides, he didn't change anything in the future. Celestia was still replaced by a fake, Nightmare Moon was still send to the moon and we became the next bearer of the elements of harmony and if the future did change, we wouldn’t remember it all. All we can do now is to believe Fox so shut up” That got Twilight to shut up.

“Thank you Sunset.” She gave me a small smile. “As I was saying.”

As me and young Celestia walk through the halls of the castle, the guards gave me looks, like they were watching me the whole time. I just ignored them, if they wanted to scare me they had to do a better job.

Then I decided to ask Celestia something. “Why do I have to stay the night? Can’t you just show me where the elements are? Then I can leave.”

She didn’t answer me right away. “Sadly, I can’t. After you appeared my mother hide them, and I don’t know where they are, so you have to wait until tomorrow.”

“That’s just fucking perfect.” I know she look like Celestia, but I had to be sure. “Tell me, what did I tell how you should threat your unborn sibling?”

“You told me to nice, which I have been.” That’s her. “Why do you ask that?”

“No reason.” I have a reason, but I wasn’t going to tell her, that’s for sure. I’m not going to fuck up the future.

Then we finally arrived at the room I was staying, which was good. Considering every guard has given me the dirt look, like they want to kill me, good luck with that.

“Here we are, you be staying her and when my mother comes back tomorrow you can leave.”


I was about to open the door. “Do you want some food?”

That was a question I didn’t have the answer for right now considering I have been throwing up three times now, better be on the safe side. “No thanks, I will wait.” With that I entered the room. Once inside I walk straight to the bed and fell face first on it. “Fucking Discord.” I want to blame him, but I guess is my own fault to that I’m in the past.

I don’t know how long I just lay in the bed looking at the celling. It’s been a while since I arrived, but I just couldn’t sleep, and the reason was in the room. “Fuck it.” I got up and headed to the bathroom, not to do my business but to get a glass of water. Once I had the glass with water, I headed back to the bedroom and walk to the corner nearest to window. Then I threw the water into the shadow and I hit my target.

“What the hay?” Out from the corner came a little filly, Nightmare Moon filly. “Why did you do that?” She asked me with annoyance.

“Why are you spying on me?”

“I’m here to see if you are dangerous or not.” Not this again.

I grabbed her arm and started to drag her towards the door. “I don’t care you think I am dangerous or not, I am not in the mood for this shit.” I open the door and tossed her out. “Don’t spy on me anymore.” I slammed the door before she could say anything.

“Did you seriously do that?” This time it was Rarity. “You just tossed water on princess Nightmare moon and threw her out of your room?”

“She was spying on me and I wasn’t in a good mood at the moment, can you blame me?” She didn’t answer.

After what felt like hours, the sun finally came, and I haven’t sleep all night. Then someone knocked on my door and in came Celestia.

“Good morning.” Is it? “Did you sleep well?” She then saw my face, I wasn’t happy. “I guess not.” She then look away, can’t say I blame her. “I came to invited you to breakfast, if you want.”

My stomach then made some sounds. “I could eat.” I got up and followed her.

Once we arrived at the dining room I saw two pony I had never seen before, two alicorns. One was a stallion, he had brown fur and his mane/Tail was black, he haply eating breakfast by the table. The other was a girl and she had pink fur with withe mane/tail, she was also eating breakfast. Only the stallion look familiar to me and I don’t know why. Both of them was sitting by a table that could fit twenty guest, at least.

Then Celestia spoke. “Fox, let me introduce you to my colt friend.” She walk over to the stallion. “This is Ataxia,” He just waved at me with a smile. “and this is empress Heartfire, the ruler of the Crystal empire.” She said while looking at the mare that sat across Ataxia, she just look at me a shock expression.

“You weren’t kidding Celestia, there is a giant fox in this castle.”

I saw as Celestia rolled her eyes. “Of course, I was telling the truth, why would I lie?”

The pink alicorn named Heartfire just shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t, it’s a little difficult to tell with you sometimes.” I could actually see Celestia’s eye twitch.

Then Ataxia spoke. “Now, now. There’s no need for this. We have a guest here.” Even his voice sound familiar, where have I heard it before. He then saw that I was staring at him. “Is there something wrong?”

