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I like to read? Also I think I may start trying to write soon! I'll see how it goes :D


Applejack finds Caramel down near Ponyville market. When she asks what he's doing, he isn't to keen to reveal.

Chapters (4)
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I didn't know Cider could get you drunk.... go figure

I can't read this due to the fact of the terrible spacing, its soooo hard to read which lines are being said. No.:pinkiehappy:

But i'll read it anyway.

680512 I knew spacing would be my downfall!

Awe, poor Carmel. I kinda feel bad for him

you know your in for it when the Toilet starts talking :pinkiehappy:

680577 :facehoof: And I'm spacing it now!

What America calls 'cider,' most countries just call 'juice.' Their 'cider' is what we call 'hard cider,' cider that's been fermented, similar to wine. Traditionally, it's more alcoholic than beer.

680590 I like your star. I shall save it :pinkiehappy:

680590 I'm gonna remember that from now on.

That was cute <3 Good luck with future stories :D

Just so you know; The first letter of each word of the title should be capitalized. It should be "Caramel's Night Out"

Same with the chapter titles.

684358 You don't have to, it's just common.

684447 Not sure if sarcastic or serious... :derpytongue2:

717253 And more it shall have!

Nooo, you're going to have more likes than my story.:fluttercry::raritydespair:
God my other comment was rude:fluttershysad:

727767 I only got as many as I did because Howitzer sent a lot my way :twilightsmile:

About that updating soon :trollestia:
(skype: googleaaron)

1010652 7 weeks last comment... Yeah... I should update this...

Good show. I knew you could update this. Now, do it again.

yay!... meh theres more I can live with short

:eeyup: eeyup, this her's gonna turn out good! can't wait for more!

I know how he feels. My fiancée broke up with me the weekend before Thanksgiving. It took me weeks to finally get over it. All I can say right now is sometimes being single again is the best thing for a guy. Did get rid of a lot of stress.

the thing laying on him is probably Big Mac......:scootangel:

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