“No.” I decided to sit away from them, so took a place at the other end of the table. Then I buried my face in my hands.

Celestia took a seat. Then Heartfire leaned over to her friend. “He isn’t very nice.” She whispered.

“He had a rough couple of day.” Heartfire just nodded of Celestia’s answer.

When I came to breakfast, I’m just glad they had pancakes in the past. After we had eaten, me and Celestia walk through the halls of the castle.

Then the princess decided to speak. “I heard that my sister visit you yesterday.”

“She didn’t visit me, she want to spy on me, to see if I was dangerous.”

She nodded. “Whatever she did, you could have handle it better.”

I just shrugged my shoulders. “Maybe but considering my situation can you blame me for acting like did.” She was about to say something, but I cut her off. “When is your mother coming back? I want to get back to my own time.”

“She should be arriving soon.”

Then we arrived at main doors to the castle and on que, the doors open and in walked Gaia. She let out a frustrating sighed. “That’s the last time I go the Griffon kingdom, what an ass the king is.” She then look in the direction off me and Celestia, she wasn’t happy to see me. “Oh great, it’s you. I thought were back to your own time.” Definitely not happy to see me considering I could hear the sarcasm.

“Just show me where the elements are then I can leave.”

She started to rub her forehead. “Fine, the faster I show you were they are the faster you can leave.” She started to walk. “Follow me.” I did that.

After some walking we came to dead end further in the castle. “You didn’t bring me her to kill did you?”

She smirked when I said that. “No, I’m not that cruel.” She walk over to the wall and placed her hand on it, then her hand started to glow and the wall open. “After last time I decided to hide the elements so other would find them that easily.” When the wall was gone I could see the elements inside.

“Neat trick.” I told her while walking into the room.

“Yes, I have my moments. I just have one question, do you know how you are going to get back to your own time.” That was a good question.

“Maybe, but what I have is just a theory. Time to test it.”

I placed my hand on one of them and thought about the future, then everything went black.

A Fox in Time part 4

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When I could finally fell again, I notice that I was lying on the floor, again. I push myself of the floor and threw up, again. “This can’t be good for me.” I rolled myself over to my back and look at the celling, it was destroyed which means I have ended up in mine own time or in the future. When I sat up I noticed that my necklace was gone so I was not in my own time, I rubbed my head in annoyance. “I wonder when in time I am, only one way to find out.” I got up and headed to exit.

After walking through the Evefree, I reached my destination which was AJ farm and boy was I surprised. Most the trees was dead, and it was colder than usual. I had to wrap my arms around myself. “What the hell is going on?” There was one pony who could give me the answer and that was AJ, I could asked Sunset, but the farm pony was closest, and I was freezing. I ran to her house.

Once I arrived I could see light in the house, so she was home, I walk to the door and knock a few times. “Go away, I have already pay queen Nightmare Moon this month.” What?

“I’m not her to take your money AJ, I just want to know what the hell is going on here.”

I heard some noise inside and then someone ran towards the door and it flung open, in the doorway stood Applejack. “I don’t believe it.” Before I could say anything, she lunged herself at me giving me a hug. “I thought you were dead.”

“I’m not dead yet.” I was about to hug her back, but something didn’t fell right, so I push her away and boy was I shocked. “AJ, what the hell happened to your left arm?” That’s right, AJ’s left arm was missing.

She look at where her arm were supposed to be. “Right, I lost it after you disappeared but that doesn’t matter right now, what’s matter where have you been for the last two years?”

“Two years? Are you saying I have been gone for two years?” She just nodded, I couldn’t help but rubbed my face of what she said. “Can we talk inside? It’s freezing out here.” She step aside so I could walk in.

Once I was inside I notice that I was empty, it was like the rest of her family was gone. “AJ, where are your family?” I asked her as she walk past me, she didn’t answer me as she walk to the kitchen, I walk after her. “AJ, you are kind of freaking me out right now.”

She walk over to the fridge and took out a bottle, she then sat down by the kitchen table. “If you must know, Mac left and now living in Appleloosa, I don’t know where Bloom is and Granny…” As soon as those word left her mouth tears was coming from her eyes, I sat down beside her and placed an arm on her shoulder. “Granny, she is dead. The cold took her, she froze to dead.”

Holly crap. “I am so sorry to hear that AJ. It’s kind of funny, I always thought that she would outlive us all, considering how stubborn she was.”

AJ actually smiled. “Yeah.” Then the silence came, until she spoke up. “So, what happened to you?”

Oh right. “I have been traveling through time.” She just gave me a confused look. “After my fist connected with Discord’s fist, I travelled back to before Ponyville was founded and there I meet a younger Granny Smith.”

She just blink a few times. “I don’t believe you.”

I guess I have to convince her, and I know just the thing. “Maria Ann Smith, that’s Granny smith real name.”

AJ’s eyes widen when I said that. “How do you know that? Granny never told anyone her real name, neither did I. I guess you really travelled back in time, how did you end up here in the future?”

“The elements, they managed to send future back in time and then I ended up here.” She just nodded. “Now, might telling me what has happened in these two years.”

AJ took off the cork and took a sip of the bottle. “After you disappeared, Dash managed to get me and the other back to our senses.”

“Back to your senses? What are you talking about?”

She took another sip. “When we enter the maze, Discord messed with our mind, I won’t tell you everything he did, but he made me a liar.” I said nothing, I just let her continued. “After that, we tried to defat him, but it didn’t matter, he was too strong. He just play with us, even Falco tried to stop him.” Good old Falco. “He then removed my arm, Fluttershy lost her eyes, Pinkie lost her voice, Dash lost her wings and Sunset and others lost their horns.” Again, holly crap. “That’s not the worst part.”

“How can that not be the worst part?”

“What he did after was way more evil then he did to us.” This I have to hear. “He then summon Celestia and Luna, he then told us that Celestia was a fake, we didn’t believe him of course. To prove that he was right, he snap his fingers to reveal that Celestia was kind of metallic monster.” Shit. “I think he tried to break our sprit but that didn’t happened.” She then look down on the table.

“AJ, what happened?”

She look up at me with bleak look. “We didn’t break, Luna did.”

That just confused me. “What do you mean? What happened to Luna?”

“Luna was horrified of what she saw, she placed both hands on her head and started to scream, then it happened.” Now AJ was horrified. “She scream so loud, then magic started to build up around her, I’m an earth pony and I could even fell the magic, it was pure darkness.” She then rubbed her head. “Luna then turned back to Nightmare Moon and she was chance, I could see blackness in her eyes, and I was terrifying, everyone was afraid of her, even Discord.” She then started shake. “She then killed Discord without breaking a sweat, then she killed the fake Celestia. Then Falco and Sunset tried to stop her, but she killed them to, and here’s the worst part, she enjoyed it.” She then wrapped herself with her one arm and started to shake even more, I decide to wrap my arms around her to try and calm her down. “It was horrifying.” Sunset and Falco is dead? Again, holly crap.

Now I felt like a jerk. “I am so sorry AJ, I didn’t mean to bring back so horrified memories.”

I managed to calm her own. “No, it’s alright. It’s just…” She took a deep breath. “It’s not easy to talk about it.”

“It’s never easy to talk about death.” She just nodded. Then I decided to ask her something. “Hey AJ, what happened to the real Celestia?” Somehow, that confused her. “You know, if Luna killed the fake one then where is the real one?”

She actually hit herself with her only arm after I said that. “Right, I forgot that. Before Nightmare Moon killed Discord, she asked him where the real one was, and he said underneath the old castle in Everfee forest.”

I nodded. “I see, that’s good to know.”

She look at me with confusion look. “What do you mean by that?”

“What do you think AJ? I am going to use the elements to travel back to my own time and fix all this.”

“You can’t Fox, the elements are no more.”

I wasn’t sure if I heard right. “Did you just say that the elements are gone?” AJ nodded. “How? Sunset told me that they couldn’t be destroyed.”

“I don’t know what Sunset said but I saw it with my own eyes, Nightmare destroyed them with her magic.” I was speechless, if the elements are destroyed how am I going to get back to my own time, I was brought back by AJ waving a hand in front of my face. “Fox, you ok?”

“No AJ, I’m not ok. Thanks to Nightmare I am stuck here.” I placed my elbows on the table and buried my face in my hands. “What the hell am I going to do now? I have to get back.”

Then AJ rubbed my back. “I’m sorry Fox, I wish I had the answer for that, but I do not.”

I let out sigh. “It’s ok AJ.” Lifted my head. “Let’s talk about something ells, where are the rest of the girls? Do you still speak with them?”

AJ shock her head. “Not really, we kind of drifted apart after what happened. Dash and Fluttershy almost never leave their homes, me, Rarity and Pinkie is trying to live our lives the best we can but it’s not easy.”

“What about Twilight.” That made AJ too look away. “AJ, what happened to Twilight?”

She look at me with a sombre face. “She broke, after Discord showed us the fake Celestia.” Fake Celestia we have to come up with a better name and that. “Twilight just placed her hands on her head and scream like a mad pony, after that she just locked herself in the library and haven’t come out in two years. We bring her food once in a while, but she won’t talk to us.”

I knew what I had to do, I got up and started to walk towards the exit. “Where are you going?” AJ asked me.

“I’m going to what I do best and try to fix this, I’m heading to Canterlot to save Nightmare but first I’m going to have a talk with Twilight and the others.” Maybe not my best idea but I didn’t have another ideas.

Once I reached Ponyville I could see that the ponies there look like crap, they didn’t look happy that’s for sure. It look like they haven’t sleep in years, one could say that they were very tired.

Once I had reached the library I saw that no light was on, but AJ said that Twilight was there, let’s find out. I walk to one of the windows look into it and I could see darkness, but I could swear I saw movement there, it was a little difficult to see even with my eye. I took a few steps back wondering how I was going to get inside, I don’t think I’m strong enough to break down the door and I’m pretty sure she have lock every door and window. Maybe not all of them, I decided to walk to the other side.

I look up to the balcony to the library and I hope that she didn’t lock that door, I hope that I’m right. I used the wall to get momentum to jump up and grabbed hold railing, I then pull myself up which was a little hard then I thought. Once I was up I could help but say; “I fell fat.” I took a deep breath, then head to the door and tried to open it, it was not lock, I walk in with a smile. Once inside I walk through the lab and to the main room to the library.

I open the door to the main room very carefully, I didn’t want to surprised her, god knows what she would do. I walk into the main room, I didn’t want to make a noise at all. I look around and I couldn’t see her at all which was weird, then I heard some noise to my left, she was in the bedroom. I walk towards the door and open it, I poked my head into the room and there she was, sitting on the bed. her arms was rap around her legs which was close to her chest, she just mumble something while rocking back and forward.

I can’t believe it that she has been like this for two years, I didn’t feel pity for her at all. “Oh, the mighty have fallen.” That got her look in my direction and she was shocked. “What? Surprised to see me? Thought that I was dead?” She didn’t answer me at all, she just started at me, probably trying to figure out if I was real or not. “What? After two years you have nothing to say? “Still nothing. I couldn’t help but chuckle a little. “You know, I thought after almost a year in Ponyville you would have change but that’s not the case, you’re still the one minded pony and I guess that’s not going to change.” I decided to leave. “I see you in another life Twilight.” And then I left.

After I had talk to the purple unicorn, I decided to see the others. Pinkie was happy to see me, as usual, she almost squeezed the life out of me when she gave me a hug. Rarity was also happy to see me, she gave me a hug, but it wasn’t a strong at Pinkie. It was the same with Fluttershy, considering she couldn’t see anymore. Dash didn’t want to believe that it was me, it was almost like Twilight, but Dash hadn’t shut herself inside, even she had lost her wings.

I tried to ask them to join me to Canterlot to try and save Nightmare but alas they all said no, I’m a little disappointed but I understand that they are afraid. Once I was done I went to the train station and to try and find a train to Canterlot, I’m just glad that the trains was even going. I had to sneak on the train considering I didn’t have any money at the moment, so I decided to hide in one of the carts, I’m a bloody stowaway.

I managed somehow to stay out of site until I reached Canterlot and when I reached the town, it was the same as Ponyville, ponies look like crap and it look like they haven’t sleep in years. What the hell was Nightmare doing? I decided to head to the castle.

There I was, standing in front of the castle and I was wondering how the hell I was going to get in without being seen by the guards. I could try and climb the wall, but I would probably be spotted by her guard. But before I could do anything, someone hit me in the head from behind and everything went black.

When I finally woke up, I was lying on the floor and I was chained up. “I’m going to kill the pony who hit me in the head.” I said while getting up. My vision was a little groggy and when I could see again I saw that I was in the throne room, then I saw who sat on the throne, it was Nightmare Moon, but something was different, her aura. It was dark, just like AJ said.

Her elbow was leaning on arm joint while her head was reasting in arm, she left leg was over her right leg. “Well, well. It’s been a while I have seen you Fox McCloud, the first time we meet you splashed water in my face.” Oh yeah.

I sat up. “Can you blame me? I had travel through three different time period, I was tired and cranky.”

That change her mood from good to bad. “Do you think this is a joke?” She got up and walk down the stairs.

“No, I have been told that I don’t have sense of humour.” Before I could blink, Nightmare was standing right in front of me and her hand was around my throat, I was also hanging in the air thanks to her. “Someone has taken their vitamins.”

She gave me a smile that made mine spine froze. “You have no idea, I was reborn two years ago.” Reborn?

“What the hell do you mean?”

She released me from her grip, I landed on the ground gasping for air. “I will tell you Fox McCloud. After Discord managed to defeat you and the other elements he teleported me and my ‘sister’ to Ponyville to gloat, how he managed to defeat you and the others with breaking a sweat, then he showed me the truth about my so called sister.” I knew where this was going.

I sat up again. “Let me guess, your sister was some sort of metallic pony.”

She look at me with a shocked expression. “How did you know that?”

“I had my suspicions for a while, but no proof.”

She just started at me, she was probably surprised of what I said. “You are correct, she was some sort of metallic pony and when I saw it, I snap and found I my true self.” She look down on her hands. “I had power inside me that I didn’t think was possible.” She clenched her hands. “With this power I managed to defeat Discord and my fake sister.” Yeah, but power can be corrupting.

“What about your real sister?” She look at me with a raised eye brown. “Did you kill your real sister?”

He just started at me and she smiled, showing her fangs. “Of course, I did.” That made my eye widen. “There can only be one ruler and that’s the one who has the power, my real sister was weak when she managed to get capture by the fake one.” She then snorted. “I don’t need some weak sister to help me rule Equestria.”

I just look down on the floor. “You are a tyrant.” I whispered.

She then stood over me. “What did you say? I couldn’t hear you.”

I look up at her with a glance that could pierce her soul. “I said, you are a tyrant.”

She back away from and she was terrified, she managed to recover. “I guess I am, bring them in.”

What? Bring who in? “Unhand me you brute.” That voice, it was Rarity’s. I look over my shoulder and my eye widen, again. Some of Nightmare’s guard was dragging in Rarity, Shy, Pinkie, Dash and AJ, they were all in chains.

I look at Nightmare. “What is the meaning of this?” I asked her.

“You see my dear Fox, I have known you have been here ever since you set a foot in Ponyville, I have eyes everywhere. Once you left for Canterlot I had my guards gather up your friend, except Twilight Sparkle, she is a lost case.”

The guards threw Rarity and the others around me. “Are you girls okay?” I asked them.

Rarity spoke up. “No, once you left we were all arrested for no reason, we even don’t know why we are here.”

Then Nightmare spoke up. “My dear Rarity, you are here to died.”

What? “What the hell do you mean by that?” I asked in a shocked voice.

“They are all a threat to my rule, as long as you and your friends are alive I can be defeated, and I won’t let that happened.” She said with an evil smile.

She has lost it. “Defeated you? With what? I heard that you destroyed the elements two years ago and I don’t even have mine. Also, Sunset is dead, how the hell can we pose a threat to you?”

She placed a hand on her chin. “It’s true that I destroyed the elements and killed Sunset two years ago, I was going to leave your friends alone but when I heard that you had appeared I decided to end the threat once and for all. Bring me the shy one.” That got my blood to boiled.

I watch as one of the guards grabbed a blind Fluttershy. “What’s going on Rarity?” She asked in a scared voice as the guard threw her in front of Nightmare.

“What going on my dear Fluttershy is that you are all sentenced to death for treason,” Treason my ass. She then used her magic to summoned a sword. “and you’re the first one to died.” She then raised her sword ready to strike.

“Let her go.”

Nightmare stop what she was doing and look over to Fox. “What did you just say?”

“I said let her GO.”

Before anyone could react, everyone on the room felt a magic burst coming from Fox. He then shattered his chains pushing Nightmare away from Fluttershy. “What’s the meaning of this?” Nightmare didn’t get an answer, she just watch in horror as Fox stood up, his whole body started to glow, his good eye was white while his scar was glowing. “I will kill…” That was all Nightmare could say before Fox was right in front of her and before she knew it, she got a fist to her face sending her right into the throne, shattering it.

Then Fox turned around and the girls was terrified right now, they had heard Rarity talk about what happened with Fox when he took on the Diamond dogs but seeing for the first time, it was terrifying. Not for Fluttershy, she couldn’t see him only fell him.

Fox then started to walk toward the shy pegasus and he was ready to kill her. “Fox, don’t do it.” Rarity tried to tell him, but he didn’t listen to her, he just keep on walking towards the defenceless Fluttershy. He was right over her ready to smash his hand into her head. “FOX.” That got him back to reality.

I blink a few times and I notice that I was standing up, I was also not in chains anymore. “What the…? What happened and how am I free?” I look over to the girls and they were terrified off me, not Rarity. “Rarity, what just happened?”

“You don’t remember?” I just shook my head. “You went berserk again, just like with the Diamond dogs.”

I was shocked when I heard that, it happened again, and I couldn’t control it. That’s it if I get back I’m going to have a talk with Sunset about it. I then look over to guard and they were also terrified of me. “Which one of you have the keys to girls chains?” They all look over to an earth pony. “Drop them on the floor and get the hell out off here, all of you.” He dropped them and ran out of the throne room with the rest of them.

I walk over to the keys. “Unbelievable, I get send through time and then I went all beast mode again.” I picked up the kyes. “I have the worst of luck.” I then decided to free the girls.

“Thanks Fox.” Said Rarity as I help her up. I then freed the rest of them.

Shy gave me a hug when I help her up. “Thank you Fox, I thought I was going to die.” She said with tears

I patted her on the back. “Don’t worry Shy, you are safe now.” I look over to Nightmare who was still unconscious. “For now.” I then look over to the rest of the girls who was just happy to alive at the moment.

Then Rarity asked a good question. “So, what now?”

“Now, I will find a way back to the past and I will fix this.” I told her.

“Are you sure you can do that Fox?” Said AJ with some doubt in her voice.

“Really AJ? You don’t believe me?”

“How can I believe you, you just left us two years ago.” She half shout at me.

“It’s not like I had a choice, Discords magic send me through time I just need a way back to the past.”

“I can help you with that.” Said a new voice.

We all look over to entrance to the throne room and there we saw an alicorn, a very strange one. He was white on his left side while his right was black.

“Who the hell are you?”

He just smiled as he started to walk towards us. “Who I am is not important at the moment, what is important is that I have a way back to your own time.” He said while walking past us.

Dash was sceptical and so was I. “Do you really want us to believe that?” She asked a good question.

“No, I don’t.” Then his horn started to glow and so did his hands, the left glowed white while right was black, he then shoot a beam from his hands and created a portal. “This portal will bring you back to your own time.” He told us while turning around.

Just look at the portal with scepticism, I could see grass and tress on the other side of the portal. “How do I know if this portal is safe and will bring me back? For all I know this portal could kill me.”

He smiled again. “You are right, you don’t know if the portal is safe or not. You can chose to stay here and let this be your future or you can go through it and save this future.”

Dame it, he has a point and besides, I don’t have many option at the moment. I let go of Shy was a little surprised, lucky for her Rarity was there. I walk over to the portal and studied one last time, I then look over to the alicorn who look back at me.

“Don’t I know you from somewhere?” I weird question I know, but he look familiar.

He then shrugged his shoulders. “Who knows. Now, go and save this world.” He then snap his fingers and then he was gone.” That was weird.

I look back at the portal and the back to the girls who had a worried look on their faces, I can’t say I blame them. “If this work, I will save you all, that’s a promise.” I loo at the portal. “Here’s goes nothing.” I jump through it.